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Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff with a lil angst (I meant for this to be more angsty whoops lol)
Word count: 1,277

All you wanted was to sit on your couch in your favorite sweatpants, with the most comfortable sweater on, watching reruns of some dumb show. You had planned a day for nothing, to be in your own company, and not worry about how the world viewed you, just for the day. In fact, you were going to text your boyfriend not to check up on you, that you would be wrapped up in a blanket burrito for the majority of the day, probably.

It seems that fate had other plans.

Just as you closed the chat with Wonwoo, telling him not to come even a mile near your home, the doorbell rang. Groaning, you tossed off the mountain of blankets, and made your way over to the door. You checked the time on the clock just above the entrance. 12:08 pm, just an hour after you had first sat down to begin the day of nothing. You sighed and opened the door, revealing a slightly ruffled Wonwoo. Before you could even ask him what was he doing there, he opened his mouth to speak.

“Hi, I know you said not to even come near you, but in my defense, I was already here when you sent that text,” he said. “So do you want to go get ice cream?”

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Lost Souls (Pt. 11—the finale)

Copyright © btswritingsforyou. All Rights Reserved.

Genre: Fluff ; Angst (a lot) (sorry) ; implied smut | Ghost AU + Soulmate AU

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Length: 7,400 words

Synopsis: You were what they called stuck between living and ascending to the afterlife. You spent your days wondering the city trying to find any help; just anyone who could see you. You finally did, except he had to be your soulmate, your other half you left behind in death.

A/N: Presenting the super long awaiting (a month in the making) part 11, aka the finale!

All parts here

← prev. (pt. 10) |  next (epilogue) 

There was only one person you could go to. She would be the only person you could ask.

“Did your forgiveness not go as planned?” A simply smile was on the shamaness’ face. It was not to mock you, no. It was a knowing and sympathetic smile because she knew. She had known it wouldn’t go well, she expected it.

You shook your head and took a seat on the bench, folding your hands in your lap. Of all time, you could still try to remain composed.

“You cannot say words of forgiveness if it does not come from the heart.”

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Basically I Just Really Want a Sanders Sides Novel...

Sanders Sides—A Novel

By: Yours Truly (unless @thatsthat24 wants to adopt the rest…? *wink wink*)

Chapter 1—Thomas

I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen. And as you’ve probably figured out by now, I don’t swear a lot. So you know I’m being serious. I never wanted this to happen. But it did. So now I had to deal with it.

Logan was on all fours, holding his head and cringing.

Patton was blinking rapidly, looking around with his eyebrows lowered.

Both of their glasses now actually had lenses in them.

Roman was smoothing out his hair and his sash.

Virgil just sat on the stairs and watched.

“What… what just happened?” Patton asked curiously.

Roman rolled his eyes dramatically, as if the answer should have been obvious. 

“We split off from Thomas and became separate physical entities, of course!” Logan supplied, straightening his glasses and necktie.

“Wait so we’re really here?” Patton breathed, looking around the familiar apartment in awe.

“Duh,” Roman retorted.

I ran my hands through my hair—which was still purple even though Logan’s wasn’t for some reason—and sighed heavily. “This is a disaster,” I decided. “This is a complete disaster.”

Virgil snorted. “You said it, boss,” he remarked sarcastically.

It was Logan’s turn to be uncharacteristically confused. “Alright, but how exactly did this happen?”

I shrugged. “I dunno,” I replied. “I had a headache so I got some water and burrowed down to watch some Steven Universe or Stranger Things when the pain got really bad. It built and built to a tremendous amount of pressure and then it just… burst. When I looked up, you were all… here. But the pain is gone, so that’s good.”

Virgil gave me a confused look. “How are you in any way optimistic about this situation?” he demanded. “The four of us literally just burst out of your head into reality. There is no way this is a good thing!”

“But…” Logan began to protest. “We are all just visualized, mentally-projected aspects of Thomas’ single personality. We should not be able to be here in actual physical form. This doesn’t make any scientific sense whatsoever!”

“Cool your jets, Teach,” Virgil snapped. “Yeah this is bad but be grateful it’s not the end of the world.”

“Normally it’d be you, Mr. Sour Patch, being worried about this being the end of the world and Mr. Smarty-Britches over there assuring you—and by extension Thomas—that everything is going to be fine,” Roman pointed out, looking between Logan and Virgil with an interested expression on his face.

Patton wasn’t paying attention to them. He’d realized that the central column in the middle of the five of us that kept us separate was no longer there and had latched onto me in a tight hug that I was returning absentmindedly.

There was a brief moment of silence…

And then Virgil, Logan, and Roman all started talking at once. Patton perked up at the noise and promptly joined the conversation—if it could be called that.

I only caught snippets of what they were saying while I tried to rein them all in.

“Honestly I can’t see how this could get any worse—”

“—find some way to put us all back inside Thomas’ head—”

“—wonderful opportunity to explore the world!”

“–really exciting, but I’m a little confused…”

“ENOUGH!” I shouted, not being able to take the endless onslaught of my own voice from four different directions. The Sides went deathly quiet, four sets of my own eyes turning to look at me—which was more than a little unnerving. “Okay, just like in the videos, you need to take turns when you’re talking. Because millions of people may not be watching and silently judging—” Virgil clicked his tongue, acknowledging it was his fault I always wondered if my viewers were silently judging my videos. I shot him a silencing glare. “—but I’m still here and if you don’t all speak one at a time, that headache is going to come back.”

The four Sides all looked around at each other, and I had a vague memory of Roman mentioning the “others.” I knew I’d been planning on introducing other Sides at some undecided future date, but I hadn’t planned much out of that particular idea up until that point. I wondered for a moment if that was why they were all looking at each other. Like the headache coming back would make those potential others appear the way these guys did.

Oh man, I hoped not. I could barely handle the Big Four on my own and they’d only been in reality/existence for a couple minutes.

“Alright,” Roman began, taking the lead. “So what do we do?”

“Aaannnything we darn-well please!” Patton exclaimed excitedly.

“Whoa there, Patton,” Virgil chastised, gentler than he’d be with the others. “We can’t just go around doing whatever we want. The four of us aren’t… whole people. We’re not as complex as a normal human. Plus, Thomas is something of a public figure. Four extra people that suddenly look just like him, right down to the giant freckle behind his ear, would definitely be noticed.”

“BUT,” Roman interrupted, cutting Virgil off from whatever he was about to say next, “this does mean we could make the most amazing Sanders Sides video ever! We could all cross over into each other’s spaces, or even be in the same frame the entire time and it would be EPIC!”

“Pump the brakes, Princey,” I warned. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

Patton’s expression dropped. “Awww! Why not? That could be nifty!”

“It sounds like a headache,” Logan muttered. Patton didn’t hear him, thank heavens.

“Because, Pat,” I began, “if the Fanders somehow realized that it wasn’t some super-well-done split-screen effect, I’m pretty sure everything would fall apart and some people would certainly go ballistic.”

“Where’s Ballistic?” Patton inquired.

Logan face-palmed and grumbled something under his breath that I didn’t catch, but Virgil gave him a slightly startled expression.

“Wouldn’t’ve expected that out of you, Teach,” Virgil commented sharply.

“What’d he say?” I asked suspiciously.

“Y’know, honestly, I don’t think you want to know,” Virgil muttered darkly, adjusting the shoulders of his hoodie and sitting on the stairs where he usually stood for videos.

Or rather, where I usually stood to portray him as a character for videos.

“He means people would go crazy,” Logan explained to Patton impatiently.

“Ohhhhh that makes more sense…” Patton mused quietly.

“Serious-talk time!” Roman exclaimed loudly. “Really, what are we going to do?”

“The smart thing would be to figure out how we got out of Thomas’ head and then figure out a way to get back into Thomas’ head,” Logan replied self-importantly, once again straightening his glasses.

“You’re so smart,” Patton whispered, his hands covering his mouth.

Exasperated with the whole situation, I was really tempted to just face-plant my couch, call Joan, tell them about what was going on, and then let the Sides do their own thing. Logan could go teach at a university. Patton would adopt about a hundred dogs—and/or children. Roman would probably want to audition for a part at DisneyWorld or something. Virgil… I wasn’t entirely sure what he’d want to do with his new autonomous freedom. Maybe he’d just continue to sulk in corners and keep me up at night with strange questions like, “what lurks in the shadows when I go running at night” and so on.

“You know, that’s probably a safe idea,” Virgil agreed.

“Playing it safe isn’t adventurous!” Roman burst out before shaking his head and straightening his sash. “Sorry. Had to get that out there. Moving on—let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.” He cleared his throat. “Much as I hate to agree with the Nutty Professor and Sir Gloomy the First,” he continued, “that, actually, seems like our best option. I much prefer being part of a whole, rather than a whole myself who is missing pieces.”

“Look at my sons all agreeing with each other…” Patton murmured to me with a proud smile.

“They’re not… Never mind. Okay,” I muttered. “Whatever.” Was it even worth it? When I was in charge of the script, I had a lot more patience for these guys because I was delivering all the performances and they weren’t real. When they were actually in my living room, I couldn’t help but be irritated. They were a lot harder to handle when there was no editing magic involved.

“Right!” Roman barked brightly. “Let’s get down to business!” He paused for only a moment before continuing in song, “To defeat—the Huns!” He raised his samarai sword. “We have a quest to put ourselves back into Thomas’ head and set things right! It’s world-saving time!”

Virgil cocked an eyebrow. “I doubt our presence in the real world will result in the Apocalypse, Drama Queen,” he grumbled.

“I am a Prince, thank you very much!” Roman countered sharply.

“I can’t believe this is happening right now,” I muttered into my hand.

untoasted-toast  asked:

Hey what happened to the discord server? Did i miss smth?

yeah you did, *insert nervous laughter here*.
So here’s what happened to Witch’s Path: I was feeling overwhelmed by a lot of the drama going on behind the scenes. Initially, I wanted to close the server. The plan was to make an announcement and leave it open for at least a full day if not more so people could friend people, save resources and find other servers to move too. 
But Liv begged me to give her the server so she could be “the hero who saved the server” is how she put it multiple times I believe. I gave it to her because I was stressed and tired and she was begging so hard. 
When she had it, she began to completely overhaul it, and as expected, some people didn’t like the changes she made. She elected friends to the Go To position without consulting anyone. Not to say that they aren’t all completely capable witches/Magick Practitioners, just that people were frustrated for not being consulted. Most of the go tos that were elected during when I was running it left because they didn’t like what they were seeing. She condoned one of her new Go Tos bullying a member out of the server and even sending that member hateful messages after she left as “Just expressing an opinion”.
When she started receiving Criticism, Liv went on the defense, defending her actions thusfar, but she also began to panic. and she let that panic get the best of her. She posted an announcement in WP stating that she would be deleting it in 5 minutes. This caused a panic among members. Which is reasonable. She then deleted that message as I quickly slapped together a server for people to flood into as Liv changed her mind to deleting WP and starting from scratch with a new server. Then she scrapped the new server idea. 
She confronted me and attempted to blame me for not leaving her instructions on how to run the server in my absence. There is no Rule Book for being an Admin. Its half the stress of the job. I think me refusing to agree with her point of view made her snap and just delete the server outright. 
We fought after that, arguing about how I didn’t want her to be a mod on the new server I’m trying to build. She left our conversation, and appears to have blocked me on Discord. 
That, to my knowledge, is the whole truth of the matter, though I’m sure she would not agree with me. But I think i’ve set the record straight as best I can. 
I’m sorry this all had to happen, and that it happened in this way. please let me know if there’s something I can do to help you. 
- Aesa <3


Requested by theleaguewhoalwayslocked: Can I request Merlin x Reader imagine where reader is an agent of Russian equivalent of Kingsman and she is working with Kingsman and developing a big crush on Merlin. Merlin (though liking her as well) has no idea of her true feelings until Eggsy plays a matchmaker.
Pairing: Merlin x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1403

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to think this time last year we had: 

  • the most beautiful, seminal robron episode to date that kicked off an unforgettable week of emmerdale
  • an opening bath and bedroom scene
  • aaron dingle’s biceps
  • flirting and teasing
  • robert sugden’s heart eyes as he admires the man he loves
  • more confirmation that their sex life was is highly active and transcendental
  • robert planning a proposal to the man he loves 
  • him wanting it to be in the barn they shared their affair memories with for sentimental reasons 
  • it actually ending up being mid argument at the roadside with a kidnapped lunatic teenager in the boot in the car they’d fly into a lake and nearly drown in
  • the entire situation obviously turning out to be a disaster but in the most domesticated running theme of an aaron and robert way
  • plenty of funny and historic and gasping and emotional and teary and picturesque and HD sensationally stunning moments 
  • so much softness and epic romance
  • the literal best content straight out of fanfic
  • a very happy fandom running wild for all the right reasons
  • danny and ryan falling in love underwater in a london studio whilst trapped in a car 

fast forward a year and we have:

