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A Symbol of Strength


I forced myself to walk back into that office with my head held high, ignoring the fact that it was genuinely, utterly humiliating to be back there.
Molly and Sasha were shooting me encouraging smiles as I scurried past our desk, but Niall was literally cringing on my behalf, teeth clenched and shoulders tight. Niall wasn’t exactly the best person when it came to hiding his true emotions. His bloody face would just give away the whole thing.
I smiled back at them as much as I could, ignoring the looks on everyone else’s faces because I knew they’d just be wondering what the hell I was doing back there. It was better not to look their way, because I already had a million reasons to run back out of there, and I was trying my absolute best to fight that instinct that always kicked in, the one the made me run and not face up to things that I needed to.
It was something I really needed to change.

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Welcome to Night Vale

Year One

(concerning the rips in reality and Huntokar)

1 - Pilot

  • A commercial airliner flying through local airspace disappeared today, only to reappear in the Night Vale Elementary gymnasium… before it could strike any players or structure, it vanished again. This time, apparently, for good. (obviously, current problem with the rips in reality)
  • Lights. Seen in the sky above the Arby’s…we’ve caught on to their game. We understand the “lights above Arby’s” game.Invaders from another world.Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, and it’s about 100 feet above the Arby’s.
  • (also noteworthy - a bowling ball once fell into Mini Vale. Poor town probably got wrecked.)

2 - Glowcloud

  • Sorry, listeners. Not sure what happened in that earlier section of the broadcast – as in I actually don’t remember what happened. Tried to play back the tapes, but they’re all blank, and smell faintly of vanilla. (we know that some of cecil’s memories that he doesn’t remember are in fact from AUs but i’m not sure with this one, especially with the vanilla thing - i don’t think it was ever resolved? or was it the man in the tan jacket or somethin)

3 - Station Management

  • Our little town is lit, too, by lights just above that we cannot explain. 
  • Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town, reported that a Creeping Fear came into Night Vale today…  It did not affect Old Woman Josie, presumably because of her angelic protection … I myself was frozen, sure that any movement would lead to death; that any word would be my last.

4 - PTA Meeting

  • …a rift in space-time split open in the Main Street Recreation Center Auditorium, setting loose several confused and physically aggressive pteranodons. 
  • Several curious handball players in the court next to the auditorium actually popped their heads into the portal… aged several thousand years in what bystanders experienced as only a few seconds. Those handball players now straddle the unenviable border of millennially wizened and cripplingly insane. (i wonder if they know something about the recent reality rips?)
  • either prehistoric or alternate-universe Night Vale.
  • The creature’s lifeless body was found a dozen yards outside of the Dog Park entrance, stripped of all flesh, and with most of the organs inverted and strung around its exposed skull like an old fashioned soft meat crowns, as worn by the 18th century religious leaders who settled our fair burgh.
  • (iunno, might be huntokar? i mean what would tear a thing to shreds and make soft meat crowns out of its organs)

5 - The Shape in Grove Park

  • The moon’s weird though, right? It’s there, and there, and then suddenly it’s not. And it seems to be pretty far up. It is watching us? If not, what is it watching instead? Is there something more interesting than us? Hey, watch us moon! We may not always be the best show in the universe, but we try. (obviously, echoed by Mini Vale in The Missing Sky)

6 - The Drawbridge

  • [after a blackout] ….when the lights came back on, they felt that perhaps they were different people – their memories and identities were the same as always, but suddenly felt like costumes that didn’t fit exactly. As though it all were actually brand new to them. As though they had been switched out with someone who was exactly like them. As though all that was familiar would ever after be strange. 

7 - History Week

  • [prediction for year 2052:]  The City Council will reveal its true form and eat half of Night Vale’s population
  • Approval ratings for the mayor will hover in the low 40s…which will be surprising, as there will have been no mayor for over thirty years.
  • (ummm i dunno how long mayors are supposed to reign in Night Vale, but by 2022, there will be no more mayor? dana’s term started in 2015, so in 7 years there will no longer be a mayor. even if this has nothing to do with year 5 yet, i’m still worried)

8 - The Lights in Radon Canyon

  • [referring to Mini Vale] …every window of the city is now glowing both day and night. 
  • (the beginning of the Night Vale - Mini Vale war, i’m guessing. teddy williams started it or…?)
  • (also the lights in the canyon itself)


  • [message of the Pyramid:] “I will place within some of you questions. Within others, I will place answers. These questions and these answers will not always align. The questions I provide may have no answers, and the answers I provide may have no questions. I will study the effects of these questions, and these answers. Some of you will hurt others, and others will heal. Grow my seeds inside you, and let them flower.” 

