i had my helmet on

red team is Good and they Love Each Other Very Much

…but, alternatively, this was basically That One Scene in 15.5-


Here’s to the new me. The old me. The you-don’t-even-know-me. To the me that died twice before I met you: third time’s the charm. Been chewed up and spit out more than I’ve ever seen a sunrise, and I’ve only ever liked sunrises when I’m with you. I’ll become something you’ve never seen before, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Set my head aflame, built a home out of the ashes, let the wind blow it away into the sun. The breeze sings, lo que está muerto no puede morir. And when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

I don’t know that kid anymore, and maybe I never knew him at all.


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Mermaid Satine is something I never knew I needed until now…. the whole crew as mermaids please?

This is maybe not what you meant by “the crew” but, consider:


Reporter: Last game you didn’t wear a helmet in warmup. Are you trying to mix-up the mojo, or just trying to show off the fresh haircut?

Andre Burakovsky: Nah, it’s just some guys, I think Tom Wilson is included in that one, took to hide my helmet right before the warmups so I had no choice– (interrupted by unidentified teammate hooting in the background) but go without the bucket. (smiles)

Uh oh, they’re playing pranks on Andre again…



Coccinelle meets Black Cat.


when you came from a shampoo world and somehow your ex-villain-weirdly-buddy ended up getting the most perfect shampoo. 

Petra is just mad because…It’s Petra. Jessie is unsure what to say about that. Lukas is writing down about that world, yep, including Ivor’s moment. lmao. 

Tutorial- 3dTotal Publishing by Juan Pablo Publishing
This image gave me an idea for a Humans are Space Orcs story.


Our ship came into orbit around Glendaff 2 after responding to a weak distress signal. We scanned the surface and found no signs of life beyond the indigenous species. Following the scan the captain decided to stake our claim to the wreck on the surface. The ship appeared to be from the Terran Federation. Since about fifth of our crew is human the captain decided to send a few of us down in case there were any remains that needed to be seen to.

After a secondary survey of the area we assembled our team to head down to figure out the most cost efficient way to bring the wreck up, or at least the most valuable parts. We disembarked on the barge we had dubbed “Scrappy.”

When we landed on the surface we immediately realized something that we couldn’t tell from orbit: the marshy surface was extremely porous and our barge immediately began to sink when we tried to land. We took the ship back up to the canopy and the lieutenant decided to send two of us down on hover skiffs with a full pack of survey drones each. Myself and Glorbin, the teams chief mechanic, were selected. My job was to find a suitable place to land while Glorbin was sent to check out the ship.

We departed hastily so that we could avoid wasting any more fuel then need be. Glorbin and I went our separate ways upon reaching the surface. I deployed my drones and began checking the area nearest to the ship. As it turns out whoever crash landed it there was outrageously lucky, for us any way. They hit the only bedrock within half a kilometer.

I started sweeping the drones out farther when I lost contact with one of the drones. Curious, I went to the last spot the GPS pinged. The signal dropped over a mire. I really should have been paying closer attention to my surroundings because when I glided over the surface of the water I noticed what took the probe.

That was the split second before it took me too. A long, dark, slimy serpentine mouth emerged from the water and clamped down on my leg. My immediate reaction was to try and pull away. That with the weight of the creature caused me to overbalance and fall into the water.

Pain raked my brain as the creature’s teeth punctured my environmental suit. While I thrashed to get free the creature coiled around my lower body and drug me down into the black water. I couldn’t see anything and my brain was screaming that I couldn’t breathe, even though my helmet interior remained dry. I had almost lost consciousness when I dragged in a breath and a thought popped into my head: I am an armed security officer.

I knew my plasma pistol would be useless down here, but despite our usual load out I carried a knife. It was something I had done since I was a kid, you never know when you will need a knife. Thanks to my younger self I had a chance.

I drew the knife from my belt and began madly stabbing at the creature. It had leathery skin that was hard to cut through but I would do my best to drag the sharp, hooked tip through its flesh. It began thrashing madly when I did this, but my adrenaline chased the pain away.

Eventually it stopped thrashing and it loosened it’s bite on my leg. This made me fight harder and before I knew it the coils loosened from my leg and I fought to the surface and to some semblance of solid ground. When I got there the adrenaline began to fade and I felt desperately tired and none of my muscles wanted to respond. I managed to hit my emergency beacon before I fainted.

When I woke up I was back on the Scrappy. Our doctor was changing the bandages on my leg, which felt like it had been put into a meat grinder.

He explained to me that my com link had been on the whole time and everyone had assumed I had died. The whole thing took only a minute, though it felt like I fought for hours. The part that really blew me away is in my adrenaline filled fury I had actually managed to sever the creature’s head, which was still locked on my leg when they found me. Lucky it had slowed the bleeding. I asked if I could get it mounted but the captain refused. I still took the teeth and had them made into a necklace when we returned to our home station.

From that day on everyone who went on a salvage mission carried a knife and I gained the unofficial title of Dragon Slayer from the other humans on the crew. The non-humans didn’t understand this but accepted it to be a title of honor.

I kind of like it myself.

Ever since her sister died in a horrific accident (some suspect sabotage), Yellow has required all members of her “Crazy Diamonds” biker gang to wear helmets and proper safety gear.

She responds with extreme violence to anyone dumb enough to ignore this rule…

when tony and thor meet in in infinity war…

tony: your helmet looks weird

thor: your hair looks grey

peter (both of them): *snorts*

tony: rhodey!!!! I thought!!! you said!! it wasn’t!! noticeable!!!!!

rhodey: face it man, you’re old

tony: says you

peter (both, again): ooooooohhhhh

steve and bucky: *maybe if we stay quiet nobody will remember*

Imagine Erik Finding Out That You, His Young Daughter, Have Inherited His Powers

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“Slow down, Erik, what are you on about?” Charles frowned through the phone.

“Y/N has- she’s- she’s like me, Charles!” Erik sputtered. He had you in one arm, and you were squirming in an attempt to ‘do the magic’ again. You had always been very enchanted by your father when he did little magic tricks with his metallokinesis to entertain you, and you were only concerned with your joy of possessing ‘the magic’ as well.

“NO, Y/N, no, no no, we do not do that with those!” Erik said quickly, moving the silverware you had begun to float out of your sight. He pulled the phone back over to his ear to hear what Charles had to say about it. It didn’t quite matter if he had moved the dangerous utensils; you had found something else to play with.

“Just bring her to the mansion, I’ll run a few simple tests I do with the students, she’ll be fine, Erik.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll bring her up in the morning,” Erik sighed. He hung up the phone with a breath of relief, only to look down at you.

“Papa, look!” you giggled; his old, worn Magneto helmet rested loosely over your head. Memories around that helmet flooded his mind, both good and bad. He had tried to hurt in that headpiece. He had tried to kill, and he had wanted to keep that part of his past far away from you.

However, looking down at the innocence in your eyes, he felt a spark of hope. Maybe, where he had become a symbol of hate, you could be one of hope.

(For @silverwingedfox)

“So how come you left the Evil Dark Lord business, Harry?” said Cohen.
“Werl, you know how it is these days,” said Evil Harry Dread.
The Horde nodded. They knew how it was these days.
“People these days, when they’re attacking your Dark Evil Tower, the first thing they do is block up your escape tunnel,” said Evil Harry.
“Bastards!” said Cohen. “You’ve got to let the Dark Lord escape. Everyone knows that.”
“That’s right,” said Caleb. “Got to leave yourself some work for tomorrow.”
“And it wasn’t as if I didn’t play fair,” said Evil Harry. “I mean, I always left a secret back entrance to my Mountain of Dread, I employed really stupid people as cell guards–”
“Dat’s me,” said the enormous troll proudly.
“–that was you, right, and I always made sure all my henchmen had the kind of helmets that covered the whole face, so an enterprising hero could disguise himself in one, and those come damn expensive, let me tell you.”

– on being a dark lord | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero


A/N: I laughed for about ten minutes after writing this.

30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

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9th October: pumpkin spice everything | feat. Loki

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