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The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!

Beanies and Negotiations (Part 3)

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Part one here    Part two here


okay please continue writing more for beanies and negotiations i’m in love

part 3 of beanies and negotiations pleaseee??? i love it!!!

Can we please get a part three to Beanies and Negotiations? One where the reader is wearing something else of Juggies and he just kisses her or something cute?

Could you do a part three to beanies and negotiations where the reader and Jughead get together finally



Please do a part 3 the of the negotiations!! (I cant remember what its called sorry!)

Just discovered Beanies and Negotiations and OH MY GOD. I need some resolution/closure hahaha But really you’re the best x

we all need a 3th part

Heya, could you do a part 3 to beanies and negotiations, and Jughead like finally picks up the courage to ask the reader out?

Could you a third part for “Beanies and Negotiations”? I love it sooooo much!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The widely anticipated part 3 of the Beanies and Negotiations series, in which Jughead and (Y/N) observe their own relationship and come to a realization

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,181

A/N: hmm I wonder if you guys wanted a part 3? haha I had a lot of fun writing this, I’m so glad you guys have liked the Beanies and Negotiations series (which I hadn’t even intended to be a series).  Hopefully this will give you all enough closure.  Enjoy!

Jughead liked to consider himself a very clever and perceptive person.  So when all of his friends were insisting that (Y/N) returned his feelings for her, he didn’t believe it.  After all, he was perceptive enough to notice that.  He noticed Betty’s feelings for Archie, why couldn’t he see (Y/N)’s feelings?  But because of what his friends told him, Jughead took extra care to pay attention to all of his and (Y/N)’s interactions.  He overanalyzed everything she said to him (which was a lot, he realized). He asked himself, Do all friends talk to each other this much?  Later, he came to the conclusion that no, not everyone talked to each other that much, but he and (Y/N) were best friends.  It had always been like that.  Then he started to observe her body language.  He noticed that they touched a lot, maybe more than most friends do.  She always had her hands brushing up against his, her chin resting on his shoulder, her thigh right next to his.  He wondered if maybe this body language meant something a bit more flirty than friendly, but then he reminded himself that he and (Y/N) were always like that, seeing as they were best friends.  While he tried to form a conclusion about (Y/N)’s feelings, Jughead realized that all this overanalyzing was making him fall harder.  He noticed his eyes lingering longer on her sparkling eyes, her radiant smile, and the lines that formed on her face when she laughed.  How can someone be so beautiful? he thought.

“How do you know she likes me?” Jughead stood on Archie’s porch at nine in the evening.  Archie sent him a questioning look, stepping outside to talk to his friend.

“What?” he asked.  “Jughead, what are you doing?  It’s nine o’clock.”

“I know what time it is,” Jughead rolled his eyes.  “But I need to know.  I’ve spent the past week analyzing every interaction I’ve had with (Y/N), but I don’t see it.”  He sighed in frustration and rubbed his face.  Archie sent him a knowing smile.

“Jughead, I’ve known since the day you proposed to her,” he explained, taking a step towards his friend. Jughead’s head snapped up at the mention of the childhood memory.

“We were six,” he reminded Archie, but Archie shook his head.

“Doesn’t matter,” he replied.  “What matters is she said yes.”

“No she didn’t,” Jughead countered.  “She turned me down.”

“She did,” Archie said calmly.  “But she also accepted, remember?  She promised she’d say yes when you’re both eighteen.  Only three more years, buddy.”  Jughead rolled his eyes but smiled, and Archie laughed.  “I promise you, Jughead, she will say yes.  Ask her out.”  Without a reply, Jughead nodded, turned on his heel, and left.

(Y/N) noticed Jughead’s shift in attitude for the past week.  Deciding not to comment on it, she figured it was something he had to take care of on his own.  Otherwise, she told herself, he would’ve come to her.  Although she repeated this to herself over and over again, she couldn’t help but worry for the boy she had fallen for.  On a Tuesday night, she found herself sitting in a booth that wasn’t her usual booth, and the person sitting across her was not Jughead. Instead, it was Betty that occupied the seat.

