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'Avatar: The Last Airbender' comic gets new creators, new designs
EW has an exclusive look at Faith Erin Hicks and Peter Wartman’s take on the fantasy world

VERY EXCITED to welcome Faith Erin Hicks as the new writer and Peter Wartman as the new artist of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics with Dark Horse! Mike and I have been working closely with Faith on the next story arc, and Peter has been turning in some awesome early artwork (some of which you can see if you click the link above, as well as reading some kind words from Faith).

Mike and I are so grateful for the many years and beautiful books our former team—Gene Luen Yang (writer) and Gurihiru (art/color)—gave to the Avatarverse, and we wish them all the best in their many exciting future endeavors. We are so lucky to have had the chance to work with you three luminaries for so long!


top 10 favorite kpop releases of 2017:

heart attack intro: serendipity peek-a-boo crazy sexy cool fly high palette heyahe lip & hip gashina ddd

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The finished version can be found here-


The beautiful Rhysand. (belongs to the equally beautiful Sarah J. Maas)

Still very rough as far as color goes, but after streaming for 3-4 hours, I need a break. And to sleep. ;)

I’ll be continuing this tomorrow morning/night. Once done I’ll post a step by step. 

I need to look into compressing my recordings into more manageable time-lapses and actually post to my youtube some day. I have so many recordings from past streams that are just sitting taking up space.

On Edge (Valentines)

Requests: “Pls do a protective/ jealous Stefan imagine. Could be smut idc but jealous is so cute!!!” (Credits to gif owners! I also kept this as fluff because fluffy and jealous Stefan seems cuter.)

Valentine’s Day was a huge deal in Mystic Falls High. Kids from your classes got to buy candy grams and to pass balloons out for their friends. So far you’d gotten a few from guys you didn’t know, balloons, teddy bears to chocolates in a box. 

 You were excited to see Stefan, you didn’t get to his locker yet but you were going to give him a candy gram and a heart shaped balloon that you blew up yourself in the school store. 

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muji notebooks

frankly speaking, I have a love-hate relationship with these notebooks, but I guess love does trump hate bc I ordered them and am pretty excited to test them out! okay, so I love these notebooks because of their simple design and freedom of which you can design it yourself, but these notebooks only have 30 sheets! so, probably not ideal for school, hence why I had to buy so many of them, and let’s say it did not come cheap lol (at least for me). I bought it for $9 (per a pack of 5 notebooks) off amazon, but had to purchase multiple packs, so the price was bit steep. I would recommend it to those who plan to use it for recreational purposes! for students who just love the aesthetic and build of the notebook, go ahead and buy it, but make sure the price is worth it. these notebooks come in multiple sizes/types. I bought the B5 muji notebooks, however, they also come in A5, A4, B6, B4, etc.

pilot juice pens

I just ordered a 36 pack, but I’m splitting it with my sister since I wanted to save money. I’ve used these pens before and love the free flow of the ink and how it works with various handwriting styles! they come in so many different colors and shades making it fun to experiment with! I bought them off of amazon for $30 I believe (but technically payed $15).

staedtler fineliners

I remember being obsessed with using these when my friend had bought a pack and honestly I still am. these fineliners are so beautiful and really thin in terms of the tip (.3mm). they come in various shades depending on what pack you get. there’s the pastel set, 10 pack, 20 pack, 36 pack, etc. all coming at various prices, however, they are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. I may buy some eventually, and they sell on amazon for $7-$35 depending on which pack you purchase.

kokuyo campus notebooks

okay if i being honest here I used to abhor the design of these notebooks but after checking them out and doing my research I found myself falling in love with them. they are a bit more expensive than muji, nonetheless they’re still worth it. I plan on buying them when I have money (rip wallet) or maybe just solely sticking to muji notebooks. you can find them on amazon for about $10-$11 per pack of 10 notebooks.I know that @studyquill uses these notebooks, so go ahead and check out her posts and videos if you’d like a better insight on them!

