i had so much fun my friends

Many years ago, on this day, a baby appeared into the world, and many years later that baby is not a baby anymore. But he is an amazing buddy and a spectacular artist

I have had so much fun talking about goofy (and sometimes also more serious) stuff with you over the short time I’ve known you so far. I also love seeing your work from time to time and I’m enjoying running our Flowisk blog.
You’re funny and friendly and you have SO many great ideas. I am very glad to have gotten the chance to talk to you and get to know you, and I look forward to many more ridiculous conversations and such in the future.

Here’s to many more, and best birthday wishes, my friend!✨

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You said you missed someone. Who is it????

Last summer when I went on a camping trip, it was a multinational camp and the campsites were sorted by age groups instead of nationalities, so on the first day they put all of us with a random person we didn’t know and told us to introduce ourselves. I got paired with this Scottish girl named Chloe and (by the way, I was still questioning my gender identity back then) what I said was “Hello, my name is Alex, I’m agender and my favourite colour’s black like my soul”. And she laughed and introduced herself and we just kind of became best friends that day?

On the second day Chloe slept in our tent with me and my friends, and we had so much fun we just invited her to move in for the rest of the trip. On the last day we all fucking CRIED because the Scottish Scouts were going home and we were all going our separate ways and she gave me an email but it didn’t work and I lost contact with her.

I have absolutely no idea how to find her again, all I know is that she’s from Paisley in Scotland and I really fucking miss her and I want to see her again one day.


MCM May Matsu cosplays (since this a matsu main account)!

MCM was a blast!!! I chose photos from the weekend that showed my cosplays off Okay! As I didn’t take many photos :(

Day 1 I did Doctor Karamatsu I’m the evening and also Sunday evening (ft @ask-irl-totty , Elenour and Clogs)

Day 2 was Mafia Matsu in the afternoon and my friend did an incredible job of chest binding and contouring my tiddies for ma boy and I loved this so much!!! I will post photos from shoots I did of Mafia and Doctor I can’t wait to see them!!!

Day 3 I did Ichimatsu (Photographer is @/firstdayatschool on Instagram who took this gorgeous photo of my Ichimatsu). I LOVED doing Nun Ichimatsu but the legg was very open and I think I’d like to redo the dress but other than that I had such fun for the small amount of time I was in him and I loved the whole look (especially the fact I could hide my face tbh).

I then did Doctor again ofc.

Roll on October MCM!!! (I’ll post more reg on here as I have a lot of Matsu projects happening which I can’t wait for)!!!

dreaming again of a lonesome road - zenelly
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: dreaming again of a lonesome road

Pairing: Leopika, Killugon and HisoIllu (if you blink)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: discussions of canon-typical deaths, etc

Author’s Note: Written for @hxhbb17! God, i had so much fun with this (even if it was a crunch at the end lmao). I’d really like to thank @shalnarkonice and @gonfreacss for putting this event together, because I really, really did enjoy writing it. I’m gonna preemptively thank my artist(s) because they are automatically wonderful. 

Also, please, save a life, reblog a fic. Tumblr’s tagging system is still shit, so if you like the fic, consider reblogging it to show it to your friends and followers too.

Summary: As it turns out, finding the trail of a mythical creature that does not want to be found is exactly as hard as Kurapika expected it would be. When he finally does, things, of course, don’t go as planned. That would be the universe being too nice, and it’s never done that for Kurapika. But things have a way of settling out in the most unexpected fashion.

“hey coran, check this out!”

some happy space boys for the soul

(pose reference from here


We had so much fun with this last time, and you all asked for a new installment, so a few of my friends and I try our best once again to give voices and personalities to YOUR drawings and original characters! This is always such a good time, and I hope you enjoy it, too!!

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Let's all be honest with ourselves. Lucio would be one of the muses too.

t hats actually really sweet omg??

everybody else is there because they know either hanzo or jesse personally but lúcio just wants to help make people happy :’’)))

(refers to this post!!)

fireflies | M

Contains: fluff, smut {punk!taehyung}

Words: 17,158

Summary: “There’s no hope for people like us, sweetheart. We’re destined to fall in love a thousand times, and have our hearts broken in each one of them. We might as well be miserable together.”

[img cr]

A/N: Long fics might be turning into my new aesthetic. I’m sorry.

