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HIYA! I wrote this and there WILL be a part 2 with the sexy times.
This one has no warnings except I guess it is suggestive?
3000 wordssss.
The sexy times will be upon us soon. (oh god. cringey)

You held your stomach as you laughed. You were sore from laughing so hard. Dallon and Brendon were ‘dancing’ in the dressing room as you all waited for the show to start.

You were Panic! At The Disco’s lead guitarist after Ryan Ross left and you loved it. You had become really close with Dallon and Spencer and you had been dating Brendon for a while. You were living your dream. Sure, you were only 24, but you were travelling the world doing what you love with the people you love. You had also taken over the position of back up vocalist which was fun as you got to sing with Brendon which you always looked forward to.

You and Brendon had great chemistry on stage. You could never replace Ryan and you acknowledged that publicly but you had a great time and people loved you. Since you were the only female member of the band, you got a lot of crap questions about your clothes and make up while the guys got questions about their success. You didn’t mind much, the guys thought it was shitty so they usually gave the person asking the questions a lot of crap about it.

“Panic! At the Disco to sound check in five minutes. Panic! At the Disco to sound check.” You heard as the little intercom let you know what to do.

“We should just go now. I don’t know where the stage really is.” Dallon says after he catches his breath from laughing at Brendon’s dance moves. You and the guys start to wander through the halls backstage and eventually come across the entrance to the stage.

You were always a bit star struck when you entered an arena that you knew would be full of people here to listen to the band. You looked around, the amount of seating was overwhelming, the lights were bright and the acoustics had to be amazing. You were always a bit nervous about performing live but you thrived on the chemistry between the band members.

You and Dallon always skipped around and would get entirely too close to Brendon to bother him. You would jump around and make a fool of yourselves but you had fun and the crowd loved it. Of course Brendon would get back at both you and Dallon. Brendon would take advantage of the spotlight and tell everyone to pay really close attention to Dallon when he had a difficult bassline to play. But Brendon always took it out on you especially.

You and Brendon weren’t public with your relationship so he could be blatantly sexual towards you and you just had to brush it off as you didn’t want to publicize what was working well. The fans would theorize about your relationship and ship you with anyone associated to the band. You had even been paired with Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. People were intent on putting you in relationships. People usually labeled Brendon’s behavior as theatricality and you thanked them for it.

You walked to you space on the stage and picked up the guitar that you would be using for the first part of the set. You played a Gretsch G6134B Black Penguin and a Stratocaster American Standard. The Black Penguin was a bit flashy but it played like a dream and sounded amazing in any setting. The Stratocaster was iconic of any rock band so you picked up the slack.

The guys decided to warm up with I Write Sins; you never really cared what the set list consisted of as long as you had a copy and could play. You started off strong and laughed as Brendon changed to lyrics to mess with you.

“Oh. Well imagine as she’s pacing the halls of the hotel at night
And I can’t help but to hear, no I can’t help but to hear that she writing a song

What a beautiful chorus

What a beautiful chorus written by the lead guitarist”

He continues with his quick and witty lyric change about a song you wrote on tour. You laugh as he mumbles through a verse, trying to think of what else to say. Dallon is doing a little dance behind Brendon and Spencer is trying to hold it together and refrain from laughing at the ridiculous display.

You all play your individual parts so that the sound crew can adjust the levels to accommodate the venue and your instruments. A tech walks up to you and hands you a small set list to attach to your guitar.

Vegas Lights
Mrs. Jackson
Casual Affair
New Perspective
This is Gospel
Girl That You Love
Ballad of Mona Lisa
I Write Sins
I Have Friends
Far Too Young To Die
Sarah Smiles

“Holy shit, Bren. This is some set list.” You say, half surprised by the caliber of the set list, half testing your mic.

“Closer to a discography.” You hear Dallon mutter as he examines the list. Usually it was a group effort to determine a set list but no one had thought about it until last minute and Brendon stepped up to figure something out.

“You okay, love?” you ask as you walk over to Brendon who was sitting on an amp at the side of the stage.

“Yeah, just a bit sad that I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with you lately.” He tells you as he pulls you gently in to his lap. You smiled at him and kissed him gently. He hugged you tightly as you sat on his lap.

“Ready for the show? It’s going to be a lot of fun. I am surprised by some of your choices but it’s going to be great.” You reassure him as you trace patterns on his back. After a few minutes, you get up and pull Brendon to his feet. The four of you sit back stage and chat as the arena begins to fill. You and Brendon sit on one couch; you sit with your legs draped over his lap and his arm around your waist. Spencer and Dallon sit on the other couch.

Brendon debates something with Spencer as you have a conversation with Dallon about what both of you are excited about for the rest of the tour. You notice that Brendon has slid his hand up your leg and is resting his hand on your upper thigh below the hem of your shorts. His fingers trace light patterns on the inside of your leg. You try to ignore it and carry on your conversation. You shift a bit to try to get Brendon to quit but he is relentless.

Luckily, the band manager comes to save you from the sexually tense hell that you are stuck in.

“Hey [y/n], can I steal you for a sec?” you hear Zack ask through the head set from the other side of the stage. You lament the idea that you have to run across stage to get to him but it’s the fastest way and you don’t want to get lost. You escape Brendon’s hold on you and shoot him a little glare which he returns with a sweet, innocent looking smile. You roll your eyes and pull your hood over your head and skip across the stage.

You get to the other side with minimal attention attracted. You thank your small form for not attracting the attention of the thousands of fans waiting for your band. You got to Zach and he smiled at you.

“Hey there, do you know what Brendon is trying to do with his set list? I know he was put in charge of it for tonight’s show but he put some stuff on here that I didn’t know you guys would play.” Zach asks you.

“Not exactly sure as to why you think I know what is going through that boys head but I don’t. Sorry. He seems really in to it though. I don’t feel like I may need a nap in the middle of that monster of a show, but it’s cool.” You said as you took a bottle of water from a nearby table. You drink the water as Zach talks about the set list being longer than usual.

You stayed with Zack and talked about the tour until the announcer introduced the band one at a time with their names and instrument.

Brendon ran on the stage and the crowd started screaming. Spencer ran on stage and the crowd whooped and hollered. Dallon skipped on and the crowd cheered. The announcer then announced “This is Panic! At The Disco and they are performing quite a show for you tonight.

You looked at Zack with a panicked look as the announcer forgot you. Brendon and Dallon looked around and you couldn’t see Spencer. You told Zack that you would introduce yourself and you ran on stage, most likely looking awkward as hell. You got to your microphone and Brendon was laughing at you.

“Hello! I’m apparently not in the band today? Okay. Cool. Okay. I get it.” You laugh as you see the announcer in the sound booth look at you with a look of ‘oh shit. That’s what I forgot to do’.

“So, I am [y/n] and I’m the guitarist, back up vocalist and still in the band.” You laugh as you see that Brendon and the other guys are struggling to hold it together.

“[y/n], we couldn’t do this without you, I’m glad that you didn’t take that mishap as us kicking you out of the band” You heard Dallon say. You laughed a bit and went to your spot on the stage. Brendon announced that the first song was Vegas Lights.

You started the counting as you had the highest voice and Brendon started in to the song. His voice sounded a little distorted through the speakers but it was still amazing. You loved listening to Brendon sing. The song flies by, as the crowd sings and yells along.

Next, Brendon announced Mrs. Jackson and explained that you would be singing Lolo’s part. You smiled at him as his eyes lingered on you. You start out strong and drop out as Brendon starts. You and Dallon sang the backup parts as Brendon kept up with all of the ’Miss Jacksons’ in the song. As he sings about the fire dying, he walks up behind you and wraps his arm around your waist. He had done this before and would end up wrapped around you, sharing a mic until the chorus began after Lolo’s part.

Casual Affair: Brendon had a weird little strut that he did during this song that you personally didn’t understand but he kept eye contact with you. He licked his lips when his vocals faded out. You blushed a little and walked to play next to Dallon. You and Dallon played facing each other, almost like you were in a competition.

You made it back to your spot as Brendon told a story about touring before starting Girls/Girls/Boys. You looked at Brendon and he started walking to you as he sang about having a boyfriend. He ran a hand down your cheek as he sang about how the person in the song had him. You bit your lip and turned away. Brendon never had to work very hard to turn you on. You had always been very attracted to him and he liked to use it against you in shows.

You walked back to Spencer and faced away from Brendon as he finished the song. The next song was going to be difficult. The next song was New Perspective and you couldn’t escape him during this song as you sang the chorus with him and the backup.

You tried to ignore him as you played the beginning but you could see that he was smirking at you. Brendon stands eerily close to you, his body pressed against your back. You can feel his hot breath on your neck as he sings the lyrics to a song about sex.

