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Mor is selfless af meta

Because I made a little throwaway post a little while back but people still apparently don’t get the Mor is selfless as all hell. So I thought I would compile a long, rambling list of Reasons and Evidence as to why irreverence does not mean disregard and why taking care for and loving yourself does not mean selfishness.  

Right, so, apparently people still think Mor is selfish (w h y?) which I…obviously disagree with. I don’t think that she makes a habit of putting her own needs/wants above others’ (though if she did she would be entirely entitled to, given what she’s been through/the abuse she endured) I just think she stopped letting other people rule her. I think she stopped taking the opinions and wants of other people for her as gospel and acting only on them at the expense of herself and her own wants and agency She does what she loves and she does what she needs but that doesn’t mean she acts selfishly. It just means that what’s important to her and what she wants to do she now does.

But I don’t think she puts her needs above others. There’s a thoughts vs actions distinction here - she refuses to place any more validity or weight to the opinions of others over her own - her feelings and ideas are valid and she has the right to express them and act upon them. She lets herself make the choices that she wants to make. But actually I think the choices that she makes are often very selfless and she puts the people that matter to her above her own well-being and happiness and she actually does this repeatedly.

Variety of ‘Mor being subtly selfless’ examples and analysis to follow. 

“Don’t get me started on what you did to me Under the Mountain.”
Rhys went still.
As still as I’d ever seen him, as still as the death now beckoning in those eyes. Then his chest began to move, faster and faster.

Across the pillars towering behind him, I could have sworn the shadow of great wings spread.
He opened his mouth, leaning forward, and then stopped. Instantly, the shadows, the ragged breathing, the intensity were gone, the lazy grin returning. “We have company. We’ll discuss this later.”
“No, we won’t.” But quick, light footsteps sounded down the hall, and then she [Mor] appeared.

Right, listen, this scene flat out parallels Rhys’ rescue of Feyre at her wedding and I refuse to see it in any other light. Feyre suffers a panic attack, she flashes back to UtM, she needs help, she needs a way out, Rhys appears and does just that. Same thing happens here. Feyre (inadvertently) triggers a panic attack in Rhys, he flashes back to UtM, he needs help, he needs away out, Mor is there in a heartbeat. That’s as much as a coincidence as Rhys showing up exactly when Feyre needed him: ie it’s literally not a coincidence at all.  

Right, so, for context, this is the first time that Feyre is at the Night Court since…well everything. At this point in time the only people know who about his and Feyre’s history as well as the fact that Rhys and Feyre are mates are Mor and Rhys. This is because the first words out of Rhys’ mouth when he saw Mor again after fifty years were ‘she’s my mate’ and he then proceeded to tell her everything. So for three months the only people who’ve known what Rhys went through and what he’s dealing with due to his bond to Feyre are Mor and Rhys. That means the only person who’s been supporting Rhys through all of this is Mor.

So when it comes to it and Feyre is there and having witnessed the shoe-throwing, less than wonderful reaction Feyre had to Rhys the night before Mor makes sure she’s nearby the next day. She makes sure that she’s around and the second that Rhys gets out of his depth she’s there to balance things and smooth them over. Which she does in spite of Rhys’ grumbling.

“You could be attending your own duties,” he said testily. I clamped my lips tighter together. I’d never seen Rhys … irked.
“And as my only remaining relative,” Rhys went on, “Mor believes she is entitled to breeze in and out of my life as she sees fit.”
“So grumpy this morning,” Mor said, plopping two muffins onto her plate.

He huffs about it but there’s no doubt that Mor’s appearance was sorely needed and that she calms him down and grounds him. Mor also goes out of her way to welcome Feyre, to make her feel like she fits in at the Court, to be a friend to her, to help her, and to encourage her to give Rhys a chance.  

‘…Mor said, swirling her wine, her shoulders loosening as Azriel at last blinked, and seemed to shake off whatever memory had frozen him.


“A new bastard in the camp—and an untrained shadowsinger to boot. Not to mention he couldn’t even fly thanks to—”
Mor cut in lazily, “Stay on track, Cassian.”
Indeed, any warmth had vanished from Azriel’s face. But I quieted my own curiosity as Cassian again shrugged, not even bothering to take note of the silence that seemed to leak from the shadowsinger. Mor saw, though—even if Azriel didn’t bother to acknowledge her concerned stare, the hand that she kept looking at as if she’d touch, but thought better of it.

These both happen at the first dinner at the House of Wind. Once again Mor is monitoring things carefully and she intervenes - casually, lazily, thoughtlessly, as though she doesn’t even care/is barely noticing what she’s doing but she knows exactly what’s going on. She keeps very careful watch over Az throughout the dinner, reacting when he feels better, intervening when Cass started wandering into dangerous waters and showing such overt concern for Az that Feyre noticed it before she knew anything about either of them/their dynamic. And as with what we saw before with Rhys her actions aren’t rewarded with any kind of gratitude from the people she’s looking out for - but she does it anyway. 

Azriel just shook his head. “I’ll go. The Prison sentries know me—what I am.”
I wondered if the shadowsinger was usually the first to throw himself into danger. Mor’s fingers stilled on the stem of her wineglass, her eyes narrowing on Amren.


“Here we go,” Cassian grumbled. Mor gave Azriel a warning glare to tell him not to volunteer this time. The spymaster just gave her an incredulous look in return.

Azriel: *is first to volunteer to go into dangerous situations likely due to his own disregard for his personal safety and the way he prioritises others over himself* Mor: *reproves him for doing this because he does matter. twice.* Fandom: *oh but she’s so selfish, she doesn’t care about Az at all! She doesn’t show any regard for him/love towards him/anything at all until the very end of the book when he gets shot* Me: -_- A N Y W A Y. 

She stared and stared at the Book—as if it were a ghost, as if it were a miracle—and said, “It is the Leshon Hakodesh. The Holy Tongue.” Those quicksilver eyes shifted to Rhysand, and I realized she’d understood, too, why she’d gone.
Rhysand said, “I heard a legend that it was written in a tongue of mighty beings who feared the Cauldron’s power and made the Book to combat it. Mighty beings who were here … and then vanished. You are the only one who can uncode it.”
It was Mor who warned, “Don’t play those sorts of games, Rhysand.”

