i had like 8 minutes to kill so

Ghost Story Time

So we had to leave town at like 3 to get to Lincoln at 430 for dinner to make it to the venue by 530.  Mike wasn’t very excited, he generally doesn’t like going to shows, especially since it was like 982° outside.  We got to the restaurant and Mike was *dramatically* STARVING and couldn’t wait to eat.  So he ate so fast and ended up feeling like garbage, and had to take a whore’s bath bc there was all sorts of food in his beard 🙄 

Once we were done eating we had like 15 minutes to get to the venue like 5 blocks away.  We ran into @fanthem and @papasdeathblossom  Which is hilarious bc no matter what city we see Ghost,  I always manage to see them randomly.  Only this time Kim shouted my name instead of my url, so it wasn’t as funny, but less awkward for the person I was with 🤣

We chatted for a minute and they had to pee, and we had to get to the ticketbooth to check in.  I was freaking out,  and it was just so hot I felt gross.  Obviously I was wearing h2t black, which is super smart.  The ticketbooth lady was a gigantic cunt and said they didn’t have any Ghost stuff yet and I’d have to wait.  So about 15 minutes later the guy came out and checked us in and such.  We brought our stuff back to the car, like 8 blocks away and it was just so hot out.  I’m gonna say that a lot, so get uses to it now 👌

We still had tons of time to kill before we had to be back at the venue so we went to this soda shop thing across the street. It was weird, Mike googled hobby stores hoping for a nerd shop near by and it showed up.  There were like cardboard cutouts and some pop culture nerdy things in the window, but it was a ruse.  It was all soda and like weird candy.  Mike got this cherry soda that resembled cloraseptic spray and I almost puked when I tasted it.  He loved it though, so he’s gross. I really just wanted water bc it was fucking gross outside, but this soda shop literally own sold pop, no water in sight

We had so much time to kill, still,  so we went to the Pinnacle and just kind of people watched for 30 minutes.  We saw this old dude flip out (in a good way) bc he saw some little kid, prob like 7, wearing one of his dad’s old Maiden shirts.  Like this dude was almost in tears because he was so stoked that this little kid was wearing a vintage shirt.  The kid was so happy and the dad was happy, and I was like almost crying bc feelings and such.  It was nice, and one of my favorite parts of the whole night 

I’m gonna backtrack, so after we got our vip merch I wanted to stop by the merch stand to get the Popera shirt to bring back to the car with the other stuff.  While in that line we encountered *that guy.  You know, the guy at every event ever that has no concept of personal boundries,  loves the sound of his own voice more than breathing, and just hates when people are content without talking.  So TG (that guy), grabbed my arm and was looking at my tattoo, which isn’t anything new…people think it’s okay to do that for some reason.  But he asked if I had any other Ghost tattoos, so I showed him my Ghoul elbow and he lost his mind.  Then he was asking if I’ve heard of any of their other bands, so I said yeah,  bc I do?  Idk why I was even engaging in the convo bc I def shouldn’t have. I opened up a goddamn can of worms 😒🔫   

So he’s talking about all the previous ghouls and I was barely stringing along any sort of response.  He started talking about Mauro, but kept saying Mario.  I didn’t want to be a cunt, so I didn’t correct him.   In hindsight I wish I would have bc he was just lingering around for the entirety of the m&g and the annoyingness continued to escalate.  

So we went back to the car, did the soda shop thing, people watched for a bit, and then it was about 5 minutes after we were suppose to meet where we were already standing.  TG shows up and I was just like god.fucking.damn.it. 😬 so he was like saying who was competition and who wasn’t, like that’s a normal thing to do

They took us to where we were doing the m&g, and I ended up stuck in line behind TG, which was a fucking bummer.  Luckily it was cold down there bc I was so swampy and gross from being outside, wearing all black 🖤  so I’m quietly talking to my husband, and everybody is doing the same with whoever they came with or met in line.  *sidenote: there was a guy with skeleton paint on that was  just mowing down on pizza and beer prior to us being taken to the m&g area and I was somehow fascinated with it…as if he was an actual skeleton eating pizza and drinking beer*

Sooo..TG decides it’s just way to quiet for him to be left alone with his thoughts and in a whole room of people just NOT hearing his voice.  So he starts asking those annoying Ghost questions and literally mentions everything that makes me roll my eyes.  He mentions Dave Grohl, Blue Öyster Cult, where is Ghost going, how Meliora is a masterpiece, and all sorts of other shit…and to top it off, he kept saying Opius instead of Opus, and I wanted to die. I mean he pulled his pants down and took a shit on my favorite Ghost album 😠 His friend could see how annoying he was being and how irritated the entire room was so he kind reeled in the crazy.  Then TG made a sad, quiet statement that the room was just too quiet.  Idk man, he was awful and I couldn’t get away bc it was a line and just ugh.  Once Papa came out and went in the little tent thing, TG started taking more.  He turned around and spotted my rosary and asked where I got it.  So I told him I made it and he did one if those hand gestures where his head explodes and just kept saying wow???  It was fucking weird, and Mike looked like he was about to just Mortal Kombat *finish him* bc he hates people like TG,  which we all do so it’s whatever.  Oh my god, then it was FINALLY MY TURN!  I pulled a baggie out of my back pocket with the guitar picks I made for the ghouls, and my heart was beating out of my chest.  I asked George if he could give them to the other guys.  Realizing that it was a rolled up baggie, and it was quite sketchy, I told him that it was guitar picks for each of the Ghouls, and asked if I could give Papa his in the tent.  He said, very unimpressed with the rolled up baggie, “sure I guess so” and I felt like an idiot.  But here’s the thing,  everybody is like just find Billy Vanilla, he’s like the Rafiki of Ghost.  So he’s clearly not a real person bc I’ve been to 4 different shows and I’ve never once seen him.  It’s some sort of elaborate scheme that some of y'all are in on 😂 but whatever, keep the lie alive.  

