i had legit tears in my eyes

Me, watching the new episode of SnK (knowing that Erwin would appear at any moment)
  • *doesn't skip the opening because it's too good*: Here we go... SASAGEYO SASAGEYO!
  • *opening is finished*: Okay now, where's Erwin?
  • *Erwin not shaking Pixis' hand*: What!? THEY DDIN'T ANIMATE THE HANDSHAKE :'( I already had ideas of memes about that, goooosh!
  • *a wild Erwin dissapears*: ...
  • *no sign of Erwin*: ...
  • *waiting patiently*: ...
  • *Erwin appears again*: ERWIN! HE'S HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!
  • *waiting for Erwin to do his thing*: DO THE THING, COMMANDER, DO THE THING...
  • *Erwin listens to Hanji's plan and makes ot happen*: THERE IT IS! HE HAS DONE THE THING! *cries of joy*
  • me, at the end of the ep with tears on my eyes: Oh my, I can't wait to see him again next week!

Truth is, I was glad you were there. You were a good mistress, probably a great one… you know what I mean. || I was happy you were around, too. With you around I had an out. You were my out, Mellie.


Ok here’s the rundown of what happened when I shook bren’s hand. He had just finished playing this is gospel and started to walk through the crowd and singing death of a bachelor. He was all the way on the other side of the floor, so I didn’t think he was going to come anywhere near me. But, when security started pushing people from my aisle back, I realized he was going to walk directly in front of me and I started to kinda hyperventilate. About 10 seconds pass, and I see him. I froze, because I was shocked and star struck. My mom had to legit push me forward so that I would move. So he gets to me. We make eye contact. He turned to me and shook my hand(his hand is really soft btw) and smiled so brightly at me i couldn’t even move. I couldn’t even break eye contact to look at the rest of his face fml. The whole encounter lasted about 12 seconds give or take. But that was the best moment of my life. No exaggeration

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The worse part about that story is that he knew she was Catholic (like his family) and still cremated her body, which goes against their beliefs. Even in death he couldn't respect the woman who had her life stolen from her by his family.

It makes me so angry, I have legit tears in my eyes as I write this. He knew what he was doing waiting until his slaver ass died to publish this. I don’t know if half of this story is true, guess we’ll never know since they all DEAD, but they treated that woman like absolute shit for decades that she actually didn’t know what else to do when faced with ‘freedom’. He acts like he hates his mother, he tries to distance himself from what both his mother and father did, but the conscious reader can see how much like them he is. That he has inherited every bit of their behaviour, even if through a more moralistic lens.

Some nights back I had a legit dream that I saw the Batgirl movie trailer and it was like a chick flick rom com and I specifically remember my disappointment and dread as the slow seconds went by and James Jr never showed up and I woke up in a cold sweat, tears beginning to form in my eyes. The distinctive line separating reality from a dream verse fading and thinning by the very minutes.

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I saw one of your anon asks (the one where they don't look at their family the same way cause they voted for trump) and recently my mom voted for anti abortions when we went to church and I finally had the guts to talk to her and she said she only supports abortions if the person got pregnant after rape and when I asked her what if I got pregnant she said she wouldn't allow it and that she would just raise the kid while I'm in school and I legit have tears in my eyes why is she like this

