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Imagine...Dean Using Bad Pick Up Lines

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Request: Congrats about your anniversary! Can I request a really fluffy dean x reader where they’ve been dating for awhile. Like maybe one night they go to a bar with Sam and dean uses all his bad pickup lines on his girlfriend.

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: I’m simultaneously proud and mortified at myself for this…

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Just Pretend    *NSFW*

Summary: Reader wakes up from a dream about her ex; all hot and bothered.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: NSFW; Smut; Masturbation (male and female); Unprotected sex (just use a condom); some angst.

A/N: Okay, so I originally posted this on a side blog that I created (@bbuckmebarnes) but I decided that I will not be running it anymore as I don’t want to end up neglecting one and I focus more on this one anyways. SO. I’m moving the one piece that wasn’t so terrible here! Again, feedback would be great!

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Big Win [Stiles Lacrosse Week Smut]

Author: @dylan-ohbrien
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 3,285
Warnings: Smut (Oral male & female receiving), language that’s about it ;)
A/N: So this is my first time writing a Stiles fic and I thought what better first than one for lacrosse week? I wrote this in a few hours and I haven’t done that in forever so I’m pretty proud of myself for that lol, that being said, I’m sure there are errors that I missed. It’s just kinda cute and smutty so I hope you guys like it! :)

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you’ve been wearing a lot of dean’s clothes lately.

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warnings: suggestive content. i kept this pretty sfw though.

additional notes: ok i wrote another dean fic cuz i love him so much. female reader in this one, although tbh it’s pretty ambiguous. let me know if you want to read more dean/reader or sam/reader, cuz i would love to hear your guys’ ideas :)

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Dean didn’t think much of it at first. In fact, when he woke up Saturday morning and found you cooking breakfast in one of his button-down shirts, he found himself smiling. The day before, he had seen you wearing a pair of his drawstring pants while you researched in the library, and earlier that week he’d seen you napping on the couch in one of Sam’s sweatshirts. He figured you were just a clothing thief, or that his and Sam’s clothes were just particularly comfortable for you.

Then he noticed that it was usually just his clothes you were stealing. You would wear Dean’s T-shirts, Dean’s flannel, Dean’s jacket. One day, when it was your turn to fold laundry, he’d stopped by the laundry room to bring you a sandwich, and he’d caught you holding one of his shirts to your face, sniffing it deeply. You hadn’t even acted flustered about it, just boasted about how the fabric softener you were using was magical.

Even though you were nonchalant, Dean was still suspicious. And a little smug. You’d been living at the bunker for a few years now, had known the Winchesters for even longer and stuck around since teaming up with them to stop the apocalypse seven years prior. Dean had appreciated you from the start; you were feisty, an excellent shot, and fun to be around, always full of snark and well-timed derision. Your sass put Sam’s to shame, and Dean found himself worrying about keeping up with you, rather the other way around. Most of all he liked how you genuinely cared for them both, providing the much-needed companionship and loyalty they’d been deprived of for far too long.

So with your fiery personality and looks to match, it didn’t take long for Dean to fall for you, and he mentally kicked himself in the head every day for it. It didn’t help that, judging by the way you always found a reason to touch or cuddle up close to him, his feelings might be reciprocated. There was no room for relationships in the hunting business—not from what he’d previously seen, anyway—but even Sam saw how much Dean cared for you and you for him. The younger Winchester had taken up the role of love guru and was currently encouraging him to take the next step, make it official. Dean liked the idea of having that with you, but he’d held off, too scared of getting too close and losing you, just like everyone else. Now, he was worried that you might have lost interest over time, or that Sam was going to come to his senses, realize your appeal, and make a move before Dean could. Maybe that was why Dean felt mildly stung whenever it was Sam’s shirt you decided to wear, and why Dean felt a swell of pride whenever you did choose to steal Dean’s clothes instead. It was like each time you wore his clothes on your back, you were unofficially proclaiming that he was yours, and you were his.

So Dean made the decision to ask you about it, to at least figure out why you had started pilfering only his clothes. He went down to the kitchen Monday night and found you crouching on the floor, rummaging through the lower shelves of the fridge. You were wearing his navy Henley over flannel pajama pants, and there was that smug swell of pride again. He grinned, crossing his arms and (selfishly) watching you for a few moments, definitely not checking out the way your ass looked in those pants or the strip of bare skin just above your waistband where his Henley had ridden up.

“Any luck down there?” he asked.

You cast a glance over your shoulder at him and smiled before returning to your task. “Just looking for the peanut butter, s’all. I feel like we should start organizing this better. I keep losing my spreads.”

“Maybe we can get you your own little spread section.” Dean watched you tug the shirt down your back, effectively covering you. Damn.