kanken backpacks

*starts drooling* these backpacks are just so…so…aesthetic. for lack of a better word. however, aesthetic shouldn’t be the only role that plays into it, and it sure isn’t. these backpacks have amazing quality in terms of build and can last for years. they come in various colors giving you many options to fit your style. however, and you may want to prepare your wallet for this, its cost ranges from $80-$150 (or even more from what I’ve seen). amazon sells these for pretty good prices, most of the classic ones costing $80, so save up your money if you’re looking to buy one ;)

washi tape

washi tape has so many different uses! use it as you would any tape, or for decorating your bullet journal, notes, etc. they’re really pretty and come in various designs. in terms of pricing, the more “flashy” the design is, the more expensive they get, but they range from $2-$15 dollars (also depends on how many rolls per pack). I’m thinking about buying these, but I don’t have a real purpose for it yet, besides maybe decorating my binders with it.

lihit lab pencil case

i just purchased this online at amazon for about $10, but it takes such a long time to come!!! i won’t be getting it until school starts, so rip (lol). i love how efficient it is, in terms of space for so many items, and the design is really nice too. the price is really good for me and…yeah! haha. oh! they also come in multiple versions/colors, fitting various styles.

zebra mildliners

I actually just ordered these and plan to do a swatch/review on them, but what convinced me to buy these were the wide range of colors and the fact that they’re double sided (highlighters and markers), so I was like a 2 in 1? yes! (I need to save all the money I can get lol) I bought 3 packs (yellow, blue, and pink) for $14.88 on amazon. the prices are pretty good, but try not to buy all 4 at the same time because some sellers charge $40-$50 for it (helll naaaaw, too broke for that). make sure to scope out good deals!

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hope you guys liked this post! s/o to anybody who saw me accidently post an unfinished version of it on my main blog lol. inbox/hit me up with an ask on what you’d like me to make next. also, some original content comin’ up with my notes, and study space, and other stuff (haha)

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"I'm sorry but that's just not your colour." Marichat?

“I’m sorry,” Chat Noir said, pursing his lips, “but that’s just not your color.”

Marinette looked down at the tangerine dress and sighed. “Believe me, I know.”

“It’s just….bad.”

“Thanks, really.”

“I mean, you’re beautiful but this is just…just…”

Marinette slumped down on the couch. “There are going to be so many pictures. I’ll have to remember this dress for the rest of my life.”

“I thought Alya had better taste than this. At least the groomsmen get to wear a green…” Chat Noir’s voice trailed off and his eyes widened.

Marinette blinked up at him. “You’re…you’re in the wedding?”


“Because just now it sounded like you’re in the wedding,” she accused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Chat Noir took a few steps back, hand reaching behind him to search for the balcony door. Marinette stood to stop him too quickly, tripping over the hem of the dress. Chat Noir moved forward to catch her, her cheek pressing against his chest. “Easy, Princess.”

“Nino only has three groomsmen,” she said quietly.

Chat Noir sighed and helped her straighten. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Marinette blinked and cleared her throat. “Right. Sorry. Secret Identity.”

“I mean, if you want to know…” He trailed off, looking to the side.

She tilted her head, studying him. “You would tell me?”

He nodded, returning his attention to her. “I know I can trust you. I’ll tell you if you really want me to.”

“Do you want me to know?”

“A little bit,” he admitted.

“And then what?”

Chat Noir frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, would it make things weird between us?”

“I don’t…I don’t think so. Why? Do you think it would be weird?”

“I don’t know. We’ve been friends for years but this is the only way I’ve known you. Will it be like meeting a stranger?” Marinette worried her bottom lip.

“No,” he whispered. “I’m not a stranger.”

“Right,” she nodded. “Wedding party.” She squeezed her eyes shut, cheeks going pink. “You’re not Max,” she said firmly.

“No, not Max.”

She opened one eye. “And you’re not Nathaniel.”

He shook his head. “Not Nathaniel.”

Marinette examined the ground for a few moments before looking back up at him with a small smile. “Hi, Adrien.”

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So I recently finished the complete works of Sappho and in the afterward–which was a ton of historical reference, literary analysis, and tribute writing about Sappho and her work– I found repeatedly that she was referred to by many as “The Manly Sappho of Lesbos” or just manly Sappho. Plus all physical descriptions of her say that she was short, dark skinned, had short hair, and was not very feminine or attractive.

So my point with all this is, Sappho was one of the first butch woman of color loving other women who didn’t conform to conventional beauty standards and I just am so much more grateful to have her as our sapphic saint after learning this.

All Is Well: Rowaelin

TOG/ACOTAR Christmas Fic
Co-written with @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty

Summary: Rowan and Aelin decorate their house together for Christmas. MODERN AU

Note: When Shelby told me she wanted to do Rowaelin, I couldn’t help but think FINALLY SOMEONE PICKED MY OTP!!! I missed writing Rowaelin so much and it was even more amazing writing them with such a wonderful lady. This girl is such a sweetheart and I had this most amazing fun working on this with her. Thank you for doing this, Hun! It was such a pleasure writing my OTP with you! Love you bunches, XX

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“Put that one there, with the rest.”

Rowan huffed as Aelin pointed to the pile of boxes in the centre of their living room without as much as a glance his way. She simply walked straight past him, towards the computer on the other side of the room

“Yes madam,” he mumbled, dropping the cupboard box to the ground with a faint thump.

At his tone, Aelin paused to glance over her shoulder, raising a perfect eyebrow.

“Do I sense sarcasm?” She asked, but Rowan could see the ghost of a smile threatening to pull on her lips.

Her expression had his own smile forming. “Of course not, madam.”

Aelin held his gaze for just a beat longer, before rolling her eyes.

“Prick.” She rolled her eyes. But Rowan heard the lightness in her voice as she turned back around, stopping at the computer.

As she typed away on the keyboard, Rowan made his way to the couch and sat down, his eyes staying trained on Aelin. She was dressed in her black leggings, knee-high red and green socks, and an oversized Christmas sweater. Her long blonde hair was left in waves down her back but pushed out of her face with a red headband.

She looked adorable. Just the sight of his girl standing before him, dressed so festive, had a smile pulling on Rowan’s lips, desire twisting in his stomach.

He watched as she pulled up some music on their computer, and it didn’t take long for the holly jolly bells and jingles of some Christmas tune to fill the room.

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the sound.

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High on meds || Sweet pea

Hi, everyone, please don’t forget my first language isn’t English, but I’d love to get some positive feedback! What do you think about my imagines? What other characters would you like to read about?

Summary: Sweet pea is in the hospital because he got stabbed and needed to get stitched up. He is high on medication and he can’t keep his mouth shut to a certain nurse. 

‘‘Goodnight,’‘ I said, after walking into the nursing office, where all my colleagues were already waiting. ‘‘Sorry I’m late.’‘ I muttered afterwards, looking at the clock. It was almost midnight, time for my night shift. ‘‘Okay, so there aren’t really any people in danger, no emergencies right now,’’ My colleague started, her shift ending. ‘’There’s this young man in room 342, he got in stabbed tonight. He’s not in any danger but he got some medication for the pain. (Y/N) can you check on him some time tonight?’’ I nodded, wondering who the young man was. Did the black hood do something? The Ghoulies? Or the Serpents? I guess I’d figure it out in a couple minutes. 

After my colleague left I got his medical file. Or at least, the one they made up right now. His friend brought him in, he lost a lot of blood, stabbed in the stomach but not deep enough to kill him. He got stitched up and is out of any danger, but is on pain killers. I had to check up on his wound and how he’s feeling. I could give him another shot of pain killers if I wanted to, or if he wanted to. I walked through the hallways of the hospital. The weirdest things happened over here. You would say nothing ever happened in such a small town, but tonight a boy my age was stabbed, last week a young man who went by the name of Moose got shot. Not such a happy, sweet town. 