Jesus heck why are people like That

So cold (Jelena one shot) part 2

(Justin’s POV)
It’s been 6 months since I last talked or saw Selena it’s the longest we ever spent without and I was surprised that I was okay with it. my relationship with Sofia has become more serious shortly after she turned 18 we became official.She was my first relationship since Selena at it felt weird but somehow good a lot of my friends still didn’t accept her like:Brandon,Fredo,Ryan but hey they will be okay with it eventually
“You can use the bathroom baby”-I Said as I walked out of the bathroom  only to see her laying on my bed watching TV
“I’ll be quick”-She said raising on her feet and kissing me softly when she walked past me,I Sighed as I laid down on the bed fixing my gaze on the TV,after a few minutes her phone rang indicating that she got a message I looked down at it and I don’t know why but I wanted to read it, so I did. It was from some guy named Steve not only he called her babe but he also let her know that she enjoyed being with her last week…I was in Europe last week.I was starring at the phone when suddenly the door opened and she walked in
“What are you doing with my phone babe ?”-She asked,I looked up at her and my jaw clinched suddenly feeling disgusted,I just showed her the phone and she became pale
“Justin I can explain”-She said,I threw  her phone on the bed,I walked to the window looking down at the beautiful view of L.A.,
“Get out of my house”-I Said calmly
“No…Babe please we can talk about it”-She said and I could hear her walking closer to me
“Don’t fucking call me that”-I yelled spinning around so I was looking at her she was taken back “I threw everything away for you:my beliebers,my friends…I hurt the only girl I would be ready to give my life for”-I continued in the same tone but my voice involuntary softened during the last part “And you cheated on me”-I finished
“Justin I didn’t…”
“What do you think I am ? Stupid ? You’ve fooled ,e long enough Sofia”-She stayed silent
“Get the fuck out of my house”-I Said as I ran my hand through my hair,I turned around facing L.A. again
“Justin…”-She tried but I ignored her,eventually I heard her packing some stuff and she left it was late night but I couldn’t care less,I remember that I had some Vodka at home so I sat down on the couch and took a sip of it
“She’s changing you”-Her voice rang through my head causing me to take another sip
“No she’s not Selena because this is who I am”-Another sip
“I finally have the guts to move on from you and you can’t be happy for me.Sad”-At This point half of the bottle was finished
“No.The sad thing is that this what you think after everything we’ve been through”-I Ran my hand through my hair in frustration
“It’s over accept it”
“Fuck”-I Screamed throwing the bottle at the wall and watching it breaking in pieces,only know I realized that I was crying…and not because I caught my girlfriend cheating on me…but because I felt like I’ve lost the most important thing in my life,the one person who was always there for me,I’ve lost the love of my life:Selena.

(Selena’s Pov)

“This pancake is amazing Ash”-I smiled taking another bite of it,it was heaven in a plate
“What can I say I’m a good cook”-She smirked
“And cocky,but you should cook me breakfast more often”-She was about to reply but a knock on the door interrupted us
“I’ll get it”-She said standing up and walking out of the kitchen after a few minutes she came back
“Sel someone wants to see you”-She said with a serious face,I gave her a confused look but I got up and started to walk to the living room
“You do the dishes I…”-I never had time to finish because what I saw took my breath away,after 6 month he was standing in front of me with a bunch of sunflowers in his hand and a guilty look on his face,I crossed my arms and looked at him,the tension was palpable
“I’ll leave you guys alone”-Ashley walked past me and upstairs
He looked miserable,his eyes were dark and he looked like he was crying all night
“What are you ding here ?”-I finally broke the eyes
“I…I bought you flowers”-He shuttered like he often did when he was nervous,but when he saw that my expression still didn’t change and I was still starring at him with my arms crossed he knew he needed to continue “I was an absolute dick and I’m sorry.You were right about everything,You are the only person who really knows me,who can talk some sense in me,and please forgive me”
“That’s not what you said last time”-I mumbled
“I Don’t know what got into me Sel,I thought that I finally can get over you and this completely made me feel crazy…but I can’t…Selena I can’t get over you”-His grip on the flowers tightened meaning that he meant every word he said,I walked closer to him looking deeply in his eyes,this time I found what I was searching for:Love and regret
“It’s over accept it”-I harshly spoke using his own words against him,but his reaction surprised me,tears started coming from his eyes as he shook his head repeatedly
“No..please don’t…I’m sorry”-His voice cracked and I had to look away,I needed to be strong,I walked to the door opening it
“Goodbye Justin”-I said but this time I looked directly at him,at this point he was legit crying which made my heart fill with pain
“No”-He walked up to me and closed the door,he never let go of those sunflowers in his hand “I love you”-He softly said after starring at me for minutes,now it was my turn to cry
“No”-I whispered as I whipped away a few tears
“yes”-He whispered back
“No”-I yelled which cause him to look at me in shock “You’re only saying this because she broke your heart”
“I Couldn’t give two shits”-He yelled back “My first thought when I saw those messages  from this Steve dude was that I didn’t believe it killed me that I choose to believe her over you”- I looked at him and I saw that he was sincere
“I love you and I will say it 100 times to make you believe it”
“You have to prove it in order for me to believe it”
“And I will,I swear,I’m done playing games Sel”-After a few moments of silence I finally made up my mind
“Will you give me these or not ?”-I asked pointing at the flowers,he looked down at them
“Oh shit I forgot,these are for you”-he smiled holding them out for me,I took them and walked to the kitchen to put them in water but of course he followed me like a lost puppy
“Just please say something”-He begged after seeing that I’m not talking to him,I turned around and I bumped into his chest..I didn’t realize he was standing this close
“Just please let’s take it slow”-I Whispered
“As slow as you want princess”-He said as he pulled me in a hug “I love you,more than anything”-He said,I could feel how his heart started to beat faster
“I Love you too”-I mumbled making sure he doesn’t hear it but when he tightened his grip around me I knew he did

Here is part 2 guys

TOBY freaking REGBO! Can someone pls give him every award possible?