  • aaron and robert being the worst kind of exes with profound feelings 
  • aaron and robert being married but not actually together
  • because robert knocked up the estranged sister of home farm whilst aaron was getting abused and taking drugs in prison
  • and now he’s irrationally unhinged and desperate for dominance without his moral compass by his side 
  • attached to a family most of the viewers despise
  • where one of those members is lawrence white the man who has always had the hots for robert and who is being played to that advantage
  • now thinking he is romantically latched on to him because robert is an absolute fool who likes to make life difficult and will stretch to great extremity by making him believe they’re an item to scheme his way into power
  • that hat trick well and truly being completed
  • whilst aaron disappears off on holiday healing and coping as well as he can
  • a lot of shudders and cringing and HOW DO I UNSEE SOMETHING AND I CAN’T WATCH and let me just lay here to die
  • an expectation of thinking it can’t get any worse or we can’t be anymore shocked only to have emmerdale accept the challenge
  • sheer frustration 
  • actual torture
  • stress, stress, and more stress
  • plenty of pain and suffering and  non-happy tears
  • many breakdowns
  • from us and the boys
  • theories and humour left, right, and centre to help us cope with the hardship
  • an uptight, partially destroyed fandom who are v emotionally scarred and v fragile and clinging on for dear life
  • a promised robron reunion and sappy christmas central ep where robert jacob sugden most likely comes crashing down 
  • but still not being entirely sure how on earth we’ll reach this point
  • knowing well and truly the love between these soulmates is still tangible in abundance 
  • danny and ryan also being even more in love which is probably the only positive






Sonny remembered perfectly the day that picture of Will had been taken. 

February 15, 2014. 

They started the day with a breakfast in bed consisting of pancakes made from scratch, strawberries and whipped cream (Will had joked they were turning into John and Marlena) and mimosas. 

After a lazy make out session, Will broke away, claiming he had to run an errand. When he returned with a ring for Sonny and they made their engagement official, they spent the rest of the morning telling their parents they were getting married. 

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Today I am grateful for a relaxing evening.  I had all kinds of plans for tonight: Dishes, laundry, cleaning, maybe even cook a big batch of something…and then my commute happened.

The highway that I normally take was literally stopped due to a car fire.  So, I took the other highway.  The other highway was jammed up, first due to traffic avoiding the car fire, then due to a wreck.  It took me more than an hour to get home, which gave me plenty of time to come up with my “If my commute home takes more than an hour I’m not doing shit” rule.  (For the record, it took me 20 minutes to get to work this morning)

So!  When I got home, I played Stardew Valley.  I took a really hot bath.  I watched Wakakozake.

Wakakozake is the most soothing TV drama I’ve ever seen.  It’s a Japanese show (subtitled on crunchyroll! here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/wakakozake-drama/episode-10-simmered-kinmedai-693167) about an office lady who goes out for dinner and drinks after work.  The focus is on the food and the drinks; every once in a while, viewers get a glimpse of Wakako’s work or personal life, but mostly, it’s about the food.  And it is wonderful.

Now I’m getting ready to go to bed, early, because that’s exactly what I want to do.

Nest Moot

A continuation of something I didn’t actually think anyone would read. Enjoy, nerds.

The sol had come. Plans for travel were set, dates agreed upon, alternate sleep spaces arranged for in case of an…unfavorable outcome. The meeting was upon us, and I had never been more afraid in all of my zir-cycles, Tormund-mine. I could only hope that upon our imminent and violent ends that we would find ourselves together once more in the dead lands of the tenth realm.

“Rex, sweetheart, you’re white. Like, my lily-white ass white. I’ve gotta say, I find myself worried when my big, bad-ass, warrior-raised, significant other is worried.”
“I am not-”
“Listen here, asshole, you don’t lie to me! And you had better not try, you big fucking mood ring!”

I had chosen not to respond to your, colorful, exclamations. You were visibly tense, and excitable in your fear. The only color you seemed to possess were the faint outlines of the inked replica of my personal markings atop your shoulders and neck, which were also white in that moment.