“So you wanted to talk, (Y/N)?” Betty asked, interrupting (Y/N) from her thoughts.  She perked up and nodded.

“Yeah,” she replied, trailing off.  “So we’ve been best friends since, like, as long as I can remember, and I tell you everything.”  Betty slowly nodded.  

“Before you continue,” she stopped (Y/N), “is this about Jughead?”  (Y/N) bit her lip.

“Yes,” she responded. “I know you know I like him, and you and Veronica and everyone else always say that he likes me but…” she paused for a moment, “how?”

“How do I know?” Betty repeated.  “Because, (Y/N), he proposed to you!”  (Y/N) laughed at the memory.  “He lets you wear his clothes and, hell, his beanie! That boy is as smitten as you are.” She took a sip of her strawberry milkshake.  “Trust me when I say this, (Y/N).  Jughead is head over heels for you.”

Two days later, (Y/N) sat in a different booth.  Her normal booth.  Jughead had yet to arrive, and she was anxiously twiddling her fingers in anticipation.  The bell on the door jingled, causing her to snap her head to face the entrance.  It was not Jughead who entered, but rather Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Kevin.  They all smiled and waved at her, occupying a table that was within earshot of (Y/N)’s booth.  She groaned at her friends’ eagerness to eavesdrop.  When the bell jingled again, (Y/N) didn’t look up.  Jughead sat down in the seat across from her, watching as she slowly lifted her head to meet his eyes.

“Hey, Juggie,” she smiled shyly.  He smiled back, equally as timid.

“Hey.”  The two sat in silence, both contemplating how to phrase their newly found revelations.  How do you tell your best friend that you’re in love with them?

“How’s your book coming along?” (Y/N) attempted to make small talk.

“It’s good,” Jughead answered.  “Kinda slow right now since nothing has happened, but I figure it’s only a matter of time.”  They both laughed, and just like that, the tension in the atmosphere cleared.

“This is weird,” (Y/N) commented, referring to their seating arrangement.

“It is,” Jughead laughed. “Come over here.”  (Y/N) smiled and stood up, moving onto the same side of the booth as Jughead.   She leaned her head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“Something’s different, Juggie,” she whispered.  Jughead looked down at her and smiled softly.

“Yeah,” he agreed.  “Things are changing.”

“You know, I…” (Y/N) struggled to find the words to explain how she felt.  She swallowed, then looked up at Jughead and smiled.  “I liked wearing your beanie.”  He threw his head back with laughter.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he rolled his eyes, but his smile betrayed him, “because I was humiliated.”

“You were not.”  (Y/N) lightly shoved him, and he laughed again before they both fell quiet.  They sat there like that for a few minutes, Jughead’s arm around (Y/N)’s shoulders, her head leaning on his shoulder, his head on top of hers.  Each of them were caught up in their own whirlwind of thoughts.

“(Y/N),” Jughead interrupted the silence, causing her to look up at him.  His voice caught in his throat.  “I-” he didn’t finished his sentence, but instead cupped her face and pressed his lips against hers.  She sat there in shock for a moment, and then placed her hand on his chest as she kissed back.  A few tables away, Archie, Kevin, Veronica, and Betty stood up and cheered.  Jughead and (Y/N) pulled apart, laughing as their foreheads rested against each other.  Jughead took his beanie off and placed it on (Y/N)’s head.  She smiled.

“Endgame!” Kevin yelled, pumping his fist up.  Everyone laughed.

“(Y/N), I-”Jughead started, but (Y/N) cut him off with a smile.

“I know, Juggie.  I know.”

Part four here


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kagome + cooking + family
I really, really enjoyed this scene from the first movie! It’s so cute watching Kagome cook! And I LOVE the whole familial interaction, especialy when she deters her Grandpa’s hands away from the food haha ♥ Bet she is the cutest housewife in the whole village *cough cough*.

Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post

Looking back on 2016, I’m very glad that I was dragged into Mystic Messenger hell towards the later part of the year. I was able to somehow stick and develop an art style that I really had fun with. I love splashing colors and details around, and I’m glad it fits so well with the crack comics I’ve always been wanting to do. On another note, people say I also look like my art ((im guessing it’s mostly the meme faces maybe HAHA ♥))

I’m very delighted and honored to be able to make you all happier with my art ^__^ Thank you so much for all your support ♥ I hope you will continue supporting me for the next year as well! Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

Some thoughts under the cut to keep things short ♥

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Lately I asked you for Hopemin but now I come to ask you for Namjin >< ♥

Omg i love you!! haha ^.^

Mom & Dad

Now Kiss  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dance Line XD


The day namjin shippers died 

I had so much fun doing this one. I love Namjin so much. perfect parents for perfect Boys. <3 

thank you so much for requesting this!! <3

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mikki please could you write something about how even told his parents that he and isak decided to live together? ☺️☺️☺️

I’m so sorry this took forever but I had so much fun with this so thank you so much! <3 your prompts are brilliant. Also this got looooong so bare with me haha I hope you enjoy :) <3

Isak could feel it in the bottom of his stomach, the heaviness giving him shivers up and down his spine, his throat dried up and his hands dangled by his sides shaking at the mere thought of what he was about to do.
Yep he was so going to throw up.
Suddenly a hand took one of his own and he felt calmness radiate from the tip of his fingertips until he could finally breathe easily enough to look up at the beautiful face attached to the hand that took away his nerves.
“Hey, it’ll be okay” Even smiled, his fingers squeezing Isaks in a gesture that made his heart squeeze and nearly combust with it.
“How do you know that?” Isak asked sadly his mind thinking of every single way this could possibly go wrong.
“Because stupid…” he leant over to kiss Isaks cheek before whispering in his ear “we’re about to tell my mother that I am finally moving out with the most beautiful person in the world.” He leant back and grinned so bright the world lit up around them “what could possibly go wrong baby?”
A lot of fucking things Isak thought but he tried desperately to shake it away…for Even. He needed to get his shit together and look like a mature adult who is capable of being a supportive and loving partner to Even Bech Næsheim.
He can do this, he can so do this.

Isak couldn’t do it. He felt Evens mother’s eyes piercing into his soul from the moment he walked in the door. She didn’t know yet but she knew. She knew something was up….no idea what it was. But it was something.
They both sat on the couch across from her, Even holding onto Isaks hand obliviously happy and not in the slightest bit worried about how the conversation they are about to have is going to go down.
“Okay Even, what is this about?” her tone contained the volume of a thousand voices, as she suspiciously eyed the boys perched on the couch. Her eyes lingered on Isak most particularly considering, his eyes were darting all over the room in fear, as every muscle in his body visibly tightened.
“Okay mum so…” Even began his voice raining with a strange mixture of excitement and caution.
He was interrupted by the shake of her head “For crying out loud, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought you were pregnant or something!” she shouted. Isak gasped, while Even laughed “Mama! That is impossible!” his laughter had the power of clearing out all the stress in the room as both Isak and Miss Næsheim relaxed at the beautiful sound.
“Well darling, don’t you think you’re underestimating Isak’s abilities there a little?” she replied. Isak choked and nearly fell out of his chair. Thankfully Even was there to hold onto him as he laughed cheerily again and kissed Isak’s cheek. “Good point” he said softly, as Isak sat there looking like a fucking tomato.
Miss Næsheim sighed deeply “Look, you are both stressing me out. Will you just tell me what it is?”
Even turned to look at Isak, everything in his face conveyed how much he loved him, Isak could feel the reassurance that everything will be okay hit him just from looking at Even’s kind beautiful smile. He sat up straight and nodded his consent before Even turned to his mother and said very tactfully.
“I’m moving out!”
Isak resisted face palming in front of him.
Miss Næsheim was a statue.
Isak felt sick again. Fucking hell Even.
Finally she nodded “okay.”
Isak blinked “Okay?”
“Well godammit is someone going to expand this….or do I have to guess like some kind of game show guest?”
Even thought for a moment “Well actually…”
“Nei.” Isak and Even’s mother said fondly at the same time.
Even rolled his eyes “you two are too alike I don’t know what I am getting into.”
“and that is?” mama Næsheim prodded, leaning forward.
Even wrapped his arm around Isak’s shoulders “Isak and I are moving in together.”
“No! Really?” she feigned surprise, whilst rolling her eyes and smiling.
Isak let out an exhale of relief as Even smiled admiringly at his mother.
“So what do you think?” he asked and Isak could feel himself clenching in worry again.
“Well…look don’t be mad at me Even, and I mean it. don’t look at me like that, I mean it. But you both are very young…”
“Exactly! Better now then never.”
She glared. “she does that when she knows I’m winning” he whispered brightly in Isak’s ear.
Isak didn’t think it looked a hell lot like winning but what the fuck did he know?
“You have only known each oth-
“Can’t play that card mum. Look at me. Look how happy I am when was the last time I have been this….stable?”
“AND look you can’t do anything anyway I mean it’s not as if you actually have a say in-“
“Even Jesus Christ I support you!” she shouted exasperated.
Even jerked in surprise “wait…you do?”
She rolled her eyes “of course I do smartass. You don’t think I know when my son has made a shit decision?” she looked at Isak, “this isn’t one.”
Even smiled “thanks mum.”
She waved him off “yeah yeah yeah, whatever, now if you’re going to move out, what do you think about me converting your room into that art studio I’ve always wanted?”

