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It‘s nearly 5 pm. We‘ve been suffering another storm for some weeks now.
Creepy thumbnails, hidden tags, zalgo everywhere, more changed bios by the minute, glitches in the facecam… We got hit hard. Very hard.
And today – in a few minutes, to be exact – everything should end. We discovered today‘s date in the HTML of his Tumblr‘s blog, sneakily hidden in the source code for us to find… Shit was going to go down today.
But what if… we use Anti‘s weakness?
What happens if we all spam the tag with fucking circles when the time is right?


I can‘t believe this took me nearly two hours… what am I doing with my life

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OMG WHAT WAIT WHAT????? I think I didn't read 19 days properly cause I had no idea he's gonna disappear in highschool!!!!! where do you know that from??

Hi it was mentioned near the start of the series! if you recall the story actually started with Zheng xi in college and Jian yi who came back to repeat high school after disappearing for most likely 3 years.

More timeline posts here, here and here to get a better idea of the timeline. 

This flashback (the current storyline) has been going on since 2014. I’ve been meaning to create a FAQ and an updated timeline post for this year but I have been really busy with school and work so they are just sitting in my drafts right now haha… Will post here again when I’m done 😅

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Alison being given Susie's job wasn't her fault though. Chances are that it was Joey who secretly replaced her and Alison just had no idea that it meant so much to Susie.

((we dunno for sure, is the thing - hence, why I’m not adding her yet if at all :P plus, regardless of whose fault or idea it was, the replacement itself is the Bad Thing. im waiting to see what happens with her, i might add her i might not, if I do I’m gonna change things up so she’s not a replacement she’s Something Else, it depends on how things play out in-canon.

tl; dr - im playing the waiting game here :P))


I’m late to every seasonal party ever.

A small note on the hedgehog: it was my best friend’s idea when she saw hedgehog shaped little lamps at IKEA. She said I should paint a leaf hedgehog. I then reminded her that another friend of hours had already done that (except it was a fox and not a hedgehog). But she eventually convinced me, so here we are. I don’t know what exactly to do with it yet, but I’d love to include it in some kind of merch.

Drawing ink on Fabriano hot pressed satinated paper. And bits of copic white. Copic white is the best thing ever. I want a lake of it.


b99week // day seven
free day ⇢ the jake and amy (and charles) story 
  “Oh, you sweet, naive boy. I haven’t even begun to pressure you two. I’ve already written my best man speech for your wedding. Oh, I’m gonna need you to get married on a farm. A lot of my jokes rely on that.”

So guess what I’m still thinking of? If you guessed “the seven birds as gods” you are correct. Specifically, I’ve been thinking of what they might be patron gods of and what kinds of prayers they’d be most likely to answer.

Lucretia - She’s a goddess of protection, of course, and also guidance in difficult decisions and forgiveness. She answers prayers for those looking for protection, but her most generous answers are for those who pray for protection on behalf of others, in the defense of others. She provides guidance to those facing difficult choices and quiets guilty hearts of repentant people. Lucretia cannot force the forgiveness of others, but she can ease the hurt between people so that both sides suffer less.

Davenport - He’s a god of travelers and journeys, of clear thoughts and articulation. A lot of sailors and adventurers pray to him and he guides them to safe passage, but he also receives prayers from people who have difficulty communicating - either because they have difficulty collecting their thoughts, difficulty expressing themselves, or difficulty being understood. He gives them the right words in a variety of ways, and ensures that those who cannot speak for themselves are not overlooked of forgotten.

Merle - He’s a god of fertility, dance, and hope. He answers prayers of families and performers (though the ways in which he answers performers is unpredictable and frequently hilarious). He gives special attention to families that are strained or in some way separated; he provides healing even if the family cannot be reunited. He also answers the prayers of people looking for hope in desperate and dark situations, and those asking for second chances; it’s very rare that those kinds of prayers ever go unanswered.