I love you Adelaide and while you were amazing too, I simply could not pry my eyes off Francis’ face during “THAT” scene. I’ll say it again - TOBY REGBO is a gift, Laurie McCarthy. He is a GIFT! But, you know he can do happy just as much as he can do “kicked in the shins but not gonna cry”, right?
Anyway, “THAT” scene had me in tears, no kidding. I legit started to bawl my eyes out. The following images are the faces&/phases of pure agony->

This is the face of a husband who can no longer bear to see his wife in pain and believes he is the one causing it.

This is the face of a husband who is about to let his wife go to another man because she believes it is the only way she can be happy anymore, and he will not stand in the way of it, even if it is equal to driving a shrapnel of pointed glass into his beating heart.

This is the face of a husband who is promising to keep his wife and her lover protected under his roof while they have an affair, so that she can heal.

This is the face of a husband who is asking his wife to be careful while she is carrying out this affair because it could cost her her life, and he wants her safe, always.

This is the face of a husband who is letting his wife and love of his life go so she can be happy.

This is the face of a husband while his wife apologizes for breaking them up and letting someone come between them.

This is a face of a husband who truly wants his wife to be happy, even if it is not by him.

If I read a post even after this scene that goes- Francis is selfish and weak and doesn’t love Mary, I will commit murder.
What this man has done.. only a man who loves his wife so much that he is actually willing to let her heal in such a horrendous and disgusting manner, even while he knows it’s wrong and makes no sense, but he is going to do it so that she at least heals! He has swallowed every ounce of self-dignity and male human pride so that his wife can find some peace and happiness since now he knows for sure that he isn’t the source of it for her anymore
You know what I wish though? I wish Her Royal Highness, Mary, would’ve said SOMEthing other than just sorry to him. This poor man believes that he is the cause of every pain in his wife’s life and she didn’t even refute that!
“I’m sorry we have come to this”? Yeah, no shit, Mary. But instead of telling all that “I feel safe with you” bull shit to Conde, why couldn’t she have tried to explain to Francis why she feels the need for some Cond-ick instead of him? Instead, she just left Francis thinking that he is the cause of everything that she associates with pain in her life and just Bye, I’m having me some Conde ‘cause he makes me happy and you just don’t, uh and doing it with your permission. Thanks again, bro. I can’t even imagine what a man in Francis’ shoes would/should feel like. But Toby Regbo has portrayed it so beautifully! You can feel the anger beneath the surface, the resignation, the pure grief, the pure love, and the actual hope that something good will come out of this for her.

Sigh my OTP ship has sunk, it has been for a while now, but the final ‘sinking’ scene was executed by this beautiful man in such a beautiful manner that I am just left in a pool of tears. Thanks for the pain!

Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics, I didn’t download the episode.

How I Spontaneously Started Shipping Two NPC Keyblade Wielders: a long explanation by me, with images from this 

Before anything else, I want you all to know that I’m shipping trash, that I hate that shipping goggles slip onto my eyes so damn easily, and that I’m sorry that this is so long.  

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Block B Chicago Concert Recap

I’m so emotional right now. Block B was absolutely AMAZING tonight, and my friend and I had the privilege to enjoy it all from the orchestra pit! The concert lasted a little over 2 hours and it just FLEW BY.  Warning: this is a long post. Layout is highlights + recap of the concert + recap of each member.

The Set List

Oh my gosh, they covered practically all of their big tracks! (But, they notably did NOT sing Nillili Mambo, alas…)  I know I’m missing some, and the list is for sure out of order in the middle, but they sang Very Good, Freeze, Romantically, Unordinary Girl, Mental Breaker, Jackpot, Her, Tell Them, 11:30, Halo, Wanna B, Nice Day, Did it or Not, Action, and Be the Light. Also No Joke, Conduct Zero, Charlie Chaplin, and Zico’s Okey Dokey. Encore had Nalina, Very Good Rough Version, and Movie’s Over. 

