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Dick Move

A/N: So this is based on an idea that I have had for a while. It didn’t turn out quite like I had pictured in my head? But oh well.

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Y/N sat on the couch and watched as her best friend carried her snack and drink into the living room. They were alone in the manor. Alfred had gone late night grocery shopping and the boys were out on patrol so they had the living room and it’s ridiculous entertainment system all to themselves.

“What do you want to watch, Y/N?” Dick’s girlfriend asked as she put her stuff down.

“Just turn on like a show or something. I don’t really have anything that I am dying to watch right now.” Y/N answered. She checked her phone for messages while Dick’s girlfriend turned something on. She put her phone down and picked up her snack and nibbled on it. Silence fell between the two as they got sucked into the show Dick’s girlfriend had turned on.

“Hey, can I talk to you about something?” Dick’s girlfriend asked hesitantly.

Y/N put down her food and turned to her. “That sounds serious.”

Dick’s girlfriend laughed and shook her head. “It isn’t anything like super duper important, more of just something that I have to talk to somebody about.”

Y/N nodded and stole a piece of Dick’s girlfriend’s snack. “Shoot.” She said as she put the junk food in her mouth.

“So, I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way, but I’ve been feeling really down lately with how absent Dick has been. Like I know he works day and night, but when we are together, it feels like his mind is elsewhere. I am not wanting him to drop everything to be with me, that would be fucking ridiculous, but I want it to feel like he is choosing me, you know?” Dick’s girlfriend looked at Y/N. Y/N nodded and motioned for her to continue. “I don’t know how much longer I can go like one can only spend so long in a rut and I have to get out, but I cannot break up with him.”

“Sounds like you need to just talk to him.” Y/N said. She reached out and took her friend’s hand. “I am more than willing to listen to you complain, but I can’t change anything, that’s on you two.”

Dick’s girlfriend sighed before running her hands through her hair. “I know. I just- I don’t know how to bring it up, you know? Like don’t get me wrong, I love him, but he isn’t the best with confrontation. He’ll probably feel really guilty about it or some shit and I don’t want to upset him.”

“Dude, just talk to him.” Y/N groaned. “Like I swear to God, it isn’t going to be as bad as you think.”

“You’re right,” Dick’s girlfriend sighed. “ I should be able to talk to him without it blowing up. I love Dick-”

“Yeah, you sure do. And you are pretty fond of your boyfriend as well.” Y/N said as she put her empty bowl on the coffee table. Dick’s girlfriend shot her an irritated glare. “What? You stepped right into that one. You cannot expect me to not make that joke.”

“You better run.” Dick’s girlfriend said as she got up. Y/N’s eyes widened and she jumped up. She ran out of the room with Dick’s girlfriend hot on her heels.

Y/N laughed as she slid around a corner and kept running. She laughed again as she heard Dick’s girlfriend almost lose her footing. She was almost to the kitchen when a strong pair of arms picked her up and swung her around. Y/N screamed in surprise before turning to see her very amused boyfriend, still in uniform. “Hey, sweetie, how are you?” Y/N panted. She leaned over and clutched her chest, trying to catch her breath.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jason asked her. He had not expected to find his girlfriend running full speed down the hallway this late at night.

Y/N laughed breathlessly. “I am running from Dick’s girlfriend.”

“What about my girlfriend?” Nightwing appeared next to them.

“She is chasing me. Or was. She might have wiped out or decided it wasn’t worth it.” Y/N said as she peered down the hallway.

“What exactly did you do to make her chase you?” Dick asked, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down at her.

Y/N pursed her lips and sighed. “I don’t have to answer that.” She said as she turned to walk away. Jason smirked and pulled her back.

“Oh, no. Come one. What did you do?” Jason laughed as Y/N squirmed in his arms.

“If I told you, I would have to kill you.” Y/N teased.

At that moment, Dick’s girlfriend stalked around the corner. She had an irritated look on her face, but that melted away when she saw her boyfriend standing there. She walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, babe.” Dick greeted as he took off his mask. “Y/N said that you were chasing her.”

Her smile faded as she looked at Y/N, who had ducked behind Jason. “Yep.” Dick’s girlfriend said shortly.

