i had no idea that was foreshadowing

Keep calm! Jonsa is endgame!

Okay, so I know the whole fandom is  starting to panic because of what happened in episode 6 … or maybe just because of this season entirely. But we can’t forget ALL the little Jonsa moments and subtle clues that have made us believe that Jonsa will happen… SUCH AS: 

1. So many Ned/Cat 2.0 parallels:

2. Jon threatening every male to bring up Sansa…

3. The OMFG realization looks from LF and Davos…

4. The camera zooming in on every time Sansa touches Jon… 

5. The Brienne and Jaime Parallels, (okay I actually saw this on another post from @lyannas-loves so I don’t want to take credit for this idea, she noticed this little piece of brilliance…. but just look!) 

“The subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours” - NCW …. and let’s not forget that Jon said the North will always be a part of him… so he technically gave Sansa a part of him/his heart

6, Their incredibly emotional reunion…



…I dead ass thought he was gonna kiss her in this scene, and this was BEFORE I was a Jonsa shipper, so I did not have shipping goggles on…I actually felt really weird watching it for the first time cuz I thought they were siblings and this scene DID NOT feel siblingly at all!  (but post R+L=J confirmation I was a happy shipper)

…Moving on…

9. The tent scene… with heavy breathing…in candlelight… and the crazy tension that you can practically cut with a knife…

10. The fake Starkbowl…

This was definitely done on purpose to throw us off…definitely a red herring to cover up the romance between the two so its not too obvious yet. 

11. Him looking back at Sansa but not Dany… 

12. She gave him a Ned 2.0 cloak which he has pretty much never. taken. off. …and cloaks of protection are used in wedding ceremonies..  

13. “I will protect you I promise”

…Promise me Ned…Promise me! 

14. After Jon and Jorah talk about Jon’s children, the STARK theme started to play and the scene cut to SANSA when it could have easily cut to Dany talking about her children with Tyrion (which would have better foreshadowed the Targ baby). 

^^^Future mother of his babies right here… and let’s not forget that in his original draft, GRRM had Jon and Arya fall in love, so he seems pretty open to the whole “fall in love with your sibling, but you can’t do anything until its revealed you’re actually cousins” idea. 

15. And just the way Jon looks at her… I can’t…


16. OH and Jon likes redheads!!!!

Sorry for the long ass post Lol, hope you’re all still with me! Anyways… this can’t all be a coincidence… there is too much going on… like even if Kit and Sophie’s insane chemistry is purely coincidental, they had to go out of their way to make the Ned/Cat parallels, make the “Oh shit” looks from LF and Davos, and make Jon want to kill every person who brings up Sansa and so many other things.. Keep faith Jonsa shippers, this was meant to be! I know with boatbang around the corner you’re loosing a bit of heart, but have no fear! Sex doesn’t mean he loves Dany more than Sansa AND Dany still needs to be betrayed for love…and look at all this Jonsa forshadowing, they would be absolutely stupid to have the show go in another direction! Just have hope for a few more days until episode 7 airs! Hang in there guys! Jonsa will come. Jonsa is endgame!  

Gray Log: Katsuna Hoshino Speaks! D.Gray-man’s Inside Stories

Hoshino reveals secret episodes that couldn’t be shared during serialization

  • Volume 1, Chapter 7: The prophecy was planned during serialization.

The truth is that Allen’s setup as the “Destroyer of Time” wasn’t planned (bitter laugh). In a briefing session, my editor told me he wanted “something impactful once Allen arrived at the Dark Order,” so I changed Hevlaska’s appearance to make her look eerie and hurriedly came up with the prophecy and the foreshadowing surrounding it. My first idea was to have Allen and Kanda fight each other in an enrollment test, but in the end I changed that into their first mission together.

  • Volume 3, Chapter 25: Foreshadowing for Allen’s withdrawal from the Order

By the time Road said “But an exorcist shouldn’t cry over a destroyed AKUMA. If you keep up like this, you’ll end up isolated someday,” I had already decided that Allen would end up abandoning the Order.

  • Volume 5, Chapter 44: His personality was the opposite…!?

My initial plan was to make Tiedoll a more heartless person. He would be crying and mourning his pupil on the surface, but deep down he would feel nothing. He was going forget about Daisya once he burned the drawing. However, I thought it over and realized a character like that is meaningless and not that interesting so I remade him and gave him his tender-hearted, sort of annoying personality. I thought too that Kanda, a cold lone wolf, and his teacher having opposite personalities would be fun.

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One of the things I adore about the banquet reveal was how well everything came together at once, and you get this epiphany moment I hadn’t experienced since reading Fight Club for the first time. It pulled together not only the most obvious pieces of the story (e.g., poor Victor’s desperation to get laid in the first 3 episodes), but also the tiniest lines, and the latter is what I wanna talk about. 

The attention to detail on this show makes me lose my mind. There’s so much work that has to be done to get foreshadowing to work properly; I think your audience should be smacking themselves with the realization that “we were told, but we didn’t listen!” and YOI  managed to do that with at least a couple short lines that came quickly and unassumingly and left just as quick. The first line I noticed was in the first episode, and it’s something Yuuko says after Yuuri performs Stammi Vicino for her: 

“A perfect copy of Victor.” You have no idea how much that line bothered me, because, based on all the evidence we had in the first couple episodes, there was no reason Yuuri should be a perfect copy of Victor! Stammi is a song about longing for another/something and not being able to reach them/it. We knew early on what this song means to Yuuri; we knew already that Victor was Yuuri’s idol and Yuuri’s version of the skate could easily be (and probably is/was) about him. Yuuri was where he perceived to be at the rock bottom of his life, so it makes sense for him to feel that sort of longing. Therefore, the comparison to Victor, a playboy at the top of the world who can have anything/one he wants at any moment, seemingly made no sense. 

(Funnily enough, I remember tagging a gifset of Victor skating Stammi with something along the lines of “i’d like to see his skating post-yuuri, i’m interested in how different it would be,” oh past me, you had a big storm comin!)

The other one occurred in episode 5 at the Japanese regionals. During Yuuri’s Eros, he says this:

And I remember being like “?????what????why????” well-crafted shows never bring attention to something we already know about unless it’s incredibly important to the story. 

We all know the original Eros story: playboy comes into town, seduces most beautiful woman, leaves her heartbroken in the end. The moment Yuuri identified himself with the woman in the story in episode 3, the woman becomes a stand-in for Yuuri. Any time the woman is mentioned after this point, it’s specifically about Yuuri. 

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Yuuri changes the story around. The woman, Yuuri himself, leaves at the end of the story and breaks the heart of playboy instead. I think at this point in the series, it’s valid to identify Victor with the playboy since, you know, that’s who Yuuri’s trying to seduce outside of the story. 

(lol also they have a shot of Victor when he says “love-crazed couple,” like……subtle guys…….)