As he sings “You come along because I love your face”, you don’t expect his little playful attack but you continue to sing as he tries to throw you off by being Brendon and licking your face. You are thrown off for a second but have to compose yourself as the song is over soon and then you can call him out.

As the song ends, Brendon skips back to his mic stand.

“Bren? Could you explain to the lovely people why I now have to go get a wet wipe from Zack besides the fact that you are a weird human?” you harass him. You walk to Zack and he laughs at the disgusted look on your face.

You walk back to the mic as Brendon loses it over the fact that you are still wiping your face.

“Girls in the audience? Take my advice and never join a band where you are the only female. These guys may seem sweet but then they do things like lick you on stage and cause you to mess up your guitar playing. They may seem like they have everything together, but you haven’t shared a tour bus with these walking disasters.” You say while the guys laugh and agree with your statement about being a walking disaster.

“Oh shut up, [y/n]. You love us.” Brendon says to you.

“Yeah yeah yeah. Did you guys know that there are only three bunks on the new tour bus? There used to be four. No no, there are now three. The decision was made when I joined the band was that I would just share bunks with the guys and go from bunk to bunk.” You say as the guys suddenly look interested in what you are saying as you don’t always say a bunch on stage.

“Do you guys want to hear a story about having to share a bunk with one of the guys?” The crowd got loud at your question and you laughed. You could hear the guys laughing as well. When you asked who they wanted to hear about, the general consensus was that they wanted to hear about Brendon.

Brendon turned a light pink, as the two of you were now in a relationship, you always shared a bed but you would have to make it seem like you didn’t.

“Really? Bren? Of the three guys and you guys choose Bren. Bren, I think the crowd thinks you are pretty and they want to know about your sleeping habits.” Everyone laughed and Brendon shook his head at you and mouthed ‘I’m going to get you for this’ out of sight of the fans. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay I have to choose carefully or Bren may get me. Then again he may get me if I keep calling him pet names. Okay, one of the first nights on the bus, the three guys were already close and I was super new to the music scene and band and shy. So, Brendon offers to let me stay in his bunk that night, so we go to sleep and I don’t know if you guys have ever heard this, but Brendon cannot keep his limbs to himself when he sleeps.”

“It’s like he sleeps like a starfish or something. Anyway, it’s like 3 am when I am woken by Brendon kicking me. This is nothing new. What was new was when he rolled over and pushed me off the top bunk. I hit the ground with a loud yelp and a lot of profanity. I look up and see him peering over the edge of the bed looking like a scared child.”

“Needless to say, there is a new sleeping arrangement so no one ends on the floor because I’m pretty sure I still have a scar from the fall.” You finish the story and see that Brendon is covering his face and Dallon is laying on the ground laughing. You walk over to Brendon and tug his hands away from his face. His face is pink from blushing and laughing. He pushes your mic away and starts whispering to you.

“I don’t think you realize how cute you’re being. You are making it really difficult for me to not just kiss you.” He says as he is standing close enough that you can feel his breath hit your face again. He bites his lip lightly and winks at you while he backs away to his mic stand.

The next few songs go by with very little problems musically. Brendon gives you a really difficult time, making eye contact during suggestive lyrics, standing a little too close, letting his hands linger on you. He was driving you crazy.

I Have Friends in Holy Spaces and Far Too Young To Die went by agonizingly slowly. You loved the music that Panic! produced but Brendon had too much fun torturing you and you couldn’t wait for the music to finish.

The next song was Sarah Smiles. As you played and Brendon sang, He walked over to you and sang to you. The lyrics were sweet and he played the part. He pushed your hair from your face and pulled you closer to him whenever he could. You wanted to spend the rest of time with him. Even if it was just sitting in a room watching him write music or watching a movie with him. You always felt more complete around him.

The show quickly came to a close. You waved at the crowd and thanked everyone. While walking off stage, you walked up next to Brendon and slipped you hand in to his. He smirks at you as the two of you walk back to your hotel room.

Love you the mostest.



Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Summary: Dean takes care of the reader’s daughter for a night and he quickly learns that it’s more exhausting than hunting. 

“Morning, sweetheart.” You hear Dean’s sexy voice say when he answers your call.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. How’d everything go?”

“Good. Everyone is still alive so I think it went ok.” He chuckles.

“Ok. See ya soon.”

You just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital and you feel like you’re about to fucking fall over.

Dean finally decided he was ready to watch Grace overnight by himself. Even though you’ve been together for about seven months now, Dean was always nervous about watching her for long periods of time. Like he would break her or corrupt her. You’re not sure which.

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some of my other cool finds today 😎

the patches & pins are from a very expensive thrift shop, & everything else is from a gallery. i also got two soap bars, one is midnight blue & the other is a green tea & musk bar from italy.

my mom & i also got candy at a really neat candy store that had vintage 50s appliances and toys in the windows & got lunch at the local diner.

& i don’t have the pictures, but for my dad we got him a pair of socks that says “fuck this shit” and a pack of gum (that’s what the boxes are) that says “instant asshole, just add alcohol” 😂😂

today was a good day, it was nice to get out of the house. tomorrow i have my second driving lesson 👍🏻

edit: forgot, also got milk & honey powder for my mom & she also bought a magnet that says “raising teenagers is like trying to nail jell-o to a tree” 😂


Hookay. Probably read -this- comic, too so this’ll make sense. I… didn’t mean for these to be continuous but okay.

HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT I SPENT THE PAST WEEK BREAKING MY WRIST OVER. So uh. Yeah! This is a comic with a buncha knights in fancy clothing and one spoopy nerd being insecure about himself.

ANYWHO. @clockwork-calico designed Plague, Tinker, Specter, Propeller, and King Knight’s outfits. @murdererbirb helped me with Shovel and Shield Knight’s designs. And… I don’t remember who designed Mona’s dress. There were like three iterations and I don’t-

Aaaaanybutt, hope you enjoy!

6 months / part II

a/n: I rewrote this so many times. I’m still not a 100% sure how I feel about this. But uh yeah, here’s part 2. Enjoy


It’s been a week since Nash had texted me for the first time since the breakup. The rest of the week he would text me. Three or four times in a row, long messages, only for me to reply with one sentence.

I was currently over at Beau’s with him and the rest of the boys. The TCA’s were tonight, and we were going, obviously. I was actually one of the people to present someone with their award.

The boys had their ‘suits’ which were really just painted on their chest. I on the other hand was wearing a red strapless dress. It was tight around top and then flared at my hips. It was a good inch or two above midthigh, showing off my legs, which was one of my best assets. And then with that, I wore black converse. I had on subtle makeup, winged eyeliner, a little blush, and my long hair sat in loose waves.

The whole way there, the boys made fun of my shoe choice, saying how it was odd that I’d be wearing converse when every other girl there would be in heels. Beau defended me though, saying how the one time I wore heels, he had to catch me at least 4 times from falling.

We were walking the carpet. Interviewers stopping us and asking questions. The boys got a lot of questions about Janoskian stuff, and I got some on my modeling. A lot of people asked for me and Beau to pose together, which we did, but they’d all be ruined by the other boys.

There was a lot of commotion behind us, and we all looked. Down the carpet walked Nash, Jack and Jack, Nate, and all the other boys I grew so close to over the past 2 years. I saw Johnson and smiled and waved at him and he looked at me and smiled. He came over and gave me a hug and we talked a bit before we had to keep going.

“hey, I’ll see ya in there.” Johnson smiled before kissing my cheek and walking back to the boys who all smiled and waved at me.

I made eye contact with Nash and he mouthed ‘we need to talk’ and I just rolled my eyes before taking Beaus hand and following him into the venue.

The show had started, and I was backstage getting ready to present. I was presenting teen choice male web star. And the nominees were Cam, Nash and a few others. But I really hoped Cam would win, or any of the others. Any but Nash.

After Fifth Harmony performed, I walked out on the stage with Justin Bieber. Cheers erupting from the crowd.

“what’s up everyone.” Justin said into the mic while I said “hi” and everyone screamed.

“yo, this is so incredible, I can’t believe I’m presenting an award with the most beautiful girl, (y/n)” he said, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

Me and Justin have been friends ever since we did a Calvin Klein photoshoot together, and then he asked me to be in one of his music videos too. So I have no complaints.

I looked out in the crowd to see Beau. He was just standing up with the rest of the boys just clapping nonstop and I couldn’t help but smile.

“well I can’t believe I’m here presenting an award with the one and only Justin Bieber, am I right girls?”

And the place filled with screams. Justin and I couldn’t help but laugh as I pulled his shirt up just a bit to expose his abs causing more screams.

“alright, alright, I think it’s time we announce the nominees.”  Justin said. He announced the first two and then I announced Cameron and Nash.