“Tormund-mine. Nearest my hearts, I am worried yes, but you should not concern yourself with my own misgivings.”
“Misgivings? That’s the word you’re going with? Riddle me this, R’Xniir, are the misgivings towards me, or the reactions your parents will have to me? When were you going to share these ‘misgivings’, before or after your daddy-boy complex kicked in and their disapproval meant you breaking up with me?!”

“Only six cycles and you have already caused your partner to be so angered? To have such doubts in you? I had thought we had raised you better, R’Xniir.”
“Warm winters, Duir’nt, Dair’nt.”
“Warm winters, errant-egg. Bring your other inside, he appears frozen stiff. Did you not counsel him on the climate, or think to prepare him at all?”

I was scolded by Dair’nt as Duir’nt led you inside with a firm grip on your shoulder. You were dwarfed by his four meter stature, large even among our kind. You had looked backwards to me, angry and pleading both. I could do nothing, with Dair’nt demanding to know how they had raised such a mistake in my raising that they had produced a Glortarn capable of such neglect. I assure you, my future desires for communication and openness stemmed solely from this event.

“Be seated here, please. The rocks are heated most centrally in this den by the subterranean hot springs.”
“Thanking you kindly, Sir. It was a mite bit chilly outside.”
“I will speak with R’Xniir on this matter. His oversigght will not be repeated.”
“I don’t think that’s necessary, Sir. Your husband seems to have him well in hand at the moment.”
“You may address us as our hatchlings do. I am Duir’nt and my other is Dair’nt. Second and first sire, respectively.”
“Are you sure? It seems a bit like jumping the gun, don’t you think?”
“I do not, think of us as your own sires henceforth. In all of his zir-cycles, R’Xniir has never brought a partner home to us. Never. You are special to him, and therefore to us, and we want to acknowledge and encourage the trust and faith he has shown in us.”
“You have to realize how rare it is to find parents so accepting, even now-a-days.”
“T’Xrein and myself have always strived for an open and safe home to raise our clutch in, especially after their Beir’nl left.”
“I didn’t think Glortarn left bindings? Something about souls and changes in hormones and base physiology?”
“If the bind is even, equal, and loving, then such a thing is impossible. Unfortunately, Y’meir faded from our bond of her own choosing. T’Xrein and I have tried to fill the void left by their brood-bearer, but we can never really know how well a job we have done as ‘Nt.”
“…I think you’ve done a wonderful job.”
“Thank you, Tormund, that warms my hearts to hear. Now! Do you require nourishment? We do not usually receive human guests, unless Slaa’rn has returned with a bedmate.”

By this moment, I had escaped Dair’nt and his disapppointed ranting. I stood for a moment in the archway between dens while you two conversed, glad to see you comfortable and warm and open with someone besides myself. Duir’nt was charmed even then, and you would never lose his regard, of this I felt assured. You had not even noticed that by this point in our visit that he had covered you in a homespun blanket, placed a mug of warm spiced aitle milk in your hand, and had nested you closer into his glittering side. Truly, there was no end to his sire-fussing.

“Duir’nt, I love you with all of my three hearts.”
“The pot is on the warming stone. Prepare it yourself.”
“You cannot be angered with me still, Duir’nt?”
“Permit me to recall, then, the past eleven cycle’s worth of transmissions to ourselves, and their contents. Tormund, Tormund, and Tormund. When the much anticipated meet was to come, I discover that my nestling has been negligent in preparations for his more susceptible partner. Reproachful in itself, I am also made aware that my nestling does not even trust his Dair’nt or his Duir’nt to be civil, much less welcoming and genial, towards him and his chosen. Have we failed you that dearly, that you have lost your faith in us? Were we so wrong in teaching you of expected patterns of behavior when dealing with a partner that you did not even offer him a coat when the subject of temperature reached you space-addled brain?!”

“Do not pout, R’Xniir. Your Duir’nt is only hurt that you believed him unable to accept you unconditionally. Make your drink and make your peace with him.”
“Dair’nt? I did not truly believe that, of either of you. I was scared, irrationally so. I do love you. You are assured of this?”
“Of course, R’Xniir. Everything will be fine. Let us warm ourselves in the gathering den, yes?”

