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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Jeffrey Dahmer-Every false myth

Since I’ve noticed there are many false information, photos and myths about Jeffrey Dahmer, I decided to make this post to say the truth about ALL these things. Write me if you want to add other myths or if you have any doubts!

Childhood and Adolescence

1. The “Child with a cat” photo

I think almost everyone has seen this picture of “Jeffrey Dahmer as a child” many times. As I’ve already said, the kid in the picture IS NOT him: taking a look at the pictures in Lionel Dahmer’s book, A father’s story, we can clearly see that the two children are very different!

So, who is the child with the cat? He’s Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer. The facial features are really similar.

2. Jeff liked torturing and killing animals

A huge number of famous murderers used to kill and torture animals as children, and then torture and kill people as adults. Jeff liked seeing what there was inside a body, but he never killed alive animals: he found dead racoons and squirrels on country roads, and he cut them to see their guts. In My friend Dahmer there’s a part when Derf talks about an episode who happened when Jeff was a teenager: he went fishing and when he captured a small fish he stabbed it to death to see his intestines. I think it is just a fictional episode, because Derf didn’t see it with his own eyes.

3. Jeff was abused by his neighbor/his own father

Child abuse is another thing which is really common in serial killers, such as Aileen Wuornos, and many sites/books report that a neighbor or Lionel abused Jeffrey when he was a child, but this isn’t true. In an interview Jeff said that he was never abused in his childhood.

4. The “snow bong” photo

“Ladies and gentlemen, Jeffrey Dahmer with a snow bong!”. Ah ah, this would be really funny if it was real. I don’t know who is the guy in the picture, and when this legend started, but he isn’t Jeff. He doesn’t even look like him!

Life and homicides

5. Jeff’s IQ

Many people here claim that Dahmer’s IQ was 145: an high intelligence quotient is a common trait in murderers. But Jeff wasn’t so smart: his IQ was 117 (source: The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer), the average number is 100-110.

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Whenever I thought of Anton Yelchin, this was the image that came to mind first. He was such a gentle and sweet soul.

Rest in peace Anton, we’ll never forget you. ;__;

Little witch (Part 7)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 1 897

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I am so so sorry I’m posting it so late and that this part is so short. I promise to post the next tomorrow morning or at the evening and I’ll try to make it much more interesting ♥ Please tell me what you think and Enjoy :3

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6

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“I’ve never thought superheroes can be that-”

“Wild.”, the two teenagers stood at the door of the living room. They had come in the tower after midnight but the people had been still parting hard. Peter and (Y/N) had spent some hours in Peter’s room talking about their past and telling each other jokes until (Y/N) had fallen asleep and Pete had moved her to her room.

“This will take ages to clean.”, the witch complained while looking at the confetti, napkins, glasses, empty bottles on the floor. There was even a spot on the carpet of wine and two others of whiskey or vodka.

“Do not worry Mrs (Y/L/N) and Mr Parker. I usually clean after the parties.”, a deep voice spoke from somewhere. It was Jarvis. At the beginning (Y/N) always jumped at the sound but after some weekends she got kind of used to it. Jarvis was like a friend to her, always helping if had gotten lost or was searching for something.

“No, Jarvis. We will do it this time.”, (Y/N) spoke and asked for some sacks where they could put all the rubbish.

“Yeah, it’s not a problem. Besides that, we’ll spent some time together.”, as Peter said those words, both him and (Y/N) blushed. Last night had changed their relationship. They were more confident around each other, showed how much they admired the other. Yes, it sounded odd. To change your attitude towards somebody just for five or six hours you had spent together. That had surprised and scared our well-known little witch. The past month was like the first years of a baby. She felt to so many things in such a short period that it was hard for her to perceive what had happened. Lately, she had decided just to feel everything rather than rationalizing it.

“I’ve wanted to ask you something since you told us your story. But I’ve never felt comfortable with it…I-um…will it be okay for you to talk about your scar?”, Peter questioned the girl as he put two empty bottles of Jack Daniels in the sack. (Y/N) was slightly surprised by the question. She had never thought somebody would be that interested in it.

“Yeah, go on.”

“Are you ashamed of it?”, the girl froze for a moment. Why would he ask such a thing!? (Y/N) turned around looking at the boy. She met his eyes and saw pure interest and soon regret as he saw her reaction, “I’m sorry, I-I shouldn’t have as-asked that. Forge-forget about it.”, Peter stuttered and turn around shamefaced.

“No, no. It just surprised me. I don’t understand why you would ask me that.”

“I’ve seen you covering it almost all the time but simultaneously you don’t act as though you care if somebody will see it or not. ”

“Oh.”, she exclaimed, “No, I am not ashamed of it.”, she stated and images of her scar appeared in her head. When she had been still in Hydra, she had been allowed to use only one small mirror. Even with it, she had never seen her scar before she had come in the tower. (Y/N) was either too close to death to think about it, or busy with training and moaning from the pain, “The first time I saw it was when I came here. I wasn’t used to mirrors so the big one in my room did surprise me. At first I was passing by but the girl inside me saw an opportunity to show and one day I stood in front of it looking at me, my pale face that was slowly gaining its color, my pale body because of never being exposed under the sun, at my scar that wasn’t covered in blood. I saw myself whole and I did like every part of it. It made me who I am. Even the scar. You may think I was shocked, disgusted, ashamed of it but no. Well, maybe part of me felt sad but I was proud.”, at that time Peter and (Y/N) had sat in the clean part of the sofa. Pete was listening to her in awe. He was amazed by her words and the way she was talking about such a thing that could had caused her nightmares. The girl, on the other hand, was fully immersed in what she was saying. The events she was talking about overwhelmed her letting her feel the same emotions as she had done then, “I am proud of it because it tells my story and reveals who I am. It shows what I’ve been though and that I survived. When I was chained and whiplashed, I felt death. Deep inside I believed that every time was my last. That with the next close of my eyes, the agony would stop. I wanted that, Peter!”, the girl looked at him and he saw the broken in them. The previous night, when they were together, before and after the kiss she was smiling, shining like a star and lighting his way. Now, his star was quenched, “I was at the threshold of giving up. But I didn’t and that’s why I am not ashamed of my scar. It shows how strong I am and I will always be proud I managed to escape this peaceful trap I got myself into.”

