i had so much fun with my family today

“Thank you all for coming~”

“I had so much fun! i was able to meet  quite a bit of you today! and for that i am thankful for!. The humans would have thier family gather, and im glad i was able to bring a few of you together!”

“I am grateful for everyone here, and others who may only wish to spectate. Im thankful for all who have seen me in various place at my home and elsewhere. I know i havent met all of them, but i wish one day that i could! May you enjoy your Thanksgiving and may you have many more years of the same!


definitely just had one of the best saturdays ever with this gal @vinnie-cha!!

a list of things we did today so my forgetful ass won’t forget:

1) had an overwhelming amount of food at chinatown courtesy of vinnie’s super generous family
2) went to the opera house to embrace the tourist within myself
3) geeked out at possibly the LARGEST kinokuniya i’ve ever seen (and treated myself to a yuri!!! on ice artbook because i’m trash)
4) ate the most aesthetically pleasing ice cream ever
5) visited an art stall and bought their really cute art (go visit them at enjoyillustration on Instagram!)
6) received a tiny penguin plushie from vinnie’s expert attempt at the claw machine (we named him Victory. he’s our son now)
7) experienced being a True Asian ™ by getting a purikura for the first time in my entire 21 years of life
8) got a traditional thai clothing all stitched up by vinnie!!! holy shit!!!!!!
9) got an impromptu (VERY bubbly) face mask that felt like literal popping candies on my face.

Vinnie, it has been a wild ride today. you laughing at me struggling to wash my face mask off aside, thank you so much for your company. 💖

Hello guys!! How’s your Monday? I hope you’re doing great!  (U*òωó*)ンオ❤
Soooo yesterday was my birthday! I really had fun thanks to my family and friends  (*ò∀⊂*) キャッ 

Actually I felt really sad at first. None of my friends or teammates wished me a happy birthday  ゚(゚ノДó*゚)゚。  I thought that they forgot about it until suddenly they surprised me by came to my house and brought me so many gifts, cakes and another foods ∑ (〃òдó〃;;; ) Even kurokocchi, momoicchi and aominecchi came yay (人*ò∀<*) The cake on my picture was from them. It was really delicious  ( b*ゝ∀ó*)☆

I also got so many gifts (and more cakes) today too so thank you very much! I’ll treasure it forever (*っ>ω<)っ Now I’m heading to gym for practice. Wish me luck  ε= ε= ε= (◞ ò∀ó*)◞


Hi Folks!

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Since today is the day, I will be releasing all of my Simblreen goodies! Please see below for links to my treats!

Thank you @simblreenofficial​ for organizing this event! This was my first time participating, and I had so much fun! There are so many wonderful creators that shared some really fabulous content! Ya’ll are the best!

👻 @bustedpixels​ Hair Recolor 👻 (Link)

🎃 Foodie Friends 🎃 (Link)

🕷 @grimcookies​ Recolor 1 🕷 (Link)

🍭 Berry Roomies! 🍭  (Link)

🍬 The Blueberry 🍬 (Link)

🦇 The Brownie Family 🦇 (Link)

🕯 Holly Berry 🕯 (Link)

🕸 @grimcookies​ Recolor 2 🕸 (Link)

💫 Dreams of Pixies 🌟 (Link)

👑 @renorasims Little Princess Recolors 👑 (Link)

Thank you all for the notes, for the asks, and for making this Simblreen so much fun!

More goodies will be coming your way come December! :)


Happily Ever After 1/?

This is the sequel to my story Always a Bridesmaid. You can read this without reading Always a Bridesmaid but there will be some inside jokes along the way. This chapter starts where every good happily ever after begins - with a wedding!

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for proofing! I really hope you enjoy :) Also available on AO3. See pictures at the end of the story :)

                                              1. The Wedding

It was finally here - her wedding day. Felicity stood in front of the full-length mirror looking at her beautiful ivory wedding gown. She had her hair straightened and put up in a simple chignon and wore a long veil.

She knew she should be nervous but the truth was she couldn’t wait to be Felicity Smoak Queen. Felicity knew some people got cold feet on their wedding but not her, she had no doubt that she was making the right decision. She could not stop smiling.