“alright, and this years teen choice for favorite male web star is…” I read, and opened the enveloped.

“Nash Grier!” Justin said happily, but mine was a little less ecstatic than it should have been. My face fell flat.

Nash came up to the stage and ‘bro hugged’ Justin and then came up to me. I handed him the surfboard and he held it in one arm while he wrapped his other around me.

“we really need to talk.” He whispered in my ear.

I just ignored him and pulled away from the hug that lingered a bit too long on his end.

“congrats” Justin and I both said.

“oh my gosh thank you guys so much.” Nash started. “I never imagined getting an award, let alone having it given to me by Justin, the greatest artist, and (y/n). I mean, just look at her. I’m feeling truly honored.”

“I just wanna give a special thanks to all my fans. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. I can’t believe I won. Really, thank you guys so much. I would also like to thank a few special people, like my parents, for always supporting me. And my friends who helped me and have always been there. Shout out to you guys. And I also wanna thank one more person. She stood by my side for 2 years and put up with all my shit. She was my best friend, and I couldn’t have done anything without her. She always pushed me to do my best and would make me stop whenever we went out to talk to fans.”

The crowd started to scream and say our old ship name.

“but yeah. She was great. So I’d really like to thank (y/n) along with my friends and family and of course my fans.”

Everyone screamed when Nash actually said my name. I just turned and walked off the stage, walking around backstage through all the performers and people who would be presenting awards.

“(Y/n)” you heard Nash’s voice. You ignored it and kept walking.

“(y/n) wait.” Nash said. He had finally caught up to you and grabbed your arm in a hallway backstage.

“what Nash?” you yelled. Tears filled your eyes. This was the first time you have actually seen him in person in like 9 months, considering the last 3 months of your relationship with him he was on tour.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“what could you possibly have to say Nash? I thought you said everything you needed to in our breakup.”

“look. I’m sorry. You’ve gotta believe me.” He said. By now I had tears in my eyes, threatening to come out.

“I was on tour and I loved meeting the fans and the guys all seemed to have so much fun going out and all that stuff, and I just felt like I couldn’t go out and have fun with the guys an-“ he started but I cut him off.

“no Nash. I don’t want your excuses. I’m sick and tired of hearing the same bullshit from you.” Tears started to fall now.

“why are you crying?” he asked, going to pull me into a hug, but I pushed him away.

“do you know how hard it was? For you to give your all to someone. To devote yourself to them completely. Just to have them turn around and just throw it away. I loved you Nash. I fucking wasted 2 years of my life on you. I hadn’t seen you in almost a year. It’s been 9 months since I saw you last, and you come back now all of a sudden. Giving me the ‘I’m sorry’ ‘baby she meant nothing’ ‘it was just an accident’ bullshit in person. I can’t fucking handle it Nash.” I said as I slid down the wall, putting my head in my hands.

“I gave my everything to you Nash, and it’s like it didn’t matter. You know I had such big plans for us. I dreamed of us getting married. On the beach somewhere cause that was always your favorite place to go. And then kids together. We always talked about having kids together when we were older. I was so sure we would be together forever. You promised we would, we discussed names all the time, and then you went and cheated on me Nash.”

“I’m sorry. You’ve gotta believe me.” He said sitting next to me and putting his hand on my knee.

“do you know what it’s like. For someone not to love you anymore? To love someone so much, and for them to feel nothing for you.” I sniffled.

“don’t say that. I loved you. It was an accident (y/n)”

“no. You don’t just ‘accidently’ cheat on someone you love.”

“I didn’t mean for any of this. You have to believe me.”

“After it first happened my life was hell. And then here I am 6 months later, finally happy and so in love. I finally found someone to pick up all those broken little pieces you left behind. Someone finally put me all back together and then you text me out of nowhere telling me you miss me. And then tonight? What the fuck was that bullshit?”

“honestly? What the hell Nash? ‘I’d like to thank her.’ ‘she always supported me’ ‘she was great’ damn right I supported you. Hell yeah I put up with your shit. That’s the kinda things you do when you love someone. You know, after our breakup, I never felt more insecure than I did. I thought I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t give you enough. But looking at it all now it was the other way.”

“You forgot my birthday, our anniversary, everything important. You just ‘oops, I forgot?’ really? You didn’t give a shit.”

“hey don’t  say that shit. You know damn well I gave an effort. You think it was easy? Touring and dating? Especially someone so clingy?”


“it happened once.”

“and was it worth it? Was that one time worth throwing everything we had away?” I asked, turning to look at him. His eyes saddened and he looked down.

“no.” he mumbled. “I regret it every day. I miss what we had. And I’d go back and change it all in a minute.”

“well, you can’t. you did what you did and you’ll have to live with that.” I said, getting up.

“wait.” He said, jumping up and grabbing my wrist.

“what Nash?”

“I just can’t watch you leave.”

“well you’re gonna have too. Like I sat back and watched you leave.” I pulled my wrist out of his grasp and turned to walk away.

“I didn’t leave you!” he yelled after me, causing me to stop in my tracks. I turned around and face him, my blood boiling.

“you didn’t leave? Really Nash?”

“I didn’t.”

“you did Nash. You left me all the time for tour, to go out with your boys, fan meet ups, parties, where girls were always all over you. You would leave me, alone at home on the couch to go out with the boys, or what about the time you literally left in the middle of dinner cause G had ‘something important’ to show you, but you ended up going to a party?”

“okay, yeah I did do that, and I realize that it was a shitty thing to do, but you keep pointing out everything I did wrong, but lets not forget about all the good things I did.”

“because none of that matters now Nash!”

“yes it does. Tell me. Has Beau left a trail of rose petals down the hall to the Jacuzzi tub with candles around it with your favorite sweet, chocolate covered strawberries on the side? Does he lay in bed with you when you’re on your period? Rub your stomach, get you ice cream, flaming hot Cheetos, chocolate anything?”

“nice try Nash, but he does, and so much more.” I said, going to walk away.

“wait.” He called out.

“Really? What now Nash?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“do you love him?” He asked. I looked in his eyes and they were full of sadness.

“yes. I do.”

“and he makes you happy?”

“everyday” I smile, just thinking of Beau.

Nash closes his eyes and takes a breath and I see him turn and walk away. I’m left standing there, more than confused. We went from fighting and yelling at each other and then he suddenly calms down and leaves?

Deciding to not let him leave me hanging again, like he did 9 months ago, I followed him, weaving in and out of people backstage. Unfortunately for me, I lost him in the crowd. I let out a huff, annoyed with him and this whole situation, and walked back out to my seat with Beau. We sat and talked while the rest of the show went on. I told him about what happened with Nash, and although he’s rarely ever serious, he was so helpful listening and giving me input.

At the end of the show, everyone cheered, and eventually people started to leave. Walking back out and stopping to talk to some fans and taking some pictures with them. On our way out though, we ran into Jack and Jack, and Beau and the boys stopped to talk to them.

In the middle of the conversation my attention was taken away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Nash?

“hey.” He said, avoiding eye contact.

“oh now you wanna talk?”

“listen, I came here to apologize. About earlier. I uh, didn’t mean to freak out like that. I just, I’m glad you’re happy. With Beau. Like, I’m glad you’re finally happy, and I really do wish you the best. I’m really sorry about everything.” He said.

“uh, thank you.” I smiled, a little shocked by the whole thing.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed my head. Then pulled away. We looked at each other and he just nodded.

“I’ll uh, hopefully see you around.” He said, turning and leaving with Skate.

Suddenly Beau wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into his side, kissing my temple while he talked with the Jacks about doing something together, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how content I was.

I got my closure. I got my answers. And here I am, happy as ever, with the love of my life, and I have my friends. It really couldn’t get any better.


rainy night

REQUEST: what if the reader goes to Sebastian’s place and it’s raining so she’s soaking wet, then seb gives her some of his clothes and while she’s getting dressed he’s looking at her so she gets really shy.

WARNINGS: Language. Little make out seshhhh.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you ever get in a funk and have NOTHING comes out?! because this has been me for like the past week and I had the perfect inspiration for this because it had been storming really hard but still – nothing. But anyway, it’s here and a little short! :( Also, Yellow by Coldplay was on repeat when this unfolded.


It was sprinkling on the way home. You two thought you would make it to your destination before it began to pour, but the clouds had other plans.

Two blocks away from Sebastian’s place the sky opened and it began to rain cats and dogs. You tried to cover yourself with your arms and hands, but it was no use. You hair was already soaking wet and your clothes were starting to stick onto your body.

“Let’s go back to my place!” Sebastian yelled, his forearm up against his forehead to shield the water from dripping into his eyes.

