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Another prompt, sorry I’m sending you another one but I just thought of this, Keith listening to Lance and Allura’s Allurance moment over the comms in the new defender and getting hurt and jealous because he thinks Lance is replacing him or something??

Hey so I’m not going to do exactly this prompt, but I like the idea of Keith noticing Lance and Allura growing closer, so he starts to feel sad and insecure about potentially losing what small chance he had with Lance. So here’s that!

Keith pilots his ship into the caste’s hangar with the adrenaline of their recent fight still coursing through his veins. His uneasiness over his near-death experience has been temporarily forgotten as he prepares himself to see his friends again. He knows they’re alive, but he won’t feel calm until he can see them with his own eyes. Touch them. Hear their voices without the aid of communicators.

Keith fumbles with his seat belt before he launches himself out of the ship and into the castle’s halls. He still remembers its complicated layout like he was here yesterday. His heavy footfalls clang against the metal floor. 

He reaches the armoury at the same time as the other paladins. Shirt has ripped and is almost back in his civvies. Hunk is giving Pidge a congratulatory pat on the shoulder.


But Keith is cut off by the sounds of whooping echoing through the halls. Allura jogs into the room and Lance sprints in from the other side.

“Allura!” He calls. Even underneath his helmet his brilliant smile is visible. Allura laughs and prepares herself.

Lance whips her up into his arms, spinning her around and laughing. She clings tightly to his neck and kicks out her feet.

“You did so well!” Lance slows down and starts to slowly set Allura’s feet on the ground. He continue to hold onto her waist as she removes her helmet. A few strands of hair have been loosened from her bun, but she otherwise looks perfect.

“I knew you could do it! Didn’t I say? Aren’t I always right?” Lance moves his hands to Alura’s shoulders and shakes her good naturedly. Allura laughs and reaches out remove Lance’s helmet for him. 

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you.” She smiles. Lance flushes.

“Aw nah, that was all you I promise.” He nervously rubs behind his neck.

“Even so, Lance…” Allura steps closer and passes him his helmet. Their fingers touch when Lance takes it.

“Thank you.” Allura says seriously. “For believing in me.”

Lance blinks. He’s surprised at the Princess’ gratitude, and isn’t sure how to respond. His open mouth quickly slips into an easy smile. 

“You’re amazing, Allura. I’ll never doubt you for a second.” His voice is low and intimate.

Allura’s cheeks grow dark. She forces Lance’s helmet into his grip and quickly lets go. 

“R…right well uh…” She stammers. Lance laughs and scoops her into a big hug before she can protest. Allura stiffens, then relaxes into the embrace. 

“I knew Blue chose the right person.” Lance sighs. Allura grips Lance tighter.

“My father would definitely approve of you, Lance.” She smiles and the two begin to separate. The air between them is warm.

Keith’s gut feels icy. He stares, transfixed on the spot. He can’t bring himself to emerge from the shadows.

Allura coughs. Lance casts his eyes down.

“We need to get ready…”

“Yes, the Blades of Marmara will be docking soon so…” Allura’s eyes flit sideways and she does a double take as she makes out a figure in the shadows. She jumps slightly, then relaxes when she realises who it is.


The room falls silent. Everyone’s eyes move over to where Keith hangs in the dark. His hood is still up, but his face is exposed. He holds up a weak hand in a wave.

“Uh… h…hey,” He steps into the room. Lance lights up. Keith hates how it makes his stomach flutter. 

“Keith! How long…?”

“Guys, Kolivan and Captain Olia have docked. We need to meet them in the common room in five.” Shiro announces. Everyone starts to file out of the room, except for Lance. When Keith moves past, Lance reaches out and tugs him back to his side. 

“We’ll catch up in a bit.” Lance calls. Shiro nods and continues to move out.

When the room has grown quiet, Lance turns to Keith with a beaming smile.

“Hey man! How are you?”

Keith stares at him with a skeptical glare.

“You kept me behind for that?” 

C’mon, I know as soon as we walk through these doors you’re going to get swept up in blades junk and it’s gonna be all ‘Lotor this’ and ‘Knowledge or death’ that.” Lance talks animatedly with his arms. It makes Keith smile.

“I’m fine.” He sighs.

“Yeah? We appreciated your cannon work out there. Some real nice shots.” Lance punches him in the bicep. “Though of course, I think you should leave the shooting to the best shot next time, ok?” He winks. Keith rolls his eyes with a grin.

“Sure thing. Though it looked like you had your hands full.” Keith chuckles. “Wandering into that mine field and all.”

“Hey, hey I’m just an arm now!” Lance holds up his hands defensively. “And oh man! Did you see how Allura froze them all! Man it was so easy once she…”

“She’s really great.” Keith interrupts suddenly. Lance is taken aback.

He stares at Keith’s unreadable expression. He looks calculatingly calm. Like he’s intentionally trying to look blank. 

“Hey…” Lance steps forward. “You ok?”

“Fine.” Keith sighs. Lance’s eyebrows scrunch together.

“Are you… listen if you’re jealous because Allura has cooler moves than you…”

“She doesn’t have…”

“Just come back. If you wanna be a big hero again, just come back.” Lance states. Frustration taints his words. Keith shakes his head.

“That’s not it. I’m sorry. You two….” He closes his eyes and steals himself. He relaxes into a sad smile.

“You two make a good team.” He states.

The words sink in Lance’s stomach. Keith goes to move past him, but Lance’s grip is on him again. He almost loses his sense of balance as he is yanked into a crushing embrace. Lance’s breath is warm on his ear.

“Hey,” Lance speaks quietly. His grip on Keith is bruising, but Keith doesn’t pull away. Instead his nails begin to dig into the soft body suit Lance wears underneath his armour.