I knocked on the door and waited for a minute. When I heard no answer I walked in. My breath got stuck in my throat, they could’ve told me that he’s this hot. He had very dark, raven hair and a tanned skin. Dark brown eyes that looked at me with no expression. In his file I had read how tall he was, but he looked like a giant. His arms were so nice, I could see the muscles. ‘’Hi,’’ I walked over towards him. ‘’My name is (Y/N), I’m your nurse for tonight.’’ He still looked at me with a blank expression. ‘’Sweet pea.’’ Was his only answer. ‘’I have to check up on your wound, if that’s okay.’’ He nodded and smiled a little. After I took his blanked off, I lifted his shirt and I can tell you, he had really nice abs. ‘’Tell me if it hurts.’’ As smoothly as I could, I plucked off his bandage. The stitches looked, not as if there was any infection underneath. ‘’It hurts the entire time actually.’’ He said softly, looking at his wound as well. ‘’Is it possible the pain killers did their job and stopped working?’’ I looked him in the eyes and for a moment I forgot how to talk. ‘’Y-yes, that’s possible. You want me to give you another shot?’’ He nodded and closed his eyes in pain.

As fast as I could I walked towards the medication room, wanting to get back to him as soon as I could. I didn’t want him to be in any pain. After I got what I needed, I walked through the dark hall back to his room. The lights were off, because it was already past 00:00 AM. Only a few lights left on. My small hand pushed open the door to his room. He was sweating, he was in a lot of pain. ‘’Got it.’’ Without even asking, I took of his blanket again and pulled his shirt up. He didn’t mention it, mostly because he was in so much pain and wanted it to end. ‘’Are you ready?’’ He didn’t answer, he only nodded. I shoved the needle into his stomach and filled his body with the pain killers. ‘’It should start working within minutes. You can push the button if anything is wrong, otherwise I have to check up on you every two hours.’’ He nodded after I gave him back his blanket. 

After a few hours, it was time to do my checkup round on my patients. Sweet pea was the last one and for some reason I was a little nervous, not used to such good looking patients. I knocked on the door and walked in. He seemed awake, looked at me with big eyes. ‘’Hey,’’ I said, shutting the door. ‘’How are you feeling?’’ He looked back to the tv, he was watching some show. ‘’Really good.’’ He answered, sounded somehow.. happy? I looked at him in confusion. ‘’You look really good as well.’’ Was his next answer to my question. It took me minutes to figure out what happened, to figure out that he might be a little high on pain killers. ‘’Thanks.’’ I chuckled. He removed his blanket and his shirt himself, so I good have a good look on his wound. ‘’I didn’t say it before but you’re so pretty.’’ I chuckled again, glad his friends weren’t here. They would never forget it and use is agains him probably, like most friends and family members did after something like this happened. ‘’Really?’’ I asked him. ‘’Yes, your pretty hair and your (Y/E/C) color are just so beautiful.’’ On the chair next to his bed I saw his jacket, a Southside Serpent jacket. I figured that he’d always be serious and never like this, telling someone how pretty she is. ‘’Well than you.’’ 

His wound looked good, the same it did the previous time I looked at it. ‘’You’re all good.’’ He looked at me relieved. ‘’So, I’m not going to die?’’ I smiled, trying to keep it to myself. ‘’No.’’ A smile appeared on his face, a genuine smile. Probably one not many people had ever seen, due to him being a gang member. ‘’Do you wanna go out some time? Since I’m not going to die I can ask the girl of my dreams out on a date.’’ I almost choked on the air inside my lungs. Well, this had never happened. ‘’Ask me again when your not high on drugs anymore.’’ Was my answer. ‘’You’ll say yes then?’’ I shrugged my shoulders. ‘’Maybe.’’ He wouldn’t remember it the next time, probably.