You nodded and literally ran back to the apartment building. The doorman stared at both of you as you ran inside the dry building. You looked at Sebastian as he stared at you too before bursting out into laughter.

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Sequel to Chemistry

Summary: Phil just hopes a box of heart shaped doughnuts can make his heart’s wish come true.

Word Count: 2,487

Warnings: some swear words, food

A/N: so sorry this took my so long! i wanted to write it to the best of my abilities! as always, tell me if i made a mistake or missed a warning

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Secret Agent! Luke (Part 3)



“You’re late.” Luke says as he opens the door to his bedroom.

You had desperately tried to look like you didn’t care. You had washed your face  to hide the fact you were crying but you traded your pyjama shorts for jeans. You tried to look presentable, but like you couldn’t be bothered. It was only Luke after all.

You roll your eyes and make sure he saw as you step inside and he closes the door behind you.

You look around his room and weren’t surprised at how messy it was. There were pairs of boxers strewn across the floor along with some of his t-shirts. There was an old chicken sandwich next to his computer and there were papers everywhere,  on the bed, on the floor and on his desk. His walls were a wild array of band posters and he  had a guitar propped against one corner.  You blushed, but didn’t know why. Somehow, this felt like you were invading his privacy and seeing a side of Luke you weren’t able to see. Otherwise, you pushed the feeling  down, as he pointed to his desk chair offering for you to sit down.

“Take a seat.” He says as he sits down on the edge of the bed.

You threw his jacket off the chair and the 3 books and 2-day-old chocolate bar that had been resting on  the seat.

“Jesus, would it kill you to clean once in a while?” you say as you sit down carefully.

”I will once you start cleaning up your act.”  Luke says choosing a few papers of his bed and examining them.

“What did I do now?”  you demanded crossing your arms in front of your chest.

“Nothing. You’re just annoying.” He says and you could swear you could see the ghost of a smile on his face.

You decided to ignore it, and say what you normally said when he pissed you off.


“Okay, so what do you think about it?”  Luke says putting his hands behind his head and lying down on his bed.

You tried desperately not to look at his lean stomach as his shirt inched higher up his chest.

“Think about what?” You ask as you mad eye contact with the chocolate bar.

He rolls his eyes before he answers you again.

“The case, you idiot. Have you not gone over it yet?”

Your stomach had that sinking feeling again.  Shit, you forgot to go over the material in your envelope after all that crying and emo-music listening.

“I, I haven’t gotten around to. ” Well, you couldn’t really lie and say you did.

“Basically,  this anti-FBI agency is planning to tear this institution to the ground.” Luke says as casually as he was telling  an amusing story to a friend.

“We have a limited amount of days before they start their “project.”, We’re supposed to find out who is responsible, stop them, uphold this agency’s name, and all that other shit.” He finishes tossing the papers aside. “So, I suggest our first order of business is to visit the enemy’s headquarters. See who’s behind this and what they’re up to, then we’ll report back with the details.”

“Sounds good, Lucas.” You say using his longer name, just to piss him off as you leaned back on your chair. “When do you want to go then?”

“Tonight.” He says standing up and grabbing his jacket from where you threw it on the floor, shaking off the dust and putting it on.  He grabbed his weapons belt from his desk behind you and attached it around his waist.

“Wait, tonight, tonight?” you ask confused as he tosses you your backpack from the side of the room and you catch it easily, slipping it on.

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” Luke says grabbing his student’s key from the dresser and slipping it into his pocket.

“I just, the new episode is out tonight,” you say referring to your new favorite TV show that you had been watching recently. You were looking forward to watching it if ever the meeting with Luke had somehow gone wrong, and you could just spend your time later laughing and eating ice cream out of the tub.

“Our institution, the one our ancestors have spent years building is on the line, and you’re worried about missing 1 episode of a TV show?” he says accusingly.

You open your mouth to answer, but he raises his hand shutting you up.

“Nevermind, don’t answer that.”  He says opening the door and locking it behind him as you exited.

You started off down the hallway, trying to keep up with his fast pace as his long legs easily navigated the corridors.

You were halfway to the exit, when  you felt the familiar pain starting  from the end of your stomach.  You swear your period always had the worst timing.

“Luke, Luke!” you shout. He was already halfway down the corridor, before he turned around.

“What?”  he says stopping in his tracks, turning to face you.

“ I need to go back to my room.” You say as you turned left and headed down to the girl’s rooms on the other side, and you heard Luke as he caught up to follow you now.

“Woah, did you forget your weapons or something?” Luke  grabs your arm stopping you and you swear you just wanted to punch him in the face.  “Because I have a spare gun in my bag.”

You removed your arm from his grip and continued walking. “ No, Luke. It’s not that.” You  say as you reached your door. “It’s my monthly.”

Luke’s face  was priceless as he scrunched up his nose.  “Carry on then .” he says. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“NO. Luke. You have to come in. They’ll wonder why you’re waiting outside at this time of night.”

“But I can’t, you know.” He says and you swear this was worth it just to see him squirm.

“There’s a door that closes in my bathroom, Luke. I don’t see what the big deal  is. Why don’t you grow a pair?” you say as you unlocked your door and headed inside.

He follows you in hesitantly and sits himself down on  the edge of your bed while you sorted your business out in the bathroom.

When you came back outside, Luke was on his feet looking at the pics of you and Calum above your desk.  It was from all  your previous assignments and you couldn’t help but grin  remembering them. Luke saw that you  came out and he hurriedly adjusts his belt awkwardly and looks at you.

“Ready to go?”

You grabbed some pain killers off your bedside table and a bottled water and slipped it inside your backpack.

“Ready.” You say unlocking the door and stepping outside, Luke trailing behind you.

Just then, Amanda came out of her room too with Samantha beside her. Both girls giggling and when they saw you and Luke, their eyes widened.

“Ooh, Y/N and Luke.” Samantha says giggling looking in between the both of you.

“ I never thought you would go for Luke, Y/N, I thought you had a thing for Calum.”

“Oh, we’re not, it’s not,” You tried to explain, but Amanda shushes you.

“O hush! We won’t say anything.”  Amanda says and she watches you and Luke both move past them towards the exit. “Have fun you two!” she shouted and the two girls giggled some more.

“Nerds.” Both you and Luke  say at the same time and you glance at  each other briefly. 

That’s the  first time you really looked at him, his blue eyes shining like the sun on the waves  at dawn, a small smile playing on his face. 

“We should get going.” he says and looks down again shyly, a hint of red grazing his cheeks. 

You nod, just to cut the tension that had been set and open the door leading outside, the night air washing over you, unprepared for the task ahead. 

 PART 4 

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  • Stevie: *using his hands as a megaphone* STEVEN GERRARD IS THE WORST CAPTAIN IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL!!
  • Stevie: oh shit...
A Chance at the Hidden Power. Pt.6

Words: 4.3K

Warning: Swearing and slight sexual things.

Summary: Its been a couple of days since Y/N woke up in Calum's body and Calum woke up in Y/N’s and thing take a turn for the worst. Thank you @lucidmalum for helping!

*Y/N’s POV*

“I don’t see why I have to come with you all,” I mumbled, pulling the sleeves of my (well Calum’s) Drop Dead hoodie over my hands and yanking the hood over so it nearly covered my face. Calum was walking right next to Michael, Michaels arm swung over his shoulder keeping them close together. Calum was smiling and agreeing with whatever he was talking about, slipping his arm around Mikes waist.

“Are you serious?” Michael asked, looking back at me as if I was stupid, “You’re the fucking bass player, of course you need to come with us. Without you, the band would basically be fucked. You and Ash create the rhythm and keep it going, the bassline is what guides us.” Luke and Ashton hummed in agreement with what Michael said, Calum smiling to himself with a light blush on his cheeks.

As I was about to say something we all stopped outside a modern yet old music shop, all sorts of acoustic and electric guitars in the window shop, records all hung on a silver thread from the ceiling and different parts of drum kits, with all the price tags on them.

“I do admit I’ve missed this place,” Ashton sighed in relief and walked into the shop with Luke and Michael following him. Calum let go of Mike’s waist but he didn’t notice it, he was too focused in Luke trying to trip him up. When the boys were in the shop, Calum looked at me and smiled, the blush on his (well my) cheeks even redder than before.

“Are you okay?” I asked worriedly, pulling my hands out of their sweater paws and grabbing his face gently, inspecting it to see if there were any tears. Calum shook his head and smiled small, before taking my hand and pulling me into the shop, our fingers interlaced. I quickly grabbed the camera over Calum’s shoulder, before it got smashed between the door and door frame, Calum thanked me before walking around the shop. I looked down at the camera in my hand and groaned, knowing Calum purposely left me with it to take the photos.