For a moment, the boy just stood there not able to say anything. He had lost the ability to talk being too impressed. He had thought he had problems, with his high school troubles and nightly adventures. He was falling for her more and more with every second passing. He wasn’t able to stop it and was happy about it.

“Am I interrupting something?”, somebody asked all of a sudden causing the two teenagers, who were obviously sharing a moment, to jump, “Oh, sorry kids, didn’t want to scare you.”

“Hey, Colson!”, Peter greeted the man in the TV, “How are you?”

“Perfectly good. And by what I see around you, it must have been a rough night, huh?”, the man laughed at his words. Although he was used to seeing his favourite Avengers with hangovers the next morning, he still found their state funny.

“Well, maybe. We weren’t here but for the two of us it was definitely a night to remember.”, (Y/N) smiled and stood take a bottle because it wasn’t letting her see the man.

“Be careful, kids!”, he warned them with a smirk on his baby face, “I don’t want to become a grandpa.”

“You are just like Mr. Stark!”, Peter exclaimed.

“Is there something important, Mr. Colson?”, the girl changed the subject as she wasn’t that comfortable with the previous one.

“I’ve sent some information about a case. Tell Steve and Natasha to check it when they wake up.”, he informed the teenagers in front of him and said a goodbye giving the excuse he was busy. Then the screen went black and the ‘kids’, as Colson had referred to them, were once again alone.

“You know what? I am tired and I want to take a rest. Why don’t we leave this to the others?”, (Y/N) suggested as she put the sack on the floor, “It will be a lesson for them to learn.”

“I agree with you.”

“I’ll be in my room.”, the girl announced without letting Peter suggest a way to spent the time. She knew he would do so and she would had gladly accepted but right now she had something in mind that had to be done. Peter found her behavior odd but gave it to the exhausted statement.

(Y/N) rushed towards her room and once she was inside she turned the key. Something in Colson’s behavior had shown that there was a secret he was keeping. The way he looked for a second towards here and the fact that he gulped nervously was enough for her to understand that the secret was about her. Something had happened and it involved her. She had to know what and why.

“Jarvis, can I ask you for a favor?”, the girl asked as she sat on her bed.

“Yes, my lady, how can I help you?”, his voice echoed through the room. (Y/N) took a deep breath and then spoke

“Can you show me the file Mr. Colson have sent?”, the girl begged that her will would be fulfilled.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. (Y/L/N), but it’s only for Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Romanoff.”

“Jarvis, I need to know about that file. Nobody would know that I have read it.”, the girl stood and looked at one of the camera in the corner of the room. Tony assured her that only Jarvis could turn it on if he thinks someone is in danger, “I will get it eventually but since we are like friends, I am asking you polite. Please, show me the file.”, (Y/N) spoke softly yet firmly. Jarvis, of course, protested for some minutes but finally gave in.

“Here, but only for a second.”, her laptop shined and she saw a file being opened.

The girl sat on the chair and looked at the screen. There were some photos and a document. She decided to first open the photos and then the text explaining them. She clicked on them and the first one made her heart skip a beat. Woods, dead bodies, blood…(Y/N) clicked again and the photo changed. This one wasn’t taken from a distance like the other. It gave a better view on what had happened. She saw a kid laying on the ground dead. He had two, three, four, five holes in his body from bullets. The trees around the body were burnt, the grass too. (Y/N) knew those blonde curls, now having a red liquid in their ends, the pale face and the dark blue eyes that were looking at her. Biting her lip she opened the next photos. There were three more children and one boy around her age. Every one of them was surrounded by the damages their powers had caused. The witch was aware what had happened without even opening the file. However, she did it only to make sure she was wrong. Sadly, her thoughts were real. These kids had been killed by Hydra agents two kilometers away from the base where she had been kept. (Y/N) closed the laptop and turned around on the chair. She positioned her elbows in her knees and buried her head in her hands. Breathing in and out she tried to rationalize what she had seen. Those children weren’t more than 12, except the boy who was 16. Some of them had marks on them with the famous symbol of Hydra. Just like her, they had been marked no matter it was in a different way. She had to do something, she wanted to. Through the tenth years she had spent in the base, other kids had been coming, kidnapped from their parents. Some of them were orphans but others weren’t. They had families, friends, people who loved and adored them. And now? They were dead, lying on the woods where nobody could find them. They were thrown away like rubbish, killed as though they had been wild animals. Rage kept rising in (Y/N)’s body. She felt something that she hadn’t experienced for a month. But this time she didn’t try to stop it.

Part 8

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Scandal || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by rapnamu

AN: So I know this was requested as an angst but it turned more into a fluff towards the end so I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

It was surprising to you when you had seen the headlines covering the news. Instead of worrying about what this would do to your image, or your groups image, the first thing you did was laugh as hard as possible. You found yourself holding your stomach as you read the many lines of the article, finding out how apparently you and a friend you had made were now a couple.

You had only gone out with Hyojung, aka E'Dawn from Tripe H, a day ago to go and get some coffee and chat about things happening in your lives. It was insane to you in the few hours you had returned home and gone to bed that this rumor had gone viral and spread all throughout the internet. As your fellow members of your group flicked on the television to one of the culture shows you watched they all started laughing.

Your eyes flickered to the screen and you laughed as well, seeing that it was now breaking the news about the meeting between you and Hyojung. DATING, was imprinted across the top of the screen with a giant question mark following it. You watched as the entertainer on screen continued to talk about how the many photos taken showed the two of you walking into the coffee shop together and chatting the entire time.

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Fanny was Oswald’s first love interest, but stopped appearing in shorts after All Wet. This was never explained in-universe.

