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Anxiety one day unable to control it all anymore, and the others suddenly feel everything he was trying to make sure they didn’t have to deal with and he others realizing what he’s been doing for them all along and realizing how terrublet they’ve truly been to him

Stampede- Leon Draisaitl

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Ok I love Leon, but I had absolutely no ideas for this one so it’s only a 3 hour drive from Edmonton to Calgary. What does a country girl want to do? Go to the Calgary Stampede! Enjoy guys! Anon- let me know what you think!

Warning: None

Anon Request:  I realllllly love your blog, would you be able to write a leon draisaitl imagine? I’m not great at ideas and i saw you haven’t done one for him, fluff is great or whatever you think!! :D


              “Babe” you said, blinking up at Leon. “How much do you love me?”

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Hi. So I'm 13 and I've sent this boy who I've been talking to for over a year now nudes. I was supposed to stop talking to him. It could have ended there but I was stupid and continued to talk to him because (long distance relationship) basically it ended up being emotionally abusive & whenever I tried to leave he threatened to post my nudes and tell my parents we are talking. One time he even did post my nudes. What do I do. It's been over a year and I still can't leave...

omg honey no :( you aren’t stupid, we all make mistakes and we all have put our trust in someone who we had no idea we should not have. if he posts them then he can definitely get charged for distribution of child pornography and tbh that’s what he deserves. 

honestly i would say go to your parents about this. i know that sounds scary and they might be mad, but telling them how he’s threatening you and being abusive towards you, i think they will definitely be able to interfere and help. if you can’t tell your parents, then please tell another adult who you can trust – a family friend, a teacher, a counselor, etc. don’t be afraid of them being mad at you, you’re young and we all make mistakes when we’re young. you’ve obviously learned something from this and that’s the most important part.

he’s a shitty person tbh anyone who threatens to post someone’s intimate photos like that, or actually does post them, is a piece of shit and i really hope he gets what’s coming to him.

im sorry this is happening to you babe :( it’ll all be okay though just please go to someone with this and try to put an end to it all

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Fic anon: . . . holy. Over *four hundred WIPs?!* And most of them over 1500 words?! Okay. Wow. Wow. Hey guys, we have pretty literally drowned Kat in WIPs. I kinda feel like we should stop throwing ideas at her. Wait, if you have over four hundred WIPs, how do you decide which ones get priority? I mena, 'reverse' is likely number one at all times, but how about the rest? Some of those must have been IP for years right? What's your oldest WIP? I've typed WIP so often it's lost all meaning now.

…Tbh I wasn’t including ones with posted parts. Those tend to get priority over unposted WIPs. Other than that, it really depends on mood or whether I’ve had thoughts about something and get an impulse to write. That’s why some WIPs will be mentioned, disappear for months, and then suddenly appear as full-length fics without warning. ^^’

Oldest WIP? Um. Probably Self Machine, actually. It was one of the first fanfics - maybe the first fanfic - I ever really attempted. Back in…maybe 2009? 2008? Something like that. 

Complicated (Part 2)

Hey folks! Here’s part two, as promised. Hopefully you enjoy it :D I have an idea for part three, or I may turn it into the “Complicated Series” or something like that. I don’t know, let me know? Anyway - enjoy!

Word Count: 1,274

Tony x Reader - Complicated Pt 2

You stayed up on the roof when Gibbs had left. Not really thinking about anything, just watching the cars move and the pedestrians, all milling about, going here, there and everywhere, rushing, barging past other people. How would you tell him? What do you do? Go downstairs, take him to one side of the bullpen and drop the bombshell that he’s going to be a father? Or ask him out to dinner - no, Tony would definitely get the wrong impression there. Puffing out a sigh you pick up your phone off the ledge and typed up a text to send to Tony, your thumbs dancing over the touch screen keypad;

‘Come to the roof. I need to talk.’ frowning, you delete it and try again;

‘Hey Tony. I need to talk with you. It’s important. Could you come up to the roof?’ You growl at your phone as if it was it’s fault, and you purse your lips as you delete the text yet again, third time’s a charm;

‘May sound odd, but could you come to the roof? I need to talk.’ you sent off the text after hesitating briefly then placed the phone against her chin, tapping it gently. You needed more time. That ugly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach came flip-flopping right back. 