Now, there’s a difference between lines for the audience and lines for the characters. I think this one falls under both categories. 

Pre-banquet reveal, this can only be interpreted as character development for Yuuri. He’s gaining confidence and can create the idea that he could have the power over another person to break their heart. This is a huge step for Yuuri and his self worth. 

That’s the line in-canon, or the line for the characters as I said above. Here’s the line as for the audience. 

Post-banquet reveal, we can now interpret that line as a massive hint to us about the true Eros story! The sentence is not only Yuuri’s progression through his arc, but also foreshadowing for the audience to pick up on later! 

I love this show!!

(moral of story: if something you’re watching or reading has a line, or a look, or an event that’s repeated or specifically brought attention to, even in the most casual way, it’s probably something you should look for later. it’s gonna be important.)

Rowaelin was foreshadowed in Crown of Midnight.

I am candidly rereading the Throne of Glass series when today I came upon the biggest bombshell of my entire existance. In Chapter 15 of Crown of Midnight, Celaena is attending a dinner in honor of Hollin, Dorian’s evil little brother, When the singer comes on-stage, she sings a song that is actually an anciet Fae legend.

“She heard it now as if for the first time: the story of a Fae woman blessed with a horrible, profound power that was sought by kings and lords in every kingdom. While they used her to win wars and conquer nations, they all feared her–and kept their distance.”

The Fae woman in the song can easily be considered Celaena. Celaena’s power is being the greatest assassin the world has ever known. Arobynn first and later the King of Adarlan when he names her his Champion, make use of her power.

“Rena went on, spinning the ageless story of the years that the Fae woman served those kings and lords, and the loneliness that consumed her bit by bit. And then, one day, a knight came, seeking her power on behalf of his king. As they traveled to his kingdom, his fear turned to love–and he saw her not for the power she wielded, but for the woman beneath. Of all the kings and emperors who had come courting her with promises of wealth beyond imagining, it was the knight’s gift, of seeing her for who she was–not what she was–that won her heart.

IF THIS DOESN’T SCREAM ROWAELIN TO YOU, THEN I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DOES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! (I’m sorry for the use of all caps, but my mind is completely fried). On a first read of this book, I thought this was a foreshadowing of the imminent Chaolena relationship–and later on I completely forgot about it tbh–but now I see it for what it really is. I think this part of the book was meant to be a foreshadowing of the future relationship between Rowan and Aelin. 
In the last stages of Crown of Midnight when Celaena’s Fae heritage is revealed, Chaol isn’t able to look past his fear of what Aelin is and what she is able to do. It only becomes worse when he learns her true identity.
When Rowan and Aelin first meet in Heir of Fire, he is looking for her on Maeve’s behalf, his queen. As they spend time together and he teaches her to wield her magic, their bickering turns to friendship, their friendship turns to love.
Rowan is also the only one of Aelin’s love interest who is able to see Aelin for who she is and accept every single part of her. Sam is the one who got closer to that level of loving her, but there was a whole part of Celaena’s life that he was unaware of. Dorian and Chaol–while they did fall in love with her–never truly accepted every part of Celaena’s being. Both of them have trouble accepting the assassin part of her and in Chaol’s case it’s even worse because he doesn’t accept her being Fae either, unlike Dorian. Rowan is the only one who embraces ALL of Aelin’s baggage. He understands her struggles; he doesn’t judge her for being a killer because he’s done his fair share of killing himself; he’s not afraid of how powerful she is; he is not intimidated by her being a queen.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious to know what you think about Zuko's character arc, like did you like him betraying Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 or did you find it OOC? Did you like how he wanted throughout Book 3, cause to me he looked like a douchebag yelling at Iroh, hiring an assassin etc, really looked like Bryke was trying to make him as bad as possible and pair him up with Mai, to cancel him as a love interest for Katara.

I believe his betrayal of Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 was entirely necessary for his character arc. Zuko always showed himself as one who needed to make his own decisions and mistakes before he learned from them. His uncle could preach at him all he wanted, but Zuko only ever recognized Iroh’s truth after he’d pursued a goal to no avail. 

For example, the greatest turning point in Zuko’s story during Book 2 was when he let Appa go. Now, he wasn’t planning to do so. He only released Appa after much urging from Iroh, and Iroh’s explanation of Zuko’s past failings: 

Iroh: So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask …
Zuko: [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh: I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you’ve found the Avatar’s bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko: I would have figured something out!
Iroh: [Starts yelling.] No! If his friends hadn’t found you, you would have frozen to death!

Iroh is quick to tell Zuko that his lack of planning will ultimately lead to his downfall. He was never successful in the past because he never thought his schemes through. What did he really hope to accomplish by capturing Appa? What was his end goal? How exactly did he think revealing his identity in the Earth Kingdom’s only stronghold was going to play out? And this was after he went on a date with Jin, after his uncle had found some success in Ba Sing Se, and after Zuko had a taste of what a normal, peaceful life could be if he’d just let his destiny go. 

Zuko: I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh: Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?

He was happy in Ba Sing Se, but largely so, because he had no other choice. His life no longer followed the trajectory he had planned— he couldn’t hunt the Avatar because doing so would mean revealing his location in Ba Sing Se and he couldn’t return home because he couldn’t hunt the Avatar.

Jump back up to Iroh’s last line listed above: Is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you? That can easily be applied to his hunt for the Avatar, but look how easily can that also be applied to Zuko’s newfound life in Ba Sing Se! His actions — pursuing Appa the second he knew the bison was in the city, even after experiencing peace and success — prove that his life in Ba Sing Se was another destiny being forced on him. 

Now, I know you may be arguing in your head that Zuko’s metamorphosis proves that he had changed— but I don’t think so. I think Zuko’s metamorphosis proved he hadn’t, foreshadowed by this exchange: 

Zuko: Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh: I’m begging you, Prince Zuko! It’s time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?

His transformation in Book 2 was his wrestling with this question: What do I want? Zuko didn’t know. He had no idea. Everything was conflicting in his head. Did he want the Avatar? Did he want peace? Did he want to go home? Did he want this new life? This is particularly evident in the warring dragons in his dreams: 

Blue dragon: It’s getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko: I’m not tired.
Blue dragon: Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko slowly starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon: No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it’s too late!
Blue dragon: Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they’re in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him. Two golden eyes appear, followed by the face of the blue dragon, which closes rapidly.
Blue dragon: Sleep. Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa. Within that darkness, the camera draws closer to Ursa, who drops her hood.
Ursa: Zuko! Help me! 
Zuko disappears through the floor.