However, for some odd reason I felt safe around a shop like this, as I could see Michael sat on a stool setting up a Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar, his fingers playing around with the chords to tune it properly. A small smile appared on his face when he had tuned it properly, plugging the guitar into the amp and playing the first chords of ‘She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mudd’. I turned the camera one quickly, turning it on video mode (thankful that the quality was even better) and started to record Michael, his hand eye co-ordination absolutely perfect making it look like magic.

From the back of the shop, I could hear Luke singing the lyrics, his voice getting louder as he came closer and Michael started to join in singing. Luke squatted down in front of Michael and placed his hands on his knees, still singing. A smile washed over Luke’s bearded face as Michael got a bit more into singing, so Luke lowered his voice so everyone in the shop could hear Michael, and this was a silent encouragement from Luke to say 'Sing louder Mikey, show them what you’ve got’. Then came Ashton, sitting down on top of a drum box just a couple of feet away from Michael’s left. That when it all came together, but there was one thing missing; the bass.

Now I saw what Calum’s job in the band was really like, he kept up with Ashton and made the bassline go smoothly. The boys were all singing together, smiles on their faces and looking at me, waiting for me to join in. So I did (putting the camera on the shelf that held different drum sticks, so it was still recording us all )and I could see their eyes light up. We sang the song all the way through to the very end, pulling ugly faces at each other, Luke and I not having our instrument so we played them in the air.

'And she tore my feelings like I had none! She fucking hates me..’

Clapping was heard from behind Michael so we looked over to who it was, the smiles on the three boys faces fading when they saw who it was. Or rather, who it wasn’t.

The tall, porcelain skinned lad smirked, raising his perfectly shaped eyebrows at us. He was dark haired Luke look-a-like and I was hypnotised, his soft greyish green eyes scanning us all. He had a tight black button up on, hugging his biceps beautifully; he had his shirt sleeves rolled up three quarters of the way, his detailed tattoo sleeve on show. He had silver tunnels in his stretched ears, a black lip ring on the same side of his lip as Luke does and his curly hair hidden under a beanie. When he took a step forward his bulge was evident against his tight black, ripped jeans and it made my mouth water, thinking what it would be like if he became hard.

“Puddle of Mudd ay? Didn’t think people round here would know that band.” The lad spoke, his voice deep and husky, but had a hint of sweetness to it. Ashton squinted his eyes at the tall boy before standing up and putting the drum box where he got it.

“Luckily we aren’t from here then.” Luke spoke, a bit freaked out of how the boy looked so much like him. He smiled nervously an stood up, dusting himself off and holding his hand out.

“I’m Luke.”

“I’m Mason, my uncle owns the shop.” They both shook hands and started talking about the shop and how they always come here to buy their supplies when in LA, Michael was still a bit cautious of Mason but he joined in with the conversation. I grabbed the camera and stopped recording, making my way around the shop until I found Calum stood near some Vinyl’s, the lights from the bottom of each section holding the records shining on his face. A smile etched on his face when he pulled out a trippy looking record, looking around to see if the boys were near before skipping over to me and showing me the record.

“There’s this really hot lad talking to Lu-” I was cut off from my fangirl state as Calum turned to me.

“This is art.” He held he record out in front of us boh and I read the title of 'Headswim’.  “I grew up listening to this band and my dad always told me this record cover was fucking vintage.” Calum then grabbed my hand and yanked me to the section he got the record from before making me hold it in my arms.

“I’ve heard the music you listen to so I think you’ll like these bands.” He mumbled, flipping his black black waves out of his face. He pulled out a futher 12 records, tlling me about each band and what each song on he record was wrote about or who for.

“What were you saying before? About some lad talking to Luke?” Calum asked again, a curios look on his face.

“Oh yeah!” I snapped back to what I was saying, “He is fucking gorgeous! He made my mouth water and my heart beat faster, you HAVE to-” Once again I was cut off from what I was saying by a panting Luke.

“Oh thank god you’re with Y/N, Calum.” Luke spoke is a hushed whisper. He quickly came over to us and wrapped an arm around Calum, kissing the top of his head.

“What why?” I asked, worried in case something has happened to one of the boys.

“Nothing to worry about mate, Ashton and Mike don’t like the look or like the feelings they get around Mason so he asked me to come find Y/N. They don’t want Mason seducing Y/N only to break her heart.. or get her pregnant.” Luke spoke. Calum burst out laughing at what Luke said, not believing how protective all of the boys could get.

“Whats so funny?”

“I can do what I want thanks,” Calum laughed, “But I won’t, I’ll keep my legs shut for a little longer.” Luke gave Calum a funny look before walking away.

“I think he’s gorgeous.” I shrugged, Calum glared up at me before stomping off the the other section of records. I sighed and I felt a presence behind me, I turned round to be faced with Mason he smiled.

“Ello mate! I’m Mason, you must be Calum, right?” I nodded and he continued, “Right so I’ve met all the lads, but who is that bird over there?” He pointed over to Calum, a smirk on his face.

“O-oh! That’s Y/N, Ashtons little sister. When I say little, I mean a couple of years younger.” I chuckled, “I can introduce you if you want?” I asked, not waiting for a reply before walking over to Calum. Mason followed me and Calum looked up, a surprised look on his face when seeing the lad behind me.

“Shit bag this is Mason, Mason this is shit bag.” I smiled sarcastically, trying to keep up the act that we don’t want anything to do with each other. I placed all the records down with a quick 'You forgot these.’ and walked to the other side of the section, standing close enough to be able to hear their conversation. After Calum explaining that his name wasn’t 'Shit bag’ and that I was trying to wind him up, Mason just shook his head and laughed.

“It’s fine! I see you’re interested in rock? Didn’t know someone so beautiful would listen to something so raw.” He smiled down at Calum, looking through the records and CD’s he had picked up.

“Yeah.” Calum spoke, unaware of what Mason was saying; probably not giving a shit either.

“You know all the days I’ve been here I’ve never seen a girl as stunning as you come into this section, like you get the wanna be metal head girls but all they talk about is Nirvana and Biggie.” Mason said smiling, his dimples popping. Calum looked up at me and saw I was blushing because, well I’d never been called beautiful or stunning by anyone outside the band.

“Thanks. Although, smells like teen spirit is the best song of ya know, all time.” Calum sarcastically spoke, acting as if he were a girl who just listened to only that song and drank Starbucks. I glared at him and crossed my arms, to which he smirked at and went to a different section of music; Stone Rock. Mason rolled his eyes and groaned, going to walk away until I grabbed his arm.

“Hi sorry for Y/N she’s just really shy, she doesn’t really know people out of the band. She is surrounded by us sarcastic, mean fucks all day and every day so she doesn’t know what you’re saying is the truth.” I shrugged my shoulders, acting as if I couldn’t care less. “I mean, if you really wanna get somewhere with her, you could take her out on a date and see how it goes? She would love to get away from us lads.” Mason looked between me and Calum and nodded. He thanked me and walked after Calum, but I still followed. I hid behind some shelves that had different punk CD’s from different eras on and made a gap between them, so I could see and listen to their conversation.

However, my spy techniques didn’t go to plan when Calum looked up at the noise and saw me peeking, to which he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Y/N? I would really like to take you on a date sometime. Only if you want to of course?” I smiled looking at Calum with a big grin and nodding.

“Yeah I’d love to” he grumbled, sounding a bit more cheery than before. Calum gave Mason my phone from his bag and Mason put his number in.

“I’ll text you the details.” Mason winked at Cal. Once he walked away Calum made puking noises as I hit him on the head, but Calum made the noises even more. Unfortunately for me, Luke saw and was tearing my hand away from Calum before we even register what was happened and had me pinned up against the CD rack. I looked at him as cooly as I could, a bored expression on my face and he was glaring at me even more.

“If you fucking touch her again Calum, I will rip your dick off and make you eat it with fucking noodles.” He snarled, his nostrils flaring and his eyes darkening. Calum was stood behind Luke smiling slyly and walked over to him, stroking up his back and squeezing his ass in both hands.

“Lukey?” he whined, I felt Luke’s hand loosen as he let go of me and turned round to face Calum. Calum stood up on his tiptoes and nuzzled his face into Luke’s neck, putting his arms around his neck then running his hands over his chest, his acrylic nails causing goose bumps on Luke’s skin. He pulled the shocked yet lustful Luke down a bit, brushing his lips over Luke’s and licking his lip ring before planting a hot opened mouth kissed over the piercing. Calum’s glossy lips made a trail when he pulled back, which connected Luke’s bottom lip to Calum’s top lip. I stood there, shocked to the bone at what Calum was doing and how Luke was reacting, surely he should have some sense?!

