i had never heard that before tbh

This guy just made my day

So this guy just made my day 100% better. How? Well as I was knee-deep in watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube I saw this guy in my recommended. So I clicked on the video (he was ranting about his annoying emails). I watched it and I laughed and I thought, “Hm he seems like a cool dude I wonder what else I can watch?” So I find another one of his videos and have at it. Then after like 5 vids I find one entitled My Sexuality.

And in it he starts telling the story of when he was in the 5th grade and how he’s never really had a “crush” before and how even in high school he never felt the need to “do the do”. Long story short he ended the video with saying that he was demisexual ( a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone). And tbh that was the best thing I’ve ever heard. It was like music to my ears. Here’s this guy running a Youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers and he’s demi. That just makes me so happy. Being asexual it’s often very frustrating and hard for me to find other people to relate to that are a positive uplifting influence that’s relatively close to my age (He’s almost 24 if Wiki is accurate). This guy has 100,000 subs and he’s demi. Let me say that again. THIS GUY HAS 100,000 SUBS AND HE’S DEMI.  Here is a person whose discovery story I can identify with. He is a youtuber that I can relate to.

Although I am pretty comfortable with my own sexuality I still have my “I feel like such a broken and wrong individual” days. And whenever I have one of those days I hate all the sexual innuendos that same of my other fav youtubers use (though on any other day I would laugh at cause sexual innuendos are hella funny most of the time) cause all it does is just jab at my wounds of feeling different and that there is no one on that platform that feels the way I do. So finding someone that does is such a euphoric feeling.

I know the “sexuality” video is about 5 months old but discovering it was like finding a gem. Even if it was 5 weeks old or 5 years old just knowing that this video is out there makes me happy cause it just means I’m not as horribly alone as I thought I was. 

Evan Edinger( evanedinger) thank you so much for making that video. Thank you for making me realize I’m not as alone with my sexuality as I thought I was. Just thank you. It makes me feel so much better.

You subscribe to him here on his youtube channel. He makes videos every Sunday.  Have a wonderul day!

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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EXO singing to Zodiacs

Aries : *faints* *a few hours later..* I think I just went to heaven and back..

Taurus : “Boi I can sing better.. “ *voice cracks highkey 52 times*

Gemini : listens till the end.. *pulls out ear plugs.* “Did you say anything?”

Cancer : “Aww~ you’re voice is so cu-” *switches from peter pan to Play boy* “Unacceptable!”

Leo : Listens till the end.. *realized they became addicted* *bombard the whole world*

Virgo : the only sign tbh to appreciate them after they finish even if they had earphones on..

Libra : “I .. you need to tutor me bro.. “ *high key trying to flirt.* 

Scorpio : Stares so cutely that The idol has a panic attack..

Sagittarius : “I.. I..”*dies*

Capricorn : *lowkey judging them like anything. *

Aquarius : the only one who actually heard them sing but never really said they were good.. *highkey proud of them*

Pisces : *realizes that Life was so boring before..* “I.. I think.. am.. Wait I need to go pee..” 

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Tell me about Yiddish loam words in German. I never heard of that

Okay, so I can finally answer this @mynameisgoliath (and I’m listening to a video of someone speaking Yiddish on the YouTube channel wikitongues right now, it’s. so. cool.)
If you speak Yiddish, chances are you will probably understand most of what German speakers say to you and vice versa which is really cool imho. 

The German wikipedia has a long list of Yiddish and Hebrew words we use in German (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_deutscher_Wörter_aus_dem_Hebräischen_und_Jiddischen); when I first read this list I was sooooo surprised because I had never heard that these words were of Yiddish origin before that! I don’t really know much about the topic but I’d be really interested in doing more research if I get the chance because this is seriously super cool to me. I’d like to know more about grammar too tbh… 

Some words of either Hebrew or Yiddish origin (I don’t speak Hebrew or Yiddish so I don’t know if the Hebrew writing is correct… I’m trusting wikipedia) that we use in German and that I find really interesting are: 

- mauscheln (apparently from מָשָׁל; the German word means ‘to whisper secretively’) 
- Mischpoke (from מִשְׁפָּחָה, used as family) 
- Ramsch (from רָמָאוּת, means worthless stuff) 
- meschugge (from משוגע, means insane) 
- Schlamassel (from שלימזל, means a messy situation) 
- Schmiere (from  שמירה, we use ‘Schmiere stehen’ as ‘to keep guard’… wow, I had no idea… when I was a child, all the heroes in every children’s book ever would say that one of them has to do the ‘Schmiere stehen’ part and I always wondered how that could possibly mean ‘keep guard’. Now I know :) ) 
- Tacheles reden (from תכלית, means to cut out the crap and get straight to the point when you’re talking) 
- Chuzpe (from חוצפה, this is used in English as Chutzpah) 

Here’s also a link (in English) where this is discussed: http://www.goethe.de/lhr/prj/mac/msp/en1414420.htm 
They mention a book there called ‘Encyclopaedia of German Words of Yiddish Provenance’ which might be interesting if one wants to know more about this. 

And here’s a wiki-list about English words of Yiddish origin (I just found this and the only one I knew was ‘spiel’ because I randomly looked it up the other day… we have the word Spiel in German too; it means game). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_words_of_Yiddish_origin

(Feel free to correct me if I said anything factually incorrect or anything I should have expressed differently) 

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Maybe headcanons of Shinsou with a very loud and talkative fem s/o?

Here you go! My first headcannon! I hope you enjoy them and I’m sorry for the wait. I’ve been busy with life and crap, but thank you for requesting!

  • Tbh Shinsou doesn’t really care about you being loud at this point of the relationship
  • I mean, when you’re telling him about how you wish you were a puppy rather than a butterfly, Shinsou can tell you’re pretty comfortable around him
  • He still remembers how the two of you met, honestly who could forget
  • He was 4 yrs old and playing on the swings when bullies started to make fun of his quirk again
  • Here you come all high and mighty and tell them off, using some words he had never heard before his mother loves you and thinks your an angel
  • You ended up getting you ass handed to you, but Shinsou gained a friend after he ran after his mother to help you out
  • you just smiled at him and told him he was perfect even with his quirk
  • when you told him he could be a hero he knew there was no way he was ever going to let you go
  •  He loves it when you just ramble about the most random of things
  • He can tell you’re nervous when you don’t talk as much like when the two of you are making out before class
  • Sometimes he wishes you could shut up and realize the guy you’re telling off is going to kick your ass
  • Kudos to Bakugou for doing so
  • He really loves having you around when it comes to ordering things or grabbing stuff in class he doesn’t really like talking to some of the bastards who think he’s going to be a villain with his quirk
  • that’s why he has you
  • “Hey, can I get two burgers, hold the mayo and mustard, please.”
  • “Can I borrow a pencil?” - you say as you have a perfectly sharpened pencil in your hand
  • He does get slightly - you have to squint to see it - jealous when you talk to others more than him even he doesn’t really say anything back and just listens to your melodic voice from heaven
  • Without you, Shinsou can tell life would be 10x boring and he wouldn’t be able to find out all the latest gossip at U.A.
  • He won’t ever say that to you 
  • The last thing he needs is you to tell the whole world or at least class 1-A
  • Even if you did, he would still find it hard not to forgive you. You wouldn’t leave him alone until he did

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I'm in the mood for angst lol. If you don't mind, I'd like to request Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, Saeran, and V dealing with MC's death. I'm thinking probably sudden death, like an accident or a medical condition she wasn't aware she had, etc., but tbh I'm gonna leave all that up to you. ^-^


I got a little emotional myself so i had to put that there

it got a lil dark for me with V’s

I’ve never done angst before? I don’t think I have. But I’ll give it a shot, enjoy :)


  • He wasn’t there when he heard that had you collapsed. His heart dropped when he received a call from Jumin, his least favorite person, about the news.
  • “I’m a little busy right now. What the hell do you want, trust fund kid?” He muttered into the phone.
  • “This is serious, Zen. You need to come to the hospital on main street. It’s MC, she.. she isn’t okay..” Jumin trailed off.
  • “What? What happened?” Zen said.
  • “Mr. Han, she’s not breathing.”
  • “It says that she has a DNR on file.”
  • “I have to call you back. You need to come here, fast.” Jumin said.
  • The line went dead and Zen stood there.
  • “I have to go.” He said to his supervisor.
  • “But we still have one more scene to cover-
  • “This is urgent. My girlfriend’s in the hospital.” He says, grabbing his jacket. He bolted to the nearest train station, hopping over the turnstile.
  • He got there 15 minutes too late, baffling all the medical professionals with questions after a heartfelt crying session.
  • (Let’s pretend MC has that unspecified disease that Kaori had from Your Lie in April, if you’ve ever seen that anime before, yeah?)
  • He felt like shit, everyone was there except for him.
  • “I don’t understand. What do you mean she had a DNR?”
  • “You don’t think…that MC knew she was sick..” Jaehee inquired.
  • “Nonsense! She would’ve told me! I know everything there is to know about her!” Zen spat.
  • “The doctor’s said she was on all sorts of medications…that she was only prolonging the inevitable…” Jumin said, loosening his tie.
  • You both didn’t live together, how would was he supposed to know that?
  • Zen peered back through the hospital door window, before walking in the room once again.
  • You were laying their peacefully.
  • You looked weary and pale now, compared to how he saw you this morning.
  • “I didn’t even know.. Why didn’t you tell me? You didn’t want me to worry? Well, look at me now..I’m a mess.” He said, looking down at you.
  • He lent down to kiss your still warm forehead.
  • He stayed with you for hours, until he was forced to leave.
  • Funeral was too much
  • You didn’t have family so it was kind of just the RFA


  • He was on a business trip when he heard the news
  • He had actually been begging to bring you along but you insisted that he went alone.
  • “MC, I’ll pay for your plane ticket and everything. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” He said, snuggling into you. Little did he know this would be the last time he’d be sleeping with you since his flight was in the morning. 
  • “Jumin, I can’t just get up and come with you whenever you go on a business trip. Besides, it’s only for two days. You’ll be fine.” You insisted.
  • “But I’ll miss you too much.” He said, leaving kisses on the back of your neck. 
  • “I’ll be here when you come back.”
  • Less than 48 hours later, you had died in a car crash.
  • He had landed in and been in Dubai for only 4 hours and of course he booked it back in minutes to see you.
  • “I just…I just saw her this morning…” Jumin said, biting back tears. “There’s no way she could actually be gone.”
  • When he got to the hospital he was more angry than grieving.
  • “What do you mean there was nothing you could have done to save her?!” He’s giving the doctors a hard time.
  • “She had died on impact, Mr. Han. Her car… it stopped moving in the middle of a main street. And then the truck just came and rammed into her. The weight of it came down, nearly scraping the whole upper half of the vehicle, along with her in it.” Said the medical examiner.
  • The funeral was the hardest for him
  • closed casket 
  • He found himself sitting in front of it after the viewing when everyone left.
  • “You told me I’d be fine. I don’t feel fine at all right now MC.” 
  • “You should’ve just let me bring you with me. I know how difficult I can be sometimes but I just want..I wanted to protect you.”
  • He’s a mess
  • I’m a mess


  • This one was some sort of freak accident.
  • She was there
  • You both went to the mall and there was this huge gas tank explosion that went off in one of the lower levels
  • There were reports of people who could smell gas but the staff didn’t move quick enough and a number of people died 
  • including you
  • “Jaehee, I think we should save the shopping for another day. Besides, I’m getting a weird vibe and it smells like gas on the whole first floor.” You told her while you both were inside one of the stores.
  • “I agree. I’ll pay for this and then we can leave.” She smiled.
  • Every second counts, you both could’ve made it out of there if she put down the dress she wanted.
  • “We were both holding hands, walking towards the exit. And then suddenly there was this really loud sound..and lots of shaking. The upper floors didn’t hold up and started collapsing. That’s when she pushed me out the way.. and.. and..” Jaehee choked out in her hospital bed. 
  • Zen was there to console her.
  • jaehee x zen
  • ill go home
  • lots of hugs for Jaehee
  • she’s too precious for this


  • You had always been a bit on the wild side, something he wasn’t too fond of.
  • You recommended going hiking one weekend.
  • As usual, if he thought it would make you happy, he’d go along with it.
  • “Saeran, how about we go hiking in the mountains this weekend? I’ll even pack up a picnic basket with snacks and stuff.” You said cheerily.
  • “You wanna have a picnic in the mountains? Can’t we just go to the park like a normal couple?” He said, not really up for it in the beginning.
  • “That’s the first time you called us a couple!” You cooed, literally jumping onto him on the couch.
  • “If you don’t get off me I’ll take it back!” He spat.
  • “You don’t mean that! I love you so much Saeran.” You said, showering him with kisses.
  • He’s a blushing mess right now.
  • The weekend comes and you guys go out on your hiking trip. After a sunset picnic dinner you guys head back down.
  • “Are you sure we can walk on this bridge, Saeran?” You said, checking it’s sturdiness. 
  • “It’s the quickest way down.” He insists. “See, the city lights are that way. We could go back the way we came but that’d take another hour.” He said.
  • “O-Okay..”
  • He walks ahead of you and you trail slowly behind him. 
  • Believe it or not he slipped first, having one of his feet break through one of the wooden logs.
  • “Shit, my leg!” He cries out.
  • “Saeran!” You say. “Don’t worry I’m coming to help you!’ 
  • You run towards him, having several of the wooden logs break. The whole bridge collapses now, sending both of you towards the bottom of the pit.
  • Saeran survives the fall, having being cradled by a tree on the way down, whereas you suffer a different fate.
  • Your body hits the grounds, breaking your bones, etc.
  • It takes a while for Saeran to come to, before he climbs down from the tree with aching limbs.
  • He finds you there, no signs of being alive. He realizes that your gone and lets out an agonizing scream.
  • “God why?! She did nothing wrong! I’ve sinned far more than she ever could have!”
  • He spends the rest of his life thinking it should’ve been him.
  • Might never love again

V (Jihyun)

  • You two had gotten into a fight about god knows what
  • Being the stubborn person you are, you storm out of the house, leaving him to think about the issue
  • You turned off your phone, not wanting to be bothered
  • Of course, maybe 15 mins later he goes out looking for you
  • He hates it when you both fight, mostly because it took him so long to start loving someone again. You mended his broken heart and he couldn’t bare the fact that you were upset with him.
  • You were walking in the dead of night, nothing could be seen but the street lights and parked cars on the curb.
  • “I don’t like it when we fight either. Maybe I should go back home.” You say to yourself, deciding to turn back and go home. You knew he’d be willing to talk it out. That’s just how he is.
  • You’re walking back home now, thinking about what to say to him. You wanted him to know you were sorry, that you didn’t mean to yell at him. You were just angry.
  • Then, you heard a bottle roll behind you.
  • “Is someone there?” You say, whipping your head behind you. There was nothing. Nothing but cars on the curb. Or so you thought.
  • You were speed walking now.
  • You turned you phone back on and called Jihyun, who immediately answered the phone.
  • “MC! I was so worried about you! I kept calling you but it kept going to voicemail. Where are you?! Are you oka-
  • “I think I’m being followed. I’m scared Jihyun.” 
  • “Where are you?! Go towards the main street with lots of people, okay? Find a store or a gas station!”
  • “I’m walking home. The main street is back in the other direction- where I heard the sounds.
  • “I’m coming down the street right now! Keep walking. And don’t look back, they might attack you if they know you suspect them!” He says.
  • “Okay.”
  • You kept walking but the person behind only walked faster, grabbing you.
  • “Now, what’s a pretty young thing like you doing out here at this time of night?” 
  • “Let go of me!” Swung your fists, dropping the phone.
  • “MC?! Hello, MC?!” He was yelling into the phone now. He jetted down the street, searching for you.
  • “Don’t give me a hard time now-AHH!” Said the attacker as you stepped on his foot.
  • You bolted down an alleyway, only to be caught at a dead end.
  • “Stay away! Dammit I said stay away!” You screamed.
  • Jihyun was running down the street he thought you were on.
  • “She should be here. This is the only way you can walk to get back towards the apartment.” He could barely breathe. He’d been panicking since he lost contact with you.
  • It wasn’t until he found your phone, with the call still going, that he assumed the worst.
  • “She must be this way then.” He said, peering into the dark alleyway.
  • He ran down the dark path, finding a man fondling your limp body.
  • “Get your hands off of her!” Jihyun snapped at this point, throwing a nearby brick at the man’s skull, immediately knocking him out.
  • There was blood everywhere, now a mixture of the man’s and yours.
  • He dropped to his knees, beside your body, cradling you.
  • “MC, wake up.” He didn’t sound like himself but he didn’t care.
  • You didn’t move.
  • He lent down towards you nose and mouth, and there was nothing.
  • His tears spilled onto your lifeless body and the longer he held you the more his hands became soiled with blood. 
  • He was too late and he knew that.


This was my first video of Marks and one of my favourite playthroughs! I’ve told this story a billion times and I’m almost sure half of my followers are sick of me talking about it but ITS HIS BIRTHDAY SO IM GONNA TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN BC HE ASKED ABOUT OUR FAVE VIDEOS SO FIGHT ME IN BATTLE

I had heard of Mark before this series, but I never really gave him a chance and I don’t know why ??? But I always enjoyed playing Amnesia but I was unsure whether A Cowards Debt was worth getting or not, so I wanted to watch some gameplay of it first and… this video was the first one I saw. 

His voice was kinda a shock to the system at first tbh bc I wasn’t expecting how deep it was lmao but I was a lil captivated. I found myself watching more and more of him but never really got involved in the community until roughly a year and a half ago when I decided to create a new tumblr account and stop being a coward and finally get involved, and here I am now.

So thank you Amnesia i guess bc without that game I probably wouldn’t be in this community now.

oh and thank you mark ur pretty cool too

homestuck is great because i had never heard of juggalos before reading it and the only icp song ive ever heard is still just miracles

so theres an entire huge subculture and literally all i know about them is “that one stoner clown who murdered a bunch of people and also they probably say motherfucker a lot” and tbh i wouldnt have it any other way

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Sorry if you've talked about this before just wanted to ask your opinion on the parallel between the Stefan/Lexi scene in 4x22 and the Damon/Stefan talk in 6x15 about 'the one'. I'm really confused tbh right now, anti-SCers use it as an argument because apparently Stefan had to ask if Caroline was the one. Am I the only one who never heard Stefan actually ask if Caroline was the one? He only asked for advice on how to proceed. And sorry, but didn't Stefan ask Lexi if Elena was the one? I'm not

cont. saying he didn’t believe it or felt it but we literally heard him ask. So him asking doesn’t count for SE? Also just because Lexi says ‘she was’ (Elena) and Damon says ‘she is not’ (Caroline) then that makes it true? Sure let’s ignore Stefan himself (‘something even better’) or the fact that Lexi went on to say there are multiple ones. I really don’t want to be anti or talk about other ships it just surprises me how differently I interpret things I guess.

No worries, I don’t think I’ve ever really elaborated on it and I’m also really confused as to why this is all of a sudden being brought up by anti-SCers because Stefan disproved Damon in the same episode.

Stefan was simply asking Damon what he should do as far as proceeding with his relationship with Caroline because Stefan didn’t want to start something with Caroline right after her Mom died. I don’t think Stefan was planning on kissing Caroline at the cabin, I think he actually stopped over thinking for once and just followed his heart because that moment was perfect despite what was going on. Damon didn’t know any of that so he just assumed Stefan was worried because to him it meant he wasn’t consumed by his love for her and that meant she wasn’t the one.

That’s why Stefan says “maybe all love isn’t true love in the messed up way you and I have experienced it” because being with Caroline isn’t the same as being with Elena or Katherine but he’s reached a point where that’s not the kind of love he’s interested in pursuing.

Stefan did ask Lexi “what if Elena was the one” and she said she was BUT she also said there are multiple ones especially for a vampire who lives forever.

I also think that’s why Stefan refers to Elena as his soulmate but he also says she didn’t come into his life to be his soulmate. I don’t think Stefan is interested in those kind of labels when it comes to love anymore because it’s brought him nothing but pain and misery.

Stefan doesn’t want Caroline to be a new Elena because the way he loves Caroline is completely different than the way he loved Elena. Stefan and Elena weren’t friends first and they hardly knew anything about one another before they started dating whereas Stefan and Caroline are best friends who know and understand each other better than anyone. I think it’s also why he says loving Caroline changed his life and all the things she’s made him feel and do through their shared experiences together showed him that you should be with someone who makes you happy.

Also I find it HILARIOUS that I’m sure these people using these arguments and saying what Damon said is absolute fact are people who hate Damon and everything else he’s ever said. The cherry picking lines and moments is baffling to me because they just want to ignore everything that makes them uncomfortable.

*not my gifs*

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My favorite verse is Wisdom 11:24 "For you love all things that are, and loathe nothing that you have made; for what you hated, you would not have fashioned." Idk, I just feel like this is a vitally important part of Christianity that too many people ignore in favor of anger and their earthly hatred

I had actually never heard of the Book of Wisdom before I got this ask (I’m Protestant and don’t read scripture as much as I should tbh, so I’ve never really checked out the Deuterocanonical books) but honestly I love this verse now that I’ve heard it! Love in a world so divided by bitterness and hatred is so important, even when sometimes we think our hatred feels righteous. Thank you for this ask I think you’re totally right

@falsepacifist || Sour li’l bitch???

Good god, Lucas didn’t know whether he wanted to burst out crying or laughing. Either way, someone was gonna be in hysterics, he bets.

No, I’ll be a sour TALL bitch.
“I’ve uh… n-never heard of a lemon birch tree before, nah.“
He replies, taking extra care to emphasise a certain word. Yes, he tried oh-so-hard to stifle in his flustered noises… though his voice came out like he was constipated beyond belief.

(How old was she? Eight? Either way, he knows that’s a big kid word alright, but definitely not a cool word. No siree. Then again he isn’t exactly one of the cool kids.)

How I started shipping GrayLu...

(Warning: Pointless story ahead…)

Sit down, GrayLu fam, it’s story time!

Fairy Tail was one of the first anime shows I started watching. However, I only discovered the show when I was chain watching anime clips on YouTube. I stumbled across this particular clip. For those of you too lazy to click on the link (don’t blame you tbh), it’s the part of Episode 52 where Lucy thinks someone is stalking her and it turns out to be her dad.

Keep in mind, I had never heard of the show before nor did I know the characters or the premise.

After watching the clip, and laughing my ass off, I found myself shipping Gray and Lucy. I was like, “Omg they’re too cute and this show is hilarious. I NEED MORE.”

So part of the reason I even watched Fairy Tail in the first place was because of GrayLu. And of course you could imagine my disappointment when Lucy started getting paired off with Natsu and Gray with Juvia >.>

And that is how I started shipping GrayLu and I haven’t stopped since I started watching the show!

@rose-byun I agree I don’t get it either. I’ve also never heard of it before, doubt anyone had tbh…my best guess is that sm thought putting them on this show would be good promo for ko ko bop because it’s a reggae song…but if that’s their motivation for it…well then that’s another coin in the cultural insensitivity jar…I personally never bought into the whole “oh sure the big companies care about their international fans!” because they don’t lmao. but still, whomst among exo-ls in east-asia asked for this, like who was really aching to see exo on this show. no one apparently so sm really fucked up on this one they have no excuses honestly

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Hi!! I see you reblogged the video about the Barenaked Ladies and I thought I'd ask: is it a joke only about them fighting or also a joke because of the band itself?? Because I had never heard of them before Community (probably because I live in Europe and was born in the 90s?), and even if the scene is still funny, I feel like I'm missing something to understand it!

while i’m not 100% sure of the intent of the joke, my take on it is that it’s funny because of how quickly the fight escalated over something relatively benign.  the barenaked ladies was a popular band back in the 90s and seemed to be the band that “everyone” liked, meaning they are hardly a controversial band.  tbh, i’m not a big fan of them as it’s not my taste in music, so i kinda sympathized with jeff on this one.  but even still…there is no way i’d react so violently to the notion that others love the barenaked ladies.  the whole thing is just absurd which makes it hilarious.

but that’s just my opinion.  if anyone else has something to add or disagrees, please chime in!  and i promise not to react like dear ol’ jeffrey.  ;)

hobbitcon 3 adventures

okay okay it’s time to finally sit down and write about everything that’s happened since friday.

i’m going to put this all under a cut because there are going to be some pictures and long ass stories so yeah

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Hey wow this selfie party is making me gayer by the minute™, thank you. Um I also have a question on the about page: what is a "gold star lesbian"? I've never heard the term before. Thank you in advance!! 💖

A gold star lesbian is “a lesbian that’s never had sex with a man” aka a penis, bc it was coined by terfs. It’s really Yikes™ bc it invalidates lesbians who have had a hard time with compulsory heterosexuality, rape victims, as well as trans girls and their girlfriends. It’s just not a good term tbh.



i got to see NU’EST live tonight!! aaahh, i feel kinda undeserving bc i hardly knew the band ow o;;

the show was amazing tho!! admission was free and i couldnt pass up the chance to see a kpop group live!! i went in completely blind, i had never heard their music before. i rly liked their songs tho and i plan to look them up in the next few days!!