Oh look, it’s Mor watching out for Amren’s well-being as well as Rhys and Azriel’s. It’s almost as though….There’s a theme here. Shocking. Even though Amren is one of the most powerful beings in the world Mor still has her back and still looks out for her. It’s almost as though she deeply loves and cares for her little found family and wants to protect them, even from small things. Incredible. 

And just in case anyone was doubting (since this relationship falls under a lot of scrutiny from Mor’s side) she also puts herself out there for Cassian’s sake too :) 

 “Cassian helped Rhys get me out. Before either had the real rank to do so. For Rhys, getting caught would have been a mild punishment, perhaps a bit of social shunning. But Cassian … he risked everything to make sure I stayed out of that court. And he laughs about it, but he believes he’s a low-born bastard, not worthy of his rank or life here. He has no idea that he’s worth more than any other male I met in that court—and outside of it. Him and Azriel, that is.”

Against the popular fandom belief that Cass still feels guilty about what happened with the Incident and that Mor somehow encourages this/benefits from it in some way I give you this. Actual canon. Because the only response that Mor ever shows to Cassian’s part in her past is gratitude. She is grateful. She is grateful that he was kind and good and gave her a choice. She is grateful that he rescued her from her abusive situation. It’s been five hundred years and she is still grateful to him for risking himself to get her out of there. And she considers him to be worth more than any other male she’s ever met aside from Rhys. 

Mor, on her knees beside Cassian, hurtled for the king with a cry of pure wrath.
He sent a punch of power to her. She dodged, a knife angled in her hand, and—
Azriel cried out in pain.
She froze. Stopped a foot from the throne. Her knife clattered to the floor.

 To be entirely clear about what happens here, okay: the king shreds Cassian’s wings with half thought and Mor, with absolutely no magic, with nothing to defend herself, with no ability to protect herself and with nothing but a single, solitary knife in her hand against a centuries old king strong enough to strip the magic from the two most powerful Illyrian warriors in history, the most powerful High Lord in history, and Feyre who has the power of all seven high lords in her veins at the same time launches herself at the king to punish him for what he’s done to her friend. And the only reason that she stops her attack is not because of the magic he tries to hit her with - but Azriel, because if she’d hurt the king then Azriel would have died but at no point is her own safety a concern or a consideration here. But…Yeah, sure, Mor doesn’t care about Cass that’s…just. yeah. 

Next point: 

But Mor hopped off the bed, opened the door for me, and said, “There are good days and hard days for me—even now. Don’t let the hard days win.”

I’m using this as a kind of catch-all quote for a couple of points. First of all I think a lot of people seem to think Mor is ‘over’ what happened to her? Or there’s certainly a lot of talk about how ‘jfc it was 500 years ago move on’ when it comes to Mor…yet we frequently discuss Cassian, Azriel and Rhys’s childhoods (funny that) Anyway, the point is that Mor is not just magically better/never suffers for her trauma. She still has hard days. She just doesn’t let them win. But that means that all of that aloofness, all of that irreverence, all of that brightness and light and hope is something that she fights for. Constantly. Trauma does not have an expiry date, it doesn’t just up and leave one day, it still affects her, it still hurts her, she just refuses to let it beat her. And that makes her strong af but anyway. 

Second thing I want to talk about is how much Mor opens up for Feyre’s benefit. I’m just using this quote for that because it happens several times throughout the book and we’d be here all day if I quoted them all and they’re well enough known I think that I don’t need them. But Mor rips open old wounds of hers over and over and over again for Feyre. She tells her what happened in grim, explicit detail, she tells her how it affected her, she rips open those wounds again to show Feyre that it is possible to heal from them. It’s possible to endure the dark horrors that she, that they both, have endured and still come out able to love and trust and be bright and warm and friendly and selfless. 

(And aside from Feyre’s storyline and what this does for her this is an incredibly important message for abuse survivors in an audience as well. Because it’s a fairly frequent thing that we see- especially female characters- suffer some form of abuse or hurt (usually at the hands of men) and as a result they become acerbic and cold and withdrawn and mistrustful. I am not in anyway saying that this is a ‘bad’ response to trauma or pain. It happens. It’s real. But in terms of media portrayal seeing something that actively goes against that is I think incredibly important. Because that’s not what has to happen. Mor came out of what she endured and she came out of it soft and warm and selfless and loving and that’s a perfectly valid endpoint of recovery too. Dark days don’t have to lead to more darkness. They can lead to bright, warm sunshine too. and that’s important.) 

This also leads me on to the role Mor plays in the Court of Dreams. I’ve talked before about her position in the Court of Nightmares being empowering (and a perfect counterpoint to the Tamlin/Lucien dynamic when it comes to thinking about her and Rhys and how they respond/react to her being forced to return to the site of her abuse/trauma) And it is. She is given power over her abusers. Her father is reduced to a steward and she is given not only authority over him but she is given his authority. She rules the place that tormented her and that is so incredibly important but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect her, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t performing a selfless act for the sake of her court and it doesn’t mean that it’s easy for her (hint: it’s not) 

Maybe I should have asked Mor to come. But she’d left after dinner, pale-faced and jumpy, ignoring Cassian’s attempt to speak with her. 
“How was your visit to the Court of Nightmares?”
She paused, her face going uncharacteristically pale. “Fine. It’s always a delight to see my parents. As you might guess.”
“I’m sorry—for all that you endured.”
“Thank you,” she said, coming over to watch me. “Visiting them always leaves me raw.”

 All of these are Mor’s direct responses either facing a trip to the CoN (the first quote) or after visiting them (the second). Yes Mor is in a position of power over her abusers. Yes that is, in a sense, empowering and likely helpful in terms of her recovery. But the fact is that she does, and has for centuries, returned to the place that she was abused and tortured and traumatised. It’s like what Feyre does at the end of ACOMAF - returning to the Spring Court with Tamlin for the good of her court. Except Mor has been doing this for hundreds of years, even though it leaves her raw, even though it can still make her panicky and upset. She does it. Which makes her brave and selfless as all hell I will fight you on this point. 