Once they got back to Isak’s apartment Even wrapped his arms around Isak and pulled him close towards him. “Well baby that went a lot better than I thought!”
Isak furrowed his brows “it did?”
Even laughed “oh yeah! I thought it would be a disaster!”
Isak stepped out of his arms with a gasp “you told me I had nothing to worry about!”
Even shrugged “I’m your boyfriend, that’s my job.”
Isak rolled his eyes right before Even brought a smile onto his face with a lift of his eyebrows. He let himself step back and melt into his boyfriends long arms.
“Can you believe we will be together every morning and every night?”
Isak smiled because he couldn’t believe it. Being with Even for at least one night was like a dream. This? This was paradise.

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Confession: i am only doing uni because, well, i don't want to not do uni. does that make sense? So i spend my days just going through the motions of doing uni work, handing in assignments, all the while living in an alternative reality in my head where i'm doing fun things. And three years have passed in that way. Ever feel like you're just passing time, in your head, and not even being fully present in your life? And that time is just pushing everyone forward and you are just standing still?

That makes sense bc I have felt the same! After high school it’s like what am i supposed to do with life - so it’s either work or go to Uni obviously (unless you have the fortune to do something else that drives you, or if unfortunately, you can’t do any of that). Do you only imagine having fun in your alternate world or do you have activities/hobbies to take a break from reality? Recently I’ve found fun in writing fanfictions, and believe it or not (because I do everything in my power to not study) first I like to research certain things, and think hard about making complex paragraphs and fun dialogues, it fills up my time and I get to produce something and share it. I like drawing too though I don’t do it much, and recently we tried embroidery at Uni and to my surprise I liked it and thought of picking it up sometime in the future (as a kid I hated it). Recently I was so into a game (mystic messenger), and before that an anime (yuri on ice) (- I still love both of them), and judging by my blog I’m trapped in drama-world. What I want to say is during your time that has passed can you come up with something you enjoy even if it’s very little? 

I don’t want to be noisy because you probably already have your own ‘‘concept of life’’ figured out. We all, probably many times in life feel like time is not real and it’s just the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel it often because writing ff or having a tumblr isn’t that special but it’s still something. If I were to give you advice then it is to start something new or find something you’re curious about or it can even be to read more about something you’re not so curious about. There’s nothing that is bad per se so go and explore. It can be off- or online, you may hate it or like it, won’t know until you try, right? Giving an ex. of mine then just two days ago while searching about a fave OTP I found something called ‘doujinshi’. I often stay off explicit stuff so basically I was fascinated and curious so I read thru some lmao and I love art so a plus for me woho. I won’t be making it my daily habit bc it’s not something I enjoy but I’m kind of ‘glad’ to have found something new. And then sometimes I just chill and waste time and go on with life because that’s one kind of activity too imo. Time is just something that’s supposed to pass and sooner or later we will— um, I feel like I’m going off topic….

