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Things I have been reading... (Jan)

Okay, so this one is MASSIVELY late but I blame my pneumonia for the delay and totally not the fact that I was so busy reading stuff that I have only just finalized January’s list!!!  So here are a few things that I have been reading this January and I think you might like them too.  I have been sucked into a few new fandoms thanks to @bkwrm523 , @thorne93 and @sdavid09 and so the last section has kinda grown more diverse.  If you read or write something and you think it should be on my list then please tag me or send me a link or print it out and send it by raven.  Well, without anymore of me rambling, here’s my favourite fics in January 2017.

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Cuddled Love@sdavid09  I want to cuddle with Dean after this fic!  If you are having a bad day then just go read this and it will make everything better *well maybe not, but you will feel happier after reading it*

Dancing on my Own – @jelly-beans-and-gstrings I’m a sucker for a choose your own ending and this one is fantastic.  So who would you choose? Sam or Dean?

Dirty Thoughts of an Archangel@dont-hate-relate-pls  By now you should all know how much I adore Gabriel and this fic is just an amazing mixture of cute, awkward and hot. I may or may not have read this one several times.

A Kiss for the Night –  @thethingwewrite This is a smutty Crowley for you should you be that way inclined.  I really liked reading this one, I have a soft spot for the King of Hell.

Whats-His-Name– @l8nitl0vr I think this is one of my favourite Lucifer fics.  For me I think the characterization is spot on and I could totally picture him being like this, plus I would probably do what the reader did too.

A Little Too Late -  @lucifersagents  This series has had me hooked all the way through. There are so many things that keep you guessing and it is so well written I’m kinda sad that it’s finished.

Woman of Letters - @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  I love this series, everytime I see theres a new part it brings a smile to my face.  One of my all-time favourite writers and all round lovely person.  If you aren’t already following her I highly recommend you do.

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Matchmaker–  @callamint Bucky and Natasha playing matchmaker is my new favourite thing and this series is brilliant.

Imagine Wade Wilson introducing you to Matt Murdock - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  This. Is. Amazing.  Seriously, this little imagine is sooooo good.  I love @imamotherfuckingstarlord anyway because she’s one of my favourite writers but her Deadpool is simply sublime.

Iron Icarus@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes  Jeeeeeezzzzz, this one hurt my heart.  Poor Tony doing pretty much what Tony does and you want to punch him and shout at him and then give him a huge hug and wrap him in bubblewrap, or maybe that’s just me.  Beautifully written and well worth a read.

Homesick - @thorne93 This series is the perfect blend of fluff and angst.  A reader with amnesia, Steve picking her up in the park, the introduction of Bucky… Go read this right now and then you too can know the delicious torture of waiting for the next part.

Sassy Stark - @redlipstickandplaid  Every imagined what it would be like to be Tony Starks daughter?  Imagine no longer, this fic is super cute and the relationship between the reader and Tony is exactly how I would picture it.  Loving this series.

Mess with Them - @redgillan  I love Friends, I love Marvel, I love this series.  The relationships between all the characters is so on point and fluffy!  

No Regrets@mar-gega  A lovely little series where Bucky is definitely awkward and clueless and it is gorgeous.  

The Lonely Tree @sarahwroteathing  This is one of my favourite series of all time ever and I am super sad that it’s over but the ending is just perfect.  I fell in love with Steve all over again with this fic and I hope you will too.

Road to Schkeuditz@aubzylynn   Being stuck in a car with Steve, Sam and Bucky as you drive across the country!! Set in CACW this is what ‘may’ have happened as they drove to Leipzig airport on their mission to clear Bucky’s name.  I like to think that this is how that journey went.

For Your Convenience@brighterlights  Oh. My. Goodness!!!!  Steve or Bucky?  Bucky or Steve?  This amazing series had me going from one to the other, back and forth.  It is such a good read and I think you should go binge read the entire thing now.

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Star Trek:

Shore Leave@imamotherfuckingstar-lord  This series officially killed me.  I am now dead.  How are you supposed to live your life after you get involved with McCoy AND Kirk?  I will never be able to write smut as well as this genius but as long as I can read her work I think I’m okay with that.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Wrong Number@totally-turtle-imagines I thought this little fic was so sweetand I’m kinda hoping that there may be more parts. I’m beginning to suspect I might be team Donatello when it comes to this fandom.