11 - Wheat and Wheat By-Products

  • idk if Apache Tracker suddenly turning Native American is reality-rip-worthy but
  • …Angels have gathered in a circle in her living room, blocking her view of the television. They are shoulder-to-shoulder, facing each other, radiant with holy light.“The Bowling Alley,” they are chanting. “The Bowling Alley.“

12 - The Candidate

  • the unholy voice of Old Scratch himself (idk who Old Scratch is but might be noteworthy)
  • [referring to noisy sunsets]… only Old Town residents have reported hearing these inconceivable noises

13 - A Story About You

  • …a vision came to you. You saw above you a planet, of awesome size, lit by no sun. An invisible titan, all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. 
  • (note: You did NOT LIVE IN NIGHT VALE when they got this vision. They then drove to Night Vale afterwards, and even then found the town by accident)
  • You move wooden crates from one truck to another while a man in a suit silently watches. It is a different man each time. Sometimes the crates tick. Mostly, they do not.
  • [about the crate]  It’s warm, warmer than the air around it. It smells sharp and earthy, like freshly ground cinnamon. And when you put your ear against the rough warm wood, you hear a soft humming – an indistinct melody.
  • (while driving, You feels the Dark Planet Lit By No Sun again)
  • Apache Tracker’s warnings: 
    1 - You are in danger. 2 - They’re coming. 3-  They will come from below. Pies will not help.
  • (the crate has grown even warmer)
  • [about crate]  It pulses with some kind of life.
  • …pulls out of it an intricate miniature house…inside the house you think you see for a moment, lights and movement.
  • [about DPLBNS]: A monster. Spinning. Soundless. Forgotten. It’s so close now. You see it just above you. Maybe even if you tried very hard, you could touch it.

14 - The Man in the Tan Jacket

  • (first mention of Huntokar)
  • (assumption of a Child King ruling Mini Vale, but this is probably wrong….or very right. toss up)
  • (also, Teddy records footage from Mini Vale)
  • …the Angel said that the Man in the Tan Jacket with the deerskin suitcase was from a place underneath the earth.

16 - The Phone Call

  • (SSP telling everyone to prep for war, presumably against Mini Vale)
  • (also we are presented The List)

18 - The Traveler

  • (time traveler who wears a Desert Bluffs marching band uniform [which has not been worn since The Incident - presumably Strexcorp takeover; see Triptych] who presumably saved Night Vale many times before?)
  • Perhaps he has leaped again through the stream of time, or passed to an alternate dimension created by the changes he has made to our world.
  • nothing remained of The Traveler except for a pile of indescribable buttons from his uniform

19A and B (Night Vale and Desert Bluffs)

  • (larry leroy possibly already knew about doubles pre-sandstorm, but you know this probably isn’t relevant to year five)
  • (a vortex opened, leading cecil to DB and kevin to NV; i have no idea if the vortex was sanstorm-created or reality-rip thing. most likely a reality-rip thing because kevin has travelled to NV via vortex several times, and there was no sandstorm - see The Debate and The Investigators)

21 - A Memory of Europe

  • (Teddy Williams has created a 24/7 barricade around the entrance to Mini Vale)
  • I don’t remember having a traveling partner before or after Svitz. Who was he? Who knows? It all seemed perfectly normal at the time. (obviously not his brother Cal from 108; alt reality bleed or…?)
  • Eventually I was knocked out on one of our falls and when I awoke, it was in a different country. I had aged by years, and no one I talked to knew where the country of Svitz was, or even had heard of it. (def alt reality or something)
  • [Simone Rigadeau]:  The world ended three or four decades ago.  I don’t know what this thing is that we’re living in, but it’s not the world. Scientists won’t investigate it because they’re not real.
  • (there’s a monster in Franchia)

24 - The Mayor

  • (Mini Vale residents presumably made the Desert Flower Boeling Alley’s jukebox continuously play Mister Brownstone. this ep has an ad for the Brownstone spire)

25 - One Year Later

  • (hhhgngngnpppffttt remember when cecil got carlos a trophy)
  • a commercial airliner appeared today inside the home of surprised Night Vale citizen Becky Canterbury
  • (i mean there’s so many things from this ep but basically, Mini Vale already was plotting a war against us and Teddy had set up a barricade against it; after this i guess Mini Vale just got full-scale destroyed, i think)

anonymous asked:

which parts of acowar did you dislike/didn't sit so well for you? i don't want you to get hate or anything but like what did you wish sjm didn't do? x

Hey Nonnie!

Ok. This turned out to be a REALLY LONG list so I’m putting it all under a cut, that way people don’t feel obligated to read this if they are tired of ACOWAR hate.

 If you are one of those people that are really tired of ACOWAR hate it’s totally ok to just scroll down, you do not have to read this.

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So I went to a Yuri on Ice-themed pop up cafe yesterday run by Cos Cafe NYC yesterday afternoon. The tickets went on sale about a month ago and unsurprisingly sold out at lightning speed (I think in less than 20 minutes). While I was initially unsure about going all in my lonesome (the friend who I invited to go with me had traveling plans and couldn’t make it womp womp), I’m really glad that I still went in the end! The ticket price was $25 but I thought it was a pretty good deal since it came with: event admission, a themed dessert plate, coffee or tea, automatic entry into a fan raffle, and a postcard from our exclusive, postcard set made by the artist staff. The cafe was set up in different time blocks that lasted an hour each, and I went during the third time block in the afternoon. 

The venue, which I’ve been to before, was Hanamizuki Cafe in midtown. Conveniently the cafe is closed on Sundays, so I assumed the event organizers must have rented out the cafe for the afternoon. The organizers, Kou and Akiran, also emphasized wanted to create more of an intimate environment with the cosplay staff and guests, so each block only had 20 people at max, or four people at five separate tables. I sat at a table with a couple and another person who came alone. The Makkachin placemat was literally the cutest thing ever. One of the event artists came to each table and drew a quick requested doddle for every single person at the event which I thought was super sweet and thoughtful. After a few minutes, I got my themed dessert plate which we had to choose before the event. 

