i had so many favourite pictures of him

Jeremy: “Ever thought of the possibility that there are so many more worlds than just the one we live in?”

Zoey stared at him for a minute. He did not just say that. “Yes…I might have. Why?”

Jeremy: “Don’t you sometimes feel like there’s a different you living somewhere so far away? Because it happened to me in the morning. It was strange and what I’m telling you is probably stupid, but…how to explain this?”

Zoey: “Stupid way always works.”

Jeremy laughed. “Right.  Well, I felt like, you see, I’m unique. There’s no one else like me. But at that weird moment, I also felt like that’s not quite the truth, that there’s someone with the exact DNA somewhere. That other person was me too…in an alternate universe. At least that’s what I believe it was. Perhaps all my selves are linked together. I wonder why I felt the existence of one of them. What could’ve been the reason? What do you think?”

Zoey: “Ummm…I don’t think I know what you’re trying to say but it sounds interesting. Something really similar happened to me. It’s been happening for a while now. You see, you’re talking about different worlds. I think I’ve been there in my dreams. Not a ‘different self’. Me. The person standing right in front of you.”

She didn’t share details, but it was enough for her to feel like she’s finally being freed from the pain. For a few seconds, she believed that was all she needed to end it.

Zoey: “But maybe I’m just going crazy. It’s been an insane year.”

Jeremy: “That actually sounds cool.”

Zoey: “The right word to describe it is scary.”


It’s been a while since I drew this, but I can now share that I’ve had the privilege of contributing an illustration to the 2016 Spring issue of The Watsonian, the journal of the John H. Watson Society–many thanks to @letter-airy for inviting me.

For those unfamiliar with him, pictured above is the late Michael Williams, who played Watson opposite Clive Merrison’s Holmes in the BBC Radio adaptation written (mostly) by Bert Coules. This series is my absolute favourite rendition of canon of all the ones I’ve encountered, which is saying something seeing as it’s an audio only format. There are also very few photos of these guys, so I’ve taken the liberty of drawing them in character.

Here’s one of Clive Merrison as Holmes I did a while back too.

Sherlocked UK is over and I’m full of feelings. It was such a great weekend and I met so many nice people. So much compliments. Thanks to you all. I had so much fun and I wanna go back. I miss you all and I want so spent more time with all of you. Really! 

Here are two of my favourite pictures. First is a selfie with Rupert after a nice chat with him. He is great.

I have to say, that I really love him with his glasses (and I said it to him that day. He laughed about it and thanked me. I think I’ve blushed because these embarrassing words came out of my mouth without thinking about it).

The next picture is the professional one with him. Watching him while he had so much fun with all individual poses made me think about a special pose too. So I pointed at the camera and screamed: MURDER! And he answered: WHERE? And I said: THERE!!! And he again: OH MY GOD. WHERE?!!!
This is the result. I really, really love it!

So: Thanks, Rupert. You rock! Thank you for being at Sherlocked. I hope I can meet you again someday.