i had other scenes in mind but they were like 0.2 seconds

His || Jungkook  || 0.11

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Jungkook’s POV - Starts after the scene where Seokjin had told Y/N about them being werewolves.

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One-Life Stand 💫 Jungkook [0.8]

🛏 Pairing : Jeon Jungkook x Reader

🛏 Genre : Fluff, Mild angst

🛏 Warnings : none for this part

🛏 Synopsis : Getting attracted to your long-time best friend, is something classical. Having a one-night stand with him though, is something alarming. While you get scared of your feelings and try to forget about it with the sake of your friendship as an excuse, Jeon Jungkook finally opens his eyes on his own and gets determined to turn this one-night thing into a real relationship.

0.1 || 0.2 || 0.3 || 0.4 || 0.5 || 0.6 || 0.7 || 0.8 || 0.9 || 1 [END]

🛏 A/N : Only two parts left after this one… We’re approaching the pit guys, and as I told you, more angst is coming…! This part includes the very first scene I had in mind for these series, I’m so happy I finally get to post it hahaha

Thank you for reading again and again ♥



Dining with Mingyu? Seriously?

The afternoon had come so fast, so had the evening in your company – as quiet as it had been in the library –  and Jungkook hadn’t even had the time to savor your perfume or admire your traits to the fullest that you already were fleeing away to meet the Charming Prince. Your best friend pierced your frame with his gaze until you disappeared behind the doors, and he sighed. How come everything was going so wrong between the both of you? Why couldn’t you see how sincere he was? Why were you ignoring him? Did you really not like him?

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