Flirt –  @plumfondler I’m not usually a massive Lance Tucker fan but this fic just seemed perfect for him.  I don’t think I could just be friends with him either.

Muffins@just-a-little-crazy  So a little foray into the Gotham fandom here and a little fluff with Victor Zsasz.  Even ruthless hitmen deserve muffins.  

Even the Playing Field - @sdavid09  So I have totally fallen in love with Fili after falling back into the Hobbit fandom.  The relationship between Kili and Fili is so well written and I really enjoyed reading this, it brought a goofy smile to my face.

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

1816 words

Based on the prompt: “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake I would have already shoved you off this roof” from @softhobilove (Happy Birthday Meg!!)

Min Yoongi was a rare occurrence.

Therefore, it was astonishing to see him out and about so early in the morning, ambling through the hallway in grey sweats and a faded black hoodie.

You swear he spent so much time cooped up in his own apartment that he was some sort of cryptid. If you hadn’t met him, you wouldn’t have even believed anyone lived in 112.

You were on your way to go back to your own apartment when you saw him. Having encountered him a few times in no less than polite, quick exchanges, you felt comfortable enough to call out a greeting.

“Yoongi-ssi! It’s nice to see you out and about!” You saw him startle, and he turned his head to you.

“Ah, good morning Y/N,” he greeted and gave you a small smile. He bowed his head slightly and continued on his way.

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Hello, Do you have a favourite look of Tom other than Ultimate Tom? Love you blog.


Well, I’ve thought too much about this and have too many answers, so I’ve had to limit myself again.  It’s a good problem to have. ;)

My opinion about Ultimate Tom… He’s just lovely.  

2012 Blonde Curly Tom in his natural state is how I picture him in my scribblings, especially Ping Pong Tom casually wearing his Armani tux at Wimbledon. He’s so summery and relaxed and the curls are perfect and I want to share a straw-burry milkshake with him while we cuddle.  The light scruff is so teasing.  

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Blonde Velvet Tom from the BAFTA’s earlier in the year is wunduhfull.  He seems so young and handsome.  How could Miss Piggy not fall for him?!

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2012 also gave us Avengers Premiere Era Tom and just…I am both aroused and exhausted looking at him.  So purty.  And vibrating with excited energy.  The London premiere is a particular favorite of mine.  His hair looks soooo soft, like a shampoo commercial.  And that tux, fondly known as The Suit (later followed be The Suit 2.0 at the Emmy Awards last year).  I love it.  The piping, the bow tie, the lapels, everything.  *sigh*

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I love Thor:TDW Premiere Era Tom in fall 2013.  As you can see from the 2012 examples, I am a big fan of the Armani years.  The London premiere three piece tux gives me the vapors.  Plus this was excellent Floof. 

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But…last year…last year we got Harry v. 2.0, essentially a newer version of Ultimate Tom but with Glasses.  He was magnificent.  

He posted that selfie with the book and then came the Evening Standard Awards and the Sky Women in Film and Television Awards and Gorilla Tom and UNICEF Tom and the final Emergency Lessons video of the year… 

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And then.  


Then there was Golden Globes Tom, beginning with Cinnamon Stick Tom.

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I mean really.  I can’t think of anything to say that isn’t crude that gets the point across, so I will only comment…. 

Y E S 

Thanks for asking!

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

Thanks for the amazing response to part one of my four day Easter drabble collection you can access HERE That Don’t Impress Me Much, here’s the next part. The points of view will alternate, this part from Klaus.

That Don’t Impress Me Much - Part Two

“I can’t believe mother’s blatant attempts at matchmaking,” Elijah drawled, consulting his appearance in the bathroom mirror. “After the last few disasters you’d think she learned her lesson.”

“Oh come on,” Klaus scoffed. “She lives for this kind of thing given Rebekah and Finn have settled down. I’m just glad her attention is focused on Kol this time, although she doesn’t have a chance in hell of success.”

“I resent that,” Kol interrupted, joining them in front of the large mirror. “I could be willing to settle down, you know for the right girl.”

“Well, Katherine Pierce is certainly not for you, little brother,” Elijah offered.

“Why not? She’s certainly hot.”