“Why? What did she do to get you all riled up?” Dick asked quietly. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms soothingly.

“We were talking about something semi-serious and she made a dick joke.” She pouted.

“In my defense, you set yourself up for failure.” Y/N said as she peeped from around Jason’s side. Dick’s girlfriend glared at her and Y/N quickly took off running again with Dick’s girlfriend close behind. Jason and Dick stood there as they could hear Y/N laughing at Dick’s girlfriend’s threats as they ran through the manor.

“So what do you think will happen if she catches her?” Dick asked quietly.

“Dude, my girlfriend could whoop your girlfriend’s ass any day of the week. Even I get a little bit scared of her when she is mad.” Jason said.

Dick exchanged a look with Jason before they took off running to prevent the fight that might very well be brewing.

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Hey, I'm someone considering joining this group for the first time as Queen Ismaire, but I was just wondering... Since you seem to have so many headcannons surrounding your character's relationship with her... What would happen if I suddenly jumped in with a queen who doesn't exactly fit your idea of her? I wouldn't want to upset what's already been established. I could just pick someone else if it would be too much trouble. I'm also considering Myhrr, Neimi, or Natasha.

ooc; Man, I wish I could answer this on private but–if one ever goes through my backlog of Ismaire/Gerik, you’ll find it tagged with ‘#self indulgent bullshit’. Because it’s mostly that. A late-night shower-thought of a crack-ship that I suddenly had way too many feels for. That thing you said ironically and then kept saying and somehow stopped saying ironically. It’s less ‘established’ and more ‘Gerik-mun is a filthy badger with thirst’, ha ha.

What would happen–as with any headcanon-ing in FERP where an untaken muse is involved–is that previously existing HCs would be re-negotiated or rescinded as discussed. Which is something I knew would be a possibility and am willing to do with you (as any of us would be)!

tl;dr - we’d be happy to have you as any of the above. ;O Niche characters are cool to play.

“ Now that HTGAWM is over for now, I’m so excited for the summer time! I feel like I’ve been totally working overtime lately, with the show’s promo, finishing some other filming, and the movie that I had just filmed coming out and doing awesome in the theaters, so a vacation is most definitely in order for me! Enough about me though, hola! I’m Karla. Care to give a girl some ideas for a vacationing spot, or what? “

The Wolf, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Part Two

WARNING: Mikael is an abusive dick.

Also, I added Aaron for reasons that will be revealed. Freya is still the oldest. Rated T/SFW. Tagging @blackefaeriequeene since I know you wanted this update :)

Read part one here or read both and review here.

When Caroline stepped onto the grass, she actually had an idea about what she was doing. Instead of stumbling around drunkenly, she was going to…not do that. She would say ‘she was going to find Niklaus’ but the memories of how to get to his house were gone.

So instead, she moved to the waterfall and plopped down, taking her shoes off and sitting halfway in the water. It was day time, and the sun was beating down. In retrospect, she shouldn’t have worn a hoodie, but Mystic Falls in the morning was cold! And how was she supposed to know that this…world or whatever was going to be hot!

She was still ranting to herself (though the topic had moved from the heat to berating herself for coming again) when Niklaus showed up.

She stood hastily, not bothering to put her shoes back on.

His eyes – one of which was black, what the hell – perused her from head to toe. They lingered on her legs, where her jeans were rolled up to the knees. When he met her gaze, there was interest darkening his eyes. She studiously ignored it (though the image went straight to the spank bank).

But all she said was, “what the hell happened to you?” As one, they both winced. God, why did she just say things? Was there no filter? Did she have any tact whatsoever or did exposure to Damon suck it from her like some kind of dementor?

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Sunday Shoutout

Shoutout to all the artist out there, drawing is tough stuff and I can hardly ever find the time 

BTW my little project im working on is coming along okay so far but i’ll give a little hint about it: it sort of goes with the modern day AU but in a different way.

I feel like I should write down a list of possible AU ideas that i could use in the future so if you got some cool AU ideas just pop them in my inbox and I’ll add them to the list. Also, that being said, I find a lot of stuff on tumblr (like quotes from books or scenes from movies) that I think would inspire a good AU ideas so I’m probably going to start reblogging those and tagging them as  #AUprompt. so if you see me reblogging anything questionable, check the tags or ask me about what kind of AU I’m thinking of.