“There’s my beautiful girl!” Donna came up behind her in the mirror.

“Mom, I’m so happy I could burst.”

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Apple Picking- Kyungsoo fluff

A/N happy soo day! hope you enjoy. 

Originally posted by sekaisoosgirl

“Baby what are we doing here?” Kyungsoo asked as we pulled into the gravel parking lot. I parked the car and turned to him.

“We’re going apple picking! I used to do this all the time when I was a kid, and now I want to share it with you.” I explained, excited to show him a piece of my childhood.

My grandparents had multiple apple trees and we would always pick apples in the fall. We would pick them as a family and my grandmother would make the best apple pie. I missed those days.

My grandmother passed away when I was young and they sold the house. Those memories will always stay with me, but I decided it was time to make new memories, and I was so excited to share this with Kyungsoo.

We found a local orchard that offered apple picking and I jumped at the opportunity. I hadn’t been in so long, and Kyungsoo has never been apple picking ever, so I thought now was a great time to introduce him to it.

We got to the building and met with the owner who was talking with a small group of people. We listened to him as he explained a little bit about the orchard, about how long they’ve been up and running and some of the fun facts about having an orchard.

I held Kyungsoo’s hand as we listened to his speech and after he was done talking we headed outside, where a tractor was waiting to give us a hayride. We got in and had a seat on the hay bales, and Kyungsoo put his arm around me as I leaned against him. I snuggled into him a bit for warmth, the chilly fall air piercing through my coat.

Once everyone was loaded, the tractor took off, slowly then gaining speed on the way back to the trees we would be picking from.

“This is so fun!  I’ve never done anything like this before!” he said, smiling widely as we headed towards the trees.

“I’m so glad you’re having fun baby. This was something I did as a kid all the time, and I’m so glad I could introduce you to it.” I said as he pulled me closer to him.

We got out to the trees and the farmer told us all about the type of trees, what kind of apples we will be picking, the characteristics, and many other things.

We started picking at one of the smaller trees, where it would be easier to reach. Once we got a small basket full we decided to go further down to one of the larger trees.

It was so cute watching him reach up and grab an apple. Sometimes he would jump up and grab a taller branch and pull it down to him to reach a few more apples.

Once we were done picking everything, we got back on the hay ride and headed back towards the building, where we were greeted with cups of hot apple cider and donuts.

I watched as he sipped his cider and we stood and chatted for a few minutes before paying and saying our goodbyes.

We headed back to the car, our apples in tow, and headed home.

“Thank you for today, and thank you for letting me be a part of something that’s been part of your life for a long time.” He said as he took his hand in mine.

“You’re welcome, Soo. I just wish you could’ve experienced it like I did, with family.” I said, sighing as I looked out the window.

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re my family. I love you so much baby. Thank you again.” He said as he squeezed my hand.

“I’m so glad you had fun today baby. I love you so much” I said as I watched the scenery pass by, the two of us finally headed home for the day.


Special Delivery

Summary: Jackie goes into labor, but there’s a problem. Hyde’s out of town. Who will Jackie call on to help her? Mr. Red Forman, of course! Will Hyde make it back on time or will it be up Red to acompany Jackie in the delivery room?

Pairings: Red and Jackie (Family/Friendship) Hyde and Jackie

Rating: K

Chapters: 7- Complete

Author’s Note: This story was posted almost eight years ago but it remains one of my personal favorites. I had so much fun writing it because it had my favorite characters of the show together. Unfortunately the story never really got too many reviews, even today most people will favorite or add it to their alerts but never review, so if you happen to give this little fic a chance please leave a review or two, it would really mean a lot. Thank you!!

It happened last night...

The sweet and lovely donttrustthe20somethingbitch requested some Jensen x reader smut. 

Summary: The reader runs into Jensen (who is single, because I can’t write bring myself to write it any other way) at a Supernatural convention. They are attracted to each other, and smut follows.

Word Count: 1919

Warnings: This is pure smut. It even made me blush.

A/N: Thanks for this request, it’s been a while since I’ve written Jensen. I hope you love it, my darling!

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RFA Takeover: End!

