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I’m Happy With Her (Dan x Reader)

Warnings: None

You sit on Dan’s bed, scrolling through the live stream chat on your phone. Dan had just started his live stream, and you weren’t in the mood to be in it but still wanted to be near Dan. You and him had announced your relationship just a week ago and haven’t gotten the chance to see how the fans took it. By your guess, most of them would be really mad at you and saying how your broke Phan, and other crap. 

“Hey Rowan, Mike, Micheal, Avery, Carley, John, Ashley-” You hear Dan say as he reads off of the chat. “Oh the reason I sound different is because I have been sick the past two days.” 

“I told you take the cold medicine before the live stream but you wouldn’t do it,” You tell Dan. 

“Sorry about her, she just doesn’t know when to stop talking,” Dan jokes. 

“Oh sut up Howell,” You say, you grab one of Dan’s pillows and fling it across the room, hitting Dan. 

“Thanks for that Y/N” Dan says with a laugh. He turns back around to continue with his live stream. 

Relationship Goals! You read off of the chat. Some of the fans seemed to be reacting alright, respecting Dan but others were bashing out. For instance you read a comment saying that you don’t deserve Dan and should break up with him. Then again this just general hate. 

“Daaaaaannnnn I’m hungry,” You say. 

“Then get your lazy but up!” Dan jokes again. You squirm off of the bed and walk over, waving at the web camera. 

“Hey guys,” You say. The chat then began to explode with comments about you. 

Aw they are so cute. I ship it!

Why are they even together? 

What about Phan?!

Y/N doesn’t deserve Dan. 

Ugh it’s Y/N

I wish they would break up. 

“This needs to stop it is getting annoying and all of you are being a bunch of twats,” Dan begins. 

“It’s fine Dan,” You tell him. 

“No its not,” Dan replies. “I get that some of you may be mad but telling someone they don’t deserve someone or wishing that they would break up is rude. We are real people, not fictional characters.” 

“I wouldn’t mind being a fictional character though,” You cut in, trying to break the seriousness. 

“Y/N I’m trying to be serious,” Dan says, trying not to laugh. 

“Well you aren’t doing a good job re you?” You reply. 

“I love Y/N alright? She makes me happy, and it still means Phil and I will remain friends. I’m not going anywhere I would never do that to Phil,” Dan says. “So all of you need to just accept that I’m happy with her.” You smile and lean in to kiss Dan on the cheek but he turns his head causing you to kiss his ear. 

“You missed,” Dan says. You smiled again and this time you kissed him on the lips. You then walk out of Dan’s room and into the kitchen.


Michael Flynn last July: “If I did a tenth of what [Hillary Clinton] did, I would be in jail”

Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has resigned just weeks after the new president took office. The resignation came after questions grew over whether Flynn had deliberately lied to Vice President Mike Pence and the FBI over phone calls with a Russian envoy on December 29, which may have violated federal law.

On social media, a few Trump critics were quick to point out the hypocrisy that led Flynn to this moment. During the July 2016 Republican National Convention, in which Trump accepted his nomination to run for president, Flynn joined crowds in chanting, “Lock her up!” in reference to Hillary Clinton, who had been accused of mishandling classified information by using a private email server. As the crowd chanted, Flynn said, “If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today.” (The FBI concluded that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against Clinton over the email issue.)

Flynn, meanwhile, was forced to resign a few weeks after he and Trump took office. According to US officials who spoke to the Washington Post and New York Times, Flynn had reportedly spoken to the Russian envoy about sanctions imposed on Russia and hinted that Trump would be willing to lift them. That may have put Flynn in violation of the Logan Act, an obscure law that prohibits people outside the executive branch from making foreign policyon behalf of the US administration. But no one has ever been prosecuted under the law, making a prosecution’s future uncertain.

The problems arose when it later came out that Flynn had lied to not only Pence about the phone call — but also the FBI. That could put him in the path of more serious criminal charges for lying to law enforcement investigators.

In his resignation letter, Flynn said that during “the fast pace of events” of the Trump transition period, he “inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.” It’s hard to imagine him accepting a similar excuse if Clinton had done something similar.