“Would be nice, but I don’t think I deserve a whole section to myself,” you replied. “A-ha!” you crowed with delight, reaching far into the fridge and procuring the peanut butter jar. “God bless.” You straightened to your full height and shut the door, cradling the jar to your chest. “Want some?” you called over your shoulder, moving to the counter where you had laid out some toasted bread and sliced bananas.

Dean couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose as he stepped over to you and leaned against the fridge to watch you prepare your meal. “When have I ever eaten fruit?” You opened your mouth to protest and he cut you off, “When it’s not filling a warm crust.”

You clamped your mouth shut. “You got me there. I think you’d like this, though.”

“I’ll have a bite of yours, then,” Dean relented. You smiled, and he stood up straight, moving closer to you. “You know, sweetheart, I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit of a thief lately.”

“Oh, yeah? And what have I stolen now?”

Dean was so close his hip was almost brushing yours. He braced one hand on the counter as he watched you. “My clothes. Sam’s, too, but mostly mine. You wanna tell me why that is?” He was playing it cool, but truth be told, when you paused in your meal preparation and turned to face him, he was starting to lose his confidence.

Your smile had vanished. You were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth, and Dean didn’t miss the way your eyes traversed his frame, lingering at his neckline, his jaw, and finally his face. “Does it bother you?” you asked with legitimate concern in your eyes. He watched that concern morph into something warm and oozy, like molten flame. He was starting to burn up just looking at you. “I’ll stop if it does, but your clothes are real comfy, Dean. And they smell good, too.”

Dean swallowed hard. You were challenging him, daring him to make the first move. Fuck it. He reached out to your side and grasped the Henley where it fell against your waist, pinching the material and rubbing it between his fingers. The corner of your mouth twitched with the beginnings of a smirk. “Oh, I’m not mad. Not mad at all,” he replied. He stepped closer to you, so close he could detect the crisp apple scent of your conditioner, could see his own face reflecting in your eyes. He slid his hand down to your hip and your own hand traveled up his arm to grasp his bicep. “I mean, if you look so good in my clothes”—he licked his lips, shamelessly appraising you from head to toe—“I could just imagine how you’d look out of them.”

Dean felt you tremble under his touch, and you pressed closer against him, his hand moving to lie flat along the small of your back. You craned your neck forward, and your lips skimmed his ear as you spoke, “Why don’t we go up to my room and find out?”

At Last

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is the first request I received for my 600 Follower’s Celebration! I still can’t believe that now over 700 of you decided to follow my silly ass. Y’all are awesome. I hope you like it! This is straight fluff I promise.

Requested By: @traceyaudette 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Eileen

Warnings: Absolutely none.

Word Count: 1,500-ish

Song: “At Last” by Etta James

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“Well aren’t you something sweet to look at,” Dean smiled as he reached his hand out toward me and I took it graciously, the click of my heels hitting the floor echoing throughout the bunker. “You look gorgeous, Princess.”

I blushed as he kissed my cheek, then I linked my arm with his. “Thank you. It’s not often that I get to dress up like this.”

Dean stopped and turned me toward him, then placed a tender kiss on my lips, causing chills to go up my spine. I smiled as he pulled away, “You look beautiful every day. But this is…you take my breath away.”

“Oh, hush, you’re getting sappy on me, Dean,” I patted his cheek then winked at him as we made our way toward the Impala. “Where’s Sam?”

“He went to pick up Eileen at her motel,” He said quickly and I gave him a knowing smile. “I think this is a date for them.”

“And it’s not for us?” I raised my eyebrow. “Just because we’ve been dating for four years doesn’t mean we can’t still have a date, Dean.”

“Oh, trust me. This is a date,” He pointed at me. “And it’s gonna be an awesome one.”

As he opened the door for me, I giggled and climbed in the car, then smiled over at him as he slid in next to me, “I can’t believe Donna’s getting married. This is so exciting.”

“I’m not sure about him,” Dean gave a hard look at his rearview mirror as we made our way toward the venue. It was always entertaining to see Dean’s protective side come out. “After her last husband, I don’t trust anyone.”

“But you should trust Donna,” i laid a comforting hand on his and smiled at him. “Let’s just have fun tonight and celebrate her. She deserves it.”

“i remember a time when you didn’t trust me,” Dean sent me a teasing look and I shook my head and smiled. “You didn’t even give me the time of day.”

I chuckled, “I remember when that all changed.”

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Baby Girl

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Summary: Reader avoids a night of trouble thanks to Sam…

Pairing: student!Sam x reader

Word Count: 2,000ish

Warnings: implied drugging, smut, language

A/N: This was just a general request for some frat boy Sam and I ran with it…

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Never judge a book by its cover

A/N: That’s a story I have written so long ago, just never knew how to end it until an hour ago; Enjoy.

