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Whumptober Day 8 - Scar

So yesterday was SO busy and SO exhausting that by the time I got my tiny humans to bed, I was beat. So this got put off until today. Then, of course, today was busy and exhausting and this got pushed later and later, but here we are. 

Also posted to ff.net and Ao3 for your reading convenience.

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Phil narrowed his eyes, watching Clint from across the gym. That was the third time in an hour that Clint had rubbed at the old scar hidden under his t-shirt – a scar put there by his own brother over a decade ago.

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Mustn’t Twitch

Stiles x Reader

“(Y/N)!” Stiles yelped when you pointed your finger at your locker, letting it swing open.

“What… oh right, sorry I’m still sleepy.” You yawned, snuggling into Stiles chest when he rolled his eyes and hurried over to help you switch out your books.

“Yeah well just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you can start zapping things around!” He muttered, as you slumped against him, almost dropping you when you fell asleep. “How are you so tired?”

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Yesterday I had to move the rays out of their tank while I gave it a really good clean and fixed the filtration, and I messed up. I have a rubber net that I use to move Bisquick so his barb can’t get caught in it, but the holes in that net were actually a bit too large for IHOP and I was worried about using it. So I got out the finest mesh net I had to move her, in hopes that it would lessen the chances of possible entanglement. However I failed, and the very end of her barb ended up stuck in the net; the exact opposite of what I wanted. I decided to clip the barb, which doesn’t hurt the ray at all, instead of struggling with to try and untangle the tip. The first photo is the tiny portion that I clipped off next to my finger for size comparison, and the second photo is the two of them sitting in their sad box while I finish up.

Most people probably wouldn’t make a post like this but I feel like it’s important! Not only do we all make mistakes (I’m not perfect) but it also highlights the importance of why these guys can be dangerous for those that don’t have experience with them. I’m happy to say that IHOP is completely fine, despite my mistake!

i always hold a place for you in my heart (1/1)

Today is the day. The day Jeremy’s life is going to change forever.

jerevin // 1914 words

hap hap Hap happy birthday zie @gavinodooley (u see what i did there?) i really hope you like this, and i hope you have a fantastic day and people give you lots of jerevin things. i love you so much!!

ao3 mirror

The morning sun lights the entirety of Jeremy’s quarters, casting a warm, golden glow over the cobblestone floors and the bed that is pressed up against the wall. Had anyone been lying in that bed, they would have woken for sure. But the bed is empty.

Jeremy is pacing in front of his fireplace, hands wringing in front of him as he does. He tossed and turned all night, plagued with nervous thoughts as well as anticipation. But mostly nervousness. For all that is holy, Jeremy knows he has never been this nervous in his life. He wishes he could see his hair right now, but he knows deep down that it would be perfectly displaying what someone would definitely, positively name a ‘piss hat, Jeremy!’.

He hasn’t been this nervous in his life. His hands are shaking as his palms sweat, and if he stops moving he feels like his heart might just give out and he’d be off to meet his maker. But he just can’t wait, and that might just be making him, if possible, even more nervous.

Gods, his hair probably does look like piss.

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So yesterday, YouTube dude @cr1tikal posted a video called Finger Family Mystery. In it, he details a strange. sprawling assortment of videos littered all over YouTube, each with millions of hits, almost zero comments, and always featuring a benign children’s nursery rhyme.

As it turns out, he’s right; a quick search of “Finger Family” nets you nothing but hundreds of these videos. Why do they exist? I decided to probe. Watching one of the videos didn’t enlighten me, but then I had the radical idea of watching the videos on Internet Explorer, where I don’t have AdBlock.

Shock and terror: all of the videos are monetized. Suddenly, the sky opens up and the truth is clear. These videos aren’t being made to be watched. They’re being made to generate money.

Remember how YouTube’s copyright and monetization system works? It’s a combination of the ads and the total minutes watched. The Finger Family videos vary; the smaller ones are only about a minute and a half long, the longer ones are up to 90 minutes, and in the middle they range from 15-30 minutes.

Now, copyright. The nursery rhyme “The Finger Family” is public domain, so anyone’s free to stick in a book of nursery rhymes and sell it. There are copyright characters all over these videos, sure, but none of the original material is being used; it’s all half-baked animations cobbled together using familiar faces. It’s pissing on the face of copyright law. And assuming these videos are being churned out by some Chinese company (where copyright laws are FAR more lenient), this could very well not have any copyright hurdles to start with.

But who’s watching the videos? No human being. Most likely, it’s a bunch of computers set up to watch these videos, click an ad, reload the page, and so on. Who’s making the videos? Again, not a person. The content’s being generated by automated systems that grab premade assets and familiar characters and automatically generate a video.