In Wasteland:

(warning: rant)

It would have been a huge mistake if they had picked her over Ortensia like they were originally planning for Epic Mickey.

Yeah, they were going to put in the girl who only appeared in a few shorts before they presumably broke up over the girl Oswald stuck with, EVEN AFTER WALT HAD LEFT. 

And a lot of Oswald fans like to say it was a mutual break up, and that nothing big happened…I disagree.

Fanny does not treat Oswald well in the shorts. I’m sorry, but outside of Great Guns she treats him poorly.

In Oh Teacher, her first FORMAL introduction, she leaves him for another guy, and only goes back to him after believing Oswald beat up the other guy.

In All Wet, she flirts with him until he closes down his stand to go talk to her, and then turns her nose up at him (as seen in one of the images), and begins gawking at the nearest lifeguard, but when Oswald pretends to be the lifeguard, suddenly she’s into him, and trying to flirt with him again! And don’t give me “she was playing hard to get” because I don’t believe it.

No, I think they had a rough break up. I think either Fanny left him for someone else, or Oswald got sick of how she treated him. And I think it would show.

I’m sorry, this is probably an unpopular opinion, I’ve seen a lot of fan art of Fanny and Ortensia getting along, and even of Fanny and Oswald still being together, but I highly disagree with them.

bnha 136 ramble!

This chapter made me smile… a lot…

First off let me start with Sir. Sir sees his quirk more as a curse than a blessing.

He’s hesitant to use it, not just because of the setback it has, but because of the inevitability of an accident or something, or in most cases death.

He’s still grief-stricken about All Might’s future because he knows just how accurate it is, he knows that his foresight can’t be altered.

For a second, I honestly thought that he was still pissed off at All Might, like right here:

but he’s just afraid of people turning out like All Might… 

Look at how sad he is here… this single panel puts a lot of depth into Sir’s character. We get ti see a more vulnerable side of him. It’s not like he hates using his quirk, he’s afraid of what he’s going to see, heck, I’m pretty sure if his foresight didn’t have a 24-long interval setback or whatever he still wouldn’t use it on people…

After what he saw in All Might’s future, what are the chances that it can’t happen again to someone else?

Overall, I just find it sweet how Sir still feels sad about All Might, and how he still cares about him. Nobody really completely understands the weight of his words here apart from Gran Torino, so it’s pretty hard on them.

and omfg to bnha’s ost “my hero academia” while reading this chapter really fits the mood! XD

I honestly thought their relationship would be a little more salty, but this is refreshing though, seeing both of them talk about Izuku and all, even though Horikoshi didn’t go deep into their converstaion…

Sir’s is already starting to acknowledge Izuku, and I really like that, I didn’t expect it to come so soon, but it still made me happy. Sir’s opinion of Izuku hasn’t changed yet, but it’s getting there.

I also want to appreciate the relationship that the big 3 has:

even though we still don’t know much about them it’s pretty obvious that they all got each others back when it comes to emotional situations too so that’s cool.

This was my favorite part of the chapter. Bless Horikoshi for this scene, Aizawa coming from nowhere and unintentionally lightening up the mood was just so sweet.

Tbh, it will be kind of awkward having Izuku, Uraraka and the rest call Aizawa eraserhead will be kinda weird…but I guess I’ll get used to it.


we’ve only seen a dadzawa/izuku scene  like once or so in the manga, and that was after Izuku’s first fight with Bakugou, so this was… really sweet.

I don’t know if it was Izuku or Kirishima that said “I’ll follow you forever” but this was hilarious XD

Gonna appreciate how pretty Overhaul looks here… hot damn he’s a beauty!

I don’t know why but I really just had a hunch that Eri’s room would look like this… also

I want to murder this guy.

I see such a strong connection forming between Izuku an Eri in the future… and I also see a bunch of new headcanons on tumblr. So just like my friend indy said,


Broken Hearted: The Meeting

Broken Hearted: The Meeting
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1226
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff.

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! For this first part, if you’ve ever had a migraine, you understand the pain!

Your head was pounding. Scotty had decided to send you to Jeffries Tube 7 to check one of the conduits there. Climbing the ladders and through tubes wasn’t helping your head at all. By the time you get back to engineering to report to Scotty, you have a full-blown migraine. Scotty sends you to the Medbay after taking one look at your pale face and drawn features.

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Rosethorn and Lark have held a special place in my heart since I first read Circle of Magic in seventh grade.  At the time (and for many years afterwards), they were the only queer parents I had ever seen in a story.  Although not directly stated in the text, I imagined that Lark and Rosethorn were like my own mothers - in love and not “just roommates” or “friends” as I often told others.  I cherished the image of this home like mine.  

I remain extremely grateful to @tamorapierce, whose writing offered me an image of a family like mine in the early 2000s when the only other talk of queer families were debates about our right to exist.  The simple, quiet existence of their relationship - completely devoid of debate or threat - was comforting and hopeful in a time I felt so much fear and isolation.

(quote based on this)

People who have recently lost someone have a certain look, recognizable maybe only to those who have seen that look on their own faces. I have noticed it on my face and I notice it now on others. The look is one of extreme vulnerability, nakedness, openness. It is the look of someone who walks from the ophthalmologist’s office into the bright daylight with dilated eyes, or of someone who wears glasses and is suddenly made to take them off. These people who have lost someone look naked because they think themselves invisible. I myself felt invisible for a period of time, incorporeal. I seemed to have crossed one of those legendary rivers that divide the living from the dead, entered a place in which I could be seen only by those who were themselves recently bereaved. I understood for the first time the power in the image of the rivers, the Styx, the Lethe, the cloaked ferryman with his pole. I understood for the first time the meaning in the practice of suttee. Widows did not throw themselves on the burning raft out of grief. The burning raft was instead an accurate representation of the place to which their grief (not their families, not the community, not custom, their grief ) had taken them.
—  Joan Didion, from The Year of Magical Thinking
Art and The Artist(A Richonne AU One-Shot)

A/N: This is a one-shot told from Rick’s POV. I hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for reading.

I liked her style. She walked into my studio with blue jean overalls and a plaid black and white shirt worn over top of them. A red lace bra could be seen poking from underneath. It wasn’t a form-fitting, skin tight, pair of overalls either. She looked like she was from the 90’s. Her eyes were expressive and danced around my studio with interest. I was interested in her. It was my first time seeing her face to face. We had only spoken on the phone briefly.

“I’m glad you decided to do this, Michonne. Not many people who answered the ad from the art school wanted to pose nude, but it’s the only way the thing is gonna work. I’ve been seeing these images in my mind for days,” I told her excitedly. And I had. When I worked on something it consumed me. I thought about it day and night.

She shrugged her shoulders like it wasn’t a big deal. That made me hopeful. Like I said before, I liked her style, her look. It was unique without being unique at all. Suddenly, the images I had for the shoot were turning into something else. It was becoming something better.

“I need the money to help with next semester, and I get Art and the Artist who makes it. I love Art. I don’t mind what you’re trying to do. It seems dope,” she told me with a reassuring nod. That made me nod my head along with her as I fiddled with my camera. I’m glad she got it. I’m glad this wasn’t going to be weird or awkward.

“Well, we should get this started. I have somewhere to get to afterwards,” she said cheerily, looking around. “So how do you want to do this?” she asked me. The question confused me for just a second. My mind went completely blank. Images of her unhurriedly disrobing right now made me stare at her for longer than I should. I was thinking, I hope she doesn’t think I’m a creep. I was also thinking, she should get naked. Now.

“Let’s take a couple of test shots,” I told her. She nodded her head and asked where she could sit her things.

“The table over there is cool,” I said pointing to a round glass side table. We were in my small studio apartment that I was renting in Brooklyn. The walls were stark white and large paintings I had done myself were scattered randomly on them. She sat her things down and slowly walked my studio. Her hands skimmed along the wall as she found a painting she really liked, and stopped to look at it. I grabbed my camera and took the cap off the lens, focusing on random objects until I found her. One painting caught her eye and she started asking me various questions. Breaking the ice, you could say. She took her plaid shirt off, tossing it onto the couch. I took my turn at asking questions.

“You ever model before?” I asked her. She had the face for it. I’m pretty sure under all that baggy denim she had an amazing body. Her arms and shoulders looked great and her skin was the best canvas. So blank and like chocolate. All colors would look good on her.

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What’s My Name (part 2)

Young!Sirius Black x Reader

Plot: Part two of ‘What’s My Name?’ where the reader is scared because of the wizarding war, and Sirius is comforting her. 

Word count: 1555
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything recognisable.
Warning: Swearing

The book in her lap felt heavy against her skin, but it was nothing compared to the eyes following her; crushing her. She tried to focus on the people in front of her. James Potter and Sirius Black had officially become her friends one month ago, because of an accidental run in with the dark and mysterious boy from the house of Black. Not that he’s that mysterious once one gets to know him – way to talkative.

(Y/N) looked at the boys arguing over what colour a shrinking solution turns.

“I brewed one with Remus in fourth year, and it turned red,” Sirius claimed.

“Nah, that was a laugh-inducing potion, you wanker, shrinking solutions is blue,” James protested.

“Oh, shut up, Prongs, I know my potions,” Sirius laughed.

“If you did, you would know the answer is blue and not bloody red,” James closed the book, and the sound of the pages smacking together caused Madam Pince to eye them with care.

(Y/N) licked her lips, smiling amused at the Gryffindors, “Actually the right answer is green,” (Y/N) pointed out.

“Really?” Sirius asked.

“No, it’s blue.”

“No, it’s green.”

“I think she might be right, Jamesy,” Sirius took her side quickly, he usually did.

“Fine, I don’t really care, just never call me that again,” James pretended to shiver with disgust.

As she began to laugh at the ridiculous act, a small piece of paper shaped like a bird landed in front of her. She unfolded it cautiously. When she read the note, her head turned quickly. A pair of sixth-year students sat facing her. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; they were just sending her short, seemingly innocent glances now and then. The note, on the other hand, told another story.

Mudblood. The word stung.

Mudblood. She’d heard it before. Of course, she had, it’s what she was after all, but she’d imagined her last year at Hogwarts to be different. Less judgemental.

“What’s that?” Sirius asked her once he noticed the paper in her hand.

“Nothing, just a reminder to hand in the potions book before eight tonight, you know how Madam Pince gets if a book goes missing,” (Y/N) lied. It was easier if they didn’t know, they had enough on their plates already.

“Yeah, she’s a bit off her trolly, right?” James snickered.

“Once, she hunted me down in the infirmary because I hadn’t handed in a book I borrowed,” Sirius told them.

“Padfoot..” James shook his head, “First of all, Peter was the one lying in the infirmary bed, and second, you stole the book from the forbidden section,” James rolled his eyes, exposing his best friend.

“Restricted section, there’s a difference. And I know that, Prongs, but (Y/N) over her, she didn’t know that, and now my story is not so exciting anymore.”

“Wasn’t that exciting to begin with, Sirius,” (Y/N) winked at him as his face turned into a pained expression.


“No,” the red-haired girl exclaimed angry, “No, they did not!”

(Y/N) hushed her, looking around the hallway to see if anyone heard them.

“Don’t talk so loud, Lily,” she didn’t mean for the words to come out as harsh as they did, but her anxiety took hold of her emotions.

“Nobody’s here, (Y/N),” Lily tried to reassure the Hufflepuff girl, but it didn’t work.

“This is Hogwarts, Lily; the walls could have ears for all we know,” she used her fingers to straighten out her hair as she spoke.

“Okay, sorry,” Lily said, but the apology was obviously quite half-hearted.

(Y/N) had a feeling Lily acted courageously because that was the only way her friends had ever seen her. She played pretend whenever the topic of rising muggleborn deaths was brought up, or when Voldemort covered the first page of The Daily Prophet. She couldn’t bring herself to be scared because it didn’t fit her strong image.