The Outfits

The boys looked absolutely beautiful! Jailhouse stripes, then Zico/Kyung/PO in red and black urban outfits, then Bastarz in green camo, and then everyone in red and black variants. 

The Audience

My eardrums are still throbbing from the absolute madness that was the pit. Everyone there was clearly a hardcore fan and sang along to all the songs, cheering and waving and dancing. We were on our feet the entire time. It felt awesome to be able to let loose with my craziness amongst sisters who truly understand, lol. GO BBC!
When I was crossing the parking lot of the theater, I was right behind two tiny preteen girls with their dads and I was worried that I would be a grandma in the crowd, but there was a good mix of young adults, tweens, and even some couples who looked to be in their thirties. But the pit only had young women like me, so I was right at home, hehehe. 


My memory is already failing because I can’t remember all the songs they performed or the order, but here it goes…

As soon as the lights dimmed everyone went completely wild - I felt like a sound wall had hit me from behind and I actually had to cover my ears a few times because the screaming was so loud. An intro video played, and then the screen raised, revealing the boys in their jailhouse stripes standing in a row on a raised platform. They went down the stairs on either side of the platform to the main stage and we went wild because they were RIGHT THERE just feet from us and SO BEAUTIFUL. Jaehyo sat on a chair at the left side of the stage and a backup dancer in a black face mask danced his parts for the choreo. They performed Very Good and we were all pumping our arms and singing along. Especially during PO’s part where he invites the audience to sing “weng weng” and “taek taek” it was super loud. 

Then my jaw dropped because they performed Freeze! And then another song… possibly Did It or Not? or Halo? but I can’t recall which because I got too worked up to remember to take notes ;_; 

After a break with a short video, the screen started playing a rose petal motif, then raised to reveal the boys sitting on the platform holding red roses. They sang Romantically and then came down to the main stage and sang Unordinary Girl and threw the roses into the audience. Taeil was the last to go, right as the song ended, and he tried to throw his rose to these girls in the front row… then the song ended and the lights went out. When they came back on, we started cry-laughing because he messed up his throw - the rose didn’t even make it off the stage and was out of reach of the girls. BABY THIS IS WHY YOU ARE MY ULTIMATE BIAS, NEVER CHANGE.

There was another break and then there was a subgroup set. First, Zico, Kyung and PO came out to perform No Joke in red/black outfits. PO was wearing his shiny leather pants and MAN HIS LEGS LOOKED SO DELICIOUS. Then Bastarz came out in green camo outfits (I guess PO just changed his jacked) to perform Conduct Zero and Charlie Chaplin. A lot of fans in the pit knew the choreo and danced along, swinging their arms. I really like the vocals in Bastarz because it’s really easy to tell who’s singing - PO’s husky voice, Ukwon’s more nasally sound and B-Bomb’s smoothness… Swoon.

At this point I was sort of hoping Taeil would come out and sing a solo, but it was Zico singing Okey Dokey! He completely killed it and really knew how to work the crowd, getting everyone to shout “yes, okey dokey yo!” What a prince.

Throughout the concert, the boys addressed the crowed completely in English, with every member saying a few sentences. Most if it was fluffy talk about how they were super excited to be in Chicago, are Chicago BBCs having fun, etc. but it was so adorable and definitely made it feel more personal than speaking through a translator or just a single member. And I loved how the boys made sure the audience knew the choruses to the audience-sings-chorus songs by walking everyone through the lyrics before performing the song. They also did this for Halo and it was SO EPIC. 

Undoubtedly the most widely recognized songs they played were Her and Jackpot, which were performed back to back. During Her, everyone in the pit was doing the arm pump dance and singing along, it was so fun. Mental Breaker was also absolutely amazing. Literally the entire theater bellowed out Taeil’s chorus. They performed so many of my old favorites, like Wanna B and Tell Them and Mental Breaker, they really spoiled us!!!

There was also a short video featuring Ukwon teaching dance moves… like a downward wave, tracing hearts in the air, and wiggling side to side, LOL. It was so random and adorable but we all did the moves - I heard several people joking that this is exactly the threshold of their dance capabilities, hahaha. 