Later when Zuko awakens:

Zuko: What’s happening?
Iroh: Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.
Zuko: What’s that mean? 
Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

I think a lot of viewers take Iroh’s final comment as the end all and be all sign that Zuko was supposed to fully transform here and join the Avatar’s side, however, I do not believe this is the case. I believe Iroh’s comment wasn’t exactly wrong… it’s just interpreted incorrectly. Zuko did change when he woke from his coma: He didn’t change sides or soften or discern all of Azula’s lies, but as became evident in Book 3, Zuko woke from his coma and was able to finally recognize the truth in Iroh’s words

Let’s delve into the imagery of the metamorphosis… not only is he plagued by weird visions such as taking on Aang’s body, the dragons in Zuko’s dreams symbolize the two dueling sides of him. One part of him wants to enjoy the life he’s found in Ba Sing Se, evidenced by the red dragon warning him to get away from the influence of the blue dragon— 

[SIDE NOTE: Zuko may know that Azula always lies… but he always seems to fall for it i.e. that time she said father wanted him home. that time she said he’d be welcomed home. that time she gave him credit for killing Aang as a favor. that time she said the Agni Kai would be one-on-one]

—while the blue dragon represents his desires lying in the Fire Nation. He nearly succumbs to the blue dragon’s suggestion that he sleep, until the red dragon appears and warns him off. However, in the end, Zuko is charged by the blue dragon: He is swallowed by the blue dragon, and in the blue dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother (representing his long-lost childhood desires— to protect those in need and be gentle/kind/innocent) calling for help, before sinking into the floor. 

What does this mean? Well, I believe it means that Zuko gave in to the blue dragon, and it was meant to foreshadow him giving in to Azula’s seduction in the Crystal Catacombs, rather than foreshadowing him saving sides. It also foreshadowed his recognition of his mistake and his distraught emotional state following his choice to betray the red dragon (Iroh (and Katara)). 

Again, to break it down even more so: 

Zuko wants to give in to the Blue Dragon’s request to sleep. 
In the real world, Zuko falls prey to Azula’s bait, challenging her to an Agni Kai and being imprisoned. 

Zuko is warned by the Red Dragon of his choices. 
In the real world, Iroh pleads with Zuko not to listen to Azula. Twice, actually. Once when Iroh flees the palace and Zuko says he’s done running, and again, below the city, when Iroh pleads with Zuko to make the decision he knows is right.

Zuko is swallowed whole by the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko falls into Azula’s scheme. Unbeknownst to him, Azula is using him— she knows she cannot defeat Aang and Katara alone, so she entices him with the promise of being welcomed home a hero. 

Zuko panics over the vision of his mother (innocence), but is ultimately lost to the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko is completely absorbed in the version of himself he thinks he needs to be. He is angry. He is violent. He is a betrayer. He has lost all connection to the innocence of his childhood and the image of himself that he nearly reconnected with during his metamorphosis. 

Furthermore, being lost to the Blue Dragon symbolized Zuko’s emotional and mental spiral in Book 3. He was incredibly unhappy, even after he sold his soul to come home. He’d lost it all. He had no one to blame but himself but he didn’t want to blame himself— he wanted to blame Iroh for being right all along. Zuko’s behavior towards Iroh was unacceptable, yes, but it was in character when you consider Zuko’s complete and utter implosion and the destruction of his soul in his decision to betray everyone. 

I fully believe the betrayal was Aaron Ehasz’s idea. In my opinion, it was fundamental to Zuko’s character. As long as he had the support and guidance of his uncle, Zuko would never transform on his own. He needed to hit rockbottom. He needed to realign himself with what he wanted, and the only way to do so, was to have everything he wanted and nothing at all at the same time. 

I do not believe it was a ploy by Bryke to destroy Zutara, as the pair came back together in Book 3 and were closer/stronger than ever. 

What Avatar struggled with the most was the timing of Zuko’s arc. Book 3 spent too much time focusing on useless episodes that could have been utilized to showcase Zuko’s actions in the Fire Nation and his resulting decision to leave his place there. His treason could have taken place earlier and, as a result, we could’ve spent more time with the transformed Zuko and the Gaang.

I also think Avatar suffered greatly by cancelling Book 4. If we’d had a chance to see Zuko rule as Fire Lord, I believe his transformation would’ve felt complete. 

Hinami Facing the Reaper

The first thing I want to mention is that the parallels in this chapter are many, just like the last one. In particular there are a few dangerous pieces of foreshadowing surrounding Hinami. I’m not sure enough to call any of these death flags, nor do I even like that term so much so let’s just call them parallels. In 63: Ghoul, Kaneki’s fantasy about his friends being destroyed features Hide with pins in his face, Touka with one damaged arm, and Hinami’s head being cleaved clean off.

In this chapter, Touka has an arm that she loses function in.

In the previous chapter we had Hide reveal himself as scarecrow. The damage of course is not exact as we have no idea how much facial damage Hide has taken, but (this might be a stretch), In L Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow is a character whose given pins and needles to put in his straw head by the Wizard in order to give him the ability to think.

If it’s not that specific of a reference, I can see generally the pins in Hide’s head just foreshadowing the damage to his face that Hide would eventually take and then hide with a mask as Scarecrow.

Anyway, the parallel would seem to indicate as in this situation where Kaneki imagines his friends taking this damage, where Touka has lost use of her arm already and Hide’s face has been damaged, that Hinami losing her head would be the natural next step.

There are also two other areas where Hinami is foreshadowed to take damage specifically to the neck. In this piece of official art in which Kaneki is depicted in his black reaper form, we see Hinami with an obvious line through her neck.

There’s also the parallel, with her mother’s death. The world live, being cut off by the swing of a quinque.

I don’t think this means Hinami will die, but she might definitely be damaged in that area. There are a couple of other parallels in this scene in relation to Hinami that I want to talk about before getting to Juuzou so let’s discuss those.

Chapter 51: Dream ends with a character being beheaded in a similiar shock fashion to Hinami, only for Kanae to turn up relatively fine next chapter.  Of course the sicrumstances are different, Hinami isn’t being possessed by Takatsuki’s magical kagune so it’s unlikely she’ll be able to heal to that degree but I thought it was worth pointing out, especially since Kanae was plucked by Haise very soon before he turned into a black reaper. 

There’s also from the begining of :Re, when Hinami was Yotsume, her encountering the reaper and certain death in a similiar scene only to be taken as Haise’s ownership rights instead.

Similiar to back then, it was a situation where everybody else Ayato included who wanted to help her was powerless to do so, and Hinami accepted her own death. Only to be saved because the person fighting her was intent on capturing her rather than killing her.

There’s also one last scene that this parallels, this one from the original Tokyo Ghoul where one sister reached out for another, only to be unable to make it in time as Juuzou cut through them.

Considering Touka lost use of her arm in this scene, take your pick on the parallel really. 

Which is why I find this line so suspicious. “It’s useless, because you people are bait” says Furuta. The question is who is he referring to? With Furuta these sorts of things often have a double meaning.

He says first and foremost the purpose of the raid is to bait Kaneki into action. Even in his personal narration where he stresses the importance of him winning, he seems rather flippant about what will happen after the fact.

It’s likely the bait he can be referring to has two meanings as well. First the weaker tier investigators that he sent out after Touka and Hinami first to lower their stamina before Juuzou descended, and then Touka and Hinami themselves.

Bait to draw out the wrath of a dragon. Which is why I have been theorizing as of late that neither Touka nor Hinami would die, but at least one of them would be captured [x]. Which is why I can also see, if Touka is taken a Hinami left behind to explain what happened to either Ayato or Kaneki who stumbles upon the scene.

Imagine then too, Hinami taking throat damage without losing her head like all of the nagetive foreshadowing seems to imply. She would be left speechless and most likely unable to explain to Kaneki about how Touka was lost to her.

Which would make a stark parallel with this scene in 120: Vessel, where Akira and Hinami technically do make up, but Hinami barely has a voice at all in the scene and in fact does not talk to the whole chapter or even bring up the things she mentioned to Ayato. 

In parallel also, to the scene where Yomo confronts Arata only to have Arata completely unable to explain himself as to why he let Hikari die in order to protect the children. 

That could be one result of Hinami facing the reaper. 

anonymous asked:

Do you believe that Zuko as the Blue Spirit and Katara as the Painted Lady were meant to be connected in someway? Like they both wore the others colors and I just can't help but think that this was there to foreshadow something between the two when the direction was to get them together at first.

Hmm, a connection, a connection …

Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: AND THEN WHAT?! You never think these things through! This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had no where to go!

Sokka: You what?!
Katara: It was your idea!
Sokka: I was joking. I also said to use spirit magic and made funny noises. Did you even think this through? The army’s gonna blame the villagers. They’re headed there right now to get revenge.

Nope. Can’t find one at all. 


And will the pairing that a lot of fans already want be the one that we all need?

A few book readers speculated that a political marriage between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark would be not only possible, but the best thing for House Stark, and maybe even for each other. However, the idea of any kind of match between them was a quiet cult theory, until season 6 of Game Of Thrones, which set Twitter and Tumblr on fire with the idea of the “Jonsa” romance ship. In this article, I’m going to go through as many reasons as I have discovered for this potential pairing, the foreshadowing that a lot of people might have overlooked, and why readers and viewers should think twice before completely dismissing the idea.

As I am starting with the books, I’ll go ahead and start at the very beginning, before the books were written. In George R. R. Martin’s outline for the series, he had a love triangle in the works, between Jon, Tyrion, and Arya. Even before the first book was finished, he had plans for Jon to wed a Stark cousin. The outline states on the subject:

“Arya will be more forgiving… until she realizes, with terror, that she has fallen in love with Jon, who is not only her half-brother but a man of the Night’s Watch, sworn to celibacy. Their passion will continue to torment Jon and Arya throughout the trilogy, until the secret of Jon’s true parentage is finally revealed in the last book.”

Given what I am about to lay out in this article, there seems to be a strong chance of GRRM having kept the cousin love triangle, but switched at least the sister, if not the other man (Jon/Tyrion[Littlefinger]/Sansa).

Jon and Sansa began their stories, and left Winterfell, with very similar ideas and worldviews, despite their differing personalities. Both were not just young, heady, and optimistic; both believed in the songs they were sung to as children, but in the heroes the songs described. Both had fantasies of a quieter life and family that, conspicuously, left each other out, and synchronized perfectly with each other.

I would need to steal her if I wanted her love, but she might give me children. I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms. A son was something Jon Snow had never dared dream of, since he decided to live his life on the Wall. I could name him Robb. Val would want to keep her sister’s son, but we could foster him at Winterfell, and Gilly’s boy as well. Sam would never need to tell his lie. We’d find a place for Gilly too, and Sam could come visit her once a year or so. Mance’s son and Craster’s would grow up brothers, as I once did with Robb.
He wanted it, Jon knew then. He wanted it as much as he had ever wanted anything. I have always wanted it, he thought, guiltily. - A Storm Of Swords - Jon XII

This is a fantasy Jon had, ostensibly about Val, the Wildling sister of Mance Rayder’s wife, whom Jon was infatuated with, at the time. However, she does not feature at all after a cursory mention of stealing her away. He fantasized much more about the hypothetical family than her, and both that fact, and his fantasy-family makeup, is very telling, in three ways.
1.  This fantasy is a direct and near-perfect recreation of the Stark household that he remembers, with him as the new Neddish patriarch.
2. He is not fantasizing about a Wildling girl who walks through Walker territory like it ain’t no thang, or a warrior girl, or a highborn princess, or even a platinum-haired nude dragon queen. He is fantasizing about Val as a mother, and more importantly, as not only the mother he knew (Catelyn), but how he wished Catelyn to be.
3. Most women that we read about in aSoIaF or watch in GoT do not share this fantasy; Westerosi girls tend to be action girls. The only female character who had any kind of similar fantasy, let alone one that synchronizes nearly perfectly to Jon’s, is Sansa:

She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya. - A Storm Of Swords - Sansa

Although they fantasized about different people ostensibly (Jon-Val; Sansa-Willas/Loras Tyrell), both fantasies complete the other, and tell very similar stories about each of them. Both think that love is an addendum to marriage, and something that needs to be worked on. They both disregard the personalities of their interest for what they remember of their mother and father. They both recreate their dead and missing siblings, with exceptions. Robb, Arya, Bran and Rickon are noted, as well as even a Ned. The only figures missing are themselves and each other.

What makes this so extremely notable is not just that the fantasies click perfectly together. It’s not even that Jon’s always wanted exactly this, even from the start, when he dared not wish for his own family. What makes this truly meaningful, is that there is only one girl in all of Westeros who knows what growing up in Winterfell was like, and who wants the same thing as him, and is not yearning for adventure, vengeance, a throne, or power, let alone above this desire.

Just as Sansa is the only person who fits the bill for Jon, Jon is the only man who has lived up perfectly to Sansa’s fantasies and dreams of heroic knights in shining armor.

“Sweet one,” her father said gently, “listen to me. When you’re old enough, I will make you a match with a high lord who’s worthy of you, someone brave and gentle and strong. This match with Joffrey was a terrible mistake. That boy is no Prince Aemon, you must believe me.” - A Game Of Thrones - Sansa

Curiously, although Prince Aemon Targaryen is a historical character in the Ice & Fire/Thrones universe, Prince Aemon is also the role Jon would take in childhood mock jousts with Robb; judge for yourself if that’s a coincidence.

“I’m Prince Aemon the Dragonknight,” Jon would call out, and Robb would shout back, “Well, I’m Florian the Fool.” -A Storm of Swords – Jon XII

(Sidenote - foreshadowing with other foreshadowing: if you think about it, Robb literally died a fool. He got himself, and Cat, killed for love, when he could’ve married the Frey girl, gotten safe passage from the Freys, and marched towards Kings Landing to avenge his father and rescue Sansa. But we all know what he was thinking with instead of his brain…)

Jon is by every and all accounts the valiant and heroic knight Sansa wished and pined for, as a dreamy 11-year-old girl. Before I continue, I have to add that the men of the Night’s Watch are often referred to as The Black Knights.

