i had it on a camera stand and set the timer and took it

RFA React to MC looking at Them like They’re the Entire Universe and More in a Photo

ok so this sounds like a dumb scenario but i just took a picture with a few friends of mine a couple hours ago and in the picture i’m looking at my boyfriend while laughing and it looks like i’m in love with him (which i am) and also like he’s my entire world and more so i wanted to make this a scenario of sorts idk man

if you all like this enough i could do v + saeran and possibly vanderwood but it really depends haha. that’s all for now please enjoy!

-y'all went to a fishing trip with the RFA that saeyoung suggested as a way to get ‘closer’
-yoosung was really excited because he got to spend time with some of his favorite people ever as well as you!!! what else in the entire world could he have wanted more than that??
-so you two packed up what little essentials for fishing you had and headed out for the day
-when you finally got there most of the time was spent trying to explain to jumin that no, he couldn’t pay someone else to do this for him and then at other times helping calm down zen after a fish came too close to his 'precious’ face
-even though there were moments where jaehee looked like she was about to kill saeyoung for throwing a fish into her lap it was a fun time
-to commemorate the day together y'all decided to take a picture together with your phone
-while saeyoung was focusing the camera yoosung said something funny that made you burst out in a small fit of giggles while staring at him
-before you could even prepare the picture was taken and you felt yourself grow embarrassed at the outcome
-everyone was smiling and doing cute lil hand poses but you
-you were definitely smiling but you weren’t looking at the camera, instead you were staring at yoosung with this sparkle in your eye that caused a deep red to cover your face
-“the way she looks at him, it’s almost as if though he’s her entire world and more.” jaehee said while hiding a small smile
-“get you a girl that looks at you like MC looks at yoosung.” saeyoung said while choking back a small laugh
-“wow! look at mc you guys, looking at yoosung like she’s in love with him!” zen continued on with a small smile
-“maybe she looks at him like that because they are in love??”
jumin said in a confused tone, obviously not catching onto the jokes
-a few of the members groaned at jumin’s obliviousness as they looked over at yoosung who was smiling at the picture on your phone fondly
-you peeked at his face while trying to calm the violent blush painting your features
-“it’s funny you’re looking at me like i’m the universe and more, when you’re even more than that to me.”
-cue everyone literally blushing and internally dying at how precious their youngest RFA member still is
-yoosung now keeps that photo framed in his office, even after years of taking it, just so he can be able to see your precious face looking at only him like that

-aight so this man loves taking selfies
-it didn’t take you that long to figure that out
-at every moment of every day you were together he would come up to take 'unexpected’ pics of you
-but he was a fool! after a week of surprise selfies you got used to it, and could now strike a cute pose to match zen’s beauty in every picture
-one day y'all were just having a normal rehearsal dinner with his cast when zen (who else would it have been??) declared they should take a group picture that he could post on social media to hype up the release of the musical
-so everybody agreed and begin to come close together to take the picture
-zen unexpectedly put his arm around you and said something along the lines of “smile, my beautiful princess”
-so ofc you were all smiley and blushy while looking over at him
-before you even had time to snap back to reality the flash went off and the picture was taken
-everybody was passing around zen’s phone looking at the picture making vague offhand comments about 'the look in mc’s eyes’ when it finally got to you and zen
-zen stared at it for a second, a wide smile pulling at his features before he looked over at you with a small blush painting his cheeks
-“what??” you finally said
-“look at the way you’re looking at me babe.”
-he handed you his phone and you looked over at yourself
-your eyes were all glazed over because of the flash and a warm smile was on your face all while you stared at a gorgeous zen smiling at the camera looking like the most beautiful man in the world
-“ah, true love.” a co-star commented
-you were beyond embarrassed!! the way you were looking at zen was so precious and whimsical and god it was just so embarrassing
-“do you really love me so much that you look at me like i’m the entire night sky babe??? aahhh that’s so sweet of you. it makes the beast inside of me awaken just a tad-”
-he has the pic as his profile picture on all his social media accounts, each one zoomed in onto your face and eyes, staring lovingly at his gorgeous face

-you guys rarely took pictures together since y'all were so busy with the cafe all the time
-but today was a special day!!
-it was the one year anniversary of the cafe opening and you saw it necessary to take a picture to commemorate such a big milestone
-jaehee was a little hesitant but agreed on the terms that some would be professional and others would be silly
-so y'all set up a camera on a stand and put it on a timer and started taking a bunch of silly pics together, some of them being professional
-you didn’t realize even realize it but at one point all you were doing was laughing at jaehee trying to push all her hair out of her face
-when the little photo shoot of sorts ended y'all went into your shared apartment and started looking over them together
-the first few were cute, just mundane peace signs and sweet smiles
-then at one point jaehee’s bangs went in front of her face and you looked like you were dying of laughter
-towards the end of the of the pictures there was one particular one that jaehee looked at for a long time
-it was one where she was laughing while tucking her hair back into place and you were smiling fondly while looking at her with such a loving gaze
-she blushed and said nothing and just continued on to look through them, commenting now and again just how silly some of them were
-the picture was never brought up again but a few weeks later you found out jaehee had not only put it up as her profile picture in the chat room but also printed a copy and stuck it neatly on your bedside table
-you didn’t say anything about it but every time you saw it you were embarrassed but also a little glad to know that it was clear to see just how much you loved her