Either way, I hope you soon start to feel your time is meaningful because life is short and I think people often get stuck in ‘I must do something meaningful’ when sometimes just eating food, helping a kid, smiling at some stranger (lol?) or waking up in the morning to start a new day can be something meaningful. Handing in assignments is an accomplishment too and in the future when you’re entering a new chapter it may all lead to a somewhat satisfying life.

Art trade with the awesome @kwoodles who asked for WWII stucky!! i had so much fun drawing pre war Steve and Bucky with short hair *v* now im in the mood of drawing them more in this time period haha. Thank you for doing the trade with me :D 

So, which one is mine?- Request by Anonymous

Summary- REQUEST BY Anonymous- Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Best friend X Mark were they always have matching hair colors and Amy & Tyler (Readers boyfriend) find it cute and Tyler or Amy posts a pic of the pair while tagging the other (Amy Or Tyler) with the caption “So which one is mine?” Please and thank you!!

Word Count- 778

Pairing- Best Friend!Reader x Mark, Tyler x Reader

Warnings- Fluff, a little angst, breakup

A/n- Thanks, anon, for the awesome request. I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you like it! I don’t usually write Tyler x Reader things, but I tried! And, I gave her ex a cheesy name because I’m too lazy to do anything else. I hope this story does you justice, anon!

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @winchester-negan-one-shots @not-moose-one-shots @dannnyphantomm

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G͈͚͈̮̩̎ͧͫLͧ͗̚Iͮ̂T̰̥̝̬̂͒̓̋C̯͙H̗̾̄̏͊̋I͇͙͓̹̼̞ͩ̐͐P͐ͭͅL̫̪͈̤̮̂͆Ĭ͓̲͎͂̓́ͥ̾ͭE͎͓̦̞ͫͭͥ̑͌ͤ̐R͒͊̇̽͂͒ͧ ̰͉̯͎͕ͧ̏̂͂+͊̆̇͆̈ͧ̏ ̜̠͉̗̰̳̯ͪͪͩÁ̟̜̘̟̳̼́ͅÑ̯̩̤̮͙̄͒̃T̎̍I͕̺̥̖͐̋SE̫͕͑P̙̪̥̺ͣͧT͓͇̖̗̰̲I̟̖ͫ̎̾͂C̰̭̟̞͉̻̏͒ͥ̄̊ͣE̲̥̪̙Y͐͐E̫

inspired by sconee


hmm yes i,, approve of this
the post is here
//haha sorry i,, it was 3 hours in of me trying to do a quick sketch and i,, was like fuck it and just saved it out

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Do u accept triggering request? If u do will u do a thor x reader where they likes each other? But reader has a depression so has a good day n bad day. Thor is concerned n want to help so he ask loki to help fix reader's mind but it didnt work. Make it a mix between fluff n angst. Pls do this. But if you dont like it, thats fine, just ignore it. Thanks.

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU

A/N: first of all, let me thank you for being my first request, you had no idea how happy you made me haha. Also, this request is such a good and angsty idea, I loved it and had so much fun writing it (despite of it being quite sad I think lol). Again, thank you so so much. (also, added Thor to my fandoms list)

“(Y/N)? Are you awake?” Thor closed the door behind him and slowly approached your bed.

“Yeah,” you answered in a muffled voice.

The curtains were closed and only a few rays of sunshine were finding their way into your room, so it was relatively dark in there.

He sat down by your side and tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear that had fallen into your face, then he continued to stroke your cheek with his thumb.

He was able to feel the slightest dampness on it, which made him realize that you had been crying.

“What can I do?”

You turned your head a bit to look at him properly.

“I’d appreciate a cuddle.”

He smiled and went around the bed to lie down next to you.