You never truly believed in love at first sight ― there was no reason to. The very idea seemed far too preposterous to be taken seriously, too ludicrous to exist outside of dreamy movies or forgotten fairy tales. How could two strangers cultivate such deep, mesmerizing emotion in the mere seconds they held a glance? How was it possible for them to simply know of their fate in the short amount of time they encountered each other? ― No; there were no soulmates, no predestined encounters. At least not for you. For you, there was only the faint ghost of a broken heart, the haunting of crumbled expectations; and the strong, determined promise to never fool yourself into another failed attempt at romance.

When you first saw him, however, you felt like the cosmos had morphed into static.

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Rip Clubpenguin

Idk with clubpeguin shutting today i thought I share some memories of this fuckn site

  • I remember the day I made it. I was at my grandma’s house and I was ten and i started off with a 1 month membership
  • All the kids at recess would fight over the computers to play it and everyone in my school always went to ‘Tundra’ to play
  • The site crashing when Rockhopper came and everyone fighting to get on his ship that was hell
  • The surfing game was my fav and i was so mad when I found out they made survival for paid members
  • That fuckin flood once and I think an avalanche. I just remember a lot of events happening once 
  • Halloween was always my fav event 
  • Im looking through a book in the game and god, all those events (the earthquake, fairs, fitness games in ‘08 
  • When you could get belts in the dojo and Sensei was hard to beat
  • I shit you not once when I was with a friend we followed two penguins back to an igloo and hid quite well (they didn’t know we where there) and they started to have like fake sex. Like serious we watched these kids (they had to be kids cause of how they typed) having their penguins take off their clothes and fake having it and my friend then did a “hehe” AND THE TWO OTHER PEGUINS RAN GOD THAT WAS SOMETHING
  •  I stopped playing around the start of HS but holy hell clubpenguin was my childhood and I remember just having so much fun and playing it all the damn time

(add more memories if you want but these are some of mine)

How to spend money

Okay listen up, this is probably super boring to a lot of you, especially those of you who still live at home, but remember this anyway because it will save your ass countless times and still leave room for fun in your life.

Never utter the words “I just got my paycheck so let’s go out” Never. It’s the worst fucking thing you can do to yourself.

Instead, save your money at the start of the month like you would at the end. Only pay your bills, maybe put some in your savings if you can, and only get what you need. Nothing extra.

If an accident happens, oh shit, you got some extra cash to help you with that.

But if nothing happens, you have extra cash at the start of the next month!

I call them “fun money” because I use them for fun stuff like going out with my friends, but they are also good for new shoes when your old ones die.

I learned this the hard way when I only had 100$ every month (and remember, things are ten times more expensive in Denmark than most other places) and this system was so effective I still use it to a lesser extent.

Please listen to this 32 years old lady. I promise you, you won’t regret it. It will save you so much stress.

this lovely human was high af on wisdom teeth meds and forgot to hit anon 😂😂 so i am keeping their identity a secret (per their request haha) but i hope this is kind of what you’re looking for, my friend!! rest up and take care! 💜💜 

I guess the way I see it is, you either reveal your romance options or you gate flirts.

Like, maybe this is just me, but as a… chick for chicks, let’s say, a ladybro for ladybros, a spectre for spectres… the conversation where the woman you’ve been flirting for several interactions with who’s given no prior indication that she’s straight tells you she’s so not into it? That’s not a clever game mechanic. 

(Oh, it’s realistic, sure, but it’s realistic in the way that a daily shit is realistic, and funny how you don’t see much of that realism in video games.)

It keeps being treated by the writers as this fun thing - explore! discover! you’ll see, haha! - when the interaction they’re describing is one that isn’t even a little fun in real life. When it’s so closely related to the reality that when I came out as bi, years ago, all my straight female friends had to pull me aside and make sure I knew that they weren’t interested in women. (Despite the fact that I was married at the time.) There’s no real awareness on their part that I can see that for a specific group of people that kind of conversation has extremely negative connotations in real life that it doesn’t hold for others.

It’s not about entitlement, or being able to romance whoever you want. It’s about wanting to play a goddamn video game about scanning virtual rocks and seducing aliens without having to sit through the pained-smile-’well-as-long-as-you-know-i’m-not…-you-know’ speech in two fucking galaxies at once.


my best friend and I had a really cute brunch, and went shopping afterwards and it was so much fun !! ☕️✨

ig: iced.coffee


So I made some pride art based on me and my friends and had HEAPS of fun with watercolours!