4, just finishing pushing the rest of the RFA Family out of the door and slamming it shut, sliding down to sit on the floor.

“Well, thank you guys for a /very/ eventful and fast paced day, I had a great time, despite everyone just.. barging into my house like that.

I hope you had fun, and I hope I didn’t annoy you all /too/ much, though I was afraid of that.

I wanted to do something special for you all, so I hope the RFA dropping by like that was special enough!

I love you all very much, and I couldn’t be where I am today without all of you.

I’ve made amazing friends on here, and I continue to make more each day and I cannot believe I am blessed enough to get to exist at the same time as all of you.

I know I talk quite a bit and I can get very annoying. I know a lot of you don’t care and are only here for my writing. I take up most of my free time trying to write various things for all of you, and I just want to know that.

You’re all a very big part of my life, and real talk, you’re helping me through a dark part in my life.

So thank you all for putting up with me, all of my talking, and any of the stupid shit that comes out of my mouth.

I appreciate you all, whether it’s you just liking a post here or there, stopping by on anon every now and then, making fan art (seriously that makes me happier than I can ever describe) or even messaging me personally. I appreciate it so much. 

I love you all, and I hope you have a great night, day, and life.

Now, it’s time for 404 to get some sleep so I can speed write some requests tomorrow, and I hope you all get the sleep you deserve, and have amazing dreams~”

anonymous asked:

Hosts reactions to when their small child says they want a younger sibling

This ask is adorable omg i had so much fun writing it! ^_^ I hope you like it, lil birdie <3 

Tamaki: Would be glowing with joy!
“_____! ______-chan! Look okok, now tell mommy what you said!”
“I found a bug?”
“No not that! The other thing!”
“I tied my shoe today by myself?”
“NO! Think family.”
“Ooh! Mommy, I wanna be a big brother!!”
Tamaki would hug his s/o tightly from behind, grinning at finally getting his son to say the magic words.
“So, what do ya say~? Our prince needs a partner in crime!” By seeing how happy the idea made the two men in your life, you couldn’t help but giggle and smile, hugging both of them as they cheered.

Kyoya: Would be a bit hesitant at first, but upon seeing how sincere his kid’s wish was, he wouldn’t be able to disagree.
“Are you sure you’re ready to share everything?” He’d coyly ask, smirking.
“Of course! I learned how to share at school, I’ll  be good at it!”
“And you’re okay with sharing mommy and daddy’s attention?”
“I-I can do that! I’ll share my attention too!”
Kyoya couldn’t help but smile at his child’s determination, pulling them onto his lap, enclosing them with his arms.
“Well okay, how about this? You come help me make a beautiful, yummy dinner for tonight that mommy will love, and then after we give her a foot massage, we’ll ask her, hmm?”
“Ugh! I have to touch feet?!” The kid looked at his hands in disgust. “Mommy better say yes!” Kyoya chuckled at the statement and piggy-backed his child to the kitchen.

Mori: It would start out as a normal day of training for Mori, before his kid came to watch out of curiosity, and asked Mori to teach them.
“Okay I’ll teach you some moves, but you have to promise me you’ll only use them to protect yourself or someone else okay?” 
His kid agreed and he watched them preform amusing kicks and swipes on the target dumby.
Mori guided himself and his kid to the shade, sitting them beside him for a much-needed water break.
“So daddy. Now that I know how to protect them, do you think I could have a baby brother or sister now? I’ll do my best I swear! Nothing will ever hurt them!”
Mori’s heart melted by his child’s innocence and sincerity, tucking them into his side with his arm around them.
“I think you’d be a great sibling. Let’s go ask mom.”

Honey: It was movie marathon night, as per usual in this household. Every blanket was moved to the master bedroom to create a nest for the 3 person family. As the movie ended, Honey got up to put the next one in, only to turn around to find his child had climbed onto your lap.
“Awehhh! ___-chan you can’t hog all the cuddles!”
“Then maybe you guys should make another one of me! So you can both cuddle me at the same time! And then I have someone to play with me when you guys are making dinner or something.”
To say the child’s words shocked them was an understatement, they looked at eachother with mouth’s agape, slowly turning into smiles.
“How about we make you a baby sister or brother?” Honey asked more towards you than his kid.
“That’s a great idea!! I can’t wait!” The child threw his arms in the air. 
After seeing you nod at him, Honey couldn’t help himself but be more giddy and cuddly than usual that night.

