i had midnight city in mind for a while

Hotel rooms

Im here alone in my hotel room at midnight and i cant avoid a thought in my mind…. that… love doesnt give a damn. Life goes on, in my city, Rome, everybody attended their own shit, work, studies, jobs… in her city, Udine, everybody did their things… while we… while we closed ourselves in an hotel room with the windows shut, in the dark in plain day. And we loved ourselves. We kissed and we hugged and we cried and we had sex and we fucked and we made love and we looked in each other’s eyes, staring.
We didnt give a damn about life outside that window. Love doesnt give a damn about life. When you re with your loved one everything freezes and the world suddenly disappears.
And for two guys, who dont really find life that much appreciating, this is the most magical moment i could ever imagine.
A moment of love is worth days, months, years of nonsense life.
Love is eternal.
Love is the root of everything….

And i love you my dear, i love you so much.