-the only pictures that are ever released the public of you two are serious ones or ones of you both looking absolutely gorgeous while getting off your private jet or coming home from the airport
-but there have been dOZENS of pictures of you that jumin has always kept hidden from the world and all of his friends
-pictures only he could ever see.
-these pictures were usually taken during silly photo shoots, a small thing you both did every month
-you let him try to take pictures of you just smiling and he struggles but he’s trying his best to capture your cute lil poses stop teasing him!!
-most of the time you’re the one taking pictures of him struggling to do a peace sign but other times you take pictures of you both doing cute poses or kissing one another
-one time v offered to take pictures as a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and you both agreed because v was a close friend and jumin wanted a chance to see his beautiful partner in wedding attire again
-so you two began doing the photo shoot with serious and sweet poses
-one photo was of jumin tipping your chin up to meet his gaze
-another was of him wrapping his arms around your waist and laying his head on your shoulder and there were dozens of others alike to those two
-but then in some you both were making stupid faces to each other and then finally, in the last one jumin said something that made your heart curl
-“i love you with all my heart mc, i wish i could marry you over and over and over again, just so i could see your precious face smiling at me while i slipped the ring onto your finger. is that selfish of me? i hope you feel the same, my love. let us spend the rest of our lives together, a life that will hopefully be filled with all your silly jokes and faces. things i fell in love with just as much as i fell in love with you. happy anniversary darling, i love you.”
-you were on the verge of tears and had no words to even explain what you were feeling but you just let out a small chuckle while staring lovingly at him while he looked over at the camera
-next thing you know the flash went off and you were now going over all the pictures together with jumin
-all of them were absolutely gorgeous (what else did you expect of v mc??) but your favorite had to be the one where you were sticking your tongue out at jumin and he was doing the same to you
-his favorite was the very last one
-one where you were looking at him with so much love in your eyes he could practically feel it radiating off the camera
-though you were embarrassed you were really happy
-he soon after put the picture everywhere he could
-in his office, in your office, in your bedroom, in a giant portrait right above the sofa
-though it was embarrassing it made you happy so it was alright

-he has like a thousand and one pics of you on his phone but little to none of you both
-all the pictures he has of you range from you in sexy lingerie to a bad angle of you sneezing while brushing your teeth
-he loves all of them just the same though
-one day he wanted to do a cosplay photo shoot with you which you agreed to since most of the time it was fun teasing each other back and forth about just how short your maid skirts were
-so he set up a camera you didn’t even know existed and immediately started posing all cute and such
-you tried to follow his lead but fell behind after a while and just stood back basking in all of his cute and over the top poses
-at one point all you were doing was laughing while he made the most ridiculous 'sultry’ faces he could at the camera
-when it was over you two stayed in your costumes and went over the pictures
-you couldn’t stop laughing at all his silliness and he couldn’t stop laughing because you were laughing!!
-it took forever because of your constant giggles and chuckles but you both made it through all of the photos
-you caught what was just a glimpse of one more photo which was just of you smiling at saeyoung while he side eyed you, a smile of his own pulling at his soft features
-you felt your heart leap in your throats as he wrapped his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead
-“thank you, mc. i’m really happy.” was all he said as he pulled you closer towards his torso
-you hugged him back and you both stayed there for a while, just embracing one another silently
-a few weeks later you came into your shared bedroom casually, almost missing the giant portrait of you two that was covering up an entire wall
-“yeeesss honey??”
-“why, why is there an entire wall covered in a picture of me staring at you.”
-“because the way you were looking at me was just so cute i couldn’t just let the opportunity of your cute smiling face pass by so easily!! look at you!! look at me!! look at our outfits! this is the best picture we’ve ever taken together.”
-“oh. saeyoung?”
-“i hate that you are the love of my life so much.”

Auston Matthews #7

Anonymous said:I have an Auston request if you’re willing to take it!! Auston is known for his playboy ways and he meets a girl via mutual friends, they hook up but keep talking after and he realizes that he actually really likes her but she’s hesitant cause of his reputation. (It doesn’t have to be smut cause of the hook up, you could probably start after they hook up you wanted)

Anonymous said:Auston Matthews imagine where the reader won’t date him bc of his reputation but he gets drunk and she sees a different side of him??

A/N: oh how i love being able to get two requests done in one imagine :)) also i 100% got inspired by @jveseys auston imagine that i had recently reblogged, so you can thank her for getting my ass in gear and actually writing an auston imagine lol

Word Count: 2,759

Originally posted by tysbarrie

“Are you really going to sit here and pretend you didn’t sleep with that hot piece of ass?” Your friend joked in a low voice. It took everything inside of you to not turn and smack her hard on the arm for her comment. Instead you settled for rolling your eyes and taking a sip through the straw of your vodka drink.