“I believe you’re overreacting, (Y/N), as you said, this is Hogwarts, nothing bad is going to happen to us here,” Lily touched the girl’s shoulder, squeezing tight.

(Y/N) shook her head, “But there’s a world outside of Hogwarts, Lily, and I want to live in it.”


She moved quickly across the corridor. Blending into the shadows of the many lights that flickered beautifully, illuminating her skin. She passed a paper flowing magically through the hallway; it had names written in black ink on its white surface. (Y/N)’s name was the third name on the list. A list of all the muggleborn students at the school. Funny.

The professors had tried to take down the horrible list that some of the pureblood-supremacist students had hung up all over the school two weeks ago, but each time one disappeared, another paper replaced it.

When (Y/N) started her last year at Hogwarts, she had not been optimistic, rather the opposite, but nothing could prepare the muggleborn girl for a year like this. She was a decease trapped within the walls of this magical castle. And no one understood her constant fear.

After the war broke out it had been insufferable to be what (Y/N) was. Born with the wrong blood.

She tried her best to hide her fear, but the truth was that every day felt like it might be her last. Evil eyes followed her every move. The note she’d gotten was nothing compared to the constant feeling of being hunted.

“(Y/L/N)!” A boy with green robes stopped her in her tracks.

“Malfoy,” (Y/N) greeted him coldly.

“Where’s your Gryffindork gang when you need them, Mudblood?” the girl behind him asked, laughing in a high pitch.

“I don’t need anyone.”

“Ahh, you sure about that?” Bellatrix asked, drawing her wand from inside her robes. Quickly, a jet of red light blasted towards the Hufflepuff girl, and she barely managed to dodge the spell.

“Are you out of your mind?” She yelled at the Slytherin.

(Y/N) fished out her wand from her back pocket, casting a spell that hit the white-haired boy in the chest. He started to move uncontrollably around the corridor, a shocked expression on his face, turning angry.

Another jet of light zoomed towards her, and this time it hit her leg.

“(Y/N)!” someone yelled behind her as she tripped, crashing towards the floor.

The Slytherin students turned, running away as fast as the voices of (Y/N)’s friends could be heard behind the girl.

“I’m fine,” (Y/N) snapped at James as he tried to help her up.

“I can’t believe those cunts,” Sirius called out.

“They’re not getting away with this,” Peter looked at the girl, his voice upset.

“I said, I’m fine!” (Y/N) cut their banter off.

“(Y/N),” Sirius mumbled, his hand touching hers. She stepped back.

“It’s okay to be upset, but don’t take it out on the boys, they are only trying to help,” Sirius told her, trying to calm her down. Unfortunately, it did the opposite.

“You know what? Fuck James, and fuck you!”

“Um, what?” James looked confused at the girl.

“You both think you know what it’s like, because of what? You’re blood traitors? Is that it? You think you understand how it is to walk down the halls of this bloody awful school, people spitting at you because you’re different. Because you don’t share the same fucking blood as them?”

“We never meant to hurt you, (Y/N), but we’ve all got something you know, something that makes us targets in this war,” James began.

“No, you don’t get to play the victim card here, because it’s too fucking easy for you- you were both born with a safety net wrapped around you.” (Y/N) bit her lip frustrated.

None of the boys said anything; she didn’t know if it was out of anger, or because they understood what she meant through her heated shouting.

“Do you know what it feels like to have people be too afraid to look you in the eyes anymore? Because they are so scared for their lives, of what might happen to them if someone thinks they’ve picked a side?” She asked, looking into the eyes of the boy who’d been there for her for months now.

“I- I..” he tried to find the right words, but nothing came out.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), but what do you want me to do about it?”

“I want you to..” (Y/N) started her sentence, but there was nothing she could say, nothing he could do.

As Sirius stepped closer to her, touching her upper arm, she rested her forehead against his hand.

“It’s unfair of me to want anything from you,” she confessed, “I’m just so scared, Sirius.”

“Me too,” he nodded, “and before you say anything, I know my situation isn’t anywhere near yours, my blood status is an advantage, but don’t you think for a second we’re not gonna fight for the right cause – the winning cause.”

“Always,” she agreed, “but, I think I should get back, it’s getting late,” it really wasn’t that late, but if (Y/N) stayed for one more second, she would burst out crying.

“I’ll follow you back,” Sirius said, “You know, just in case those arsehole Slytherins come back.”

“I don’t need you to defend me, Sirius,” she smiled.

“I never said you did, I just want to punch Malfoy in the face,” he laughed, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Fair enough.”

okay i’m sorry in advance but I am not going to suffer alone so you all get to see this too. 

I was doing a little google image research (as you do) on gendered children’s clothing, like how beyond the obvious pink/blue and hearts/trucks stuff there is a lot more oddly gendered crap, like how only girls’ clothes have ladybugs and animals with eyelashes. Well in an attempt to make a list I was looking up “boy shirt cupcake” and let me tell you…

First of all: 

It has a MUSTACHE.

But wait, it gets worse. I found these:

And then, horror of horrors, this. For, um, Valentine’s Day, apparently?

And just when I thought I had seen it all: 

I’m never going on the internet ever again.

29 - Bottled

There was a great deal of excitement rising within my body as the clock ticked closer to the time of the party. When I had first received the invitation, I nearly dropped the paper to the floor along with my jaw. It had been sent by my Father. He was planning this grand reveal for his latest work and he wanted everyone in the city and beyond to see it. I had curled my hair especially for the event and I must have tried on a hundred dresses, some more than once, but after all of these years I wasn’t certain that I truly felt worthy to finally see my Father’s work.

My Father had always been very a secretive man. Growing up, I had never been allowed to enter his workshop where he spent the majority of his time and he had always kept the room locked tightly with a key he wore around his neck. Sometimes I would hear a muffled clanking sound or smell the heavy perfume of chemicals through the walls, but I was never fully certain what it was he was doing in there. On the odd occasion he was outside of his workshop, it would be quite obvious that his mind had been left behind inside. He was a man so consumed, that as a child I saw him more as a stranger that only happened to live in the same house as me. I never once had the impression that he harboured any sort of affection for me, or even recognized me as his daughter. He kept his heart locked away as tightly as those secrets hidden behind that workshop door.