Edit: I have been informed that I spelt “androgyny” wrong, so apologies to androgynous folks!


yes, i did have to recreate Harry’s bathtub pics 🌸💯👌

Six things we've learned about Harry Styles' debut solo album
The One Direction star was in London to launch the documentary tonight
By Vicki Newman

Mirror Online joined the singer in West London tonight to get a sneak preview of Harry Styles: Behind The Music and this is what we found out: 

1) Harry loved recording in Jamaica. He wrote six songs from the final 10 on the album in the first “week to ten days” whilst he was there because he felt like “there was no pressure at all”.

2) Single Sign Of The Times was crucial during the recording process. Harry says: “The song that made the album feel like it was going to be an album was Sign Of The Times. I finished lunch early and went and sat at the piano for like five minutes, it was the quickest song written on the album. We finished it in like three hours. It became like a bridge into trying a bunch of different stuff.”

3) He is prepared for the fact his solo career may not be as big as One Direction’s success. He tells the cameras: “Going out on a high and now feeling like I am starting afresh, I came to terms with the fact that was so great and if I never get to do that on that level again that is OK.

“When you leave a boyband you feel like you have to go in completely other direction. And say don’t worry everyone, I hated it, It wasn’t me.

“I loved it. I don’t feel like I have to apologise for that. I never felt like I was faking it.”

4) He cut his hair off to try to move on from One Direction and his persona in the band. He says: “I was the one with the long hair. I had it for so long in One Direction and cutting it off just felt very much like starting afresh.”

5) Before starting on the album he tried to make himself relaxed and bored - but couldn’t bear to wait too long.

He says: “I spent lot of time with family and saw some friends and kind of made myself get bored. Which was nice. But also it made me realise very quickly I wanted to start writing. I felt like I had so much in my head I wanted to say or write down. I was dying to be in the studio doing some music.”

6) He wrote Carolina about a girl he met whilst he was out having fun. Asked if she knows the song is about her, he laughs and says: “She does not, but her name is in it.

“To have been part of a moment that means something to someone enough to write a song is a huge compliment.”

* Harry Styles: Behind The Music is available to watch on Apple Music from Monday, May 15.


hi, anon! ive received a bunch of messages about PS being gone, but this is the one that struck me the most, and i felt like i couldnt let it be unanswered.

first of all, thank you for sticking with me long enough to get attached to my characters and miss them so much.
truth be told, i miss them too, but the memory of them is tainted by the months of harassment i got for making them.

for a bit of context, im bipolar, and back when i still was making this AU, i was in the middle of a particularly intense mania phase.
now, i naturally get disinterested of fandoms with time, but at the time i was really passionate about homestuck and my comics. all the unnecessary drama and harassment brutally interrupted this and jumpstarted my next depression phase, which was, ill be honest, really fucking awful.
i couldnt bring myself to be interested in homestuck anymore because all it reminded me of now were negative things.

for once, my departure from a fandom wasnt natural, but forced. now, im lucky enough to have had people around me who cared and who watched me closely in case i got too suicidal, which was much appreciated.

when i think about the au now, i try to remember how much fun it was making it. all the good stuff, and all the bad stuff too. sure, i regret making some of it, but the fun i had with my friends while doing it? it was great.

in the end, people like you are the reason i keep holding on, and im sad the fun had to be cut short for you as well. im still drawing and still animating, so i hope youll find a way to like my new stuff the same way you liked my old stuff.

P.S: anshu, alka, jody and jamie say hi.

Prompt: “That’s irrational.”

When you first heard the album, sitting with Harry in your backyard, Carolina was one of your favorites. It was catchy and it had good lyrics. It didn’t cross your mind that the song was written about someone else. But when Harry went on Nicks radio show and told the story of the song and who it was about, a wave of anger couldn’t help but overcome you. Each and every time you had the album on shuffle, you skipped it faster than you could blink. When it came on the radio you turned it down. If Harry started singing it, you left the room. You came to hate the song. Hearing your love of 3 years sing about how another girl “feels so good” and is “all i think about” didn’t exactly put you in a position to fawn all over the song. This is what you were trying to explain to Harry when he confronted you about your obvious dislike for the song. 

“I know you don’t like Carolina. Why? You liked it when you first heard it, didn’t you? It was one of your favorites actually. What changed?” He asked you, when he stepped out of the shower, sitting next to you on the bed. 

“Nothing changed. I like the song, its good.” you said coldly. 

“Then why do you go out of your way to not listen to it, and when you have to, you cringe down to the last second?” His voice was angry mixed with a bit of sadness. He wasn’t yelling…yet. You knew your opinion mattered a lot to Harry. And although you didn’t like the song, you figured he deserved the truth. 