Magnus - He’s a god of strength, skill in battle, lost love, and endurance. Magnus gets a lot of prayers from fighters looking to be stronger than anyone else, and he usually answers those prayers by guiding them closer to other people. He has a similar solution for those praying for lost loves and endurance - he guides them to other people, and things to do, causes to live for. It’s the best advice he has. (Julia is not technically a goddess but sometimes she answers prayers too, especially prayers from oppressed people suffering under unfair rule.)

Lup - She’s a goddess of chaos, justice, patience, and freedom. She appreciates unrestrained displays of magic. Some pray to her mistakenly expecting her to answer prayers of destruction or vengeance, but she only answers where there is a wrong to be righted. Like Julia, Lup answers the prayers of the oppressed, as well as the desperate, betrayed, and those facing impossible odds. (The answers to these prayers are sometimes destructive, as the situation calls for it.) Lup also answers prayers of patience, and calms passionate spirits until the time is right; she answers the prayers of those trapped physically or in a dangerous situation and aids their escape.

Taako - He’s a god of cooking, trickery, and teaching. He’s a trickster god and so it’s sometimes difficult to know answered prayers have actually been answered, but that in itself is a lesson - be careful who you trust and seek your own solutions. He’s known for listening to students struggling to learn for reasons outside of their control - a lack of resources, or specific learning needs. The answers to those prayers are usually detrimental to who or whatever is standing in their way. Most prayers involving tricks result in the trick failing spectacularly or putting the person who said the prayer at the receiving end. There is a specific prayer attributed to him to check food for poison; he almost always answers for people like those in his audiences, and if a dish is poisoned it will glow with a soft pink color. 

Barry - He’s the god of research, memory, and finding lost things. Barry most frequently receives prayers from people who are looking for something - many different types of something. Some are looking for insubstantial goals, such as love or success. Some are looking for answers, or information, or a favorite item. He pays special attention to prayers looking for lost people (either those who are missing or who have lost their way). He also answers prayers to preserve and refresh memory; when the memory cannot be helped directly, sometimes he’ll answer these prayers by surrounding the person by reminders of things they’ve forgotten.

I met Joe Alwyn!!!

So, I was walking around my neighbourhood minding my own business, when I went inside a café to have a drink, and there he was!!! He was with a couple of other actors from Operation Finale, paying and getting ready to leave. I decided to approach them and I was so nervous that I started talking to the other actors first, who were all super nice! Then I finally got the courage and approached Joe. He is such a sweet heart! I told him I loved his work on Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk and he thanked me, so I asked him for a picture and he agreed. Then I told him that I was a swiftie and to please say hi to Taylor and to ask her to come here to Argentina. He said he had no idea she had never come here and that he would tell her! I asked him if he was having a good time here and he said he hasn’t been here too long but that yeah, he was having a great time. Then I thanked him for his kindness and left, I didn’t want to bother him or impose on him. He was really kind and smiling all the time, I still cannot believe that I got the chance to meet him!!!!

Also, he is so gorgeous in person! Like, the photos do not make him justice! Now I get what Taylor was singing about (well done girl, well done!!!)
@taylorswift please thank him again for me, will you? :)

Give me a parallel scene where they’re fighting back to back and keith says “just concentrate on keeping me safe” like he did in season 1 during that training session ..,,,..

transparent under the cut:

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When she was told she was being transferred to Angel Guardianship, she had been reluctant to take the position. She’d been Reaping for centuries, and while it wasn’t exciting work, it was familiar. She didn’t want to change, but she quietly obeyed, nonetheless.

She hadn’t expected to join the ranks of Gabriel or anything like that, but she had a spotless record and a good work ethic. At the very least, she should have earned a pair of wings. She didn’t expect the Council to stuff her into the body of a squat, fish-breathed loaf and send her on her way without so much as a explanation of what it was she was supposed to do.

When she awoke, it was dark, and the overbearing scent of garbage filled her nostrils. Confused, she began to flail, but found she was encased in something the hindered her movements. Something grasped her and she began to panic even more, but as she was removed from the piece of plastic that bound her, she found a pair of grey-green eyes looking at her curiously.

“Hey, buddy,” the guy said softly. “What were you doing in that dumpster?”

Get off of me, she tried to say, but of course, it came out in a garbled yowl that was anything but intimidating.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, deftly avoiding a swipe of her claws.