Hikaru: “GOTCHA!”
Hikaru jumped out from the end of hallway, effectively surprising his kid who was currently running away from the ‘tickle-monsters’. 
“No!!” they screamed, running back the way they came but stopped dead in their tracks as they saw you standing in the other doorway, which happened to be the only exit.
“Hey this is no fair!” The kid pouted and crossed his arms. Hikaru advanced, hands out and fingers wiggling. 
“Oho? And why’s that?”
“Well there’s two of you and only one of me! I need a brother or sister to help me out here!” 
Hikaru stopped in his tracks, straightening and staring at you, who had an unbelievable look on your face. Taking this as their chance, the child ran between your legs and out into the kitchen.
“Do you think-?” Hikaru tried to spit out before running up to you and hugging you. “I’d love another one! What do you think?” 

Kaoru: Kaoru left you to take your pre-bed bath and walked too your child’s room, ready to put them to bed.
“Daddy, I have an idea.”
“And what would that be?” He said as he sat on the side of the bed, stroking his child’s hair. 
“Well, I read this story today about these siblings that played all sorts of games together! And Uncle Hikaru always tells me stories about how you and him got into all kinds of trouble together, and I was wondering if you could tell me a story tonight of if I had a sibling too?”
Kaoru couldn’t help but beam at his child, heart swelling bigger in his chest by the second. He layed down beside his child before telling his story of them and their sibling, to which his kid giggled and layed in awe at the thought of it. 
Getting up slowly, he kissed his child on the forehead and padded back to his shared room with you, still smiling as he cuddled you the whole night and relayed the story in hopes you would get the hint and agree. of course you did pfft.

Haruhi: She picked up her kid from the playdate that was scheduled with a friend from school and brought them back home, fixing up a light snack.
“Did you have fun today?” She asked, sitting beside them on the ground as they shared the cookies.
“Mhmm! And guess what?!”
“They had a baby sister! She was so cute! And we played dress up with her and tried to teach her some new words!”
“Wow that sounds really exciting!” Haruhi smiled as her partner walked in the room, taking a seat behind both of them, legs laying on the ground on either side of them.
“It was!” The child exclaimed before swallowing the rest of her cookie. “So mommy, daddy. Do you think it’s okay if we get a baby sister? Even if its a brother, its okay!” 
Haruhi reached to hold the hand that was placed on her shoulder, not able to stop the smile from spreading on her face.
“I think we can do that.”

blankspacebaby  asked:

my birthday is oct 2nd and i love a good roommates or neighbors au

Originally posted by therustyskull

Happiest of birthdays @beingsafeandsound! To celebrate, the amazing @peetabreadgirl has written this charming bit of everlark fun just for you!


Rated T

It’s Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I get to see Katniss today. I like to refer to them as Katurdays, though I keep that little fact to myself.

I’ve had a thing for my neighbor for a while now. She’s smart and witty and gorgeous, with legs that go on for days, but she’s also kind of unreadable, so I’ve done little more than try to be a friend to her. Get to know her better. So far, all I know is that she doesn’t talk much about her family and she ended a relationship in the last year. I’m a great listener, but I’m living on the fringes of the friend zone and I’m terrified she’ll make me a permanent resident if I continue to keep how I feel about her to myself.

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Newsies + Reader as a Family (HCs)

I had so much fun writing my first fanfiction that I went ahead and did a headcanon one today! It’s super relaxing too (life has been just grand lately (sad sarcasm)), so I like to imagine this one a lot–I took the time to write it down today, so hopefully it can help some of you guys too! I hope you enjoy it, and feedback is much appreciated!!

TITLE: Newsies + Reader as a Family 

TYPE: headcanons featuring Katherine, Jack, Davey, Crutchie, Race, Romeo, and Spot

WORDCOUNT: 1058 words

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Dan imagine #9 day in the life

Dan’s PoV

I woke up at around 7:30 am, very early for me before I became a dad but now it was natural. I looked over and smiled at my sleeping wife. 