“I’m your right hand man. Don’t forget that.” 

Keith nods. He doesn’t dare to open his mouth out of fear of all the confessions that may come pouring out. 

jazz festival ❖ sehun

It’s so nice talking with babies, isn’t it?❞ 

anon requested: Lately I’ve been really craving some more stories about Sehun, and would love if one of you would write something about him! I was thinking about a sugardaddy!Sehun story where he helps pay for the girl’s college in exchange for her to accompany him to company events. Maybe he could be a rich entrepreneur like 8-10 years older than the girl? In the end it would be cute if he had fallen in love with the girl and asks her to be his girlfriend. If the idea doesn’t intrigue you though then don’t feel pressured! I would love if one of you wrote it because your writing is amazing, but if you’re not feeling too sure about the idea don’t sweat it! If you do decide to write it though, I will look forward to it! Thank you :)) 💓 

mini-serie, sugar daddy!sehun, ceo!sehun, fluff, age gap, smut (in later parts) | velvet

✎ What fucked you up the most were his eyes, they never told you what was happening in his mind and how much he was hurting. His mask was going not only to hurt himself, but both of you and what was silently rising between you.

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Lance with a corset piercing

So, I got this idea afrer seeing one of the kinktober posts by @hardlynotnever several days ago, and I just couldn’t let it drop. Lance with a laced up back is now my new favorite thing. He would rock it so hard and the others would have such mixed reactions.

Keith is shocked, yet, very much aroused, how had Lance hidden this from the team, when had he gotten them, how had the garrison not kicked him out for it??

Shiro is slightly concerned, it looks painful, even if Lance insists that it’s not, he pulls on the ribbon and Shiro doesn’t know what to make of the stomach flip that he feels watching the skin pull at the piercing sites in reaction to the tugging.

Hunk knew back at the garrison, having helped Lance lace up his back numerous times. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, but he can’t quite understand what made Lance want it in the first place.

Pidge is fascinated by it. She’d never even heard of corset piercings until she saw Lance’s back, but now that she has, boy oh boy did she take whatever chance she could to mess with it, asking questions and taking notes about what it felt like to get it. (She contemplates getting one of her own, Lance is supportive.)

Allura doesn’t quite understand piercings in general, her own earrings being clip on. Injuring yourself for beauty is beyond her, but she does admit that there is a rather seductive allure to the little rings and woven fabric spanning Lance’s back.

Coran sees Lance with his rings out first and is highkey concerned about the little red wounds littering Lance’s back in a very specific pattern. He asks why Lance is so adamant that he makes sure the healing pod doesn’t close them up, and once he sees the full thing he understands somewhat. He’s still concerned, but he knows how much his favorite son likes to be pretty and while he wouldn’t do it to himself, he does have to admit that it looks quite fetching on Lance.

Ship wise;

Keith loves them. He often plays with the rings while they’re just laying in bed cuddling, but likes to cinch the ribbon during sex, Lance moans the loudest when he’s pushed to the brink just by feeling the pull of his skin, and Keith can’t express how good it feels knowing that that scream was caused by him doing such a simple thing.

Shiro is hesitant to touch it at first, he doesn’t want to hurt Lance, but once he gets passed that barrier he finds himself kissing along the criss-cross patterns as often as he can.

Hunk doesn’t like to pull the ribbon, but he does love tracing it against Lance’s skin and kissing each ring where it pierced Lance’s back.

Allura likes how the rings feel against her hands and will occasionally pull at the ribbon, but otherwise is still concerned for her paladin’s health, dispite Lance’s constant protests that it’s old and would never hurt him unless she tried to rip them out.

Lotor loves them almost as much as Keith, but is confused as to why Lance felt the need to get them. “Who came up with such a masochistic beauty design?” He asked the first time he saw them, but he pulls at the rings all the same, enjoying Lance’s sounds of pleasure at the action. He accidently cuts one of the ribbons with his claw the first time he got too into playing with it.

Kolivan likes to braid the ribbon into more intricate designs, even going so far as to help Lance get a second set.

Translated with google, Sorry :’D

And so Link, in the form of Zora began a journey in search of a solution.
Although he had no clear idea of where to look.

Finally I found you!

eh? You’re not the one I’m looking for …

but… I do not know who you are and I know all the Zora of my kingdom.

Still you look familiar … maybe you are…?

It’s you?

Sorry my friend,
I acted because my curiosity, I didn’t mean to bother you

Besides, for a second I thought I had found one of the disappeared, we have suffered recently from the disappearance of a few friends.

Right now not just me, but several squadrons are looking, we are afraid that some misfortune has happened.

But enough of that, why do you look like a Zora?

A Man of Means Feat. Getthicker

“Size is intimidating and fitting for a man.”

           I said this to Jacob one night after we met. I hadn’t expected him to grow on me as much as he had, but I guess that’s what happens when you stop expecting things to just happen.

           At first, I didn’t like the idea of being fat. Frankly, I just hated being skinny. It’s weird: in today’s society, where everything is wrapped around being skinny and who weighs less, to actually hate yourself for being skinny. Sure, you can wear more form fitting clothes and you are more attractive to a larger population, rather than being attractive to a smaller chunk of people for being a bigger portion of man.

           What caused my inner self-hatred was high school. I was bullied pretty harsh, and not for being a dork. I was actually a little popular. I was handsome, made people laugh, played some sports here and there. It was my size that got me picked on. Being close to six feet and weighing one hundred forty-five pounds made it easy for certain jocks to target me. I had no meat on my bones whatsoever, which meant I was all skin wrapped tightly over my exposed ribs, no ass, and absolutely no muscle. I would go home, broken and bruised, confused as to why I was being picked on. Bobby was chunky and had stretchmarks. Why wasn’t he picked on for being overweight? Why wasn’t Henry ridiculed for taking steroids and shrinking his balls? Why was skinny bad?