“She’s also too smart to be seduced by you.”

“Is that a bet?” He asked Elijah pointedly, Kol always did live for a challenge.

“This isn’t high school, Kol,” Elijah growled. “Just because mother is completely misguided doesn’t mean I have any intention of exposing her to your foolish and immature ways.”

“Sounds like someone is a little protective of Miss Katherine Pierce,” Klaus deduced, eyeing his brother curiously. “Does someone have a little crush?” Klaus couldn’t miss the slight blush that crept across Elijah’s usually serious face.

Klaus would be lying if he didn’t feel the same way when the blonde had appeared but he wasn’t one to settle down with anyone no matter how gorgeous they were. He’d discreetly asked around and was immediately disappointed to find out she was a political intern. If there was anything Klaus avoided like the plague it was those uptight, political types.

Unlike his siblings, Klaus had always shunned that kind of life. Yes, he came from money but he wanted to do things on his own. Although he’d studied at Oxford he spent most of his time sketching and when it came time to embrace a legal career he’d deferred it in favour of his art. Luckily for him his work was well received and one exhibition followed another. 

His parents weren’t always into art until he became successful and that’s when they’d bought their own group of galleries but even though they expected him to show his art there he resisted. He’d gotten to where he was without them and had no intention of using their name to further his career.

“I barely know the girl and she’s certainly not my type.”

“Oh you mean she doesn’t have a big stick up her ass like Tatia?” Kol joked. “Maybe it’s time you finally branched out, Elijah.”

“You just want to annoy mother.”

“Why not kill two birds with one stone? It would serve mother right for trying to interfere with my love life yet again.”

“For once I think that’s the best idea you’ve ever had, Kol.” Klaus agreed. “It would totally throw her into a spin if things didn’t go according to plan.”

“Now who’s being immature?”

“Oh come on Elijah,” Klaus said. “We’re stuck here for the weekend, what better way to pass the time then beat mother at her own game?”

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Wish Magic / Energy Bending

Author’s note:
There will probably be people having a problem with my phrasing in the title, but that’s what it feels like to me.

To the point:
Wish Magic, or Energy Bending, is something easy and doesn’t have to cost much energy. It’s perfect magic for people who don’t have much energy and/or much resources.

So what I do is:
When I want something to happen, and it isn’t too big, I concentrate on a phrase, an intent, if you will, and I visualize that phrase.

- For example; my brother lost his phone during a mountain bike trip. When he went back to look for it it started raining.
What I did was concentrating on “He will find his phone undamaged” (in my native language, but I don’t think the language matters) and I pictured him holding his undamaged phone.
And when he came back, he had his phone, which was still working, not harmed by the rain in any way.

- Another example; my friend was worried she had forgotten to bring food to school. So while she was searching her bag I concentrated on “She will have brought food”. I repeated it three times in my head, focusing on it. That I did only because three is my favourite number, so it holds a lot of power for me. I also believe that how many times you repeat the phrase influences the result. So if you want something really bad, repeat it more often.
I also concentrated on her holding some food.
And guess what? She found a pack of cookies.

Those can of course be coincidences, but I have plenty of examples, too many to be coincidences, and besides that, I’m not sure if I believe in coincides.

So go ahead and try this out!
Wish away and many blessings,
Dan (Ember Thinkings)

Sherlocked UK is over and I’m full of feelings. It was such a great weekend and I met so many nice people. So much compliments. Thanks to you all. I had so much fun and I wanna go back. I miss you all and I want so spent more time with all of you. Really! 

Here are two of my favourite pictures. First is a selfie with Rupert after a nice chat with him. He is great.

I have to say, that I really love him with his glasses (and I said it to him that day. He laughed about it and thanked me. I think I’ve blushed because these embarrassing words came out of my mouth without thinking about it).

The next picture is the professional one with him. Watching him while he had so much fun with all individual poses made me think about a special pose too. So I pointed at the camera and screamed: MURDER! And he answered: WHERE? And I said: THERE!!! And he again: OH MY GOD. WHERE?!!!
This is the result. I really, really love it!

So: Thanks, Rupert. You rock! Thank you for being at Sherlocked. I hope I can meet you again someday. 