I walked straight in to the hospital two days later, I just have had two days off. ‘’Hi,’’ I said to my colleagues. I got dressed into my outfit for work and looked at myself in the mirror. The dark circles under my eyes were easy to see. I didn’t really get enough sleep lately. To be honest I had no idea what caused my insomnia. It was just there out of nowhere. ‘’(Y/N)? There’s someone here for you.’’ My colleague looked at me. ‘’For me?’’ Was my answer. Since I didn’t grew up here, I didn’t know a lout of people from around here. The only people I knew were my colleagues. ‘’Yes, I young man. I believe he was a patient here.’’ With a look of confusion on my face I walked out of the room towards the front desk. My breath got stuck in my throat when I saw the very tall young man leaning against the wall. His raven hair messed up over his head, he looked pale even though he has a tanned skin. ‘’I don’t think you should walk or drive just yet.’’ I told whim when I approached him. He smiled when he heard my voice. ‘’I didn’t drive here, my friend is waiting outside.’’ I looked him up and down. He looked good in his combat boots, his dark skinny jeans. He wore a grey hoodie and his leather jacket. He looked amazing. ‘’Are you okay?’’ I asked next, his skin looked very pale. ‘’Yeah, I guessed I should’ve listened to your advice. Not walking.’’ He sat down on a chair, I sat down next to him. ‘’Then why are you here?’’ He looked at me, smiling a little bit. ‘’You told me to ask you when I wasn’t high on med’s anymore.’’ My eyes widened. ‘’You remembered that?’’ He chuckled when he saw my expression. ‘’How could I forget such a pretty face?’’ This made me blush, not knowing what to do or say. ‘’So do you want to go out with me some time?’’ A giggle left my lips. ‘’I’d love to’’ He handed me his phone, so I could put my number in. ‘’I’ll text you.’’ He got up again, ready to leave. ‘’Yeah, okay.’’ He smiled at me before he started waling away, leaving me there stunned.

After three hours when I got a coffee break, I took my phone out of my bag. ‘’One message received.’’ I opened it immediately and it was exactly what I hoped. ‘’Have a good shift, princess.’’ A warm feeling fluttered through my whole body. ‘’Is that that boy?’’ My colleague asked. I nodded and couldn’t hide my smile. ‘’He’s so smitten,’’ She started, causing me to look at her. ‘’He showed up here everyday for the last three days, including today. Asking for you.’’ I’m not sure if it was possible, but the warm feeling wasn’t just warm anymore. It got hot, it got burning. I really liked him and I don’t think someone ever did so much to talk to me. I didn’t care that he’s a Serpent, I cared about him as a person. He was so nice to me, so kind, such a gentleman. 

My shift went by really slowly, because the only thing I could think about was the good looking young man who asked me out on a date. Everytime I had the chance, I texted him. And he texted me back. It seemed like the start of something beautiful.

@twiglightdragon submitted: I hope you don’t mind… but I really wanted to attempt your art style with a redraw, and let me tell you, you really take on a whole new appreciation for it once you try it! Keep on making beautiful art because you’re the only one who can truly bring out this styles magic!

!!!! A GOOD VIC… you did so well ohmygosh???


iLia vs Blake 

“You used to see things the way I did!”

I can not even begin to express how I feel about this episode. By far, it’s one of, if not my absolute favorite this volume. I thought that the fight scenes were dead because of how mediocre they were in Volume 4, but Volume 5 has renewed my love for RWBY fight scenes. We’ve had so many beautiful fights this season, if you include the trailers. This season has had everything for me so far. Character building, story, epic fight scenes, ilia… What more could I ask for? 

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So here's something i am really curious as a brazilian: How is Oscar Niemeyer's work perceived by foreign architects?

I can’t answer for all non-Brazilian architects, but for me, Niemeyer is one of the greats, and you can check out ARCHatlas’ (MANY) previous posts of his work here. His work is unique, sublime, sculptural, and colorful. How many architects have had the opportunity to create one of the great cities of the world from scratch and be able to impart such beauty to its core structures.