Words count: 1900 ish

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Talk about breast augmentation, body shaming, slight smut.

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Dean stared at the assistant he was asking some informations to. She has the widest low cut she could possibly wear at a work place, making her breasts looking like they were about to get out of her top. And had you never seen boobs as big as she had.

She had pretty much the body of one of those manga or hentai girl and hell, she was totally stunning, you thought.

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Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: Castiel is very angry with Dean.

This fulfills #45 from my Kink List, requested by anon.

warnings: Destiel, anal sex, angry sex, rough sex, somewhat Dom!Cas and Sub!Dean, punishment, spanking, slightly forced sex

word count: ~2100

Castiel slammed the bunker door, already down the stairs by the time Dean had re-opened it to follow. “Cas, wait!” he yelled, eyes glimpsing the back of the angel’s trenchcoat disappearing through the doorway of the hall.

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Love Triangle 2 (Jensen x Reader)

(Credit to owner)

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Female Reader, DaughterOC!Gracely

Warnings: some angst

Word Count: 1,332

(The song listened to while writing was Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet - Adam Agin)

part 1

FEEDBACK IS MUCH APPRECIATED If you want to be tagged, let me know! 

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 32: Revelations

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Jensen’s P.O.V.

Mixed emotions raced through me as I stared at Danneel. Frustration, anger, and a little bit of sadness at what had been. “Danneel what are you are doing here?”

“This used to be my home too Jensen.” She purred, her tone of voice annoying me.

“Dee, you gave up this house when we got divorced. Now tell me, why are you here?” I asked, hoping I could get rid of her quickly and get back to Y/N upstairs.

“I’ve missed you so much, and you haven’t returned any of my calls. When I heard you were in Texas, I just had to come and see you.” She said, raising her hand and placing it on my chest. Once upon a time her touch would have been wanted,. But now, it did nothing for me.  would have ignited a fire deep within. But now it did nothing but annoy me.

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Traditional Weddings and Little Toy Rings

Traditional Weddings and Little Toy Rings

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,683

Author: Ruby 2.0 [daddyslittleraven]

Quote: “I’m actually kind of drunk. Me likey.”

A/N: This fic is for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. The challenge was to incorporate a quote that we chose into a AU fic and submit it. If you like this, there will be more in the future. :) Also fair warning, I am absolute shit at writing smut, but here it is.

AU: There’s actually a bunch of au’s that I’m mashing together, so I’ll just throw all of the main ones into one big sentence: “Our apartments are across from each other so we always see each other in the morning, and I always see you with your partner and then I saw you really sad because they stood you up at dinner and I haven’t seen them for weeks and I just wanna see your smile again so please let me come over.”  

Warnings: Huge drabble? Swearing, drinking, smut more than likely, cheating boyfriend (not Dean-o), angsty-undertones.


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The Super Life

Avengers x Reader x Supernatural

Prompt: You’re the daughter of the famous Tony Stark…..and you’re also dating Dean Winchester….who recently finds out that the Mark Of Cain really does change a man, literally.

Requested by: No One

Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Language

A/N: Part Two will be up next Friday//not sure how I feel about this tbh


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Your life was could not be considered ‘normal’….especially since your father was a superhero and your boyfriend hunted the Supernatural, yes he hunted the Supernatural with his younger brother and angel friend.

Sam was your best friend along with Cass who was like an older brother, him being so much better than your actual brother who barely gave you a second glance on a daily basis.

In all honesty, no one really paid any attention to you unless there was some news that you had to deliver to the press but then again they only paid attention to your faults that happened when delivering the information.

Dean, Sam, and Cass, always made sure that you knew you had done a good job whenever you talked on TV but you never took any of it to heart, only wanting the approval from your family which you knew you’d never get.


“Y/N, he has the Mark of Cain.” Sam sighs into the phone. “There’s nothing you can do and if there would be, I would’ve had you do it already.”

“Sam, I can’t just sit here and hope everything’s going to be okay! You know I can’t do that!” You whine back.

“Y/N, I know but the safest thing for you is to be where you are. Under the protection of Superheroes, Dean is looking for you. You and I both know how that’s going to end up.” Sam explains.

“Sam, you know I can handle myself.” You scoff while leaning forward on the white couch on the main floor of the tower.

“I get that Y/N, I know you can with your powers from heaven and hell or however you explain it,” Sam mutters. “But I cannot risk it okay? We already lost Dean, we can’t lose you too.” 

“Sam, please.” You beg, over the course of the phone call you had started to pace across the floor, ignoring the weird glances you received from anyone who had walked into the room. So you honestly didn’t know that a crowd was gathering behind you.

