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Sleepy Thoughts

Request: "There is only one bed" with jily? Pleassssee? The thing is, this is a bit more Lily centered, but the next Jily one, will be a bit more James centered.

A/N: This was already a lot longer than I thought I would write it. Should I write a part 2? It ended a bit different than I was originally gonna end it, but I can end it that way in a part 2. Idk, I’m honestly really happy with this one, though.

Lily Evans was a smart girl. There was no denying that. So, she had no idea how she had gotten into this predicament. The predicament being an arm around her waist, pulling her into a firm chest (not that she noticed or anything) and a light snoring emitting from the sleeping form. Actually, looking back on it, she did know why it happened. It was a Sirius’ fault. 

Being young members of the Order, they had tons of missions to go on, and it was all Sirius’ goddamn fault for volunteering Lily and James with a smirk on his face. And McGonagall encouraged all this nonsense. Looking back on it, McGonagall was far too enthusiastic and far too smug about the whole thing. 

Realization dawned upon Lily, as she groaned, wondering why she couldn’t have gone with Remus, and vowing to kill that stupid dog when they got back. They had been set up, and she swore revenge on everyone who had been in on it.

The pub they had been at to gather information on the Death Eaters had been a bit too rowdy, and gotten even rowdier as James hurdled himself at some wizard who said the word “Mudblood” causing a fight to break out through the entire pub. It had been honorable, really, James standing up for Lily, but in the end it resulted with James ending up with a black eye and split lip, as Lily endlessly lectured him, her worry not so obvious for the stupid black haired boy with glasses who had grown on her. 

Luckily, for the 16-year-old pair, the bartender, a wizard not much older that the two of them, knew that James was not the perpetrator, and while he shooed everyone away, and kicked out most everyone, he allowed the two to stay the night in the last room open, the only problem being, they would have to share a bed. He also gave them some nice hot food, and some salve for James’ lip, telling him that he did good, and that he would speak to the owner about banning the wizard, seeing as the Pure-blooded supremacist, usually caused an uproar. 

The bartender, whose name they learned was Conor had been very nice, offering them to spend the night, and telling them that if there were any trouble in the night he would wake them up and disapparate them away. He also promised them a hot breakfast in the morning. Oh, yes. Lily was definitely looking forward to that.

She yawned a bit, tired from the events of the day, and it didn’t help that James was so warm. As she finally accepted her fate for the evening, she slowly felt herself losing consciousness, and despite her efforts she could not keep her eyes open. In her last moments of awareness, she snuggled into the source of the warmth, and fell asleep thinking that this was not so bad after all.

Lily was not expecting to be woken up like that. No, she was certainly not expecting to be enveloped in the warm embrace of James Potter, nor was she expecting to be returning his embrace. But, she was absolutely not expecting the shirtless chest of the Potter boy to be right in front of her.

She took a few deep breathes, trying to regain her composure, though if asked, she would say that seeing the boy shirtless was an experience she’d rather not have witnessed, although, she most certainly did a double flip, never truly noticing how well-built he was till now. She drew her eyes away from his defined chest, and slowly let them wander up towards his face, his usual mischievous smirk replaced with a serene smile.

Lily smiled softly, admiring his features which were normally overshadowed by his smirk. He looked so peaceful with his long eyelashes, which brushed his cheeks, and with his scrunched up nose, and his pink lips slightly agape, soft snores emitting from them. She never realized that he was so handsome.

A small smile graced James’ face as his eyelashes twitched a bit, before he slowly opened his eyes, his warm breath fanning across Lily’s neck. He was still too sleepy to realize the compromising position.

“Mornin’” He said drowsily, his voice deep from sleeping, yet very quiet, trying not to disturb the peacefulness of the moment.

“G’ Morning.” She replied, her voice just as soft.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked, eyes fluttering, as he nuzzled back into the warmth of the pillow. 

“Hmm.” She hummed in response. “You?”

He smiled a bit, his eyes still closed. “Didn’t know you cared so much, Evans.” He joked, although a frown appeared on Lily’s face. “Yes, I did.” He answered, seriously now.  