Jon has all of the qualities of the kind of man Ned described to her, as well as all of the qualities of the kind of man she’d always wanted; both as a young, wistful girl dreaming of Aemon the Dragonknight making Queen Naerys his lady love, and the shattered, hardened, and disaffected woman she’s grown to become. She has discarded her fairy tales, because she has realized, through firsthand experience, that those fairytales are not nearly as pretty as they sound. The fairytales are horrifying; they are soaked in the blood and tears of the events and people they describe. Jon is the only character who can fulfill both the dreams and fantasies of 11-year-old Sansa, and the disillusioned young woman who’s never until now known a true hero. No other character in either aSoIaF or GoT can do the same:

Frog-faced Lord Slynt sat at the end of the council table wearing a black velvet doublet and a shiny cloth-of-gold cape, nodding with approval every time the king pronounced a sentence. Sansa stared hard at his ugly face, remembering how he had thrown down her father for Ser Ilyn to behead, wishing she could hurt him, wishing that some hero would throw him down and cut off his head. But a voice inside her whispered, There are no heroes, and she remembered what Lord Petyr had said to her, here in this very hall. “Life is not a song, sweetling,” he’d told her. “You may learn that one day to your sorrow.” In life, the monsters win, she told herself, and now it was the Hound’s voice she heard, a cold rasp, metal on stone. “Save yourself some pain, girl, and give him what he wants.” - A Game Of Thrones - Sansa VI

That he did, albeit with poor grace, crossing his arms, scowling, and ignoring the naked steel in his lord commander’s hands. Jon slid the oilcloth down his bastard sword, watching the play of morning light across the ripples, thinking how easily the blade would slide through skin and fat and sinew to part Slynt’s ugly head from his body. All of a man’s crimes were wiped away when he took the black, and all of his allegiances as well, yet he found it hard to think of Janos Slynt as a brother. There is blood between us. This man helped slay my father and did his best to have me killed as well. - A Dance With Dragons - Jon II

Not long after, in the same chapter, Jon does the deed:

Emmett kicked his legs out from under him. Dolorous Edd planted a foot on his back to keep him on his knees as Emmett shoved the block beneath his head. “This will go easier if you stay still,” Jon Snow promised him. “Move to avoid the cut, and you will still die, but your dying will be uglier. Stretch out your neck, my lord.” The pale morning sunlight ran up and down his blade as Jon clasped the hilt of the bastard sword with both hands and raised it high. “If you have any last words, now is the time to speak them,” he said, expecting one last curse.

Janos Slynt twisted his neck around to stare up at him. “Please, my lord. Mercy. I’ll … I’ll go, I will, I …”

No, thought Jon. You closed that door. Longclaw descended.

Their geographic and psychological journeys are near-perfect mirrors of each other. Sansa heads south while Jon goes north. Sansa becomes Lady Lannister, then a bastard (an identity at least partially crafted on her ideas of Jon); then, in the show, Lady Bolton, and finally the Lady of Winterfell. Jon, meanwhile, goes from Bastard, to Jon Stark (in Robb’s will, which Jon hasn’t seen or heard about), to Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and in the show, finally, King in the North. Both have to pretend they want nothing to do with their previous lives (Sansa as a prisoner in KL, and Jon with the Wildlings). Both have to essentially fake it to make it, as Sansa tries to actively forget she is not Alayne Stone, and Jon is tempted to stay with the Wildlings.
Through all of this, they both try to cling to certain things. Even after abandoning their childhood idealisms to make hard choices, and even through the processes of grieving for their family, as well as trying to become different people, they both have always held notions of justice, fairness, and even compassion close to their hearts and minds.

Also, out of all the surviving Starks, only Sansa sensed Jon’s death:

“There was ice underfoot, and broken stones just waiting to turn an ankle, and the wind was howling fiercely. It sounds like a wolf, thought Sansa. A ghost wolf, as big as mountains.” - A Feast For Crows - Sansa’s final chapter

As soon as news of Jon’s parentage comes out in the North, his claim to Winterfell will be, at the very least, heavily debated among and contested by the Northern lords. Although half Stark, he is not the son of Eddard, but of Lyanna. On top of that, he has a Targaryen father. Seeing as the Mad King killed Ned’s father Rickard Stark, and Ned’s brother Brandon. The Northern lords will have no loyalty to a Targaryen.
Jon/Sansa would be both an excellent twist of the kind that aSoIaF/Got are known for, and mutually beneficial for the both.
Their marriage would secure Jon’s claim to the North, unite the North as it needs to be for the War for the Dawn, and secures the safety and place at Winterfell for both. Also, as she says in the books, “No one will ever marry me for love.” It’s a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless; every and all other Lords would want to marry her for her claim to Winterfell. Jon, though, would never force Sansa to marry anyone. He knows what she’s been through. He cares for her, and would never hurt her in any way. Sansa knows this, and it might just be what will drive her to suggest they marry. Jon needs a Queen either way, to keep the Stark bloodline going.
I will even go so far as to say this: I think that the northern lords will want to make Sansa their Queen after they find out about Jon’s parentage, in which case, same thing; she’ll need to keep the Stark bloodline going. Add to that him being a Targaryen, and she a Stark, they would literally be uniting not only the North, but the South too.
Soon, every person in the whole of at least Westeros will find out about the Night’s King and the White Walkers. It is this exact moment that the North will need stability, and hope. A union between Sansa and Jon would give the northerners nothing less or other than that. Jon is a great commander. He is brave, and honorable, and he will do all he can to keep Sansa and all the northerners safe. He’ll fight for them. The prospect, the reassurance, and after the battle is over and the war is won, Winterfell and the North will be rebuilt, by its people with the support and help of their King and Queen. Everything points to their union.
The prospect, the reassurance, that after the battle is over, after the war is won, Winterfell, the North will be rebuilt, by its people with the support and help of their King and Queen. Everything that points to a good resolution for the stories of Ice & Fire, and Thrones, points to their union.

Even on Thrones, David Benioff and Dan Weiss have planted an insane amount of seeds for Jonsa. Not only for a political union, but in season 6 set the internet on fire with gooey Jonsa romantic tension, with gems such as this moment, from s6e5 (The Door):

Jon: New dress?
Sansa: I made it myself, do you like it?
Jon: Yeah, well, it’s—I like the wolf bit.

