i had no idea the patch was.....i just

that feel when you post your vid that took 7 hours to edit onto the overwatch Reddit and this is what you get back. So you just remove it. You take the post down off Reddit because fuck me for making a D.Va video that isn’t 100% team wipes am I right? No one watches them anyway. that 11 - 5 Dislike ratio sucks. If only you had uploaded that stupid 30,000 note Mercy video to youtube before posting it to Tumblr! You might actually have a few subs!

So you delete the video idea you had. Clear the flash drive of all that footage because people don’t give a shit about making anything other than pro montages or reading patch notes. You consider deleting the whole damn channel because why should I try am I right? I’m not Seagull or Taimou, what’s the point? There is nothing I can bring to the table. Not the hours of editing, not the music synchronization, not the midi edits, just nothing. 

So then you just sit there and just wonder why you bother? You remove the tabs that you had open to a Blue Yeti microphone and an Elgato capture card that you were going to get this week to make more content even though you are so broke you could probably start a Gofundme for food.  You’ve already removed comments from people coming over from games just to say hey you’re shit after you beat them in a game. I had to turn off messaging because of some guy harassing me for a full hour because he lost one round of For Honor. 

Your diamond rank and gold guns? Means nothing. Even if a video get’s popular it’s going to get downvoted to shit for being on console with the whole “diamond is like silver rank on PC!” nonsense. I’m probably overreacting and I know I am. I’m depressed as fuck and making these videos and seeing 100 views after a day was really bumping up the morale. I’m really happy when I’m making these vids but some days it just blows man, it really blows.

Fresh Air and Literature - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Hi! So I had this idea of Jason having a meta(recently?) girlfriend and she’s having problems controlling it (like super strength) and its fluffy bc he just wants her to come outside with him and she’s wearing his sweatshirt and fluff. Only if you want to! Love your writing btw, can’t wait for your next piece! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

“Come on babe! Let’s go outside for a bit. It’s beautiful outside and I’m not about to let us waste another day in here. Look, I’ve set up a blanket in a warm sunny patch of grass. I’ve got a bottle of wine chilling and a shit ton of books that are just begging to be read.” Jason encouraged, taking your hand and trying to pull you off the couch.

“Thanks Jay but I’m really not feeling up to-”

“[Y/N]. You can’t let your powers keep you locked away like this. Just come outside. Please.” Jason pleaded giving you the most gentle loving look that you couldn’t resist. You sighed and sank further into Jason’s sweater that you were wearing before moving to get up off the couch.

“Fine.” You sighed. Jason grinned brightly and took your hand as he led outside where he had the blanket set up. As promised, Jason had multiple stacks of books to choose from. You sank down onto the blanket and looked at your options before picking up an interesting sounding one that you hadn’t read before.

“Booze?” He asked, holding a wine glass out to you. You looked at the fragile glass hesitantly before taking it and taking a sip. “See? You have it under control. Just relax babe.” He encouraged gently. Your lips quirked slightly up at him as you moved to lay down on the blanket with your head resting in his lap. You brought your chosen book up to your eye level and began reading the words on the first page to yourself.

“Easy for you to say. I could break every bone in your body if I so much as hug you the wrong way.” You complained. Jason started absently running his fingers through your hair as he began reading his own book. You closed your eyes and reveled at the blissful feeling of his gentle fingers in your hair.

“I trust you.” He said. And with those three little  words you felt more empowered and in control of your powers than you’ve felt in months.

Break In

Thank you to the ever lovely @markandjackaremysuperheros  for requesting this and I’m sorry it took a little longer than expected. I really, really hope you like this half as much as I liked writing it :) x

Based on the song Break In- Halestorm 

Requests are open, and always feedback is food for my soul.

Request: could you do an angsty Bucky x Reader based off of Break In by Halestorm?? The Reader is an Avenger as well and is able to control all of the Elements and… Idk..I just like the idea…

Warnings: Angst.So mush angst. All the angst and then, fluff!

Words: 2,307

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Bucky didn’t want to go to the party, he had begged Steve not to make him go.

He got that Steve was doing his best to patch things up with Stark, but it was so different for him, he didn’t get the dirty looks, he didn’t get the hushed whispers, he didn’t get people avoiding him like he was some ticking time bomb who could blow at any moment.

Or worst still were the ones who only tolerated him because of Steve. Who only gave him the time of day because of who he was to Steve, but didn’t bother to hide the contempt behind their eyes.

And so here he sat, whilst Steve was working the floor, laughing easily with his friends and Bucky sat sipping on some drink that Steve had said was from Asgard, said it would take the edge off but Bucky had smirked dryly, he was sure it would take a lot more than one to take the edge off but he appreciated the gesture.

