i had no inspiration for like weeks

This week’s spread. I was Very inspired by La La Land, as you can probably tell 😂 Amidst math, AP art, and various other school stuff, I haven’t had much time to sketch or ink any drawings. I’ve started storyboarding a short little something I’d like to do sometime, based off of an unusual text convo I had over the summer. I’ve given myself today do screw around, but the rest of my long weekend is going to be work work work.

-1℃ ☀️
Mood: still sick af🤒
45/100 days of productivity

Had a rough end of the week, I’ve been in bed since friday, i feel like crap.
Anyway, this is my complete digital bujo spread of the week!
Have a nice day!


So I got inspired by @solohux wonderful Kylux Wings AU and @kylo-is-my-bad-bae amazing addition:D

Sorry I wanted it to be done long ago but my computer crashed and was off for a whole week and then i had to re-instal all my logiciels and aaargh plus i draw sloooowly but it’s ok now (despite Kylo’s scar is missing on the last one like idk sorry)

Hope you like it *is kind of nervous now*

Biden facts:

  • First marriage had to overcome fiancees parent’s unhappiness with their daughter marrying a Roman Catholic (which they did)
  • His wife and baby daughter died, and both sons were injured in a crash just weeks after he was elected senator - an election in which he was the underdog, and his campaign was mostly managed by his family with little funding (1972)
  • Wanted to resign in order to care for his sons
  • For his boys’ sake he commuted an hour and a half each morning and evening to Washington DC  so he could see them everyday
  • Hosted barbecues and christmas dinner annually for Amtrak crews
  • Amtrak crews would sometimes hold the last train for a few minutes so he could catch it
  • Never works on December 18th, the day his wife and daughter died
  • after his first election as U.S. senator for Delaware he was re-elected 6 times - usually with around 60% of the vote
  • May 1999 he set the mark for the youngest senator to cast 10,000 votes
  • Ranked as one of the least wealthy members of the senate
  • Was banned in 2008 from receiving Holy Communion by the bishop of his original hometown, Scranton, because of his support for abortion rights
  • Was caught on microphone telling Obama that signing the ACA was “a big fucking deal” during live broadcasts
  • Obama’s daughter Sasha and Biden’s granddaughter Maisy attended the same school together, which helped form the obama-biden friendship
  • Biden’s friendships on the senate floor were often instrumental in passing major legislation
  • In 2015 he reduced his schedule to spend more time with his son Beau, who was fighting and later died from brain cancer  
  • One of only 4 recipients from the last 4 presidents to receive the presidential medal of freedom with distinction 
  • Dr Jill Biden, his wife, is one of only 2 second ladies to continue her day job - teaching at Northern Virginia Community College - and is founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative (an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer with young women in Delaware) 
  • just a fucking decent dude

We’ll eat you up, we love you so! 

I had these illustrations just sitting in my sketchbook for weeks and I’m very glad to finally have them colored. (I can still feel my wrists aching just by looking at these aaugh).

These were done purely for fun, and along with feeling like doing a crossover that I have not seen done yet. Drawing these were super fun to do and I hope you enjoy haha <3


My mantra was in full force this week; ya dream girl had shit to do. Like, truck-loads of shit. Yearbook stuff is a pain in the ass sometimes and so much hard work, but I’m starting to realize that nobody is asking me to work hard. I decide to work hard because I want to. It’s my passion and what I care about, and one of the ways I put my small stamp on the world. And I’m going to make sure I do my work proudly. I still have so much to do and have to study with finals coming up next week, but I’m figuring it out. sigh. // Busy is a blessing.


23.10.16 // 11oC ☀️

14-18/100 Days of Productivity

It’s been a weird week, and I’ve sucked at uploading daily pictures for DoP, so I thought I’d collate a few from the past few days ✨ I’ve been fighting Freshers Flu, finding my rhythm with all my reading, and getting to grips with the physical manifestations of actually doing stuff - I’ve been in bed as early as 7pm, have had a few days where I’ve had to pack working in after thirty minutes, and days (like today) where I’ve just not been able to do anything at all 😴🛌

