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Can you finish your thoughts on Shaw/Root/TM from the tags on that gifset? Please???? :)

y’all should know better than to encourage me to ramble about things. i have zero concept of being brief or concise. so here you go.

This is an expansion of some meta i wrote in some tags about Root’s character development as pertaining to her relationship with the Machine and Shaw. So I don’t have to repeat it every other sentence, a lot of this is headcanon…as in my opinions…you’re completely allowed to disagree and have your own headcanon, that’s the beauty of fandom:

As a kid, Root was already a smug little computer whiz before Hanna got killed, if not already a hacker then definitely heading down that path. Root’s always been arrogant and I imagine she thought she was too good for the horrible little town she was stuck in. On top of that there was whatever situation was going on with her mother…that’s open to interpretation of course, but it was said that she hung out in the library to avoid going home. Hanna and computers were the best things Root had going on in her life. Computers were easier to understand and deal with than humans and let her enact a measure of control over something in a world where she felt trapped and not in control. Especially after Hanna died.

I think root already liked bending and breaking the rules, feeling superior to people who didn’t, but when all the rules of the ‘civilized’ world failed her the night Hanna was taken she realized that rules only applied to you if you let them. Rules weren’t real. They were part of humans’ bad code and a thing to be exploited. Computers, of course, do have rules and logic that they can’t disobey. If a computer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do than somewhere along the line a human messed up…either wrote bad code or made bad hardware, etc. The universe and humans and emotions are a giant chaotic mess without rhyme or reason, but computers are perfect, logical.

The thing about Root though is she very much is human and has so many of the traits she sees as flaws…I think that’s part of the reason for her wildly shifting self-value. She has an enormous emotional capacity that she’s struggled to keep in check and funneled only into anger for most of her life, so when her emotions do come out it’s like opening a floodgate. But before the Machine and Shaw she compartmentalized all of that, locked it away, didn’t allow herself to feel anything she considered weak. She cared about Hanna and then she lost her and that hurt horribly. Therefore, in Root logic, if she doesn’t care about people, she can’t get hurt. One of the reasons her emotions and mannerisms often come off as over the top and child-like is because she never allowed herself to learn to regulate them.

Then the Machine enters the picture. One of the many things Root’s been locking away is loneliness. I think from later seasons it’s fairly apparent that she’s a deeply lonely person even if she spent most of her life writing that off as a weakness. But if humans are bad code and weak than she can never really allow herself to care about them or let them in. But the Machine isn’t human. She sees the Machine not only as an inherently more worthy form of life, but as someone she can finally allow herself to care for.

Root’s face lights up whenever the Machine talks to her and that’s definitely partly her deification of her, but it’s also because she loves her, as a god and the friend she always wanted. When she doesn’t find TM at the end of God Mode it completely breaks her and she shuts down and goes away inside her head because she’s lost something again and it hurts horribly and she doesn’t know how to deal with that. And when the Machine chooses to talk to her it’s everything she’d always hoped for.

But the Machine isn’t exactly what she’d imagined. TM won’t let her kill and sets her up to help save humanity. Root starts out being somewhat amused but indulgent of the no kill rule (’even this guy?’), and probably doesn’t mind the saving humanity bit since she sees it as the Machine helping to make humanity better and also gives her a feeling of importance…because TM values her enough to ask her to do this.

Around this time, Shaw becomes another factor in Root’s life. I don’t see Root as having had any real meaningful relationships in her life, and I don’t think she immediately falls head over heels for Shaw…instant chemistry, yes..instant love, no. I do think TM sees potential there though either before or during Mors Praematura. At that point Root cares about what the Machine thinks/wants and won’t kill people because she cares about TM’s wishes, but she still doesn’t care about people. Perhaps TM saw Shaw as a person Root could care about. Also, even though this is a meta post about Root I’d like to say that TM probably also thought Root would be good for Shaw…it was never just about one or the other of them; it was always about both of them together.

Fast forward to Aletheia. Shaw goes back to look for Root. I’ve probably mentioned this in a ton of other posts but I strongly believe that was the first time someone had done something like that for her (the end of mors praematura doesn’t exactly count). It was an indication that a human cared for her and for once she doesn’t see that as a negative or a thing to be exploited.