With my Dair’nt beside me, standing with his own head yet above my own, and with one strong limb around my shoulders, I was safe. Yet a hatchling. Duir’nt would not be upset forever, and no irreparable harm had been done to our own partnership. Yourself and Duir’nt had progressed to discussing my clutch-mates. Slaa’rn and his escapades amused you greatly, the mood reflectant ink of your tattoos a vibrant green and gold as you spoke. I had hastened to nestle into Duir’nt on his unoccupied side. He did not turn to face me, but his outer casing softened as I leaned into his body and his hand toyed gently with the lines of frills atop my head. Much the same as he had in my youth. I was forgiven.

Duir’nt loved you, even then, Tormund-mine. He loved you and yearned fiercely for you to love him as well. To come to him as any hatchling would in need of support and comfort and security. I had not spoken much of my ‘Nt to you by that point, but they knew much of you. They knew that my Georgia-love of Earth did not have sires or bearers who loved beyond reason and doubt. They knew that your own had given you up after kissing Jimmy-once-yours in first grade.

You had not known it then, but Dair’nt had already seen to their ruin by your first meeting. Duir’nt could not comprehend a conditional sire. He grieved for you, then, and I believe that he had decided to love you and make you his own hatchling as soon as he knew of what had passed.

We spoke for some time in the gathering den that first evening. I stayed curled near Duir’nt, you attempted to spend time bonding physically equally between Duir’nt and Dair’nt. They were amused and charmed by your attempt, you are not an especially gregarious person by nature, outspoken only when truly comfortable with a person, always willing to listen and enter in a conversation when prompted. You soon fell asleep against me, your own 2.13 meter frame nestled completely into my own 3.4. Curled entirely into my lap, warm and full from the evening meal, Dair’nt and Duir’nt left for their own den soon after, whispering well wishes and warm nights.

The remainder of our sojourn to Glortar passed much as we had hoped for. Slaa’rn was accepting, cavalier, and brought home a different bedmate for each of the fourteen sol of our stay. Lir’nuu terrified and inspired you. I assure you, this is most everyone’s reaction to her. I am positive it stems from her position as chief interrogator for the Glortar Intergalactic Intelligence Agency. I was struck with dread upon realizing that you and Tir’lt should never have met. Two dangerously experimental engineers, too smart for anyone’s peace of mind, with no thought to whether something should be done, only whether it could be? Lix’tt, the only other Glortarn with personal experience concerning your personal projects, cried upon your first collaboration. Salt and liquid leaked from all four of his eyes, Tormund-mine.

Regardless, my clutch-mates accepted you, Dair’nt and Duir’nt adored you, and we had survived the visitation unscathed.

“Do you remember this, Rex?”
“What is ‘this’. Tormund-heart. I am preparing our luggage for our journey to Slaa’rn and Natalia’s binding.”
“The three page journal entry you wrote after our first visit to Da and Du.”
“Ah. That. Yes.”
“Yes, that. You did remember to pack my coat from HotH.4.2, right?”
“I am going to bury you in the thrice damned thing if you continue to speak of that incident, Tormund-mine.”

Blog Update - On Hiatus for Oct

G’day! I feel like a jerk because it’s been radio silence from me since submissions closed in Sept. O.o

I had everything planning for Halloween theme for Oct, but then… I moved house and RL and work got insane so I just had to drop everything and focus on that. I’m planning on opening submissions up for November, the theme will be Soul Mates.


Today has been the first time I’ve actually had time to sit down and do nothing…

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely love your blog, it's helping me learn enough to convert. I recently got in touch with my local rabbi and she is very helpful! Do you have any advice on telling my anti-religious family that I plan on converting? Sorry if you already answered an ask like this, I'm on mobile so it's difficult to find it! Also any advice you have would be more than appreciated! Thank you :)

Hi there,

I have not written anything about this topic because I have no experience in this department.  I have a feeling that the rabbi who you are chatting with might have a better grasp on how to work with challenging family members as I am sure many of my followers have.  

Followers- have you had to tell a family member something challenging such as conversion?  Do you have any advice for our anon here?

Also, you can always feel free to reach out to me personally via direct message.  I would love to help you in any way that I might be able to, even if its just listening to your story!