From down the alley way, another voice called, “Yo, Kent! You done yet?”

“Yeah, just hang on.”  He wrapped her up in his jacket and she wailed at the injustice of being trapped again. “Can you believe someone just left a kitten in the dumpster?”

“Shit? Really? Good thing you went to go check out that noise.”

The guy, Kent, looked down at her and smiled.“I won’t let anything happen to you,” he promised.

I have to do everything myself!

Those were famous last words, and as Kit started to rethink her “good decision”, she hoped fervently that they wouldn’t be hers. She kicked her hind legs in mid-air, trying to get purchase on the brick wall so that she give one good push. Unfortunately, she was no closer to her goal and still half-dangled from the open window. She attempted to scrabble forward, but her claws skated uselessly over the stone counter.

This was so not in the job description, and she hoped that Kent appreciated what Kit was doing for him.

After Kent had taken her home that fateful day when he’d found her lost and stinking of leftovers, she’d been angry with him. She’d thought he was shallow, and everything in his over-priced home screamed vanity. Being a hockey player hadn’t helped Kit’s first impressions either. She’d met hundreds of professional athletes when she was a Reaper, and most of them had failed to impress her.

Yet, she couldn’t help but slowly fall in love with this dumb boy who was a quiet mix of affection and tenacity. It was strange to be so domestic, curling up to Kent at night or playing with the toys he tossed around for her to chase while he laughed and snapped a hundred pictures with his phone.

Before, she hadn’t understood why the Council had sent her to be Kent’s Guardian, but slowly, the truth dawned her. Kent was lonely, and after a while, she realized she had been just as as lonely for centuries. They needed each other.

“What the hell?” A new voice interrupted her thoughts. “What are you doing here?” A pair of strong hands lifted her up, saving her from the doom of falling from a second storey window, which thank goodness, because Kit was beginning to think he was never going to show up.

He checked her over, making sure she was unharmed before reading the tag that dangled from her collar. “Hmm… let’s get you to home, okay?”

As they walked down the street, she hoped Kent had gotten back from the grocery store and was home. Otherwise, her little plan was going to end up as a big, fat failure. However, as they neared the house, she was pleased to see Kent’s car parked in the driveway.

After the initial knock on the door, there was a couple of seconds before Kent appeared with his wallet in hand. “Okay, you talked me into it. I’ll take five boxes of the mint chocolate cookies–”


“Oh, you’re not selling cookies,” Kent said disappointedly when he finally looked up.

“No,” the guy replied slowly.

“Is that my cat?”

Kit was quickly handed over to Kent. “I found her trying to climb into my window.” Then, he added quickly, “I’m just bringing her back.”

“Yeah, man, I appreciate it,” Kent said, flashing one of his grins that have been known to cause swooning.

“Yeah, no problem,” he replied weakly. “She’s, um, nice.”

“Really? Because she hates everyone on my team. She won’t let anyone get close to her, except me, of course,” Kent declared proudly.

“Oh, wow, really?”

“Yeah, you must be really special if she didn’t even try to scratch you on the way over.”

There was an awkward silence between the two of them that made Kit want to roll her eyes. Ask him out now, she wanted to scream, ask him out to dinner and then go back to his place!

Over the last couple of weeks, Kit had scouted out everyone living within a two-block radius of the house. Most of the people in the area were established families, a couple of senior couples, and one recently divorced mother. However, she did manage to find a small handful single guys in the area, and with some reconnaissance (i.e. snooping where she shouldn’t be), she found three of the five of them were interested in men.

After a failed attempt of getting Kent to go out on a “walk” with her to meet them, she decided that she was going to have the bring the guys to Kent. Which was what she was doing now and she would be patting herself on the back for a job well done if weren’t for the fact that Kit had failed to take into account that both of their verbal skills regressed into nervous babbling in each other’s presence.

Oh well.

If this one didn’t work out, there was still the engineer and the high school teacher they could try.

“I’m Jeff. I just live down the street.”

“Kent. I just moved in at the beginning of the month. I’m here for the off-season, er, the summer.”