It’s been a while since I drew this, but I can now share that I’ve had the privilege of contributing an illustration to the 2016 Spring issue of The Watsonian, the journal of the John H. Watson Society–many thanks to @letter-airy for inviting me.

For those unfamiliar with him, pictured above is the late Michael Williams, who played Watson opposite Clive Merrison’s Holmes in the BBC Radio adaptation written (mostly) by Bert Coules. This series is my absolute favourite rendition of canon of all the ones I’ve encountered, which is saying something seeing as it’s an audio only format. There are also very few photos of these guys, so I’ve taken the liberty of drawing them in character.

Here’s one of Clive Merrison as Holmes I did a while back too.

I saw scottlava paint a brilliant picture for Psychonauts’ anniversary and I had so many Psychonauts feels. I had also failed to recognise that he’s the art director of the game and I screamed internally. after following him for so long oTL

so i decided to draw Edgar of Black Velvetopia :u one of my favourite characters from the game.. (my all time favourite, I plan to draw soon 8))

Black Velvetopia is my all time favourite level though.. the colours on black is my ultimate favourite combo *__* hnng

Edgar Teglee©Psychonauts
art n stuff©moi :U

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Could you do one about Niall being away from you at the masters and he calls you and is all excited about his day of golf and you're really happy for him and all but you really just miss him and want to talk about how much you love him and maybe it gets smutty?

5 days have past

5 days since he went off to a short trip to the masters to go after is other hobby
You were happy for him that he got the chance to do stuff like that, that didn’t change anything about the fact that you missed him more and more everyday though

His laugh, his cuddles, his voice, just those little things that you never really appreciated or paid much attention to until he was gone, were the things that really pulled your mood down now

But here you were now, sitting on his side of the bed, waiting for your phone to ring as it was the first time since he jetted off that you two really had a chance to talk to each other

The screen of your phone finally lit up, showing your favourite picture of you two on your first Holiday together

With a smile you picked up

“Hello my love, can you hear me?”

“Yes I can Niall, how are the masters?”

“They’re fantastic babe, everyone is sooo nice and you won’t even believe who I got to meet yesterday”

He kept rambling on about how amazing this golf event is and how many people are there to support him and his team, he sounded so happy which made your heart flutter and you didn’t want to ruin his mood but with a lower and sadder voice you whined

“I miss you Niall, the house is soo empty and quiet without you and I need my cuddle bear here with me”

A short moment of silence before you heard him sigh and take a huge breath in

“I miss you too munchkin, but there are only a few more days left until I’m back and trust me, then you’ll wish the house is that quiet again, and I’m not talking about only me here”

It took you a moment to get what he was on about, when it suddenly hit you and the feeling of being sexually frustrated crept up again, which you were trying your hardest to hold back

Now that he reminded you though, you wanted to keep playing this game with him

“Oh really? And who do you think will be the loud one then?”

“Mh, I don’t know for sure, but there is currently a damn hot girl in my house. It drives me crazy just thinking about how sexy she sounds when I finally get to pound into her again and pleasure her until she can’t take it anymore”

Your core was aching by then, and even though you didn’t want to you let out a quiet moan which made Niall grin from ear to ear

“What a coincidence, my handsome irish boyfriend is currently in the US and if he doesn’t get his cute ass back here within the next few days his damn hot girl will start being loud without him”

Now it was his turn to let out a low moan

“You drive me nuts, you know that right? Be prepared for a long night when I get back”

“I’m more than ready for that”


Well, during the last night when I had doodled those couple of pictures about overseer!Daud, I made I a collage from the most of the pictures which I had on my computer so I could see how much his face differs when I draw him.. and well.. some of these are like “ARE YOU SURE THE SAME PERSON HAS DONE THESE????” wtf is even happening here

..and apparently I’ve drawn the biggest amount of pictures about him from the Dishonored’s characters (..actually, I’ve drawn the biggest amount of pictures about Daud than any other character ever….), CAN YOU GUESS WHO IS MY FAVOURITE HUH

There are things that speak to us in different ways.

Words. Pictures. Sounds. Songs. Moments. And People.

Harry has never been a mystery to me. I know that I don’t know him, nor is it likely that I ever will. I know that what we see of him is not nearly close to all of him. I know that he is more than what is told and less than can be said. I know that he is a myriad of things to a multitude of people. And that I am just one of those people, examining my thoughts and feelings, on fragments of his being that have danced and caught the light.