Moving over to the old vent you were previously sat on, you took some deep breaths, an attempt to calm yourself, ease the manic ocean rip-tide in your stomach and your very nervous heart. Your phone buzzed, making you jump it was a reply from Tony; 

'Be right there.’

It wasn’t long before the metal door opened again and shut with the same 'thunk’ sound. The wind had picked up a little and night was drawing near, a few of the tall lamps already illuminating the streets and paths down below.

Tony’s foot falls grew nearer, you grew more nervous, “Hey [Y/N], what’s with the roof top meet? Are we conspiring?” He asked jokingly, the grin evident in his voice, “Pulling another glorious prank on Timothy?”

You shuffle, letting him sit down and was about to open your mouth and come right out with it until he spoke again, rolling your eyes, you knew what was coming.

“It’s reminds of that film where-”

“Tony!” You cut him off sharply, much sharper than intended do you soften your voice considerably before talking again, smiling slightly, “Stop. Please. This isn’t…Movie references are good an’ all and you know I love them but I really need to tell you something.”

He paused, closing his mouth and that same look of concern that Gibbs had came to Tony’s face too, “What’s wrong? Is it the case? I know it’s a tough one but I gotten say we’re doing pretty well..”

“No, no Tony it’s not the case..”

“Is it you? Are you sick? Are you leaving? Someone’s dying. I knew it.” He asked and didn’t miss a beat, “Or is it someone else? Gibbs? McGoo? Oh God not Abby?”

“I’m pregnant!”

You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, it was harsh and quick but the total opposite of biting the bullet and pulling off the band-aid and so not the way you wanted to tell him. It was like you were throwing it at him,  "I’m…I’m pregnant, Tony…“

You stare at him, staring at you. Your cheeks go flush when his eyes flicker to your lips, your stomach and then back to your eyes. He turned away and stood and you were just about holding the tears in, half expecting him to walk off when he simply stood there. 

Your eyes moved up to see his eyes not moving but his jaw was doing the twitch thing it did whenever he was angry or emotional, “Tony I..” you reach for his arm but he moved away then, pacing.

“Pregnant.” Was all he said, just above a murmur, as if he was trying to figure out what that word actually meant. Obviously he’d put two and two together, concluding it was his, you’d not been with anyone else since - with work you never had the time.

You didn’t speak, you just watched. Watched him try to wear a hole through the concrete. All the while he was pacing he never looked at you, a pensive and deep in thought expression on his face.

After…Wow, nearly ten minutes of silent pacing -Tony only pausing to either squint or flex his hands into fists, something he only did when he was troubled - you spoke, unable to take the silence anymore, “Just want you to know that I…If you don’t want to do anything, that’s okay, I know you never really wanted…Or at least it’s never been said in conversation about wanting kids and I just, well I’m-I’m not going to ask anything of you.” God you mentally cringe, how else were you suppose to say it?

That seemed to get him to stop his pacing and piercing eyes latched onto your own glistening ones, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean…It’s not like this is a normal thing. We work together Tony. We’re not even together together.” You say softly and stand, “I don’t mean anything bad by it, I just understand if you aren’t ready for this,” you motion to your stomach and then grow up your arms, “hell I don’t think I am.”

“How do you know? Have you thought about it?” He asked, his facial expression almost pleading.

You shake your head, “No, I’ve not known long. I did the test today. Well, I got Ducky to run my bloods. I felt off and lightheaded yesterday and I was late so…” You stop another bout of nervous rambling just in time before it developed and you fold your arms over your chest, “I don’t know how to feel. But I knew I needed to tell you, Gibbs said to-”

“Hold on, Gibbs knows?" 

Crap. "Yeah he found me up here. This is where I come to clear my head.” You mumble quietly, “I’m sorry you weren’t the first to know.”

The jaw twitching appeared again, Tony shook his head, brushing off the apology, a small flash of a slightly smile. He stayed quiet, looking past your head when he tilted his head to the side a bit, eyes squinting, “I’m…happy.” he almost sounded as if he was unsure whether or not to tell you. Your heart melted right there and then.

You move a little closer and offer a small smile, “Yeah? I was so nervous - for telling you, I mean.”


"Because.” You say, like it’s the answer before continuing, turning your back to Tony as you too, started pacing, “Like I said before, we aren’t together. It was a one night fling.” You stop for a moment, “I didn’t know what to do, it was like I was choking. Seeing the blood report…I still think Ducky thinks I have a major illness or something.”