Jeff’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow, that’s awesome,” he said, playing it cool as if he didn’t have a Parson jersey hanging in his closet and was probably dying to ask him about hockey. (Kit was very thorough in her detective work.)

”Well, I should go now. Bye,” Jeff said quickly.

Kent didn’t say anything, but his eyes lingered appreciatively over Jeff’s retreating form. Kit gave in and actually rolled her eyes this time. The boy wasn’t even trying to be subtle.

Kent let Kit jump down before closing the front door, which prompted Kit to paw at his leg. What are you doing!? Don’t let him go! He’s a chef! He knows how to cook! He could feed you instead of getting take-out every night!

Kent, unsurprisingly, ignored her valuable life advice and scratched behind her ears. She huffed in annoyance. She was supposed to be a Guardian Angel, but she couldn’t do much more than jump up on counters and meow irately in this form. The council couldn’t have made her a sassy, human friend instead?

There was a knock at the door again. Jeff was on the other side. “Please tell me to leave if I’m getting this wrong, but I was thinking that since you’re new to the neighborhood, maybe you would be interested if I showed you around. You know, the good restaurants and coffee shops.”

Kent was taken aback for a moment before licking his lips and smiling back. “Just the good stuff, huh?”

“The best,” Jeff promised.

On the floor, Kit beamed at them like a Cheshire cat.


“Another transfer? But, I’m not ready to go yet.”

“It would be a great position for you. You’d be working alone, which you enjoy. Besides, the Tooth Acquisition department could use someone with your leadership skills,” the Council member said. He licked a paw casually, but Kit could see he kept his unnaturally sharp gaze on her through slit eyes.

“I don’t want to be a Tooth Fairy,” she said.

“You don’t want to be a Guardian Angel either. You put in several requests to be transferred out the first month you were here. I know because I had to go through them all,” he pointed out.

That might have been true a year ago, but things had undoubtedly changed since then. “What about Kent?”

“He won’t be your concern anymore.”

She couldn’t imagine Kent not ever being her concern anymore. The boy would be a disaster without her. Who was going purr on his chest and make him feel better after he lost his games?

“No,” she said firmly, making her decision. “I’m not leaving. Besides, I’m not done chewing Jack Zimmermann’s face out of every photo that Kent owns.” With that, Kit hopped down from the fence, tail held high as she scampered back inside.

In the bedroom, she jumped up onto the bed, and Kent rolled over sleepily to make room for her to snuggle. She laid a protective paw over Kent’s sleep-tousled head and silently promised she would never let anything happen to him. 

Was written based on the post by @61below where Kit is a guardian angel (and secret matchmaker-slash-little shit.)


DM: Okay you guys, there’s this dude up on a ledge above you. He’s got this giant rock pendulum thing.

Rogue Dwarf: (ooc) Okay, Tex (me), you know that thing we talked about?

Me: The Wonder Woman thing?

Rogue Dwarf: Yes, that.

DM: What are you guys trying to do here, exactly?

Me: Okay, so i’m a bard but i’m also a dragonborn, so we had this idea that I could, like. Pick up Doris and throw her, like that scene in WW.

DM: …Okay, yeah, that sounds fairly badass. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Tex, roll a strength check and Doris roll an agility check.

Me: [rolls an 11] Well, this may end badly, y'all.

Doris: [rolls a nat 20] Holy shit. Nat 20.

DM: [laughs] Okay, so Doris turns to Tex and yells “LUTE!” and runs at him. Tex puts his lute up and Doris jumps on it, and he pushes her up. His push isn’t strong because he’s a twink of a dragon-

Me and Doris: [laughing]

DM: -but Doris saves it by doing a sick flip and grabbing the ledge, kicking up and over the Kobald guy and landing behind him.

Ranger: Seriously, guys? Are you that extra?

DM: Okay, back to fighting-

Doris: I kick the guy off the ledge.

DM: Alrighty, he takes a 12 foot fall and drops the pendulum. Good job. Tex, agility saving throw.

Me: Shit.