“Y/N, listen to me-”

“No Sam! You listen to me! If you don’t find him and chain him to a pole in three days, I’m coming there myself and taking care of things. You hear me? I don’t care how long it takes and I’m staying at the bunker for good this time. Okay? Because I am so done with you Winchesters getting into so much shit when I leave for a week or so, got it?!” You scream into the phone.

“Y-yeah Y/N. I got it.” Sam stutters, completely surprised at what you were capable of when you were mad.

“Good. Great. Now I have to go address some press about some event that I don’t give two shits about, you better have news or something by the time I get back okay? Okay.” You huff into the phone before hanging up, you ignore the looks that you receive as you stalk off to the elevator in anger.

“You wanna play ball, Winchester?” You state as the elevator goes down to the newsroom. “Let’s play ball.”


Three days had come and gone yet here you were, still addressing the press in your professional skirt and blouse with matching black heels. Your hair was let loose to hang around your shoulders with light makeup on your face. The other Avengers stood behind you with smiles plastered onto their faces, each of them wearing nice clothes that mirrored your own.

“Miss. Stark!” A reporter shouts while raising her hand, you point to her with a fake smile. “What’s in store for the Avengers in the future? Will you be joining them anytime soon?”


You cut yourself off as the lights start flickering in the room, the temperature dropping immensely along with it. Everyone stares at you as your eyes watch all the entrances and exits, you see new people step in with smirks.

“Oh my god.” You whisper but it catches in the microphone, carrying across the whole room.

“Miss. Stark? Is everything alright?” Someone in the crowd yells but you don’t have enough time to answer as the man that you’ve been looking for since day one steps into the room.

“You son of a bitch.” You state before quickly rushing off the stage, dialing Sam’s number as you do.

“Oh, honey. It’s nice to see you too.” Dean sarcastically replies, his eyes turning a soulless black as you stopped in the middle of the walkway. Your own eyes narrow as you step out of your heels, sending Sam a quick text because he hadn’t picked up the phone.

“Don’t call me that.” You seethe. “Don’t ever call me that.”

“What? Honey doesn’t work for ya? You all powerful now Miss. Stark?” Dean rolls his eyes, your phone buzzes and you quickly look down.

Give him all you have -Castiel

“Oh, is that little Sammy telling you to run like always?” Dean questions with a smile.

“Oh, on the contrary.” You chuckle while sliding off your blazer, letting it fall to the ground in a heap without a second thought. “He told me to give you all I have.”

“Think you’ve already done that one, sweetheart.” Dean chuckles

“Then, I guess this won’t hurt a bit.” You smirk and with a flick of your wrist, your whole outfit changes to one that you’d normally wear on a hunt. 

“Oh, that,” Dean mutters as your eyes turn from black to crystal blue every time you blinked.

“Yeah, that.”

Don’t Touch Her - Stiles Stilinski

Paring: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Blood, Fluff, cussing, FLUFF, FLUFF AND FLUFF, also violence

Word Count: 2,418

Release Date: March 13, 2017

*I thought I would make an imagine where Stiles is a Werewolf and protective over the reader. JUST BECAUSE I THOUGHT HE WOULD LOOK HOT DOING SO* - Admin


You waited inside Stiles’ jeep, hoping your boyfriend would hurry up on whatever he was doing. Stiles usually didn’t keep you waiting, especially since it was date night. And this whole week had been a disaster, Stiles had found it suspicious that Theo had come back with a Werewolf side and claimed as being the Theo they remembered. Then their was strange killings out of nowhere. Plus, Scott had changed a freshmen named Liam into a Beta, so really things were just not going for your luck or the pack’s luck.

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anonymous asked:

1/2 (While i do NOT ask this to be negative at all, i realize it could be a controversial topic so feel free not to answer!) I have a friend who stopped watching SPN a few years ago after, according to her, they jumped the shark to the point she just couldn't take the show seriously anymore. Now, i'm so deep in fandom it's hard to step back and be objective, but that's not the first time i've heard that complaint, and it got me thinking; obviously i love the show.

2/2 But it did make me casually wonder what keeps me coming back to it specifically, because ibr if any other show had made some of the same writing, plot, etc. choices as SPN has, i’d diagnose it with a serious case of the trope “seasonal rot” and move on. But i haven’t. And i think it’s because SPN is SO character driven. Like, these characters make the show and the genuine heart and love shows through in the writing. I think that’s what balances out the at times questionable quality for me.

Hi there. I just reblogged this post over here that mostly expresses my feelings about this:


I think it’s really not accurate (nor fair) to describe the character growth and narrative progression as “seasonal rot.” I think that’s sincerely missing the point.

