i had so many complaints

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Well that’s a very…. normative, homogenizing ending for the human race. 

Sure, people would definitely go back to manufactured problems, and I totally agree that humans are creatures of play. But we all have different play styles! That’s why there’s so many different genres of video games in our time, so many weird forms of football in theirs. Different people want to deal with different kinds of problems. So by nature, all the new tech would have to stay around to accommodate the people who wanted to use them to avoid whichever problems grate too much on them to stand for an eternity. (I mean really: tell me there isn’t at least one small (or sometimes large) daily grievance you have that would turn eternity into hell if you had to keep dealing with it. A small grievance exactly like the smell of cigarettes on the bus, or wait times during commute.)

Also, I am far too transhumanist to think people wouldn’t radically change in form too. Like, there are definitely people out there who would decide to change themselves into furries given future tech, or would literally grow themselves a third arm (have y’all seen the post about the extra thumb an artist made going around?), changing themselves radically just because they could, and I don’t think all of them would change back after having tried it.

And as for grandparents staying the same: that’s in part because constant stimuli leads to constant state. If all you see are the same few people in your little town, staying in your same house and same job, then of course you won’t change. But people *are* changing places, meeting new people, encountering new mindsets. People change reactively, in response to newness: New ideas, new people, new places, new cultures. (Speaking of, what *about* all the other countries, Ten?) But think: Nancy was talking about how if these people met 1 new person every week, they’d have met what is actually less than a million people. Now I don’t know for sure how many humans are left in this future, but I’m pretty sure that’s not even half of them. There’s still a ton of new mindsets to encounter, people to change in reaction to.

I’ve got to say, I am all here for boredom being man’s final and greatest enemy. But the cure for boredom is creativity, not playing the same game for 800 years. People would definitely settle into their patterns after a while, settle into what might be considered their true selves, the furniture of their world set up just the way they like it. But that setup would be radically different from person to person.

so i made an art twitter- :’^)

my other twitter (@/black_feather13) is my shit posting/’private’ account all in one, but since it’s on private, nobody can retweet my stuff! so since i’ve had a many complaints from tea and michi, i made a twitter specifically for my art lol.

head over to @/katiehime_art on twitter if ya wanna be a cool bean and retweet my shit. it’d be much appreciated ahaaa- <3 

After watching the special features for the extended edition of “There and Back Again,” I have so much more respect for the making of the movie. I had so many complaints concerning “The Hobbit,” but when I realized how little time they had to make the movies compared to when they filmed LOTR and how much crap they had to go through just to get to day one of filming…I’m just grateful that “The Hobbit” was even made.