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What if, RFA (w/ Saeran and V) + Disney Princess AU, but MC isn't the princess but the MM characters are. (This may be weird but I guess maybe it's because it's 2 AM here from where I am anndd hahaa |▽//)) Good luck on your new blog, tho! I can tell it's gonna be an amazing one! ♡

Thank you so much anon!! <3

So I hope it’s okay but I decided to mix your request up a bit and do which disney princess/couple reminds me the most of each character. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for but I’m feeling pretty creative with this one! Of course, if you want me to do another with your specific request just ask :)

I LOVE Disney so this is gonna be fun ;P

(p.s. sorry if its longer for some characters than others; I had a lot of inspiration for some and like none for others haha)


- Yoosung is a lot like Anna

- they’re energetic, playful, and optimistic

- super awkward

- after one of their family members “leaves”, they become lost and confused

- both hopeless romantics ngl

- very kind and really cute


- he reminds me a lot of princess and the frog

- Both worked hard to get what they wanted and didn’t listen to anyone who told them they couldn’t

- they had to work from a young age to achieve their dreams

- Zen’s personality reminds me of Naveen’s - flirty and narcissistic, but generous and kind

- they have an amazing voice to this day I wonder why Tiana didn’t work as a singer for her job before the restaurant oml

- even though the families are different, both Tiana and Zen had a friend who was rich that could’ve helped them but they refused unless for actual work (this one’s a stretch cause Jumin wasn’t really a friend and Charlotte did give her money, but you get the idea)

- Zen and Tiana weren’t looking for love at first, but in the end they found it :)

- also you can kinda think of Charlotte as Echo Girl and Tiana as MC but at the same time Charlotte was a sweetheart so no


- Jaehee reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast

- they are both intelligent young women that love peace

- both lost their mothers (Jaehee lost her father as well but we’ll put that to the side)

- they both want more than the “provincial life” and to have freedom

- they’re both fangirls lol

- they’re very independent and responsible

- they have a kind heart, and I think if Belle was in the modern world she’d totally be a coffee lover as well I mean come on


- Jumin for some reason reminds me of The Little Mermaid

- Ariel and Jumin are both high class, rich people that are secluded from the “other world”

- they have “the perfect life” but they want more

- both of their parents just want what’s best for them, but they have their flaws

- they both only have one parent

- they both stop listening to the “rules” when they find the one™

- omg imagine Jaehee as Sebastian and like Elizabeth as Flounder yesss


- okay Seven reminds me of Tangled

- they were both taken away from their home to a secretive place (Seven voluntarily and Rapunzel not)

- they thought the person that took them away was special to them

- until they learned the thing™

- they left that person and went to find their family with their s/o

- the person that took them eventually… ya know

- they end up living a happy life with the family they lost and their love


- Saeran reminds me of Jasmine

- they’re both fierce and strong

- they can be very short-tempered and stubborn at times, though

- secluded from the outside world by someone who believes they’re doing what’s best (at least I think Jafar did there’s a lot of theories idk)

- omg Saeran would totally have a pet like Rajah


- I’d say V reminds me of Snow White

- they’re both super gentle and loving

- they trust others very easily *cough* rIKA

- since V is a photographer, he probably loves the environment and the beauty of the earth like Snow White

- very kind to others


Finally done! This one took me awhile, and even though it wasn’t exactly what you wanted I hope it’s still good :)

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anonymous asked:

Marco rants to Ponyhead and Star about Tom. Ponyhead sgets annoyed and jokingly tells Marco that if he likes him so much he should ask him out. She then grabs his scissors and sends him to the underworld to do so as a prank. Star tries to bring Marco back through, knowing Ponyhead won't do it until he goes along with it. Marco sheepishly asks Tom out to a date and he says yes as if he's expected it the whole time. Marco has also had feelings for Tom but he didn't know quite what they were.

Was this an idea or a request? Either way I wrote it! I had so much fun writing this! It really was an amazing idea! Sorry it takes a sad turn in the middle but I ended it fluffy and happy! I hope you enjoy! I played with the idea a bit because I thought about how I would feel if somebody asked me out on a dare, which is not good. But we all know that’s not what ws meant, I can’t explain haha just read it! Enjoy!


“Marco just do it so she’ll let you come home.” Star complained over the phone. Marco ran around the underworld, desperately trying to find a way home. He shook his head and looked around for some sort of way out.