           After years of torment, I went to college, which opened up a brand-new door for me: body acceptance. While it wasn’t perfect, I saw men and women of all shapes and sizes, owning their bodies and saying, “fuck you” to anyone who tried to make them think differently. At this point, I wasn’t seeking a larger frame. That came years down the road when I graduated and started working in an office up in Manhattan. After two years of working there, we got a new coworker who I unfortunately had to work close with: Bobby from gym class. While the years hadn’t changed me at all, they certainly had changed him. He had only been chunky in school, what with his round belly and soft chest, thick thighs and round ass, but now he was simply fat. Somehow, he managed to squeeze his huge gut into a suit and tie, without bursting any buttons. We took one look at each other, me remembering years of torment in the locker room, and him laughing in my face.

           “Holy shit, is that you Slenderman? Haven’t you gained any weight yet?”

           At home that night I made myself a vow: I needed to be bigger. I couldn’t be skinny any longer.

           After doing some hours of research, I found the perfect diet. If I had it correct, I had to eat a lot of protein, rice and breads, snack during meals, and overdue it on meals. It couldn’t be too hard to gain weight.

           After a few weeks, I managed to gain three pounds. The added weight was hardly any difference to my body. I was already pushing myself to eat more at dinner, snack periodically through work days and at home, and upped my junk food intake. What would it take?

           That’s when Trent showed up. He was a new client at work, and his good looks made him the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. Luckily for me, he was gay. Trent was very muscular, having worked out five days a week for several years. The sleeves of his dress shirts were always being tested by the size of his arms, his chest threatening to pop out of his shirt. And don’t even get me started on his perfect chiseled ass.

           We hit it off well, and while none of us were looking for a relationship, that doesn’t mean we didn’t spend a lot of time in bed.

           One night, while I was eating out his perfect ass, he said to me,

           “You know, we could get some meat on you yet.”

           Lifting my face from his cheeks, I questioned what he meant.

           “I do know a guy. He’s how I managed to get this big. Through a better diet and some chest and arm exercises, we could easily get you swoll.

           Before I could question his questionable methods, he reached behind, grabbed my head, and placed my face back between the globes of his ass. He did want me to eat after all.

           While I cannot say what his methods were, I can say they were effective. Armed with one hell of a protein shake three times a day (sometimes sneaking a fourth), I managed to pack on some serious weight. Within a year and a half, of dieting the right way, and lifting weights and boxing, I had developed strong arms, and big chest, and surprisingly not-regrettable, a nice ample belly. When Bobby took his eyes off his internet porn to notice my transformation, he was astounded, and didn’t even say anything to me. I was definitely a man of bigger means. I loved how big my everything was, and even my ass seemed to grow too. While I was sad that Trent found himself a man who wasn’t me, I continued to work on my body with the tips and training he had given me.

           One night, a few friends and I were at a local bar, and I was knocking the beers away (beer is good for the belly too, just an FYI), when a few guys from high school wandered in with Bobby, who was pissed that he had gotten fired and I took his spot in the company. And like any cliché bar scene, it ended with them ganging up on me, and a massive bar fight ensued. I found myself running towards the subway, my fist throbbing and Bobby’s blood on my shirt. All I did was break his nose, but the whole scene made me sick and I took off. Much to my dismay, being bigger didn’t help the scrawny kid in me be any tougher or manlier.

           It was that night on the subway, drunk and in pain, that I met Jacob. He was, and still is a nurse, and offered to bandage me up and walk me to my apartment. Funny enough, we also lived in the same apartment building!

           We talked for the next several weeks, including me telling about my recent transformation. Jacob himself was a smaller guy, only five-seven and one hundred fifty pounds. He congratulated me on my new body, and helped me see that I didn’t need to be big to be masculine or anything.

           Surprisingly, eating at different restaurants a lot and quitting the gym made me gain even more weight. My arms and chest fleshed out with the new pounds, and my belly grew also, while growing outward and developing love handles, my belly also began to drift south with the new girth.

           One night, I was pretty drunk and Jacob and I began to get frisky on his couch. My shirt came off, revealing a tight-fitting tank top, with my gut almost fully secured in its material and my nipples, hard and sensitive poking through. While I was a bit too drunk to move, his hands rubbed up and down my soft body, pulling my tank over my head and kissing all my fat and teasing my stretchmarks.

           “I just love your body babe,” he said between kisses to my tummy. My pants soon peeled off onto the floor and he sat on his kneed in front of my engorged cock. As he grasped it with one hand and lowered his lips to my head, he looked up at me. In those few seconds, it seemed he was drinking in my chubby body, examining every roll, my patch of dark hair between my chubby man tits, and my belly.

           He slowly licked up my shaft.

           “Grow for me,” he said.

           In my drunken daze, I asked confusedly, “What?”

           He licked again, teasing the area right at the underside of my dick head, “Grow for me. Be bigger for me.”

           He repeated this several times until the idea of overpowering him washed over me and I shot on his adoring face.

           From then on, I was an eating machine. I would snack on McDonald’s and Burger King instead of on chips and nuts. I would eat two, if not three or sometimes four extra helpings at dinner. My shakes began to increase in volume and consistency throughout the days. After weeks of this, I was convinced I could feel the fat being poured into my body. My gut and tits grew immensely, making me look like a macho ex-jock. Jacob loved to pull down my shorts and rim my fatter ass no matter where in the apartment we were. He loved the challenge of finding my hole between my round cheeks.

           In bed, I was a fucking beast. While I couldn’t find my own power when it came to my bullies, man did I put it to good use on him. I love being the bigger of us two, me being able to easily overpower him with my girth. My whole body shakes and jiggles while I fuck my tiny man, and I love watching his thin frame ride me. He will grab onto my chest with both hands while he slams down onto me, loving all of my body with his smaller one.

           One day, I hope to have a gut big and round enough so when I get him on all fours and pound him, but belly will rest on his back while I give him everything I have.

           It’s true that size is intimidating and fitting for a man. And I finally am beginning to feel like the man I was supposed to be.

As much fun as the whole who killed markiplier thing has been, you guys need to chill with thinking Jack will treat Anti the same way as Mark. Mark and Jack take different approaches to the dark egos, and from what I see, Jack treats him as a pop up figure, a character very 1 dimensional in his portrayal. Mark treats dark very different, gave him a backstory none of us were expecting and developing him in a way no one had before (At least from what I can tell). You guys should not compare Anti’s portrayal to Dark’s I think it would make Jack feel pressured to do it. Mark did this because it was a passion and idea he had for the character, let Jack treat his character the way he wants to

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Hello Mods!Could I please have an imagine with UT,UF,and MT Sans where they are cuddling on the couch with their crush, both half asleep, and the skele is purring because it's so nice. Someone walks in and offers to make Sans stop making that noise, and their crush says, essentially; don't you dare, that noise is magic, I have no idea what it is but it's relaxing muscles I didn't even know I had-I have literally never been this comfortable. All said in this sleepy, deeply satisfied voice. Thank!

Hiya, and omg that’s adorable. ~ Mod God

UT Sans: He’s beyond comfortable and quickly dozing off. He doesn’t even stir when someone offers to make him stop. When you say how you like it he smiles and just completely falls asleep. It’s one of the most peaceful rests he’s ever had.

UF Sans: He has to be practically asleep to be cuddle up to you. If he’s awake enough to properly hear what the other person said he’ll shoot up awake while completely flustered. If not he’ll just grumble a little and go to sleep. Either way he’ll be very awkward the next day for sleeping on you.

MT Sans: He’s content as he drifts off against you. He kinda opens his eye when he hears someone else, but then closes his eye. He hears every word you say, but never says anything about it. He holds onto those words for when he needs a pick me up.

Ok I know Keith has had way too much focus but I have an idea for a Keith/Marmora episode that would’ve been way better than the one in s4.

Instead of Keith joining 2 teams at once and everyone acting shocked when it causes problems bc everyone was a fucking dumbass in that episode, we needed something like Trials of the Darksaber.

Keith wants to feel more connected to his family and heritage, so he asks Kolivan to give him some basic training lessons, and Kolivan agrees. They train between Keith’s missions, and the rest of team Voltron watches to give support.

It’s difficult for both if them at first. Kolivan’s a harsh teacher and Keith is a stubborn student, and it’s not too long before they lose patience with each other.

They both get their obligatory pep talks, apologize, and resume training. Kolivan ends up saying a bunch of dickish stuff to motivate Keith, but it backfires, and Keith snaps and finally spills out all his feelings in front of everyone.

It makes more logical sense both in-universe and from a storytelling perspective, it finally lets Keith open up in the actual show instead of in the fucking vlogs, and as a bonus Kolivan learns to be less of a dick.

college au where shawn is an anonymous peer listener at one of those late night college hotline things:

  • you guys are irl acquaintances and like to partner up on projects in this one class but he has a huge crush on you and you have no idea
  • and he hasn’t told anybody he’s a peer listener bc he’s not supposed to for confidentiality reasons
  • but one night after you and your ex get into a huge fight about nothing, he gets an anonymous call and he knows the voice/you mention something that happened that he remembers seeing and it’s YOU
  • and then he’s freaking out but he tries to play it cool and offer “advice”
  • and you - completely oblivious - are like “wow you’re so helpful can i call you again?”
  • and he knows it’s probably against the rules but he can’t help himself; he gives you his number bc you use fb messenger to communicate for class so you didn’t already have it (yay for loopholes)
  • and then you guys start talking about your ex, but then about other things. and your calls get longer and flirtier and later, and he won’t tell you his name but gives you an alias instead
  • and then you find yourself falling for this mysterious boy but meanwhile irl, you and shawn partner up for another project in your class
  • and since you’ve shared a bunch of info and things you like in your calls, he starts putting these things to use irl and you think shawn’s some kind of dream guy, hitting all the right notes
  • and you start to feel guilty: you like phone boy, but you also like shawn from class. and you don’t know how you’re supposed to choose
  • meanwhile shawn feels guilty bc he’s lying to you about his identity on the phone
  • eventually you find out: you bump into his roommate, who complains that he’s always on the phone with “some girl” late at night and you put two and two together
  • and when you confront him, he can’t deny it anymore and you yell at him, feeling betrayed, and storm off
  • and there’s a long period where you won’t talk to him but you still need to finish your project so every time you meet up with him you’re just cold
  • and he feels awful and quits his job as a listener, confessing to breaking their code
  • and you start to miss him and the late night talks, and you go on a date with another boy but it doesn’t feel right
  • and eventually it’s late one night and you have a lot to say so you call him, asking him to do what he does best. “can you listen?”
  • and it’s a long, slow road to forgiveness but when you get there, it’s oh so glorious bc you have the boy who comforted you during your saddest moments and the boy who makes you laugh and the boy who saw the deepest parts of yourself and didn’t run away, all in one person. and things are good

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the reaction to the Mercy concept art is so fetishy it disgusts me. 'lets have a black guy Mercy omg hes soooooooo hot and attractive and would make all of Mercys ships 1000% better!!!!!1!" Like I'm vomiting in the back of my throat over this shit. Can they not hear how gross they sound???

Oh my fucking god anon you have no idea.

I’ve been scrolling through the Mercy/Concept Art Mercy searches+tags and I’ve seriously had to block over 50 people so far (a thing I do on my main btw, not this one).  It’s all “wah Blazzard is racist” and “mmmmm heal me daddyyyy…….mmmmmm I LOVE BLACK MEN MMMMMMMMMM.”  Not to mention people choosing to forget Lucio exists and that most likely CA!Mercy’s design went into making him…

And I’m glad you bring up the ship thing cause now Gency is 100% okay because it’s two dudes.  So is Mercykill.  Like, nice fucking hypocrisy there guys.  You don’t give a damn about the “toxicity” of a ship, you just want your “hawt yaois x333″ out of it.  Disgusting fujoshis like them make me want to die.

And sorry if I seem really hostile about this, but I’ve been a Mercy main since I picked up Overwatch.  I’ve seen all the hate directed at her, and towards all the people who play her.  And now the fact that she could have been someone entirely different makes everyone suddenly love her him, just gives me a feeling of tiredness that I cannot fully describe.

I would love to see CA!Mercy as a new Support: a single-focused healer, like Mercy, but with a tweaked setup.  We need another support, and it would make sense if more OW Medics answered the Recall.  (Hell, he could become my second main if he’s similar to Mercy lmao.)  But we do not need to bash a company that created a game that has honestly one of the most diverse sets of playable characters I have ever seen for a scrapped design.  Learn how game designing and concept art works in the industry before throwing a shitfit. 

“Run away with me”

“Are you crazy?!”

“Yeah I kinda am I”

“What is this all of sudden!?” 

“Okay it was supposed to be a surprise, but I may have or not asked your dad for your hand in marriage…”


“He may have also said No… and that he doesn’t like me.”


“Marry Me.” 

For Lucy ♡ @jaehwansspookywife

my prof for the medieval art history course I took over the summer was genuinely one of my favorite teachers I’ve had in college and I just remembered that one of the things he did was show us a photograph every day of whatever academic had written the article we’d read for that class so that we felt like we were engaging with a real person’s ideas and not just a faceless scholarly authority 

Sometimes I randomly remember that people like Frogurt (the insufferable guy who got killed by a flaming arrow) and Danny (The Other who was obsessed with killing Sawyer)  were Candidates and honestly that is all proof I need that Jacob had no idea what he was doing.

ter0rr  asked:

Link wants a little baby of his own so bad like dude u got plenty of kids and u got the snip! He actually wants to give birth tho, which is so odd like he was talking about skin to skin contact with a baby to aid the bonding process for a long time, like taking his time to explain it and he looked like he loved the idea. He was only holding a gosh darn pig, it was cute but this man is broody as hell.

Yeah, I remember him saying that “Christy had three babies, now I get one”. (At 4:06)

It’s not about having kids, he has kids. It’s the whole deal of being pregnant, giving birth and then holding the baby that he keeps coming back to. He talked about how Jade is like his baby when Rhett pointed out how he used a baby voice. He always hold little animals close and gets so happy when he gets to do that.

Oh, and yes, then there’s all the talk about getting/being pregnant.

Originally posted by santamonicayachtclub

The set that the above gif is from really shows just how often he keeps coming back to being pregnant. 

Link sure is broody af.

(GMM #911)

Also; alien baby.

(That, my friends, is also something I will write a fic about because, since I’m the most deviant of deviants, I know about the ovipositor dildos, which, you know, there was a market and since the first creation (splorch) there are now a few different kinds. 

In other words; yeah I’m writing a fic where the boys do some role playing and Link gets to be pregnant with an alien. You’re welcome, Link.)

On one day at the small hours of the night Alfonso came home feeling extremely tense. Melissa was still awake writing her book and had no idea where he’d been. She was very worried as this wasn’t his usual behavior at all. It was so late the sun was just about to rise.

Melissa: ”Where were you? Didn’t you see I tried to call you many times? What’s wrong?“ 

Alfonso: “It’s…I just- It’s nothing!” 

Melissa: “But you never…Why I’m not allowed to know where my husband’s been this late? You could have at least told me you’re going somewhere! I was so worried! Seriously, what’s going on?”

Alfonso: “Could you respect me for once? I said it’s nothing. Leave it.”

Melissa: “But, why-”

Alfonso: “Stop it, just STOP.”

Melissa: “But…You’re never like this! Don’t you trust me anymore?”

(Omg after these screenshots I laughed so hard because wtf I was thinking when I put them together, he doesn’t fit with Melissa at all!! I didn’t change the storyline because of it but that’s just funny. Oh nevermind.)

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Fic prompt: Virgil watches Roman work out?? And gets caught staring??

 Sorry its taking me so long to get to writing this! I promise I’m getting there! Anyways, here! I hope you like it, Anon!

Title: Workout

Word Count: 1,179

Triggers: Swearing


 Virgil had no idea why he let his friend drag him into this. Patton had ended up getting a gym membership, and for some god forsaken reason, he had ended up dragging Virgil along too. He had known that he wasn’t one for exercise, but Patton also knew that Virgil tended to avoid exercise, and he knew that he didn’t want to exercise alone.  That’s why Virgil had been dragged out of the house this morning to go to the gym. And that was also why he was in a pretty bad mood too..actually, that was an understatement. He was pissed.  

 Patton had already ended up making Virgil go through their stretches, and right after that they ended up running the outdoor track twice. Currently they were working with weights with Virgil shooting Patton some death glares every so often. They had only been here for an hour or so and Virgil was already completely done. He had a feeling that they were being watched the entire time, and even if he tried to convince himself that no one was really watching them, he still felt anxious.