Deal with the Boss

Mafia Boss!T.O.P.
Chapters: [1],[2],[3],[4],[
Words: 16.9
Mention of guns, blood, and smut in this chapter

A/N: I actually included smut in this chapter and this is my first time with it oh gosh

Originally posted by royalseunghyun

The only thing I could hear was yelling and a gunshot, the place going silent before I heard Mike yelling at someone. This really wasn’t any way to wake up from a nap, but I knew someone was either in trouble or Mike needed help with what he was doing.

My head rested on the table, my body hunched over while my hands were on my lap. My phone was on the table next to my head, the light at the opening corner blinking an orange color to show I had a text. I ignored the yells, going through the text I had.

Seunghyun: Princess, are you free tonight?

I stared at the text, thinking over on what I had planned before sighing heavily, locking my phone and ignoring it for a bit longer, I had to find out what the yelling was about anyway.

I sat up from my chair, yawning a bit before making my way out of the office to be greeted by more yelling and men arguing.

I walked over, keeping my distance from Mike who was waving a gun around like a madman as he continued yelling. “I need you all to just understand the situation!” Mike yelled.

“Boss, you’re crazy! How are we going to in there and try to find answers when they’re trying to kill us? They could be planning something and lie about it!” One of the men yelled. Mike huffed in annoyance, shaking his head and rubbing his temple.

“I’ll go,” I volunteered, not even knowing what the conversation was about. Mike turned to me,  sighing before shaking his head.

“Y/N, remember what you told me about that guy said about BigBang?” I nodded, looking at the men. “I’m sending a few men to investigate why they said that. So the last thing I want is to send you and have Seunghyun or anyone else to follow you.”

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allow me the influence

romanceisreal prompted: Mike takes their kid(s?) to a game that Ginny’s pitching and narrates the whole thing for them! 

which, okay. I’m not necessarily huge on kid!fic, but this got to me.

read it on ao3!

“Auntie Ev!” 

Evelyn Sanders had been trying to convince Gabe to put his phone away for two minutes. Marcus, at least, was busy staring at Daniella Arguella in something akin to awe. Not that Dani, as a newly minted college freshman, noticed. 

At the sound of that familiar voice, though, she turned away from her progeny.

Just in time for a a rogue toddler to barrel into her shins. 

“Miss Ruby,” Evelyn greeted with a grin, swooping down to scoop up the four-year-old escape artist. The little girl in her arms giggled, dimples on display. “Where did you come from?”

“My house!” she declared proudly, throwing her arms wide. Even Evelyn’s surly teenage boys had to crack a smile at her exuberance. 

Daniella drifted over, making silly faces to keep Ruby giggling. “Your house? But how did you get here, then?”

“Daddy!” It was both an answer and a greeting.

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: The way Lawson turns off his TV (with his potential replacement’s stupid face mocking him) and his house is completely silent and he looks around sadly and instead of just sitting there nursing his beer he picks up his phone and calls Ginny freakin’ Baker because she’s someone who makes him smile and he wants to make her laugh because they both had a rough day or two and he just wants someone to talk to at night, you know?


“Mariah Carey, after divorcing Tommy, came to me crying. She was crying so badly I had to hold her. And she said to me, that ‘This is an evil man. And, Michael, this man follows me.’ she said. He taps her phones, and he’s very, very evil and she doesn’t trust him. And he is a horrible human being. And we have to continue our drive until he’s terminated. We can’t allow him to do this to great artistry, we just can’t.”

Michael Jackson speech against Sony in London, 2002.

twilightprince102  asked:

What if Mike was actually an extreme lightweight when it came to drinking and the gang found out between a drinking contest between him and Eddie

Send me “What if” + a prompt and I’ll write a drabble based off of it.

Buster Moon sat at his new and improved desk, scrawling away at some paperwork he had to fill out. It was late, well, it was early, but the koala didn’t mind. He didn’t have a show to run until the evening. 

The phone next to him rang, and he curiously picked it up and held it to his ear.


“Hey Buster.” a familiar voice piped up from the other end. 

“Eddie? What are you doing calling me so late?” 

“Well, I was out for a quick drink, and then Mike showed up, he was already drunk, and then he wanted to having a drinking contest, and now he’s yelling at everyone in the bar.”

A bottle smashed in the background of Eddie’s line, and a very groggy voice swore in the back. 

“Please help.”

“Hold on, I’ll be there in a minute.” Moon sighed, and after getting the name of the bar, set out on his new bicycle. 