I eventually grew up, got married, and moved out of the home that I grew up in with little help from my Father. I was very content with having raised myself quite well, but every now and then my mind would wander to that locked workshop door. There was this reoccurring dream I often had where I would be finally able to unlock that door, only to wake up the moment it cracked open. When I received that invitation, it was as though all of those questions that had been lingering within me since childhood would finally be answered. All of those years that he had spent absent from my life, maybe they would actually be worth something.

I squeezed my husband’s arm tightly as we stepped through the double doors into the ballroom. The party was being held in the biggest luxury hotel in the city, a booking that must have cost my Father a fortune. The room was all a buzz with well dressed guests, sipping sparkling wine and placing their bets on the grand reveal. I scanned the faces for my Father, only to once again find him absent. At the back of the room was a tall object hidden under a white cloth that must have been what we were all there to see. My hands were beginning to tremble. That narrow piece of fabric was the only thing keeping from knowing the truth, but now I wasn’t sure that I wanted to remove that wool from my eyes. What if it wasn’t the truth that I wanted?

A hush fell over the room. For a brief moment, I was able to catch a glimpse of my Father entering the room before a crowd quickly swarmed around. It had been the first time I had seen him since I had moved out. The image of his flinty countenance as I closed the front door behind me flashed into my mind. I could only make out the very top of the white cloaked object through the densely packed bodies and nothing else. I watched the fabric wrinkle as though someone was gripping it in their hands. My heart was racing, the time had come. As the fabric began to slide off of the object, I couldn’t help but to turn my head away.

Gasps erupted through the room. I could not tell if the sound was from horror, disgust, or amazement. I waited to hear my Father’ voice, but only heard the continued clamour of the guests. I kept my head turned until the room went silent again, then I felt  my husband tug ever slightly on my shoulder. Slowly, I turned my attention forward once more only to the many eyes of the crowd had now turned their attention to me. Over their heads, I could see that the object was in fact some kind of large glass tube filled with fluid and there was something floating inside.

What on earth was that? I pushed through the crowd, their eyes following me as I went, and made my way towards the back of the room. As I passed through the last line of people, the floating thing came fully into view. It was a child, a young girl, suspended there completely motionless. I looked at my Father, the stranger, standing there beside her, watching me intently. I walked up to the glass and studied her face, only to realize that the face was my own. He had created a perfect copy of myself as a child.

I looked at that child through the glass, her expression, my expression, seemed so lonely. This was what kept him from me all my life? Me? On the day of my wedding, when wasn’t there to walk me down the aisle, this was what he was doing? Making a duplicate of the child that he had spent all of her life ignoring? I looked back to my Father, he almost seemed to be smiling, but I could only feel disgust. I was right, he was a stranger. Maybe he was thinking that this was a second chance at the life he had taken from me. Well, he didn’t deserve it.

It was as though a fire erupted within me. I started to scream and began pounding my fists against the glass. The child almost seemed to wince in pain, but it was hard to tell through the tears in my eyes. I hit harder and harder until cracks began to form and blood smeared the glass. He was not worthy of this child, he was not worthy of me. He had his chance, and he threw it away. Now I was going to take from him what he took from me. With one final pound of my fist, the glass shattered and fluid poured over the expensive ballroom carpet. I gave one final look at the man before turning away and leaving forever. I could take care of myself.

Beginners Guide to the Bullet Journal

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a bullet journal master, these are simply the steps I took to creating my first bullet journal. 

The images in this post are mine, and for visual aides only. The rest of my pictures will be pretty, I promise. ;)

Getting Started: Things you’ll need!

 A JOURNAL! The details are all up to you, I prefer a smaller, grid-ruled book. 

 PENS! Multiple colors are recommended. I color code school subjects, had one color for the outlines, and another for the remainder of the writing. (See images below) 

ADHESIVE! Personally, I like double-sided tape. It sticks paper to paper really nicely, and the brand I have is thin, and cannot be seen between layers. (I bought it at Kmart) 

CARD STOCK! This is completely optional, I use it for writing my index on: it’s sturdier, doesn’t bleed, and because it’s thicker, it’s easy to flip to from any place in your journal. 

(This is my current journal. It’s a little ratty right now, but it’s nearly full, so be nice.)

What to do: 

Make a list! - Are you doing a weekly journal? Daily? Monthly? (I prefer daily, but my book is small) What do you need to take note of on every page? Is this for fun, or organization? What kinds of things are you intending on putting inside?

Go inspiration hunting! - I searched through the bullet journal tag here on tumblr, on pinterest, instagram, and even just googled images. (I found pinterest to be the most helpful) Find a layout that you like (I pulled my future log off of pinterest) or, simply look at ideas, and create your own!

Organize your index! - This is fairly straightforward, pick a symbol you like, and will be comfortable using for each major thing. Events, appointments, tasks, school assignments, due dates, important things, phone numbers, etc. Make sure that your symbols are not time consuming and difficult to draw! 

Pick a layout! - Customize it to what you need! I made sure that for every day, I have a section for everything I ate, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between) for money I’ve spent, transferred to other accounts, and hours worked, space to put a quote, and important things I need to remember, along with the date, and a space for everything else: websites, email addresses, phone numbers, when assignments have been handed out, etc. etc. Again, get creative with this, make it reflect you as a person! You’ll have more fun with this if you think it’s pretty!

I like to have a weekly setup (or future log) page (or pages) at the beginning of each week, some people like to have a monthly setup, or a weekly/monthly wrap up. Personally, I don’t see the point in a wrap up. My future log always has what week of the term it is, the numbers of the days for the week, as well as a section for each day of the week, where I can put due dates, appointments, and events in ahead of time.