This is all speculation, of course. I could be entirely wrong. There could be a Finger Family Cult hidden beneath the crust of the Earth, and watching these videos is part of a daily ritual. But as that seems unlikely…

TL;DR: These videos are being automatically generated and watched so that whoever owns the videos can make a ton of money off of ad clicks and views.

207.8 last Thursday –> 207.2 Friday –> 209.6 Monday –> 207.8 Tuesday –> 208.6 yesterday –> 206.8 today

Finally hit 206 for the first time!

Yesterday I ate:

- none, fasting

- 8 oz. chicken breast from home with 2 T Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch dressing and a cup of roasted Brussels sprouts from the work lunch

- 8 oz. chicken breast with mustard, two eggs, and one slice of American cheese melted on top

- three slices of sandwich pepperoni and a slice of mozzarella
- two squares of Lindt 85% chocolate
- a little sugar-free Jell-o with a tablespoon of heavy cream mixed in while it was setting up in the fridge to give it a creamy texture

1336 calories, 24g total carbs, 17g net carbs, 125g protein, 75g fat.

I feel like I had so many little victories yesterday. I ate that pepperoni and cheese mindlessly while I was waiting for dinnertime, so I made up for that by eating fewer eggs and less cheese than planned for dinner.

And then I saw that my fat was going to be way over my goal for the day, so I switched out my ranch dressing at dinner for some mustard.

And THEN my fiancé came home from a Yankees game and wanted some Jell-o, and I had allotted myself a big bowl of it, but I got really full about halfway through and gave the rest to him.


~200 Follower Celebration~

Hi there! My goodness there’s a lot of you! <3

It feels like only yesterday I had my 100 follower celebration and now it seems like another 100 people have found my ramblings/rantings/general nonsense interesting enough to stick around! So here’s what we’re going to do:

Ask Me Anything!

I mean it, literally anything. On anon or not, I absolutely don’t mind either way! Some suggestions to get you started:

  • Ask me about my writing! Anything is fair game!
    {Tumblr | Ao3 | FF.net}
    • As a subsection of this, I especially love talking about my Doctor Who series rewrite, Locum Tenens. Fire away!
  • Ask me about the Lord of the Rings! (I’m sort of an expert?)
  • Ask me about living in Japan!
  • Pick my brain about Lucifer headcanons/meta (because by Dad do I have Thoughts about Lucifer!)
  • Talk to me about Dragon Age!
  • Ask me about my favourite music/bands/playlists for fics!
    • Also video games! Books! Anime! I love geeking out about things!
  • Linguistics! Any weird, quirky things you’ve ever wondered about English, or languages in general? Chances are I can explain things to you, or at least point you in the right direction!
  • Anything else your heart desires!!

And remember, my inbox is always open! You don’t need to have an excuse to come talk to me! So let’s have fun getting to know each other! :D

Do you know what I did?

I ate carbs. So many carbs. I have been consistently under 30 net carbs since August 1st. My craptastic PCOS cycles corrected themselves (within a matter of weeks- can you imagine??) and I had lots a solid 11 lbs.

And yesterday for some reason, I felt antsy at work. I think I was bored and that boredom would have lead to boredom eating but I had no food which means I got anxious because I couldn’t satisfy whatever was making me crazy. So I called my husband and asked him to grab Chinese takeout.

It’s not like there was food in the house and I couldn’t restrain myself, I actively sought it out. And then I ate so much. Scezwan chicken with chow mein, egg roll with sweet and sour, 6 (!!!!) crab rangoons. Then I hit the food in the house and chose to not restrain myself. A pumpkin ale, a mini cupcake, and two Reese’s cups.

This morning, I was expecting to feel like crap. I do and I don’t. I have a headache, slight, nausea, and negative keto strips. I think the headache was mostly beer related. I have… I don’t want to say it’s guilt, because I am not ashamed. I just recognize and accept that I made a poor decision.

Also, I was hoping to feel bloated, or physically ill, or have the spins, or ANYTHING that would immediately prove that my body rejects this kind of eating. There isn’t one. The only thing I’ll have to show for it is PCOS symptoms tracked over time. Hopefully my one evening of terrible choices doesn’t impact me for long.

Going to try a kinda-sorta egg fast through the weekend to see if I can’t get things back on track.

Updates, Progress, and Planning

Hello fit fam out there in the tumblrverse! I’ve honestly been a bit half-assed on my posting here lately so here is a nice update of whats been going on in my world! 