I had married y/n 5 years ago and it was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. After about 1 year into marriage y/n came to me with a pregnancy test reading positive, it was definitely a shock at first but I couldn’t have been happier with it. 

I headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast for y/n and y/d/n. I turned on the kettle and put some bread into the toaster. As I was about to grab the butter from the fridge I heard the light patter of footsteps down the hall. 

“Daddy!” Y/d/n said sleepily. 

“Hello bear, what are you doing up?” I asked her picking her up and resting her on my hip. 

She rubbed her eyes with her small delicate hands and laid her head on my shoulder, “I heard you get up so I wanted to come say hi.” She mumbled. 

I gave her a small kiss on her soft forehead and continued making breakfast one handed. “Do you wanna help me wake up mummy?” I asked her, she nodded enthusiastically and I put her down. 

She went scurrying off ahead of me to our bedroom, I followed her carrying the food and drink. Y/d/n was stood outside the door waiting for me to open it as she was too short to reach the handle. We walked in and y/d/n ran straight up to y/n side of the bed and climbed up. 

“Morning mummy!” She said shaking her. Y/n groaned slightly and turned over to face us. “Good morning munchkin!” She smiled and pulled y/d/n into a hug, kissing her cheek as she did. 

“And good morning to you too.” She said looking up at me. I placed the breakfast tray on the bedside table and slipped back under the covers.

 I gave her a quick kiss and allowed her to sit up. Y/d/n still clung to y/n as she ate, the sight was incredibly cute. 

After we all ate breakfast we decided on what we were going to be up to today. 

“I have to go for a meeting today love, so I guess that gives you two some daddy daughter time.” Y/n said leaning against me.

“That’s ok, we’ll have lots of fun won’t we y/d/n?” I said, y/d/n smiled and clapped her hands. “Yeah!” She exclaimed. Y/n smiled and kissed my shoulder. 

 After y/n had left for her meeting I sat with y/d/n in the living room. She walked in with her arms full of toys.

“Ok daddy, you are going to be a shop keeper, and you are gonna sell these toys.” Y/d/n said proudly. I chuckled and took my place behind the ‘counter’. She walked around gathering her teddies and toys before slipping towards me to 'pay’. 

“Hello, I want to get these, please.” She smiled. 

“Oh, yes. Ok then.” I said pretending to scan them through. “That will be 4 pounds please.” I said. 

Y/d/n giggled and tapped the pockets on her jumper. “I don’t have any money!” She laughed. 

“Oh no, I guess you’ll have to pay me in hugs.” She smiled and gave me a quick hug. “And tickles!” I said while hugging her. I ran my fingers up and down her sides quickly making her laugh and screech. 

“Daddy! Stoopppp!” She giggled in between tickles. 

I let her go after kissing her forehead. We continued playing for a bit until she started to get tired. I picked her up and brought her to the sofa where she had a blanket that she brought her toys down in. She cuddled up with her teddies and took a quick nap. 

I decided that while she napped I would quickly tidy things up and make her some lunch. I made her some small sandwiches and filled up her bottle with ribena. 

She was still sleeping so I decided to sit next to her and scroll through tumblr. There where lots of gifs and even drawings of y/d/n in my tag so I decided to reblog and like a few. Y/d/n woke up and was in a bit of a grumpy mood because she was hungry, I showed her the sandwiches and juice and turned on some cartoons to cheer her up. Luckily it worked and she went back to her happy self. 

“Daddy can we watch some Disney films?” She said tugging on my arm.

“Of course we can, go pick out a few and I’ll put them in ok bear.” She hopped off the sofa and ran to the collection of DVDs. 

She picked out Cinderella, lion king, and the ‘aristorcats’. I inserted the first film in and settled back into the sofa. Y/d/n came and cuddled into me with her favourite bear, one that Phil had got her when she was born.

After the films finished y/d/n busied herself with colouring. I went to the kitchen to start cooking dinner. Y/n arrived home just as I finished cooking. We all sat at the dining table and ate. 

“So what did you two do while I was out?” Y/n asked. 

“We played shops and monsters and then we watched Disney films and daddy sang along to the songs!” Y/d/n rambled. 

Y/n giggled and turned to me, “That doesn’t surprise me.” She said grinning. I smiled back and blushed slightly. 

 After dinner y/n went upstairs to put y/d/n to bed while I washed up and poured us two glasses of wine. I felt her wrap her arms around my waist and lay her head on my shoulder blades. 

“Hey, I’m glad you had fun today.” She hummed. 

I turned around and held her in an embrace. “We did miss you though.” I replied, she looked up and pulled me down into a loving kiss.

We broke away and sat down in front of the t.v. We sipped on the wine and caught each other up on the day.

“I love you so much y/n Howell.” I said looking into her beautiful eyes. She smiled and kissed me again. “I love you too Dan Howell.” I couldn’t have wished for a better family.

Cameron Dallas - Kids 2.0

So we had some communication problems with my co-writer, and ended up writing the same request, so here is another one of the request I posted earlier, but this time it’s an…

Imagine by Fire-red-hair


Cameron and I have been married for 6 years, and in that time we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter Madelyn and a handsome son Marcus. Today we brought the whole family to the Jacks house to film a video, and we were having so much fun. Madelyn being 3 was having so much fun watching us do silly challenges, while Marcus chattered away while toddling around. We were doing a challenge of the Dallas’ versus the Jacks. So far it was tied, after doing the speech jammer challenge and the backwords challenge. All of us were having so much fun being together, because after all, we don’t get to be all together very often. 

We were in the middle of two truths one lie, when we hear a loud crash. Cameron and I quickly stand up and look towards the sound, to see that Madelyn had let Marcus fall off of the couch and hit his head on the coffee table. He was lying on the ground screaming. 

 All of us ran over to the two children, and Madelyn started to cry. “I’m sorry mommy!” She wailed. Daddy (cam ;) ) picked her up and calmed her as Gilinsky moved the coffee table and I looked at Marcus. He was lying on his back, a big gash on his forehead. I immediately started crying, scared something more serious was wrong because he wasn’t moving. Cameron put Madelyn down, telling the Jacks to watch her, which they already do pretty often. He kneeled down by me, and immediately got his phone out to call 911.

“Yes, my son has just fallen and hit his head, it’s bleeding and he isn’t moving. He’s lying on his back.” He then gave the address etc. and hung up the phone. Cameron wrapped an arm around me, kissing my shoulder. “He’ll be ok, shhhh Babygirl.” He comforted me. 

 Gilinsky came over with wet paper towels, and I took one and gently dabbed it on the small child’s forehead, getting the blood off. Cameron stroked Marcus home.

 "Hang in there little man.“ He said. I could hear how strong Cameron was trying to be.

 *after the ambulance takes them to the hospital*

 Marcus is laying on an examining table in the ER, Cameron sitting by me watching the doctors every move. 

"That’s a pretty good gash, what happened?” I looked at Cam, I didn’t want to say. 

“He was sitting on the couch at our friends house and fell onto the coffee table.” The doctor nodded. Marcus was still crying. 

 "We need to take some scans to make sure there isn’t any more damage to the brain.“ I nodded slowly, fearing the worst. I felt more tears slip from my eyes, and Cameron pulled me into a hug.

"It’s ok, they’re playing it safe.” We were instructed to wait in the hallway, as they took him into the room. There weren’t any chairs, so Cameron sat down against the wall, letting me sit down and lean on him. “I really hope he’s ok.” Cameron said sadly. I nodded, and squeaked a “me too.” Cameron held me close, and pressed light kisses to the top of my head. A few minutes later the doctor came out with Marcus. 

“He’s all good to go! Just a little bandage and stitches for the cut.” I took Marcus into my arms, Cameron right next to me. We proceeded to smother him in kisses. We thanked the doctor and left. 

*that night* 

 I was laying in bed next to Cameron, and I rolled over and snuggled into him. “You’re such a great dad.” I kissed his cheek. 

“You’re the best mom and wife, but we need to watch that little boy more carefully now.” I let out a small laugh along with Cameron, and we shared a sweet kiss before drifting off to sleep. 