Tony smirked at that, coming to stand with you near the ledge, “This could be something cool, y'know? Having a baby..”

You turn your head slightly and raise an eyebrow, “Yeah?”

He nodded his head and then opened an arm, “C'mere.”

“We’ll work it out, won’t we?” You ask while moving your head to his chest, your arms slowly drop only to creep around his waist. You felt his chin moving against your hair, nodding.

“Of course. We’ll have to work out how to get me as far as possible away from Gibbs. Out of sniping range preferably so he doesn’t shoot me in the nuts.” He said into your hair and placed a kiss there, “I mean it.” He grinned when he felt you shaking with silent laughter, “I promise, I’ll be here. Through everything together or not together.”

That would be something you and Tony could potentially discuss at a later date. Right now you had to focus on getting an appointment at the doctors, getting everything in order with Vance, scans and a meeting with the team.

Chyler Birthday card

So, Chyler and her husband (east of Eli) are doing a concert in NYC. I’m attending and am super excited about it! It is only a little ways AFTER her birthday so I had an idea:

I’m gonna get a birthday card for Chyler and get messages from people and put them in! Really, only one or two lines because I have a feeling I will get a lot! And then I will give her the card at the concert! If you would like to join, message me over what you’d like to say!!

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I don't really like the new name. It's not as thought-provoking as the new one. But now that you have a new name, does this means you're going to stop talking about racial issues?

The original idea of W3NK’s name was to do just that, provoke thought. However, the name of the blog is what people didn’t like. 

When I started this blog, it was always an experiment. It was never meant to be that one idea that would shine as much as it did. But when I realized I had something good… you know… turn it into something bigger. 

Sadly, no one wanted to help turn it into something “bigger”. There were people who would write to me as say “I would LOVE to reblog posts… but the name… I don’t want people to think I’m supporting (insert ridiculous idea/notion here)”. At first, it was something I can live without. But now, I got to think of what I want to do with my future.

I have other projects, but this is the biggest one. I need to start thinking in terms of longevity here. I can build up the audience slowly, over time again, or I can use the audience I already got? It doesn’t make sense to start all over again and/or confuse people with two blogs competing against one another. 

As far as the topics, I am NOT giving up racial topics. If I did, those posts would have been gone! I spent a week making redirect tests of over 40K+ links.

www.whatwhiteswillneverknow.com - if you look there now, all you see is one page (the embed) with the only other link leads here to the main page. If you go to google and search for something with whatwhiteswillneverknow, you’ll click on the link only to be land back here with the corresponding post.

Here’s an example: http://whatwhiteswillneverknow.com/post/75598021537/my-open-letter-to-white-people-or-why-i-hate

So, this part of my history isn’t going away. I’m still talking about this, but now, I can talk about other things, actually accept offers, go to real live stuff and report on them as myself. No one will bat an eye at “whites” in a blog title, I can spread messages faster and HELP people. The stress of talking about race will still be here… but at least the spread of ideas will be one less thing to worry about.


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I’m sure these people had no idea exactly what they were doing, but this lady jumped into a pod of wild dolphins, attracted one over to her by holding out a fish, and kept rubbing all over the animal as it searched to see if she had more food. 

If you really need to interact with a dolphin this bad, don’t do it in the wild! These kinds of interactions hurt the dolphins in the long run! There are many responsible, accredited marine facilities out there that offer these kind of interactions in a way that is safe and fun for both you and the dolphin.

(By the way, a dolphin’s skin feels smooth and rubbery, in case you’re now wondering since the lady didn’t explain it very well in the video)

i had a bit of an internal debate over posting this. Yesterday i had this idea that my art just felt… detached. like i was drawing it but it didnt feel real, so i thought, you know what i’ll do a more emotional piece, and you dont really get more emotion than sheer unadulterated rage, so i drew my OC being pissed af but when i finished, it almost seemed a bit… too much. 

I dont know, its too emotional and dark even with the pink and blue highlights and im honestly not sure how i feel about that.

Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either


You know how I never do comics? Well I’ve done one and it’s not even for one of my main fandoms I don’t know how this happenned

Inspired by this tweet (and @limoncello-bella who sent it to me) :

Basically punk!Bucky and skinny!Steve domestic modern AU where no one ever imagine that they’re together (not even in a romantic way, just that they might know each other???) Checkout lady is mind-blown by the idea that this nice small boy might know this big scary guy (she has noooo ideeeaaaa)

Sketchup is a blessing and I’m never doing background any other way again. Not v happy with the colors but I had no idea what to do, so i’m posting it like that. Full view please, and don’t repost! Thanks! ♥

Even More Things To Add To Your Bullet Journal

Hello, my journalers! I am making another long list of bullet journal ideas. If you’d like to see my first list, click [here]. I had 30 ideas on that list, so be sure to check that one out! 

1. Books To Read

There are so many cute ways to create this section. 

2. All About Me Pages

These are some of my favorite pages to make. They can be simple and to the point, or colorful and complex. You do you and show off that you! Here’s a [link] to the post I made about my pages. 

3. Future Log

Having a yearly spread of what you are planning, need to plan, or just simply feel organized will help you feel less stressed about the coming year. I’ve seen a few ways how to set up a future log, but I chose the one that works best for my life. Mine has gotten a bit messy and only has the rest of 2016.

4. Movies to Watch

There are so many good movies coming out soon, and so many movies I just haven’t gotten around to see. If you’re like me and love coloring in blocks to show progress, then I suggest to set up the page sort of like mine. (But you can also do it any number of ways as well.) Here’s a [link] to my post about creating a movie/tv tracker)

5. Skills to Learn

I imagine a simple checklist can work. If you like to be more detailed oriented, you can make it more like a progress log. 

6. Important Phone Numbers/Addresses

Much like an address book, you can make pages in your bullet journal for the same function. Most people put numbers and addresses into their phones, but sometimes it’s just nice to have them written down someplace else. 

7. Year In Pixels 

If you’d like to see an explanation of this page idea, click this [link]. 

8. Fonts, Banners, and Frame Ideas

I think it’s convenient to have a few pages that act as a cheat sheet for your designing needs. 

9. Snail Mail Log

This is something that I am totally going to do soon, and possibly even include you all in on it. I want to start a mailing list for sending letters to more people. I love getting mail from family and friends, but it doesn’t happen often enough! 

10. Savings Tracker

This is such a lovely idea to keep in your journal. Be sure to stay on top of your finances! I like to keep an extra page for things I need to pay off or people to pay back.

11. Favorite Lists

This could also go in your “All About Me” section, but I decided it should be separate for me. You can list things like your favorite restaurants, meals, songs, classes, sounds, tastes, places, shoes, animals, colors, instruments, plays, games, etc. Get to know yourself better. 

12. TV Series Tracker

This is for those people who want to feel like they just want physical proof of how many times they’ve watched that series on Netflix. Here’s a [link] to my post about making your own. 

13. Monthly Challenges

These are so much fun to make for you all. If you want to add a challenge to your journal, click [here] for my master list of challenges. 

14. Music Playlists

You can make playlists on your phone with various apps, but there’s something sweet about writing out your favorite songs. You can create a workout, relaxing, studying, writing, etc. playlists.

15. Timeline of Your Life

Use two pages for this one because it will be filled by the time you are done. You can even use this for what you want to do in the future. 

16. Inspiration Page

Quotes, songs, people, pictures, charts, graphs, jokes, scripture, events, love, etc. WRITE THEM DOWN, BE INSPIRED, AND GO DO. 

17. Self Care List/Ideas

Sometimes we don’t know how to make ourselves feel better. Write a list of things you could try to do to help yourself become a healthier you. Examples: take a warm bath, go for a walk, drink a glass of water, watch a sad movie, etc. 

18. Monthly/Yearly Memories

It’s nice to have a page with all the memories you had that month/year. I tend to put a little doodle with each event/milestone in my life just to make it more memorable. (This was from my first journal. Please don’t judge.)

19. Sleep Tracker

I personally don’t use a sleep tracker because my sleeping habits are the worst and logging them might be upsetting to me. However, you can track the time you go to bed and what time you get up in the morning on a chart that is easy to read and compare with other nights. 

20. Me Time Log

Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. You can use this with the “Self Care List/Ideas” pages to log specific activities you do with yourself. You can keep track of the activity, when you do to, and how long your me time was. 

21. Tiny Adventures

Not exactly real adventures, but adventurous enough to get you out of your comfort zone. To see the original post about these adventures, click [here].

22. Word Tracker

For those authors and poets, keeping a goal sheet or tracker of your words helps a ton!