That brings us to the episode I wrote the original meta tags about…Root Path. The whole episode is TM smacking her in the head to try and explain that her actions have cascading consequences and end up hurting multiple people. This isn’t something Root has generally thought about or given a shit about before, but TM is telling her and she loves TM and doesn’t want to disappoint her. Her whole ‘how badly did you have to break it’ speech is about her not understanding how a being that was supposed to be above human weaknesses is telling her that humans are important. And while TM can drill this into her head over and over it doesn’t click until she realizes she’s fallen for Shaw. I think that the end of root path is when she starts accepting that.

Root needed both of TM and Shaw to get where she ended up. I don’t think she ever genuinely likes people, and she continues to treat most people in a condescending fashion, but she can’t make the sweeping generalization that humans == bad code now because Shaw isn’t bad code so that statement is no longer always true. And that opens up a lot of possibilities. TM got Root to a point where she could admit to care for another human and Shaw was the human she could care for and who cared for her. All three of them are very much tied up on each other’s character arcs which is one of the reasons I thought it was such a shame we never got to see Shaw and TM interact over the course of the story.

One last comment…I’ve seen discussions of whether Shaw or TM is more important to Root and I personally don’t find this a useful question to ask. Both of them are so damn integral to her life that she’s devastated at the idea of losing either. They are both immeasurably important to her and being forced to put a value on one over the other would be deeply upsetting for her and ultimately pointless. It is possible to have more than one thing that you care for without it lessening the importance of either.

Hope that was what you were after, anon!

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Please, please, please~ a compilation of jealous jongin or sad jongin because someone is touching my man or territorial jongin bc have to protect what's mine. Or anything that ticks jongin off because no other man shall have kyungsoo's attention but him. i love you. omg thank you

i love u too anon! and ur welcum heheh, anyway, lets get started (since prob this shit is gonna be long im gonna put this keep reading option from now on bc some ppl have complained lol sorry about that)

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what we dreamed

So, a little while ago stilesstilinskidaily posted this gifset of the moment when Stiles was at the party hallucinating his father.

And I said: Gee, there should be an angsty story where the Nogitsume takes over the sheriff and gradually becomes more and more awful to Stiles. That’s an angsty idea, I’ll write it after I finish the D&P sequel.

But then today, I had a miserable day for a wide variety of reasons and the sequel of D&P is currently at a fluffier point and very difficult to write and I wanted to write ANGST. So I did a bad thing and let myself write the angsty fic instead.

Here’s Part 1 (of ??)


            “I don’t know,” Stiles said, miserably wringing his hands together. “I guess… a while?”

            “Think,” Deaton ordered and Stiles couldn’t help but flinch away from the tone. “We need to know when this started, when the Nogitsune took him over.”

            Stiles took a breath and tried to focus but-

            He couldn’t do this. He didn’t want to think about this.

            How could he have been so stupid? To not even realize that a freaking monster had taken over his own father? He was such a screw-up and-

            “Stiles,” Scott’s voice was gentle and Stiles looked up at him instinctively. “You can do this. Just… tell us when you first noticed something was different. The first time he acted… not like himself.”

            “Th- there was,” he started and then stopped. That was so long ago, before it got really bad. Maybe he just wanted this to be the Nogitsune. It was just so… hard. It had been so gradual and Deaton seemed so sure that none of this could be Stiles’ real father but maybe it could and this was all just wishful thinking.

            “In May,” he started, staring at his hands instead of Scott’s face, which he knew would be etched with hurt. Scott didn’t know it had been that long. “I broke a mug…”

            As always, Stiles made a latch ditch effort to catch the mug as it fell even though prior experience told him it was too late. His arms, which had been flailing around so rapidly a moment before had no chance of catching the object as it tumbled through the air and then landed with a smack on the ground and shattered into at least four different pieces.

            Well, four big pieces. Probably countless different pieces if you included all the shards that were doubtless everywhere.

            “Shit,” he muttered, reaching across for the paper towels without moving his feet. He really should always wear at least socks when he was in the kitchen. He wished he could say this was a rare occurrence but… well, Stiles had never been coordinated and hitting his growth spurt and shooting up almost five inches in the past year alone hadn’t done him any favors when it came to not… breaking everything.