Here are some of my favorite Niemeyer projects:

Itamaraty Palace

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A Luthor and a Super. A non-profit fan poster inspired by Beauty and the Beast (2017) movie. If you like, let me know! That motivates me. And if you use it, please credit me whenever possible :)

Other posters made by me here.

You can also follow me on twitter if you want.

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the situation on bts’ colorism in the japanese magazine

this is a long post, however i believe theres lots to understand on this subject that cannot be dismissed. i have two disclaimers: first, please read until the end before criticizing because when i say i made an effort to include all views i mean it. second, there will be hetero references in this since the interview was about their ideal girl.. i apologize n i dont mean to assume their sexuality or anything.

there are three main parts to this; 1) lets understand the whole picture, 2) be fair and 3) for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them (this is not patronizing, i really fucking sympathize here)

lets understand the whole picture

to begin, I’m pretty much positive they didn’t actually interview bts for the magazine… rather, they drew on old interviews for the magazine… i don’t think the members were actually involved in any way with this magazine specifically. there a few posts about this and i’ll like them, but the best was by @jkguks. they showed how each exact response was recycled from an old interview. the post can be found here. comments have also been made that this magazine is known for such moves in the past and that their credibility isn’t so great. @allforbts pointed out here that the magazine didnt have a photoshoot – they reused pictures from other sources – which probably indicates they didn’t have an actual interview; however this isn’t real evidence. in my own personal opinion i dont trust the person who posted the translations on twitter. yes the translations are correct as far as we all know, but what i mean is… i think she knew the interview was old/reused. everyone that asked about the interview’s date received no response from her. she even made a comment about how many followers shes gained. if she cleared up that the interview was old or reused then this whole thing would die out n she’d stop getting followers. anyway i find it suspicious but i could also just be reading too far into it. the whole point of this is that at this point we can pretty much conclusively say that the interview is recycled n this is not something they said recently. this is not to devalue the weight of their words because it still hurt a lot of people. old or new, getting told your skin color is “unideal” is painful. however we do wanna look at this because we at least now know that their status of “since educated on colorism and racism and now pretty pc/sensitive” is not going to be revoked! they’ve since educated themselves, that is still the truth. this is just the ugly past come to rear its head.

on the other end of understanding the whole picture, i’m going to make a sorta controversial statement. hopefully in fully explaining it, you all will get the full idea… but for the sake of k-armys who are getting attacked by intl fans constantly and also for the sake of perspective – which may lessen the blow of their words for those hurt by them – i need to say this. the concept of colorism is alive and well in korea… it just isn’t the same as it is in the west. in the west – for the most part – we are more ethnically/racially diverse while korea is almost entirely racially/ethnically homogeneous. so how does this effect the meaning of colorism? well because one of the largest identifiable traits when looking at the differences between the world’s races n ethnicities is skin color, race/ethnicity will always be tied to skin color, especially in really diverse areas. in the west where we are consistently exposed to different races/ethnicities as part of our daily lives, a preference of skin color holds not only colorist implications but also racist implications. if some mayo dude said “i think darker skin is ugly on girls” we can safely assume hes a racist fuck on top of being colorist. however, since korea is homogenous, there isnt any real racist implications. let me elaborate: korea has issues with being racist against other poc, however in an interview discussing ideal types where the ideal type is already assumed to be at the very basis korean (or maybe another east asian ethnicity if you’re stretching it), the statement on skin color is directed at people of their shared race. so how is this less problematic? it is still problematic definitely – i’d like to make this clear – but in korea, the concept of skin color amongst koreans as a beauty standard isnt racially or ethnically motivated and therefore its more akin to saying “i prefer blue eyes over brown eyes on white girls” because they’re discussing a physical variance within their own race. in the end, it’s still colorist, but please try to understand that in korea the remarks arent as horrible. they still shouldn’t say that, and really, any discussion of skin color preferences is ugly, but it’s extremely important to be considerate of korean culture. intl fans forget constantly that we are guests to korean culture. if you were invited to someones house you wouldnt bust in there feeling entitled n doing whatever the fuck you want. you’d try and respect their rules and how they run their home. if you had a problem with something there, you’d politely ask them to accommodate you, explaining why that accommodation was necessary. you wouldnt fucking trash them for not having their house already equipped to your preference. thats incredibly selfish. this is the same way. you are guests to this culture, and while you shouldnt allow colorism to continue, this theme of entitlement amongst intl fans – especially when we have done very little to respect their culture; we demand they understand ours while continually paying theirs no regard – is really shamefully. i ask that people reading this do their best to be more considerate in the future. not everything is black n white… lots of things have grey area and we can afford to be more socially conscious. im pretty sure most k-fans have it about up to here dealing with koreaboos criticizing their culture… 

