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Summary : A wonderful Negan!Smut my amazing friend @milkwede co-wrote with me.

Pairing : Negan x Reader

Warning : Smut, smut, smut, mentions of public sex, Dom!Negan… sort of?

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Sunshine cracked through the curtains of your room, causing you to awaken at the warmth and light that shone down on your face. Once you were fully awake and able to see your surroundings clearly, you notice Negan, your boyfriend, wasn’t beside you to greet you with a morning kiss as usual but instead, there was a note that read:

Babygirl, I’ll be meeting with the other men today to determine what happens next, what we need, blah blah fucking blah. You know where to find me if you need anything at all.. Anything.

You roll back over onto the bed and begin to think about the first day you arrived here to your new home, images flashing through your mind of the steamy night you two shared together.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, so one of your untagged posts that I was curious about had two boys kissing and a quote about "i don't swing" ~ "only want you." The account it was reblogged from is deactivated, so that was a dead end. I tried googling the quote and got a book called Foxhole Court but nothing about it ever being filmed. See, this is what happens when you watch too much Skam. I'm now addicted to cute boys kissing. I saw pics of my former ship the other day and I'm like, "Yuck! Heteros."

hahahhahahahahhahahaha i just snorted out laughing. skam does tend to ruin everything else doesn’t it? it’s so so so good.

I hate to break your heart, anon. But I’m afraid that the thing i reblogged is The Foxhole Court and because God hates us, it has never been made into a movie. But have you read the series? It’s amazing- so full of action and character development holy shit. And of course, a touch of… romance? If you can call it that? Andrew (the blonde in the manip) sure wouldn’t :P

The reblog was just a pretty damn great manip of it’s scenes. I’m afraid i don’t know where the creator actually got the images from :( :(