i had it unfinished since forever

after dark adventures

genre: boyfriend!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 4,075 words

author’s note: it’s not a jeff fic without some nasty, so feel free to skip ‘3:51am’ if you wish to do so 

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opening line: “What is sleep when we can be doing so much more once the clock’s hand strikes past twelve?”

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I didn’t.. .. only draw one quirk zine picture.. in fact i also had lineart + light study for this second image done. I really went overboard hhaha… I drew this in case the zine was looking for less cartoony pictures. Just slapped some shading on it just now an added some dual-colours real quick since I didn’t get accepted, and I don’t want it lying around unfinished forever. Again, congrats to those who got in and good luck! <3

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zenyatta, soldier 76, and hanzo are haunted by a spirit, who communicates with them and sort of cares for them and maybe even protect them out of goodwill. and as times goes on, feelings develop!

Let me see what I can throw together…

Unfinished business tied you to the Earth. You didn’t know what that business was nor why you had to complete it, especially since you had been dead for so long. Your body was withered away and you had no idea where it was buried. You were bound to the house forever, and there were many who showed up at the doorstep.

You liked that ones that came and went.

Soldier: 76 was the one that perplexed you more than others. There was something about him you did not understand, primarily the fact that he could see you without any trouble. It told you that he’d had a very close brush with death, because the only ones that could see you aside from children and animals were those who had come close to dying themselves. But he was not unkind. You did your best to ensure he slept when he needed to and keeping him hidden from anyone that sought him out. The old house you were stuck within was the one thing you had total control over, after being dead for so long. You could hide it easily, and you knew the old soldier appreciated it. You did not expect to grow so attached to him, nor did you expect it to hurt so deeply the day he stepped from within your home and never returned.

Zenyatta was an… odd thing to you. He looked human, sort of, but you knew he was not. He did not have a heart that beat (not that you did either) but you knew he had some form of spirit, for he could sense you and interact with you even if he could not see you. Zenyatta often times meditated, and when he was not doing that he was helping you around the house as well as he could. He understood that since this was your home and your domain, he was only a guest in it and it was not his place to cause any messes. You liked having Zenyatta around while he was there. He was a kind robotic monk and he did not mean you any harm. You had hoped he could stay for much longer than he actually could. When he was gone forever, the house fell into such a mess.

Hanzo wasn’t immediately the kindest. He tried to remove you from the home, thinking you evil! But he had learned quickly that you only wanted to help him in any ways you could. You did not mean him harm and you think that’s what Hanzo liked the most about you. You could never understand his past or what he did, but you tried and it was all he could ask for. An ear, though the one of a ghost, to listen to his plight was something valuable. Though you’re sure Hanzo only told you because you could not leave and tell anyone else. He wasn’t your favourite being by far but you had really liked having him around. When he smiled, it was nice. You knew it would be a long time before you saw anyone else again when he left you, and it left you feeling such sad sorrow.

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

Because today, August 21st was declared by someone on the internet to be Fanfiction Author appreciation day I decided to put together a list of my all time favorite fanfictions. Lots of pairings, cos I’ve been around the block for over 10 years so I have quite a bit of ‘em lying around


Solid Gold by MistressPenelopye. Rarepair Shinji x Nnoitra. This is part of some huge series of hers, but I honestly only like this one because the others focus too much on GrimmIchi and that’s way too far from my funk. But it speaks volumes of how good this one is that I went through it and loved it even with all the GrimmIchi. NSFW content. 32 chapters


Red Duty, Black Honor by Obsidian Jade. A slow burn masterpiece with a lot of beautiful character development. Must read, absolute must read for any fan of this beautiful pair. 25 chapters.


Lessons in Love by Dior Crystal: High School AU.  18 chapters. Dior is one of my favorite fanfic writers of all time who sadly stopped writing a few years ago and left many amazing stories unfinished, but the one she did finish are quite amazing. This one has the perfect amount of teenage angst, fluff, slow build romance and drama, exactly my cup of tea, and maybe yours too

Our Greastest Secret by FenName: Another amazing author that stopped writing and left many unfinished stories, but who still deserves all the appreciation nonetheless. This one is 9 chapters long and is set in universe, it’s very angsty and the ending is not happy, but it’s still beautiful and full of emotion, and hurts all the right ways.

Hate Consumes You by caramine. Dark, angsty one-shot full of intense, raw passion. NSFW.

Lost and Found by Amaratta. In my opinion, one of the best writers in the Bleach fandom. She has many amazing stories, but this long one-shot is the one that destroyed me and built me anew and a must read if you love these two.

Fall From Grace by Scarecrowwrawr. Although it’s not marked as complete, it reaches a satisfying and very cute conclusion after a painful angsty ride. It was the first GrimmUlqui fic I read and the one that got me obsessed with this pairing. 10 Chapters.