More things: 

 Cassian realized I was in one piece and hurtled for Rhys, who was struggling to rise, mud covering his bare skin, but Mor—Mor saw my face.
I went up to her, cold and hollow. “I want you to take me somewhere far away,” I said. “Right now.” I needed to get away—needed to think, to have space and quiet and calm.
Mor looked between us, biting her lip.
“Please,” I said, and my voice broke on the word.
Behind me, Rhys moaned my name again.
Mor scanned my face once more, and gripped my hand.
We vanished into wind and night.


“Still recovering, but fine. Pissed at me, of course, but he can shove it.
I combined Mor’s yellow gold with the red I’d used for the Illyrian wings, and blended until vibrant orange emerged. “Thank you—for not telling him I was here.”
A shrug.

Again Mor puts other people’s needs over own. She took Feyre away from Rhys - knowing it would hurt Rhys, knowing it would upset him, knowing that Feyre was forcing her to choose a side but choosing it anyway. Then she dismisses Rhys being angry with her and Feyre’s thanks for what it cost her to help her and keep her location from Rhys (I’m pretty sure Rhys didn’t just politely ask her this once over a cup of tea and then let the matter drop. Not if Mor describes him as being pissed at her) 

Even more evidence: 

It was satisfactory enough to my mate—who at last looked at Mor.
She nodded once, but said, “I know my orders.”
I wondered what those might be—why I hadn’t been told—but she gripped my hand.
Mor kept at my side, constantly monitoring. The last line of defense.
If Cassian and Azriel were hurt, I realized, she was to make sure I got out by whatever means. Then return.

Right to make this part even more explicit, because I think the difficulty here of what Mor has to do is possible to be underrated and I want there to be no doubt: before they went to infiltrate Hybern Rhys ordered Mor to leave Cassian and Azriel, two of the people she loves most in the world, behind if they were injured in order to get Feyre to safety. And this is something that Mor agreed to and acknowledged and I have no doubt would have done if the need had arisen. And then, once she had gotten Feyre to safety, she herself would have returned and put herself in an incredible amount of danger to get them back. 

This is like….the dictionary definition of selflessness idk what to tell you any more okay. 

Is this enough? Do I need to say more? Or can we just, like re-read ACOMAF and remind ourselves what an incredible specimen of pure selfless goodness Morrigan is? 

TL;DR: Mor is selfless af and I will fight you on this point. That is all. 

After Hours - Checkmate

Hello again! Okay so this one is not so much for me as it is for my friend @plastic-pipes, she’s had a rough few days and I wanted to do something for her. So I went outside of my comfort zone a bit and wrote a new ship for the very first time. Also this is unedited, mostly just written and then posted - so apologies for any mistakes. 

I may not be a Monochrome shipper myself, but I totally get why people are and why their dynamic is so popular. This is a very quick dive into that so don’t expect too much, but this is for a friend of mine so I hope she likes it :)

The reaction surprised her.

Weiss had long thought about what it would be like to reunite with her team. She’d spent nights lying awake thinking about them – worrying about them. Those concerns were only escalated by the fact that Weiss had no idea if any of them were okay.

Seeing Ruby first was such a relief because Ruby was so important to her. Her partner, like family, Ruby Rose was the first real friend Weiss had ever had. She owed Ruby for not giving up on her and for helping her step out of the bitterness and into a world where she was accepted, despite her faults.

Yang was another story entirely. Seeing Yang again was like remembering how to smile. Yang was able to make the world feel safer and brighter. Her hair was bright like the sun but the only thing that shined more was her personality. Weiss wanted to cling to Yang, to be around her through all of this because she felt safe.

Both of the sisters gave her that.

The one that surprised her, was when she finally saw Blake again.

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The OTP Tag

Unpopular Ship That You Ship:  

OTP That You Didn’t Ship At First, But Now You Do: Coldwave (Leonard Snart/Mick Rory)

I have no Idea why. I just accidentally opened a fic and now I’m hooked. Their backstory is just so cute.

Most Hated OTP (NOTP): Snily (Severus Snape/Lily Evans)

Like, what? No! I have many reasons to not like this ship, the main reason being that there was absolutely no love there. Just look at how Snape was so obsessed with Lily that he was ready to let her husband and son die, and when she died to save her son, he made said son’s life hell in Hogwarts. No love, obsession.

Just no.

And that gif is just creepy if you ask me. Baby Harry is crying and Snivellous just ignores him and steals some letters and photographs.

An OTP That Took Way Too Long To Get Together: Hinny (Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley)

These two are so in love. Sure, in books one and two, Ginny had a major crush on Harry and he didn’t notice, but that’s just how boys are. In the fifth book Harry clearly had feelings for Ginny, but ignored them as she had apparently moved on (Thanks Hermione…) Thankfulle they got together in book 6. Then they broke up… -.- Thank god they got back together after the war though, or I would have thrown the last book at JK.

Favorite Non-Canon OTP: Johnlock (John Watson/Sherlock Holmes)

This is one of those OTPs that you kind of want to get tog´gether and kind of don’t. I love the idea of them together, the fanvids and the fanfics. But I fear that if they do get together on screen, Moftiss will screw something up. They’ve been non-canon for so long, I think the writers would change some things that the fandom has decided about their relationship. I think it’s best for the kisses to stay in our imaginations.

Favorite BROTP: Dean Winchester & Charlie Bradbury

These two. Just- damn. I want someone to be the Dean to my Charlie. They had so much fun together, from LARPing together to Dean helping Charlie to flirt with a guy. They are the ultimate best friend goals.

A Popular OTP That No Matter How Hard You Try, You Just Can’t Ship It: Dramione (Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger)

Yes, many people ship it. I think I even saw a post from JK that said Malfoy had feelings for Hermione. But I just don’t see it. I physically can’t ship it. I tried to read a fic once and just couldn’t. I think Hermione’s hate for Draco is too strong for them to be together.

Favorite LGBTQ+ Ship: Destiel (Dean Winchester/Castiel)

I mean, what is there to say? When Castiel and Dean first met after Hell, sparks literally flew. Destiel has been mentioned on the show multiple times, from a fourth-wall breaking musical to an angel saying “You see, he [Castiel] has this weakness. He likes you.” Maybe they won’t get together, but damn do I ship it.

Dean what do you think you’re doing with that tongue? O.o

All-Time Favorite OTP: Wolfstar (Remus Lupin/Sirius Black)

Oh my little babies. I literally thought they were married when I saw HP:PoA when I was five years old. They are my first OTP, and they will always be my number one. My little gay puppy and bisexual werewolf. JK can say what she wants, but they were in love in my eyes. 

