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Royalty AU - Prince Nathaniel of the Kurtzberg Kingdom

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(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Alix, Kim) (more classmates coming soon)

Between Scenes

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 637

Warnings: just some fluffy smut.

A/N: Welcome to the next wave of the Smut Storm…

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The turning of the doorknob made your stomach whirl with anticipation as you sprawled out on the small bed in Jensen’s trailer. It had been a while since you had surprised him at work, and you knew he loved surprises. Especially this kind…

You listened intently to the movements at the front of the trailer, making sure there were no other visitors before adjusting the tiny, lace nightie you had saved for an occasion like this. His footsteps stomped closer to the sleeping area. Then, he pulled the curtains back, revealing you sprawled out on his bed.

Oh wow.” His voice was barely a whisper as he stared at you, wide eyed. Perfect. That was just the reaction you were looking for.

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

This moment turned out to be super interesting for me.  I mean, I liked Jane’s line about, “As excuses go… it’s not terrible.”  Adorable!  And I was initially more focused on the slapping (which I’m deliberately skipping over in this liveblog because I feel like I’ve done enough crabbing and I really have nothing good to say about that, because it’s played for slapstick, but it’s really gross behavior and I hate the writers for including it, it does not make her more plucky or interesting or whatever, it just shows how flat the writing is for her that they go to such depths, BLEH /rant over), but when going through this scene a second time….

You know what’s really, really missing from this conversation?  Any mention of Loki.

Understandable about the Bifrost being broken, so he couldn’t go see her.  But he came to Midgard not for the Chitauri, because he had no idea they were coming.  He came for Loki and the Tesseract.  But he doesn’t mention Loki here at all.  And that reminded me that nobody else mentioned Loki during the previous scenes, even when it’s obvious that Thor has a very heavy heart these days.  They always assume it’s about Jane.

But, given the level of emotional investment The Avengers put into the Thor & Loki relationship, given how much this movie puts emphasis (if not actual amount of time) on the Thor & Loki relationship, given how there’s even an entire mini-documentary to sum up the Thor & Loki relationshp, I find it very unlikely that Thor’s not thinking about him, that his heavy heart isn’t about Loki in a lot of ways.

Instead, I think, Thor doesn’t mention Loki.  No one else in Asgard (aside from Frigga—and we see that in the deleted scene later)(and I’ve talked about Odin before, but he’s not outwardly conflicted about Loki) feels terribly conflicted about Loki, no one else is so very angry at him but still loves him underneath that, even if Thor is trying to cut Loki out of his life.  He doesn’t correct anyone when they think he’s brooding over Jane, because they all seem to think that’s either a phase that will pass or else it just simply is easier to talk about.

If you tried to talk about Loki, it brings up so much vicious anger and poison from everyone around them (because they’re angry at Loki for betraying and trying to kill Thor, because they’re angry about the heavy heart that Loki gives Thor) and also just… I’ve always seen Thor as the type who… he’s incredibly direct and straightforward about his feelings.  He says what he feels and he knows himself very well.

Even when you have scenes like, “When you betray me, I’ll kill you.”, it’s the thing he needs to say for both their benefits, to establish a line in the sand.  I don’t think Thor really meant it, but that it was what needed to be said.  He later says, “I wish I could trust you.”  And that’s 100% Thor knowing himself and how he feels, while not being blind to the situation.

But, at the same time, I think Thor’s relationship with Loki is complicated and not everyone understands and Thor doesn’t always want to share it with others, especially when he doesn’t want to hear about Loki for awhile.  So, he lets people think that he’s thinking of Jane.  So, he doesn’t mention Loki when explaining why he didn’t go see her.  

And leaving out that he COULD have gone to see her, which is important because… when Thor is face to face with her, he feels a lot of those protective feelings coming back.  Here is someone who is happy to see him, here is someone he can protect, here is someone he can make a difference with.  Here is someone he can make things better with.

Here is someone who was emotionally supportive when he needed it, here is someone who needs his help, here is someone he remembers as being fiercely passionate about her research and study, here is someone he just likes.  I tend to think Thor knows his heart pretty well and, between just not wanting to talk about Loki, as well as that relationship isn’t for others to understand, he just… doesn’t bring Loki up.

(And this interpretation isn’t going to be for everyone, you can disagree and that’s fine.  But you’ll never not convince me that, no matter whom else Thor genuinely cares about, that Loki will not always be the most important person in his life and his heart, whether or good or bad.)


So… My dad actually told me an idea he had for the Bayformers movies that I thought was super cute and I felt the need to share it with you guys~~ hehehe

Anyway, the idea. My dad is like me and we’re like “-.-” over these forced human romances and focus.

SO, his idea was to eliminate all that human romance bleh (which in this case of the new TF4 movie would be no Tessa and Shane characters) and INSTEAD, make the more romantic focus on the robots.

And by that, he meant have Optimus be clearly attracted to another robot (Elita-One, in the case of Optimus) and have him be kind of awkward/embarrassed about it and Cade Yeager actually try to help the mech out and give him some (very useful and helpful) advice here and there, all while still having all the amazing fighting and shitz going on. :3

Maybe you don’t agree with me, but I just thought it would be a cute idea ^w^

Meeh, it makes me so bleh to see how young Koju looks in his CGs. The sprites are more or less okay-ish, but the CGs… 

If Koju would’ve had to be a “teen dad” to actually be MC’s dad, then he should be 30-something. And at 30-something Japanese people still look pretty young, BUT IT MAKES ME SO DISSATISFIED CAUSE EVERYONE KEEPS ON SAYING HOW OLD AND MATURE HE IS BAH (and I figure war stress woulda made him look older than modern Japanese peoples)

Also, drawing the body before the head is bad idea. I will never ever do it again. Someone suggested to me that I try that method because it’s supposed to be easier to keep proportions… NOPE. Lies!