I had ordered the ‘Eros’ dessert which was a cookies-and-cream themed parfait, with creamy custard and crunchy cereal, topped with oreos, mochi, pocky, and topped off with a golden ring cookie. It was amazinggg, just divine. Like I was ready to burst into tears hahaha. I half-wondered if they hired a professional pastry chef or something because it was literally that good. The two other desserts were an ‘Agape’ one which was basically like the strawberry-flavored version of the dessert parfait with bananas, white pearls, and custard instead of chocolate, and the ‘Makkachin’ dessert, which was a chocolat parfait with crispy wafers, chocolate chips, custard, coffee sauce, and topped with a crunchy “dog bone” shortbread cookie. Each dessert plate also came with a side order of madeline cookies, and the choice between coffee or tea. 

The hour time block was set up in a round-robin fashion where the various event cosplayers would rotate and interact at each table. For most, we played like a head’s up version of YOI trivia which was super fun, but towards the end of the hour, there was the fan raffle winner who was picked (which was actually me! lol) followed by a group activity. For the group activity, basically at each table, there was a silver ring on one of the placemats and the person with the ring was then given the opportunity to make a request for the cosplayers. I was also the one with the ring and everyone screeched when they saw I had the ring (I dunno how but sometimes I have incredible luck winning things lol). Feeling a little bad, I gave the ring to the girl sitting next to me who used the single request to ask the Victor cosplayer to fake propose to her lolol. A girl at another table requested the Victor cosplayer and the Yuri K. to kabedon her which was absolutely priceless lmaooo. But my favorite single request that I witnessed was probably when a girl at another table put a cat ears hairband on the Yuri P. cosplayer pfft. Each table could also make a group request and I somehow convinced my table to have the two Yuri cosplayers (Yuri K. and Yuri P.) arm wrestle each other lmaooo. (Yuri K. won lol) 

The hour finished a lot sooner than I expected and I had to practically stuff the rest of my madelines before I left whoops. There was also a fan merchandise area where you could buy stuff at the end of the hour and I might have gotten a little overboard with getting merchandise (my favorite was probably the Makkachin crepe acrylic charm that I bought which was just adorable!) in addition to winning the fan raffle. What I won was a really nice prize pack which included the entire postcard set, a sticker set, two posters, three keychains, and what I think was a fanzine of some kind. It was my first time going to any of Cos Cafe NYC’s pop up cafes which I wholeheartedly recommend. I had a great time, it was super fun, and the organizers are definitely pros at what they do - I know they’re a fan-based group and the entire staff is run of volunteers which made this all even more impressive to me. So, I’ll definitely be on the lookout if they have any more themed pop-up cafes in the future.

*wakes up hungover and still kind of pissed off/delighted about the trenchcoat of true love thing from last episode*

It’s just… the timing of it. I’ve spent what feels like the whole season talking myself down from being too optimistic about them going down the true-love-fixes-everything route and a reverse Crypt Scene has been a pipe dream (and now like half the comments I’ve seen on this episode have been people sitting there wide eyed saying It may actually happen). The rest of the time I’ve been quietly accepting the whole combined love of everyone (like, Charlie, Sam, Cas, probably Kevin’s ghost standing in the background like Obi Wan at the end of Star Wars…) inspires Dean to find his inner strength and stop, blah blah. And yeah, I still think they’re not going to sideline Sam in all this or anything, but… 

Every episode since 10x09 has offered a suggestion of a solution or attempt at one, in a way. 10x10 wasn’t very helpful but set up some big main plot arc stuff and set Cas off finding Cain, along with Sam ticking off the “can you just try stopping?” thing from the Colette list of ways to fix it… 10x11 had all the stuff about needing to find balance between your dark and light sides, Dean trying the healthy abstinence route, Charlie making a huge point of the forgiveness thing from the Colette speech… 10x12 had Dean making positive character growth, casually admitting his alcoholism and coming to terms with himself by taking back his grown up body with the Mark, while witchcraft was dragged into the mix along with a Rowena name drop, suggesting another big main plot angle of attack. FINE. None of this is Destiel, none of this is a bad approach (except maybe the witchcraft thing, y'know), all of it will probably still feed together in some way because there’s got to be more than just one random moment of whatever that will fix it - there’s got to be long-term effects and recovery for Dean or this story just won’t have been worth the effort, and all of THAT development works perfectly for it. THAT’S COOL, I NEED ALL OF THAT TO HAPPEN TOO NOT JUST SOME SPECIAL DESTIEL MOMENT. 

And then 10x13 has Dean backslide on most of his positive character development, back to the over-eating like in 10x09 and I’m not mentioning the college girls, then there was his pep talk about whiskey and denial, and fatalistic speech at the end about going down swinging (that helps no one Dean - dying is a double edged sword for you if you’d somehow forgotten). The most optimistic angle was Dean empathising with a vengeful ghost that got put to rest and talking about finding his own peace as a result of that, though clearly aware it was one more way of coping until it was over, his exhaustion with the whole thing clear. On the surface it’s depressing and doesn’t offer any real textual advice on how we’re meant to fix Dean permanently…

But then there’s the fucking unsubtle subtext of the episode, the big unspoken thing that’s been lying over us since Cain first told us about Colette - that the only force stronger than the Mark so far has been love (Hey Cas and your line about an extremely powerful force). And we have never ever gone back to that idea. It’s seemed off the board all season to the point where some of us were speculating about this silence being them choosing a different route and regretting ever inserting the story. Dean hasn’t coughed up a word on how Cain stopped, except for possibly rationalising his clean living in 10x11 as doing as Cain did - but without the most important step in between. You can’t go from Father of Murder to beekeeper overnight. (Side note from my frazzled brain: if Cain is the Father of Murder, has Dean inherited a cool title? He’s like the Great Great Great Great [etc] Grandson of Murder. Doesn’t look so good on a business card.)

There’s a massive empty space in the story here, and when we get back to Cain chances are he may be pissed he broke his word to Colette and say so but we may not get much more than that on the background love story, because they’ve been backing off massively on everything from mentions of Colette to the mere existence of Cas and it may be still too early to fix Dean, so… 

I think after all our flailing about the original little story from Cain, and all our meta and speculation and so on since, it’s probably important to remind ourselves that not only has Colette not been mentioned again since, but that while the connection to Cas felt pretty obvious at the time it’s not, like… I dunno, the story happened once a year ago, and aside from the whopping great parallel that until now intentionally hasn’t been followed up properly, obviously it’s all still subtext (and some unnamed groups who like ignoring that sort of thing are leaning on Sam literally being the Colette here so there was clearly not enough heavy-handed insertion of Cas-reminders in the original dialogue to make it unequivocal no matter how much it’s a part of the wait what the fuck are they doing that dragged me from casual viewer to whatever this mess is…). 

So what’s so amazing about this stupid parallel is that after all the radio silence on the Colette front, literally the last episode before Cain comes back, while they still won’t tell us the final missing ingredient to the fix, they threw in an angry rage-filled ghost and had him talked back to peace by his trenchcoated wife. It’s one of the heaviest Dean/Cas parallels we’ve seen in ages what with there being a heavy-subtext blackout on that too for ages, and this time it’s mirroring for Dean and Cas something that hasn’t happened yet, or has only happened in speculation, something that still only may happen. It mirrors Cain stopping and gives us a reminder of his Colette, except that the Colette here was wearing a stylish version of Cas’s coat. That may also be just subtext, but they made the emphasis on Dean relating to the ghost strong enough that at the very least everyone in the audience could see that Dean was getting something from this interaction that related to his own development even if the comments from him at the end are still negatively inclined. I’m not sure how else to talk around the trenchcoat thing to suggest how much it might not have meant, considering one of the few other trenchcoat-wearing peeps recently was one member of the party that completely stole the dialogue from 6x20 to have an overtly romantic argument in the episode none of us would remember if not for that… (side note: how likely would we be to remember 10x13 in a few months if not for this fucking trenchcoat thing? :P)

Like, I know I’m probably not saying anything literally anyone who’s already on board with this hasn’t already thought, but I can’t get over the positioning of this moment as the reminder of the last un-tried solution right before the story finally changes up again - the one solution we’ve been quietly or not so quietly hoping for the entire time, being waved in front of our eyes again. And not only waved in front of our eyes, but with the totally unnecessary addition of a trenchcoat to the mix, it’s added in this other element which was even more unspoken that the way we’ve had a We Don’t Talk About Colette gag order lying over the whole season. This is strike two to say, that Colette thing didn’t just sound like a reflection of Cas and Dean’s relationship… Here’s actual subtextual support for not just the return of the story in general terms of how such a thing might be important for fixing Dean, but the importance of it being Cas.

I suppose what I’m so annoyed/happy about is that the one and only time they give us a really solid parallel to this unspoken way to pull back an angry rage monster from the edge, they give it to us as more than just a reminder that it can happen, but give us a who for free. And with the timing, it’s after a whole pile of not-quite-fixes, offered as only a suggestion in the background of what might work, since Dean’s refusing to comment on Colette and her role in helping Cain stop… Its timing as just before the big main plot episode which this has all been leading to… And comes after a considerable erasure of Cas from the story.

littlehollyleaf was giggling about how Dean went from talking about finding peace or whatever it was to Sam heavily reminding him how Cas was close… Through this season I’ve been keeping an extremely informal tally of the number of times Dean’s brought up Cas unprompted or ever talked about him at all in any way shape or form. I say informal because there has literally been not one fucking thing to write down. I am actually kind of impressed at how thoroughly they’ve sliced Cas from Dean’s point of view (I wrote a thing about their POV usage with this story a while back and called that Dean wasn’t going to have much to say about Cas circa 10x04 but I never would have guessed we’d get this deep into the season without him concerning himself with Cas once.)

So… yeah, this timely reminder is not just important for backing up our Destiel-based fixing Dean meta, but though we talk constantly about Dean and his Colette, whoever that may be, there are a hell of a lot of elements that have been shoved right out of the story, to the point of such total blackout on them having ever existed as far as Dean is concerned (sorry Cas, he’ll remember you exist eventually) that…

Well, I was totally ready to roll with whatever happened this season. I was going to be a chill shipper who could say, “yeah it’s fine there’s other ways and all the little things still mean something in the end” if we didn’t get things off the wish list like Reverse Crypt Scene or The Power of Love Saves The Day or all that junk. I was ready to roll over and be lame and say that they might wriggle out of the big bold path towards Destiel it could take in many ways and accept more subtle ways this parallel could sneak in (I’ve, as I now realise, wasted a lot of ink on that moderate viewpoint) while we’ve still got to survive season 11 and all the pitfalls towards Destiel.

But yeah, as of this week I’m back on the “they’ve written us a huge cheque and now all we can do is wait and see if it bounces or not” train. I literally don’t know how to cope with this without getting my hopes unreasonably high against all my better judgement.

So fuck it, are we all in for this stupid story going exactly where we all hoped as of now?

love and agency in Disney's 'Frozen'

Frozen’s denouement offers so many interpretations - whose heart needed to be thawed, who performed the act of true love, to what effect… what resonates with me is the idea that this act of love isn’t something you receive passively, it’s something you need to give. by “placing someone else’s needs before yours”, as Olaf puts it, you save yourself.

that’s why that particular movie’s happy ending makes so much sense (as opposed to, i dunno, Tangled’s (i loved the movie but Flynn’s resurrection at the end felt a bit forced narratively), and why i don’t think Kristoff’s kiss, no matter how sincere, would have done the trick: Anna’s heart never froze completely - the ice, which started spreading from her fingertips, was never going to get there because the moment she decided that giving everything she had to protect Elsa’s life was worth it, she broke the spell. that’s also why the healing process happens in reverse: the warmth spreads from her heart, bringing her back to life, because it never froze in the first place.

that’s for the literal ice in Anna’s heart, but there’s also the metaphorical one in Elsa’s, which is a lot harder to heal. she’s saved by two acts of love: the one she receives when Anna gives her life for her and Elsa realises just how much she was loved all along, and on a deeper level, the one she’s been performing over and over again since she was a child, putting Anna’s (and her kingdom’s) needs above her own well-being. sure, she locked herself away out of fear and anguish, but mostly out of love. it’s crystal clear when she turns around to look at Anna in her ice palace and sings Please go back home, your life awaits, go enjoy the sun and open up the gates. it’s no coincidence that the music takes on a very regal quality for a moment (00'34" to 00'42" in the second ‘For the first time in forever song’ from the OST), because right then and there, she’s not speaking out of fear, she knows exactly what she’s ready to give up. Olaf, a literal extension of Elsa’s love for Anna, was right when he told her that sometimes, the ultimate proof of love is to leave the person you cherish the most, which is what Elsa did. she was wrong of course, because isolation turned out to be an unsustainable, hurtful answer to her problems, but it doesn’t matter. she believed with all her heart that her own solitude was an acceptable price to pay to give Anna a chance at happiness.

when you’re capable of loving someone that much, your heart can’t freeze, be it literally (Anna) or symbolically (Elsa). when Anna tells Hans that he’s the only one with a frozen heart, it’s accurate, because he sees others as mere means, never as an end unto themselves. the typical Disney message, ~Love conquers all~, is usually such a cheesy turnoff… but Frozen’s subtle take on it really surprised and moved me: sure, being loved is incredibly important (by your sister, your lover, your friends, your reindeer), but ultimately, loving matters more than being loved. and loving (someone else, yourself…) isn’t a passive state of being, it’s an active one – if you live by it with all your heart, if you do what you can, things will be all right even when you stumble and make mistakes, because you’ve already saved yourself. 


(also, off-topic but very important! you know how the lyrics are a little different in the Demi Lovato version of 'Let it go’, the one that plays when the credits roll? there’s a line i wish had been included in the movie version: I know I left a life behind, but I’m too relieved to grieve. for some reason, i really like that bit. anyway, the second time i saw the movie, my friend made a mistake and instead of the English + French subs version he wanted to see, we got tickets for the French dub and didn’t realise it until the icebreakers’ song started. i gasped in horror and wailed a bit, but promptly recovered because it was… amazing? so i got to hear the credits version of 'Let it go’ by Anaïs Delva and guys it’s so different, much better than the one by Demi Lovato! and that line I know I left a life behind, but I’m too relieved to grieve? well, it became Farewell to spring and summer, my witchcraft is what I prefer and i just ardfgdfgrt. i love those variations, they open up so many interpretations. you can listen to it here.)

Bleach 681 Liveblog

Alright but imagine: 

Kubo’s actually passed away about a month ago. He didn’t leave any notes on how Bleach’s story/finale should progress. The only person who found out about his death is one of his assistants - the one who was always kind of shunned because they had the weakest grasp on the characters and plotline of Bleach. In order to honour their sensei’s memory, the assistant decides to try and finish sensei’s magnum opus to the best of their ability. 

…. Except they really can’t keep the charade up for very long, sensei’s gotta have a funeral at SOME point. Preferably before the corpse starts visibly rotting. So he calls up WSJ and is like ‘Bleach is ending next volume bye’. 

……And then he proceeds to write the ending in 4 days. 

………………. And that, if you were wondering, is what Bleach feels like to me right now. 

(NB: This is a fictional scenario, Kubo’s not ACTUALLY dead. Although sometimes in the small hours of the night I wonder.) The usual mix of liveblog, meta, speculation and SALT under the cut. You have been warned. 

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DIRK: So Jack has… Lord English powers?
DAVE: yup
DIRK: Does that have anything to do with Jake?
DAVE: not according to my current understanding of a mostly nonsensical body of information


Oh my gOOOOOOD BOYS JUST. /flaps hands.

Dirk asks when Jack English might arrive.

DAVE: not soon enough is my best guess
DAVE: and i guess
DAVE: also my opinion?

OOOOOOUCH OH MY GOD. Where the fuck is Karkat to smack Dave upside the head. OH RIGHT KANAYA KNOCKED HIS FOOL ASS OUT. uuuugh /tugs at hair and cries

i’m fucking DYING right now, like Dave has suddenly gone from our dorky ray of sunshine that cannot stop his words from happening, to being really surly and upset, and Dirk is not good with people on his best days. Dirk points out that Dave doesn’t seem down for this shit, and Dave points out that…

DAVE: so
DAVE: you think im an important part of your life
DIRK: Yes?
DAVE: you dont actually know me though
DAVE: not this me
DAVE: and im pretty sure you didnt know the other guy either
DIRK: That’s true.
DAVE: what is it about me thats important then
DIRK: I’m…
DIRK: Not sure how to answer.
DAVE: why
DIRK: Because I’m getting the sense that you might disapprove of whatever I might say.

Dave cannot grok that Dirk idolized alt Dave, because like. Hussie has been very cards on the table with Dave being an abuse victim. He plays it remarkably straight, and it’s fucked up, so Dave logically knows that Dirk is like Kid Alt Bro who never hurt him, but the memory is still there.

DIRK: So, like…
DIRK: Things, between you and me, from your perspective, um,
DIRK: Are we like, not cool?
DAVE: ………………

Dave says he didn’t really like Bro much. Dirk asks why, and Dave brushes it off.

Four long panels of silence.

DAVE: ok actually maybe i will get into it

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^ Did I reblog this befo? Lol (this is another ramble, not sure if i make any sense at all but these are my collection of thoughts)

I actually just..call me biased. There is actually a big part of me that thinks of the “Will saving his soul and taking the victory away from Hannibal because he is hero forever” thing…I want to mentally roll my eyes. Obviously, we know they survive. So what difference would that even make now? When Will stated two seconds ago(exaggeration lol ) that he didn’t know if he could save himself. And, that was just fine. To me, that’s such a loaded statement, that it means not only his life, but yes, his soul, that I halfway don’t buy him just consciously snatching a victory in the last minute.Of course that doesn’t mean his internal conflict and morality in that moment or since goes away..that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that he made peace in that moment, with the fact that he is the way he is. And that he loves who he loves. And that if this is so, then he takes them both over the edge. Let’s not forget that a big reason why he did this too, is that he can’t live without this man.

When read as him just snatching a victory away, it reads so one-sided, it falls flat.  To me, it seems…pedestrian. We keep going on and on about how this is a love story, between the two men, but now the feeling is that Will’s  love for the world is greater? (Does not Hannibal also love humanity? Another thing we can’t shut up about? I’m not gonna go into how it’s different cause he’s a killer, that is a whole ‘nother, exhausting thing)

But also the biggest problem I have with that “Will’s heroic victory” sentiment..

Is that… victory was not taken from Hannibal. It just wasn’t. How in the world could it be, when Hannibal killed with the man he loved, embraced him, had him say that it was beautiful and gave him all that he wanted? We know that Hannibal accepted going over that cliff, and in so doing, accepted Will’s will for them, because of love, because in that moment all he cared about was being in Will’s arms. We know that Hannibal’s approach to life has always been that he can die at any moment so he is free to live as he chooses. Not saying this was implied, but I just can’t imagine him being that broken up about dying and not being able to murder people on Earth anymore. “Oh darn my evil plans were foiled again!” No.

Hannibal is not afraid to die, he has no problem with adjusting to whatever shit gets thrown at him, he has never seen anything wrong with dying by Will’s hand… If Hannibal did in fact feel betrayed in his heart like he did at the end of Mizumono, then yeah, I could see it as something being snatched from him, something that he wanted. But he’s got all he’s ever wanted. That doesn’t just go away because he fell off a cliff.

That just doesn’t read as a victory taken from Hannibal to me, and I don’t believe Hannibal would even see it that way. So yes, as above, the key phrase here is, “Their surrender.” To me, this is what the whole season-the whole series- was leading up to, and we also had readings in season two that illustrated to me at least, that the ideology of who was the ‘hero’ and who was the ‘villain’ wasn’t so clear cut, and the difference between good and evil wasn’t so clear cut. In my opinion, to have Will’s fight for his soul and all that take precedence over the overall meaning of love and acceptance in that moment, is just dull, and it makes the payoff less interesting. It’s the same old same old.  This was a victory (and ALSO defeat depending on what angle you look from) for both of them. This is the story of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham. This is their story.

Will and Hannibal, in relation to each other, blurred the lines of who was the hero and who was the villain? Really? You really think the show didn’t make it perfectly clear what was good and what was evil? Wow, I dunno–the show was so dedicated to emphasizing evil that it even framed semi-accidental and unconscious gestures as evil. It’s been pretty damn clear what was good and what was evil all along. It’s just our sympathies that they messed with.