ALSO totally not trying to throw @blobbeary into the spotlight but the twins AU they had is really cool spin on the J&H story and the way it was described to me immediately reminded me of this really dramatic scene from a horror movie called My Soul To Take (there’s some cursing and a little blood in this video) This doesn’t happen in the AU and probably never will but it’s a good example of siblings hating each other which I imagine would happen a lot between Henry and Edward

Imperfect Pair (01)

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Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Word Count: 6.5k

Genre: Angst, (Future) Smut, ArrangedMarriage!AU (Kinda?)

Series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | Epilogue

Description: The government is in charge of matching everyone up with a partner, the person they believe you are the most compatible with. You get assigned Jungkook, who looks perfect on his profile and even more perfect in person. You are later reminded however, that perfection does not exist, and not everything in life goes as planned.

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Miraculous Ladybug - Final Showdown

Adrien Agreste has always worked to keep a schedule. Even when he is late, it’s planned, he has a reason, he is prepared. 

Just once, Adrien Agreste was nearly too late. Just once, Chat Noir was completely unprepared.

Running, leaping, falling, and praying, Chat Noir flips over a building turret, hoping, needing to not be too late. The people of Paris see a black blur streaking towards the Notre Dame, or they would have were they not fleeing in fear, away from the vaunted cathedral. 

He’s opposite the Notre Dame, the only thing in his way the glittering Seine. Most days, he would be fascinated with its beauty. Today, all he can focus on is the whirl of reds and blacks and purples, clashing in a horrible dance atop one of Paris’ most coveted tourist spots. 

Just for a moment, the dance slows. Just for a moment, Adrien sees his ethereal Ladybug. 

Bruises of every color litter her skin, her flashy crimson suit worse for the wear. There’s blood flowing from her left ear and Adrien feels a fury rise in him, realizing how close Hawkmoth was to stealing the Ladybug Paris treasured. With the fury comes a crushing sense of guilt. Here a villain with aspirations of world domination, a man who craved nothing but the downfall of the admired teen superheroes, a monster, had been planning his great finale. 

And, where was Adrien?

In Spain, on vacation, enjoying Nathalie’s lilted Spanish and the cacophonous streets of Madrid. 

He had been taking a jovial stroll in the Plaza Mayor while Ladybug, sweet Ladybug, was calling out to him, asking for help from her other half, trusting him to be there. 

Adrien remembered, seeing her face plastered across an LED screen, “Una tragedia en Francia.” A tragedy in France.   

He had run. Ran and leaped and fallen and prayed.

Please. Please let me not be too late.

Now, Chat Noir zeroes in on his partner, using his baton to leap the Seine and skirting up the side of the Notre Dame with ease, landing a flying kick to Hawk Moth’s chest as the corrupt Miraculous holder gets a little too close to Ladybug for his liking. 

With the villain busy reeling, he whips towards his beloved where she’s frozen, startled. Then she’s moving, but not in a good way. Up close, he can see it’s much worse than he’s thought originally. She’s bruised, bloody, and beaten, and she’s tired. He can see in those beautiful blues how exhausted she is, having to transform and release over and over and over again. Over and over with no one to help her. Because he wasn’t there

She moves, and Adrien watches as Paris’ femme fatal collapses on herself, fatigued muscles finally giving out. No doubt, she’d been running on adrenaline for quite some time now, and he was her relief. The energy she had been forced to maintain drained out of her and then she was falling, but this time, he was there to catch her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeats it like a mantra into her hair as he holds her to him as gently as possible, “I wasn’t even here, wasn’t here to support you, to fight with you, to protect you when you needed it most, I’m-”

“Shh, kitty, don’t apologize.”

The world around them is burning but she is calm and collected. She is a hero.

“But I have to. I wasn’t here, Ladybug, and now look at you, you’re hurt, you’re-”

She cuts him off a second time, and this time she’s smiling. Her lip is split and there’s a scratch across her cheek but she’s smiling.