Steve had eventually given up trying to make Bucky socialise, but continued to throw glances his way, forever keeping an eye on him and no part of Bucky was resentful of Steve, he was sure this would all become easier to him with time, Steve had just had a little longer to adjust to this world and Bucky would too, with time.

He decided some air would do him good and slipped easily out to the balcony, the twinkling lights of the city were beautiful and he smiled to himself you would have loved it here, and oh, there was that familiar sinking feeling in his stomach when he thought of you.

The guilt.

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Did an Inktober thing on the way home. (No brush this time, just a PITT pen).

I had this idea about Patch and Buns (Anti Antoine and Bunnie) I wanted to draw out. I figured their rebooted counterparts would be that annoying couple with the on and off again relationship. They fell in love with the other’s savagery but they can’t stand to be together for long stretches. All they do when they’re around each other is fight and bicker.

I know some of you may think “Isn’t this the anti-Sonic universe? Wouldn’t they not be a couple in the first place?” To answer that,  Moebius is an alternate universe, not technically the opposite of the prime universe. Different outcomes caused the “Freedom Fighters” to be jerks, instead of heroes. They still mirror some aspects of the prime universe but it’s not exactly the polar opposite.

So I just had a thought, what if the Master is connected to Braig in some fashion. They both have similar personalities and some of the same mannerisms. The idea hit me when I pictured the Master with only one eye or wearing an eye patch and I thought, what if it’s like Metal Gear Solid where if you looked a certain way in a previous form, fate will find a way to make you look like that again.

Ok, now I’m just imagining if the Foretellers aren’t reincarnated into the main characters but into the Organization members. Ira is Saix, Aced would be Lexaeus (or possibly Terranort considering the keyblade he has), Gula would have been Roxas but we know how that worked out (or considering his keyblade, could also be Larxene), Ava might be Marluxia (mostly going off the colour palette and both of their themes being flower related) and Invi is kind of hard to place, her colour scheme and role makes her suited for Saix but her theme as the snake could make her akin to Axel. I guess if my idea did turn out to be true, we’d have to see what happens with her.

ghostofghostspast  asked:

How did you first get into tes?


Okay so. I remember when Skyrim first came out. I was in my senior year of middle school with my friends. (It’s weird to say “senior year of middle school” but ANYWAYS) So yeah every day at lunch they’d talk about Skyrim. I had no fucking idea of what they were going on about.

“It’s such a good game omg, you should play it!”

I heard that line every fucking day until I gave into peer pressure and bought a coup for PS3. Keep in mind, this is only a few months after the game’s release, and I have no WiFi to install updates or patches. Little did I know, the PS3 version of Skyrim was VERY BUGGY AND AWFUL upon release. It crashed every 30 minutes or so, and it would have random lag spikes and it was just a very bad experience. I ended up giving up on Skyrim for years after that, because even AFTER I got WiFi a year later, I didn’t know they fixed the PS3 version.

But fast forward to 2014- I’m in gamestop and I have like, 10 dollars to spend. I could have gotten a game on steam or something but I wanted to play my PS3 again. And on the shelf for like, 7 dollars I think?? I saw the GOTY edition of Oblivion! And I was like, “Ohhhh, this is the game before Skyrim! I should give it a shot.” And lemme tell you that once I started playing that game I didn’t stop. My main save on there had over 100 hours of play time on there, and since then I’ve also purchased Oblivion on steam so I could mod it. So overall, across all platforms, I easily have over 1000 hours clocked into Oblivion.

I loved this game so much I gave Skyrim another chance, and I fell in love with that game as well. I also have Morrowind, but I just can’t get into the absolute SHIT combat mechanics. They have not aged well in my opinion, but Morrowind fans beg to differ. xD

SO YA, That’s how I got involved with TES!! :D

Don definitely worked up an appetite. He remembered that some lady gave him a free box of cinnamon rolls just for being pleasant to look at. He took them with little to no hesitation. He thanked her of course. I mean…that’s what gentlemen do. He went to grab for them after leaving the hottub.

Nina had some things planned for the night so she said a quick goodbye and headed home.

Before, Don went off to the bathroom to shower, he thought it’d be a good idea to call, Cassandra. He really didn’t mean to hurt her the way he did but he wanted to patch things up. At least be at friend status…

Cassy, of course, was not trying to hear anything that, Don had to say. She sounded completely done with him.

As if on que, right when exiting the bathroom after his shower and getting dressed, his phone ringed.