Also, saying “We know Hannibal accepted going over that cliff”–um, we do? Bryan Fuller said Hannibal was surprised in the moment, I thought it looked like he was submitting to Will, there’s another reading that he wasn’t fully aware…the point is, this isn’t just a fact. This is the part where interpretation comes in. Personally, I like the “he accepted it” version (I have all along), but I’m not going to marry it, at least not until I hear what Mads has to say about it in his and Hugh’s rewriting of the script, and even then, it will always be somewhat up to interpretation as long as this is the ending we’re stuck with. We definitely can’t treat it like it’s some kind of trump.

I’m also just amazed by the idea that there’s no point in having Will put them over the edge because they survive anyway. Well, if that’s the logic, then, there’s no reason to do it at all. Throw themselves to fate? Neither of them believe in that. The point in the show throwing them to their (should-have-been) deaths was to show that Will had his humanity still. You said:

What I’m saying is that he made peace in that moment, with the fact that he is the way he is. And that he loves who he loves. And that if this is so, then he takes them both over the edge. Let’s not forget that a big reason why he did this too, is that he can’t live without this man.

I don’t have a problem with that Will had made peace with himself and his feelings in that moment (though I do feel like this statement is pretty selectively leaving out the “can’t live with him” part). I said that through killing them both, he retains enough of a shred of his humanity that he preserves the good man that he is in the story that we have. 

Whether or not they survive is immaterial to that. What Hannibal thinks is immaterial to that. Hannigram is immaterial to that. 

It is just about the character. That guy–Will Graham.

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anonymous asked:

My bisexual friend was trashing on the term pansexual earlier. Maybe because a friend of mine who she isn't fond of has come out as pansexual (is it still coming out when she never really said it, but we knew because of her dating habits, and she gave it a word/term/label later? I dunno, not the point). The point is, she thought the concept was ridiculous. I tried to explain it to her, but she kind of had an unconvinced look on her face. If it comes up again, what should I say?

Dear anonymous,

Hmmmm… I have heard people constitute that the term does not exist but ridiculous is a new one. I am guessing it is because she sees bisexual as the umbrella that should encompass pansexual tendencies as well? 

I can imagine that is the case. Which makes sense because bisexuality is known as attraction to two or more genders - therefore - pansexuality could be construed as part of the bisexual realm. Ultimately, the two terms are very similar. 

This question is anon asked to me quite often and therefore I have a FAQ section dedicated to these sorts of questions. Of course, I will gladly put it up here again and hopefully this will help you :)

FAQ 1: What is the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality?

Haha the never ending question and dangerous territory at times. 

Recently I saw this picture:

Which may be the way some explain it, however, this is the dangerous territory. As we are aware, just the term “bi” on its own denotes two and then quickly you have the conclusion that it means men and women, but that is not the definition within the LGBT+ community.

Indeed, bisexuality and pansexuality can mean the same, but do not always mean the same. They are rather alike and I believe majority of bisexuals also discard the gender binary in regards to sexual attraction.

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation where one is attracted to the same gender and/or other gender(s). 

The term pansexuality is used interchangeably with bisexuality, and, similarly, people who identify as bisexual may “feel that gender, biological sex, and sexual orientation should not be a focal point in potential [romantic/sexual] relationships”. 

So then of course one asks, what is the difference at all? How are you helping make this any clearer? If anything, you made it more confusing!

Pansexuality: “not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regards to gender or activity” or as I would say “Pansexuality means you have the ability to be with anybody,
 but it doesn’t mean you will be with anyone.”

Are these meanings mutually exclusive? No, not really. There are many overlapping aspects for these two non-monosexual sexualities. It depends on your definition of each, but it comes down to the fact that both are able to be attracted to more than one gender. That is the simple version.

I don’t have anything against bisexuality at all, I do notice that a lot of genderism occurs when explaining sexualities which include attraction to more than one gender, especially bisexuality due to the bi prefix. I try to correct this to others whenever I can, but there are a large variety of ways the world defines bisexuality. 

Like the figure above shows, it overlaps. In my own story, I just felt immediately drawn to pansexuality myself because I wanted to completely remove physical gender from the equation all together. 

There are more similarities than differences between bisexuality and pansexuality. I don’t really see it as a mess as I definitely support anyone with whatever sexuality or sexual preference, I merely want to educate people of the sexualities commonly used nowadays.

I think many people do try and define bisexuality in a binary method in order to establish the difference between the two when explaining pansexuality, but they are more like fraternal twins; incredibly similar with (sometimes) slight differences - also depending on how you see both. In my case, I was feeling the pansexuality one more than the other.

I hope that explains it to you from my view point. In regards to the fact that there are labels, a lot of people who do not feel within the society’s norm will choose a label they connect the most to which allows them to find a like minded community of peers. It is a primal programmed activity of our minds in order to protect ourselves ~ like safety in numbers.


If this doesn’t help with your friend, please let me know and we will try to solve it together :)



Something lost, something gained. (a Captain Cobra one-shot)

So, the finale right. Right. Wrong because I’m STILL dead *sobs*

I just have this crazy love for all the Captain Cobra moments and while I’m here crying and wishing for the S5 to be filled with just that (plus a lot of cs of course) I ended up writting this. It’s literally four am and im sorta sleepy so lol I dunno if is very good but I did liked how it turned out, I hope you to too~

Summary: Henry and Killian are both shaken by Emma’s situation and after a little bonding in the captain’s quarters Henry can’t help but to notice something very important about the role the pirate Captain plays in his life.