Simply Touching by Dayaine. RinHaru. This one’s actually unfinished and hasn’t updated since forever, but it’s still very cute, playful and sweet and worth reading even if we probably will never see it end. NSFW-ish



Let’s  just get Conquering the Great King by SuggestiveScribe out of our way, everyone in this fandom had read it, been destroyed by it and loved it. If you haven’t what are you even waiting for. NSFW

Another one everyone and their mother has read and loved and been destroyed by is to be first, to be best by kittebasu, and it’s the best kind of pining pain one could ever hope for.

How About Now? by idontknowwhatisthiseven. Also part of a series with Yoga Instructor!Oikawa. I love the entire series, but this one has a special place in my heart , it’s so damned beautiful

You Showed up with Perfect Timing by noelre. Personal trainer Iwa-chan and thirsty Oikawa. NSFW-ish. One Shot, very hot, very light and very fun.

Hikaru no Go

We Play in Black and White, but I see in Infrarred by hostilecrayon. AkiHika. One-shot NSFW, awkward horny teenager Akira.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn for some reason I can’t find any of my fave 8059 and D18 stories why aren’t they in my faves why did i do this to myself

Kuroko no Basket


Don’t expect me back this evening by noelre. On-going. Single father + prostitute!Takao. NSFW, with a lot of cuteness via Takao’s precious child and a delicious slow burn

That for Which you do not Yearn by Lys ap Adin. NSFW, 11 chapters. Another Prostitute!Takao AU. Very sweet, romantic and sensual with just the right amount of pain.

First Names by Atsueshi. Short, cute, funny and nsfw-ish one-shot.


drop by Pessimistic Prose. This is part of this writer’s NSFW Aokise challenge collection, but this is my favorite one because it’s really sweet and full of love.

Kise’s Song by aomeanie. Although this one’s not complete and the author hasn’t updated in a while, it’s a very beautiful and romantic story with Singer!Kise and deaf Aomine and they’re just perfect. Crossing my fingers that we’ll see more of this one soon.


The Sun and the Mole Rat by TCon. Long two-shot with an interesting and very passionate dynamic between Furihara and Akashi’s two personalities.

The Lion’s Keeper by MeLoNnAiSe. On-going in which Furihata is Akashi’s sitter in his childhood and Akashi becomes deeply attached to him upon becoming an adult. The first parts are beautifully sweet and the burn is slooow.

Triple Metre by secrettemplars. Addams Family!AU one-shot with all the zany that entails, love at first sight and Furi wearing a beautiful dress. Cute beyond words.

Saint Seiya

Walking Away by Scarlet.D. Ikki x Hyoga, one-shot. This one’s actually in Spanish, I’m sorry, but it’s the fic that got me into writing BL fanficion, and it’s a very quiet and raw character piece. If you know the language, don’t hesitate to check itout.

Sengoku Basara

Tamura by The Dream Whisperer. KoMasa (Kojuurou x Masamune). One-shot, NSFW. If there is ONE fanfic that I’ve read over a hundred times, it’s got to be this one. Partly because it’s a rare pair and there aren’t many stories about them, but also because it’s so beautifully written and it weaves the anime characters into the historical figures seamlessly. It’s perfection. I honestly reread it like once a month.

Yowamushi Pedal

Le Tour de la Confusion by Malva Puce. TouMaki and ShinAra. There’s also the on-going ShinAra sequel Tourgelion. Totally worth the long read, very funny, heartfelt, and with amazing descriptions of French landscapes


Romain Rolland believed, ‘It is the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun fails.’ Jean–François Millet remained true to this ideal in his unique ways all through his life. The Barbizon School of art came into existence holding his hands. The pastoral scenes he painted encapsulated the ‘true humanity and great poetry’ of those toiling hard in the fields under the naked sun for hours. But perhaps his greatest achievement lied in kindling the flames of inspiration in the hearts of generations of artists following him, including that of Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dalí.

Jean–François Millet (October 4, 1814 – January 20, 1875) was born in a relatively well off peasant family in Gruchy, Normandy. Since an early age, he had started picking up the nuances of art. Poussin’s evocative paintings influenced him greatly. He later recalled, ‘I could look at Poussin’s pictures forever and ever and always learn something.’

Millet had to wait for a considerable period of time before he could earn critical acclaim through his art. Exhibition of his painting Harvesters Resting in the Salon in 1853 proved to be a turning point. His final years were marked by success. But some of his most important commissions remained unfinished due to his worsening health condition and eventual death. His art could best be defined using his own words:

I want to put strongly and completely all that is necessary, for things weakly said might as well not be said at all.

my amazing edit !!!

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Anyways, I’ve had this blog for close to three years now but it wasn’t active until last year when I got into kpop. I’ve gained a lot and wow I still can’t believe it. Thank you everyone who made this past year great and all the friends I’ve made on here ilysm~… Since this is my first follow forever, idk what else I’m supposed to say besides thank you !! without further ado, here is my messy attempt at a follow forever. woo ! I am probably forgetting several blogs (sorry), but I included my blogroll!! thank you again and ily~

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Zayn Malik Reveals the Story Behind His Fifty Shades Collaboration with Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift‘s new single “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” off of the new Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack quickly shot to number one after its release, and now the “Pillowtalk” singer is opening up about how the collaboration came to be.