“That’s good.” She replied, for lack of knowing what to say. “We should get up now, and start packing. Maybe Conor will be up, and we can have that hot breakfast he mentioned something about.” She said, rubbing her hands together and licking her lips at the prospect of a hot breakfast.

James laughed at her reaction slightly, but groaned from lack of heat, as she sat up, and started pulling the covers off of her, to get up. He shot his arm around her waist, and pulled her back into his chest, despite her protests, mumbling something about her being warm, as he slowly fell back asleep.

Lily sighed in resignation, smiling fondly at the black haired boy beside her, as she cuddled into him, sleepily thinking that she could get used to this.

Sooo dark! Percy???

I always thought that he’d be one of the easiest to become dark just because his fatal flaw is personal loyalty, so if something were to happen to him I just feel like he could have easily went against the gods. Personal loyalty also takes offense to personal betrayal. So, uhhh, here.

No one was awake, if they were perhaps they would have seen the figure rise from the river. If they were they might have noticed who he was. The ring he kept on a chain, they vengence in his swirled green eyes, but they were all asleep, so they never did see him.

Percy walked in the shadows of the camp, his gaze swept the field that had the basketball court that he played on so many times. He monitored the cabins and checked the Big House. No one. 

The moonlight glinted off his hair that should have been dripping wet after a swim in the sound, but many things are not as they seem with demigods. He snuck his way around the cabins until he was at the threshold of his old cabin. What was once the place he freely called home spending whole years with friends now became the reminderer of all of his loss. With slow, deliberate steps the almost sixteen child of Poseidon went to cabin three.

Looking around at the cabins he thought that these were the people who didn’t care about him, just like the gods caring about the lives of him or mortals. The mortal who couldn’t cross the line and suffered at the hands of the minotaur for it. The satyr that they didn’t make it in time to save because the gods refused to let Hermes help them. The girl.

The girl. The one that the gods let get crushed under the weight of the sky. Running towards her and holding it up, getting strength from the hope that she would survive and not being able to help. Standing over her broken, strained boyd and watching the only person in his life that he truly loved and trusted watching her die. He shuddered as he remembered the hot tears that ran down his face. The scream he let out as he felt his heart turning cold, finally becoming completely submerged in heartache. After Atlas took his rightful job of holding the sky, he dragged Annabeth’s body to Artemis, but couldn’t stand to watch her shake his head. Just a confirmation of what he already knew and so he ran away.

It should’ve been her birthday today, she could’ve been turning sixteen. He knew Kronos was doing a wrong thing, but he knew the Gods didn’t deserve her help. So after the incident three years before, he went rouge, not fighting for Kronos, but with him. One thing Percy refused to do, however, was give his body over to the Titan and so Luke remained the vessel for the strengthening Titan lord. 

Silently Percy mulled this all over and felt so many emotions that he held in during his time in the army roll free. Emotion there was weakness and the son of Poseidon spent too long letting them control his life, so he locked them up and became a force that no god could have thought possible. 

He stiffened as he heard the noise of gentle footsteps and the quiet unlatching of his cabin door. Before the door had swung open Percy was already hidden behind the fountain that was the only thing in his room that didn’t make his heart clench. It reminded him of his half brother and all the times when Poseidon fought against the gods to support his only demigod son. 

He shook his head then looked up to see who would intrude in a cabin of a child of the Big Three. While thinking about how he would punish this trespasser their face caught the light. His breath caught in his throat as he looked up at the person he should’ve grown old with, the only person he ever thought he had a future with.

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Prophet of the Lord (Part 18)

Angel: Gabriel
Reader: Female
Words: 2000
Author: Scruff
Warning(s): swearing, some spoilers for s11 (trying to work through some emotions 11.20 brought up, but idk if it worked–I’m still angry), mentions of PTSD and taking PTSD lightly, did I break the fourth wall–I might have broken the fourth wall (can you even do that in a story that’s a reader insert?)
Note(s):  Continuation of: “What if Metatron hadn’t “flipped the switch” fast enough after Kevin’s death?”
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

Summary: This?  This is ‘fixing things’?

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