Moon entered the bar, just as a mug was thrown next to him, he quickly ducked out of the way as it smashed into the door behind him.

He looked over at the bar and saw a very embarrassed Eddie and a swearing white mouse that stood on a stool, demanding another drink from the bar tender.

“I already told you, I can’t give you anymore!” said the large cat behind the counter. 

“You canna!” Mike said, swaying back and forth. “Do you know who I am? I’m Mike goddamn Cirocco! And I want another drink!” he said leaning backwards.

“Okay! Okay Mike that’s enough!” Moon rushed over and caught the mouse before he fell. “Let’s get you back to the theater, we can call Nancy to take you home.”

“Nooooo. I don’t wanna leave.”

“Yeah, well everyone else wants you to leave.” says Eddie with a slight laugh. The chuckle was soon silenced by a glare from Buster.

The koala formally apologized to the bar tender and everyone else in the bar, he gently placed Mike in his satchel, gestured for Eddie to follow, and left the bar.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you were going to write part 2 of The Unrequited? Either way, I have a request for you: Someone is stalking Buster but he won't tell the family (the group) because he is scared the stranger will hurt them.

Nice! Now before we begin, I’m going to connect this short story/prompt with another some of you may remember aka this one anyways- I hope you enjoy!


He had been laying awake for the past hour or so, due to his phone buzzing off.

Some of the messages were from the theatre gang with simple questions like “When will our next meeting/practice be?” or “Could I talk to you?” and some were just complaints.

But there was a full row of messages from a person who had been messaging him for weeks, yet Unknown. It was their name according to the messages. They sent threatening messages and pictures, the first few weren’t too bad.

There were pictures of the outside of the theatre, then it progressed with pictures of him and the gang in the main stage area practicing. It kept progressing to where they had found Eddie’s pool house and now it was pictures of him, laying awake in his room.

He pulse was beating faster at every picture that had continued coming, thankfully all windows and doors were locked already. He went back to his bed when he heard a loud creak through the house, only to find his window open. There were small scratching’s on the window, he then looked back at his phone which had now went off again.

“Sweet dreams Moon"

He opened his eyes slowly, he seemed to be on the floor instead of his bed. His head was pounding loudly as he got up. He walked into the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water to wake up a bit. He discovered there was a few bruises on his side, maybe he fell out of the bed?

It took a moment for him to notice he had gotten a bloody nose overnight as well with some of the left over stains from it on his clothes. And the fact his back was in pain. He decided to take a shower, but it just made everything his back and every cut sting.

He got out of the shower as quick as he could, he couldn’t take much of what his back was doing, maybe he should ask Rosita about this or possibly Eddie at this matter. But he didn’t want to concern or bother them with something that could be so stupid, he would just have to deal with this for awhile.

He went off to his theatre, and saw that they were all waiting for him. “Hello gang! Sorry for the wait!” Buster said before approaching them “Did you sleep in late?” Meena asked “Yeah, guess so…anyways, I see some of you have questions about our next show?” “Yeah, what the heck are we doin’?” Mike asked, he seemed impatient already.

“Well, still haven’t quite figured that out, though i was thinking since Nana’s birthday will be coming up soon we could recreate one of her many performances..what do you guys think?” “I dont know Buster, I mean how are we going to beat what Nana brought to the table?” Johnny said shrugging.
“Yeah, I mean it’s a good idea but how could we even do this?” Ash asked “Guys, this isn’t some competition, it’s just performing! We’re just going to have to be very determined and give all the effort we can!” Buster said rubbing his head. 

“You ok Buster? I-If this is stressing you a bit then maybe we should just not do a show next month…” Meena whispered.
“N-No, it’s not you guys, just my head and back…I think I could’ve fallen off the bed…” “Oh no! Good thing I’ve got some medicine for you…here” Rosita said handing the pill bottle to Buster. 

“How come you carry so many useful things? It’s like you’re always prepared!” Buster said with laughter in his voice before swallowing a pill dry.

“Well, what mother wouldn’t need that with 25 kids to take care of?” Rosita said while laughing and then putting away the bottle. “Alright, anyways,which performance could we chose that Nana performed?” Buster asked while pacing back and forth. One by one they all began to notice the bruise on his neck, it concerned a few of them but they all assumed it was from him falling off of the bed.

