i had so many problems rendering this

It looks like we’re actually going to be able to make our game work on the 3DS!****(probably!*****)

Having signed up for Nintendo development I’m not allowed to share information about systems and specs, so I won’t go into detail, but there are some aspects of 3DS development I want to share with you all:

Textures VS polygons

When I started working on graphics for this, I used Spyro as reference, and by extension the limits of the PS1. The Playstation’s main problem was its inability to render many polygons at the same time, so everything had to be extremely lowpoly and a lot of fancy trickery had to be used to make it look like there was more geometry on the screen than there actually was. On the other hand, the Playstation used big discs and had quite a bit of video memory, which allowed it to have many fairly big texture maps (for the time). The Nintendo 64 could hardly fit any textures at all, but used mipmapping instead, to “smudge out” the images, so that two pixels would be enough to make a perfectly smooth gradient. The N64 approach meant that geometry had to be used very cleverly to imply detail, since detail couldn’t really be stored in texturemaps. A lot of very tiny pixel-constellations were also used to create repeating patterns.

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I had to request a medical leave for school today and I just feel so… defeated. I’ve been having a really bad flare up and some extreme problems with my thyroid that have made me miss too many hours the last 2 months. Not only has it had a detrimental effect on my schooling, but it has severely affected my ability to take care of my home, my family, and myself. I am working with my doctor to figure out what is going on, but like always it’s most likely going to be a process. 

In the meantime, I continue to struggle. The insomnia, fatigue, and brain fog have rendered me half conscious and glued to the couch. The way my stomach has been responding to food has me barely eating for fear of having to run to the bathroom repeatedly for hours. I have no energy to cook, clean, or shower. I’m gaining weight, losing hair, my skin is breaking out again, and I’ve been in quite a bit of pain. I just want to figure out what the problem is so I can do something about it and get back to feeling like a human being.

To those who have never experienced a chronic health condition, it is difficult to describe the grief of losing the ability to function like everyone else, the embarrassment of having to lean on those closest to you for help, and the frustration of knowing how much you would be able to accomplish if only your body would allow you to do so. I feel like I’m constantly having to apologize to my loved ones or try to explain what they don’t really understand. But I know a lot of you on here do understand because you’ve been through it too and it really helps to know at least someone out there gets it.

I’ve seen your messages, I promise I’ll get around to responding to them when I am feeling up to it. I just need to focus on feeling better at the moment. I’ll try to update you guys on my condition and any research I come across in the process - just like always. Thank you for being patient. <3

Fairy tail plot has kinda flown off the rails in typical shonen fashion, but I’m still a fan of some of Mashima’s character designs. Lot of experimentation with this one.

New concepts attempted

Analogous color scheme! Spent so much time trying to convert the character’s original colors into a red-pink-purple range. It’s by no means accurate, but definitely not awful and imbalanced.

More aggressive use of distortion and perspective. The katana should have been the easiest (it’s essentially just a curved rectangular prism.), but I still had trouble with it.

Use of softer brushes and gradients to render straight hair. [Hime cut is nice :D]

Problems encountered

Soft airbrush blending is becoming a nasty crutch. It masks mistakes but produces the same bland texture.

Layer shenanigans. So much wasted time on opacity and merging problems.

Lessons learned

Biggest mistake ever: merging a non-100% opacity layer down onto a blank 100% opacity layer doesn’t make it fully opaque. Its layer opacity becomes 100%, but whatever was on the 1st layer retains its original opacity properties. Creates so many problems for the clipping layers on top and eyedropper tool when blending colors.

Rim lighting is awesome. Produces tons of depth, but being constrained by lineart dampens the effect. First time coloring outside of lineart. Scary.