“NO! I can’t ask Tom out! He’s TOM!” Marco complained. Star shrugged and twirled with her wand.

‘You know, by the way you get so defensive about it, I would think you have a crush on him.” She teased. Marco blushed furiously.

“NO! No way do I like him! It’s TOM! I do not like Tom at all!” Marco assured. Star laughed and put the phone on speaker so Ponyhead and Janna could hear his yelling and defending. He was going on and on about how much he hated the demon while the girls laughed.

“Okay Marco, this is getting crazy.” Star laughed. “I’m hanging up, Tom lives at the end of the road we sent you to.” She giggled. When she hung up the phone all the girls started laughing.

“He’s got it so bad and he doesn’t even know.” Janna scoffed and ate a handful of popcorn. “You think he’ll do it?” She asked. Star shrugged.

“He is in deep denial. Let’s see how this goes.” She suggested. Star took out her wand and chanted the spying spell.

“Hey? Isn’t that evil or something?” Ponyhead asked. Star was quiet for a moment.

“This is an important circumstance.” Star defended. The girls looked through the magic window and saw Marco walk near the old Halloween-looking house at the end of the road. “ He’s going for it!” Star cheered.

“Well we don’t know that yet.” Ponyhead assured. “Just shut-up and watch, girl.” She insisted. Marco knocked on the door and stood there for a while. As soon as he was about to leave, think the demon wasn’t home, the door swung open and Tom pulled Marco in, he seemed enraged, but once he saw whom it was he at once calmed down.

“Oh! Marco! Sorry about that. I didn’t know it was you.” He laughed lightly. Marco gasped in fear from what happened.

“Who did you think I was!?” He demanded. “What a welcome…” Marco said with sarcasm. Tom rolled his eyes and motioned for Marco to sit down. The human did so and Tom flopped down on the chair right across from his, laying diagonally across it and looking up at the ceiling. He seemed like he was falling off the chair in an uncomfortable manor, but he didn’t look like he had any intention on moving.

“What’s up?” The demon asked. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“I uh… am here.” Marco spat out. Tom looked at him curiously.

“Yeah… I got that part.” He assured. Marco blushed deeper and played with his hands, hoping the girls would just bring him home already. He waited a minute in silence before realizing that wasn’t going to happen.

“I actually… wanted to talk to you.” Marco admitted. Tom sat up and looked at him with interest. “It’s actually… a question…” Marco continued.

“He’s gonna do it!” Janna cried. Star leaned closer to the magic window and they watched the boys closely. Marco cleared his throat and shuffled nervously, trying to find the right words.

“I uhm… do you…” Marco started,

“He’s gonna choke.” Ponyhead assured. They watched as Marco continued.

“Do you want…” Marco cut off and started coughing. Tom shot up and walked over to him, asking if he was okay. Ponyhead leaned back smugly.

“I told you he was gonna choke.” She reminded. The other girls hushed her and watched as Tom handed Marco a glass of water.

“Dude? You good?” He asked again. Marco nodded.

“It’s just… I’m a little nervous is all because… I wanted to ask you something.” He mumbled. Tom rolled his eyes, getting bored.

“You said that! Just ask already.” Tom assured. Marco swallowed hard and gulped down the glass of water. He finished and took a deep breath, looking up at Tom with big eyes. Marco cleared his throat.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” Marco asked. All three girls gasped and Tom was silent for a long while. Marco watched him with a nervous expression. When he didn’t say anything Marco sighed and got up. “I’m sorry, this was a bad idea.” Marco said, about to run out. Tom stopped him by grabbed his shoulder.

“No! It’s not stupid it really isn’t.” Tom assured. He then blushed a little bit. “I uh… I’d love to go on a date with you.” The demon smiled and Marco blushed a little bit. He was actually happy Tom accepted! This wasn’t so bad after all. Marco smiled at him and the two stood there for a moment until a portal opened.

“Oh my gosh!” Ponyhead cried. “I didn’t think you’d do it but you did! This is crazy, I guess you can come home now, dare finished.” She smirked. Marco was about to climb through the portal when he looked back at Tom. He stopped when the demon was looking at him with a confused look.