But, all in all, I’m really enjoying uni. I’m probably about 3/4s done with my first piece of assessed work for my NAT module, and have a pretty good idea what I want to say for my International Security module. And I made a friend! 🙌🏼

days of productivity: day 3 of 100
have to give a presentation for science tomorrow and i rlly rlly don’t want to. i don’t really know anybody in that class, and everyone is rlly rude and i usually don’t get my feeling hurt easily but i’m slightly concerned they’ll be mean {even tho in reality that’s not gonna happen so don’t worry about me}
i’ve been so productive this week…like i’ve done all of my homework before dinner…and had time to read for like an hour and walk the dog and it’s been really nice but i’m almost bored? 😂 that sounds real weird but it’s tru.

i’m in love with the shape of you.
  • Summary: “It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. (…) Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.” Inspired by this tweet.
  • Pairing: Kara/Lena.
  • Rating: STRAIGHT UP SIN. +18
  • Beta’d by: Bia, who by the way forced me to write this. (@kinkylena)

It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. Lena was chivalrous, gentle, sweet. All Kara could’ve wanted for in a partner. Most of their time together was spent in late night dates, drinking expensive wine and chinese takeout, maybe watching a bad movie, maybe playing chess (Lena insisted she wasn’t letting Kara win, that she had just improved but Kara didn’t believe a word she said), maybe just cuddling under a fuzzy blanket telling each other about their days. And of course, kissing. Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.

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IT’S DONE! I DID IT LOL. This was based on this ask a few weeks ago, and i just got so inspired haha. im no animator first of all but i had fun putting this together! BUT WHAT IF THEY DID HAVE A GAMING CHANNEL??? I imagine it would sort of be like this lol

Patater Week - Day 1

Feb. 6- Get Together – (Coraline-inspired AU, magical realism, 6.4K)
Soundtrack: [Exploration] + [Dreaming]

There’s a low, paint-chipped door in the corner of Alexei Mashkov’s living room in Providence.

His agent tells him that the door used to connect to the apartment next to his, a long time ago, when the structure had been one. The door leads to nowhere now, only a wall of bricks. Alexei has even seen the wall of bricks in person, when he requested the landlord open the door for fun. He’s always been curious, after all, and the old, rusted key that the agent picks out from the cabinets only added to that curiosity.

“You’ll get yourself into trouble one day, Lyosha,” his grandmother used to tell him. Alexei had been young, perhaps seven or eight, when she warned him. “Don’t ask so many questions, and try to be happy, or the spirits will see, and take you.” She had said, “Don’t go through strange doors, and don’t follow voices, especially if they sing to you.”

“What’s so bad about singing?” Alexei had demanded, in a petulant way only a seven-year-old can manage. “I sing.”

“Yes, love, but they sing to confuse you,” his grandmother had responded. “They sing of a life better than the one you have, so you want to come to them. You see? They want to trick you and steal you away.”

Of course, Alexei had thought her warning had been metaphorical, if not slightly cryptic. She’d been old then, and easily confused. If you take out the spirits part, the rest sound more or less logical. He figured that she doesn’t want him talking to strangers and end up kidnapped, so Alexei had merely nodded and promised her. No going in strange doors, no following the singing voice, not that there’d been any in his life. Until now.

The bricks are nothing special: the seams filled with cement, the corners dusty with cobwebs. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but there’s a draft that only Alexei can feel because when he mentions it to the agent, she only blinks in confusion.

“Why not lock it?” Alexei asks, when the agent pockets the old key and closes the old, wooden door.

“Why should I?” the agent says, smiling. “The wall is bricked up. Not like there’s anything that can come out. Now, let’s go to the kitchen. The structure itself is a little old, almost 150 years, but it’s been recently remodeled. It’s got a beautiful granite counter top—”

Alexei loves the house. But doesn’t know why he feels uneasy about the door. When he gets the keys to the house, he finds the rusted key again and locks the door. 

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I Lost Someone

My baby boy died yesterday. He had lung cancer. He was 10 years old.

I brought him home when he was just two weeks old because his mother stopped nursing him and his litter mates.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the rest of his litter (aside from one brother) would later be destroyed. When we found out, we started a shelter and re-homing program for neglected, unwanted, and abused dogs.

This one little pup inspired us to save 106 dogs over a 5 year period.

Like this one:

And this one:

He grew into a prince. A big, beautiful prince.

He welcomed the birth of our two boys. He moved with us across the country, then across an ocean.

He loved me unconditionally. He trusted me implicitly. We were a team. He was my shadow, my sidekick. My solace when times were hard, my motivation to be calmer, slower, more patient.

He taught me about joy.

He taught me how important it is to smile. How to live better in the moment.