I’ve been a 1D fan since The X Factor. I’ve seen the boy from the bakery become more than just another man. He became who the world knows as Harry Styles™. But inside was always the boy from Holmes Chapel, who he was, and who he was becoming, and now he is finally able to show the depth of what that means. The journey from boy to man, and parts of the road that brought him here. While I’ve touched on my feelings regarding Louis in the past, this mercurial and wonderful soul who fascinates me endlessly and captures my mind so, I’ve never written much about Harry. Not because there is nothing I could say, but because maybe there is too much

Harry. I’ve always identified with him on so many levels, and yet at turns known that I am not at all like him. Harry is beautiful. In all the ways the word can be used. So often my soul, my body, and my mind feel far from beautiful, scars from a lifetime of living and loving in ways that have hurt me, without and within. I’ve never been attracted to Harry, and so the case remains. For me, the draw has always been the kaleidoscope of his character. All these pieces, fallen into new pictures made, over and over, reflecting the light, colour made from fractures in a fairytale. The clothes, the hair, the boots, and charisma, are all things I wish I could wear so easily. The observer of people, the interest in so many mediums, driven at turns by the need to know, with a side of the incredible need to stand up and say, ‘please pay attention’, all stories to be told, are traits I think we share.

He’s someone with whom I often wish I could have a really good conversation with, over good wine, or bad beer. And yet in turn I find the idea of matching wits with him intimidating. Like holding a mirror up to myself and finding myself wanting. All shadow and no reflection. Of all the boys, as remarkable as I find them all in a variety of ways, it is Harry I fear I would appear uninteresting to, were we to meet. With the others I’ve always felt an ease, a common ground I feel I could probably find with each of them. I’m good at talking to people. Yet the idea of doing the same with Harry is scary, because it is like examining myself, and that which captivates me about the world as he gets to see and walk through it, that fascinate me so, and yet feel so very far from me, so close and too far to things I long to say, had I the words, and a world to listen to them.

So yes, I’ve always felt like I’ve seen all the possibility of Harry; all he could say, and be, and become. In times past my favourite thing was when he would share a little piece of himself on Instagram. I didn’t have any desire to ever see his face there, because it always felt like one of the few places I got to see the other parts of him, whether it was an artist who held his interest, a picture he took himself, or a snap of a simple cup of coffee in Copenhagen. I was glad to see those little parts of his existence that told me just a little more about him. Carefully cultivated, but still Harry all the same. I always felt like the world had enough pictures of Harry Styles, I alone have hundreds, collected from gigs over the years, in the pursuit of capturing the almost perfect shot that encapsulates how I see him. I never wanted to see more of his face. I just wanted to see more of him.

And so here we are today. Pictures by the dozen, as glorious and varied as the images made by that kaleidoscope, as it tumbles from one beam of light to another. Stunning every one. Each with something to say. And there they are matched by the words of a friend, a mentor, and a sibling. Different viewpoints for the different parts of him the world gets to see, or rarely see, as the case may be. Perhaps best of all, are his own words, married with images of things that mean something to him. Snapshots of his existence. Words. Pictures. Sounds. Songs. Moments. And People.

And yet of all these things, as evocative and entrancing as they each are in their turn, awash with emotion as I have been today at the various parts that make up the whole of it, it is those three small words, from the image at the top of this post that have reached inside me the most.

Dedicated to Matt.

Those three words are the ones that speak loudest to me today. They speak of a love, appreciation, and a friendship, from one person to another. An acknowledgement of how one existence can brush against another and leave indelible traces behind. Every particle of who we are living on in ways we cannot know. I have touched on my feelings about Matt’s life, work, and death, and the impact they have had on me in the past, and I don’t wish to go into it too deeply here, but I’m so grateful that he and Harry met, and that they shared a love of this particular artform. This speaking without words.

As I look through the many photographs gifted to us from Another Man, I’m reminded of another one that has long been, and will always remain, my favourite picture of Harry. It is such, because from the moment I first saw it I felt like it best captured the essence of Harry as I believe him to be. A creator and a curator of art. An artist. A photograph that caught this glimpse that went beyond the icon, beyond the persona, beyond the image. That saw that potential. The other man behind the camera. Ready to show the world as he sees it.