Brothers awkwardly fumbling for words to compliment their half-sister’s dress? Not something you see everyday. This scene was unnecessary, but D&D included it, I’ll allege for a reason. I’m not necessarily saying that Jon is in love with Sansa here, but the tension between them and their interactions are very awkward, and not how they should be between two people who think they are brother and sister. Also, this is not something a brother says to a sister in danger:

Jon: I won’t ever let him touch you again. I’ll protect you. I promise. (From s6e9 - Battle Of The Bastards)

Again, a bizarre choice of words, if Jonsa is not a component of the story. Brothers say things like “ I will never let him hurt you again”, or “tell me where he is”.  Let’s not forget most of their scenes have them speaking while being surrounded by warm candle light and with soft focus; quite a romantic atmosphere for two SIBLINGS.
The way their scenes were shot, do not only mirror Ned’s and Cat’s, but also Robb’s and Talisa’s. I find it hard to believe D&D wrote and shot their scenes the way they did accidentally. They wanted to do one of either two things:
either set Twitter and Tumblr on fire with Sophie and Kit’s chemistry; or, subtly, put this notion into our heads, have us talk about it, and speculate. Whichever they did, it obviously worked, thus introducing us to the idea, and actually preparing us for it.

PS I thought that @castaliareed and @fedonciadale  would be interested in this meta; I hope it’s good for a 1st.

The “Canon” Ending

Before the Storm is awesome. Life is Strange is awesome. But the more I play, the more I get involved, the more I come to think Deck Nine are both utter geniuses and diabolical masterminds. 

I think there’s one ending to Life is Strange that Deck Nine are gunning for (certainly at least as far as the ships are concerned).

Massive SPOILERS follow (for both Life is Strange *and* Before the Storm) under the tag.

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Can we appreciate for a minute that platonic Reylo may be even more important than romantic?

Because I think the really interesting thing about that last group of images in the trailer is that it’s going to make the general audience go “WTF, how did THAT happen?”

Literally, the idea of them teaming up in ANY way is going to be hugely unexpected, and is at the heart of why a romantic relationship seems impossible to so many. Honestly, the difference between platonic friendship and romantic is sexual attraction. We already had the latter foreshadowed in subtext. It’s establishing the grounds for them to be friends and allies that is the unexpected thing.

The whole Anti thing is amazing.

Like, I’m just so unbelievably psyched for Anti and everything having to do with him. I love the fan theories, the references, the fanart and fanfics, the way it’s spread out across all of Jack’s social media- just all of it. 

And there’s never been anything like this before. This is such a new, amazing idea and Jack and Robin have been so damn creative and amazing with it. Like I know of entire companies with production teams and social media managers who wouldn’t be able to pull off what these two incredible men have done. 

They literally took an idea that fans had had and canonized it.  And they did it with respect and thought to the fans’ interpretations and with incredible editing and beautiful foreshadowing and the whole thing is so amazing. 

And it wasn’t just a ‘one shot’ fan-service kind of thing either. It was so thoughtful and well planned and the clues are so intelligent and engaging and everything is hinted at just enough but not too much.

This one of the most mind-blowing instances of creator-fan interaction I have ever seen, and I’m so so proud and excited to be a part of it.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that Jack and Robin have done this Anti thing perfectly and I’m so thankful.

Home, family & other herbs

Davy Perez is sort of filling the huge hole that Robbie Thompson left in my heart when he left. His last two episodes have been incredibly good, so I’ve decided to take advantage of the motivation that has apparently come back to me. As usual, most of the posts I write focus on the Dean/Cas relationship, so if that’s not your thing, you will probably not like this. There are five things about episode 12x15 that I want to point out as relevant to me in regards to Dean and Cas.

The first relevant thing was that Dean’s the one communicating with Cas. Dean was talking on the phone with Cas while Sam was doing the same with Mary. Of course, Sam had to become Mary’s direct line of communication, mostly after he agreed to work with the BMoL. And of course Dean was the one receiving updates of what Cas was doing –both at the beginning and at the end of the episode. It’s exactly what anyone would expect. I simply liked the visuals. For example, Dean’s and Sam’s conversations were simultaneous the first time we saw Dean on the phone with Cas.

The second time, it was obvious Dean was the one making the call even if he had Cas on speaker. 

I think these visuals reinforced the idea that when Cas isn’t at the Bunker, Dean keeps an interest in whatever he’s doing.

The second relevant thing was that Dean noticed something was off with Cas. Just as Dean was the one who noticed that something wasn’t alright with Mary in episode 12x13, this time he noticed that something felt off with Cas, too. As I mentioned above, Dean had Cas on speaker; that means both Dean and Sam heard what Cas was saying. However, Sam didn’t notice anything weird, whereas Dean did. The same happened last season when Lucifer was possessing Cas. Dean noticed that something was off, but Sam dismissed Dean’s suspicions. Dean is very perceptive with the people he loves.

 Another important thing regarding the Dean/Cas relationship had to do with Cas’ conversation with the other angel in this episode. The other angel asked Cas if he ever missed Heaven. He said that no matter how much he loved Earth, it wasn’t home. Cas made no comment about it. Don’t you think it’s interesting that an angel talked to Cas about home just three episodes after Dean Winchester offered Cas to go home?

(Source x

It’s even more interesting to think that both episodes were written by the same writer. Don’t you think it’s also very remarkable that this angel used the words “family” and “true family” to convince Cas to give himself a chance to be forgiven and welcomed in Heaven? It was Cas himself who called the Winchesters his family three episodes ago; it was Cas himself who confessed how much he loved them.

(Source x)

All of that happened in an episode written by Davy Perez, so I’m pretty sure what’s going on with Cas is on purpose, and I’m quite excited about it. I’ve spent more than 3 years waiting for the moment when Cas will choose the Winchesters (and by that, I mean Dean) not because he has to, not to save anyone’s life, but simply because he really wants to.  

The fourth relevant thing I need to mention is the fact that Dean thanked Crowley for saving Cas. Dean Winchester thanking the King of Hell himself for saving Cas was something I never expected to happen. I knew Dean was grateful; I just didn’t think he would bring himself to say it out loud. For some reason that reminded me of Benny. In season 8 we were shown that Dean learned to trust Benny because he saved Cas. Dean never said it textually, but the subtext was very clear. This time Dean used his own words to express his gratitude to Crowley for saving the life of someone that means a lot to him. That was better than I could have expected.

The last thing about the episode I want to point out is the foreshadowing we were given during the conversation between Sam and Gwen. I’m perfectly aware that the lying part Gwen mentioned was supposed to make Sam realize that lying to Dean was a bad idea, and that was why Sam told Dean the truth about working with the BMoL at the end. However, in this episode we had another person who decided to keep information from Dean: none other than Castiel. Cas didn’t tell Dean that he was going to Heaven to talk to Joshua, but Dean will find out sooner or later.