Family of Rogues Scene Analysis #4

Okay there is SO MUCH to say about this episode so I’m splitting it into a few posts.

Here’s the (first part of the) post for the family-fun heist scenes. 

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An Unconventional Office Christmas Party

Originally posted by bau-obsessed

You hadn’t been with the team long, but they were already starting to feel like family. Intrusive, nosey family. You didn’t mind though, they had all been amazingly welcoming and kind since you had started a few months ago. When JJ was made a profiler, they needed a new communications liaison. That’s where you came in. You easily transitioned from the academy to working with one of the best teams the FBI had assembled.

You had… rather unexpectedly developed a crush on the BAU’s resident genius Spencer Reid. You had been pretty great at hiding. However, you were surrounded by people who were trained in reading people’s behavior, and they were bound to figure it out eventually. You were honestly surprised that they hadn’t figured it out yet. Oftentimes, you found yourself asking questions that didn’t really matter, just to see if you could set him off on one of his information rambles. You loved the way he smiled, or got excited by one of his mother’s letters, or the way he scrunched up his nose when he was reading. You were head over heels, and there wasn’t anything that you could do about it.

You had just gotten back from your last missions, and had been on your way out. You were waiting for the elevator when you were practically tackled by one of your favorite people in the whole world. Penelope Garcia had not exactly been happy about a new person joining her family, but you had managed to win her over when you offered to stay late with her to finish up some paper work. You two were fast friends, and constantly finding new things for the team to do together.

“My darling, you look absolutely lovely today” Garcia laughed, after releasing you from a typical bone crushing hug. “You are coming to the party tomorrow, right?” you sighed, and attempted to avoid her eyes. “Y/N, you have to” she protested, softly punching you in the shoulder. “It’s going to be so much fun! I have a bunch of games planned, and we are going to eat a bunch of Christmas cookies, and I know for sure a certain Dr. will be there- oh no” she gasped, putting her hand over her mouth.

Your eyes widened, and you let out a gasp of your own. “W-what?”

“I’m so sorry. I just noticed you staring sometimes and I just want you to be happy and” Garcia rushed out, stumbling over her words.

“I just can’t believe you figured it out before all of the professionally trained profilers.” You noted, before stepping into the elevator.

“Yeah, that’s right I’m the only one that figured it out. Mm-hmm” she muttered as the doors closed. “Be here at six tomorrow!” she called before the doors finally closed.

You couldn’t believe it, your entire team knew, and tomorrow you didn’t know how you were going to act. You couldn’t not go to the party. Garcia had spent a really long time trying to put everything together to make it perfect. And besides that, if you didn’t show up, it would look awfully suspicious to your co-workers, especially after how enthusiastic you had been when convincing Morgan and Reid that they both had to come.

Sleep had not come easy. You had been too preoccupied with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring to manage to get much. Granted, this job didn’t really let you sleep too much, but it was typically more than what you had gotten.

After managing to not leave your bed for most of the day, you sighed and began to get ready for the party. After scrutinizing over your appearance for what was probably an unhealthy amount of time, you grabbed your tin of cookies and headed out of the door.

When you arrived at the Bureau, you found the party in full swing. You made your way over to the refreshment table to set your cookies down. Garcia really had done a great job, the office was decorated beautifully and festive music drifted out of the speakers, filling the room with sounds of the season. You glanced around the room, praying that the hope on your face wasn’t too obvious. Unfortunately, you didn’t see specer anywhere. Sighing, you reigned yourself to a glass of punch.

“Wow Y/N, you look really great” a familiar voice said from behind.

“Spence!” you exclaimed, spinning around to smile at him. “Wow, I like your sweater!” you laughed. Spencer was wearing his typical cardigan, but this one was decorated with prancing reindeer and other various Christmas symbols.

“Thanks, did you know that In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ. And… what?” Reid stopped mid-sentence, and inquisitive sparkle appearing in his eyes.

“Nothing, I just thought that was really interesting” you said, trying to keep your small smile from turning into a full on grin.