There are things that speak to us in different ways.

As I write this, I’m listening to Walking in the Wind, a song I find difficult to listen to too often, for many reasons. But tonight I find I can listen and find comfort in it. It speaks, and for a moment, so can I.

Thank you Matt, thank you Harry, and thank you to all that worked on Another Man. Thank you to all those that took the time to look at this life through a lens, and to share it with those of us that would see.

Another You (Another Way) ATC inspired imagine. (Mikey imagine)

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5sos imagine- based on the song by Against The Current. Another You ( Another Way)

Gif not mine credit to owner

Song here

You had spilt from your boyfriend of 2 years recently and your bestfriends had been trying there hardest to get you back out and in the game, however the break up was unexpected and it hit you hard.

You had finally been convinced and were just grabbing your purse when the doorbell rang informing you that your bestfriends were here.

“Coming hang on” you shouted as you ran down the stairs to your front door.

“Com… Oh hi Urmm can I help you?” you asked the unexpected visitor at your front door.

“ Urmm sorry to bother you as you look like you are about to leave but I have just moved in next door and I can`t get my heating to turn on I just wondered if you knew how, but don’t worry I don’t want to keep you”.

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I bought photo ops with them at Sherlocked and they were both so so lovely and kind. Although there were so many people so I didn’t get to talk to them both, they both asked whether I was enjoying my day and asked if I was okay as well as thanking me afterwards. 

I met Benny first after a lot of waiting because there was like 700 people that had paid for a photo. Although meeting him was very quick because of this, he made sure he spoke to everyone briefly and made them feel like they weren’t just one of many people. When I first saw him I literally didn’t believe he was real, he was so perfect. He looked like a waxwork figure, there was not one flaw. Even when I had the picture taken with him it didn’t even sink in that he was real. It was only until afterwards that it finally hit me that I had actually hugged the Benedict Cumberbatch, one of my favourite actors, a man that I have spent countless time admiring and fangirling over. And I just started crying so much, it was super embarrassing but luckily Benny didn’t have to go through the trauma of my ugly crying because I think that would have put him off coming to any convention ever again. It took me a while to calm down and I thought I was fine but then when I get home I was telling my family about meeting him and I freakin’ broke down again. Why am I like this. Why. 

I got more time with Rupert for obvious reasons and we managed to have a little chat. I was later than everyone else to his photo shoot because the photo shoot with Benedict overlapped and I needed time to compose myself which meant that I was the only one there. He was so kind and sweet and he pulled me really close when we took the photo I was afraid I would spontaneously combust. He seemed so down to earth and was asking me lots of questions and just being so genuinely sweet.

Although I didn’t get to meet them, I got to see Louise Brealey, Una Stubbs, Mark Gatiss (who winked at us) and Steven Moffat (who smiled at us). I was very disappointed not to meet Andrew Scott whom I absolutely adore but alas I am not rich (bane of my life). Overall it was such a beautiful day, so much better organised than the only other convention that I’ve been to which was Summer in the City. I did think that there wasn’t enough free, or at least cheap, stuff though, it was very expensive and I’ll probably be in debt for the rest of my life but it will be so worth it because meeting these incredible actors will be an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. 

Fan Of The Fan Account Part 1 - Requested (Ashton)

Hey guys so this was requested by Anon (Could you make an ashton one where you run a fan account for him and he knows your account and stuff and when you finally get to meet him he gets really smiley and asks of you could take a picture with him on his phone?? Please) i quit like it so i hope you guys do to. Much love. ENJOY!!!!!

‘Hey guys, so today is another day I am going to try and meet the boys, all the boys. With me luck, I will check in with you all later’ you end the video uploading it to your page.

‘Hellooooo, we are finally here, I have all five books with me, one full of things for Michael the pictures and letter you guys asked me to include and the same for Ashton, Calum and Luke. Me and my friend are outside the hotel right now, there are about thirty people here, but no sign of the boys yet. Fingers crossed’ you end your second video and unload it straight away, but there isn’t enough internet connection.

‘Addison I need more connection’ you whine, she claps her hands.