 “Patton, can we head back soon? I feel ridiculous.” He stated, finishing up with the curl bar and setting it back on the rack to look over at his friend. “Aw come on, Virgil! Exercise is healthy! And you don’t look ridiculo-.. Virgil? Are you listening?”

 Virgil, was in fact, not listening. He had been distracted by something..or rather, someone. A certain man across the gym. He didn’t know exactly what drew his eyes to him. After all, he seemed relatively normal. He blinked when the guy looked over, and was immediately brought back to reality. He had been staring. Shit. Virgil quickly averted his gaze, looking back over to Patton. “Huh..?”

“What’s gotten into you? You’ve never spaced out that bad before..” Patton looked over to where Virgil had been looking. “Ohhh that’s why! You should talk to him!” Patton’s face lit up when he realized who Virgil had been looking at. He had tried to set Virgil up on multiple occasions. Mostly people who were friends with his boyfriend, Logan. None of them had went over well.

 “What!? No way! I can’t just walk up to someone and start talking to them! That’s weird!” Virgil blinked, shaking his head. “Well why not? I do that all the time!” He sighed, “Well You’re..you’re you, Patton. I’m not you.” That’s when Virgil noted the look on Patton’s face. Still cheerful, but his eyes had a mischievous glint. “Oh no..what are you thinking about doing?”

“I’m not thinking about doing everything, but you should probably turn around~” Oh no. That couldn’t be good at all. He wished he could say that there was a dog or something behind him but when he turned around his eyes met with the man he had been staring at.  Startled, he jumped back. “Holy shit!”

 “Well I knew I was hot but I didn’t realize I’d warrant that type of reaction.”  The man smirked and Virgil shot him a glare. “Be careful there, if your head gets too much bigger I doubt you’d be able to fit through the door,” Virgil crossed his arms over his chest. “What do you want?”

“I only wanted to come over to introduce myself to the man who’s been staring at me for most of my workout today. I’m Roman.” The brunette introduced himself, offering a hand to Virgil. He stared at it for a moment, silently judging him before he decided on shaking his hand. “I’m Virgil. And I wasn’t staring at you! I was just..lost in thought.”

“Sure, we can go with that, anyways, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Roman let his hand drop back to his side.  Virgil looked around to try to find Patton, to try to find a way out of this conversation without making things awkward only to see that he was nowhere in sight.  Great. So he had been abandoned with this Roman guy. He had been so caught up in looking for Patton that it took him a moment to register that Roman had asked him a question. “Anyways..is this your first time here?”

“Uh… Yeah. My friend, Patton dragged me out with him today.” He nodded, “what about you?” Oh crap. That was a stupid question. Of course he’d been here before. “Stupid..” He mumbled to himself, but Roman just chuckled. “No, I’ve been coming here for a while now. I’m trying to stay in shape for a roll I have in a play coming up..do you like theater?”

 “Actually, yeah. Well..kind of. I don’t really act or anything. But I do like to go watch plays.” Virgil hummed out, shrugging. “Really? I actually didn’t take you for the theater type at all, and that’s fine, you don’t have to act to enjoy the art,”  Roman smiled before pausing. “Actually.. I don’t suppose you would like to continue this discussion over coffee?”

 Virgil blinked, “I guess I wouldn’t mind that.. I mean, you seem interesting so..” He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a bit awkward. “Wonderful! However, I need to go finish up my exercises for today. Can I get your number so I can find you afterwards?” Virgil nodded and the two exchanged numbers, “Thanks, I’ll see you in a little bit!”

“See ya.” Virgil waved and watched as Roman walked off, moving to start looking around for Patton again. Unfortunately, for some reason he still couldn’t find him. So he ended up just going off to the showers, he was changing back into his street clothes when Roman texted him, saying that he was done with his workout and asking him to meet him up at the front. Virgil wasted no time in texting back before heading up to the front desk, waving to Roman.  “Hey, are you ready, Princey?”  

“Of course! Wait, why’d you call me that?” He inquired, raising a brow at the new nickname. “You’re flamboyant and you like theater, not to mention from what I can tell you still have a pretty big ego too. It makes sense.” Roman frowned at being told he had a big ego, but thought about it for a moment and smiling. “You know, I think I like that one.” He commented before he started heading to the door. “Shall we go?”

Virgil nodded, moving to follow after him. “Yeah,” he spoke before realizing the other glancing over his shoulder with a smile. “What are you doing?” Roman shrugged in response, “Nothing really. I just recognized someone, that’s all.” He hummed as they headed out the door.

 Meanwhile, Patton was quietly hiding behind a potted plant. Watching as the two walked out, and giving Roman a thumbs up to his smile. He had known one of his friends would have been just perfect for Virgil, and had definitely been right. He stood up straight after the two left the building, stretching before heading back to get ready to go home. After all, he really did dislike the gym.

How the last episode of Naruto should have gone.

“His name should be there.”  

Naruto joined him, gazing at the memorial in silence…Sasuke didn’t need to ask him who he meant. Eventually, Naruto had more to say (he always had more to say) 

“We could make one for him, huh?”

 Tsunade and  Kakashi  pored over the preliminary plans.

“Sakura, this is a brilliant idea. It would help so many children, we should prioritise it…”

‘Naruto is so annoying because he doesn’t have any parents’, no I was stupid for not recognising his pain. And Sasuke too. If they’d had somewhere to go, even just to talk to someone, to not feel alone - I’ll try and fix it so it wont happen to others. I can change how we do things in Konoha.” 