I cry everytime

I got the idea fro @nimi-off-the-rail, and tag everyone who wants to do this :)

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Here's a question: Top Ten Toku Mechas?

This may come as a surprise to my followers but one of my least favorite aspects of Super Sentai is the mecha.  Of course, that’s like saying my least favorite part of cheesecake is the crust.  I still love it but it’s not cheese or cake so it comes a distant third on the love scale.

That said, I do love me some mecha!  I used to build Gunpla kits on a regular basis and watched so much mecha anime it’s what I became known for before I let my toku fan flag fly higher than my Zeon one (and yes, I had a Zeon flag before I sold it to someone even more passionate about it than I was.)

So, I have watched a lot of mecha related stuff.  I adore the early work of Go Nagai on Mazinger Z, Getter Robo and all the derivatives and spinoffs thereof (Great Mazinger, Grendaizer, Getter Robo G, Shin Getter Robo etc. etc.). I also love Yoshiyuki Tomino’s outpu.  Not just his Gundam work though but his lesser known shows like Space Runaway Ideon, Xabungle and even the much maligned Brain Powerd.

I guess that’s the long way of saying that I’m a mecha fan but you aren’t going to see a ton of Super Sentai mecha on this list of my favorite tokusatsu robots. There are just too many to choose from to limit it.  There will be a few but they will not dominate this list.

Let’s get started.

10. Giant Robo

Airing in Japan in 1967, this series was the brainchild of manga writer  Mitsuteru Yokoyama who also created Tetsujin 28 (known as Gigantor in the US). It has a lot of similarities to his earlier series with a young boy controlling a giant robot by remote control. What really makes this series stand out though are the creative enemies and interesting fights.  I also just love Robo’s design with its Egyptian headdress and stern expression.  

9. Daileon

The robot that transforms out of the hero’s starship from the 1985 Metal Hero series Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion is great for two reasons.  1) I just love the very simple but elegant robotic look of it. 2) It fights giant monsters every week!  This is the only Metal Hero show to feature kaiju (or megabeasts in this case) every week and give the hero a giant robot to take them on with.  That’s pretty sweet in my opinion and makes Juspion a very unique entry in its respective franchise.

8. Jean-Killer

A robot that first showed up in one of the Ultraman Zero side story specials, I feel Jean-Killer really didn’t come into its own until it became the personal mecha of Ultraman Ginga’s rival. I really like its design, the fact that it can transform into a spaceship and the way it goes from being a hated enemy into a grudging ally in the fight against evil.

7. Super Robot Red Baron

My brother bought this show on DVD and let me borrow it and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  The first two episodes were surprisingly brutal and shocked me into watching the rest.  It’s a pretty darn good show and I love how boxy and classically robotic the heroic mecha of the series is.  It feels a lot like Giant Robo but it’s a bit newer, giving it a little polish the older series lacked.

6. Leopardon

Spiderman’s personal giant robot from the 1978 Toei series stands as a fantastic example of adding a robot to something that had no right to have one and making it amazing. Of course, it was dreamed up to make the American hero more appealing to Japanese children but it proved SO popular it ended up giving Toei the idea to put robots together with their flagging Sentai shows and revitalize it into SUPER SENTAI.  I owe this webbed wonder a lot for that!

5. Dragon Caesar

Dragon Caesar is my favorite sixth hero mecha ever.  Sure, he may be the first but he gets me in my sweet spot for things I love.  Those would be; giant monsters, robots and robot giant monsters. He also looks like a robot Godzilla, which is something of a weakness of mine as you will see higher on the list.

4. Electronic Starbeast Dol

The undersection of Gavan’s spaceship from the 1982 Metal Hero series Space Sheriff Gavan transforms into this amazing mecha.  It’s a GIANT ROBOT SPACE DRAGON!  So I really need to go into any more detail about why that idea just kicks all the ass in the galaxy? It can breath fire, it can shoot lasers from its eyes and it can grapple enemies.  I love this thing’s design and just wish it got more use in the series.  Still, every time it was used, I loved it to death.

Speaking of Robot Space Dragons…

3. Daijinryu

This monstrous mechanical dragon was the largest single mecha ever to appear in Super Sentai.  Look how huge it is compared to the buildings beneath its feet! Another giant robot space dragon, Daijinryu was the ultimate keeper of balance.  It would appear whenever the battles between the heroes of Gosei Sentai Dairanger and their enemies, the Gorma, got too out of hand and threatened the balance of the universe.  If the fighting didn’t stop, it threatened to destroy the entire world! It also had the power to back that up and dwarfed anything the heroes or villains could send against it.

2. Muteki Shogun

Out of all the mecha to appear in the 41 year history of Sentai, this is my absolute favorite,  I love his design, I love his concept and I love the way it moves and looks on screen.  It’s essentially a Japanese castle that stands up to become a giant robot.  It’s so awesomely cool and outshines even the other mecha of its own series.  Nothing in Super Sentai tops this one for me.

1. Mechagodzilla

Whether and alien duplicate, a weapon reverse engineered from 23rd Century robotics by G-Force or a government Godzilla deterrent made from the bones of the original Godzilla, no tokusatsu mecha is cooler to me than Mechagodzilla. I have loved this one since I was a little kid reading out it in a little orange book from the school library.  Godzilla was my introduction to the world of Japanese fantastic cinema and Mechagodzilla my intro to giant robots. I owe him a ton for my current fandom and still think he’s the best giant robot ever made!

EXO Reaction To Another Celebrity Saying Their (EXO’s) Girlfriend Is Their (Celebrity’s)  Ideal Type

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Can you please do an exo react to seeing a celeb describe their gf as their ideal type? Ex: Kim Soo Hyun describing Byun’s gf as their ideal type on tv

Xiumin: what? Am I supposed to be nervous now? Like she’d really choose Jin over me…just to be safe though, I should probably learn to cook.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan: *completely and utterly unimpressed hearing Jun say that he has a crush on Lu’s girlfriend.* He does know that I’m one of the top celebrities in China and that we are in love, right?