Spencer didn’t saying anything, choosing only to smile back at you. Just as you were struggling to find something to say, Garcia appeared right behind your shoulder. “Hey Y/N,” she said pulling you in for a hug. “Genius boy,” she said, nodding at Reid. There’s plenty of egg nog, so have fun you too!” she said, with thankfully only mild eyebrow wiggling, before prancing off to go find Morgan.

It seemed that Garcia had informed the entire team about how she slipped up and that now you know, because they were all acting a bit awkward throughout the party if you were being honest. Garcia frequently came to check on you two, often guiding you back to Spencer if you had drifted away from him. JJ had managed to bring up Spence about five times in the short two minute conversation you two had while Will was with Henry. Not even Rossi or Hotch were innocent, both of the dropping subtle hints and glances towards the two of you. Morgan had “accidentally” pushed you into Spencer, causing him to catch you before you hit the ground. Even poor Henry wasn’t spared from these antics. He wandered over to his godfather and very loudly ‘whispered’ in his ear when he was going to ask ‘Auntie Y/N to marry him, causing a blush to spread over both of your faces.

It was nearing the end of the night, and Garcia had volunteered you and Spencer to help her clean up. Neither of you objected, and the three of you worked in a comfortable silence, until Garica’s phone rang and she quickly excused herself. Before she had slipped out of the room, you had caught a glimpse of Morgan’s name on the caller I.D.

You rolled your eyes and continued to pack up the various table decorations into a box, to be stored until next year. You could feel a bit of tension in the air. That was unusual, you were both accustomed to a comfortable silence between yourselves.

You made a snap decision that the team’s actions shouldn’t affect the way that you were around Spence, you decided to break the silence, albeit carefully. “I’m sorry that the team was acting so weird tonight. I don’t know what got into them.”

“Well, they have never exactly been ones to let something develop on it’s own.” He replied, nonchalantly.

“What?” you asked, the decorations suddenly the last thing on your mind.

“Well, they have been teasing me since your first day about how much I like you. I kept telling them that it is stupid. I’m really sorry if the made you uncomfortable.”

“You know for someone with an I.Q of 187 you sure can miss a lot.” You sighed. He didn’t say anything, simply cocking his head a bit to the left with a questioning look on his face. “They have been messing with me for quite some time about how I really like you.”

“You do?”

“Why would that be so hard to believe?”

“Well, I just never thought that someone as intelligent, and beautiful as you could ever fall for, well, me.”

“Spencer Reid, I have liked you since the first time you managed to talk to me for an hour on the jet about different kinds of toothpaste. Come here, you idiot.” You smiled, reaching up to carefully place your lips on his.

The fireworks did not last long, however, when you heard the whooping and hollering coming from outside of the glass doors. You broke away from Spencer to see the rest of your team grinning broadly at you.

You couldn’t say that you were surprised, but that definitely did not stop the blush that was happening all over your face. Spencer wrapped you up in a hug, and in that moment, with your head buried in the crook of his neck and him letting out a carefree laugh, you didn’t know if anything would honestly ever make you feel happier than the man standing right in front of you, and the rest of your family just outside of the door.

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Today has been a fucking journey

First. I was a bitch to my mom, had an awful panic attack, and am now covered in self inflicted bruises.

Second. I went on an awesome date with my girlfriend @waxy-doll and it was amazing, I had so much fun.

Third. A family member took a whole bottle of anti-anxiety meds and now were staying up with them to make sure they’re alright.

So yeah its been a trip :/


Merry Christmas my lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day and I hope you’ve enjoyed all the festive food!

As I’ve said before, I ended up taking the month off track and I haven’t even tried to be good or maintain, I’ve had too much fun going out and spending time with friends and family for my birthday and Christmas!

The top photo is from my birthday to show my transformation over the past two years.
The bottom left is last Christmas and the right is from today. I’m not seeing a HUGE change but I am aware that I’m entirely too critical on myself.

I haven’t lost as much this year as I had hoped but I have made good progress and slow progress is better than no progress, and that is something that we all need to keep in mind.

So don’t beat yourself if you’ve eaten a little more than you maybe should have lately, you’re only human and you deserve a treat!

Merry Christmas!!!