From a podcast interview with Davy Perez shortly after 12.04 aired (Not About The Weather, episode 8):

(Sorry, y’all, I started transcribing this two hour long interview, spent two days transcribing the first hour last November, got to 7.5k, and haven’t had a chance to finish… )

N: It’s really interesting, because what you mentioned as well with Dean when he was living his sort of normal life with Lisa and Ben, it’s interesting as well because we’re six years on from that. So how do you look at that kind of thing and then go okay. How do you stop it being regressive, if you know what I mean? How do you go like, oh, he’s actually grown from that, or if he hasn’t or if he has. How do those decisions get made?

DP: For me I think it’s funny because I might have read it in a book somewhere, or maybe it was advice I got, in regards to writing television versus writing film. When you’re writing a film, you’re writing what is hopefully a complete journey, where a character gets called to action, where they go on their journey of discovery or their journey of tribulation, and then they arrive to an end point and you find, “Oh, I’ve learned this lesson,” or “I’ve grown so much.” And that was a satisfying, closed-ended story. Television doesn’t work that way. Television is about a character that you become invested in, and that you fall in love with. That character grows in incremental ways. Not only do they grow in tiny little increments, and sometimes don’t even grow, they go backwards. You don’t close the loop. You keep the loop open, so that hopefully when you know that okay, this is our final season, this is our final run of episodes, that’s when you can find those landing points, and that’s when you can sort of say this is the end of this journey.
As far as having to imagine what Dean might be eight years ago, well all I can say is that’s who Dean is. There’s a well of knowledge to watch, and you can see that that’s who he is. Maybe they’ve grown in some small way. Maybe Sam can talk about the psychic stuff where maybe before he didn’t even want to talk about it, but he’s not a completely different Sam in that he’s learned from his mistakes and will never make the mistakes again. You want to make sure that you’re staying true to who they are, and allowing the characters to just live in those moments, and to of course grow and have that journey, but to really take time. In an essence you really enjoy those incremental growths and they mean so much more.

This is exactly what I’ve described as the “spiral narrative” where the same things come up over and over again, putting the characters in similar situations. But this has become a character-driven narrative. The mytharc is entirely secondary to what the characters are going through.

Playing “spot the difference” each time you see a “wait, that’s really familiar” moment is where you really SEE those incremental growths. This is not “seasonal rot.” I find myself irrationally offended on behalf of the writers here… like, got up and stormed around the house ranting out loud to myself.

So when meta writers talk about how the writers are doing all of this intentionally, we literally really truly do mean the writers are DOING THIS ALL INTENTIONALLY. They have even TOLD US THIS IS THE CASE IN ACTUAL WORDS.

I  wrote a thing recently that sort of touches on this a bit, that started out as a reply about character driven vs plot driven narratives, but I think it also goes a little way toward explaining some of the reasons why people are having difficulty understanding what the show is doing now:


If folks are still looking at the show as if it was actually a plot-driven narrative, there’s bound to be some sincere disappointment. But if you see it as a character-driven narrative, everything begins falling into place. I don’t mean to say that someone might be “watching wrong,” but if your impression is that the narrative is inconsistent and has made questionable plot choices, then I feel at least slightly obligated to politely suggest maybe watching it from THIS perspective and see if the entire picture doesn’t become perfectly clear.

Like this sculpture illustrates, look at it from the wrong angle and it all seems random. It’s supposed to inspire you to walk around looking at it all from DIFFERENT angles until the entire picture clicks into place.

This is the amazing beauty of the story Supernatural is telling us right now. I just want as many people as possible to realize this, because I think a lot of people right now are just seeing the random scattershot dots and feeling like they aren’t telling us a full story… I’m just trying to drag as many people around to the other side, to see what it looks like from where I’m sitting. Because it looks like art to me.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 17: Troubled Waters

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1300 Words

Chapter Summary: Still reeling from having Brad back in the picture, you take the rest of the day off.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

As soon as you made it through the door, you collapsed on the couch, your energy zapped. It had been such a straining day, and you wanted nothing more than to curl into your bed, and forget that the world existed. But your bed was too far away, and you settled for the couch, pulling a throw over you, and shoving your face into the arm.

Why did Brad have to show up? You were finally feeling free of him, and back to the person before he had so torn you apart, and with one appearance, you were now back to the shaking, quivering mess. Memories, or nightmares, flashed in your mind. Of fists flying, and boots landing on your stomach. Of bruises everywhere you looked, and mornings you were so sore you couldn’t climb out of bed. Then, there had been the verbal abuse.

Clutching your hands to your head, you tried to keep the thoughts away. You had thought with a new town, and a new job, you would have gotten away from everything. That you would have been able to start afresh.

Through your dark and dreary thoughts, you noticed your phone ringing. Taking a deep breath, you answered it, needing to talk to someone who would understand. “Tiffany?”