He slept in my bed, then when the boys came, right beside my bed. He was unerringly careful, caring, and gentle.

He was my boy. And yesterday I repaid his sweetness and love and did something that hurt so badly, something that scarred, something only true love can do. I gave him peace and I broke my own heart.

Rest in light, my darling boy.

I’ll see you on the Rainbow Bridge.

Jersey [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: You’re a journalist and your neighbor is playing music too loud, you go to complain and turns out he is writing a musical.

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: None. Light cursing maybe?

Author notes: MY FIRST DRABBLE YOU GUYS! I think it turned out better than I imagined. Please let me know what you think, if you like maybe I can write more?

“You need to stop!” Your words echoed on the hallway that connected your apartment to the rest of the building. The loud music suddenly paused and you exhaled in relief after slamming the door. 

You had three articles to write until the end of the week, the last thing you needed on that friday night was the same song played slightly differently for what seemed like hours to you, it was already bad enough that you had to ditch your friends because of work. 

When the inspiration came back to you the words just flew from your mind all the way to your laptop. Your fingers moved quickly and you wrote not more than two paragraphs before the loud drums started once again.

That was the last straw. 

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Who’s the Boss? [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Author’s Note: I’m so happy this is done omg. I’ve been slowly working on it over like the last week and it’s been such slow going because I’ve hit a rut with my creativity, both when it comes to writing and drawing. And it suuuucks. But I finally managed to draw some things today and it inspired me to power through this fic and get it out of the way, as it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and really wanted to write. So I hope you like it. ^^ 

Word Count: 7,014

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My Face (Marauders)

This is just a fun lil thing inspired by dodie once again :))))))

* * *

Your make up brushes were dirty. Like really dirty. ‘I’ll clean them later.’ You said to yourself for what felt like the millionth time that week. You narrowed your eyes at your face, checking to see if your foundation was even or if it was the light tricking you like it had done over and over again…

‘Come in.’ You said after hearing a soft knock at your door. Sirius wandered in and stopped in the middle of the room when he saw you. ‘You look weird.’ He said, never one to shy away from telling the truth. ‘That’s because I only have foundation on.’ You said, starting to fill in your eyebrows. Sirius walked further into the room and sat cross legged on your bed and started to go through all your make up. ‘What is this stuff?’ He asked, picking up an eyeshadow palette. ‘Eyeshadow.’ You said.  
‘Eye-what?’ He said, opening it up and looking at all the pretty colours. 
‘Eyeshadow.’ You laughed, ‘You put it on your eyelids.’ 
‘Why?’ He asked. You opened your mouth to answer but then closed it again, frowning. ‘I dunno.’ You said, ‘It looks pretty.’ Sirius nodded slowly. He dipped his finger into the light blue and stuck it blindly on his eyelid. ‘Am I pretty yet?’ He said. You laughed, ‘Oh yeah.’ You said, ‘You’ve never looked better. Sirius grinned and moved closer to you so he could see himself in the mirror. ‘You lier.’ He said, looking at himself, ‘Looks like a Cornish pixie spat on me.’ You finished your eyebrows and turned to him. ‘That’s because you didn’t blend it.’ You fished out a (dirty) eyeshadow brush and blended the messy eyeshadow. Reaching back into your bag you pulled out another palette and chose a darker blue, applying it to the crease and blending it once again. ‘There we go.’ You said, smiling at your art. ‘Beautiful.’ Sirius looked into the mirror and grinned, 
‘Cool.’ You started to do your own eyes, choosing light pinks for yourself. Sirius watched in awe. ‘The pink looks better than the blue.’ He said. 
‘Yeah.’ You replied, ‘Blue isn’t a very common colour for eyeshadow. Most people go for more subtle colours.’ Sirius frowned before diving back into your makeup bag. ‘What’s this?’ He asked, pulling out a brown powder. 
‘Bronzer.’ You said. 
‘And that is…?’ 
‘Gives you cheekbones.’ You replied, finishing up your eyes, ‘Makes you look all chizzled and model-like.’ Sirius smirked, 
‘Well I don’t need this then.’ He said. You looked at him and almost burst out laughing at the imagine of Sirius, only one eye covered in bright blue eyeshadow. ‘Here.’ You said. You grabbed another brush and doused it into the bronzer. ‘Suck in your cheeks, like a fish.’ Sirius did so and you applied the powder to his cheeks, jawline, forehead and nose. ‘Ta-da.’ You said. Sirius looked into the mirror. ‘Woah.’ He said, ‘I look good. Apart from my eye.’ He laughed. Sirius watched you for a little bit longer. He watched you apply mascara, bronzer, blush and highlighter. ‘Done.’ You finally said, smiling. 
‘You definitely look a lot better than me.’ He said.
‘That’s because you’ve only got bronzer and one eye done.’ You said, smiling. 
‘Can you do my makeup for real?’ He asked. You looked at him, his eyes sparkling. ‘I mean if you want?’ 