Anyway, it’s finally out turn to go in and I’m just trying not to throw up.  It was much more intimidating with Papa in his papal robes and not that stupid suit.  I shook his hand for what seemed like an uncomfortable about of time, but like his black leather gloves are just everything and I didn’t want to let go.  Now y'all know I have a thing for those gloves and it was fucking unreal to touch them irl😵 Then I finally gave him the guitar pick.  I told him I made it and 5 matching ones with corresponding symbols.  So I looked around and realized how dark it was and said “ugh, it’s probably too fucking dark to see it in here though”…so he grabbed it and then sort of held it up and shook his head, then he leaned down to look at it in the purple spot light thing and said “rats” and that’s when I almost died because he’s fucking cute and so adorably dorky.  So if it weren’t for Mike I would have just stood there for the photo.  I was super frozen and had no idea what to do.  Mike then said to Papa “we were wondering if you could bless our baby and he put his hand on my belly and Papa’s eyes lit up and his voice changed from his hokey accent to a more genuine tone and said “of course, congratulations”.  It was so incredible,  I mean he was so genuine and he said congratulations like 9 times.  HE PUT HIS HAND ON MY BELLY and we took the photos.  I almost lost my mind, I mean… Papa’s black, leather gloved hand was touching my belly and I just 😱😱😱 

So the did the two photos and asked if we wanted two more since there were to two of us, and we said no these are fine.  Papa shook our hands again and when he shook mine I did the thing where I out my other hand on top of his and he looked me in the eyes and said in his real voice congratulations again, and then he said “this is fantastic”.  I started to tear up, but I kept my shit together 🙃 

After that we watched the show and it was amazing.  I was one of the only people in my section standing up for their set, and I was sort of bummed bc it wasn’t as fun as it usually is surrounded by people having as much fun as you are.  Anyway, Fire and Air both pointed at me at a few different parts.  It was pretty cool. My crush on Fire intensified the second the show started.  He’s fucking wild y'all.  He’s so fun to watch.  Him and the other two of the trinity have such a connection and stage presence.  They are so good!  It was so amazing and ended far too soon. When the show was over they were bowing and waving bye, Fire kept pointing to this one guy in the audience and doing the smoking a joint gesture at the dude, and then the dude realized he was the guy, Fire did a big cheesey 👍👍 which was adorable, and then I said “have mercy” 100% out loud and I blame @infernalghuleh for that 

Maiden was so good.  I’ve been wanting to see them since I was like 12, which is longer than some of you have been alive, so it was quite the evening.  Bruce is a fucking maniac, and he’s so fun to watch live.  We left after Fear of the Dark, which was a mutual agreement before the show.  That’s our fav song, and I just couldn’t stand anymore.  My feet were swollen and I was so tired.  Which is nuts bc prepregnancy me was never tired at a concert.  I also had to work Monday morning and it was already 11, and we had over an hour long drive home.

Mike talked the entire 1 hour and 20 minutes it took to get home about how much fun he had.  He asked how Olive was doing and I told him she was kicking and moving the entire time, especially when we met Papa and then again when Cirice was playing.  He said it was our first concert as a family and squeezed my hand, and I cried bc I’m a hormonal maniac these days.  

The next morning he texted me at work and said “Thank you so much for challenging my inhibitions and anxieties about going to stuff like that. I will never forget last night. I love you so much!” (Literally just copy & pasted that)😭😻💚

So, I wrote an essay…which is weird bc I’m usually not long winded at all 😎 

If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking around for my Ghost story, and I hope it entertained you in one way or another 💜

Prompt Set#2 for 8000 Followers!

1.)  “Dude, a moving car ran into me last night and it didn’t hurt.”

2.)“This feels almost natural.  I wonder what would happen if I got knocked out though.“

“No, don’t even think about it.”

3.)“Everyone needs to calm down.  Just calm down now.”

4.) The men all stopped and stared at me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little freaked out.

5.) I closed my eyes and thought to myself, Everyone be calm. Just be calm.

6.)  She backed when I asked, and I felt movement at my stomach. The bullet she had previously shot me with worked itself out as we watched.

8.) These were my friends; I had to be honest with them.

9.) “I wish you would stop playing with your third eye like that. It’s really disturbing. ”

“Don’t worry you get used to it.”

10.) “You’re cute when you’re lying.”

11.) “Don’t tell her. She already thinks I’m crazy.”

“Uh, everyone except for me thinks you’re crazy.”

12.) “I guess it’s too late for me to ask you for your number.”

13.) “That’s it?  That’s what you are so freaked out about?”

14.)“Stop joking about this for a minute. My sister would kill us if she found out what we’ve just done. Put it back and let’s go home.”

15.) The day was brighter than I’d like, my slit eyes worked better in the shadows of alleys at night.

16.) Thank god. I don’t know how much longer I can last out here. If you hadn’t come along…”

17.) “I had hoped you’d believe me when I said that I had nothing to do with this.”

18.) “Where are you going?”

“I need to take him someplace without oxygen.”

19.) “Promise you’ll come back?”

“You know the rule. No promises. ”

20.) “She was the biggest mistake of my life.”

21.) “I’m in charge.”

22.) “I just…need some air.”

23.) “Im not going yo blow up his head, though it is a tempting offer.”

24.) “You seem to think you have a chance. That some one will save you. That maybe I’ll change my mind.”

25.) “We all get what’s owed to us in the end. So no, I’m not afraid. Just disappointed. ”

26.)This is more like magic than science.

That was the first thing, I said, when I was new too.

27.) “That is exactly what Satan wants you to try,” she reminded him.

28.) “ Perhaps we should be more careful of what we say. this is, after all, his domain.“

29.) “It is always better to hope than to have no hope at all.”

“ So you had been listening to dad’s lessons.”

30.)  “Are you sure you don’t desire me?”

I haven’t been sure of anything for a long time.

31.) “ I have to admit, I didn’t think you’d have the guts to really do it.”

32.) I thought I would never get used to this. Looks like I did.

33.) “I didn’t even do anything yet.”

34.) “Man, God must really hate you.”

“I am God!”

35.) “Oh, don’t mind her. She’s just mad that she sucks at Mario Kart.”

36.) “Shush. Did you just hear that?”

“Yeah, it’s called an echo dumbass.”

37.)“He’s a lot older than you think.”

38.) “I still can’t wrap my head around the part where you-”

39.) “Finally. Some alone time.”

“Technically you’re not alone.”

“Holy Fuck!”

40.) “When the smartest person in the galaxy says that he can’t understand you, I think should feel a bit concerned.”

41.) “I just wanted a family…something to call my own.”

“Yeah, well. I told you so.”

42.)  “A penny for your thoughts?”

“We both know you don’t have a penny.”

43.) “Wanna have sex?”

“With you? No thanks.”

44.) “I don’t have a favorite. Actually you’d be doing me a favor if you just space’d them all.”

“She’s totally joking!”

45.) “Stop! Just stop talking! All of you shut up!”

46.) “Good luck.”

“Thats all you have to say?”

47.) “You sold me out.”

48.) “Shitshitshit!”

“That doesn’t sound too good.

Thats because it isn’t. I dropped ___”

49.)  "I don’t see how your thoughts could be worse than the rest of ___”

50.) "Odd that such a thing should exist here.”

“And where is here exactly?”

