i had not realized he was so veiny


 Pairing: Joshua/Jisoo x Reader

Genre: Painter!Joshua au, Angst

Warnings: Includes death and suicide. Read at your own risk

Word Count: 711

Summary: “When you meet your soulmate, you give up seeing color” When he met you, he gained something that truly beautiful, but lost something that to him, was worth everything. He got you, but lost color.

A/N: This was written in one take and I wrote it at 12 am so I’m apologize if you find any errors or tweaks (because I was too lazy to fully edit it). Other than that please enjoy!

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Brett Talbot - Neighbors (PT 4)

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      It was raining. Loud drops pounded down on the roof of your house, and spilled from the overflowing gutters. You sighed, laying down on your bed. You checked your phone one more time. There had been no response from Liam. You sighed again.

      It had been 2 weeks since the infamous lacrosse scrimmage against Devenford Prep. Liam had been talking to you less and less. You had even begun to see him laughing with Hayden in the hallways, but you didn’t confront him, because you wanted him to break it off, if he really wanted to. 

      You still loved Liam, but he had been so distant lately. Could he be suspicious about if you liked Brett? Why would he think that anyways? You diminished the thoughts and picked up the book you had to read for English.

      You were starting to get really into the book when your phone dinged with a text tone. You had set a special text tone for Liam a long time ago, so that you knew it was him. Now, you could tell that Liam had sent you a text. 

      You put down your book and checked your phone. You were shocked when you read the message.

“Y/N, you know I love you, but I feel like we have been really distant lately. I think it might be better for us to take a break, because it feels like we’re already doing that”

       You replied with a simple ‘okay.’

       Sighing for the millionth time that day, you picked up your book again. 

      The next day, even through your closed blinds, there was light streaming through your blinds. You went over to your mirror. You actually didn’t look that shabby! In a sweatshirt, a pair of spandex from your school volleyball team, and high socks, you posed in the mirror a little bit. 

       You knew you had broken up with Liam, but for some reason you felt more free. Completely forgetting that Brett Talbot lived right next to you, you pulled up your blinds completely.

      In the happy mood you were, you continued getting ready for the school day, and you had just gotten into your outfit of a black off-the-shoulder long sleeve top, and a cute suede button down skirt. You finished off the look with the new Chelsea boots your mom had gotten you a while back. You flipped your hair to the side a bit, and that’s when you noticed through your window that a sleepy Brett was not only shirtless, but also staring at you. After exchanging a couple awkward glances, you put a spritz of perfume on yourself, and put on your backpack. 

      You and Brett went to different schools, so after all, you wouldn’t have to worry about any more awkward encounters for many more hours. 

      After an exhausting day at school, you changed into a some comfy clothes, and began your schoolwork. You were halfway through an essay when you realized that the purple veiny, lighting shaped lines were still on your arm. Suddenly, you heard a knock on your door.

       “Can I come in?” your brother, Scott, asked.

       “You kind of already are,” you said, raising your eyebrows. 

       He laughed. “So, Liam says you two broke up,” he said, shifting into a more serious tone. 

        You sighed. “Yeah, we did.” you replied. 

        “Would you get back together with him?” Scott asked. 

        Now you saw what was happening. Liam had asked Scott to ask you for him, being the scaredy cat he was. You laughed quietly.

        After thinking for a while, you replied with a no. I mean, you had been dating Liam for so long! You had already enough of a break, but you didn’t want to get back with him. You wanted someone new. Someone different. Liam was so soft, so gentle. For some reason, you wanted someone… badder?

      I mean, after you had stopped talking to Brett, you did toughen up a little bit. You always got soft when you were with Liam, but it felt like you were just going back to your old self when you did that. Being with Brett would allow you to always be yourself. Wait a minute, did you just think about being with Brett? I mean he was pretty cute, and you had known him for a while. Plus he stared at you a lot, so it’s not like you didn’t have a chance.

     Oh my god, you kind of needed to chill. But was so cute. No, he wasn’t just cute. Liam was just cute. But Brett was hot. Oh god. 