Let me know!


uniiversaalrerum  asked:

hey there! what are your top 5 warriors duos? whether they're romantic, platonic, friendship, etc i wanna know!

ooooooo nice nice!!!!! TY FOR THIS QUESTION

- darkstripe & mapleshade [sorta a platonic ‘im putting up w/ u’ thing, not romantic, sorta pals]

- jayfeather & briarlight [best buddies 4ever]

- not a duo but longtail, mousefur, & purdy as friends will ALWAYS be one of my faves

- tigerstar & whitestorm [why wasnt this planned out more….like i wish the erins had planned out this bromance from the beginning bc seeing whitekit and tigerkit being so close was adorable]

- firestar & graystripe Always as buds, romantic, etc

anonymous asked:

Hey man! Saw your post and I wanted to help ya out, sooo I've kinda had this thought of Tom proposing in Alaska underneath the northern lights recently, thoughts? Hope you're doing ok! -💙

i am doing okay!!! and oh my goodness this is such a unique and lovely idea??

i actually used to live in alaska and i can tell you the northern lights are even more stunning in person than in pictures (obviously). so i can just imagine tom is there in alaska with you for a short vacation, planned just so you both could see the northern lights. it’s freezing, obviously, but you’ve brought thermoses of cocoa and sweet, hot tea, and each other. tom has his (chilly) hand wrapped around yours, staring at you while you watch the sky incredulously(“tom.. they’re so stunning, the northern lights. i can’t fucking believe it.”).
he agrees, but the only thing he can focus on is how mesmerizing your face looks beneath the pale light from the sky and the velvet box in his pocket. he pulls it out, shaking like a leaf, but you chock it up to the temperature. as you press against him to preserve warmth, tom releases your hand, fumbling for the box.
“angel, you know i’d preserve this moment if i could,” he’d say unevenly, grinning wildly. you’ve not looked down at his hands as he says, “but the one thing i really want forever is the only thing more stunning than the sky tonight.” snow crunches as he turns to face you, opens the box, and bites his lip. tears are already cascading down your cheeks as he says something about how much he loves you and you’re holding out your cold hand for him to slip the ring on before you can even speak.
“is that a yes?” tom would ask, crying along aith you, but reaching to brush your cheeks dry. “careful, darling, your tears’ll freeze to your cheeks.”
your body reacts before your vocal chords and you kiss him, shaking from your excitement more than the cold now. he’s holding you so tight and you can hardly breathe, but not because of the intensity of his embrace.
“i’m so in love with you,” you whisper when you pull away, “and i would say yes a thousand times over if i could.”

and so it’s there, under the technicolor dream of a sky, that you say yes.
The Flash Reborn Thoughts

The Flash is back with an all new season. The show runners have promised that this season would be lighter since season 3 got so dark and it looks like it’s going to deliver. Candice and Grant had amazing performances this episode, especially Candice and I’m glad the media is giving her some well deserved credit.  To start off I loved the dynamic of the team with Wally and Cisco in the field, Joe being the bad ass cop he is and Iris leading the team and it looks like that’s how it’s gonna stay all season even with Barry back. Cisco and Iris’s clashing over getting Barry back was so well portrayed by Candice and Carlos. They both desperately wanted Barry back but were dealing with it differently. Cisco was the more optimistic of the two, he had a plan to get Barry back and was willing to try it. Iris on the other hand, of course she wants him back he’s the love of her life but that’s the very reason she was butting heads with Cisco she didn’t want to get her hopes up and have it not work because it would be like losing him all over again. Obviously, it works and he’s out due to Cisco and Caitlin developing a sphere that tricks the speed force into thinking Barry is still in there.  The look on Iris’s when they went to the police station and her seeing Barry for the first time in months to her realizing he’s not himself broke my heart. Candice is an actress most of Iris’s emotions were shown through her facial expressions. That scene with scrambled Barry at the also broke my heart because at the beginning of the episode she was being shut off but being alone with him even in that state especially because he was in that state she started to crumble and let herself be vulnerable. Speaking of scrambled Barry, major props to Grant because Barry was all over the place and he did a great job at portraying that. When Barry was in his beautiful mind phase like Cisco called it he was spouting off things from his past randomly with the emotions that come with it but also he was spouting random lines that we haven’t heard him say yet like “we’re gonna need more diapers” the tornado twins are coming it’s just a matter of when and how. Now let’s talk about Iris being Barry’s lightning rod, a term the show has yet to use but it’s clearly evident because just one touch and he started running all over the lab. Also, The Flash took over Barry’s body and got him to snap out of his scramble. When Barry did snap out of his scramble he had no memory of what happened in the speed force or after he got out. Barry and Iris have been reunited with an epic reunion, Barry (who is actually the fastest man now imagine that) was dodging falling windmills left and right. Once they were safe and the samurai robot was down Barry sets her down in the middle of the field and she said, “Barry, you came back to me.” He responds by saying, “Always.” What kind of beautiful, iconic romance is this? This episode was a great start to the season I’m happy that they’re letting Barry and Iris be happy for once and it’s nice that Iris is getting to express more of her emotions and Candice is already getting rave reviews for those scenes. We’ve got some great stuff coming up and I can’t wait to see it!

hi, I miss you guys!

Sorry for the brief absence, your girl has been very busy & stressed with school as well as minor (but majorly annoying) medical problems on top of my other ones. I had a very bad day & in result of my anxiety attack I had a migraine for a few days after, so that’s another reason. I’m also annoyed because I really like what I’m writing now (coffeeshop au w/ Steve) & I’m sad I haven’t had the time or energy to write when I want to.

Buuut I miss you guys and since things have calmed down a little & I have more of a plan for school, I’m hoping to get some writing done tomorrow and to actually get on & interact besides liking fics tonight before I fall asleep, haha.

I love you all & I hope you’re having a good day/night <3

anonymous asked:

Heya boss, what up and coming fics and projects do you have in store for us? I always look forward to you posting stuff!

Uh, let’s see:

Platonic Week is coming up, and I have plans for at least five of the days: We’ll see how far I get in that, and if I managed to sneak over the finish line with any more.  There’s another fic in there I need to do but it’s a sekrit.

After that, I have Shiro Week to do, and we’ll see how many days of that I’ll get as well.  I haven’t started on any of them yet, alas.  Haven’t had time.

There’s also a project that’s a S4 response where Lotor and Shiro’s past gets explored that I need to figure out the structure of, that Sheith fic I’ve been threatening for nearly a year now, a Park Ranger AU (yes really), and the Sven and Slav conquer the Universe series.  I also have plans for more of Don’t Let’s Start.

In between all that, there’s prompt fills, porn projects, and the sequel to Shook the Bones of Me that I still owe you guys.

I’m a busy toaster.

Unfortunately, right now I can’t exactly say when I’ll post next.  Prompts and porn are probably next out of the gate, and Platonic Week is in less than two weeks, so we’ll see.  But I’m basically out: I posted most everything I’d written pre S3 by design, just in case it went in a direction I didn’t like.  So now I’ve got to build my stocks back up.

Expect a lil bit of radio silence from me.  Except porn.  

Inktober day 17 - A back up plan

I had originally planned on doing another complex piece for today but I got too overambitious with some watercolors and… let’s just say it went south pretty fast. I’m not too good at making full colored pieces on the spot as I usually need more than a day to plan, sketch, color, and complete. Yesterday was pretty much a fluke. So here’s a cat off to go fishing! I love cats so I was very happy to work on such a cute illustration. Also, hi to all the lovely new followers! I’ll try not to post so late, but on top of the water color fiasco, today was unbearably busy!

Please do not edit or repost without permission.

yoshimicherryopal  asked:

Hi, um, I was reading a fic and when I opened Tumblr again it stopped working and I lost it. In the fic (it had two parts) Roman has a crush on Patton and wants to ask him out, so he goes to Logan's room to ask for a memory when Thomas was on NY with friends. Then, he goes to the common room and Patton is with Virgil who is playing Ocarina of Time. I couldn't read more, but if you need more details just ask! I read the fic on Tumblr, but it was also an AO3. Thanks!!

Worth It - @princeofdespair (AO3 link - x - PrinceofDespair)

Roman’s plan is simple. Ask Patton out, enjoy a romantic evening together, sweep him off his feet and confess his ever burning love for him. Patton will be enamored, of course, and the two will immediately enter into a passionate relationship and live happily ever after. Easy…right? 

I read this a few days ago and I love it so much…

~ Mod Mek

i thought i could never be more indebted to norway than for the fact that they gave me skam, but it turns out that they opened a new cheap-ass airline that goes straight from denver all over europe for like a third of what the price used to be. and because of this, all the other airlines had to drop their prices to be competitive. 

i could fly to london, paris, amsterdam, berlin, rekjavik or oslo RETURN for like $450