“Good question. ”


A/N: I finally finished something! Sorry it took so long. I tired to make them generic but I’m a psych major and it’s all I know. Enjoy!

Ricky: “Whatcha reading?” Your boyfriend asks from over your shoulder. You had been at your desk slumped over your textbook for hours now and every word read was forgotten immediately. “Abnormal Psychology.” “Really? That sounds kinda cool.” You dropped your head with an audible thud. “It was interesting. 4 hours ago.” “So stop for the night.” “I can’t,” you mumbled, face still pressed against the book, “my test is tomorrow and he pulls his questions straight from the book.” You laid there deflated for a few more seconds before the book was pulled out from under you. Ricky pulled up a chair beside you and set the book in his lap. “What are you doing?” You asked. He smirked, “Reading to you. It sounds cooler than you give it credit for, and clearly you’re getting nowhere on your own, so.” Thanks to Ricky you ended up acing your test the next day.

Ryan: “Ok… what is one difference in diagnosing depression in children vs adults?” “Children can be irritable instead of sad.” Ryan flipped the card over, “Correct.” Yes. You knew this information inside and out. You were ready, but you couldn’t stop. You wanted a B in this class and you were going to study until the tests were handed out. “How many symptoms are needed to diagnose ADHD?” “6 for children, 5 if they’re over 18.” “Correct. Babe can you stop pacing it’s freaking me out.” “It helps me think.” “Yeah but, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to think. Like you could probably answer these in your sleep.” He grabbed your hand as you walked by, pulling you close. “Take a break Y/N.” You smiled down at your loving boyfriend. “One more time through the stack, then we’ll talk.” Ryan rolled his eyes knowing you were never going to give up. “Alright,” he sighed picking up the stack of 275 flash cards, “Name 3 criteria for bipolar I disorder.”

Vinny: It was 1:37am the Sunday- or Monday now, before your first final. You’d been studying for hours and you were barely halfway through. Vinny could see you starting to fade so he suggested a coffee run. The Starbucks near your house was closed so the two of you were driving in circles trying to find caffeine. “There’s a gas station down the street. They’ll probably have something.” You didn’t answer, still engrossed in your study guide. “Y/N… Y/N…” Suddenly he snatched the guide out of your hands. “Hey!” “Babe this is supposed to be a break, you weren’t supposed to bring it with you.” “But I need to study!” You whined as he pulled into a parking spot. “I know,” he cooed taking your face in his hands, “but first, coffee.” You rolled your eyes as you climbed out of the car. “But gas station coffee, really?” “Hey you didn’t object!”

Devin: “Jesus Christ how many slides are on this thing?!” You smacked his arm trying to silence your boyfriend as you kept reading. “60.” “60?! What could possibly be in this chapter that it needs 60 slides to cover it all?!” “Devin shut up I’m trying to study.” “Do you really need to read all 60 slides though? I mean shouldn’t there be like a study guide or something instead of just posting his presentations?” “Nope. Professors are satanists that like to watch us suffer.” Devin chuckled as you stared deadpan into the screen. “It should at least have cool transitions or som-” “DEVIN, OUT!” You cried, smacking him with a pillow until he leapt off the couch. “You’re distracting me! Be helpful or get out!” Devin pouted in protest but you went immediately back to your power points. “Fiiine,” he huffed walking towards the bedroom, “Wake me when you’re done with your 60 slides.”

Chris: You stared into the computer screen, rapidly clicking the refresh button. Nope. Nope. Nada. Still nothing. You weren’t sure exactly when Chris had come over but he was holding your hand tightly, shifting his attention between you and the ever-refreshing screen. “It’s gonna be fine Y/N. You studied so hard, and you already know what you have in most of your classes.” “Yeah but I need at least a 3.5 this semester or I can kiss grad school goodbye. Then I’ll have a useless degree and be forced to work at McDonalds where one day I’ll get so fed up with a customer that I kill them and have to go on the run and live under a bridge like a crazy homeless person.” Chris couldn’t help but smile as you frantically refreshed the page. You still had two minutes before grades would be posted, but that didn’t stop you from checking 8 minutes ago and he knew it wouldn’t stop you now. Finally the page changed, and the two of you held your breath as you added up your GPA. “3.6… 3.6!! FUCK YES!” You shrieked as Chris lifted you out of the chair into a hug. “I’m so proud of you babe! C’mon let’s go celebrate! You earned it!” “Ok, anywhere but McDonalds.”

Thoughts on Marvel’s Defenders

Picking up where I left off last night.

1. Let’s start off with a positive: MATT AND ELEKTRA’S CHEMISTRY, HOLY SHIT. That whole last fight/conversation with them was on FIRE. I mean, I feel like for both of their safety and also the safety of the world they should never be within fifty miles of each other, but while they are together it’s ELECTRIC.

2. I know nothing bout filmmaking techniques, it’s just not a way I approach stories, and I say this so you know when I say the colored lighting was ridiculous over the top it means something. Also transitions throughout were weird for me, except the one with Jessika and Luke and the hoodies.

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How I think of it:

When that seizure happened. The mutants/X-Men that were killed, were probably close enough to Charles to be killed. If you think about it, if the X-Men died than those other 400-600 mutants should’ve died as well. However, they weren’t near enough to feel the full effect. Plus, the seizure had to lasted longer than a few minutes. If you remember from the movie, the gunmen that were near Charles were still alive before Logan got to them. So when the seizure first happened, Logan had to have been farther away when it happened. So if anything, the seizure lasted maybe like 8-10 minutes.

I would say the possible 27 people (I think it was 20 mutants and 7 X-Men that died) that were killed were: Storm, Scott, Jean, Rogue, Bobby, Kitty, Colosuss, Kurt, Mystique, Peter, Erik and other mutants.

The main X-Men (The first 7 I mentioned) were killed after staying paralyzed for so long. They were near Charles, so they felt that attack 100%. The brains couldn’t support staying that long so they all shut down. This is the same for the next 3 names I mentioned. After like ~9 mins, the brains gave out.

However, Erik is a little different. And by different, I mean he died rather quickly. The incident apparently happened a year earlier than the setting of the movie (2028), so that means Erik was around ~98 at the time. So Erik was pretty much on the verge of death. Charles’s seizure would’ve been way too much for his old brain to handle and he was dead within probably less than 90 seconds. Like a sudden brain trama or heart attack. Even if it wasnt the incident that killed him, it probably was natural causes. He was gonna die of old age anyway. I would say if not the seizure, then he died before then (maybe around 2024-25).