The thing is that the relationship between Marcus and Gwen doesn’t foreshadow anything good for Dean and Cas. Gwen is the one who survived, the one who felt that Marcus loved her more than she ever loved him. The one question she asked herself was: Why couldn’t I just tell him the truth? She lied even though she knew everything was over, but why was everything over? I suppose it was because of the long distance thing. What about Dean and Cas? Cas was tempted with the idea of going back to Heaven. He lied to Dean (or at least didn’t tell him something) probably to make things easier, just as Gwen. What can be more of a long distance situation than going to Heaven while the other person stays on Earth? Is it possible that season 12 will end with Cas going back to Heaven? (Of course, even if that were the case, I’m sure it wouldn’t be forever).

Some people might think that Gwen could be a Dean parallel. Truth be told, I thought about that possibility as well, but I discarded it because I don’t think lying to Cas is part of Dean’s arc. In this episode the one who had to leave was Gwen, so I see her as a Cas parallel because it’s more logical to expect Cas to leave. Nevertheless, I have to say that the “Why couldn’t I just tell him the truth?” could apply to both Dean and Cas. Dean hasn’t told Cas his feelings. What if Dean’s the one staying on Earth feeling that Cas loved him more than he ever did and feeling guilty for never telling him the truth about what Cas meant to him. This could be interpreted in both ways, and for some reason I consider the two options too painful to bear.

These are the things about the Dean/Cas relationship that caught my attention from episode 12x15. Dean is obviously the one communicating with Cas, the one noticing that something is going on with Cas, and the one being thankful for still having his angel alive. In addition, Cas’ arc about choosing to be an angel or human isn’t over yet. He still has to figure out what family he wants for himself and where exactly his home is. Finally, season 12 is foreshadowing more unrequited love between Dean and Cas (or at least that’s what they both think) and a huge chance that Cas ends up this season upstairs.  This episode has a lot of layers to discuss, so if I missed something, I hope someone else can write about it. All in all, I appreciate the effort Mr. Perez is making to keep his episodes consistent to the themes that are being developed. Now I’m looking forward to the rest of the season that will probably make me suffer too much.

rocknaldo rewrite where ronaldo decides he’s gonna try to be a crystal gem when he finds a corrupt bloodstone.

ep starts with his pamphlets, one get’s stuck between the boardwalk and pulled down, ronaldo finds a gem monster stuck under there. excited about finding a rock person that didn’t look like a person he helps it out and decides to hide it in the lighthouse. debating on what to do next, he and bloodstone bunk there for a while. cute shenanigans ensue with ronaldo trying to teach her about conspiracy theories and bloodstone obviously not getting it and probably making a mess of the place.

eventually bloodstone accidentally gets hurt, cracking her gem and becoming very distressed. scared for his new friend ronaldo goes to the gems. steven is able to heal the crack but the gems chew ronaldo out for trying to handle her himself. he tries to defend himself by saying he was trying to be like them and helping people. steven agrees that it was dangerous and by hiding her he put her and others at risk. however he appreciates his good intentions and empathizes with the situation given his history with centipeetle.

he suggests that bloodstone actually be able to stay with ronaldo under certain conditions since she seems happy and it would be an opportunity for ronaldo to learn more about what the crystal gems, and gems as a species, are actually about without just jumping to conclusions. and for one more corrupt gem to live fairly happily without having to be bubbled.

ofc garnet makes the executive decision yes. conditions i guess would be bloodstone stays in the lighthouse so the gems can still keep an eye on her, ronaldo visits the gems every so often to stay updated and learn about what the crystal gems actually do.

it provides an opportunity for more humans to learn about the gems and their cause, as humans should probably be more involved in protecting the planet?(cue a different venue for ronaldo to make conspiracy theories) and helps ronaldo learn to be more considerate of others. also maybe some foreshadowing to how corrupt gems will be fully healed (jasper could be mentioned but i wasn’t sure how). also foreshadowing for UNBUBBLING BISMUTH ALREADY…

Inktober - Day 3

Wasn’t the original idea that I had mulling in my head all day, but when I got home and started playing my music, Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix) came on, I just started drawing, and this is what came from it.

I know Cyborg Noodle didn’t exist until Phase 3, and KWG is Demon Days, but it just seemed to fit into my mind. Like maybe even foreshadowing?

Anyway, got a bit carried away with the details in this one, and it almost turned into a fully colored piece, but figured 3 hours into it was enough. Might go back and finish it after the month is over and maybe even make it one of my new prints. :3c

Rereading TG: :Re vol 1-4

Just some friendly reminders about things that we weren’t given an answer to yet, or simply stuff that are cool to remember. :)

[TG vol1-7] [TG vol8-14] [some more posts]

Some stuff related to (ghoul) biology:

- The QS’ and Sasaki’s initial Rc cells rates:

- Why Kaneki/Sasaki is so strong:

- The Quinx surgery:

- The treatment of ghouls locked in Cochlea:

- About Kagune marks:

- About Tsukiyama’s genetic condition:

The way I understand this, because of consanguineous marriages, the Tsukiyama family is more vulnerable to the “poisonous effect*” of Rc cell types different from their own, which is why cannibalizing is a “bad eating habit” in Shuu’s case, because he can’t become a kakuja and remains vulnerable to Rc cell interference*.

*(Remember how Shinohara described each type as being “effective poison” to at least one other type (Rinkaku -> Koukaku, for example)? If not, it’s explained in TG ch53) 

About the Washuu family:

- who created the Quinques:

- the legend of the Washuu family:

Now that we know that they’re ghouls though, I’m wondering if they didn’t simply feel threatened by the old OEK (the OEG before Eto, the one who took the ghouls to the 24th ward) which is why they went out of their way to create V to destroy that OEG (same reason when it comes to giving quinques to humans). 

That might also be why they kept V afterwards and pretended to be humans so as to remain the winning party by establishing the “equilibrium” (aka ghouls and humans “cannot live/mix together” and the fact that the ghoul kind was the one depicted as the enemy). 

About Shirazu:

I remembered that some patterns associated with him…

were also associated with Uta at least once…

And while I have no idea whether it really means something or not, I also remembered that Ishida-sensei drew a picture for one of their birthdays (I think it was Shirazu’s) with the two of them 

So it’s probably nothing but I felt like mentioning it, just in case.

Some more random things:

- Akira calling Haise “my Sasaki” :3

- Kaneki being a sub confirmed xDD

- Ayato changing and going from being a very bratty teenager to an outstanding young man, thanks to Shachi?

Though, I think that, since his motivations for joining Aogiri always were to protect Touka from ending like their parents, it’s quite natural that he ended up becoming such an impressive young man once he was done with his bratty phase, but maybe Shachi still had a hand in making him realize that he had an overwhelming potential (and that it was okay to care) between TG and :Re? 

- Still unanswered (important) plot point?

Touka visiting Kimi who was attacked by Torso?
Or Uta pretending to be her to visit Shinohara, in order to later be able to reproduce his face to mess with some investigators?