“Hey, Don! I know that I just left you not to long ago, and I probably should have asked while I was there but…do you want to come along and hang out with me and a few friends? we are going out for drinks and pool?”.

“Ain’t like I got anything else better to do. Sure”.

“Ok cool. Pick ya up at 7!”.

The Sun was going down and his ride has arrived. It was party time. This might be just what, Don is gonna need to keep his mind from wandering to the hurt look on Cassandra’s face.

Arriving at the spot, Don was the first one in.

Sitting at the bar, he had already planted his eyes on a girl that he felt he could get to know.

She felt his stares as she looked to see what it was that, Nina wanted to drink. Don pretended to look as if he was too focused on the menu to make eye contact with her.

Patched Up || Jimin || Part 3

Request: Many of you, and thank you for the requests.

Summary: Part 3 of Patched Up. You had been anticipating your date with Jimin all week. You didn’t anticipate for things to slowly spiral out of control.

Word Count: 2,147 woah talk about a comeback!

A/N: It feels good to be back! I have no idea where this series will go, so let’s just see how long I can kind of drag this out!

<< Part 2 || Part 4 >>

You fixed your dress as you waited anxiously for Jimin to arrive at your apartment to come get you. You couldn’t keep your hands still as you waited, gladly letting your giddiness get the better of you.

You had waited for this day all week, ever since he had first asked you after your last encounter.

Your lips pulled themselves into a smile that you couldn’t contain as you thought of your kiss outside of your bathroom. Normally you weren’t one to act like such a love struck teenager but you couldn’t help it, something about Jimin made your insides flip and your heart beat triple in speed.

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i wish he like called me names and fought w me but no he just left when i was crazy and isnt willing to give me any closure its not like i want to patch anything up i just want “this is what you did” because my manic ass had no idea what i was doing


Had some fun
First vest is the it’s ok to approach us today vest!
Second one is its proablly not a good idea to talk to me but I won’t ingore you
Third vest has patches that are in the mail is the DO NOT APROACH ME vest it will hold my medications ect it’s going to be used on days that I am really low on spoons and Thalia just has the bandana on all the time

WTF, Fathands joined a Frat??

@eatmyfists​ (College AU!)

Scene - Dorm room. Time? Afternoon, right before dinner. Jinx lay on her bed, staring up at her phone as she fed her digital cats. Her homework lay strewn all over the floor, pages and pages of work that she had scribbled on. A text notification beeped at her, sending her onto her stomach with a contended sigh. “Oh, Fathands, what do you need now?”

>hey dumbass i just joined Pi Theta Omega they want me to do something that’ll get my name in the newspaper 😂
<and?? you asking for me to help you? 😇
>yeah no shit i’m omw back you better have ideas when i get there
<w/e cya

She flopped onto her pillow, hair splayed on her sheets - freshly washed, mind you. A few well-cuddled plushies lay around the young woman, their patches a sign of much care - a stark contrast to the sleek silver gleam of her computer desk, a modern touch in an otherwise rustic styled room. At least, her half of the room was styled. The other half, well… 

A mixture of punk, rock, punk-rock, post-rock punk, post-punk rock, and something that looked like a preppy Solbucks drinking white girl’s worst nightmare of a bed. Vi’s side of the room was neat, in a messy way. Messy in a neat way. Organised chaos, a systemized mess that seemed to work for the wrestler. 

Her fingers flitted along her hextech phone, a grin starting to spread on her face as a plan formed in her diabolical brain. While robbery was technically illegal, there was nothing in the rulebooks about temporarily borrowing, and there was a certain new statue being displayed in the public library this weekend…

<btw you srsly owe me for this idea its like my best one yet 😎😎😎
>we’ll see about that nerd 💩

Finn sat hunched at Rey’s bedside, hands clasped tightly together, brow furrowed, eyes scanning her face for any sign of wakefulness. This was a cruel twist of irony. Just days after he’d woken up from his coma, Rey had gotten severely injured in an unexpected First Order ambush on a seemingly abandoned planet. She wasn’t comatose, however - rather she was lulled into a deep sleep by medication and patches and pills.

He insisted on staying at her side. He didn’t want to leave - he couldn’t. Not until he was sure she was going to get better. Seeing her like this, battered and bruised, made his heart hurt. He knew she could fend for herself. He’d seen it firsthand. She was formidable and powerful. Yet he still felt guilty, in a way, that she had gotten hurt like this.