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Enoch O'Connor(Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children):

Part 1: Sadness

Emily and Enoch grow very fond of each other and Enoch gets possessive after Jacob’s arrival at the children’s home.


The next morning I woke up since Bronwyn was sitting on my bed, shaking my arm excitedly. Happiness. “Hey, Emily, wake up. Wake up, Emily.”, she laughed causing me laugh as well.

“What time is it?”, I yawned and stretched my arms. “Time for breakfast.”, she giggled and pulled me out of my bed with her supernatural strength.
“Okay, okay, I’m up.”, I laughed, going to my wardrobe. “I’m going to wake Enoch.”, Bronwyn informed me before running off again. I change into decent clothes and entered the hallway where I saw Bronwyn, who ran down the stairs, and Enoch. Tired.

“Good Morning, Emily.”, he said quietly, his voice tired and monoton. I smiled, happy about the fact that he talked to me.
The corners of his mouth lifted a bit, while we went down the stairs. Nervous.

“You don’t have to be nervous around me.”, I whispered since I didn’t want anyone to hear. He just nodded before we entered the dining room, where everyone was waiting for us.

They stared at us while we sat down and I could see a lot of diffrent feelings. Happiness. Tiredness. Curiosity. Confusion.
But I ignored all of them and started to eat.

“First things first. Since I heard some noises not only this night but also some nights before…”, started Miss Peregrine, “I wanted to remind you that it’s forbidden to leave the room after nine o'clock, as you know. And I do not like anyone to be awake after eleven.”
The children looked around, confused and not knowing why Miss Peregrine was talking about this.

I looked at Enoch. Uncomfortable. I gave him a smile after he catched me watching him. He turned his head without showing any reaction. “Amusement”, I heard Horace’s voice in my head. But I only glared at him since I didn’t want to draw attention to us.

“Secondly, I want some of you to pick up Abe’s grandson Jacob. He’s currently in Cairnholm in 2016.”
Except for Enoch, everyone was excited to get a visiter and almost everyone wanted to go get Jacob.

After breakfast Claire, Fiona, Horace, Enoch and me were the only children since all the others went off. While Miss Peregrine stayed inside, Horace and I got our books and sat outside on our usual reading spots and Fiona entertained Claire by growing a lot of different types of flowers.

I hadn’t seen Enoch since breakfast but I was pretty sure that he was sitting in his room. Or maybe he was watching me and Horace again from his window.

So I looked up from my book and to Enoch’s window but I couldn’t see anything.

A few minutes later I saw Enoch leaving the house and my gaze followed him to the other side of the garden where he sat down in the grass. Excitement.

I was thinking about giving him some company when Horace spoke up without looking up from his book, “Emily, don’t you want to fulfill my prophecy? I mean he sits on the exact spot as in my dream.“ 

“I don’t know, maybe he wants to be alone, like usually.”, I mumbled and chewed on my lip. “You two are never going to get together if you keep thinking like that.”, he chuckled, this time looking at me. Concern.

“You think that I’m not happy, don’t you?”, I questioned, not knowing why he was concerned. “No, I know that you’re not happy due to the fact that you never pay attention to your own feelings.”, he replied and I couldn’t help but chuckle. That was exactly what I had realised the day before.

“Yeah, yeah.”, I only said, laying my book on the ground before standing up.

I went over to Enoch and carefully laid my hand on his shoulder causing him to look up at me. Excitement. He gave my a smile, even a relativly huge one and I lowered myself down next to him, my shoulder brushing his.
This was exactly like in Horace’s dream.

“So, Enoch, what made you come out of your little cave, hm?”, I wanted to know, chuckling while I stretched my legs.
He was quiet for a brief moment and took a deep breath before he spoke, “You, actually.”

My heart beat stopped and I only let out a nervous laugh. When I turned my head, I saw him fiddling with his fingers. Nervous.
“Well, I think that’s a nice reason.”, I giggled and looked at my hands, too.

Suddenly, I saw his left hand getting into my view and he slowly took my hand to interwine our fingers. After that I heard him sigh and I smiled to myself before glancing at him. Relief. Contentment.

I noticed that my chest lifted and sank really fast since I was breathing a bit heavily. I tried to calm me down, not knowing wether Enoch had noticed it, too.

“Only this morning you told me not to be nervous but now you are.”, he stated, strengthening the grib on my hand.
“Yeah, um… I don’t really know why I’m so nervous right now.”, I confessed quietly and sighed. “It’s okay. I’m nervous, too.”, he mumbled and I looked at him again. Contentment.

“Millard, pass the ball!”, I heard Hugh ’s shouting and turned around, groaning. “The silence is officially over now.”, I mumbled making Enoch smile.