Then his phone began to go off like crazy though none of them were messaging him, “…” Buster was silent for a bit after checking his phone. “What is wrong Buster?” “Nothing..anyways, any one got any ideas for this?” “No seeing how we’re all distracted by your phone going off, turn it off will ya?” Mike said.

“Fine, I’ll just turn off the ringing and put it down for all of us to think.” Buster said while pulling out his phone again and turning off the ringer.

He placed it down on the stage, but it was clear he was still being sent messages by someone. Mike silently snuck over towards his phone, which honestly was a good advantage for someone like him. He looked over the messages, they seemed very threatening, he even caught a glimpse of pictures of-

“Mike? What are you doing?” Buster asked “Uh, what does it look like im doing?” “Looking through my phone…” Mike laughed a little “N-No! Jeez Buster,I was looking at the…boarding of the stage…?” Mike said, hoping it would cover his lie. “Ok…weird…anyways, we’ll continue this next week gang…have a great afternoon!” Buster said while picking up his phone.

The others nodded while some go their belongings and some, like Ash, went up to Mike. “So mouse, what did you see on his phone?” “None of your business spikes..” Mike grumbled while walking away.

“Well then why were you looking through it? Its also none of your business as well.” This made Mike pause and turn back to Ash. “Fine I’ll tell you, but don’t tell anyone, got it?” Mike said while Ash knelt down.

He whispered to her about what he had saw, the threatening messages and the pictures of his now ruined room at home. “W-Wow….so..what do you think about it?” Ash asked while the two exited the theatre. “I think its…” Mike paused before seeing three familiar figures. Bears.


The two took a glance at the bears before looking at the ground. "Why do you think t-that?” “Because! After what we did? Plus, they were looking for Buster and Buster only. Not any of us to deal with.” “So…they’re still after Buster and his money?” “Maybe…that’s the best thing I can think of…” Mike shrugged. 

“So what are we going to do?” “Do you think I know? Just don’t tell anyone else ok? We shouldn’t get involved again…” Ash nodded, she knew it was wrong to not help her friend but she had no idea what they could do to help, if she told Rosita, she’d go after them and they’d probably hurt her as well because of what she did before…

They all continued to their homes, Mike had been sent with many messages from the gang individually, asking what he had seen from Buster’s phone. Even Buster asked.

Buster: Why were you on my phone? What did you even see?
Mike: Nothin’ Moon, stop worrying jeez
Buster: Don’t lie to me, what did you see?
Mike: Calm it Moon, I didn’t see anything besides group chat messages and maybe some from Eddie, that its.
Buster: You sure?
Mike: Yes Moon! I understand whats up but I’m going to bed..
Buster: Ok….goodnight, and dream dig dreams!
Mike: weirdo..

Mike shut off his phone trying to ignore Rosita’s messages until he had gotten one from Ash. 

Ash: I’m sorry..
Mike: What did you do Spikes???!

Then he had found out once Rosita messaged him again, this time not asking him what was up.

Rosita: Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why do you think its those bears again?
Mike: I’m going to bed, we’ll talk about this tomorrow-

Mike said while groaning, he decided to put his phone in a different room to block the noise that had been erupting from it. Then he finally got some sleep for only a few hours before Meena had messaged him.

Mike: Um?? Why?
Meena: Eddie can’t find him anywhere, he’s not in the theatre, he hasn’t been seen anywhere besides his house from last night…
Mike: Ok, I’ll be there in a minute..

They all raced out of their houses once they all had gotten the same message from Meena, it was true, they couldn’t find Buster anywhere in the house. “M-Maybe he had to go run somewhere or go to the store?” Rosita said “Buster doesn’t go to the store or run often! That’s why usually me or Mrs Crawley go get his things while he is at the theatre with you guys!” Eddie yelled.

“O-Ok, maybe he’s off somewhere?” Meena suggested “Like what? Where would he go?” “Your Nana’s maybe?” Johnny shrugged. “My Nana would’ve called by now! And he’s not at my house, w-where could he be?!“ 

"Kidnapped?” Mike said while crossing his arms. “Mike!” Rosita hissed “What? We all know it’s possible, especially with whats on his phone!” “It’s true…” Ash mumbled.