Then too soon, Zico announced that it was time for their last song. I was actually shocked because the time literally flew by. Be the Light started playing and I got hit with the feels YET AGAIN. It was so perfect, Zico and Kyung killed their rap trade-off, PO had the ladies swooning with his part, and of course Taeil’s high note.   Then the members went back to the platform and the screen descended over them. We all waved and shouted and then the lights went out, leaving the message “I will be back” on the screen. Knowing there would be an encore, the audience continuously cheered and chanted “Block B.” Sure enough, a few minutes later, a picture of the terminator appeared on screen next to the words “I will be back” which got a lot of laughs. There was a short video montage featuring quotes from various movie characters like the Joker.

Then Block B came back and performed Nalina and Very Good rough version, which rocked so hard and brought the house down. They said goodbye again, and a movie-credits style video and more pre-recorded footage of the boys played. Then, Block B came out one last time to perform Movie’s Over to wrap up the concert. It was so fitting with the movie theme and when the confetti started falling, I legit got tears in my eyes because it was just so goddamn beautiful. The boys threw water on the crowd and the towels they had been using to wipe their sweat, and even empty water bottles.And yes I did save some confetti in my pocket LOL. Such a perfect concert.

Zico: What a leader - CHARISMATIC AS FUCK. Zico’s english has improved a LOT, he spoke probably the most of all the members and I could understand all of it! His raps were SO FAST and aggressive, his rapport with the crowd so strong, especially since most people seemed to have Zico as their bias. His standout moment was definitely Okey Dokey where he totally owned the stage by himself. And later when he threw water on the crowd, some landed on me, so Hallelujah I’ve been Zico-Baptized! <3 

Kyung: Damn, Kyung is looking more handsome with each public appearance. He was such a gentleman, always walking around and making eye contact with as many fans as he could. And he did his shoulder dance(!!!) near the end of Her when the other members are in a circle around him. Thank you, oppa. 

Jaehyo: Poor Jaehyo was still recovering from his knee surgery so he was sitting off to the side singing and doing the arm choreography. There was no underwear throwing like in SF, possibly because of some really grumpy-looking security guards at the foot of the stage. But whenever he sang a line we waved at him to give him some love in the corner! For the non-choreo songs, Jaehyo would get up and walk around with the other members. His legs looked really thin, he seems like he lost some weight? Jaehyo, you are handsome regardless of your weight, you beautiful man!

B-Bomb: I was surprised to find my eyes repeatedly drawn to Minhyuk! He may be an understated member of the group, but man does he have a stage presence. He is sooooo attractive in person, all lithe and slender and his dance moves were on POINT - those hips don’t lie. Smooth and subtle and fitted blazers, UGHGHG. And his suspenders in the jailhouse outfit - YESSS. Minhyuk, I don’t care how much plastic surgery you had, it was worth it to have the perfection that is your face now. THANKS. And his voice!! It’s so subtle and smooth but he sounds GREAT live - I’m sure he rose on a lot of peoples’ bias lists after tonight!!!

P.O: OMG, Jihoon is such an adorable little butterfly trapped in a huge smexy body. When he commented that “time is flying” he started fluttering his arms like a bird and rammed Jaehyo on his left and then Taeil on his right. He bumped Taeil so hard the poor tiny man smashed into Kyung on his other side, earning a finger wag from Jaehyo. SOOO CUTE. And I am completely in love with his fluffy platinum hair + emo glasses look. But contrast all that with his inherent smexiness and UGH. Whenever he opened his mouth everyone went crazy because THAT DEEP HUSKY VOICE IS JUST UGH. And shitttt I love those leather pants on those thighs… I couldn’t help it, I kept looking at his dick whenever he was in front of me. :)

U-Kwon: He danced so energetically! At one point he even spun so hard that he bumped into the speakers at the very front of the stage. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him during Conduct Zero where he has the best choreo feature ever. Even though his hair started out slicked back, before long it was hanging in his eyes because he danced so hard. XD Despite this, he was adorably bashful during the talking parts, such a cutie pie. 


TAEIL: MY ULTIMATE BIAS… I can die in heaven after tonight. I love seeing his beautiful little face without a hat… UGH THANK YOU TAEIL. He doesn’t have a big stage personality like Zico or Kyung, but he was so sweet and earnest, with his adorable accented english and killer vocals. His high line near the end of Did It or Not? literally stopped my breath. And in the end-credit video, Taeil was credited second, right after Zico. So proud of you, baby hyung :’))) 

Then contrast that with his physical DERPINESS… his passable dancing (like his half-assed knee bends in Her, LOL)… the botched rose toss that basically landed at his feet… please marry me you perfectly imperfect angel. 