It was just a small white stone with his name carved into it. They found a place that was kind of pretty, with the light filtering through the trees. Naruto watched Sasuke, wanting to say so many things, tell him how he understood - but he knew Sasuke just wanted to be quiet right now. 

“Naruto.” Sasuke finally broke the silence.


“Next time you go to see Jiraiya , I’ll come with you. If you want.”


Sasuke twitched. Naruto remembered where they were and lowered his voice despite his excitement. 

“That’d be so great to have company, I got like a million stories to tell about him, he did some crazy stuff - that old man really got around! But how’d you know that I go  see him? I didn’t think you noticed.” 


“Where have you two been all day?” 

“Just meditating in the woods.”


“Uh huh…what are those? New jutsu?” Naruto pointed to the rolls of blue prints that Sakura was holding. 

“No - just a rough idea for something.” 

“Sakura presented us with some ideas for a way to help all the children affected by the war,” supplied Kakashi. “A specialist centre for all the children in the village to use whenever they need help.” 

Naruto grinned widely “That’s great! What, like a whole building for it, you planned that? That’s really impressive Sakura.”  

Sakura felt her face redden a little - and then a lot. Her eyes moved to Sasuke’s, to see his reaction, hoping to hear his opinion - but he wasn’t looking at her, he was looking past her, at something far away. She felt disappointed, but this was normal; he so rarely spoke.  

Funny scene where Team 7 do the bell test again for old times sake, Kakashi say’s he’s getting too old for this and thinks to himself “These three are like the kids I never had…which is why I never had kids.”

“How about some ramen you guys? I’m starving?” 

“Sure - uh, maybe you should ask Hinata too.


Sakura pointed; “She’s over there, she’s been watching you for the last twenty minutes.” 

“Seriously? Twenty minutes? That long? I didn’t see. Maybe she wanted to train with us.” 

“Not with us, with you …ugh, nevermind…”


Hinata actually shrieked in terror at being outed and threw a hand against a tree for support. Naruto was by her side in an instant. “Sorry for scaring you - but yeah why dont just say if you wanna hang out? Ramen?…I’ll take that as a yes.”  

“Ramen?” Iruka, the Konoha teams and Konohamaru all simultaneously appear, because of course.   

“Hey the more people the better Dattebayo!” 

Kurama speaks softly to Naruto. “You have so many friends now - a lot to look after, think you can do it?”

“Sure I can do it, I am doing it!”

Konohamaru’s voice breaks through; “Naruto said he’s paying, thanks Naruto!” 

“WHAAAA!!?” Naruto passes out with Kurama laughing at him.

A few days later and Sasuke is leaving on his journey. 

“Sasuke,” Sakura stammers a little, looking down. “I’d like to go with you - but I’m needed here.” 

“Yes. Your idea for the kid’s centre is genius.” 

Sakura looks up, speechless. 

“I want you to show me around it when I get back.” Sasuke pokes her on the forehead, “Until next time.” 

Sasuke nods at Kakashi and reluctantly accepts a fistbump from Naruto before leaving. 

Epilogue has the same Narrator from episode 1. The boy with a fox inside him  overcame many obstacles with the help of his friends and is now known as the Seventh . 

I’m not good at writing but this is how I wish the ending had gone

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Could u pls do something where it's a special occasion and u and Luke have just had sex but then he gets called for work and he feels really guilty because he hates to leave u right after sex cus it looks sleazy and it's supposed to be a special day for u guys

Awwh I love this idea! I hope you enjoy reading it <3

A Special Night

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: Luke always hated leaving you, but this time it was exceptionally difficult.

A year. That was how long you and Luke had been together. No one, least of all you and Luke, would have ever expected this day to come. Given all the chaos of your lives – especially the demands of Luke’s job at the BAU – it was a type of miracle that you had made it this far.

Of course, the love you had for one another was incredible. Sometimes it felt like you were the perfect fit. Imagining life without him was practically unthinkable. But it was undeniable that his job as an FBI agent had constantly put a strain on the relationship.

It was inevitable really – the long hours, frequent travel, stressful nature. You had lost count of how many times he’d had to cancel a date on short-notice or had been forced to turn down the offers of meeting your friends and family.

Waking up alone in a freezing cold bed wasn’t something anyone would want. Nor was having to contact him via hurried phone calls and brief text messages. Having him miss out on all the important moments of your life wasn’t easy. But it was worth it. You loved him and he loved you.

Besides, a night like tonight was meant to make up for all those broken promises and missed time.

Luke had ensured he had the entire weekend off so you could catch up on some much-needed reconnecting time. It had been a hectic past month at the BAU and it had taken its emotional toll. Tonight was what you both needed – just a chance to be together.

You usually weren’t a huge fan of anniversaries, finding red roses and extravagant gifts and declarations unnecessary. All you wanted was to spend the entire night with the man you loved.

It had been the wonderful celebration you had envisaged – a romantic meal in, deep conversation and sparks flying as the two of you moved into the bedroom.

It wasn’t just the emotional side of your relationship that suffered due to the long-distance, undoubtedly you both missed the physical connection too.

It had been extremely intense and passionate as the two of you rolled around in the sheets, soft moans and breathy gasps the only sound echoing around the room. It was everything you had dreamed of for the past month.

Afterwards, you lay entangled together. There was nothing quite like the feeling of soft skin on skin. Luke’s arm was draped protectively around your waist, his fingers dancing across you skin to trace soothing patterns. You nuzzled his neck affectionately as your head rested on his chest, sighing as he ran his fingers through your hair.

It was perfect…until his phone rang noisily.

Luke’s loud groan made your heart fall in disappointment. You both anticipated what was about to happen. Dread consumed your stomach as he glanced at you apologetically, reluctantly outstretching his arm to answer his buzzing mobile.