“I’m sorry, Rey,” he mumbled, his voice low. “I’m sorry you got hurt. I hate seeing you like this. That…sounds pretty selfish of me, but it’s true.” He studied her face again. No response. “And I hope you get better soon. Seriously. And I’ll be here as long as I can until you do.” And he meant that - the doctors had even provided him with an extra cot to sleep on, which he appreciated greatly. Not that he’d be doing much sleeping.

His gaze fell back to his clasped hands again. She wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon. The last time her eyes had fluttered open had been hours ago, and that was only so she could eat. She had fallen asleep almost immediately again after that.


Her voice, thick with sleep, drawled, caught his attention, and had his head snapping up. She was staring at him, eyes thick and glazed with drowsiness and weariness. “What’re you doing here? What time is it?”

Finn tried to stifle the smile crawling across his face. “Oh. I wanted to…stay with you. Until I knew you were better.” He allowed the smile to seep through, though it was tinged with sheepishness when he answered the second question. “Oh, uh, about two or three, I think.”

“In the afternoon?” Rey rubbed at her eyes with a fist.

Finn’s silence more than answered her question. She dropped her hand and stared at him. “It’s - why are you here so early? Shouldn’t you….be sleeping?”

“I wanted to be with you,” Finn protested.

Rey shook her sleepy, aching head. “You should go to bed. Get some sleep.” She cupped a hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn.

“I really don’t want to. I’m not tired.”

“You should at least try. I don’t want you getting sleep deprived because of me.”

Finn shook his head and shrugged. “I don’t care.”

“I do,” Rey said firmly. “And I’m perfectly fine. So you should -”

“How do I know that, though?” Finn arched an eyebrow at her. “I think I’m going to wait for a professional’s opinion on that one.”

Rey rolled her eyes. “I forgot how stubborn you are,” she said, though lightly and not unkindly, with the hint of a smile tugging on her lips.

“Yeah, well, you’re stuck with me, so get used to it,” he replied. His eyes flickered for an instant to the cot before back to Rey.

Rey immediately noticed this. “Okay, how about this: you drag that cot over here, and we can sleep together.”

Finn stared at her, somewhat aghast by her phrasing.

“Not what I meant,” Rey muttered, turning her face away, rolling her eyes, forcing away a blush. “You know what I meant,” she said again.

“Yeah, I do,” Finn grinned, got up, and pushed the chair he’d been sitting in aside. He tugged the cot into place, and climbed into it, settling down with a long groan.


“Yes?” Rey turned her head to look at Finn.

His gaze fixated on hers. “Promise me you’ll be okay?”

And Rey was touched. Her heart swelled - as it always did when Finn expressed genuine, tender care and concern. She smiled and reached out to grasp his hand, and intertwine their fingers. “I promise,” she said simply.

Finn nodded, and smiled, and squeezed her hand, and a few minutes later, they were both asleep, hands intertwined, smiles on their lips.

Hmm. Guys, it was a really good idea that I get to see Fabian for one week before going to Cape Town. It has only been 11 days since he left and they were long days. It was also a rough patch for us, as he was working and reuniting with his friends(which is great). However, we found ourselves being irritated during random times and having petty arguments because we couldn’t talk like we’re use to. I had to analyze the reasoning behind it while praying, and honestly we both just miss each other. We’re tired of being without one another… just tired. We had a discussion about how to make things easier and how to respect and listen to each other’s requests/feelings. I think it helped alot. Myself nor Fabian can stay angry for long. It’s like 10 minutes and then we realize it’s stupid and we’re chilled again. That’s what I love most about us. Our ability to try and our courage and skill for communication. As it isn’t always easy, but when you love someone it can be easy because you know you wouldn’t want to have a hard time with anyone else. I am grateful for the good and bad(thankfully the good out weighs the bad by a ton) in our relationship and I just can’t wait to see my honey.
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Am I the only one that is glad that they decided to re-clarify this? Mostly for all the new players coming into the game, as well as for those people who just haven’t bothered with relic until now.

I felt like that was the biggest misunderstanding in starting the relics before. Unless someone told them prior, people may have had had no idea about the sheer amount of time, gil and dedication it takes to complete them. Regardless of whether or not people take the time to read the patch notes, I’m glad that they are openly stating that relic isn’t for easy gain, and be prepared to have to work for it. :)

Was It Fun Part II [ Clint Barton x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : Sequel to Was It Fun

Pairing : Clint Barton x OC 

Genre : Angst   |   Warning : Angst. SO MUCH ANGST. ABUNDANCE OF ANGST.

Author’s Note : I would like to thank @florenceivy for giving me this idea. Enjoy (?) this sequel! :D why do i keep writing this kind of thing. 

@awesomeahwu (Tell me if anyone else want to be tagged :) )

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