“You know… um, I’m not really good with words but…”, he started nervously, “I kinda like you very much”

“I like you, too.”, I replied quietly and saw a smile appearing on his face.

“Hey, Emily, don’t you want to meet Jacob?”, I heard Emma yell and I turned around to see them. Excitement. Happiness.

I jumped up and went to them quickly, leaving Enoch behind.
“Hey, I’m Jacob.”, said the tall brunet boy, giving me a little smile. “Emily.”, I introduced myself.

“You can see another person’s feelings, right? What am I feeling right now?”, he wanted to know. Curiosity. Happiness. “You’re happy and curious.”, I anserwerd and smiled at him, earning a smile from him as well. Amazement.

“That’s so cool! I mean, your peculiarities are so amazing!”, he exclaimed, a huge grin on his face. “A lot of people don’t think like that.”, Emma began, “You see, most of them…”

“Jealousy.”, I suddenly heard Enoch’s voice in my head. My breathing stopped and I quickly turned around, not listening to the conversation anymore. Enoch was standing where we had been sitting, his hands balled into fists and his face showing not only anger but sadness.

It was like I was glued to the spot not believing what just happened. Why did I hear his voice? And why is he jealous?

“Emily, are you okay?”, I heard Jacob ask, his hand grabbing my arm slightly. Of course, it’s because of Jacob.

“Yeah, I’ll just…”, I mumbled and turned around before going to Enoch, who still stood right on his spot. He shifted when he saw me coming, clearly not knowing what I was going to do. Nervous. Jealousy.

I had to admit - I didn’t know what I was going to do either. I just went for it. Throwing my arms around his neck as I reached him and pressing myself against his chest.

“What are you doing?”, he wanted to know with a monoton voice but his voice in my head told me something else, “Excitement. Jealousy.”
“Oh, I’m just proving that there’s no need to be jealous.”, I whispered and snuggled my face against his shoulder while his arms carefully sneaked around my body.

“I’m not jealous.”, he claimed making me laugh a bit. “Yes, you are.”, I simply replied.

After I loosened the hug I saw that his eyes were closed and that there was a little smile formed on his face. “Still, your peculiarity is scaring me.”, he mentioned and I rolled my eyes.

“Maybe you can make me some dolls and bring them to life, so that I can say that too for once.”, I laughed and he only nodded but not without giving me one of his rare smiles - at least rare until now…


So, this is the second part of Sadness. I hope you like it. I don’t know if I’ll write another part… please let me know if you want me to continue this story! :D

Feel free to send in requests! :)



Co Workers (Part Twelve)

A/N: Couple thangs. I’m don’t know much about getting charged with assault or whatever, I looked up the different degrees and made up the 12 hour thing (You’ll get what I’m talking about in a minute.) And then I made this smutty since I know it’s been awhile <3

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut smut smutttt

Word Count: 2.4k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST!

(Gif not mine)

You couldn’t wrap your head around anything, when all the cops left you realized that there were tears running down your face. What just happened? What do you do? It was brought to your attention that it was someone in the bar that had called the police. Derek was by your side, he assured everyone that they could go home. Rae made you promise her that’d you’d call her when you figured everything out.

For now, you and Derek needed to get to the police station.

You pushed the doors to the police station open, heading straight to the desk behind the glass window at the front, Derek following close behind you.

“Can I help you?” the woman on the other side said.

“Yes-” you were out of breath from running- “M-my boyfriend was brought in about an hour ago? He was arrested? His name’s Misha?”

“You’ll have to go to the bonds desk if you’re here to pick him up.” she pointed down the long hallway where there was another glass window with a desk on the inside.

You quickly made your way to the other desk and lightly tapped on the glass to get the man’s attention.

“Last name?” He asked you without even looking up from his computer.

“Collins.” you replied, and the man typed for a moment before looking up.

“There’s no one here with that last name, ma’am.”

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Sign of the times-Part 1 (Grayson)

Summary: Finally able to move out on your own with the money you saved up from working at the library and doing photography on the side. You moved into your new house with the help of your friend, soon both of you discover an Ouija board in your basement and decided to play it. After playing strange things start to happen in your home, soon you encounter Grayson. A man who is not alive and needs your help.

Warnings: Ouija board, paranormal stuff, a swear word, some sadness, and this being long for no reason. 

A/N: I honestly don’t know where this idea came from, I guess from rewatching Bleach. I do like supernatural stuff, is that weird? But anyways Grayson is well… not alive in this imagine. He’s a ghost that only you can see. In real life, Grayson is a healthy guy that just needs some sleep. :)

 Autumn was my favorite time of the year, the leaves changing color falling off the trees. Wearing sweaters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.  