“K-Kidnapped? By who?” Eddie asked “Mike thinks it’s the bear gang, we aren’t really sure about it…” Ash mumbled “If that’s true…t-then where would the bears take him?” “Dude, we don’t know if its even the bears! We don’t know much about them either, we don’t even know why they are messing with him again!” Mike yelled before sighing. “But if I was one of them, I’d take Buster where its far and dark, that way it would take anyone a very long to even save him.”.

Then one of their phones went off, it was Eddie’s.

He showed a picture that was sent to him by Buster, or maybe someone else. “L-Like this?” Mike took a look, it looked to be some old gas station “Close enough…now where is that place at?”. Ash walked towards the two “Well, when I was moving into the city with Lance, I remember we had passed some gas stations away from here and stopped by one, but then again that was years ago..” “Well? This gas station is obviously broken down and useless, what are we waiting for?” Johnny mumbled.

“Lets go gang”

They all took Johnny’s car, driving out as far as they could “Any of these remind you?” Johnny asked “This one right here…” Ash said while pointing at the old and rusted gas station. They all walked inside, only catching a few glimpses of only alcoholic products that were left and empty gasoline bottles, “Who’d want to leave these?” Mike asked while the others had given him aggravated or worried looks.

Then they saw Buster in the very back, tied up with a rag wrapped around him, mainly covering his mouth. He turned his head slightly, he seemed to be in more pain than he was the other day with his back. “Buster!” They cried, so excited and over-whelmed by seeing their friend was ok.

Buster was trying to say something back, he had a look of shock and fear. They all couldn’t quite hear what he was saying…

“Buster, calm down we’re hear to help you out of here..” Eddie mumbled while untying the rag around him, Buster took in a few deep breaths before speaking. “Y-You all need to get out of here now…” “What? No! Not without you!” Rosita yelled. “But you need to! Before something far worse happens!” He yelled before there was a sound of glasses shattering.

“Now things will finally be settled.”

One of the bears had stepped forward, smoking a cigar. “You! What have you learned about when you mess with us?” Rosita yelled “To not have so much open space, like being in city perhaps…and look where we are now! Such a coincidence!” The Bear yelled back with grim laughter in his voice. 

“Well sir, you haven’t learned much then. Just wait, I’ll bet you’ll learn something after we’re all done with you!” She yelled back “Actually I think you are going to be the ones learning in this lesson Miss Piggy, just watch and listen and maybe you’ll finally understand..” The bear growled.

He took the cigar out of his mouth, grinning at them. “Now here’s your lesson you’re going to be learning at your last day of ‘school’ or as I say life.” He said before pausing. 

“Don’t ever think you’re going to get away with messing around with us”

He dropped the cigar onto the ground and then there were flames everywhere they had looked, the flames began to engulf some items around them. “W-We have to find a way out!” Meena shrieked, scared as much as the others. “I think there might be an exit” She said, pausing with a cough. 

Smoke was filling the room as well, soon they all began to cough, not noticing how close the flames were getting to them. “E-Everyone, let’s just get out or else we’ll be toast in seconds!” Mike yelled before they all ran to a window.
Johnny couldn’t find one thing to break it with, so he punched the glass and watched as it shattered. 

“Alright! Get out!” He yelled while letting himself and the others out, “G-Guys, I think I’m stuck!” Meena yelled out. “Don’t worry Meena! We’ll help you!” Rosita yelled while walking over to her as so did the others.

“Alright everyone, pull!” Rosita yelled as they began to pull their friend out quickly. Thankfully Meena did eventually get out but there were some burn marks on her legs. “Are you ok Meena?” Johnny asked “Y-yeah I’m alright….Buster are you ok? What did they do to you?” “I-I’m ok….they only brought me here…but can we just go home? P-Please?” Buster said, still frightened.

They all drove him back to his house, where Rosita tried to treat some of their wounds with whatever Buster had. “Alright, now Meena, just don’t take these bandages off until it is needed…” Rosita said while Meena nodded. “A-Anyways…Buster we’re so sorry that all of this had happened….but we were just so worried…” “It’s ok Rosita, I’d be worried if this happened to anyone of you as well…I’m just so glad you’re all ok and not burning right now…” Buster said exhausted and laying in his bead while the others sat  on it.


Alright, I’m very sorry about this. I’m sorry if its really bad, but I still hope you enjoy it!