Originally posted by 7thvelvet

Kris: *if confronted about it in an interview will probably just go ‘I can totally see why he’d say that, after all I’m dating her.’ while thinking but you’re not her boyfriend, nor are you over six feet tall and you can’t speak four languages so…*

Originally posted by teddymoony

Suho: *probably just a little flustered like Oh I had no idea that Mingyu knew about my girlfriend like that, haha, but I totally get how he feels. She’s my ideal type too, and I’m lucky to be her boyfriend you know, like a gentleman*

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Lay: *Would also be a real class act about it. Just going on to say he understands, thinks he’s a lucky guy before probably adding that he feels really secure in their relationship after everything they’ve been through*

Originally posted by fvck-kai

Baekhyun: *is definitely going to make a quip in response like yeah great for you but I’m the one dating her sucker! (but the sucker is more implied that overtly stated) and then definitely joke about it with her later. Jagi I was to be extra good to you now that I know MJ has his eyes on you*

Originally posted by baeksilisk

Chen: *will likely brush it off and then use it as an excuse to be adorable with his girlfriend later. Honey, you know I love you right? More than anything? Because I want you to know that, ok?*

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Chanyeol: *probably a little tired of stuff like this to be honest. Just like yeah, not like we already the fans trying to tear us about and now this guy makes a public statement about how he wants to date her, can’t we just be left alone?*

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

DO: *genuinely wouldn’t know what to do when someone asks him about in an interview. He’d probably just go silent and think something like isn’t it hard enough for an idol to date without other idols creating drama?*

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Tao: *acts unimpressed but it probably gets at one of insecurities. It’d be hard to date and be an idol and try to establish yourself. He’d probably have a bit of a frustration moment later, which he’d probably work through by working out. In the moment he’d probably just say something brief like ‘oh, I had no idea’*

Originally posted by hanichul

Kai: *probably gets a little uncomfortable after that. He kind of expected other guys would like his girlfriend, after all, he does. But he just didn’t expect a popular idol to publicly make that statement and he’s not sure how to respond.*

Originally posted by intokai

Sehun: *probably thinks of some snappy comment he knows he should definitely not say like well that’s great and all but she’s dating me, and I’m fantastic, and she doesn’t even know who you are so there.*

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Hello! I know you have got a lot of asks, and I wouldn't like to bother you, but I would like to ask you about the correlation between the bees and Louis. Why was everybody so excited when Harry got the bee tattoo? How do you know it is a bee? For me it looks as a fly as well. Thank you very much for your answer. xxxxx

Hi there!

Well, the first thing Louis ever said about BG was this

And it’s a word fairly commonly used by Louis

Also @lesbianslovelouis had said that she was going to get a bee tattoo when Babygate ended and that was a fairly popular idea for awhile. 

So when Harry showed up with this

People were like 

It was kind of hard to see at first, but if you look at how many legs and wings there are, it does look more like a bee to me

Amy also found this:

(x) And I think the tattoo looks more like that bee than this fly

Who’s to say. 

Anywhere here’s some incredible things I found whilst researching this…

God bless Google. 

Benched Byers (part 1)

Title: Benched Byers

Summary: Reader sits with Jonathan at lunch every day trying to build a friendship/more.

Words: 1,454

Warning: Considering that I wrote this, it very well might be garbage. Read at your own risk. 

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Benched Byers

He was sitting on the bench when you were looking for a place to sit and eat your lunch. You were kind of an introvert, so you didn’t exactly feel like finding a table full of people looking to make small talk.  He looked occupied, and for some reason, this felt like a safe place to sit. You decided to take a seat. When you did, he looked up but only for a millisecond; immediately getting back to eating his lunch and listening to music.

The first day you sat crisscrossed on the opposite side of the bench with your back resting against the arm. You pulled out a sandwich, two apples, and a book. As soon as your eyes hit the words on the pages in front of you, you two fell into a casual, comfortable silence. There was no hint of awkwardness. The two of you ate your lunches at ease, both reading and listening to music respectively.

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Hey again are you busy because when little-skelebros was updated a month ago so just checking

*twiddling thumbs*

So……… … … . .

I’m trying to think how to word this, because I’m really wordy and I wanna be concise, but also not come off rude or like belittling?

When I say I’m busy, I guess I mean to say “I’ve got better stuff I’m doing”, but when I say that, I’m not necessarily trying to say that: the stuff I’m doing is better than Lil Skelebros. It’s more like it is better for me.

Here’s a quick lil tidbit about Lil-Skelebros: back when Undertale had recently been released and gained some traction in gaining a pretty big following, I was there to hop on the ride early on and got all swept up in the excitement of the fandom! So much so, that when the idea of “What were Sans and Papyrus as kids?” started popping up, I jumped onto that idea without much hesitation (cause I have terrible impulse control that still trips me up to this day lmao) I had no plan, no real intention of it getting so story centric, none of that, it just… Happened! I was so excited and so entertained by running an ask blog, it was “shoot first ask questions later”

I had no idea it would get so popular, and when it did, I felt a moral obligation to start making it more story driven. So I tried, and did for awhile, and set myself up in more regard and put more pressure on myself than anything. I even started the patreon to support it as a way to keep me motivated.

Sad to say, as the fandom’s spirit started fading out (folks I followed who were big producers of fanart began moving on or otherwise disliked Undertale as a result of the strange shift in the vibe the fandom gave off) I kinda started fading as well in keeping up with Lil-Skelebros.

I dunno, some part of me felt guilty for keeping it going even when I saw so many folks just start leaving UT or criticizing the fandom and all this and that, it still kinda haunts me and I don’t know exactly why. Not like I had any involvement, in fact, while folks on this side got tired, I was already exploring another portion of the fandom and started up a “””secret”””everyone fucking knows who I am/was and it’s funny how I try to pretend to be someone else and can’t fucking hide it–sideblog(s) for other… niche… content (I’m sorry, I’m just so so sorry)

To put it short: I found other things to enjoy at another part of the fandom.

I tend to not like to say I have that big of involvement with fandom, because I’m adamant about steering clear of it as to enjoy the content for what it is and not let others blind my clear love for the source material, so… I just have learned to tune out the bullshit and the arguing in favor of just having fun and doing whatever I love to do.