That is all. Thank you for your time.

pierre-manslapper  asked:

What are your top ten favorite Pinatas from Viva Pinata?

finally a good ask in a sea of garbage

1: Fourheads

peak of character design. absolute perfection. he can use his two heads and hands. if you kept going i bet you’d get a huamn body made of snake heads. gets to wear four hats at once.

2: Pigxie

perfectly designed freak of nature, accurate of its birth has a horrible genetic crossbreed that god did not intend to ever grace the world, pictures do not really do it justice. even its movement is weird and limpy. Good on you, abomination! 

3: Sour cocoadile

i like crocodiles

4: cocoadile

i like crocodiles.

5: Jameleon

looks like an idiot. i love it.

6: Mothdrop

now normally no one would give a flying fuck about Mothdrop and to be honest i dont really either to be honest but mothdrop makes the list because one time i had one in my garden and a ruffian started a fight with it so i got ready to call the ambulance dude but I guess the game glitched out and they ended up never actually  fighting so they just starred at each other for like 5~ minutes and I guess if a fight doesnt finish after a period of time they both back out. So in short a ruffian had a 5 minute long stare off with a moth and bitched out and ran out of my garden, being the first and last time ill ever see a pinata beat a ruffian. I gave it like a viking helmet and shit because what a badass.

7: Salamango

looks like a friendly dude but like the friendly dude that hits the blunt a bit too much. also looks like lava comes out and kills you if you break him.

8: Newtgat

9: Sour Shellybean

real go getter. got a look in his eye that he wont let anyone stop his way to being number one. also looks like he might mug me. i can respect that.

10: Dragonache

Actually not the biggest fan of Dragonache despite its sorta unoffical requirement to get one every time you make a new garden just to assert dominance but fictional characters in the viva pinata universe died over dragonache so in memoriam. rip that guy’s wife.

wanna start a new viva pinata garden.  gotta finish other video games. you people doom me. port viva pinata trouble in paradise to pc.

anonymous asked:

REALLY URGENT:: I wore my binder for 6 hours at school then took it off at around half 3. I wore nothing but a sweater until 4:45 then I put my binder back on. I took it off again at 11:30(pm) so that's like 6 hours and 45 minutes I think? If I have a break like I did does that mean I can start the 8 hours again or did I wear it too long? I do this kinda often because school and friends but I haven't had any pain. Help??

Take a deep breathe. You are fine. I’ve worn my binder for 12 hours before, as long as you respect your body and you are able to breathe, aren’t in pain and having bruising it is okay to wear your binder for more then 8 hours, it won’t kill you.

If you wear your binder for more then 12 hours and it hurts you to the point you cannot move your binder is probably too tight. Not all men are flat chested, I really encourage people to bind to be comfortable, being able to breathe is good.


#222: You Work For Them And He Fancies You


Requested: Yes, but then again, can’t find it 

This one was really fun thank you so much to the anon requesting it, I’m trying to get all my requests done before 2017 (I know already that it won’t happen but hey here’s to new years resolutions) and if you want you can always leave a request in my ask and I’ll try to do it :-) x 

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”You must be a banana because I find you a peeling!” Your head rose up by the sudden words, confusion written on your face when nobody was to be seen in the otherwise large backstage area. “You get it? Because you peel a banana and I find you attractive.” Your eyes landed on the door where Luke was peeking his head inside, a ridiculously smile embracing his face features. “You again with the lame pickup lines.” You hummed and focused back on the paper work in front of you, you didn’t have much time until they had to be on stage and you had promised John you would finish this before the start. “Yes here I am once again trying to impress you yet so far the only thing I’ve gotten is a small glance.” He exclaimed and walked further into the room, taking a seat on the coffee table in front of you. “I am working Luke, in case that didn’t come to your attention. I appreciate the effort but those dumb pickup lines won’t win my heart.” You glanced up shortly to look at him with serious eyes but it only seemed to encourage him even more. “You know I’m only continuing until you actually say yes.” “Well you’re gonna have to try a little bit harder then.” You smiled, enjoying how he was suddenly tensing his jaw and looking down at you with a serious expression. You sincerely hoped that it was enough to make him shut his mouth and your attention went back to the paper work in front of you. “Okay fine let me try another one.” “Nope, okay.” You mumbled more to yourself than him by his announcement and let the pen fall onto the papers. You watched him with a quivered eyebrow as he backed away until he was a few meters away from you and started to walk forward. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” He was purposely looking at you like he was actually trying to seduce you but when there was no reaction he decided to go back again and try all over. What he hadn’t taken notice of during the process was the table with a bowl of fruit standing right behind him, his ass literally connecting into it and knocking down all the content. You watched him with wide eyes as he turned around in reaction with panic in his eyes, mouth agape by the ridiculous move and leaned down to grab them all and put them back into the bowl. “Erase that, erase that, I’ll try again in half an hour.” He rushed to back away and out of the door, accidentally knocking his knee into it and cursing under his breath while hearing you laugh by his clumsiness in the background. “You just try again Hemmings I’ll just sit here and wait.” You hummed, rolling your eyes in amusement and heard as he shut the door with a last curse.


“Remind me again why you won’t say yes to go out with me?” A huge sigh came from your lips by the question he had seemed to ask at least 30 times during the past four days, giving him a short glance over your shoulder before grabbing a microphone stand and placed it in the middle of the stage. “Remind me again of why you keep asking?” Unknowing of where you were heading his eyes suddenly widened by his feet tangled up in some wires from the guitar amp, untangling himself from the mess and hurried towards you by the drum kid. “Because you’ve never given me a proper answer.” Calum argued and leaned his arm on one of the amps, trying to play it casual but it wasn’t really helping on the situation. “I have.” You replied and took a seat down by the bass drum, giving it a few hits and looked down by John to see if he made thumbs up for the sound being perfect. “Saying, and I quote; ‘no way in hell that’s gonna happen’ isn’t really a proper answer if you ask me.” “But I didn’t ask you.” You mumbled concentrated and stood up to head towards the microphones again, grabbing one and connected it to a wire. You had been stressing out all morning because you were late and soundcheck was almost creeping around the corner. You didn’t have the time to talk to Calum but he definitely didn’t understand that and to make you stop just for one second he grabbed the microphone from you and managed to twirl the wire around your waist. His face expression told that he wouldn’t bug, he waited for an answer and wouldn’t loosen the wire around you before. You sighed deeply and rolled your eyes, a hand coming down to touch your hip and pointed at him with your microphone. “I’m your sound tech’s assistant, remind me again of why you’re so interested in me?” A smirk came to his face by your question, deciding to inch his face closer to yours. “Because I like a challenge and with you constantly being near me and being a reject, I crave for more especially with that wonderful attitude of yours. Besides Y/N. I fancy you as hell.” You hadn’t realized how you were suddenly holding your breath as his face inched closer and closer to yours, your noses at the point of almost touching each other. There was no words spoken between you but the smirk on his face was growing knowing that even if you were constantly disagreeing whatever he had to say, now something was working and he had your attention. “I need to get back to work.” The words didn’t come out as convincing as you wanted to and neither did you have that same attitude as before. His eyes lit up by your words and let go of the wire completely, winking at you and leaving you alone on the stage with a grin on his face.