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Obi-Wan as a cat Jedi. Specifically a talking, lightsaber-wielding cat species, with the physical capabilities of Puss in Boots - can swordfight, wear clothes, walk upright, speaks fluent basic. Generally underestimated due to his size, but it doesn't make him any less the Negotiator or Anakin's Master. Also, like every cat, he's not too fond of water, and there's plenty of cat body language such as rubbing your head against someone you like etc. Everyone else is still their original species.

Trying not to smile, Qui-Gon pointedly ignored the light rubbing by his elbow as he continued reading the newsfeed they had missed since they had been gone from the temple, his lips twitching when the rubbing became more insistent until a furry little head popped between his side and his elbow, quickly followed by the body that belonged to the head.

“Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly while trying to sound scolding, lifting his arm only for the feline to quickly take advantage, laying himself out over Qui-Gon’s thigh to rest his head on his master’s thigh. “Little one I was reading.”

“Then you’re sitting still and I can lay here.” His padawan countered smartly, settling with the sun shining down on him.

Weak for those large green eyes, Qui-Gon only sighed then reached in and scratched the soft ears carefully, smiling when instant purring filled the air. “Oh fine, you can stay there little one.” He teased quietly only to receive a happy meow in return.

Setting the pad aside, he focused on his ginger tabby of an apprentice, knowing how important social interactions were for Obi-Wan’s species, using his fingers at the others ears while rubbing along his spine, feeling the light arches of the slender body resting on him.

Not many of Obi-Wan’s species became Jedi, mostly because parents were reluctant to give up their kits to the temple, option to have them Force trained on the planet. Obi-Wan’s parents however had given up theirs, citing it a great honor as Jedi are peace keepers of the galaxy.

Or so the report Qui-Gon had read about his padawan cited.

Servalos kept their own council and did not share it with the Jedi, but Qui-Gon was grateful for his pawed and furry padawan who brought light into his world. So he wasn’t going to dig for information he was not welcome to.

“…Come on, lets go to the gardens, the sun is better there.” He chuckled quietly, sliding his arm beneath his padawan and standing with him them, moving towards the doors. “You can see if you can’t hunt a bird.”


Warm laughter filled their quarters.


Qui-Gon is dead.

Qui-Gon is dead and his silka beads mean nothing anymore to Obi-Wan because Qui-Gon, his pridemate and friend is dead.

His pridemate is dead.

“I didn’t know cats could cry.” Obi-Wan looked up at the voice, staring at Anakin, the boy from Tatooine as he stood in the doorway of the room the Queen had given him. The one he had promised to train, regardless what the council said about it.

Obi-Wan pushed of the bed and wiped his face with a paw. “I’m a Servalo. I’m not just a cat. My species were space flying at the same time humans were.” He whispered, his voice coming in low and rough from tears he had tried not to shed.

He can tell the boy is curious. Curious, frightened and sad.

Sad for Qui-Gon.

Curious about Obi-Wan.

Frightened of the future.

Obi-Wan stared at him then slowly walked over to him. “Did anyone help you find food?” He questioned, taking Anakin by the hand when the other shook his head. “I figured, they’re all so busy. I’ll find you some.”

“I didn’t think you liked me…” Anakin whispered while following the feline.

“I don’t know you enough to not like you Anakin. But you’re not a bad kid. And you’re a growing boy and growing boys should be feed.” Obi-Wan offered in return, unknowingly setting a firmer foundation for a close bond.

Anakin held tightly onto the paw and followed the feline.


“…How long has he been doing that?” Ponds whispered as the two Commanders stared at their respective Jedi.

“About an hour now. General Kenobi went up to him complaining about being wet and General Windu just picked him up.”

They continued to stare as Kenobi continued resting on Windu’s lap, soundly purring as his back was rubbed steadily by a broad hand, the Korun absently reading the battle field report with one hand as he continued the steady rubbing.

“To be fair, the first five minutes the General was kind of…smoking. I think General Windu dried him off with the Force or something.” Cody shrugged.

They continued watching as apparently finally the feline had enough and sat up, stretching his body gracefully before standing up and giving Mace cheek a small nose nuzzle, grateful for both the petting and the drying.

Cody was grateful for his helmet and he had a feeling so was Ponds as their jaw dropped.