“We were kind of in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her. I spoke to her on the phone and she heard the song because Jack [Antonoff] had played it to her,” the singer, 23, said Tuesday on the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. “So she really liked it and she went in the studio the next day.”

Swift — who is close friends with both Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid and the movie franchise’s leading lady Dakota Johnson — “was cool with it” after Malik asked her to collaborate on the track, which was written by Swift, Sam Dew and Antonoff (who also produced it).

“The interesting thing was she’s actually friends with Gi, so she already reached out because Jack had just played her the song anyway, just because we’d done it together and she really liked it,” says Malik.

Indeed, a source close to the superstars tells PEOPLE Swift, 27, was completely on board with the idea.

“Taylor heard an unfinished version of ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ and was immediately inspired to go into the studio, finish writing the song and lend her vocals to the track,” says the source.

It’s been more than two years since Swift released her record-shattering 1989 album in October 2014. On Tuesday (Swift’s 27th birthday), AT&T released new content on Taylor Swift NOW, a new video experience created by the company and Swift as part of her exclusive multi-year deal with AT&T.

-People (x)

anonymous asked:

Hiii (: I was wondering if you could make an imagine with Luke where he realizes you’re “the one” ya know

hello anon! I most certainly can, I hope you like it! sorry for the long wait but I got some kind of writer`s blog so I couldn`t get myself to doing it earlier…

I know I said I was on a hiatus and I still am BUT my mum uses to say that you shouldn`t start a new year with leftover unfinished tasks so here I am, finally finishing the two requests that have been sitting in my inbox since forever. hope you enjoy! feedback is highly appreciated xx

To say Luke was fond of you would have been a massive understatement. The boy was completely and utterly in love with you. To say the feelings were mutual would have been a little too reserved – you loved him with all your heart, head over heels and no strings attached.

You two had been a couple for about one and a half years now, been through a lot together and while the love you shared didn`t fade, it had only grown over time, Luke had never quite thought about REALLY permanently settling down with you, marriage and house and all to be honest. Not that he couldn`t have imagined it, god you were the woman of his life, but he just hadn`t really bothered to think this far yet. You were there, you were with him and you loved him – that was all he really wanted and needed and all he was happy with.

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I had this lying around forever and was gonna scrap it but i actually finished it. I had this unfinished since before free! eternal summer ended I think… (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ 


Anyway! In my mind Makoto and Haru would be the type of boyfriends/husbands to spoil the shit out of each other. Although Makoto is more obvious while Haru does it in more of low key way. Here Haru was supposed to be at training camp or something and so Makoto sent him some flowers and Iwotobi-chan of course to remind Haru that he misses him and is supporting him from home.

Why do people have such a problem with Westallen? I don’t get it. They’ve been best friends forever and Barry has loved her since forever. They haven’t had that romantic relationship yet, so it’s not a “preset couple.” People keep comparing to Laurel and Oliver but that’s different.

I like Caitlin and maybe she’ll take solace with Barry and develop a crush. But that’s as far as I see it going. I don’t think he feels the same way. I feel like his heart will always be with Iris even if he tries to mask it up with Linda. I see there being unfinished residual love between Caitlin and Ronnie = Snowstorm. Her fiancé is back for God’s sake she can’t just turn away from that..:no matter how painful. Then there’s Cisco. Why not? He’s so amazing, and cares a great deal for her. Yes I like the chemistry between Caitlin and Barry but I see it as a beautiful brotp. I just do. From the moment he woke up. It’s like saying that Buffy and Xander should get together on BTVS even though they never did and Xander had a crush on her in season 1. I almost see either Caitlin being with Ronnie or Cisco in the long run. Almost like a Chandler and Monica situation. Not going to lie, that’s what it reminds me of.

As far as Westallen, I believe it’s endgame. Yes trials in between…and other lovers, but their history is so beautiful. And it’s finally Iris’ turn to see Barry in a new light. Even though they kiss, I see there being more challenges along the way. It won’t be rainbows and butterflies for a while. And there’s something beautiful in that. It’s the journey. But I think Westallen will be a main theme in the series…they built it up too be too beautiful to be nothing. She won’t stay with Eddie. Did you see her face in 1x09 when she told Barry she was moving in with Eddie and Barry denied having feelings for her (even tho he later admitted he was lying)? Her face looked SO DISAPPOINTED. And that was before he told her how he felt. He thinks she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings, but I know she does. Things have been off ever since and she actually looked pained and jealous when he walked off with Linda.

Plus, don’t even get me started on Iris and they Flash. I think she does feel something for him and I totally see her figuring out its Barry all on her own. Maybe that’ll be a way she can express her feelings for Barry…through the flash. But their connection is so strong. And she’s a reporter. She’ll get it.

Like Barry/The Flash said: “What other girls?”

Iris is the first in his heart and always will be.

This is just the beginning.