be fair

this is a short statement but i need to remind you all that most of the members were problematic in that interview and if you are only trashing namjoon you need to fucking stop. you are allowed to offended, of course – i was pretty bothered too seeing how im the opposite to namjoons ideal in every way, my bias who i’d fucking die for – but if your whole focus is “namjoon this and namjoon that” than youre being a biased ass and im gonna need you to sit down. if youre going to be mad, by all means, be mad, but dont fucking pretend the other members said nothing wrong. im sick of people pretending every member but namjoon is perfect and unproblematic. present day he’s probably the most un-problematic member since educating himself on racial issues, feminism, n lgbtq rights, making himself an advocate for them all while idols remain silent…. hmm…. but keeping pushing that “problematic member” agenda sure. yeah lets pretend the facts dont exist ok

for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them

fans who read through the interview n realized they kinda fit their bias’ ideal type – esp in terms of skin color – please don’t make comments on how people need to “get over this”. for many fans, especially non light skinned poc, this really hurt. not only as a “i don’t fit my bias’ ideal type” but also as a betrayal of trust. many non light skinned poc have experienced some type of discrimination for their skin color and many had their sense of self confidence fucked over for it. its not just a “you dont think darker skin is beautiful, aw :(” its more of a, “you are someone i love and support and the fact that you’d call my skin color less attractive – the skin color for which i’ve had to struggle to find my own confidence in – just like so many others, feels like betrayal”. its really hurtful. so don’t be dismissive. you don’t understand. this isnt your discussion, im sorry.

and lastly, to the fans who were hurt by the interview. im sorry boo. im sorry that the industry you support continues to hurt you. im sorry someone you decided to love and support made you feel like that. please remember that the ideal type is such a flimsy concept. they really dont mean anything. those questions were grossly specific n they were so unnecessary, but at the end of the day, they are still made up preferences. the boys wouldn’t find you unattractive for not meeting the bits on their checklist – fuck no. attraction just doesnt work like that. no one falls in love with the person that hit everything on their little “ideal type” checklist. honestly, if you asked me to describe my ideal type n i just listed shit off the top of my head, it probably wouldnt add up to namjoon…. but in every way namjoon perfect to me. im fucking whipped. this is the same. dont take their ideals to heart, dont feel like anything on you needs to change. you are exactly the way you need to be, and dont ever let some guys “ideal type” make you feel any less. n if anyone every tries to tell you that you’re failing to meet their beauty standards… fucking kick them. fcuk them seriously. dont let this shit effect your self confidence. gross comments like that dont deserve a thought in your head

pphew! sorry for the late reply to these >.< i figured id just reply to all these in one post with some pics. Below are the watercolors i use and the the gold paints (keep in mind those pics i posted were like first attempts @_@ im still getting used to these…)

The water colors are Mjello Mission Gold Watercolors in the 34 tube set and the gold palette are the FineTec Artist Mica Watercolors in the Pearl set. 

Now I’ll state first– both these sets are kinda pricey. The FineTec palette (about $27) is so worth it though because it comes in different golds and one tube of gold gouache is usually like $9 each or more depending on the amount of mica, so def worth the price and variety.

Below: from lightest to darkest on ivory tinted paper [Silver, Moon Gold, Gold Pearl, Arabic Gold, Tibet Gold, & Inca Gold] they look SUPER outstanding on black paper as well!

my fav is the richest one, the Inca Gold.