“This is nice.” He commented, eyes closing in pleasure and made sure to drag out the last vocal in the word. You giggled lightly by his reaction and rubbed your hands through his hair, trying to make sure that every single strand had been covered in the black hair dye. “Your fans are gonna die after this, there’s no doubt.” You checked it one last time and watched him look up and smile, nodding his head in agreement, it was the whole reason why he decided to finally color it dark again after having his natural color for such a long time. “Do you prefer it?” He questioned and sat up when you were done with washing it out, settling for a shampoo afterwards and rubbed it between your hands. “What? The dark hair?” You questioned in concentration, putting a bit more in your hand before running your fingers through his locks again. “Yeah.” “I-, I don’t know.” You suddenly widened your eyes knowing what he was up to, the smirk growing on his face as he watched you head towards one of the shelves to grab a conditioner, you were so confused you hadn’t even washed out his shampoo completely. “I don’t know what I prefer.” You said more stern to get a bit of your attitude back but regardless smiled down at him and cleaned out the shampoo. “You know what I prefer?” He questioned like it wasn’t obvious and swung one leg over the other. You looked down at him with curious eyes but also a bored look, he always asked this and he always made sure to annoy you with it despite telling the truth. “Let me guess. A date?” “Oh my god that is such an honor Y/N yes I will definitely go on a date with you!” Rolling your eyes by his excited exclaim you dramatically changed the water temperature from being medium to ice cold, a teasing smile coming to your face when he reacted immediately and flied up from his chair. “Y/N!” He exclaimed with wide eyes and you laughed quietly and shook your head in agreement. “You’ve got shampoo drippling down your cheek.” You giggled, watching him take a seat back and closed his eyes when you turned on the water and found back the right temperature. “As an apology I’ve decided you will go out with me tonight. No complains and no buts just the two of us at some kind of cozy diner.” You opened your mouth once again to say something but just by the glance he was giving you there was no way in hell you could say no. He was sweet, there was no doubt but you just thought it might be a bit awkward considering you were working with him every single day and what if something would go wrong. But then again, you had to take chances sometimes and a smile came to your face just like his. “Pick me up at 8.”


“You’re early.” You commented and looked into the reflection in the mirror, seeing Ashton lean his body against the doorframe to the dressing room and walked inside. “As in really early.” “I think it’s the jetlag kicking. The others aren’t awake yet and I wanted to kill time so I thought why not start out already. It means you will have less stress when the others show up and need to have their makeup done within five minutes.” You smiled softly by his words and sorted a few things out from your makeup bag, watching him in the corner of your eye as he took a seat down and ran a hand through his curly locks. “Well I’m flattered, I must admit.” You smiled and ran your fingers through his hair teasingly and found your primer. Silence fell upon the dressing room in a peaceful manner, the only thing playing out loud was the radio in the background. You didn’t say much but gently put the cream between your fingers and started to smear it out on his skin. “Did you shave?” The question wasn’t supposed to come out as a surprise, yet it did and he smiled softly by your question. “I remember how you said you preferred that because it would be easier to cover up spots and such without the stubble. So I did.” It was almost as if a blush came to his lips because when he thought about it he sounded pretty ridiculous. But it still made you smile and look down at your hands, not really knowing what to say because it was actually really sweet of him, also considering that it was a decision of his. “Hey.” He commented quietly and titled your chin up. “I know that you heard the boys and I talk about you.” You froze completely by his words and stopped from pumping out foundation on the back of your hand, your mouth opening but no words came out. “And yes what I said was true. I wasn’t just fooling around stating lies.” You were so surprised that you only let out a small giggle, shaking your head by everything that came to your mind and looked down at him. “Ashton I appreciate that you like me but we can’t be together.” It was as if he had expected the statement from you because he only leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes when you started to smear the product on his skin. “It’s just-,” You sighed, “It’s just not right.” He flicked one eye open to look at you, the corner of his mouth turning upwards again and he hummed lightly. “Yes it’s right Y/N.” He smiled and opened both eyes to look up at you. “It’s just not right, right now.” Looking down at him by his words you could feel how you were slowly losing your breath but it was replaced with butterflies as he smiled up at you with a soft wink.

Starmyu Event - 5/29 Night Session Fanreport

It has been a few weeks since the event so some things might be out of order. XD My memory is a bit fuzzy, too… and my Japanese… I looked at a few past tweets as well… And this is why I should write a report ASAP and not procrastinate. Anyway, please enjoy this long post of text and some pictures (not beta-ed at all).

The Starmyu event was held in Yomiuri Hall, close to Yurakucho Station.

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I just watched “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave” video. And I am in so much shock.

How the fuck you go back to work only 12 weeks after the birth of your baby?! 12 fucking weeks! And apparently you don’t even get paid?? What the fuck?

Here, in Russia, you get:

– a legal guarantee that you won’t lose your job during all the months of pregnancy and full 3 years after(or more). They can’t fire you no matter what! 

– 2(or more, if your boss loves you) full months before you have a baby off the work with full salary

– 1,5 YEARS after the birth off the work with full salary

– 1,5 years more off the work if you want to, with like 1 bucks a month salary

– and what if during the first 1,5 years you have another baby (I know women like that, they just can’t wait to have a house full of kids. It’s a condition)? Well…You guessed it! You get more! You get another 1,5 years of off work with full salary.

I am 100% sure that this is not even the best offer for pregnant women in the world or even in Europe only. Not even close.

My sister had a baby 3 months ago and this topic is so sensitive for me now. I still remember her pregnant like it was yesterday. And how hard it was. And, like, if we were in USA she would have to go to work now. 

And she works in the police. She receives people all day long. Every 7 minutes there is a new person at her desk for 8 hours for 5 days a week. And you have to know my sister. If she had to go to work now, she would have literally killed a man. Maybe a few.

So here is the question: how the fuck do you go to work only 3 months after you had your baby? Where do you store your baby during the day? Do you put it in your purse? And just?.. Like, I genuinely don’t understand.

Mothers of USA I am so sorry for you. You don’t deserve such shit.

Genesis 4x19

“…Let there be light..”