Starting weight was 223 pounds aka the heaviest I ever was and a weight I hope to never be again. I was not healthy nor happy with the way I looked or felt and was just starting to really understand and take control of my bipolar diagnosis. 

This week I have been grossly sick which only allowed me to hit the gym twice this week but I’m hitting the gym for kickboxing tonight so yay! But when I finally caved and went to the doctor yesterday I weighed in at 205.5! Almost have hit that 20lb mark and I am still on track to reach onederland by my goal of June 11th it’s gonna be close but I’m so determined now. I had sort of plateaued around 209 and honestly was getting pretty frustrated. Rather than giving up all together I sat down and took a good hard look at my macros and the conclusion was: too many carbs. I’m now working to keep my net carbs under 50 grams per day which may not be as strict as some of you keto people out there but is a good goal for now. 

Short and long term goals:

First legit 5k walk/run June 3rd

199 aka Onederland by June 11th

189 or less! by my birthday September 1st

179 by November 27th (I have a physical this day and if I can reach this it will be the lightest I’ve been since 2013).

Ultimate Goal Weight: 160lbs! aka the weight I was when I graduated high school in June 2012.

The weight didn’t go on in a day and it certainly wont come off in a day but little victories and celebrating those is making this journey so worth it!

ghostly soulmates | 1

ghost!reader x hoseok
genre: basically fluff if you want to categorize it 
type: ghost x human soulmate au
trigger warnings: none
wc: 1.8k

▸ in which a girl finds out that she’s a ghost the hard way.

0 / 1 / 2

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Oh, other life type things:

Saw CMMB this week since I was over at his house for a meeting related to the running of medieval group. He’s making me some netting needles so that I might have more appropriate tools to use.

There was a local event yesterday and I also talked to him like an adult since I had my netting project with me and could actually show him what a modern netting needle looked like. He says he’ll have them done in a week and can show me how to make them at some point which is very kind of him.

Additionally my parents came to the event and I think they had a good time which makes me happy.

And post event, after I got home, since things got done fairly early in the afternoon, I got invited to go out to dinner with a friend who now lives in another state and his wife, and that was super fun and sweet of them since I never get to see him. (His wife is kind of abrasive, although I don’t think she means to be, but she’s growing on me, medieval group is not her thing, but she is making an effort with it because it’s important to him.)

it is still really novel to me when people spontaneously ask me to hang out, that seems like a thing that happens to other, cooler, people.

sapphicscholarwrites  asked:

1. Sorry about your flight :( waiting sucks. 2. Saw that you updated - so excited to read! And a chapter 4 of undercover(s) is coming tomorrow just as a heads up. 3. OMG I went to your profile to be like, oh, have I missed other things during this week from fucking hell? And you write R&I fanfic...whattt? Now I need to read that too, so work can kiss my productivity goodbye since they got me for 13 hours yesterday; I have multi-chapter, completed fiction to read now, bitches!

yeah! i just uploaded “Attachment” to AO3 (had previously lived only on fanfiction.net) and I plan to upload the other R&I story I still like at some point (”Any Other Name for the Rose”, a The Bachelor AU that no one asked for)! But it lives over on fanfiction too.

those gays

also, reading fic IS productive, capitalism is a lie, etc

anonymous asked:

Dearest Xaph, I have been following your blog for about 2 years now after stumbling upon your stories on ff<dot>net. I was once a huge bbrae shipper, but you converted me to the cult of raex and I have been a devout follower since! I so very much admire you’re writing style. It’s so natural and beautiful and flows wonderfully. And I can’t even describe my screams of joy when I saw that you updated No Vacancy yesterday. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I very much appreciate your work!

Oh my gosh!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Thank you so much! I am so happy it’s being enjoyed again, I had so much fun writing it and I can’t wait until I get the next chapter out. I am already working at it!

Originally posted by timetravelersloth

for the online magazine i work on i was assigned a story to do with this guy and it was due tonight at 7 so i had been trying to contact him since yesterday and he never responded. i just found out that he did the assignment himself and turned it in this morning without even consulting me.. and still put my name on it??? i’m so frustrated because i had ideas and i had been planning for it and then he just did it without even bothering to respond to the messages i sent him

anonymous asked:

So yesterday I ate 1100 cal. My net after working out was around 600 and I’m terrified it’ll take me longer to lose now :(. There’s no real question I just had to get that out.

I’m sorry you’re terrified❤️ just take a deep breath, everything will be ok❤️xx

SpringFRE - Prompts Masterlist

We have a staggering list of 160 prompts, which for the sake of variety have been arranged in a random order for you. Thank you so much for prompting!

Please read Prompts FAQs carefully before submitting any responses or sending an ask, but let’s cover some basics here:

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