Near the end of the concert, Taeil looked right at me and I quickly made a heart sign with my hands… he broke into a smile and nodded, and held my gaze for several seconds. UGHDSHSGH THAT MOMENT LITERALLY MADE MY NIGHT, I AM STILL GIDDY. 

Stopping the Hate - A Sammy Wilk Imagine (Requested)

I swear the hate and backlash I received since it became public knowledge that I was dating Sam Wilkinson was unbelievable. I did my best to shake it off and focus on myself and Sammy. However sometimes it became too much to handle, like today as I threw my phone across my bedroom.

Most of the hate had to do with the fact that I was of Indian descent and from Australia. I made myself believe that they were just jealous of my awesome accent. Another reason for the hate was the age difference, Sammy was 19 and I was turning 16 soon. I got countless jokes about Sammy babysitting me and stupid stuff like that. But honestly to me age is nothing but a number and if two people are attracted to each other, they’re attracted to each other. Simple as that.

As I laid in bed, I heard a soft knock from my door. “Come in!” I said figuring it was my parents. I was surprised when I saw Sammy enter my room holding a bouquet of flowers and a king sized Hershey bar. I knew he had gotten some messages or saw some tweets, and knew I had seen them as well. The hate was at an all time high today, due to the fact Sammy had put up a picture of us on his Instagram last night.

“Here baby, these are for you. I know they can get a little ruthless.” he said handing me his gifts.

“Thanks, you know I try so hard to not read what they say, but it seems like all I get is hate. I don’t get it, am I that awful to look at. That’s the only thing they’ve seen of me, they don’t know my personality. I like to believe I’m a pretty chill girl.” I said smiling at Sammy.

“They’re just jealous and you are far from ugly. You’re so gorgeous Y/N, it never gets tiring looking at you. To me you are perfect, the fans don’t see that because they don’t see you like I see you. If they got to know you and your amazing personality, they’d love you like I love you.” Sammy said sweetly as he pulled out his phone.

“What are you doing?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Telling the world how much of an amazing person you are and telling them to back off.” Sammy said typing away.

“Can I see?” I asked.

“Nope not until it’s published.” Sammy said with a smirk.

“Oh god.” I said wondering what on earth he’d say.

“Obviously it’s nothing bad, just be patient baby.” he said.

I knew when he had posted whatever he posted, because my phone started buzzing like crazy from across the room. I sighed and went to pick it up and crawled back into bed.

I opened twitter to see a paragraph screenshot Sammy had tweeted.
It read:

To my fans who I love so much. As many of you know I have been dating Y/N. We have both received a lot of teasing, jokes and harsh comments about our relationship. Most of these comments have been directed towards Y/N and have been inappropriate comments about her race. I will never tolerate such insensitive comments, how can you judge such a sweet, caring person and make up accusations solely based on her appearance. You know nothing about her, so please don’t ever say such awful things. I love you guys and I know you’ll all love Y/N if you just gave her a chance. Please for me, don’t hate on her ever again.


I had tears forming in my eyes from his post. “You didn’t have to do that Sammy.” I said smiling over at him. “Of course I did, the hate would’ve gotten ten times worse, hopefully it dies down for now.” he said.

“Thank you for doing this, it means a lot.” I said truthfully, thankful to have a boyfriend willing to stick up for me.

A/N: Legit thought of Jack and Madison the entire time writing this and I kinda feel bad lol


I’m pretty emotional but movies don’t often make me cry. I mean a few years ago, I was watching Forrest Gump at like 1:00 in the morning and I actually cried pretty hard during that one scene where he visits Jenny’s grave and it was like borderline emotional breakdown but that’s a whole other story lol. When I first watched Tangled I came in with no expectations, having no prior knowledge of it other than the original Rapunzel story. What I really didn’t expect was to have my heart ripped out during this scene right here. I felt my eyes water while the Queen wiped away the Kings tear and he placed his hand on her arm and forced a smile. I was just imagining how terrible they both felt, never knowing if they would see their daughter again but they had to stay strong and hopeful for each other. And then I legit started crying when they walked out the doors and released the lantern and the rest of the townspeople released theirs and lit up the sky all while the ending of Waiting for the Lights was playing. It was so sad and beautiful I just lost it and that’s the story of the first time I cried during a movie.