‘Out of my way bitches!’ Sirius paraded through the common room, making everyone stop and look at him. You watched from the staircase, almost dying from laughter. ‘What the hell happened to you?’ James asked, laughing. 
‘I became fabulous.’ Sirius said dramatically, as he pretended the false eyelashes weren’t bothering him. ‘Who did this to you?’ Remus asked. He pointed to you and when the gang looked over you gave them a wave. ‘Huh…’ James said, looking sideways at Remus and Peter…

‘What have you done?’ Lily asked, walking up to you. Tears streamed down your face and all you could do was point. Lily followed your gaze to the four boys, strutting around the hallways in complete full drag. ‘Are those your dresses?’ Lily asked, bursting out laughing. You nodded. You and Lily watched as Mcgonagall approached the boys. For a second you thought she was going to tell them off for distracting the other students who had gathered around, watching the shenanigans. But then you saw the sides of her mouth rise upwards as she rolled her eyes at them before moving on, and you could have sworn you saw her eyes twinkling. 

Stuck Together [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Prompt: “we get stuck in the elevator together and now i have a huge crush on you”

Word count: 1,163

Warnings: light swearing, mention of claustrophobia (not triggering at all, i tried to make this as fluffy and sweet as possible).

A/N: I had this prompt on my list for over a week, and first it was going to be a Daveed fic but I’m Lin trash so - no surprise here. I wanna thank the @hamwriters crew, @manuelmiranduh and @hamilbye for their recent works and our talks because they really got me inspired to write during this week that has been one of the most stressful weeks of the last few months. Anyway, I hope y’all like it! <3 

askbox | masterlist

The sound it made wasn’t pretty. As the light in the ceiling flickered, you lost your balance for a second when the elevator stopped going up. You muttered “fuck” before taking a deep breath.

It was an old building, the elevator had broken down before, but this was the first time you were in it. With a stranger. Honestly, you didn’t know many of your neighbors: New York has something that makes people more independent, but also lonely at the same time. The man placed his headphones around his neck and looked at the elevator panel while you pressed the emergency button.

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03/11 I don’t feel like working hard today and I hate those days. But I’m gonna overcome this and work extra hard! I had a few panic attacks earlier this week. I was thinking about failing my first master year and all of the consequences. Bad thinking, bad!!! Instead of WORRYING, I just need to start WORKING towards my goal. #day21


In sixth grade, my math/science teacher asked me if I was going to participate in the spelling bee. I told her I didn’t even know we had one. Typical me. She then gave me the spelling word list and said, “You have a week. Get to it.” I thought she was literally crazy. How do you memorize almost 500 words in a week while all the other kids had 3 months? I remember her looking at me directly and saying, “I know you can.” I ended up winning that spelling bee. All because of one person having faith in me.

rainy night

REQUEST: what if the reader goes to Sebastian’s place and it’s raining so she’s soaking wet, then seb gives her some of his clothes and while she’s getting dressed he’s looking at her so she gets really shy.

WARNINGS: Language. Little make out seshhhh.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you ever get in a funk and have NOTHING comes out?! because this has been me for like the past week and I had the perfect inspiration for this because it had been storming really hard but still – nothing. But anyway, it’s here and a little short! :( Also, Yellow by Coldplay was on repeat when this unfolded.


It was sprinkling on the way home. You two thought you would make it to your destination before it began to pour, but the clouds had other plans.

Two blocks away from Sebastian’s place the sky opened and it began to rain cats and dogs. You tried to cover yourself with your arms and hands, but it was no use. You hair was already soaking wet and your clothes were starting to stick onto your body.

“Let’s go back to my place!” Sebastian yelled, his forearm up against his forehead to shield the water from dripping into his eyes.

You nodded and literally ran back to the apartment building. The doorman stared at both of you as you ran inside the dry building. You looked at Sebastian as he stared at you too before bursting out into laughter.

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