ANYWAYS, I find this new aspect to which I enjoy more, and gain some friends and following who also enjoy those things with me more, and they’re more personal things so like I’m always too nervous about bringing them up on this blog, which is why I made the separate blogs to keep that content off this one. Cause lord knows I remember trying way back when, and that blew back up at me instead <:,D made me feel real bad and ashamed, nervous and timid to share those niche interests.

Though having a separate blog for this content gives me a safe out to be sure I’ve got the best of both: SFW content going on here to be enjoyed by many, and the other/nsfw content going there for me to enjoy as well as be enjoyed by others too!

Where this is all leading to is this: I feel spent on Lil-Skelebros, it was something I have taken so much responsibility on, and I really don’t get much benefit from it other than recognition and satisfaction. And sadly, I’m no longer getting satisfaction from it. By that, I mean I’m not enjoying creating and producing it as much as I once did when I first started out, it’s such a chore now. I tried to start up patreon as a way to kickstart my motivation for it and for maybe other projects, but… I’m kinda at a loss with it all. I want patreon to be a more giving thing than just “comic updates for a comic I don’t even enjoy”

My creativity is elsewhere with this other side of the fandom I’m hinting strongly to. I feel more free creatively and feel a little more original there too.

Lil-Skelebros is nothing novel to the fandom: a story on how Sans and Papyrus grew up and came to be, and how Gaster comes to be, and maybe just a little of what happens after Undertale ends off. I’ve outlined the story, I’ve even thumbnailed/scripted Chapter 1, but it just doesn’t feel worth it to me, not when I don’t enjoy it. Sure maybe this could be my swan song to the Undertale fandom should I feel close to being done with it and wanting to move on… But I’m not ready just yet, and I wanna focus on this other thing I got going, as well as revise my outlook on how I handle my patreon.

I don’t wanna delete the blog for all the progress, but I will probably reblog this post as a way to update folks on the deal and formally apologize for all the promises I did not fulfill.

I don’t know what else to say other than “sorry”, because at the same time… I don’t wanna feel bad for something I’ve been doing on simply the whim of it. I enjoyed doing it, and I won’t forget it, nor do I regret it. I just have my attention focused elsewhere.

I hope folks don’t mind too much, I’m not gonna delete Lil-Skelebros or really proclaim it “cancelled”, maybe… I just need to wait for the itch to come back, or for when I’m ready to start moving on from the fandom, and would like to grant the rest of that story just before I decide to finally leave it and have the story rest in peace…. cause i mean if anything id like to see what all these other stories that are going conclude to so that I know what’s been done and then can maybe divert away from all that and try doing something a lil more inventive/original by the end of it HAH

I appreciate all those who followed it, and I hope to share more content here so that ya’ll don’t think I’m dead LOL

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Posting art on Tumblr when you admit you don't know where it came from isn't art theft. Getting attention for your blog does seem unethical, but they're outright claiming it isn't theirs and is leaving it up to the user to find the owner. Users like these rarely, practically ever, make money off of their Tumblr blogs, and the ones that become famous (also practically never) fall from grace immediately. So it literally doesn't matter.

now this mainly applies to older artists but do you, who sound like you have never posted art in your life, have any idea how discouraging it was when I was a younger artist with barely any audience at all, to know that every time I spent time on something and made it look good that it was bound to get reposted by someone with more followers than I had?

so many times I would be discouraged from spending time on something just because I knew someone else would get the credit for it

and while reposts may not ALWAYS get more popular than the originals, its always going to hurt

and its always going to do damage

How I wish that Isayama had never publicly said that Eren and Armin wouldn’t always be friends/would drift apart. It’s not the idea itself that’s so bad to me, it’s just the fact that it was openly stated so early on

How old is that interview now? At least 3 years old? 

I have no idea how the popularity of eremin as a ship changed over time, but I get the feeling that interview played a role. 

For so long there’s been this assumption that Eren and Armin wouldn’t even be friends by the end of the series, and that’s had an effect on fans. It leaves a sense of dread in a way. It skews the way people view their relationship in general. Less people are willing to give it a chance because of that, I think.

I’ve lost count of the times people bring up, “oh so THIS must be the thing that causes Eren and Armin’s falling out!” All the time. 

That expectation was planted early on, and now fans just can’t pry themselves away from that. There’s less focus on their actual relationship. The positive aspects are pushed aside in favor of what negative things may happen in the future. It’s like the majority of fans are just anticipating the moment Eren and Armin go through some dramatic fallout. 

That’s aggravating.

It’s fine to me if Isayama plans on the two drifting apart or have a major disagreement or whatever, I just can’t help but think how different the fandom’s perception of eremin would be if he just never made that intent public. If that interview never existed, if he never alluded to it, how differently would fans look at their relationship?

Consider his interview regarding EMA from the recent guidebook, where he hints even Mikasa will separate from Eren as part of her growth. If Isayama had said that 3 years back, would people perceive Eren and Mikasa’s relationship differently as well?

It just seems like eremin always comes back to that interview. You might have people discussing their relationship, only to end it on, “but Isayama said they won’t even be friends in the end anyway,” and that’s that. 

Maybe that’s part of why this ship isn’t terribly popular. People think it’s already been sunk by the author himself.

~Suicide Squad HighSchool (Dating Edition) ~

A/N : Since I’m an idiot, I had put some of your guys requests on hold until I get some ideas for them..Also, I just got this idea of HighSchool by playing the new Naruto online game *whispers* It had come back to me guyysss!

Also, I’m getting some ideas to do some imagines of a Suicide Squad AU of Highschool since we all ‘loved’ those years or are still in them? *whimpers* I finished high school 2 years ago..god, I’m so old, close to 20 >///> Enough rumbling, lets enjoy this shit here! 


Role: Most Insane Dude and Popular Guy

Dating: You and Joker would always get in a lot of silly fights, most of the times because of his violent nature and also sassy talks. He actually cares for you but being the most popular guy in the school and also most of richest was a heavy burden he had to carry.

He’s also the one to blame for you missing classes, ditching them, and failing so many subjects. Other times, your relation takes some wrong steps since most of his fan girls would try to have you two break up, but you guys always find a way to avoid them and enjoy your time together. (that’s what skipping classes are for)

Harley Queen: 

Role: Queenbee and Main Cheerleader

Dating: Harley is always a surprise in your guys relationship. One time she could be yelling at you and then blame the voices in her head before the next hour, she is at your door or class, a bouquet of your favorite flowers in her hands or a silly and loving card made specially for you.