You smiled sadly as you shifted off his chest, flopping exasperatedly back down onto the plump pillows. Your eyes avoided his, worried that you would betray the extent of your distress.

It was hard because you completely admired and respected Luke’s devotion to his job. After all, you had fallen in love with him for who he was – a brave, courageous and caring individual. But not being able to see him and even when you did, the threat of him being pulled away at a moment’s notice, haunted you.

Even worse still, you could tell how much he hated it. You knew he felt guilty about not being there and for missing so much. So, voicing or even showing your displeasure seemed cruel. It was just an unfortunate situation.  

“Okay. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

You didn’t have to be a profiler to hear the strain in Luke’s voice. He sighed heavily as he angrily flung his phone to the bottom of the bed. He held his face in his hands as he desperately rubbed at his face in despair.

“It’s okay.”

Your words were sincere, despite your sadness at your special night together being ruined. This was definitely not how you had intended on celebrating your anniversary. However, Luke needed your support right now.

“It’s not Y/N.” He muttered quietly. The pain his voice made your heart break slightly, rendering you momentarily speechless. “I hate leaving you.”

You could tell he despised himself. He always hated leaving you, but running out on your after your moment of intimacy seemed exceptionally cruel. It disgusted him because he felt so sleazy, abandoning you like that.

He couldn’t help but wonder if his actions stirred some resentment inside you. After all, he wouldn’t have even treated a one-night stand like this in the past. Yet, here he was skipping out on his girlfriend…on their anniversary night no less.

“They need you.” You told him simply, twisting your hands in the bedsheets as you watched him sigh exasperatedly. The guilt was eating him up.

You sat up, pulling him into a warm embrace as you sat behind him. He relaxed into your hold as he leant his head back to rest upon your shoulder. Your hands roamed down his chest, tracing soothing patterns as you pressed delicate kisses along his jawline.

“Luke, I don’t care about a special date night – even if it is for our anniversary.” You told him quietly, peppering his neck and shoulders with affectionate kisses. “You’re what makes it special…and you’re all mine.”

Your voice held the hint of a smile as you held him close, feeling his reassuring heartbeat under your fingers. He lifted his hand to intertwine yours together, pressing a gentle kiss on the back of your hand. Despite his anguish, a small smile flickered on his face as he twisted his head to face you. His warm brown eyes softening as they took in your beautiful form.

“Have I ever told you how wonderful you are?” He murmured softly, tenderly brushing a stray strand of hair from your face.

In that moment, he could have sworn you were an angel – your skin glowing as a bright smile lit up your face, your warmth pressed against him as your delicate curls framed your face.

You leant forward to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, your hands entangling in his short dark curls as you pulled him even closer to you. You smiled against his lips as his arms wrapped tightly around your waist.

“Not often enough.”

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what's it like being a twin? share some insight, please! ❤️

This is a strangely difficult question!

The short answer is, “It’s cool, but I have nothing to compare it to.”  I’ve never grown up without a twin, so I can’t compare it.  My situation is also unique; I have an identical twin brother.  He’s transgender, he was assigned female at birth like me, and transitioned about 10 years ago.

But!  Here are some things that happened!

Mom’s POV - Our mom had some horror stories.  Apparently, the first few years are incredibly difficult.  Of course two babies are harder than one.  And! You know all the random messy inconvenient things that kids do?  With twice the kids, you get twice the bad ideas!  We’ve put shaving cream on the cat (to make him pretty, of course), flooded the bathroom, used a jump rope as a swing (I broke my leg), used a jump rope as a tow rope so Twin Bro could pull me on roller skates behind his bike (I broke my front tooth), and learned to climb on the roof of the house.

Growing up - People always wanted to know if we were twins, identical or fraternal, and who is older (me, by one minute).  As people got to know us, they wanted to compare: Who’s the funny one, the smart one, the artistic one, the boss, and so on.  (Good answer: “Oh, they both have their moments!” That way, neither kid feels pigeonholed!)  And, of course, they wanted to know whether we had our own language or a psychic link.

For the record, we do have our own language; it’s only written, and we rarely use it anymore, but it’s there.  It may seem like we have a psychic link, if only because we’re really, really used to each other.  I don’t always know what Twin Bro is going to say, but I know what tone of voice he’ll use, and we can crack each other up laughing from across the room by facial expressions alone.

Adult life until recently - We would hang out ALL. THE. TIME.  At least once a week, if not two or three times.  We were in contact nearly every day.  We were each other’s first call whenever a thing happened.  As we both entered serious romantic relationships, this decreased a little bit…but not much.  Also, luckily for me, Twin Bro married @unic0rnthe0ry, one of the best friends I’ve ever had. :D

We each have a different perspective on growing up.  Our childhood memories are stronger because we each remember things in our own ways, and have someone to talk to about those stories.

Adult life now - I live in Colorado.  Twin Bro lives in New Jersey, he’s a doctor going through residency and that’s where he ended up.  We still talk more than I talk to my younger brother, who lives across town.  We text, we email, we keep our inside jokes going, and once we get back together, it’s like rolling a ball down a hill.  (I get to visit in November, *SQUEEEE!*)  

But, things are changing.  We live in two totally different worlds now.  I’m doing the mom thing, leaning on my partner more; he’s working crazy hours as an intern and leaning on his husband more.  We’re not always going to be in as close of contact as we were in the past, and that’s okay. He’ll still be able to make me laugh my ass off just by catching my eye from across the room or texting me a single word.

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I saw that one post you made about how David Bowie basically unhinges his jaw when he sings and now I can't unsee it

Actually I wasn’t the one who had the idea!!! I made this post to find the (glorious, genius, so fuckin true) original post about it because it was the funniest thing asashjdakda