The second part of my future log consists of my meals for the week, (As I have a gluten intolerance and am a vegetarian, meal planning is an incredibly important part of my life, even though I like, never do it) a word of the week section, which I love, a ‘daily tasks’ section, which really does help keep me on track, and separate spaces for things I need to buy, and things I need to do for school. (Please ignore the giant empty space, I don’t know what to fill it with yet, I’m thinking I’ll buy a polaroid) Also, I chose wanderlust for this week simply because I like the word and it’s pretty. 

And last but not least:

DECORATE! - Having an aestheically pleasing journal makes you want to do more with it, and keep it with you always, so make it pretty! I have poems and quotes and doodles in the part of my book where the pocket is, and I have them stuck to the first few pages and just about everywhere else, I also have little things that make me happy everywhere, just in case. 

And there you have it! Everything I did to start my first Bullet Journal. I’ll update this as I get more experienced, but right now, this is all I have. 

Have fun!

See this woman right here? This is Elissa Steamer. She was the first female professional skateboarder. Probably the only female skateboarder you’ve ever heard of. Though she has won 4 gold medals for the US in the Summer X Games, which is impressive enough, that’s not why I love her so much.

I love her because when I was growing up, I liked to play the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games. They were some of my favorites. And one of the things I loved most about the games was that I could play as a female avatar, something that is still practically unheard of in gaming even today. You know who that girl was? Elissa Steamer. 

I remember always picking her whenever I played because I thought it was so cool that I could play as a girl. That was one of the only games where you had that option. Now that I’ve started replaying the games, I realize what a big deal that was. She was one of the first images of a woman working in a profession that was almost exclusively male I saw. Not only that, but one that was seen as “dangerous.”

While playing the game, she could do everything the male avatars could do. Not only that, but her Pro Specific Challenge is one of the harder ones on the game. Elissa is seen as an equal to all of the boys, despite the fact that she is a girl. It was a very valuable lesson that you could learn from something as simple as a video game.

So I want to thank her for being one of the only prominent, female video game avatars. Because without her, I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt the same closeness I do to that game. We hear so much about female athletes today, I think she is one who deserves to be recognized, since she did end up making an impact on some girls like myself.

Relations (Request

Could you do one where you’re a famous singer too and Harry’s management make you both go to NY for NYEs for PR? And you get anxious with all the attention you guys get but he’s really sweet


“So, you’ll fly out to New York on the morning of the 31st, do an interview in the afternoon, and then spend the evening in Times Square.”

You nodded, half-listening to your manager as he rattled off your itinerary for the next couple of days.

“Then you’ll get to spend the next day in New York, before flying back here on the 2nd.” He paused, watching you as you stared down at the book in your hand. “(Y/N), are you listening?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Tomorrow: plane, interview, Times Square…something, something…Got it.”

Your manager sighed. You knew that he was annoyed with you; the part of your job you hated the most was travelling just to do an appearance. You knew that interviews and publicity were important to get your name out there, but standing around Times Square in the cold with all those people, just so a few people could get a picture, seemed like a waste of time to you. You’d much rather be at home on New Years Eve, cuddled up on your couch with a cup of tea.

“This is important, (Y/N).” Your manager continued. “Times Square on New Years Eve is the place to be if you want to get noticed.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just…hate the idea of appearances for the sake of appearances. It’s not as if I’m going to enjoy myself; I hate crowds.”

Your manager smirked. “And yet, you’re a performer.”

“I’m a performer who performs on a stage with a barrier in between myself and the other people. There’s a difference. I don’t want to be wandering around New York City on the busiest night of the year all by myself! I’ll die!”

He laughed again; the two of you had known each other for many years and he knew you better than anyone else in the industry did, which is why you wanted him to be your manager.

“Well, if that’s all you’re worried about, I have an easy fix for you. I was talking to one of my buddies – Jeff – and he’s sending a client of his to Times Square for the 31st as well. If you’re not wanting to be alone, we could arrange for the two of you to meet up.”

You scrunched up your nose. You didn’t know who Jeff was or what client he was talking about, but the one thing you hated more than appearances for the sake of appearances, was appearances with another person for the sake of appearances with another person. You would spend the evening with him – a total stranger – and then wake up the next day with ten thousand notifications of news stories about the two of you and your new ‘relationship’, even though you barely remembered his name and you probably didn’t get along at all.

“I take that idea doesn’t excite you?” He asked.

“I’m not in the market for a fake, publicity, one-night-only boyfriend.”

“No…but you are in the market for someone to spend New Years Eve with in New York, as a friend. Jeff’s a good guy; he only represents good guys, you’re not going to have a problem.”

You sighed, knowing that you were fighting a losing battle. They had already decided that you were going to spend New Years Eve with this mystery guy long before he had ever mentioned it to you. He was trying to pass it off as a favor, but you knew it was more than that. He wanted to get your face out there as much as possible; having you be seen with someone who was a big face in the industry was the perfect way to do that. You couldn’t blame him, really. He was doing his job and he was doing it well.

“Fine.” You conceded. “Who is this ‘good guy’ that Jeff is setting me up with?”

“Harry Styles.”

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Hannictober : Day 5 - Scare

Will woke and rolled onto his side, facing Hannibal. It was dark outside. He’d been asleep since breakfast when he’d taken his medication. Hannibal had the laptop propped up on a blanket and his belly, watching something on mute.

Will scooted closer to see what was playing. The pillow rubbed at the wound on his cheek wrong, it stung and made him grit his teeth, nearly biting his tongue.

“Are you all right?” Hannibal was looking at him, concerned and sleepy and warm. Will nodded and rested his sore cheek on Hannibal’s bare shoulder. His skin was a pleasant burn, he pressed closer. Practically nuzzling. It gave him a clear view of what he was watching. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Hannibal’s shoulders twitched in a vague attempt at a shrug, which Will was fairly sure he wouldn’t be able to actually do anyways.

“It was on the computer.”

“Sure.” Will said. “I don’t know if this is irony or just funny.”

“More educational, I hope.”