I’d rather go for the first idea though, I love the idea of Kimi and Touka becoming friends ever since they met back in TG (+ it would mean Touka supporting Nishikimi and that’s just how the Nishiki/Touka brotp goes for me). 

- Foreshadowing if things end well?

I really hope that these two will work together :3

- We still don’t know with who Uta was playing chess back then

anonymous asked:

I highly doubt this would happen, but I think a really good and clever way for the series to end, is for Allison to die, and the other 4 going to her real funeral in the series finale. That would be good irony.


That would be LIT! I’ve always had that idea and wanted to say it but me being an emison shipper, I’d be hard in my feels. However, I’m not watching this show for romance. I’d take mystery over it faster than the GOP swiping healthcare away from the american people! OMG PLUS (you got me freaking started) THAT FORESHADOWING IN 5B

THIS HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING, RIGHT???? Like I could see her dying from trying to protect the girls and the show would end exactly how it started: the liars morning for Ali.


boooooi I would nut after nut if they somehow incorporated “It’s immortality, my darlings” somewhere in that too. Maybe on her headstone. And the pictures we see floating around with the liars at the end of the series being all happy is actually someone’s “what if” imagination.

Man, you got me suddenly hyped lmao!

Ode to Justin Timberlake's Hair...

Now we could have dedicated a post to Justin Timberlake’s stellar music career, but we at RTTP figured that there was something equally iconic that deserved its own ‘ode to’ while still keeping JT involved. And so we dedicate this post to the ever-changing creature that is - Justin Timberlake’s hair.

Early 2000 - Cornrows

JT was at the peak of his N*SYNC boy-band days; considered a heart-throb by many young teenage girls. We’d like to think his new found superstar status was the catalyst for trying something a little 'out of the ordinary’. Probably wishful thinking, JT maintains his whitest man alive mantle.

Late 2000 - Ramen Hair [pt. I]

Ah the ramen noodle hair phase. Curly on top. Dark underneath. Frosted tips. Perfection! This hairstyle spurred on a whole host of hilarious meme’s still around today

2001 - Sleek and Sophisticated

JT unveiled a more mature look - possibly foreshadowing his move into a solo career with a more mature sound. A small glimpse into what was to come in the future.

Early 2002 - Ramen, [pt. II]

Why JT, why?! You nearly had it and you let it all slip away again. I wonder if the return of this hairstyle was Brittney’s idea…

2004 - Au Naturale

Ah Justin, finally we’re beginning to see the man you truly are. This short, naturally coloured hairstyle represents the start of JT domination - suave and effortless, much like the main man himself.

Late 2006 - Shortaaaay

Go on wit ya bad self JT. Gone are the days of the curly ramen hair, Justin has finally come into his own and found a look that suits that beautiful bone structure of his. Girls hearts are melting worldwide.

Present - Mmmmm

Much like a fine wine, it all gets better with age. Besties with Jimmy Fallon, married to Jessica Biel, new album out and world tour under wraps. The man has it all. Some may say this is due to his immense talent, but we know better - it’s all in the hair, that sweet sweet hair…

Gentlemen, good night. And ladies, good morning.

Now that I’ve rewatched Greed’s part in FMA 2003, I’ve realized just how underappreciated he actually is. For such a short-lived presence, Greed was still a really awesome character and actually rather important, though many people don’t want to admit it, because they are so in love with his mangahood counterpart. Sure, I do wish we had got more on him, but the Reflections OVA did a fair job giving him more depth than he got, and he isn’t a character that is unimportant. It’s also sad to note that he left Alphonse’s and Marta’s side to go face Dante, warning Marta that he might not come back. He carried a certain level of compassion for her and may or may not have known that his friends didn’t stand a chance against Gluttony and Lust, who killed them.

Greed can be about simply desiring control over one’s life. And in the OVA Reflections, he plainly states, “I wanted to live without being controlled by that bitch.”

But then there’s Edward and Greed’s dialogue:

“I can’t bear to let myself be sealed up again.”

“Greed, are you…?”

“I am Avarice, after all. I will do with my life as I like.

In the end, he decided to control something he was able to control. His death. 

He died in control and revealed the truth of what he knew to Edward. He wanted Edward to take Dante’s pawns out and wanted her plans to be destroyed

And, also, after living his whole life claiming things to be his and being greedy, he had also finally been able to open himself up to relying on Roa and the others, and even relies on Edward in the end, telling him, “Defeat them… I’m counting on you.” (even if it’s much more subtle than Mangahood’s Greed saying “I had everything I could want.”)

I noticed that when Edward accused him of killing Dante, he didn’t deny it even though he was innocent, he was clearly trying to provoke Edward. This is extremely up for interpretation, but in the end, their dialogue was interesting.  

Some people forget that Greed was originally somebody who loved Dante. He was brought back by her to be her pawn, and he now wants rejects that. He’ll decide who he his and claim his identity for himself. “I am Greed and that’s all. So my theory is that Greed refused to be controlled by Dante anymore, so as a way of rejecting her using him as a pawn, he allows Edward to kill him. Maybe he wanted to die in the end…? Their fight was awesome, but this makes me feel so bad for him.  

He had had a huge idea of what was going on and of Dante’s goals and that’s why he had rebelled against everybody in the first place, though he was kind of rebellious to begin with, and found eating human lives or eating the red stones to be “lame”. And that’s why Dante had sealed him away for 130 years, and man… I just love how he actually told Edward something like, “You can’t kill, you don’t have the heart to do it.” because it foreshadows how Greed is going to be the cause for Edward having to change his philosophy, and how he is going to die at Edward’s hand. Edward beat Greed when he was on his last stone. What’s sad is that he didn’t know Greed could die, and thought that he could even have his head chopped off and that he’d be fine, but Edward made the human mistake of deciding to challenge that. Also, Edward thought Greed had killed Dante, so he attacked, when Greed didn’t even bother refuting Edward’s accusations. And in the end, it’s also partially her fault that Greed is dead, because she drained him of his philosophers stones. But it’s really also up for interpretation, since he didn’t seem to fully realize everything. Didn’t even seem to realize it was Dante. Though I think he had as his suspicions. Still, it’s all up for interpretation again, but I do think 03 Greed is underappreciated.

Also, did I mention he smokes? Could be a sign of stress and such. He’s been through so much. But he should avoid the cancer stick.

  • You, a fool: Kirigiri should've stayed dead at the end of DR3 she was just brought back so Naegi could have a happy ending.
  • Me, an intellectual: Kyoko Kirigiri's "death" was a horrible idea that never should've happened in the first place. It served no purpose except to create needless angst for the sake of cheap drama and shock value and went against the established themes of the series that have been central to the narrative of DR since the very first game. Killing off Kirigiri was a horrible idea to begin with but at least they had the decency to revive her (which was foreshadowed since the minute she died and arguably even earlier due to parallels with DR1's chapter 5) at the last second.