            “What that the one with the kittens?”

            Stiles jumped so hard, he almost hit another glass. He hadn’t known his dad was standing there.

            “Geez, Dad,” he said, holding a hand to his chest. “We’ve talked about this. No using your cop skills to sneak up on me!”

            He looked over, expecting to see his dad smiling fondly or perhaps already heading to the closet where they kept the broom and dustpan.

            “It was,” his dad said, not looking up from where he was staring at the pile. Stiles frowned a bit in confusion.

            “Uh, yeah,” Stiles said, bending over to big up some of the bigger pieces. “Sorry.”

            “That was your mother’s favorite,” his dad suddenly said and Stiles froze.

            They never mentioned her. They didn’t even talk about not talking about her. It was just an unspoken agreement between the both of them. Six years ago, she had died and for a little while, his father would speak of her but only when he was drunk and then he stopped drinking and they stopped talking about her.

            It wasn’t so much of a rule as an agreed-upon habit. A coping mechanism that both of them strictly upheld.

            “Oh God,” Stiles breathed as the full effect of his father’s words hit him. It was her favorite mug. He hadn’t even remembered that. He’d thought that he’d managed to save most of her favorite things in two boxes he moved to the attic to be kept safe but he must’ve missed this mug and he hadn’t even remembered it, except his father did. And now he’d destroyed it. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t- maybe I can fix it.”

            He looked down helpless at the pieces in his hands, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his gut as he realized there was no way he could fix this. He’d knocked it off the table too hard. It had shattered.

            “I’m sorry,” he said again, feeling panic rise in his throat. He had broken his mother’s favorite mug.

            And if she were here, he was sure she would just smile and tell him she would pick a new favorite because that’s how he remembered her but she was dead. She would never have another favorite anything.

            “It’s okay,” his dad said and Stiles wanted to believe it even though he already knew that couldn’t be true.

            “To be honest,” his dad continued, looking down at Stiles with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did with you in the house.”

            Dad was chuckling a bit at his own statement and Stiles tried to pull his lips into a smile because, clearly, his dad was joking and Stiles knew his track record with dishes. It was a fair statement to make.

            That didn’t change the way his throat clenched at the thought.

            “I’m really sorry,” he mumbled again.

            But when he looked up his dad was already gone and he didn’t return a moment later with the dustpan like he usually did.

            So Stiles carefully stepped around the mess he’d made and cleaned it up slowly.

            When he finished, he stared at the pile for a moment longer than necessary, still somehow wondering if there was some way he could fix it. Or a part of it. Maybe he could at least glue the part with the kittens back together and give it to his dad to show him that he did care about Mom too. Even if they never talked about it. Even if apparently Stiles forgot important information like what her favorite mug had been.

            But it couldn’t be fixed. So he brushed it all into the trash instead and told himself sternly that he had to be more careful. He had to stop making mistakes like this.

            “Yeah, that’s… that’s not normal, right?” Stiles made it a question. He thought that must be the first time he had a clear sign, based on the fact that his father had mentioned his mother but-

            “Yeah, your real dad would never say that,” Scott assured him.

            Stiles let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.

            That had been seven months ago. 

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Thanks for the heads up! I've removed the .s so let's see if this works a second time! :) Hi! So I saw you're taking prompts and I'd like to submit one please :) it's based on this gifset: quant-um-fizzx*tumblr*com/post/116549499149 of Oliver boxing with the atom headset and basically I'd love an olicity au where Oliver teaches Felicity to box. Thank you!!

A/N: I apologize for how long it took me to write this and I’m not even sure it’s any good. I’m not quite happy with where I ended it but I didn’t know what else to do so hopefully you still like it! :)

tagging: amellthirst lieutenantsmoak queenollies sorrywhatever kcntclark wifeysmoaks oliversjonas curtlazars smoakinamell dropoutboys pansexualsmoak olicitykisses snowssmoak queensagents


Growing up in Las Vegas, Felicity had seen her fair share of boxing matches. She might not have been old enough to watch them live at the time, but since her mother worked a lot of the events as a cocktail waitress they got the fights for free on pay per view. Felicity would sit at home in their little studio apartment, eyes glued to the screen as she watched to men beat each other to a bloody pulp. But instead of being grossed out or uncomfortable by watching it, she was fascinated.

