i had none in

He knows the desires of my heart
He see’s the brokenness in this world
He never let’s me down
But I let myself down
Forgiveness is a constant use
He shows me to love them
His ways are different to mine

If I keep going to sit at his feet and rest by his side
He’ll hold me and fill me with peace
He understands my heavy heart
At night when i’m falling apart
He knows the longing inside
He knows when it’s time
It doesn’t go unlooked
He’s a good good God
A kind one

He got me through the mess
The tangled hell that I use to be in
He gave strength when I had none
He sparked Hope in my darkness
He’s a good good God
A kind one



Good, Good God ©

anonymous asked:

CAD anon here. Okay, not only is the group anti-science, they are also homophobic, racist, xenophobic and full of shit. Despite "slipping up" many times, the fuckers never suspected anything until I had enough and outed myself on their facebook.

None of this is much of a surprise. 

I’d be curious to see how antisemitic they were? Just to up the tally of “fun” 

Also do you have screenshots of outing yourself because I imagine it’s spectacular


No, it’s you.


cheesy metaphor for freedom aside, look, they have plenty in common and would be adorable friends, dont look at me

I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

Sincerely, Me

Evan: In an email I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase

Evan: It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One key and you’ve consumed my waking days.

Evan: It says “Dear Evan Hansen,”

Evan: With a comma after dear

Evan: You’ve written “Dear, Evan Hansen”

  • Rich: How long have you been sleeping with Michael?
  • Jeremy: What? I don't even get...Why would...I...I've never had sex with anyone anywhere. It's none of your... You have the nerve, the audacity... An how... How do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off.

nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco