i had no idea that was foreshadowing

The Lapidot is still so real

- They had their very first “lover’s tiff” - which is something that happens to all couples.

- They’re still clearly so comfortable around each other.

- They gave each other some really cute looks throughout the episode.

- Despite their petty argument, they realised that their behaviour was wrong and were perfectly happy again by the end of the episode - and had even worked together to make a new sign for the car wash.

- Their fusion was potentially foreshadowed by the fact that they both wanted to be Garnet (a fusion who’s literally “made of love”), and by the fact that we saw them both using their powers together for the very first time.

…You freaking know that I’m adding all this (and probably more) to my Lapidot Moments masterpost over the weekend!

I’m so happy right now, you have no idea~

So once upon a time I made this giant theory post (x) about Gravity Rush and what I thought about one specific character. Well, now that the sequel’s out, and I’ve had about a week to digest everything that happened, I’m ready to make a sort of follow-up to that. 

Warning: This contains spoilers for the entirety of Gravity Rush 2 and also a ridiculously long post.

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Theory time! Okay, so I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for awhile now and have finally gotten around to typing it out. Please bear with me as I’m using multiple posts to weave this together. 

Way back to before A Court of Mist and Fury came out I made this post, which pretty much states that based on the only two types of flowers that we know are in Elain’s garden (hyacinths and tulips which both have tragic origin stories) I thought that it was possible that it was a way for Sarah J. Mass to foreshadow her death. 

At the same time I made this post, which I point out that the two flowers that are painted on Elain’s dresser drawer are roses and violets. Since this is pre-ACOMAF I had a running theory that Feyre would get with Rhys because of the night sky she painted on her drawer, Nesta would get with Lucien because I associate crackling flames with the Autumn Court and then Elain would get Tamlin since roses are a symbol of the Spring Court (mind you he wasn’t a complete tool at this point in time so although I wasn’t a fan of this I still thought it was a possibility) but why also paint violets?  Violets aren’t connected to any court but they do tie in with the whole Hades/ Persephone story since Persephone was picking violets when Hades kidnapped her to live with him in the underworld but on a side note, they also symbolize an early death.

Now that A Court of Mist and Fury is out we know that Nesta and Elain got kidnapped and could have figuratively “died” as humans in order to be reborn as Fae but there’s a couple of things that stick out. One, We now know that Ianthe was the one who ordered the sisters to be kidnapped not Tamlin or Lucien and we very well can’t consider her to be Hades. Two, there’s only one Persephone so we can’t count Nesta into the retelling of the myth yet so I’m thinking that the violets weren’t foreshadowing them getting kidnapped and turning into Fae but something that will actually occur in A Court of Wings and Ruin.

From here on out things might get a bit jumbled but imagine if in Sarah’s retelling she decided to switch the rolls of Demeter (now a love interest) and Hades (now a mother-figure) We know that Lucien is her mate but he’s also a member of the Spring Court (which would explain why Roses are also painted on her drawer) but after reading this post I started to think what if Nesta is now a High Fae of Death or more specifically as the previous post pointed out “The Queen of Decay”? That would mean we’d still have “Hades” and “Demeter” duking it out to see who get’s to spend time with Elain because like Hell Nesta would just hand her over to some Fae and poor traumatised Lucien probably wouldn’t want to let her out of his sights.

Now if that’s the case and Nesta can bring back the dead then what better way to introduce that talent then by bringing Elain back to life if she dies? If that’s the case it would fit the foreshadowing of the flowers, but fit with the books title for Nesta, and allow Lucien to potentially still get a happily-ever-after with our beloved Elain.

Good Girl Chapter 5

Summary: Negan scolds you for breaking the rules after the fight you had with Arat. You also continue to be a tease to Negan, especially after a wet dream ;)

WARNINGS: Bad language, slight smut

Notes: The dream scene is foreshadowing btw for what I have in store for chapter 7 (Yes I’m 2 chapters ahead because I write the chapters out ahead in my journal for the thirst squad I’ve created at school) If you would like to be added to the tag list lmkkkk!! Enjoy lil dudes!

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You were left confused, having no idea what the point system was and why it was such a big deal. Negan briefly explained it after you wouldn’t stop asking questions.

“So when do I get to work to gain these ‘special’ points?” you said teasingly.

“Well you are considered injured,” he scratched his beard as he spoke.

“I only have a scratch and a barely bruised cheekbone.” you were starting to get annoyed. He stared at you with a blank expression, without a response you continued to speak.

“And haven’t I proved myself worthy of scavenging? I practically kicked that bitch’s ass. I’m not the type of girl to just sit around planting flowers and shit.” You stood up as you ranted. Negan’s eyes grew darker along with your rage. You had to admit, after a really shitty day, you might have been taking your anger out on Negan.

“First, don’t fucking brag about fighting one of my saviors. You’re lucky you’re still fucking here after that shit you pulled. Even if you looked really fucking good while doing it, you can’t get away with that shit.” Even though he was complimenting you, the fact his voice was raised changed your emotions.

“Second, by ‘kicking that bitch’s ass’ it only goes to show that you still don’t know how to follow the fucking rules. I’m a bit fucking hesitant on giving you shit to do because you can’t even get a muffin without fighting for fucksake.” Negan began to close in on you. You now had to look up at him as he hovered over you.

“Third, I think planting flowers sound like a great fucking idea.” he smiled wickedly, “You’ll start tomorrow.”

You couldn’t believe he was being serious, but then again, what else would you expect of Negan. He was a special type of asshole. Before you could argue he raised his hand to stop you.

“As for the rest of the day, please don’t fucking fight. Just stay right there on that couch and take a nap or something, read a book, I don’t fucking know. Just don’t do anything that’ll get you into more shit.” You stood there silently.

“I’ll be back to pick you up for dinner, before you cause another riot in the fucking cafeteria.” At that, he left the room. You pouted on the couch as you overthought the conversation you just had with Negan. You decided to take his advice and take a nap.

“Just shut the fuck up sweetheart, you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about right now.” Negan’s rage was beginning to show. The two of you had been bickering since you entered his room. You originally came here to comfort him after hearing about the shitty day he had at another camp, but instead, he was taking his anger out on you.

“Look, it’s not my fucking fault you had a shitty day, I was just trying to help but since you want to be a douche bag-”

You were also starting to get pissed off at his arrogant attitude and selfish personality. He stared into you with pure anger as he stood up from his desk and made his way towards you across the room.

“Well no one fucking asked for your annoying ass to come ‘comfort’ me in the fucking first place.”

“Yeah well I may be annoying but at least I don’t attempt to act like I know what I’m doing, when in reality I’m running a fucking shit show.” You raised your voice and realized immediately you had crossed the line. Without hesitation he tilted head like he was trying to figure out who in the actual fuck you were talking to. Slowly, making his way towards you, he laughed menacingly which caused you to backup with every step he made ahead to you, until you had hit the wall.

“You saying I don’t know how to do my fucking job? That I don’t how to fucking lead?” Negan spoke with gritted teeth, his voice was low. He stopped when he was practically pressing his body against yours. A sane person would be scared out of their mind, hell they probably wouldn’t even be in the situation to begin with. But the truth was you were attracted to Negan in every way possible. Especially when he was mad, when he raised his voice and threatened you.. And he was well aware of that.

“That I don’t know how to fucking take charge?” He gripped your throat and dipped his head into your neck and whispered the words harshly. You pressed your body against him and he smirked against your skin. He lightly tugged on your neck with his teeth which caused you to arch your back against the wall you were pushed up against. Negan pulled his head back and made eye contact with you, his eyes were filled with both anger and lust.

You woke up just barely drowning in your own drool. Hair stuck to your face in various directions. Imprints from the couch went up your arms, as well as your cheek. Eyes roaming the room, you noticed it had been night time by the window peering through Negan’s room. The sound of papers shuffling together brought your attention to Negan’s desk. Your eyes laid on Negan who was hunched over, reading over something lazily through a pair of glasses. You let out a whimper as you stretched out your limbs. Negan looked up at you.

“Morning sleeping beauty.” he spoke with a husky voice.

You gave him a weak smile, as you were still half asleep. You wiped the drool off of your face embarrassingly. That wet dream made you feel weird, especially since the man whom you engaged with was right in front of you.

“You missed dinner, so I thought I’d just bring it back for when you woke up.” he lifted up a container of what looked like soup.

“Who would have known that the big and bad Negan could be so kind?” You smirked and strutted slowly across the room towards him. He took off his glasses and scanned over your body with amusement.

“See we’re getting to know each other more and more.” You reached over the desk for the soup when he quickly grabbed your arm and lightly tugged, causing your face to be brought to his. You were a bit startled at the quick movement, but he just stared at your face. Your breath hitched as he fingers softly skimmed over your cheek.

“Damn darlin’, that must of been one hell of a nap.” You realized he was tracing the marks from the couch. Lifting your eyes to meet his stare, you saw him taking in your appearance as he looked at your body bent over the desk. Grabbing the soup, you stepped back slightly and gazed around for a seat.

“Is there another chair?”

“You could always just sit on my lap.” he said as he showcased his idea of a seat with his arms. You tried to resist the idea, but what’s wrong with a little fun? To his surprised you circled the desk to meet him and sat onto his lap, crossed your legs and began eating the soup.

“Wow darlin’, change of heart?” He quietly said in your ear. You only hummed in response.

“So what’s your favorite color?” You spoke in between spoonfuls, and you could feel the confusion coming from him behind you.

“What? You didn’t think this was going to turn into something sexual did you?” you teased “I thought you knew me better than that? Oh wait, you don’t know me at all.” you announced amusingly. He groaned, you continued to speak.

“So let’s play a question game. First question, favorite color.”

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Theory Time!!!!!!!

So I just finished the second season of Voltron (oh man) and I have a theory as to why SHIRO IS MIA?!

First thought is that Shiro is Prince Lotor. 

Yea I know very far fetched but listen to my idea before you dismiss it.

First things first: His Robotic arm is Galra tech. Yea small thing BUT this is a highly advanced alien race. They could of done more under the surface than just a robotic arm that we can not see. Tampered with DNA, in bedded some memories- I mean the other prisoners called him Champion who was blood thirsty. 

Haggar herself even pointed this out

But what if he still was? I mean look at this version of himself he had to fight.

To unlock his true power and potential.

A foreshadowing was done when Shiro told Keith that he would lead Voltron one day and needed to learn how to control his emotions. Keith refused the thought but Shiro seemed like he knew some how he wasn’t going to make it out of this in one piece. 

I know that the paladins got to Shiro’s cabin before Haggar said to summon the Prince but what if the writers did that to screw with us? It could of been her saying that then Lotar had woken up inside him and some how he got out before Keith and the others went to his cabin. 

Shiro is missing. Keith becomes leader- maybe the writers didn’t want to kill him off but instead make him the new enemy?

Another thing to point out with this. In the Original Voltron; Voltron: Defender of the Universe Sven was the leader until he died and Keith became the leader. Now I know time lines are different with this but the writers have done a lot with this show.

It’s pretty possible that Shiro could be Prince Lotor.

Anyone else have anything to add to this?

Amber Bourgeois Theory

Alright now I know there has been a lot of confusion and theories arise in this whole Queen Bee mess but I thought I’d throw my theories out there as well because why not?

Okay so to start when we first started figuring out Chloe was most likely the bee miraculous holder I was a little mad. Now to be fair this is a little controversial, you either love the idea or you hate it. Me and my friend would rant for hours about it, going through the entire first season clip by clip trying to pick out each little detail that foreshadowed her becoming Queen Bee. When we saw that the Bee Miraculous holder picture released to us the other night on Instagram I was for sure it was Chloe but the recent tweet by Kenya Danino had me confused.

Does Chloe Bourgeois actually have a twin sister named Amber?

My personal opinion is she doesn’t.

First of all the twin trope had been mentioned before in this series (I hear the occasional ‘Evil twin’ mentioned in reference to Hawkmoth) so it isn’t exactly a new idea around here but I doubt they would actually use this. The whole twin mess would make sense in the case of the Bourgeois family since we never actually see Mama Bourgeois (but for real real were is she?) and she could obviously be with this other daughter.

It all just seems kind of random to suddenly throw this new character into the mix. Especially when she looks exactly the same as her sister.

Now what really made me come up with this theory is what Thomas Astruc poster on his Twitter when question about the new Queen Bee as  well as the artwork by Kenya.

He mentions Felix when asked about it which I only assumed what just kind of to disregard the idea but it had me thinking. 

When later this tweet came out:

I was a bit thrown off. This ‘Amber’ character looks much nicer than Chloe and seems to be the bee. It was never confirmed whether she is a true character or not but it was retweeted by storyboard artist Wilfried Pain and Kenya has always seemed to know pretty official stuff (I believe she was the one who released what the fox kwami looked like).

When they completely remake the character Felix, changing both his looks as well as personality, he received a new name. What is this was also the case with original concept art Chloe?

In the picture below it seems to us that originally Chloe was friends with Marinette and Alya. She’s clinging onto Marinette’s arm in an excited way and the fact that she’s even sitting somewhere near them is a big difference from canon Chloe.

So if her character under went such a big change did she receive a name change as well? Could her original name have been Amber?

My guess is that the original, friendly Chloe was called Amber and she was eventually going to get the bee miraculous. I think somewhere down the line she was eventually changed into Marinette’s rival giving her the new name of Chloe. The picture above also fits with the Amber drawing by Kenya since the character isn’t wearing the glasses Chloe always wears (Alya seems to be wearing them here).

Also the show doesn’t follow a lot of cliché character tropes which are usually depicted in shows. So why do we still have the ‘spoiled, bratty, rich, mean girl, daughter of a powerful figure, blonde hair, white-ass’ deal going down with Chloe? As much as I hate her, I really do hope she gets some sort of character redemption throughout the second season (I’m praying it doesn’t all happen in one episode, Rome wasn’t build in a day after all.) Character redemption would steer us away from that rich blonde girl cliché.

So overall I believe that there really isn’t an Amber Bourgeois out there and that she was just made up to throw us off. Amber is to Chloe what Felix is to Adrien, just the original concept for their character. Although I think it would be a really cool twist to have a set of secret twins, ’m betting it won’t happen but I’ll be happy to watch the show no matter what path it goes down with Queen Bee. But please, let me know y’all’s theories and if y’all agree with mine.

Sorry this was so long, but thanks for reading!!

theanimufangirl  asked:

Just a few questions, I don't know if anyone has asked these questions already or if you have already answered them but if you did then I'm sorry for wasting your time. 1. Are you planning to translate any future Izaya novels if there are any? And 2. Do you think there's a possibility that Izaya might return to Ikebukuro in either SH or the like? Considering the amount of teasing foreshadowing Narita likes to put in both novels.


Most likely. I know Narita said on Twitter about two months back in January that he had ideas for the Izaya series when told by a fan he/she is looking forward to more for the Izaya series.

N: “By the way, my plans for this year are Fake 4, the Bleach novel, the final for Baccano 1936, Fake 5, DuraxTonkotsu (I’m in the middle of discussing with the editorial department which will be first), and then having time for original manga work or work scenarios. ……If I have time I want to write Vamp, the second volume for Otsuberu, and a new Izaya work……..*seething*……..”

F: “I’m always looking forward to it~. It’s cold, so take care of your health and good luck~ I’m supporting you.

Also,  I await for the Izaya Orihara series!!!”

N: “Thank you very much! I still have many more ideas for the Izaya series so I want to continue…….!”

So whenever that comes out. I personally order online for the novels, so it’ll be for one: whenever it’s available for me to purchase. It’s usually not available to order the first few days since it’s release. And two: it’ll take a week or two to arrive in the states.

So when I do get it, realistically I won’t start on it for a few weeks to a month (I like to read ahead before just diving into it since translations absolutely need context, let alone a Japanese one).


I think Izaya will go back eventually. Yes, Narita is teasing us like crazy in the SH novels. But even from looking at the material from the Izaya series, I think Izaya will go back eventually. I’m probably one of the few people okay with him not going back if for good reasons, but from a writing perspective I don’t think that would be good progress for his character and it’ll also bring further potential certain chaos to the SH novels.

But looking just at the Izaya novels, it feels like to me a sort of adventure of confrontation and acceptance of his past/what happened to him. This does NOT mean it’s an adventure where Izaya transitions into a “good guy”. Izaya has trauma. I feel like that is the main focus of the series and is an issue he himself has to tackle as a character. I could go into much detail on this, but I think it’s clear to get that feeling from the Sunset novel and more so in the Standing Ovation novel.

Hope this long post answers your questions or was helpful. ^^

anonymous asked:

So I made some observations about the parallels between the manga and anime i.e. Sebastian and the nun vs Sebastian and Beast, the dog episode vs the werewolf/green witch arc. A lot of these episodes were aired before the series was updated. I feel like these are ideas Yana had at the back of her head. If that is the case, then could the one who shot Soma be some kind of Alois character with his own demon (Claude)? Othello already said a demon could be behind the advanced blood tech.

Yes, there definitely seems to be some foreshadowing in he anime. I think one of the most obvious ones is Undertaker’s identity as a shinigami that was revealed in the anime already (and I’m pretty sure that was before the manga revealed that). I’m not sure how much influence Yana had on the decisions of the anime team in seasons one and two. But some of her ideas for the manga might have already been used there before.

As for the scene from this chapter now, I don’t think it was a completely new character since Soma seemed to recognize the person. But there still might be a connection to season two, especially if the gunman was the real Ciel. The idea of someone taking over the identity of someone else also applied to Alois whose actual name was Jim Macken. And Othello already suggested that a supernatural being might be involved in the sect. Most of us thought it could be Undertaker but maybe there’s really another demon. So there really could be some parallels to the anime here, as well.


9x04 “Slumber Party”
“You and Me Forever, Bitch” or “How I Think S11 Might Have Ended If It Had Been The Series Finale”

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

I have talked about this moment in this episode multiple times over S11 so I will keep this short and sweet and will just say that to me this sums up how I partially think the season was meant to end. One half was wrapped up according to the foreshadowing in 10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home”. The way Charlie and Dark!Charlie were reunited God and Amara were reunited. Yet one person did not become whole again: Dean.And that even though one may say bringing Mary back was meant to be understood that way. I rather think now that Dean will have to let the (idea of) his mom die like he had to let the (idea of) his father die in order to free himself from their influence and truly become himself. I don’t trust Dabb to pull this off in any meaningful fashion though, cause up until now the current season has been disastrous imo

That said, I personally always thought this moment here to capture well what could have very well worked as an ending for S11 too (had it been the series finale) as they couldn’t find a way to kill Amara either. And I think it would have been very in character for Dean to choose “his soul with Amara” (like Dorothy chose her soul with the witch to save the world) in the Empty forever. It would have basically been the reverse “Swan Song” scenario in which Sam would have had to let Dean go opposed to Dean watching Sam jump in the cage. We got it on a smaller scale with Sam letting Dean go to be a soul bomb, but I think the true impact was cut short.


So life has gotten really busy and I haven’t had as much time for creative writing as I have in months past. I have been working on, for almost a year, an Undertale fanfiction exploring the idea that Sans, Gaster, and a third research partner partially unlock the ability to SAVE… and then Gaster dies, leaving Sans to test out this form of time travel on his own. 

I’ve had enormous fun with this thing. It’s elaborate, complicated, with multiple interweaving timelines, complex characterization, foreshadowing galore, and more. I’ve especially had MAJOR FUN developing my own concept of Gaster’s personality. I’ve been editing it thoroughly to make the writing as solid as I can. At the moment, I’m probably about 25% the way through the story, not quite at the end of Part 1 (of three Parts).

Because of the complexity of the story, I have withheld posting a single word online. It needs to be checked (and constantly tweaked) for characterization progression and motivations, timeline dates, timeline arcs, and more. So it can’t be written perfectly on a post-as-go basis. I also didn’t want to post it because I knew that my emotional reaction to reader reviews could alter my progress of writing, motivation of writing, and quality of writing. If people liked it, I’d want to write it faster… thus diminishing quality and increasing chance of plot/timeline error. If people didn’t like it, it’d make me feel bad about the extraordinary amount of effort I’ve put into this thing, making it less likely for me to finish the story. And if people started suggesting things, then I’d contemplate altering the story… despite the fact that this fanfiction has been structured with THE OUTLINE TO END ALL OUTLINES (believe me… the outline is INTENSE… it’s an entire table with color coding and lines and notes and… yeah it’s very, very, very carefully organized).


Regardless of the usefully strict process I’ve adhered myself to…

I’m honestly worrying that I’ll never finish my fic in a half-timely manner because of Life Being Busy And All That Fun Jazz. Again, I haven’t had much time for creative writing. And posting an Undertale fanfiction five years after the game is played isn’t so cool for fandom interaction and community and readership and stuff. So… 

What do you guys think… should I post this fic on my FFN as I have it now… with the clear label “WIP/Draft”?

annalise hamilton (prologue)

a/n : ahhhh i have a good idea for this fic but i want to give you a lil intro before we get down to business ;)

summary : idk it’s just a prologue to the fic.

warnings : none, except TONS of foreshadowing whoops

Anna and her brother had arrived on a ship to the states not that long ago and they had already made become Washington’s right hand man and woman, but not a lot of people knew that she was a woman. They also had met some pretty great guys.

Hercules Mulligan was a tailor. Anna thought he was hilarious. Well, she thought all the guys were hilarious, whereas most girls would think they drank too much or were too loud. But she fit right in. In fact, she could hold more liquor then Hercules, which was a hard feat to complete. Anna thought Hercules did have too much of a problem bragging about his sex life. She was pretty sure that he hadn’t had sex in a long time, but whatever.

Lafayette was from France. He was sweet, but ultimately most like a brother to Anna. They always joked around and teased each other and even play fought sometimes. Alex always told Laf to stop flirting but you guys just laughed it off, knowing that neither of you were flirting.

John Laurens was another story. He was sweet and hilarious, just like Lafayette and Hercules. But Anna couldn’t deny the fact that he was drop dead gorgeous. He had a face with tons of freckles that were framed by curly dark brown hair. How could she not think he was cute? Anna and him clicked immediately when they met in a bar. He always talked to her, even if it meant ignoring Alex for a couple of minutes. Alex wasn’t a fan of it, but John didn’t seem to care because he was talking to Annalise.

She really thought she would help fight in the war, end up with John, Alex and her would be successful politically, and then they would always be extremely close and live long happy lives.

But boy was she wrong.

a/n : tell me what you think!! message me, send in requests and all that good stuff. remember this series will be LONG and there will be a couple of love interests so be prepared!!

Okay so you know how everyone in the fandom has been theorizing who will pilot the Black lion, Keith, Lance or Allura, whether getting ideas from how the old Voltron was or from possible foreshadowing/hints in the current series

Right? Well i see your theories and i raise you this: The biggest foreshadowing of the new black lion pilot has been right in front of us the entire time, all the way back in episode 2

Remember when everyone decided to “build” voltron by stacking up? The first time they tried it, the yellow lion was on top

Hunk had tried to fill the role of the head of voltron, despite very clearly being the leg as seen the previous ep (he knew it very well too)

Conclusion: Hunk is the new Pilot of the Black Lion


So based on how I’ve seen SJM foreshadow things before…I couldn’t help but notice this as I reread Queen of Shadows.

I’ve seen a lot of people worrying about Aedion’s possible death in Empire of Storms, and here’s what I think:

Based on these two passages–especially Aedion mentioning how his mother had died rather than let Maeve get her hands on her son, on keeping his heritage an important secret…on SJM *particularly* having Aelin ask about Maeve’s right to Aedion, and him ferociously react to that idea– have ROWAN respond with “it would be an act of WAR to steal Aedion from you.”

Why note how their parents tried so hard to keep Maeve away from both Aelin and Aedion? We already know she’s dangerous– but why add this threat to them specifically? And multiple times?

Guys. I don’t think Aedion is going to die– but I think he’s going to play a crucial role in Empire of Storms. I think they’re all going to be put in a position where Maeve forces Aedion to swear the blood oath to her in front of Aelin and Rowan, just as Aelin “took” Rowan from her. Perhaps she’ll threaten Aelin or (sob) Lysandra to force him. Why else would SJM really put off him taking the oath for so long? I think this is the reason, not just him wanting everyone to see. I think this is how we’ll see the war between Maeve and Aelin truly begin, because imagine how painful and complex that situation becomes with the Valg princes. How it could bring together all elements of this story and complicate it. Especially the “cadre” and how protective Gavriel and his friends will be of his son. Perhaps some of them will die in protecting him (I know, I hate me for saying this too) but I don’t see SJM killing Aedion, as it wouldn’t be as useful and Aelin has already almost lost him in QoS, and come on, she’s already learned how to lose others. Sam and Nehemia have died, and I don’t see where another death like that could further the story as much as something like a hostage situation could. Or by having those around her lose people they care about instead.

Just my thoughts after reading through the series again. I saw so many clues in ACOTAR revealed in ACOMAF, and after looking for them in QoS…I just see Empire of Storms getting very messy. (Especially because Maeve is way to wicked and cunning to have let them get away with that insult so easily.) But hey, at least we will (oh please oh please) not lose our favorite characters. :)

Head Writer: Okay, so we want to have childhood scene for each of the main characters in our ending theme, but since we don’t have access to Fai’s backstory, we’re going to have to make some educated guesses based on what we already know. Any ideas?

Writer 1: Hmm. Well, we know he comes from a cold, snowy world, so we could put him in an arctic setting. Maybe looking pensive as a snowy gust of wind blows his hood down. You know, keep it simple and plausible. We already have had plenty of foreshadowing about him having a dark past so we want to keep the mood somber.

Head Writer: Hmmm. Any other ideas?



I’ve finally recovered enough to write down my somehow-processed thoughts on the finale and what future developments it may bring, so here we go.
The idea of building the entire episode around Flint and Silver’s conversation was so emotionally satisfying.
I can’t even begin to describe how invested it made me feel; it gave me everything I had hoped for, but also everything I feared.
A prophecy, a foreshadowing, the promise of a tragedy.

We got Flint shedding the last plates of his armor of his own volition, baring his heart to Silver, giving him access to literally every part of himself. If we take 3x01 and compare it to their recent interactions, it is evident how heavily dependent on Silver’s presence Flint has become.
He was utterly alone, the ghost of a man, driven only by anger and guilt and despair, terrified of himself.
His subconscious, manifesting itself in his dreams, literally screamed for him to not go that way, to save himself, but he didn’t listen.
Then Silver showed him a glimpse of concern, a hint of undestanding, and Flint latched on to that like a drowning man to a rope.
His subconscious told him that he was not alone anymore, that he could allow himself to lean on this person he had been drawn to like a magnet from the start.
And Flint did.
Piece after piece, he has trusted Silver with every weakness; in his starvation for companionship, for a significant bond, he has offered his whole self to him.
Silver needed Flint too, and still needs him to some extent, but as reliant as Silver is on his mind above everything else, he won’t let Flint invade his soul like a storm, not anymore. He said it himself, told Flint with disturbing coldness. He will be Flint’s end, not the other way around, because Silver just won’t permit it. Despite their bond, despite the feelings that might keep growing between them, despite the fire that links their souls to one another and that might bring them to acknowledge and act upon the magnetic pull between them.
When they eventually clash, Silver will be able to detach himself, and Flint won’t. There will be pain and suffering on both sides but Flint will be crushed under the weight of it.
Destroyed by the person he offered his soul to.

When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold.

THG, Ch.1

When @everlarkedalways (Thank you!) organized a Hunger Games series reread, I was so thrilled to dive back into the story. But I had no idea that the very first lines of THG would hit me with so much emotion.

It’s such a sad description, foreshadowing tragic events to come. Katniss wakes up alone and cold. She reaches out for Prim and finds that she has chosen the warmth and comfort of their mother instead of her. 

What hurts is that Katniss only thinks about Prim, how she must have had a nightmare about reaping day, and accepts that her sister would seek out their mother instead of her. Because Prim isn’t the only one facing the reaping. I can’t help but feel a sense of abandonment in this first paragraph.

It’s not that I’m criticizing Prim. It may be that Prim knew how fragile their mother was, and needs to give and receive reassurance. After all, Katniss is the strong one, the one who takes care of them all and doesn’t need her the same way as their mother.

Katniss looks on, seeing Prim and their mother wrapped up together in bed and it makes my heart ache at how understanding she is despite her own fear and loneliness. 

How beautiful and important it is that the story concludes with Katniss back in bed, but this time with someone who comes to bring warmth and comfort to her.

“But his arms are there to comfort me.” MJ, Ch.27

So I’ve Just Been To See “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Warning, spoilers ahead. I’ll put them under a “Read More” link, but I have no idea if the mobile client will honor that.

So, you know, keep reading if you want to see those.


The ticketing servers at the theater were down, so my Fandango tickets couldn’t be read. The poor ticket taker had to write the numbers down so that after the servers came up, they could enter them all by hand to mark them used. In retrospect, this was the perfect, failing infrastructure foreshadowing lead up to what is probably the greatest post-collapse apocalyptic dystopian road trip film ever made.

Before I go any further, there are a lot of people calling this movie “Steampunk.”

Stop that. This is not Steampunk. There is a very defining characteristic of Steampunk, and that is the use of steam to generate power - whether you want to go full-on Victoriana Obscura, or 1950′s retro-chic, or whatever, it’s not Steampunk unless it’s actually using steam to run the technology of the world.

There’s none of that in this movie. The technology of this movie runs on gasoline and slaves. This is nuclear fallout, atomic devastation, complete ecological disaster, scrap-metal and razor wire. The dustbowl aesthetic is so intense, my throat was parched ten minutes in. This movie is about warlords and power and control and a two-thousand horsepower nitro boosted war machine shattering its way across a sterile desert on the slim-threaded hope of freedom. This is a post-apocalyptic miracle movie with so much turbo power that I actually forgot to breathe about five times during the film. My heart was racing. I walked out of the theater feeling like I’d just run a 10K. My best friend looked at me and said:

“Compared to Mad Max, John Wick is a contemplative drama about a man dealing with grief and loss.”

It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t relent. There is violence. So. Much. Violence.

But there is also a fully developed, fully realized world, with religions, and culture, and myths and parables. Fury Road delivers absolutely developed, completely realized characters (holy shit, Furiosa), astonishing action, and just a completely insane, adrenaline-infused cocktail of full-bore, up-against-the-wall action. It is amazing. I have said it many times, I am saying it again.

Mad Max: Fury Road is amazing.


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