    ‘ Am I crushing on Brett Talbot?’ you thought to yourself.

Author’s Note: Oh god, I am so sorry guys. I just finished a huge project, but never fear, I figured out how to make time for more writing. I’ve got a bunch of requests that look super cute, and I am so ready to write again. I’m sorry if there wasn’t enough brett plus reader in this, it’s coming in part 5! can’t wait for the future! 




  1. jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury.

“No you don’t, sunshine. You like me.” He grabs my hand and pulls me down onto the couch. I fall practically into his lap and I can’t decide if this is an accident or his plan all along. He touches his finger to my cheek, gently traces over my skin. “You’re very cute when you’re all rattled. Your cheeks turn this pretty pink color.” I find myself unconsciously glancing down at his mouth and I lick my own lips, swallowing hard. “I like that I make you nervous.” He leans forward and grabs the bottle of tequila and I move off of him and back to the couch. Though I’m still practically on top of him. He holds up the bottle. “I think it’s time to finish the game.” I watch him start to pour two fresh shots. “But I think it’s time to raise the stakes…”

Chapter Three

I bite my lip as I watch him and I know in my belly what is going to happen tonight. I can feel the switch in power go to him. He’s taking control and I know that I will let him do whatever he wants. Seeing his back flex and move under his shirt while he shifts things around on the table has me wishing I could leave tiny red lines down his skin. His back is so broad and his shoulders so wide, my fingers are itching to touch him. My eyes move from his back to his arms and I notice how dark the hair on his forearms is and I subconsciously lick my lips. I’ve always had a thing for strong forearms and hands and that’s when my eyes focus on him as he holds the shot glass and passes it to me.

God, I never realized how big his hands were. Fuck.

I can feel every part of my body wanting to move closer to them. I want them on me. Like now. His fingers look so thick and the backs of his hands are so veiny. I feel my cheeks turn pink because those veins make me picture other things and I pray that Niall doesn’t notice. I shake my head and try to get rid of the image of him hovering over me because I do not need it right now. I take the shot from his hand and lick my lips, clearing my throat. “I’ll go first.” He raises his brows and then nods for me to continue. I give him a coy smile before I go on. “I’ve never kissed Harry Styles.”

The look Niall gives me makes me burst into laughter. “Oh come on!” He rolls his eyes as he takes his shot. “That’s not fair. It was a fuckin’ dare.” He lets out a huff and shakes his head. “I’m never gonna live that down.”

I’m still laughing when I decide to take it a step further. “If you don’t watch out I’ll say all of their names and have you four shots deep.” I watch as his face and cheeks turn pink and I point. “HA! I knew it!”

Niall’s face turns even more crimson. “Hell, we did a lot of stupid shit back in the day. And anyway, it was only like two of them. And not on the lips.” I’m still laughing but trying to hold it in when he finally grins and starts laughing at himself. “Well, what can I say, we’re a close knit band.”

This is when I completely lose it. I am bent over holding my stomach, peals of laughter rolling from me. I manage to squeeze a few words out before I sit up. “Yeah…I’d say so..”

“Alright, alright, laugh it up, chuckles.” He says as I finally sit up and smile, my giggles dying down. “Okay, it’s my turn now.” He looks around the room for a moment like he’s trying to find some inspiration right there in my flat. Then he grins, pats the couch and says in a low thick accent that is shooting right to my lady parts, “I’ve never fooled around on this couch.” He leans forward and quirks up that eyebrow at me. “You know, shirt off, bra pulled low, pants half buttoned. That kind of fooling around.”

His words are hitting me straight in my core and I know that if he made a move on me right now I would be just exactly as he described. I look him straight in the eye, smirk slightly, and raise my glass to my lips, taking the shot down in one gulp. He takes my empty glass from me with that eyebrow still up. His fingers brush over my own, sending flashes of heat through me. Looking over the couch and then me as he pours, I know he’s studying me, trying to feel me out. “Right here, huh? Naughty girl…can’t say that I’m sorry to hear that though.” He hands me back my full glass. “It’s your turn now, sunshine.”

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