She is also good in sports, so when you almost failed P.E, she took you under her wing, making you get straight A+ for the rest of the semester. (let’s just note that fact it wasn’t just P.E she taught you)


Role: Color Guard ( for those who don’t know, they are usually the ones dancing in a band march)

Dating: Since her husband had been killed, she was skeptical at first to date you but you pursued and constant pestering her to finally give you a chance. It was the best chance she had given you since the relationship was a success, you guys were inseparable and even moved together.

She is good in sports too, and she is thinking of teaching you sword fight, mainly because she is scared that she will lose you like she did with her husband.

Enchantress / June Moone

Role: The Nerd

Dating: Since she had Enchantress stuck as her other half, June was kinda afraid you will push her away once she showed the witch to you for the first time but you simply blinked confused, flashing the other female a smirk and ask her if she can show you any magic tricks you can use against the bullies in the school. Enchantress took a liking to you since most of the times you were helping June around the library to stock up the books while other times you were with her, learning magic spells and enchants.

Truth to be told, both sides loved you dearly and didn’t imagine the rest of their lives without you in it.You were their balance and peace.

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Pros&cons of pro/con lists


  • super fun
  • i enjoy interacting with everyone


  • i have a limited knowledge of things and am worried about disappointing people
  • there are currently about 30 asks in the inbox and i’m overwhelmed trying to get to them all

With that said, I’m going to stop publishing pro/con lists as soon as I answer them for now. I’ll keep answering them but probably publish one or two every couple days just so I don’t burn out or flood people’s dashes with them. 

Thanks so much for the enthusiastic response! I love talking to you guys and I had no idea that it would become such a popular type of request. Hope you all are doing well!

Much love,

~a very smol and tired Nicole



These are currently only going to be available to those in the UK. Due to posting etc and the fact I’ve never done this before, it will cause me less anxiety if I get used to doing this by UK post first. I do hope one day to extend.

These will be available with 5 different colour ribbons (shade may vary)
- Purple (Hogwarts)
- Red (Gryffindor)
- Blue (Ravenclaw)
- Yellow (Hufflepuff)
- Green (Slytherin)

The design itself is hand painted by me, which means each one is unique. The price will be £3.50 (Including postage).

 Most of the material I use to make these I already had, so in the future I may need to do a price review when I work out exactly how much they cost to make.

In order to pay for some things for my transition I need to raise some more funds. I can’t bring myself to do a gofundme account as I feel like it’s begging and I feel like I haven’t done anything to deserve the money, people have asked me if I have one so I just want to point that out. If when you buy a bookmark, you want to pay more etc for it, that is completely up to you, again. I have had people ask me if they can do that. All profits of these bookmarks will go straight into my transition fund.

Okay currently I am working a 50 hour week, so you may have to wait a little if stock is getting low, so these will be based on a ‘made to order’ base. I have no idea how popular these will be and I guess I’m about to find out XD I do have a few already made up but please bare with me if stock gets low, I am only one person.

Paypal takes 10% from anything coming in and I would really love to keep the price as low as I can, so the money will transfer into my bank account, where I will keep account of everything that comes in for my transition (I will eventually get a separate account for it) but if there is any issue and you don’t feel comfortable with that we will work that out.  

Message me to buy a bookmark or if you have a question

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Hi! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing a KisaSaku Chloroform prompt? It could also be an AkaSaku if that's easier :)

‘Hypothetically, would you be able to get me some Chloroform. I’m asking for a friend.’

Pulling his phone from his pocket, Kisame sent a grin to the others in the room, none of them minding all too much as they knew that ringtone off by heart and had it programmed into their own phones.

Sakura was calling.

“Hey Pinky.” Quietly pressing the speaker as Pein shot him an annoyed look, Kisame rolled his eyes and set the phone onto the table.There was no privacy here when talking to her, everyone wanted to know what was going on.

The girl had no idea how popular she was with him and his ‘friends’.

“Heeeeeeey, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Only a meeting but whatever. “No, what’s up?”

“So, I have an itty bitty question to ask you- hypothetically of course.”

“Errr….ask away?” 

“So, hypothetically speaking, would you be able to get me some chloroform? I’m asking for a friend.”

“…uhh,-” looking to the others blankly, he had no idea what to say. Here was Sakura, sweet sweet little Sakura who he’d known for almost a year now, the same Sakura who he’d seen help a little old lady across the road-

Sasori rifled around in his pockets for a moment before pulling out a small bottle, nodding to him before lightly setting it on the table and sliding it over to the larger man.

‘Chloroform’ was neatly written across the top.

He didn’t want to know what the read head had been planning to do with that.

“- yeah, hypothetically, let’s say that I can and it’s sitting right in front of me. What the hell would your ‘friend’ need it for anyway?”

“Well…uhh, so, you remember Naruto right?”

The blond friend of hers that they were trying to kidnap, yes. “Mmmhmm?”

“Well, Sasuke kinda dared him to break into one of the professors homes, and stupidly, he did.”


“And the professor was home you see.”


“And he kind of saw Naruto and started yelling and got so angry-”


“and we may or may not have him tied up in his kitchen right now.”


“and we need to move him because if Naruto gets in trouble again he’s going to be expelled- and we can’t let that happen! So we need a way to knock him out for a bit while we stuff him into Sasuke’s car and-”


“I don’t know what to do! Naruto’s an idiot but he’s my best friend- but if someone finds out about this we’ll be in so much trouble and NARUTO GRAB HIS LEGS DAMN IT DON’T LET HIM GET UP AGAIN! SASUKE I SWEAR TO GOD IF THAT’S HIS WALLET YOU HAVE I’LL BE SO ANGRY!”

“We’ll be over there in ten minutes, just tie him up and leave. We’ll take care of the rest.”

“But I didn’t even tell you where we-”

Click- call ended.

“…Soooo….who’s tagging along?”

“…God damn I love that woman!”

“Shut UP Hidan, yeah.”

“Meeting adjourned.”

In the Cool Breeze Underneath the Stars

A/N: So I’m homeschooled, and I won’t ever get to experience prom unless I get a boyfriend who asks me or something which will probs never happen so… But anyway, my best friend ( who is also homeschooled ) is dating this guy that decided to ask her to prom, but in a different way than most people. They aren’t actually going to prom, and instead they’re dressing up as if they were going to prom, and going out to do something fun, like go to taco bell and then see a movie or something idk. But I thought that was so cute and I was inspired to write about it!

There was something about the way the road looked when it was lit up by stop lights and the moon shining down, slipping through the windows of the Jeep you sat in. You had spent maybe two hours doing your makeup before hand, but by now, you had already wiped off all your lipstick after you ate, and the back of your hand was covered in mascara from when you laughed so hard you cried. Shawn was sitting next to you, flipping through the radio stations in the car, getting upset about how there was nothing on. You sat with your feet on the dash causing your pretty black prom dress to rise up, exposing your legs that longed to be in the sun. You were sick of winter, and ready for spring. Although you never really experienced prom, there was one thing that you loved about prom season, and it was the weather. If prom was coming up, that usually meant spring was coming up too.

“You want the rest of my burrito?” Shawn asked you as he pointed to the food in his lap.

“No thanks. Why don’t we go get dessert somewhere?” You suggested as you opened your window to throw away your half eaten taco. The empty parking lot was perfect, and big enough for Shawn to park however he wanted. You made him park directly next to the trash specifically for this reason. So you didn’t have to get out to throw away your food, and so you wouldn’t have to clean out the car later.

“I don’t think anythings open anymore babe.” Shawn gave you his trash to throw away and shrugged his shoulders. He was probably right. Your prom night was coming to an end and it was making you sad. It was around 2am and your eyes were tired, but your heart was awake.

“What should we do then?” You asked Shawn and grabbed his hand to play with his fingers. You were so glad to be here with him, and you were in love with this idea he had about dressing up in prom attire and going out and having random adventures instead of actually going to prom. Prom was always bullshit to you, mostly only because no one ever asked you ( until Shawn of course ) and you weren’t exactly popular, so even if you did go with your so called “friends” what would you do? Watch them all walk away from you to get drunk somewhere? No way. You didn’t want to spend your night at your shitty high school with shitty people.

“I have an idea.” Shawn said with a light in his eyes, a smile across his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, to plug it into the aux cord. John Mayer’s voice was then booming throughout the Jeep, and you could feel your heart start to beat in sync with the music. It was a good thing no one was around me in this empty parking lot, otherwise you’d be worried about people calling cops on you for playing music too loudly or something.

“Would you like to dance with me Y/N?” Shawn said while opening the door to get out.

“I would love to Shawn.” You smiled in response and opened your door as well, trying not to trip on your dress as you got out.

You finally reached Shawn and his hand found your waist, and you were dancing together in the middle of an empty parking lot, slowly to the music. You looked at him lovingly before adjusting his black tie, fixing it for him. He playfully stuck out his tongue at you and you giggled. He was then singing along to the song, and looking at you as if he was singing to you. He ended up forgetting a lyric which caused the both of you to throw your heads back in laughter. Everything seemed perfect. It was.. kinda scary. Usually if something is going really well, that meant something horrible was going to happen after. Normally, you’d get incredibly stressed out at this thought. There were even times when you pushed away the things that made you happy, simply because you were afraid of ruining it. But right now was different. Right now, dancing in the cool breeze underneath the stars, with Shawn was different. You felt like there was nothing to be afraid of. Everything right now was beautiful, and if tomorrow ends up being shit then who cares? It happens, and you’ll get through it, you always do. This optimistic attitude was not your thing usually, but you liked it. As if things couldn’t get any sweeter, you were interrupted out of your thoughts when Shawn leaned in close to you, his lips against your ear.

“I love you. So much.” And then he was looking at you with those starry eyes of his. Before you could thank him for making this night so special, before you could tell him how important this moment was and how happy you were, before you could even say “I love you too” he leaned in again and his lips were on yours.

Kishimoto interview on Karin/Taka


Will we see Team 鷹 (Taka) in the new era project? 
Most definitely. I have been planning for that. They will likely appear alongside Orochimaru. After all they play a huge part in Sasuke’s life. Sasuke chose 鷹 (Taka’s) qualities and abilities by the example of Team 7.  So to speak, Juugo is Kakashi, Suigetsu is Naruto and Karin is Sakura. They have grown very close and much of a family like Team 7 has. They are left in a mystery for now! They were miles away from Sasuke after the war ended. 

The databook number 4 told us there is no way 香燐 (Karin) would stop being by Sasuke’s side, did she really get over him so soon?

(laughs) Honestly I haven’t given it much thought. It is hard to find a way to explain how she got over Sasuke. I don’t think she ever would and it was not in my original intention to have her give up. If I was ever going to end the story with romance I had been planning to let Sasuke end up with 香燐 (Karin). In the process I decided to make her a member of the うずまき一族  (Uzumaki-clan). It would symbolize the end of the curse of hatred between Uchiha and Senju and the end of a repeating circle. Sadly she did not gain as much popularity as Hinata and Sakura so we discussed to ditch the idea.

There are rumors about Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter looking more like Karin than Sakura, what would you say to that?

I was conflicted when I realized I could not let Karin end up with Sasuke. Things went much tougher from then on since for me it would have been  much easier to write Sasuke romantically if he had went for Karin. It becomes extremely hard with Sakura because she is an overly emotional woman. That is why at some point in the story I planned for  her to get with Naruto. He’s the person who always understood her. Once more due to popularity reasons the idea was ditched in the progress and she went back to loving Sasuke. I always liked Karin’s design so I suppose the reasons for this resemblance is a franchise I am possibly creating (laughs) I do love all of my characters  so it was hard to just not involve Karin anymore.

How would you describe the relationship between Sasuke and Karin?
Deep. In fact throughout the times they spent together Sasuke developed feelings for Karin. That became relevant when he awoke a new power to save her during their fight with キラービー (Killer Bee). When an うちは (Uchiha) learns to love changes occur with their visual powress. It increases out of hatred and love - out of the desire to save somebody.  Even if they are apart now Sasuke still cares as much for Karin as for Sakura. The two have always been liked on a similiar scale by him. Karin is like the voice of the Sasuke fandom! (laughs)