They are super nice, but if you plan on getting them, they are super HARD palettes! It’ll take a lot of scrubbing to get them activated and to have that nice gouache-like thickness, so if you don’t want to ruin your nice brushes, I def recommend getting some Ox Gall. Adding a drop or two of this will get them activated in no time, and with a nice opaque thickness. (the brand I have below they dont sell anymore, but other brands still make it)

As for the water colors, ehhh i feel weird cuz those vegetas were like my first attempts with this brand. Ive always used the Sakura Koi 24 color set palette because theyre super nice and super cheap (like $20) and Ive had them for years. I only got these because I wanted higher-grade watercolors in tubes. But they are very expensive, but for good reasons: they have a lot of pigment, which makes them so vibrant and bright and theyre designed to be very close to natural colors, not to mention theyre so SMOOTH when painting and they’ll probs last me forEVER because you get so much color with very little water.

(opera is best color IMHO) here’s a color chart I made (that took FOREVER btw) to give you an idea how beautiful they are and how many nice colors they make

so yea! those are the paints I used for those particular pics. Course if you would like a nice, cheap watercolor recommendation that works pretty well, Sakura Koi’s are a fantastic substitute. …..SORRY IF THIS WAS LONG i just akdfhalkfhd i like talking about traditional media..lol. hope this was at least a little informative >.< if anyone has questions or wants some recommendations (while also saving some money) feel free to ask! I’ll help in any way i can with what i know, cuz despite posting mostly digital art, I am a traditional art supply FANATIC. 

Black as Sloes

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Pairing: Ivar X (Mermaid)Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Poor Ivar, the water always trying to murder him

Anon requested:

Traveling across the ocean was without a doubt the worst part about England, why did it have to be so damn far away? Ivar ground his teeth in frustration. By all accounts he should be laying down, enjoying the still night. The lack of wind did him no favors in the long run but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, only the full pale moon glittering off the smallest ripples. He should be like the rest of the men and women, sleeping. After his first voyage however, every little shift and sound and creak put him on edge, not to mention this uncomfortable feeling at the back of his neck of being watched.

Cleaning his nails with the very tip of his knife, he began to hum, starting out quiet as to not wake the others. As he felt slightly more and more calmed by it, he began singing the words, a deep hymn usually sung to keep formation, helping put him in any other place than on the ocean. Yet the feeling of being watched wouldn’t drift, instead it got stronger. Glancing around, no one stirred or seemed awake, but Ivar couldn’t shake the feeling. His volume drifted till it was back to a whisper, trying so hard to push away the feeling. 


Ivar sat up straight, his back rigid as he searched for the voice. Behind him, he found you, this woman rested on the boats rim, smiling pleasantly. You were a vision so fine and so lavished in jewels and shells he scarcely believed what he was seeing was real. Ivar’s reason told him you needed to get out and on the boat as soon as possible, his instinct however, felt like he was staring down the jaws of a starving wolf.

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No Place I Rather Be

Summary: You and Steve enjoy a beautiful spring day
Words: 967
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: This is my submission for @nataliarxmanxva Sofi’s Season’s Change Writing Challenge. My prompt was “I missed the sunlight

Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

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“Come back to bed it is early, baby.” You hear your boyfriend say behind you. Turning around you notice that he is standing next to the door that connects your bedroom with the balcony just in his sweatpants “I am not really sleepy, Stevie.”

You don’t know what time is it, but since you woke up at 6 am you have been in this balcony watching the world outside. Spring has always been your favorite season, the weather it is not too hot or too cold. The sun rises earlier than in the winter, the flowers bloom and people start wearing colorful clothes again.

It is beautiful to watch.

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Colors Part 2

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely

A/N: And here is the much-requested part 2! I an shocked by the response to this story. Based on notes it’s my most popular one so far! Thank you so much! Hope y’all like it! Sorry it took so long! Let me know what you think!


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