‘Does this mean we get to go Starbucks, I’m about to pee my pants’ you laughs bouncing on the spot. You laugh at her and head out of the crowed, you get to Starbucks and sign in to the free web which Addison goes to the toilet and orders your drinks. You pull up your camera on the phone and put it out in front of you.

‘Hey, so we had to get more internet connection and then Addison decided to get a drink and pee at Starbucks, so here I am waiting for her. I am hoping we don’t miss the boys while we are here, otherwise that would be devastating. So while I have nothing to do, how are you all? What is…’ you stop as you walk backwards into someone. You spin to look at them ‘Shit sorry’ you apologise. You freeze, the familiar face surprising you, the sweet smile, the dimples, and the messy hair. Ashton Irwin, you literally just bumped into Ashton Irwin while videoing a clip for your fan page about 5 Seconds of Summer.

‘Sorry about that…wait are you Always5Updates? (Y/N) right, I love your page, I always go on, weird I know but I just like how much you talk to all other fans. And you never judge us or the fans. You amazing’ he goes on, your eyes widen and you laugh a little.

‘You really know my page? That’s crazy’ you tell him, ‘You should follow me, why haven’t you followed me?’ you jokingly whine, making he laugh.

‘How do you know I don’t?’ he asks, making you frown. ‘We don’t have our own Tumblr accounts but we do have account, Luke and Michael don’t really use theirs though. I actually spoke to you once’ he tell you, making you let out a surprised breath. ‘I asked you if you could change one thing about the band what it would be’ he tells you, you smile remembering the question.

‘I remember, I replied that I wouldn’t change anything because you guys are doing amazingly, but if there was one thing it would be that you guys could see your families more, because I couldn’t imagine not seeing my family for all that time’ you quote to the best of your memory. He has a genuine smile playing on his lips.

‘I told the boys about your answer, it was amazing, like mind blowing that you actually think about us in that way. You know? Like we aren’t just music to you, you genuinely think about what is going on in our lives.’ He continues.

‘Thank you’ you blush slightly.

‘Can I get a picture, you know cause I’m a fan or the fan account’ he laughs slightly, pulling out his own phone.

‘Oh god this is too funny, I’m your fan, and I’m meant to be getting the picture’ you laugh, as you move closer so you can both fit in the screen. You both smile and he snaps, then he presses his lips to your cheek and snaps another picture. You both laugh as you look after the six pictures you took, the last four being stupid face pulling pictures.

‘So do I get a picture now?’ you ask moving your phone that is still in your hand up to your face, when you realise you had recorded the whole thing, you completely forgot you were videoing, you laugh showing Ashton. He smiles moving your hand to him so he is on the screen.

‘Hey, I’ve just met my favourite fan account owner, you guys her amazing followers are so awesome, I love you guys so much. All our fans are beautiful and absolutely amazing people. I really hope I can meet as many of you as possible some time, so whenever we are in a town near you then come see us. Love you guys’ he speaks into the camera. While he is talking you remember all the books in your very heavy bag.

‘So Ashton, do they think I could maybe meet the other boys? Like are they here?’ you ask hoping now to sound cheeky. He pouts, pocking out his bottom lip.

‘Am I not enough’ he whines, you laugh making him smile. ‘They are actually in that shop over there’ he tells you pointing over to a shop across the street.

‘Oh okay well I don’t want to intrude on their shopping so could I maybe give you the stuff for them?’ you ask, smiling as you reach into your bag again.

‘No come on give it them yourself they will be happy to meet you’ he tells you. You explain you should get Addison from Starbucks but before he lets you go in to get her, he grabs your hand, moving the camera to himself again, but this time taking it from your hand.

‘So (Y/N) before we go meet the other I don’t suppose I could maybe get your number?’ he asks, filming the whole thing, once he is finished talking he spins the screen to face you, your eyes wide and your lips slightly parted.

‘Are you joking?’ you ask, but your quested is answered when he hands you his own phone the screen showing a new contact page, he films you as you fill it in. You hand him back the phone and he hands you yours.

‘Okay guys so this has been crazy and hopefully we will be meeting the other boys in a couple of minutes too, so watch this space. Love you guys, talk soon’ you tell the camera.

‘Soooooooon’ Ashton calls behind you and you end the video, uploading it to your page. 

Part 2

From Chelsea