Calum knew I would never go there with Luke and what he was doing was crossing the line. Luke let out a shaky breath and Calum smirked and looked down at Calum with such a burning desire, you could feel the heat between them. It started to scare me how much Calum was hypnotising him, how Luke’s gripped tightened on Calum’s bare waist and pulled them closer to each other. Calum’s fingers were tugging on the curls at the back of Luke’s head, leaning forward and gently pressing his lips against Luke’s. I couldn’t let this happen, so I pulled on Luke’s shirt harshly and stood in between them, my chest puffed out and glaring at Luke; if look’s could kill. Luke shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, pulling on it with stress.

“Y/N shit man, dont do that” Luke laughing nervously, backing away from me and walked away once again.

“What the fuck was that for?” I growled at him, looking down at the smirking Calum.

“I can do what I want.” He smirked, popping his hip out and crossing his arms so his (MY) boobs looked bigger than they already were. I shrugged, quickly thinking of pay back and chuckled, walking away from Calum.

If he wanted to play a game, I’ll give him a game that will be never ending for him. I searched the shop for Michael and he was still sat down playing with the same guitar he was before. I walked over to him smiling, he gave me a light smile as I got on my knees in front of him (taking the guitar away from him and putting it on the floor), running my hands up his thighs and body as he looked at me weirdly but I just grinned.

“Mikey..” I whimpered. Michaels eyes widened and his head tilted to the side as he raised an eyebrow. I leant forward and crashed my lips on his, he didn’t pull away for a good couple of seconds but when I moaned, he tried to get a grip of my shoulders and push me away. He wasn’t pushing desperately which was surprising and I tilted my head sideways but before Mike could react in any way, I felt a hand pulling on my hoodie to get me off Michael.

Michael sat still, his cheeks red in confusion, anger or shock whilst I heard grumbling from the person who pulled us apart. When we walked out of the shop I laughed even harder when I noticed there were over 15 wide eyed, cute smiling fans with their phones out, probably having videos and photos of what just happened. Michael whimpered embarrassingly and hid his face in Luke’s arm, making us all laugh; the fans cooed over him, still recording us.

“Guys nothing is going on with any of us!” Michael whined when one of the fans asked if we were all secretly dating each other (“Speak for yourself Mikey.” Luke winked playfully, “Guys! Muke are showing their fondness again!” A tall red haired squealed.) as we walked out the shop.

“For fucks sake I’m not gay!” Calum muttered slapping my arm before stomping a head of us all.  I laughed evilly and caught up with him, the boys following.

Once we got back to our LA house, we started to get ready as the boys had an interview, which had just been arranged a couple of hours before. We all had our own rooms, set to our styles and Calum’s room was pretty impressive. The large room had a large white bed with black and white pillows with a black side table and a large wardrobe which had a mirror on the front of it, he probably got this wardrobe so he could fuck all his groupies in front of it. If I was going to be in Calum’s body then I had to at least try and be him, so I got dressed in an oversized green jacket with a tight long sleeved top underneath, a new pair of skinny jeans that made my thighs look divine and arse perky. I also pulled out his old scruffy army boots which gave his look more punk like character. When I heard the boys slamming their room doors, I knew it was time to go. I opened my door and at the same time Michael walked past my room.

“Dude you know earlier and you kissed me?” Michael asked, not looking up from his phone.

“Yeah, sorry about that mate it was a dare; I lost an 'Odds On’ with Y/N.” I chuckled, checking my pockets to see if I had everything.

“Nah its good, just don’t fucking do that again!” He laughed, playfully pushing me, “C'mon, lets go!”

Me and Michael both walked to the car talking about some random shit, and how the last time we were here Ashton nearly broke his nose which made our bellies hurt with laughter. We hopped into the back and we were off to the radio station for our interview, I was thankful that Ash had taken Calum and Luke there before us, otherwise we’d be arguing over the space. I was just hoping that Calum wasn’t causing to much attention that would bring a reputation to myself later on.

Outside the radio station, Ashton and Luke were taking photos with fans and Calum was there strutting around in a way too tight black body suit and a mini beige suede skirt, his make-up totally over done yet sassy. I groaned in frustration as the black body suit was too small for my boobs so it ended up pushing them out every second, Calum giggling like a school girl when he nip slipped. I walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him into my body so we were chest to chest.

“What the fuck do you think your wearing?” I growled.

Well I’m acting like the little slut you are, since I am in your body.” He said getting out of my grip and wiggling his hips. He walked over to the studio doors doing a twirl, the mini suede skirt rising up which showed my whole ass, the body suit making it look peachier than normal. The skirt raised so much that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wearing any panties with the body suit; fucking great. He opened the door and walked inside with Michael and me following, Luke drooling every time he looked at Calum whilst Ashton paid more attention to the person who was taking us to the studio. I took off the green jacket I had on and wrapped it around Calum, pulling him into me.

“Get the fuck off me.” Calum whined, struggling in my grip as I saw Michael tense and look at me. I sighed letting go as Calum smiled victoriously. Michael picked up the jacket and shrugged before putting it on himself, his snapback nearly getting knocked off.

This wasn’t making me sad anymore, it was making me fucking angry, how dare he do that. He’s using my friends against me all because of something he did. I was getting pissed off and I wanted revenge badly and I was gonna get it. We gotten into the interview room and Calum took his seat backstage as we walked onto the set. I shook the interviewers hand and took a seat in-between Michael and Ashton.

“Hello and welcome to the show, today we have 5 seconds of summer with us!” The interview said, they boys all said hi and I just sat there, acting as if I had somewhere better to be. The interview went on and I was acting like a prick throughout, since thats what Calum is. The interviewer would ask me questions and I’d either give them one worded answers or just look at Ashton, scoffing at the questions as if to say 'jeez, what makes you think you can talk to me’.

Calum was all over the sound guy and he smiled at me when the sound guy started whispering in his ear. When the interview was over I was beyond angry with how Calum was acting and each time he did something to annoy me I would do or say something more harsh during the interview which made Calum act out again; it went like this for the rest of the interview.

Before we got into the cars to go home, I nipped to the bathroom and locked the doors, pulling down my pants. Somehow Calum’s dick was semi-hard so I shut my eyes reached down, grasping hold of his dick. It felt super weird but a thrill ran up my body and to my stomach.

I pumped it a couple of times and got out my phone, trying to hold back the moans for more contact. I took a quick mirror selfie, making sure it clearly showed Calum’s dick and his sun kissed skin, along with his tattoos. I made sure not to show his face though, I’m not that mean even though people will know who’s this nude is by the end of today.

I logged into my twitter fan account for 5SOS and posted the picture tagging Calum and using as many hashtags I could. I pulled up my pants up with a smirk and walked out of the bathroom. Calum was stood outside of the car with an unlit cigarette in between his fingers and his phone in his other hand, a shocked expression on his face.

“What did you just do..” He whispered looking at me and shaking his head, his eyes wide with anger. I looked at my phone and my fan account notifs where going crazy, my followers going up by the hundreds per minute.

“Keep playing with fire and you’re gonna get burnt.” I laughed walking past Calum and into the taxi.

When we arrived back at our home and Calum stormed into the house and straight into Michaels room, the boys confused as to why he was in a bad mood. Instead of fussing they just shrugged it off and went into the living room, turning on the PS4 and ordering pizza and Chinese from the nearest take-outs. Michael put fifa in and asked me to play but I told him it would be best if I go and see what’s up with Calum if no one else will, of course the boys were sceptical about it but flinched and shooed me away when they heard angry screaming and loud banging noises.

I walked up the stairs and checked in Michaels room but Calum wasn’t in there, but the groans and angry screams were coming from the bathroom so I just left Calum alone and walked into my room, sighing and falling back on the bed. After 10 minutes I heard the door open and shuffling, when I looked up Calum was in the room carrying all his suitcases and belongings.

“What are you doing?” I asked staring at Calum as if he were insane when he fell back on the bed next to me.

“I’m not staying with Michael, he likes cuddles in the morning and that boy is like a furnace when he’s in bed.” Calum shrugged, which was true and the reason why no one ever shared a bed with him.

“So I’m staying in my room.” Calum said standing back up and tugging the suitcase to the large mirror. He opened the wardrobe and grabbed my clothes chucking them in, not caring that they made a mess.

“What about me?” I sat up on my elbows, looking at Calum who was stood in front of me with his hands on his hips.

“Looks like we’re going to have to share” Calum smiled, almost sarcastically. Before I could protest Michael shouted from downstairs making me and Calum run as fast as we could to see what had happened.