Which is why she was now standing outside Verdant Gym, duffle bag in hand. She had been living in Starling City for a few months now, having moved there after finishing college because of a job opportunity. When out at the bar one night with some coworkers she heard some people talking about a boxing gym downtown. Apparently the owner used to be really good but then he got into some boating accident that ended his career. Most people fall off the deep end after something like that, but this guy hadn’t. He might not be able to step into the ring himself anymore, but that didn’t stop him from teaching others that aspired to; something that Felicity really admired.

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Fic: Orphan Blog (Chapter 7)

Written by Devon soccercopping and Aimee tatianathevampireslayer

Main Ships: Cophine and Soccercop

Rating: T

Word Count1216

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6


By the time Alison had gotten home from rehearsal and finished her homework for the weekend, it was already pretty late. She wanted to check Tumblr, but she didn’t expect to stay on for long. She wanted an early start on Saturday, and that meant getting to sleep early. But first, Tumblr.

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About July 19th 2016

Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch, my favorite actor ever, and one of my favorite people in the world, turned 40 years old. Since midnight in UK (8pm BR time) both my feeds at Twitter and Tumblr were filled with loving birthday messages from pretty much everyone around the world, awesome pieces of fan art, memories of Ben’s best moments, photos, gifsets, etc. We even tried to make the #happybirthdaybenedict hashtag trend on Twitter. All of that for a man who isn’t on social media and would probably not see it.

Then, Batch of Kindness. It was so cool to see all kinds of acts, from money, clothes, food or blood donations to simple, small gestures to help somebody or to brighten their day. I did my part as well, for the first time, and it felt good. And it was all Benedict’s idea, who was grateful to recieve gifts from his fans, but thought it was better for us to help those who are less fortunate than him (or than ourselves, for that matter).

And then there was Cumberbatchweb​’s annual campaign. Benedict had selected three refugees charities to which the fandom could donate in honor
of his birthday. (I must say I’m still gutted I couldn’t donate, which I wanted to do since last year, because my credit card was rejected for some reason, and PayPal.me isn’t in Brazil yet, but that’s not the point.) Things were doing really great, when an anonymous kind soul donated £ 11,000 to the campaign and until this moment it has collected over £ 22,000. How amazing is that? Each charity will recieve a little over £ 7,000 from the fandom.

What about the birthday boy himself? Benedict finished filming at 4:30am, but he had a room decorated for him, cupcakes and fireworks at night. And that’s only what we got to know, and I can only imagine the amount of love he recieved from his friends, co-workers, from his family.

It’s safe to say Benedict had a lovely day. But, then again, so did I. Never have I had so much fun on somebody else’s birthday, not even on my own birthdat. Yesterday was a normal day at work, but everytime I checked my Twitter I saw people sharing all their love for Benedict, and that was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before.

Of course every fandom, wonderful as it may be, has its dark corners, and it was so unsurprising to see they were so bitter about the birthday of the man the claim to support… As you may know, Leslie Jones, Patty Tolan from the new Ghostbusters (amazing movie BTW, go watch it!) has left Twitter because of the amount of hate and offence she was getting lately, and she posted a series of tweets to illustrate her feelings, including this one:

“You have to hate yourself to put out that type of hate. I mean on my worst day I can’t think of this type of hate to put out.”

That’s just it. How much does one have to hate themselves to say such horrible things? On Benedict’s birthday, the nicest guy to talk in this world, who did nothing to deserve that, but lead his life as he see fit? The could have done an act of kindness, made someone smile, Benedict’s fans did yesterday. And look how they wasted their time…

What I mean is, yesterday was a special day to me because it made me realized not only how loved and cherished Benedict Cumberbatch is, but what an amazing and loving fanbase he has. I hope he knows it, but I suspect he does already. I do know now, and I feel proud and happy to be part of this.

I’d like to finish this long post by saying, I love Benedict Cumberbatch. E now, more than ever, I love the Cumbercollective. Thank you for the lovely July 19th you all gave me.