“Fine Harry. You wanna know why I don’t like the damn song?” you said and he looked at you expectantly. 

“It’s blatantly about another girl. You’re one of the most private people I know. You wouldn’t go out of your way to put the girls name in the song, put it on the album and sing it on national TV if it didn’t mean a lot to you. So excuse me if I don’t want to listen to my boyfriend sing about how another girl is all he thinks about.” you said getting more and more angry with each word that you said. Harry looked at you and didn’t say anything, so you continued. 

“Harry that song makes me look like a fucking joke. And I know its your music and you have the right to write about anything you want to. But every time I look at you, I see you and her. Every time I hear that song, I think of you and her. And if she means that much to you, then why am I here?”

“Babe…you’re over reacting. Its just a song.” Harry said tears welling up in his eyes, and it was then that you realized that you were crying as well. “I can promise you that she doesn’t mean as much to me as you do. Tell me what I can do to fix this. A song isn’t worth loosing you. I swear, she meant something to me a while ago. And she’ll always mean something to me in the way of a friend. But you…I can’t live without you.”

Now you were full on sobbing, “Then why’d you write the song? Its not a sin for me to be upset about the song. And it’s not even the fact that you wrote the song, it’s the fact that you took the time to expose the girl and make it very clear that it was about her.”

“So you don’t want me to write about other girls and life experiences? That’s irrational. I’m always going to write songs about my life experiences. If you cant handle that, when we can end this.” he said angrily. He immediately regretted saying it when you got up and stormed out of the room. 

“I don’t know what to do Gem. She won’t talk to me, she won’t look at me, she won’t let me touch her. I don’t sleep in the same bed as her anymore, she sleeps in the guest house. Not even in the guest room, the guest house. I feel like I’m losing her, and that can’t happen.” he said on the verge of tears as he spoke to his sister on the phone. 

“How long has this been going on?” she asked him carefully. 

He let out a long sigh, “about 4 days.”

“Honestly, she probably shut down because she feels like you haven’t acknowledged the fact that she’s hurt. Weather you feel like you did something wrong or not, she needs to know that you know and care that she’s hurting. If you haven’t made an effort to apologize to her, she won’t know that. Especially if you aren’t talking. And Harry, you have to admit, if the roles were reversed, you’d be pretty angry, too. I think you both need to talk because it sounds like to me, this argument is a two way street.”

He made his way down the small pathway to the guest house where you’ve been staying for the greater part of a week. You didn’t want to see him, hear his voice, speak to him or anything else. You knew you were overreacting just a little bit, but in your mind, you still had the right to be upset. He rang the doorbell and you automatically knew who it was. It was the first time he had been over since you left the main house. 

“Love, baby, princess…let me in. Please?” and there was something in his voice that you couldn’t ignore, even if you wanted to. You made your way over to the door, and before you could even get it all the way open, Harry pushed himself inside and wrapped his arms around you. You tensed up at first, but then relaxed into this chest, realizing you missed him. You stood there, in the doorway hugging for a long time, the first connection you’ve had with him in days. 

“Let’s talk, yeah?” he asked you sweetly, kissing your nose. You nodded and lead him over to the kitchen table. You sat, not saying anything to each other before he said,

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. When I wrote that song, I wasn’t thinking. I met Townes-”

“Don’t say her name.”

“I met her a few years back. It was just before I met you. We had a few mutual friends and they set us up on a blind date. And I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fun that night. But she was missing something, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Plus the tour was about to start, so even just after one date, I broke it off.” He explained and you listened intently. “We remained in touch after that and I occasionally still talk to her. But I swear, she’s just a friend. She doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as you do. And when I said she was all I think about, its just a lyric. I don’t mean that literally. I deeply apologize if I made you question my love for you. That was never my intension. Its just a bloody song love. And yes it means something to me. Each and every one of my songs means something to me. But you…I could never express in words what you mean to me. I wrote countless songs about you- so, so many. But none of them bring you justice. You’re just that precious to me.” he said with a dimpled grin and a squeeze of your hand. 

“I’m sorry too H. I overreacted. I shouldn’t have been so jealous. And your music is your music, and I don’t have the right to question your creativity. I’m sure she is a nice girl. She should be flattered. But can I ask you something. Obviously you don’t have to answer.”

“What do you want to know, my lovely?” 

“Is there a song about me on your album.”

He looked at you with a devilish smirk and a gleam in his eye,

“Oh love, don’t you know you’re my only angel?”

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