“…Well he is a feline?” He tried meekly.

“No one is going to fucking believe us.” Ponds hissed.

Of course no one outside of clones and Jedi were going to believe them either when they all saw Obi-Wan furry little body make an orange streak as he threw himself at a magnaguard, toppled it, promptly decapitated the two beside it and then landed with enough force down to shatter the metal that made its head.

The magnaguard even had an odd sort of death flail before it went still as the Jedi continued forward without a backward glance, already moving on to the rest of the droid army. Cody swore as he tried to keep up with the streak of orange and beige.

‘Let no one call him any less of a Jedi for being a feline.’ He was almost amused. Almost.


“…Obi-Wan come on.” The blond tried a coaxing tone as his former master continued stretching out in the sun, his head resting on the ground with his limbs spread out to soak up as much of the rays as possible. “You need to take a look at this please.”

“…Carry me.” Obi-Wan demanded.


“Carry me. I’m not moving Anakin.” The feline huffed.

“I swear old man.” Anakin grunted but obediently moved over to the spot of sun and bent down, picking up the other Jedi under the pits. “I’m tempted to shake you.” He said as he lifted the other to eye level.

And promptly snorted when Obi-Wan licked his nose with a lazy look in his eyes.

“No you’re not.”

“No I’m not.” Anakin agreed, sighing at the others smug tone before he returned to the holo display, ignoring everyone else as he set Obi-Wan down on the projector, the others tail flickering as he took in the plan for tomorrow with a deep rooted purr.

Lance had his hand casually placed on Shiro’s hip as he smoothly conversed with their mark, his palm warm and possessive against Shiro’s skin. He was probably not even aware of how he was rubbing his thumb lightly over the sensitive skin at the top of Shiro’s thigh. Shiro was aware though; he was very aware. He hid his face deeper between his folded arms and resolutely tried to ignore the frisson of heat that went through him at every swipe of Lance’s thumb.”

completely unexpected addition to the undercover pleasure slave!shiro thing. i had the idea during lunch and then i kept zoning out at work thinking about it, so i figured i best sit down and do the thing. and the thing got done and here we are :D

White Lies: Part 5

A Bucky x Reader / Fake Dating AU Drabble Series

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

A/N: Omg, another part in less than a weeks time? I know, I know. It’s a miracle. But I’ve got my writing mojo back, and it feels good. Also, I’m sorry for this part, okay? It was bound to happen. Don’t hate me (or Bucky :/) As always, I live for your asks, reblogs, and replies, so keep them coming. Let me know what you think (aka let me feel your pain) ♥

Word Count: 1,431

- mild angst.
- language.
- Bucky is a little shit.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Pizza’s here…

It played over and over in your brain, echoing like a broken tape recorder; the anger building inside you making it louder and louder. You felt your fists ball up at your sides, wanting to punch the nearest object.

How dare he? This wasn’t just a game anymore. That kiss meant more than some kind of stupid ploy to convince his parents that you were a real couple. They weren’t even here. Who was Bucky trying to impress?

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ok but what do u think harry's name for draco in his phone is and vice versa

Oh Nonnie. I know you didn’t ask for this, but this is an adorable question and therefore you are getting a drabble! Please don’t hate me forever :) 


“Hello?” Draco said absently into the phone.


Draco chuckled. “Maybe. I don’t know why you’re so angry. It’s the truth!”

“Draco, do you even understand how inappropriate it is for my boss to see ‘Sexiest man you’ve ever had in your bed’ on my screen every time you send a message?”

“Oh please, you know he appreciates my arse as much as you do.”

“Draco Malfoy. You swore no more of this. You broke the truce. It. Is. On.”

“I’m positively terrified.” Draco drawled, hanging up quickly and laughing.

Message from: Seeker of Your Orgasms

Message from: Sweetums

Message from: Pookie Bear Hunny Pie

Message from: Most Glorious Hair You’ve Ever Touched

Message from: Keeper of my Heart Song

Message from: The Gangsta with the Hot Scar

Message from: Husband ️<3


“Harry,” Draco said, storming into the kitchen.

“What?” Harry replied innocently.