“Look at this Calum! Pictures of you sticking your tongue down my throat because you couldn’t resist me are all over the internet!” Michael moaned, shoving his phone in my face, “They didn’t even get my best side!” But Michael was wrong. The pictures taken looked as if Michael was pulling me closer, both of our heads tilted slighted as if we were ready to step up the notch and have a hard core make out session.

“You still aren’t complaining though.” I winked which caused me to get a slap around the head from Michael and Calum.

anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all I just want to tell you that I love your blog! >w< <3 Your stories are so beautiful! *-* Ok, so I was reading the scenario where their s/o dies and then stays for 10 years to remind them that nothing was their fault. Could I have an scenario about the fight they had how they find out that their s/o died afterwards? And could you add Kagami on this one? Thank you!

Sequel: http://wildandfreeoftheworld.tumblr.com/post/119176391048/hey-i-love-your-blog-and-im-so-happy-to-have

Hi, thanks anon-chan! <3 I hope I interpreted your ask correctly! If not, you can always send another one! <3 Do enjoy this!


Aomine was late again. You stared morosely at the dinner you had set up elaborately and tried not to let the tears escape. Aho-mine! Standing up with a growl, you took all the dishes and dumped the food into the dustbin almost vengefully. A mixture of hurt and anger was swirling in you and it was almost too painful to even cry. You thought he would remember that it was your anniversary. You even texted for him to come home earlier but he forgot, didn’t he? Just as you were washing the dishes, the door opened and Aomine silently crept in. You turned around, rage seething on your face. When he came into the kitchen, he did a double take at your expression and held up his hands in a ‘I surrender so you need to calm down’ motion.
“Where were you?” You asked icily.
He winced before answering.
“Kagami and Tetsu invited me to ball with them.”
Upon hearing that, a laugh escaped you. Basketball? That was what was much more important than you?
“I should have known,” you shook your head, turning back to the dishes.
Tears were already slipping down your cheeks and blurring your vision as you scrubbed viciously at the crockery.
“Baby. I am sorry I didn’t come home early but you don’t need to be so mad,” he placated.
“It was our anniversary!” Your voice cracked as you raised it.
You heard his astounded gasp and he wrapped an arm around your waist.
“I am sorry I forgot,” he whispered.
You turned around, pushed him away and wiped your tears with the back of your hand.
“You forgot? How many time have you forgotten about me just this month alone?” You were close to screaming, only hindered by the fact that you were sobbing violently.
“I just forgot! There is no need to get this worked up!” He defended himself, taking a step back.
“Worked up? You think I have no reason to be worked up? I cooked so many dishes for you, cut myself countless times and now I have dumped it all away because. Of. You!” You jabbed a finger in his direction, anger fueling your words.
All filters were off as both of you glared at each other. The tension was thick enough to be cut with a knife until he broke it.
“It’s nothing. I just forgot. You are making a big deal out of nothing,” he hissed.
Your jaw clenched when you heard those words.
“You know what? I am done. Fuck you and your stupid shit. I am done.”
After saying that, you brushed past him and ran out of your house. He did not stop you and you didn’t stop. Not until it was too late. The headlights of a car blinded you just seconds before it all ended.

Akashi had told you that he would not be home early as he was finishing up work in his office so why do you still feel so empty? You pulled a blanket up to your chin, taking in deep breaths to stop your sudden sadness. Ever since he took over the company a year ago, he hasn’t been accompanying you at all. He leaves home before you wake up and comes home when you are asleep. He doesn’t even return home sometimes. For the first few months, he would promise to make it up to you but he never did. Work always came before everything. Even your birthday and your anniversaries. You were sick and tired of all the broken promises and his absence in your life. You feel like you never see him anymore. An hour passed with you sitting alone in silence. Then two and three ticked by. It was almost 3 a.m. when the front door finally opened and Akashi walked in while loosening his tie.

“You are finally back?” your tone was clipped.

You hated yourself for this surge of insecurity but seeing him just stroll in while you were torturing yourself made a dam break in you. Akashi turned around at the sound of your voice, clearly surprised.

“You are still up?”

“I was waiting for you.”

“I told you I would be back late. You shouldn’t have waited,” he replied, walking past you.

“Do you still love me?”

The question stopped him in his tracks and he looked at you with an incredulous expression on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

You stood up to face him, tears brimming in your eyes.

“Do you still love me, Seijuro?”

He raked a hand through his hair, looking exasperated.

“What’s wrong now? What brought this on? It’s late and I am tired. Can we not do this?”

His words were like sharp knives to your chest and you exploded.

“If we don’t do this now, we will never do it again! Do you know how many times I have seen you this year? Twice! Once on your mother’s anniversary and today! What have I done wrong? Am I so unimportant?”

Emotion was taking hold of you as you raised your voice, staring him straight in the eyes. His eyes turned cold as he stared back at you.

“You know that I was managing the company. I was…”

“Everything is so much more important than me and I am sick and tired of it,” you interrupted.

“You are being unreasonable,” his voice turned upset and you could sense the chill as he spoke.

The chasm between the both of you was widening and there was nothing you could do to stop it.

You laughed dryly and shook your head slowly as you took a step back.

“Unbelievable. You are unbelievable.”

Your heart took over logic at that moment and you ran out of the door. Reaching a hand up to your cheeks, you realized that it came away wet. You were finally crying. Without even thinking, you dashed across the dark road.

Blaring horns, shining lights and loud shouting were the last thing that ever made sense to you.


“I will be out with the guys tonight. Aomine-kun asked for a basketball session.”

The text was simple and short, the way Kuroko always wrote them. You closed your eyes when you received the message, sighing as you sank back into the sofa. It was your birthday and you cannot believe he had actually forgot about it. Nigou came over at this point, snuffling his wet nose at your ankle. Reaching down with a sad smile, you ruffled his head.

“Thanks, Nigou. You are the only one who remembered,” you laughed as the dog looked up at you with his wide baby blues that reminded you so much of Kuroko.

Carrying him into your arms, you snuggled with Nigou and accidentally fell asleep. When you finally woke up with a crick in your neck, you glanced at the time.

11.48 p.m.

Kuroko wasn’t home yet and somehow that fact wormed into your heart and made a crack. Nigou had squirmed his way out of your arms when you were sleeping and when you woke, he trotted to you with the leash in his mouth.

“You want to go out?” you asked softly, patting his head.

He gave a little whine and nodded. You quickly looped the leash around his neck and just as you stood up, the door opened. Kuroko walked in while carrying a basketball under his arm.

“Hi, I am home,” he said, placing the basketball down and walking past you.

“Did you forget?” your voice rang out clearly and he stopped in his tracks.

“Forget? Forget what?” He asked, a confused look on his face.

“You did. Is basketball so important?” you asked, unable to help the hurt that is shown clearly in your expression.

“(f/n)-chan, what are you talking about?” he made no move to approach you, simply standing there looking confused.

“You know what? Fine. It’s okay. I expected you to forget my birthday anyway.”

His eyes widened as you spilt the information and he took a step towards you. You held your hand out, stopping him.

“No. Don’t.”

Without another look at him, you grabbed Nigou and stormed out of the house. In your rage, you ignored the red man and crossed the road. A warning loud horn alerted you of the car but it was too late by then.

All too late.


“Oha Asa says that our signs are not compatible tomorrow so I can’t be around you tomorrow,” Midorima said between chews.

Your head shot up, an incredulous expression on your face.

“Excuse me? You promised me that we are going out on a date tomorrow. You were the one who promised me? Don’t tell me you are going to ditch me just because of Oha Asa.”

“Of course I am following Oha Asa. It is always right,” he frowned, looking at you.

Anger boiled up in you at that statement and you stood up, pushing your chair back harshly.

“Oha Asa. Is that all you can think of? How am I less important than some… horoscope telling program?”

He placed his fork down almost impatiently and looked up at you, almost like he was pacifying a young child throwing a tantrum.

“I thought you understood how important Oha Asa is to me.”

You gave an unbelievable shake of your head.

“Okay, just answer me this. Are you going on the date with me tomorrow or not?”

“I told you I can’t be with you tomorrow already.”

Your jaw clenched at his answer and you took a step towards the door.

“Fine. Oha Asa says we are not compatible at all so fuck off, Shintaro,” you hissed before running out of the door.

You ran out of the house without heeding the traffic and by the time you noticed the car that was rushing headlong for you, it was too late for regrets.


You were poring over the travel brochures when Kise walked in.

“(f/n)-cchi, I have something to tell you,” he stated.

You looked up at him, grinning until you saw his serious expression.

“Yes, Kise?” you asked, turning your full attention onto him.

“I can’t go on the trip with you anymore. The company said that I have to go to some overseas event on the same day.”

The moment you heard that, your happy mood crashed and you frowned down at your brochures.

“But we have planned this for so long,” you whined.