As the Jolly Roger bobbed on the unsettling waters of the reign of Camelot, Henry sat in silence in the captain’s quarters staring at nowhere with thoughts swirling wildly in his mind as he tried to process what was going on.

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Lyssa senpai my poor heart needs some carla-mikasa interaction, like "mom, mikasa is MY girlfriend can I have some of her attention too?

Omg. They would fight over who got to spend time with Mikasa so much (Carla would always win cause she’s Carla lol). This was so cute though, I love Carla and Mikasa having that mother/daughter relationship ;-; Also I’m not sure if you wanted this to be a holiday fic but I made it one haha

Carla loved her son, she did. Her and Grisha tried and tried to have a baby for so long so when the nurse first placed Eren in her arms she was more than in love with that little boy, even as he grew up into the hyper, loud mouthed troublemaker he could be. She loved every bit of his rambunctious side, and every bit of his big hearted, compassionate side. Yet there was nothing that could compare to having a daughter to spend the day with, to take out to lunch, to go shopping in more stores than almost any man would go into.

“I think I’m just gonna get Levi this,” Mikasa said, holding up a brightly colored tie that didn’t match that man’s personality or look at all.

Carla folded the sweater she had been looking at back on the pile. “It would go with his eyes, dear.”

Mikasa laughed and placed the tie back, shifting some of the bags from previous stores on her arms. “He’s impossible to shop for. I always just end up getting him a gift card to somewhere.”

Okay, technically, Mikasa wasn’t Carla’s daughter. Mikasa wasn’t even related but Carla had known Mikasa since she was a little girl sleeping in the guest room for a few weeks before her brother came to get her. She was a daughter to Carla long before her son finally got his head out of his ass and asked the pretty girl he knew for six years out.

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Here is the pattern I made for my Spine jack-o-lantern!
Well, more or less. The version I used was pretty much the same, but done in marker and instead of grey I had stripes but basically it’s the same.
I know it’s a liiiitle last minute for Halloween but maybe there’s someone that wants to use it and hasn’t already mutilated their gourds yet. Or alternatively, save it for next year!
I’m gonna try and give the lowdown on how I did it because I dunno, I think it’s a little tricky.
Start with printing out the pattern in whatever size is necessary. Obviously.
Now if you’re using those dollar store our Wal-Mart or whatever carving tools, that’s cool cause so did I mostly. But if you’re using those little pokers to transfer the patterns, I wouldn’t recommend that, at least for the whole thing. I leaned this the hard way with my Rabbit jack-o-lantern that never was. I poked the whole pattern and took the paper off but it ended up being just a bunch of indiscernible dots.
So even I switched to the spine-o-lantern, I decided to try and avoid that problem. I took an x-acto knife and cut the white bits out.
What I forgot to add to this was a few lines at the corners and sides. You snip with scissors or cut there a bit with the x-acto so the corners overlap and the paper curves to the pumpkin when you tape it. It’s easier than folding.
Then you trace around the black bits in pen. And be sure you let the pumpkin warm up inside first so there won’t be condensation that will make your pen not write, which I eventually learned from being an impatient child and ruining sharpies by not listening to my parents when they said “let the pumpkin warm up first”
You can just trace the face in pen. I did the neck to, but I guess you don’t have to. And the rest you can just use the pokers on because it doesn’t have to be quite as precise.
Once you got the pattern on there you do the obvious thing and cut open and gut that sucker. Unless you do that part first, then who am I to tell you how to live your life.
I tend to scrape the walls too thin and it ends up being kind of weak so maybe don’t so that. Except for the scraped parts of the pattern so the light can shine through but you can do that from the outside.
Now like the key in the right says, cut the white, scrape the grey, and leave the black as is.
Start with the scraping. I used a regular kitchen knife and a chisel tip x-acto blade to cut the skin away.
And I started with scraping a big circle around him so you could, y'know, see the hat and outline. But I suppose you could take a quicker route and cut or scrape an outline.
Once the skin was removed in the proper spots, I used the back of a spoon to scrape it thinner from the outside, and the scraping tool on the inside.
I used the tiny little saw tip to scrape around the shades because that area is very small.
Then I did the cutting. This is probably very obvious but if you are right handed, go left to right, and if you are left handed, go right to left. You don’t want to rest your hand on something you’ve already cut and accidentally punch The Spine’s face in. That wouldn’t be nice.
Also! Rather than scraping the grey vest stripes, I cut those because I didn’t think I had a big enough area cut out.
I also scraped a little outline around the shirt collar.
Cut in a little chimney on top, like behind the stem. My dad would always just put the top on askew and I thought that looked dumb.
Now clean up your pumpkin. Get rid of all those little pumpkin fibers.
There are probably some pen marks left over but that’s nothing a little rubbing alcohol can’t take care of. Just be careful around the more delicate bits when you are wiping. Hold it from the inside.

Clean up that mess you made.
Light a candle and shove it in there.
Congratulations, you have an epic and so cool Spine-o-lantern.

Side note: it says “way cooler” because it’s just traced over the marker original which is still visible. And I didn’t bother to erase. And I wrote it originally because I started with a different pattern for The Spine, but then changed my mind on and made this one instead and I wrote wrote “1st attempt” on the original and both were written for the sake of a photo up post on Facebook.