“It says Husband!”

“All those names I put in, and this is the one you’re freaking out about?”

“Yes! And what is this insipid little thing!?”

“It’s a heart, Draco.”

“It’s appalling. Take it out.”

“Only if you concede.”

“Fine. I’ll stop if you will.”

Harry pulled out his phone, which currently had Draco’s name written as ’God of Sex and Lover of Potter’, and smiled.

“I’ll stop, but I do have to put you in here as something.”

Draco looked at Harry for a second and put out is hand. “I have an idea,” he said, taking Harry’s phone and typing furiously. A moment later, he held both screens up for Harry to see.

Harry ️<3

Draco ️<3

“Took us long enough to get to those names as it is, don’t you think?”

“It’s perfect,” Harry smiled, kissing Draco quickly as he took his phone back. “But I thought the hearts were terrible.”

“I’m making an exception for my husband.”

“I meant it you know. You wanna?”

Draco smiled maddeningly and dashed up the stairs.

Message from: Draco ️<3

Find a better way to ask me, and we’ll see.

BTS replaced you. - pt.END

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.END]

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

“You guys have no idea how hurt she is that you basically threw her to the curb and left her like that.” I looked at all seven of the men who stood before me after Y/N had ran to her room and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you interfering? What did you say to her to get her to hate us like this?” Jungkook stood before me, squaring up as if he was ready to throw a punch. But I took a step back.

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BTS Reaction | Public Sex

Request; bts reaction to you wanting to try having sex in public or they want to try it, whatever you want!

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would often find himself getting stressed in the studio while he was working on his music, having you there with him worked as the perfect benefit. He knew you had always wanted to try something adventurous.

“Why don’t you get down on your knees and give me a little help?”

“W-what?” “Right here? Right now? Someone could come in!”

“You’ve always wanted to try something outside of the bedroom, why not here?”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin wouldn’t be quite sure where would be the perfect place to do it. He didn’t want anyone catching the two of you but the thought of someone catching the two of you was even more arousing.

“Just wait until after my performance, I have an Idea”

“Tell me?”

“Let’s just say, the elevator may have a breakdown today”

Min Yoongi

He’d sit in silence for a few moments, thinking over what you had asked. Truthfully he didn’t really want to leave the hotel room but the idea of having sex with you in public was arousing him.

“We don’t have to leave this room for it to be ‘public’ right?”

“How is it public if we do it in here?”

“I’m sure if I fucked you against that window it’d be pretty public…”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be one of the first to bring it up, unable to control himself after watching you dance along in the studio with them. He loved watching the way you danced, the way your hips moved.

“After they go home, why don’t we stay back?”

“Why would we stay back?”

“I want you to give me a private dance”

Park Jimin

Joining Jimin on tour was always fun, apart from the long flights and lack of physical affection. The two of you would always be handsy on flights, but Jimin would be the first to suggest you both go to the restroom.

“You’ve always thought sex in public was hot, right Y/N?”


“Then why don’t we join the mile high club”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would be the one to plan it out the moment you mentioned it. The idea had crossed his mind before but he’d never asked about it, but now he could let his mind run wild.

“Why don’t I rent a car and we can go on a drive?”

“Sex in the car is still a little boring though, and awkward”

“Who said I’d be fucking you in the car? I’d rather have you on the hood”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook wouldn’t put much thought into where he wanted to do it, settling for somewhere simple where the two of you were alone often together but would still be a thrill for the both of you.

“Why don’t we do it here?”

“In your dressing room? What if someone comes in?”

“That’s the part that makes it more arousing”

Lich King Boyfriend Part One

Part one of three! You have the wonderful and ever amazing @ladyccr to thank for this wonderful story. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

I have never attempted to hide my disdain for humans. In fact, it used to be something I would relish in. I was young once, although that may seem impossible for something like me. I was once bloodthirsty. I was vengeful and cruel. I fought in countless wars that were carried out in several different names. Sometimes it was the same war just in a different era. Now that I look back, I actually can’t tell them apart anymore. As I grow older and wiser I can see that, no matter what banner I fought under, war is the same dance.

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