Will, heavy limbed and groggy, slapped Hannibal’s arm lightly. “Morphine makes you hilarious.”

“Thank you.” Hannibal knocked the back of his hand on Will’s thigh. “I can turn it off if you’d like to go back to sleep?”

“No, you’re fine. Can you unmute it?”

Hannibal did. “Have you seen this before?”

“Kind of.” Hannibal waited expectantly. “When I was twelve. I only watched the first twenty minutes before I turned it off and slept in my dad’s bed for the next two months.”

Hannibal made a strange sound, some sort of guttural groan, leaning back on his pillow he rubbed his eyes. Will had to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

“The image is,” Hannibal sounded pained, “overwhelmingly adorable.”

“You’re so easy.”

“I suppose there aren’t any photographs?”

The last time Will had spoken to his dad, he’d been living near Shreveport. “Do you want to go to Louisiana?”

Through the heavy haze of comfort, Hannibal began to brim with excitement. 


Will snorted. “Just watch the movie.”

sheloveskook  asked:

i love your analysis really you're able to deliver the ideas w/o made me uncomfortable ugh i don't know if it makes sense but it makes me wanna talk to you abt jikook for hours ;~; anw i'm here on a mission. can you please do the analysis of that glorious ot7 pic on jimin's birthday after mubank comeback stage in which jimin was sitting pliantly on top of jungkook's lap. thank you and don't feel pressured to do this, i just love your take on jikook is all ^^

I’m feeling so flattered right now. Thank you hon!!!! I’m glad you enjoy my posts!! You’re not pressuring me or anything so don’t even worry about that!!! 

Okay so first off Jimin’s ot7 birthday photo is most definitley iconic if not for only this one thing. When I first saw this my brain kind of went haywire, I mean Jungkook’s face in particular is just-if you google search smug boyfriend and click on images you’ll find his face plastered repeatedly. (I’m not even going to get into the hand he has on Jimin’s nipple. I’m not) I mean seriously what the fuck, he doesn’t even try to be subtle about it or anything. Meanwhile Jimin just looks so soft and happy sitting on his lap. (When I had first seen the photo I thought Jimin had his arm wrapped around Jungkook’s neck and I was two seconds away from having a melt down but my brain was like “Bitch chill, that’s not his arm it’s Taehyung’s, look at the fabric of the shirts.What is wrong with you?”)

Now one thing a lot of us probably noticed was that Jungkook very much kept his distance from Jimin for a majority of his birthday, (He kept his distance on-camera at least. You and I both know that all Jungkook probably wanted to do was shower him with affection and love but I think they were either told to tone it down or it was a personal decision on their part, I don’t know. You decide.) With that being said during their 21st Century performance, they actually had some sweet and subtle moments that had happened before the performance and that iconic ass photo. I think this was their last performance for that day which honestly explains (for me personally anyway) why they had these little moments (as well as why they basically said fuck it in that ot7 photo lmao) They had kept their distance from each other for once again a majority of the day, and I’m not saying they missed each other but listen they missed each other.

(gif credit)

Here we have our classic “Jimin is my sun and moon, so of course I’m going to orbit around him” Jungkook. The thing about this that gets me though is that he was already standing beside Jimin. This was so unecessary on his part but of course he wanted to be closer to him. (Pay attention to the body language, look at the way Jungkook looks down before moving closer, the way he looks off to the side. He tries not to look at Jimin, tries to look as casual as and inconspicous as possible. Now pay attention to Jimin, you see the way he starts fiddling with his sleeves, the way he immediately picks on them the moment he senses Jungkook getting closer. If you watch the video as soon as Jungkook goes back to his original spot that’s when he stops the motion. I’m low-key starting to think that sleeve playing is a nervous tick of his, I’ll definitley be keeping an eye out for that in the future.)

The funny thing about this fake sub is that it’s probably not even that off base to what actually happened on this day like ya’ll have already seen the birthday photo. Come the fuck on. Although we don’t hear what’s being said, (Don’t know if that’s a tragedy or a blessing) It doesn’t even matter because look at the way Jimin lovingly looks at him, the way he smiles when Jungkook is finished talking. It’s so soooooft and gentle and he unconsiously steps towards him soon after and gOd, it’s intimate. It’s so intimate and I use that word a lot when it comes to these two but honestly look at this, look at the way Jungkook shyly averts his gaze, the way he can’t look Jimin in the eye. Look at the way his smile grows as soon as Jimin smiles. HE’S NOT EVEN LOOKING AT HIM DIRECTLY BUT HE’S STILL PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM. IT’S THE SAME AS THE GIF ABOVE WHERE JIMIN ISN’T EVEN LOOKING AT JUNGKOOK BUT HE CAN STILL SENSE HIM COMING CLOSER LIKE THEY’RE BOTH SO ATTUNED TO EACH OTHER. THEY LITERALLY JUST ORBIT AROUND EACH OTHER. IT’S RIDICULOUS. *Bonus: Look at the way they’re mirroring their arms and hands. Kill me.*

(FYI: these next two moments happen after the performance.) Here we have another case of the classic “I’ll do anything to make Jimin laugh and smile because nothing gives me greater joy than Jimin’s laugh or smile” Jungkook. To make it even more obvious he looks right at Jimin as soon as he’s done the dance move, like it’s so clear that the purpose of this was just so that he could make him laugh. (Honestly find yourself a significant other who would willingly embarrass themselves for the sake of your happiness.)

I love this because they’re gazing at each other but then it’s this quick realization of “Oh shit, we’re in public.” Look at the way they both touch their noses afterwards, the way Jungkook tries to play it cool by dancing. (also I see the lip licking, Jimin. You ain’t slick.) My favorite part about this though is the way Jin looks so awkward in the back like as soon as he sees them staring at each other he looks away. I can hear the eternal monologue from here “They’re fucking doing it again. Honestly why do Namjoon and I even bother with these two.”

WELL, I’M DONE RAMBLING.Thank you again for the kind words!!! Your message made me smile! I hope this is what you wanted.