Laurel-less Arrow (praise be to the Lord), Olicity undercover, Diggle vs. Diggle and the team learning about Darhk’s plan for Star City. My quick reaction:

1. David Ramsey. The real MVP of tonight’s episode. See how he shines when given material? Yeah, more please.

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2. The plot and pace were really great unlike the last episode.

3. Olicity undercover was everything I’ve been missing. I was dehydrated. 

4. We need to form a prayer circle for Thea. I don’t *think* Alex is evil. I do believe he’s being manipulated, but she has no luck with boyfriends. I’mma pray for you girl.

5. Delicity homage to season 2. I live.

6. Andy Diggle’s evil ass had to go. He pissed me off when he came for Baby Sara like that. No ma’am. Sorry John had to do it and kill his baby brother. So heartbreaking.

7. Darhk out here trying to build Panem? The last scene with Thea felt like some Hunger Games ish. 

8. NO FLASHBACKS. Am I the only person that realized this 30 minutes into the show? MAMA WE MADE IT! Freedom from Laurel and freedom from flashbacks. *dance break*

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*more dancing*

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Overall, I was dehydrated. I no longer thirst (maybe, just for some Olicity makeup sexy time now). David Ramsey was the real MVP. Arrow gave me Delicity feels and Olicity undercover. I had season 2 vibes. I need to go cry somewhere. 

Exo Scenario: “Don’t touch me.” with Sehun Pt 9 ~

So you guys may want to kill me after reading this week’s part, but I had this sort of last minute idea and I thought that it would work really well with the story line, and where they’re heading, plot-wise. Hope you like it (don’t hate me too much for torturing you all). And please let me know what you think of this week’s update :)

(Edit: You can find the other parts here Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10 ~)

You didn’t care what he said - didn’t care that he wanted to make things better with you. He - you couldn’t even bare to think his name - had wasted enough of your time, making you worry, making you cry, making you seek comfort from the others in his place. You didn’t like feeling weak and he had made you feel your weakest. And now all he wanted was to get back together with you - to act like nothing had ever happened in the first place.

He hadn’t even apologized. Not once…

Of course, all throughout the weekend, he didn’t stop messaging and calling you. You ignored his calls, but you couldn’t stop yourself from listening to his voicemails. And you knew even before you pressed the button to listen to them, that you wouldn’t like what he had to say.

Sitting in your bedroom on a Saturday night, you didn’t want to cry, but you did anyway.

That was when your best friend called, asking if you wanted to go out for drinks. She hadn’t seen you in weeks since you started working at SM, and she wanted to celebrate the new, steady job. Though you would have argued the “steady” part of it, you agreed to go out with her. 

It was on the way home from the bar, a little tipsy, that you saw the flash of the lights and the car speeding your way. 

You didn’t expect for the driver to come right at you. Perhaps you were a little too trusting of everyone around you, especially after the weeks you had been having lately. You wanted to be able to trust someone - anyone - and even with your best friend taking you out to drinks and dancing, you still felt that way. She hadn’t been much help, only talking about herself.

So, could you really blame yourself for believing that the car was going to stay on the road?

You weren’t really sure what happened next, especially as it happened so very fast. But it was all white lights and flashing signs, the stop sign getting knocked down and you getting hit, nearly going flying. You had seen plenty of videos of accidents in the past, but had never imagined yourself to be involved in one. Never had imagined yourself getting hit, or the driver taking off in the next second, leaving you there.

Half delusional and feeling a sticky wetness sliding down your face and neck, you groaned. Everything was blurry, fading even as you tried to blink past the haziness of what was going on around you. The stop sign had fallen at your feet, leaving one of your legs trapped beneath it. You didn’t have the strength to pull yourself up, and even if you did, you were pretty sure that your head had hit the concrete. You were lucky to be alive, let alone conscious.

Your first instinct - your body working on auto-pilot - was to call someone to help you. And obviously, in this state, your brain wasn’t working well enough to tell you not to do what you were going to do.

You tapped on Sehun’s name in your recent calls list, thankful that you were even able to slip your phone out of your pocket and unlock it.

Voice hoarse and the blood still dripping sickly down your face, you almost started crying again when he didn’t pick up the phone. So you left him a voicemail.

“Sehun-ah…” you weren’t sure what else to say, your brain working overtime just to keep you conscious, never mind sane. “I-I just got hit by a car. P-please help me.” and you didn’t even have enough will power to do much of anything else, the headache from the accident hitting you, along with the high from the alcohol - obviously not a good mix. 

You blacked out…

When you awoke, you didn’t know where you were. But you heard beeping noises, and with the bright, white lights above you, you assumed that you were in the hospital. You didn’t have much of a memory of what had happened, just the faint memory of white lights and then the splitting headache that still made you groan, your fingers going up to your head, your eyes closing in pain.

“Whoa, careful…” a familiar voice whispered, fingers wrapping gently around your wrist to bring your hand back down, away from your head. Opening your eyes and looking to the side, your memories rushed back to you, your headache only allowing a few flashes of what had happened - who you had called.

Your mind was working over time, debating whether or not to let the last month or so fall asleep, a monster waiting to be awoken again, or let it snarl and snap at him in this moment. You didn’t want to fight, were much too weak for that. You knew you had lost a lot of blood and you could feel the bruises all over your body, probably decorating your skin nicely. No amount of makeup would disguise the purple-blue bruises that now colored your chin and cheeks, or your shoulders. The others could be hidden beneath clothes. You groaned.

“Who did this to you?” Sehun whispered then, not waiting for you to say anything as his fingers ghosted over your skin. He was being gentle with you, ever so delicate as his eyes washed over you, anxious and worried for your safety. You felt like you hadn’t seen that expression, those beautiful eyes of his in years, when really it had only been a few weeks. 

When had his sweet, caring side become a stranger?

“I’m going to kill them.” Sehun murmured, almost too quiet for you to hear. And if you had been feeling better, you would have smiled and thanked him, but you just couldn’t right now. Instead, you shuddered at the intensity behind his voice. Your memories - if they served you right - told you that you should still be mad at him, but his sweet face and those lips that you loved told you otherwise. Screw your memories.

“Sehun-ah.” you murmured, just saying his name was painful, your throat dry and your voice still hoarse, though you weren’t sure why. His eyes darted up to yours and you felt the pain more vividly then, unsure of how to react to him right now.

“You don’t have to say anything.” he said then, and you just looked at him, waiting for what else he had to say. His presence there was enough for you. You could forget for today that you were angry with him, “Just listen to me.” and he almost looked like he was in pain when he added, “Please.”

You didn’t have the strength to nod, or to say anything, so you just continued to wait.

“I am so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. And I know that you hate me. I would hate me, too. Actually, no - I do hate myself after what I’ve put you through these last weeks. I don’t deserve your forgiveness. But…” and your Sehun looked like he was on the verge of tears. You had only seen him cry when he was so completely overcome with emotions. You didn’t like seeing him cry, “But if you could just give me a chance. We can start from the beginning. We can pretend like we’re strangers, and I can prove myself to you all over again. I don’t care what SM says, about the no dating co-workers policy. You were mine far before you started working there, and I hope - if you give me the chance - you’ll be mine long after we both leave.”

His voice faded and you didn’t know how to respond to him. His eyes were watery with oncoming tears and you didn’t know what to say, what to do really, other than reach up slowly and wipe his tears away. His eyes blinked closed for a second, letting the tears fall as they must, and you felt a little like crying, too, seeing him so fragile there before you. You were sure that you had seemed like that over the last few weeks, certainly seemed like that now. Your fingers curled back and you retracted your hand from his face.

“Okay.” was all you said, too much on your mind, and your voice too weak to say much of anything else. You didn’t know how you could say all that was racing through your mind either, but he had come to you when you called, and he had waited until you woke, waiting here beside you for what could have been hours, maybe even a day. He had probably already been scolded by the company for being here. You didn’t care, and he certainly didn’t seem to, either.

Even with that one little word - just you saying “okay” - his face lit up like you hadn’t seen in ages. And he was starting to tear up again when he leaned forward, his shadow overtaking you as he leaned in and pressed his sweet lips gently to your forehead. 

The sensation made your eyes close and for a second the pain receded - just barely. When he pulled away, you were both teary-eyed and speechless. 

Sehun’s hand gripped yours in his and neither of you said a word as you just held onto him for support.

the flopdred 3x14 brief summary

saving you time and anger by not making you watch this shitstorm:

  • it opens up in polis in the jail cell where pike, murphy, indra, and some randoms are. they’re there bc they won’t take the chip.
  • alie’s cronies come in and they’re like “take the chip” and they’re all like “no” and they’re like “damn thas true”
  • indra stabs the fuck out of alie’s people
  • murphy’s like “hey we could– nah nvm”
  • indra: what is it
  • murphy: nah lol it’s dumb u guys r gonna laugh
  • pike: dude the guards are gonna be back in 3 seconds wtf is it
  • murphy: well i just kind of thought we could maybe have a karaoke night? just all of us, it’s been a while. i feel like we’re drifting apart
  • murphy: and also we have to destroy alie’s backpack
  • meanwhile in Arkadia
  • raven’s hacking into the code bc she’s amazing
  • monty’s like “hey don’t do dat we gotta wait for clarke”
  • and raven’s like “i wanna” and monty’s like “nooo” and raven’s like ;/ ok
  • so monty leaves and harper’s like “hey wanna fuck” and monty’s like “aren’t we both pretty obviously gay” and harper’s like “it’s the CW” and monty’s like “damn thas true” so he gets the succ
  • meanwhile in boat people land whatever
  • jasper meets a cute girl and suddenly forgets he has PTSD
  • bellamy’s like “hey look jasper’s smiling!” and clarke just kinda looks at bellboy like she’s thinking of 80,000 different ways to kill him
  • they’re really pushing the whole “boat people are the only peaceful grounders” thing even though trikru was pretty damn peaceful before the arkers showed up and started mass murdering them but whatever
  • meanwhile in the City Of Whateverthefuck
  • Alie’s like “hey they’re going for the backpack” and so they send emori to stop them from destroying it and she’s like “hey if you destroy that it’ll irradiate the city” and so they just fuckin stare at it for the rest of the episode ? ? ?? 
  • on the oil rig boat people luna’s whatever they show luna teaching some kiddos and it’s real damn cute and it reminded me of lexa and i had to go cry in the bathroom for a minute
  • clarke’s like “can u just put lexa the friendly chip inside ur head please” and luna’s like “u care about her” and clarke’s like “i made her come 8 times in 47 minutes” and luna’s like “holy fck i love girls” and clarke’s like “RIGHT??”
  • no but what actually happened is clarke called lexa special and went on and on about how proud she is of her for doing the blood must not have blood thing and i got real emotional so i had to go cry in the bathroom again
  • clarke tried to force luna to take the chip, luna flipped her, and luna was like “hey did u know i fled the conclave because i didnt wanna kill everyone? i woulda won. i spared ur bae. be #thankful” and clarke was like “damn thas true lexa was a little noodle binch”
  • umm blahblahbalh some other boring stuff
  • oh the city of light infiltrated the oil rig somehow and so now they’re waterboarding luna to get her to take the chip and clarke is in jail
  • lol clarke and blorp are in jail together and they’re literally sitting on opposite sides of the room #married
  • raven hacks into the city of light while monty’s getting the succ and monty’s like hey why u do that and raven’s like why not and monty’s like damn thas true 
  • alie’s like oh no!!! so she sends monty’s mom hannah and hannah is like “monty dont kill me” and monty’s like “sardy” so they try to delete alie’s code but they end up just killing his mom and a bunch of other people instead… whoops
  • monty’s like THIS IS ALL UR FAULT RAVEN and raven cries and i throw a bunch of shit at my tv
  • clarke and co try to rescue luna but they’re 10 seconds too late and luna killed everyone in the room
  • luna killed her husband or something and clarke looks real sad probably bc she’s remembering the 39843984 dead people in her life
  • luna’s like “ok i’ll take the flame now” and clarke is like “thank u” and luna’s like “sike” and she drugs them and sends them back to land
  • meanwhile in Polis alie needs the backpack to survive bc raven kicked her out of arkadia
  • all murphy has to do is destroy the damn backpack because apparently irradiating the city isn’t an issue anymore bc they fixed it ??? (???? i have no idea when this happened)
  • raven seriously handed this to him on a silver platter. all he has to do is destroy the damn backpack and alie is kill
  • murphy’s like “i–  nah i cant lol sorry” and pike is like what the fUCK so he does it instead
  • but it was too late because they fucked around too much
  • clarke and co wake up on the shore having accomplished literally nothing but it’s okay because they killed a bunch of peaceful people and learned a lot:
  • everything is garbage
  • never love anything
  • the episode ends in exactly the way you’d expect it to
  • bellboy looks at clarke with that blamey look in his eyes, and in a real unnecessarily rude and annoyed tone says: “now what”
  • the end