“Listen to me,” her hands come up to cup his face, “This is not your fault. Okay? It’s not. There is no way you could have known, Chat Noir. I was just lucky enough to be around.”

She laughs then, rusty and mingled with a cough, but there’s love and trust and happiness in it and Adrien kind of really wants to cry. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and there’s a final showdown taking place on the Notre Dame. Just a few miles away, civilians are enjoying the Louvre without much cause for distress. But to Chat Noir and Ladybug, their whole world is this ancient Gothic cathedral. Everything ends here. The big boss battle, as Nino would call it. Except this is real life and they don’t respawn if they die. 

“It’s going to be okay, kitty. I know what’s going to happen, what you have to do, she told me, Tikki told me. It won’t be easy, but you’re going to do it Chat Noir. Paris needs you to. I need you to. I believe in you.”

It’s fond and confusing, but then Ladybug is closing her eyes and Adrien feels the panic rising in his throat. No, no, no, not her, not her

There’s a soft glow at her feet, and Adrien watches, unable to move, as Ladybug becomes Marinette Dupain-Cheng. A small part of him is glad, glad its her, he had begun to see the signs and hoped against all hope it was her. Wonderful, clumsy, kind-hearted Marinette, with a penchant for sass, though only around his alter ego. There had been something so Ladybug about her, and as he had become closer to her as both Adrien and Chat Noir, he had become almost certain. 

Now, Chat Noir wishes it wasn’t her. Wishes it wasn’t Marinette’s body he was holding in his arms. The panic consumes him until his ear flutters, and he hears the telltale thump of her heartbeat, and relief slackens his body. His attention is taken by a weak squeaking by his ear, and he turns to see a wide-eyed, beat up looking, crimson Plagg. Marinette’s kwami. Before he can speak, she’s cutting him off. In a different situation he’d laugh at how alike both kwami and holder were. 

“There isn’t time to explain, but Marinette most likely told you something. Her body can’t take another transformation, but I have just enough energy left for one more. You need to let me into your Miraculous. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what Chat Noir and Ladybug were meant for. This is the power of the two most powerful Miraculouses.” 

It’s a lot to take in and Adrien honestly doesn’t understand, but he nods, setting his shoulders. He will avenge Marinette, and he will beat Hawk Moth. For the both of them. For the world.

He holds his ring hand out to the tired kwami, who takes a deep breath before diving head on, into his ring. For a moment, she simply disappears. Then Adrien feels it, the soft tingling and a buildup of, of something, a feeling. His suit begins to change, ebony fading to a pretty violet, golden whorls interspersed evenly. He feels his claws grow sharper, metallic gold, and gauntlets rise to encase his forearms. His baton alters as well, the ends tapering off to a point. At his hip, rests a yo-yo, similar to the one his partner is famous for. 

As the transformation completes, Adrien recognizes the emotion welling within him. Protectiveness. Ladybug is creation, Chat Noir is destruction. Together, they are protection from all evils that threaten the people they love.

Light glints off the tip of his gauntlet as Adrien Agreste storms towards the moth who flew too close to the light, eyes blazing gold.

author’s note - so while i do think it’s probably going to be mari who does the whole chat noir/ladybug combination jazz and i love that, i think it would work really well for adrien too? we’ve seen the lengths he has gone to to protect ladybug(he died for goodness’ sake) and i thought it would be interesting to write! thanks for reading :)

since i sometimes get asked about this, lemme state for the record:

if i write something (meta/fic/random headcanon) and it makes you want to create something of your own (a fic, a drawing, a video, an aesthetic, a gifset, ANYTHING) PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT. you don’t need to ask my permission. MAKE THE THING, then tag me in it so i can see it.

creating things should be fun and if some ridiculous idea i had inspires you to do something fun and creative i am all for that and i would love to see what you make out of it. i’m not precious about my ideas. go forth and make art.


What is this like, the 2nd comic I made about characters that don’t get enough sleep? Why do I gravitate towards characters that either sleep too much, or don’t sleep at all? XD;

Anyways, I’ve had this idea sitting in my WIP folder since October, so I guess if anyone’s interested in when this is happening, it’s probably either the day after, or a few days after Halloween. 