“Yeah, I got this information last minute,” he sighed.

“Can’t you not go? I really want to go on this trip with you,” you pleaded.

“I can’t. This is crucial to my work and… I am sorry.”

Your eyes brimmed over with tears and you wiped them away awkwardly.

“Can’t you just go with me once? This is really important to me too.”

“Can you stop being selfish? I told you this event is crucial to me,” he suddenly snapped and you looked up at him in shock.

You scrambled to your feet, hurt overflowing.

“Fine! Baka Kise! Baka!” you shouted before rushing out the door and into the chilly night.

Before you even had time to react, a car started sounding its horn really loudly and just as you stood there, it came skidding towards you. You didn’t even have time to scream before it all ended.


You stared at the sweets you have made and sighed, burying your head in your hands. Today was both of your anniversary and you had wanted to end it off by spoiling Murasakibara with all the sweets you have made for him. Before you could wallow in your sorrow, the front door opened and the purple headed titan walked in.

“Ne, (f/n)-chin,” he said as a form of greeting, his hand in a chip bag.

“Where did you go, Mukkun?” you asked, irritation clear in your tone.

“Huh? I went to buy some chilli chips from the other town,” he replied, eyes zoning in on the sweets on the table.

“Did you forget about our anniversary? I told you to come back early today,” you huffed exasperatedly.

He wasn’t taking you seriously at all when he sat down at the table and began sampling all the sweets.

“Uh, it is not that important,” he drawled, stuffing a piece of cake into his mouth.

“Not important? Am I not important to you anymore?” you demanded, anger fueling your actions.

He looked up at you, shocked at your response.

“What are you talking about? Stop bothering me, (f/n)-chin.”

Tears spilled over your cheeks when you heard that.

“Fine. I get it. Fine. Enjoy your sweets, Mukkun,” you spat bitterly before storming out of the door.

You rubbed at your cheeks roughly before running straight with no regard for where you were going. By the time you noticed that something was wrong, the car was already headed straight for you.


Kagami, where are you?” you asked, hand on the phone.

He was still not home despite your various pleading messages for him to be home early throughout the day.

“Huh? I am playing ball with Aomine-kun,” he replied.

The answer somehow made you clench your fist in irritation.

“Playing basketball? Have you forgotten about me asking you to come home early? I prepared dinner!”

“Just put it in the fridge. I can heat it up myself later,” he said nonchalantly.

“Heat it up? I want to eat it with you! What is wrong with you? I told you to come home early already!” you hissed.

“Why are you so mad? This is not a big matter and you are blowing it out of proportion,” he sounded annoyed and you could almost see his bushy eyebrows coming together in a frown.

“Fine! You can eat your stupid basketball along with Aomine! Have fun playing your stupid basketball!” you huffed before you ended the call.

You were seething with rage as you stomped towards the door and yanked it open. Slamming it close satisfied a tiny bit of the anger but it wasn’t enough. Before you could finish locking the door, the most horrible screeching sound came from behind you. Your eyes widened as you quickly turned around just in time to see a car skidding towards you. It all went dark.

Why Kickstarter Matters: The Veronica Mars Story

Disclaimer: Some part of this post is conjecture, though based on facts and experiences.

So the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter hit its goal in 12 hours. That is amazing, considering the comparably small fanbase during the show’s peak. VM was always the story about the underdog, and the show’s resurrection via Kickstarter is a nice parallel to our favorite scrappy private eye.

Why does the Kickstarter matter? Why can’t Kristen Bell give her When in Rome Fuck You Money to the project and fund it herself?

The short answer is: Warner Bros. wouldn’t allow them to have the rights. When a TV show is sold to a studio, all characters are essentially property of that company. Look at Community, where they ousted the creator and did whatever they wanted. In my opinion, the Kickstarter wasn’t just about the financing of the film, it was to show the execs at WB that yes, after six years, people still care!

It’s not enough to have a very intense fanbase. Serenity did not make back its budget at all, and when you factor in prints and advertising costs, then it really came nowhere close. You can understand WB’s unease with a project like this.

In working as a distributor, WB is likely to spend at least an additional $2 million on distributing the film (includes advertising, spending the money to send the film to all the theaters, DVD/Blu-Ray releases, etc.) so they want to make sure their money can be recouped– that there is interest in a film like this being made. Considering the outpouring of support the Kickstarter got today, it’s pretty obvious that there is.

I doubt Rob Thomas got paid to write the feature script, and I would assume that the entire cast and crew will be working on day rates (guild minimums). Most of the film’s budget will go towards craft services, insurance, locations, and other things along those lines. I really do think everyone will be doing this movie out of love for the characters.

Also, for those people that are saying a movie can’t be done for $2 million and look good, check out Celeste and Jesse Forever. That was done for $840k. Smashed is another good example. Its budget was $500k and it looks really great.

TL;DR: The Kickstarter campaign not just raised funds for the film, but it proves that there is interest in a project like this, and that’s why it matters. 

Plastic Spoons - CrissColfer Drabble

Title: Plastic Spoons
Author: Kbvibes
Wordcount: 1010
Rating: Mature
Pairing(s): Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
Genre: Humor, Mild Angst
Warning(s): Sexual Conversation
Notes: I was asked to write a thing and so I did. Based upon the Elvis Duran interview this morning.

When you suffer from chronic insomnia, a ringing phone at 6:16 in the morning is a fresh hell that even Dante wasn’t a twisted enough of a fucker to dream up. Chris treats his pillow to a few choice expletives before sitting up, preparing to grouch out whoever dares. Unless it’s his dad, of course.

But… Oh.

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anonymous asked:


I suck at remembering birthdays.  Thank God for Facebook telling me or I would never remember.

Here ya go anon!

Prompt was:   “But you do realize that my birthday was last week, right?”

In the year and a half that you and Niall had been dating, the two of you probably spent more time giving each other shit than giving each other orgasms.  And considering the amount of sex the two of you had, that was saying something.

But that was just how you were.  Rarely did the chance to burn the other ever go by unnoticed.  

So when he forgot your birthday, you decided to let it go to see how long it would be until he remembered.

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anonymous asked:


Okay hold on this is ~golden~ ok, this may be my favorite ‘anon’ like ever. While you made sure to include Crusty in your list of what you are trying to demand from me, you forgot to uh… ✓ the anon box boo.

Hold on I honestly need to share this with some people I mean I’m literally cracking up over here my roommate kept looking at me funny @stilettobandit@darwinquark@bonneibennett@bamoninloveforeverandalways@beyonceofmysticfallswhat is this shit i’m dying they forgot to click anon

Ard ard ard I am going to respond hold on

I have two responses to this, one I’m sending directly to your inbox and it’s a response to what you had to say, and then the one on here that anyone can read.

You know that you were being a bogus ass bum by coming in my inbox with your caps lock stuck demanding me to do any kind of shit, other wise you wouldn’t have tried to anonymously say that shit.

Here’s some real advice for you and anyone else who leaves messages like this. Don’t continue to do that anon shit, it’s not cute. If you have something you need to say, and it was obviously a need since you went and found my blog and then left not one but two asks in my inbox about it, stay by your shit. Be open about your dumb ass comments and questions. What are you afraid of?

Are you scared I’m going to post it and expose your ridiculousness to the world? Because I wouldn’t. Lmao I am now, but that’s just because you tried to leave an anon in my inbox, so I’ma treat you like an anon.

But otherwise, I prefer to have my conversations and debates and whatever else privately. No seriously, sometimes people leave messages saying they have a problem with the things I say (I apparently give too less of a fuck to think about what fangirl’s feelings I may be hurting when I post something) and I have conversations with them. I love that shit and have more respect for those who do it off anon.

Find the balls to leave a message in my inbox like a real ass boss as bitch and then come at me so we can hash this out like grown ass people. At least when I tell you all the ways you are wrong, I can say it to your face.

Or Dylan O’Brien’s face but you get my point.

Ten Steps to Planning a Successful Wedding (and How to Ignore Every Single One of Them)

part 2/5 (part 1)
aka idrathersleepforever​’s prompt from this post: “i’m your wedding planner, but i’m also falling in love with you”
pairing: micheoff (and obviously, references to michael/original male character)
rating: currently t but will rise in later chapters
no content warnings
on ao3

(“You really like him,” Jack notes one night, breaking into Geoff’s story about Michael’s latest game-related rage. He’s got that look he gets sometimes that makes Geoff feel like a pinned butterfly underneath a magnifying glass.

And of course Jack doesn’t mean it like that, he can’t mean it that way, but it’s all Geoff can think about. It’s all Geoff can think about all the time lately. “Yeah,” he says, feeling a little helpless, a little blindsided. “Yeah, I do.”

But it’s fine.)

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