What Happened and What’s Going On Meta


Ok, first of all, the “previously on” is very foretelling. All of this basically is butterfly effect.
We have the first two opening minutes which I’m not going to go into too much, other than to say we see that flipped image and the breathing along with Maggie’s sobs. Maggie’s sobs are not explained in this episode. Neither is the group running up to the blue blazer with guns drawn. Noah seems very adamant that Beth would have gone with him. He barely knew her. That’s all I will say about that.
We see the group travelling with Judith as well as the “walker in the car”
Many familiar faces. Lizzie and Mika.
EMILY KINNEY STILL IN CREDITS FOR MAIN CAST. Not an add-on. Not in guest appearances or at the end of the episode.
The group is split up. Carol is apparently the leader of what I will call “main group”.
Noah talking to Tyreese about the trade. Tyreese is talking to him like no one else is in the car. Glenn, Rick, and Michonne are listening.
Glenn is bending that CD and then breaks it. He is looking at his mirror image and he doesn’t like what he sees. That’s what I got from that.
The walker in the car looks like the one we see that many people speculated could be Beth. That doesn’t really jive with what I have seen in the promo, I still think that could be foreshadowing.
WTF was the point of Noah getting a cut above his left eye?
GRANDFATHER CLOCK IN THE ROAD OKAY???!!! At one point it DOES appear to have one hand toward the 5 and the other towards the 10 (or 9 for the episode, but I’d rather think 10).
They are in SHIREWILT
“Wolves not far” signs. Cue “Up the Wolves” song from the end of “Still”.
Rick is continuing to stay in touch with Carol but we don’t hear too much about what “main group” is doing or where they are at. PLAYING WITH TIME AGAIN! We could be getting episodes that account for the time passing in this episode. I don’t think for a second that “main group” would have stayed behind just to twiddle their fucking thumbs. There is a reason they stayed behind. We don’t know that reason yet.
When Glenn and Rick are talking the clock in the garage is stuck at 8:10. EIGHT FUCKING TEN!!! Another clock.
Rick says “After it happened, right after, with Beth in the hospital. I saw that woman Dawn. She didn’t mean to do it. I knew it. I saw it. But I wanted to kill her. I remember, I just wanted… if it even mattered. One way or another. Didn’t have a thing to do with Beth.”
OK. THIS IS NOT RICK SAYING THAT BETH IS DEAD. This leads me to believe that Beth is still at the hospital in a coma or something. This is weird. This just screams weird. And we didn’t see Beth’s funeral. What. The. Frack. I haven’t believed we were going back to Grady until today. Because that is weird. This whole conversation is weird. It seems like they are remorseful about Dawn. Why? If she had REALLY killed Beth, why be remorseful?
Ohhhh great Noah takes off and Tyreese can’t catch the cripple with a limp.
GLENN BRINGS UP THE GUY IN THE CONTAINER AT TERMINUS!!! This is important. I think we will see more of his group. Also, LOVE how Glenn picks up a baseball bat and then proceeds to carry it around. For anyone who hasn’t read the comics, Glenn is infamously killed by a guy named NEGAN by getting beaten to death with a baseball bat.
Did I mention all the broken glass in this episode? Didn’t someone do a broken glass meta?
Noah covers the dead woman (his mom?) just like Beth would have done.
Another clock. Stopped. Alarm red line pointed at 8. Hour and minute pointed at 5 and 10. Fucking typical.
Now starts with Tyreese’s hallucinations. I STILL SEE BETH’S REFLECTION WITH A BANDAGE. Sorry if you don’t see it. But I do.
MARTIN! Yaaa!!! Chris Coy is so great. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking. NOT KILLING MARTIN HAD A BUTTERFLY EFFECT!
The governor. Oh wow. Did not expect that. Tyreese DID NOT “earn his keep” when he lied about killing Martin.
Lizzie and Mika! Wow. Heartstrings.
I think its important to note that there is a BREAK in this delusion with the walker being there. We KNOW that Martin, the governor, Lizzie, and Mika are DEAD for sure. Remember this later on.
Michonne thinks it’s a good idea to stay here and then QUICKLY realizes something bad happened. A major slaughter. But why?
Glenn, why are you still talking about killing Dawn? Rick felt bad about wanting to kill her. But Daryl was the one that did it. So he has to deal with it? That sounds like what you are saying. Douche. (Forgive me, I just felt like that was a shitty way for Glenn to think)
So… Washington it is, despite Eugene’s lies. Beth still found that spoon. Nuff said.
Why is Noah always stuck underneath shit needing help?
Ohhhh Beth. My heart. Beth. The clock looks like it COULD be 5X9, but why have the alarm set at 8?
This singing breaks my souuuuul. *sighs*
How. Would. Tyreese. Know. The. Governor. Was. Shot. In. The. Head.
The governor’s words “that you would sit there in front of a woman who killed someone you love.”
Bob’s “That’s all there is.”
Did he feel guilty about not killing Carol? Did he think maybe that would have changed something?
He cries and says “its not over” and talks about forgiving her but he was clearly still conflicted about that decision.
Holy cinematography batman. “you had to pay the bill” as the governor shoves Tyreese and we see flashes of what HAS TO BE IMPORTANT STUFF on the wall.
We see:
Those “looking out the window” reflections that many people think are Beth’s bandage.
The skeleton laying in the leaves with the image FLIPPED.
The walker in the car, image flipped.
Sunshine in chalk.
Not really a part of the episode but nice plug for “The Lazarus Effect” AMC *rolls eyes*
More Beth singing. Beautiful singing. Gimple would NOT include Emily like that if he didn’t have a serious love for her sweet melodies. Point in the bucket for you Gimple.
Tyreese looking back at the walker in the car. Why show that again?
I think someone needs to do a meta about the radio. There is too much for me to go into it right now.
SO IT IS TYREESE’S FUNERAL. But yet we have NOT seen Beth’s funeral. Why? WHY?
They brought Tyreese back to ??? They are back where? Where is this place they are at?

I just skimmed a “think” piece on how you shouldn’t ask someone about their work because some people don’t want to be defined by their work.

The author describes herself as a recent grad and marketing rep in her byline.

Can we stop pretending for a second? People ask you about your work and you answer. 1% of those people care. Basically no one cares. Stop pretending that people care and think anything of you other than “oh god I’m going to kill my wife for bringing me to this party and making me meet these people” or “I would probably rather eat a pig testicle than deal with this date for another 5 minutes.”

Everyone is insufferable and if you’re having bad feelings about being defined by your career I suggest you live with a family in section 8 housing and see what real job problems are. Like, fuck if my parents ever had time to be concerned whether or not they were DEFINED by their fucking careers.

Why am I so mad! I want to cull the weak when I feel like this!! Which is VERY concerning tbh.