Riordan’s Lions - Samirah al-Abbas and Leo Valdez

{ 8tracks } / { playmoss }

{01} make me like you / desmond dennis
{02} fool for love / stefy
{03} kill the director / the wombats
{04} can’t sleep love / pentatonix
{05} daylight / oh land
{06} just impolite / plushgun
{07} heart skips a beat / lenka
{08} lisztomania / phoenix
{09} like or like like / miniature tigers
{10} i’m making eyes at you / black kids
{11} partners in crime / css
{12} bonus track: i won’t say (i’m in love) / andrew samonsky

angel au

this contains a mess of ships ok

For whatever reason, imagining an AU where Ethan is a fallen angel really makes me happy? Like Ethan waking up cast down from the sky and he has no idea how to live on Earth, but he bumps into Mark n Amy n Ty n Kat and he ends up just following them around and asking questions about everything?

Ethan with fluffy wings and eyes that glow white when he’s angry? Speaking of wings, Ethan hiding behind his wings when he’s embarrassed or using them to flutter up when Tyler calls him short? Plus everyone automatically finds him beautiful at first sight and Mark has used the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Line several times because he finds it funny

Angelic Eth not being able to lie? Ever? Which leads to him confessing a lot of things he doesn’t want to, like how he ate the last of the waffles and he doesn’t actually think that hat looks good on Mark and also he’s in love with like everyone on the team, etc.

Plus since it’s really common in mythology for angels to have healing powers? Eth lying in bed with Ty and asking about his kidney, Ty tells him and E just gets really sad and curls up against Ty’s chest? And Ethan is like “you’re okay now” and Tyler doesn’t know what that means but his health has completely improved at his next doctor’s appointment

Or if the first time Eth heals someone is when the rest of the team is super sick and struggling to make videos, Ethan goes to snuggle with them since they’re all sitting in a miserable sick circle on the floor, editing videos. Everyone is immediately like “dude no! We’re gonna get you sick” but Ethan just does it anyways because he’s a cuddle monster and heals them in the process

Bonus if Mark still has red hair when Ethan falls and Eth sees it and get super excited because he wants his hair to look like that! So after a few weeks he finally convinces Mark to take him to the hairstylist but he catches a glimpse of a girl with blue hair and changes his mind? So he comes out of the salon with bright blue hair and angel wings puffed out in happiness, Mark tells him he looks like he’s going to a costume party.

I don’t know why this is specific to this AU but Amy and Kathryn exchanging Eskimo kisses with Ethan? Because they love their blue boy

Plus any time they see a bird in public someone will point to it and say “Look Ethan your mom came back for you”

so the other night I had a dream that some friends and my sister and I were all on a backpacking trip to hell. I have no idea why, I just know that we felt we had the weight of the world on our shoulders to complete this mission. I don’t even know what the mission was, but dammit we were going.

we were also keeping a cat in a cardboard box with us on this journey. This has nothing to do with the context of the dream, but I felt it was important for the mood.

so basically we’re all hiking down into the depths of the earth, (I think we got chased by some sort of massive beast that ate one of my friends, but frankly it wasn’t important enough to remember) and basically we finally get to the Foyer of Hell. And this place is essentially a food court filled with demons.

think the Mall of America on a Saturday afternoon but all the lights have a weird red tinge.

and we see a McDonald’s.

immediately I’m like “guys, listen. I really need to know if Hell McDonalds tastes the same as Minnesota McDonald’s.” So I bought a double cheeseburger meal and an egg mcmuffin meal and just fucking went to town at these shitty school-lunchroom style tables. We had the Cat Box on the table and were getting a lot of weird looks from the hellspawn around us

the verdict was that the egg mcmuffin was mediocre at best, the fries were all those really dry crunchy ones, the cheeseburgers were exactly the same, but the hashbrowns were fucking incredible. Never will I taste anything so ironically heavenly again in my entire life. Like. Fuck dude. The hashbrowns.

after that we went on our way to slay the demon king or whatever the fuck, I genuinely don’t remember.

Anyway the moral of the story kids is that if you’re in hell and you see a McDonald’s, order them out of hashbrowns you won’t fuckin regret it

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