I was moving into my new place, after turning nineteen I decided to move out of my parent’s house. Living under their roof I still had to listen to their rules and I did not enjoy it that much. So, I saved enough money and found a decent price for a small house. I work at a library and did photography on the side. 

 I wanted to be a professional photographer, always wanted to be since I picked up a camera in middle school. Taking random photos of family members and friends going on vacation or just the scenery that was around me. The world had interesting things that needed to be seen and I wanted to capture it. 

“This is the last box from the truck,” my friend Vanessa called out. She was carrying a huge box struggling until she sat the box down next to the couch.  

“Thank you so much for helping me Vanessa,” I thanked, grateful for having a friend like her. 

“No problem, but you do owe me dinner,” she said.

I laughed. “Of course.”

I looked around the living room with the many boxes that filled up the room. Some needed to be in the kitchen, bedroom, and a few things in the basement. I decided to start with the kitchen and basement. The basement was going to be my photography room. 

“Let’s move some of the boxes that are labeled photography to the basement,” I announced.

She nodded and grabbed what we needed heading towards the basement. I turned the light on with my shoulder. We walked down the stairs making sure to peek behind the box so not one of us would miss a step. We made it down safely setting the boxes down.
The basement had wood paneling, cream colored carpeting, and six windows. Once there was furniture down here in it would be cozier. It could be my secret hideout. 

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Forgive Me

Originally posted by castiel-rising

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x friend!Reader, Cas
Word count: 1,307
Warnings: Angst, death, swearing
A/N: Based on this prompt

Sitting at the simple tombstone that you’d bought for your boyfriend just one year before, your fingers slowly traced his name. Samuel Winchester. It still felt like yesterday, it still ached like you saw the life fade from his eyes moments before, and you had a feeling it always would.

“Thought I’d find you out here.” Came the low voice of Dean. You didn’t even look up, nodding slightly. “I know it still hurts. I’m still so sorry.” He said softly as he crouched next to you.

Finally, you looked up at him, pain and anger shining in your eyes. “I had no choice, Dean.” You reminded him. “I did what you couldn’t.”

Getting up, you walked back towards the bunker, leaves crunching under your feet. It was weird being back. You’d left the bunker a couple months after Sam’s death. You couldn’t be around Dean, you couldn’t sleep in the bed that you’d once shared with Sam, and you couldn’t walk through the halls that reminded you that you would never hear his laughter again.

Dean watched you go for a minute before taking a deep breath and looking at his brother’s tombstone. He’d had a hunter’s funeral, but you insisted he deserved this, too. Dean gave in, and helped you pay for it, both of you agreeing this was the best spot for it.

His green eyes looked around, noticing every little detail. “She hates me, ya know.” He sighed. “I don’t blame her. Not one bit.” Swallowing, he couldn’t believe he was talking to his brother’s ‘grave’. “It’s my fault she had to do what she did, Sammy. I broke her.”

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Sam Winchester x Reader With The Song Dancing In Circles By Lady Gaga
I didn’t edit this, so sorry for any mistakes you come across. And I am sorry if my smut is boring.

“More traffic? You have to be kidding me!” Dean gave a dramatic groan and leaned his head against the steering wheel. “What’s this, the third time time now?”

“I’m sure.” Sam shifted in the passenger seat and shook his head. “I told you not to drive through the big cities though, back roads-“

He was cut off as his older brother held up his hand and mocked his tone. “Back roads are much faster than the highway.”

Y/N giggled from her spot in the backseat, earning a glare from Dean in the rear view mirror.

“Keep laughing Princess, and I’ll pick the music until we get there.”

She instantly stopped laughing and leaned forward so she could flick his ear as she pouted like a child. “Don’t you dare Dean Winchester, you promised I could pick the whole time!”

Sammy grinned as he kept quite and just watched the two most important people in his life interact. It was a sight that always warm his heart and was normally very entertaining.

Y/N had been with the boys for a few years now, after helping them with a case that they wouldn’t have been able to figure out other wise. She took to the brothers right away, forming a deep bond with each. Dean was her big brother, and Sam… Sam was her soulmate. It took almost a year, but he had finally manned up and admitted his feelings to her.

“Hey, since uh, we aren’t going anywhere…” Sam gestured to the unmoving cars in front of them. “How about I hope in the back with you?”

“Please Sammy?” She completely forgot about Dean, all her attention now on the younger Winchester.

As the big moose climbed over the back seat, nearly kicking Dean in the head, he gave Y/N a suggestive little smirk.

Sure, he would be content with just holding her. But why not have a little fun? Make a little game of it.

“I have an idea.” He whispered, pulling her into his lap.

“Oh?” Tilting her head, she licked her lips. “Tell me.”

“Let’s see how far we can make it back here before Dean notices.”

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