“What does she mean? What’s going on?” He asked. “Dare?” Tom inquired. Marco rocked on his heels a little bit.

“Oh… yeah actually the reason I asked you out is because… she sort of trapped me here… to ask you out… on a dare.” Marco explained. It sounded a lot worse when he said it like that. Tom’s eyes lit up and he stared daggers at the human. “Are you mad?” Marco asked.

“YES!” Tom hissed. “You asked me OUT on a DARE!? That’s so messed up!” Tom screamed. He fell back, his eyes turning back to normal. “I was… I was happy! I thought you LIKED me!” He yelled. Tom was growling at the human, but more hurt than anger was showing in his eyes.

Star and Janna jumped through the portal. “Tom! It’s not like that, we dared him because he likes you!” Star tried. Tom hissed at the girl.

“You too? I expected this from Pony but I thought a little more of you.” Tom told her, looking away.

“Ouch, offense taken.” Ponyhead announced. Marco went over to Tom but the demon shoved him away.

“Get out of my house! I don’t want to go on a dare-date with you!” Tom screamed, pushing the group out. “I can’t believe I actually thought… get OUT OF HERE!” He yelled, throwing a picture frame at Janna. The group ran out of the demon’s house and closed the portal, sitting on the floor of the couch.

“Guys… I feel bad.” Star said, pulling her knees to her chest. Janna and Ponyhead nodded and Marco put his face in his hands.

“He… he didn’t let me explained. I do like him!” Marco cried. “I just didn’t really know until you guys…” He trailed off. “I can understand why he’d be mad… who would want to be asked out on a dare? That’s pretty hurtful.” Marco sighed. “I wish I could explain to him the truth.” Marco wished.

“Well he does not want to talk to you, or any of us, now. I don’t think he’ll listen.” Star admitted. Janna cracked her knuckles.

“Don’t worry, I’ve disappointed many-a-people in my time.” She assured. “And I know how to get through to them even when they’re this mad.” Janna promised. “I can get you two on good terms, somebody hand me a pair of scissors.”


Tom hissed when there was a knock at his door. He didn’t want to answer it, he just wanted to lie on the floor and feel bad. Tom groaned when the knock came again, this time louder and he got up. “Okay! Okay! I’m coming! Hekapoo if this is you I already lost you scissors so you can’t get them back.” Tom called, slumping down the stairs to the front door.

Tom opened the door and scowled when there was nobody there, he took a step out and hissed when he stubbed his toe on something, but his expression softened when he looked down and saw a big basket. Tom looked curious and bent down, he picked it up and saw it had a heart-print fleece blanket in it with a note that said ‘To keep you warm because I was so cold to you’ with a frowny-face. Tom tilted his head and saw there was a big heart-shaped card. He brought it inside and opened it, he rolled his eyes when he opened it and a bunch of pink glitter spilled out on his lap.

Tom looked down and read the note.

Dear Tom,

Hey! It’s Marco! I know you probably don’t want to talk to me right now, and I deserve that. I did something really mean to you without thinking twice about it. The thing is, the girls were teasing me about having a crush on you, and then dared me to ask you out. It actually had good intentions and we didn’t mean to hurt you. I never thought it would hurt your feelings because I assumed you would just say no. Which is still wrong of me. I understand how you could have been hurt by the situation and I’m sorry. A dare is not the right way to ask somebody on a date.

But the dare wasn’t meant to be something I didn’t want to do. In fact, it’s something I’ve been hoping for. So I’m sorry. And I would like to ask you on a real date.

PS. Star, Janna and Ponyhead helped me with the card. They feel bad about daring me in the first place and wanted me to add that they had good intentions. Sorry about the glitter, it was Star’s handy-work.

Love, Marco

Tom smiled a bit at the note and felt the soft blanket between his fingers. He giggled a little and brushed the glitter off hip lap. He rolled his eyes, but was still smiling fondly. He put the not up in his window so he could see it and shook his head. “Oh Marco.”

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