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NiNoir Week, Day 2: Social Media

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to the organizers of this event: @grubsnuggle , @miiraculous-texts , @alya-bug , and @hchano !! Please send them all the love for doing the prompts and junk!!

Summary: Nino receives SnapCats (SnapChats) From Chat Noir. 

When Nino first got a snapchat from ‘Chat Noir’. It was two in the morning.

He was curled over his computer, mixing beats when his phone buzzed. Nino, who wasn’t much for social media and didn’t really get snapchats was rather shocked.

Chat Noir had no reputation as a social media aficionado, either. Ladybug had accounts across the board, updating them appropriately with akuma updates and charity plugs, but Chat Noir had been silent. Hell, he had been adamant that he ran no social media accounts in and out of his suit.

In retrospect, Nino should’ve known that the cat boy was lying.

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Creepypasta #1058: I Always Work The Closing Shift At Pizza Hut By Myself. Last Night, Someone Found Out I Was Alone.

Length: Super long

For the past eleven months I have been the restaurant’s main closer, my shifts never change from 4-11, or 4-12 on Fridays and Saturdays. Since I live in such a small town, my Pizza Hut only deals with takeout and delivery orders. There’s no dine in area at all except a couple bar tables and stools by the main entrance for people to wait for their order. The front lobby is tiny and the kitchen is no exception. The entire back area is pretty much one big room, with a little area in the back that doubles as the prep area and office. There is no break room or employee bathroom. We do have one bathroom at the front for customers, right next to the pop cooler by the entrance to the kitchen.

Now that you know a little about how the restaurant looks and runs, I’ll move onto why it isn’t a good place to work at the best of times. 

First off, I’m one of the only five people that work there. My boss and two of my other employees are contract workers from India, so English isn’t their first language. They never talk in English when it’s just me and them, so I’m always a little out of the loop. My other coworker works only part time since she’s still in high school. So with her there only a few hours a week, I spend a majority of my time working without talking too much to my other coworkers. It can get pretty lonely.

Now a little about me. I just turned twenty, I’m a smaller female and I live about ten minutes away from work. That’s ten minutes walking one way; I don’t have my license or a car. This typically doesn’t bother me, but it does get kind of scary when I’m walking home in the dark after midnight. Thankfully the walk to my house is in a pretty good part of town - I’ve yet to run into any real issues.

Other than the language barrier between me and most of my coworkers, the only real problem comes from the night shifts. Since one person is fully capable of doing all the closing duties, I am left there by myself from 8pm onwards. The real problem with being alone on closing shifts explains it within this very sentence. I’m there all alone. It can be kind of spooky sometimes, if there’s someone weird that comes in. Anyone could rob me or hurt me and there would be no one there to help. I’ve talked to my boss about my concerns, but he always dismisses me saying “I’m a phone call away if you need help. We should not have to pay a second person to do your job.” Jerk.

Last night, I worked my usual close. Since it was Sunday I only had to stay until 11, but it felt like I was there for hours more. Last night my fears of what would happen when I was alone came true. My shift went normally for half the day. By the time 8:00 rolled around I had said goodbye to my morning crew and had already started on the closing checklist.

Weird stuff started happening around 9:30. I was making dough in the back, taking my time with it since there was not much else to do. I heard the beep-beep of the doorbell, and automatically I spun around, looking up at the TV displaying real-time footage of the front lobby. I stared at it for a few seconds, confused. The front was empty, And I could not see anyone out the windows outside. 

Convinced I had imagined it, I carried on with my dough. I greased and oiled five more pans, finishing the stack. I stacked them on top of each other and picked them up, turning around to check the camera again before I carried the dough into the walk-in cooler. My heart leaped painfully in my chest and I fumbled with the stack, nearly dropping them all on the floor. A man was standing in the lobby, peering into the kitchen.

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Authors note ~ Happy valentine’s day! If you celebrate it. Hope you enjoy this. It’s my first ever one-shot for valentine’s day so I’m proud of it. Hopefully someone like this. Thanks for reading! This is my submission for Love is @loveinpanem.
To pluck a heart’s rose.

•~• •~•

The red foil shines as the light from the fireplace reflects onto it. The fake rose lays at the bottom of the handcrafted frame housing the faded photo taken the day they met, exactly four years ago. Katniss was sleeping in the children’s area of the library after reading the books of her childhood - the ones her dad had read to her mum whilst she was pregnant with her. She’d been volunteering at the local nursery and in her rush to leave she’d forgotten her library card, by the time she returned they’d closed for the day. Restless and desperate for some comfort she’d sat down to read but the sun shining through the blinds only aiding in lulling her to sleep.

Next thing she saw was the comically wide eyes of a young 12 year old boy trying to crawl away from her. It took two years until he confessed about the photo. Apparently, he’d seen the small girl and assumed she was taking a nap, after all, didn’t all sane teenagers do that? The boy - Peeta as she’d come to learn - was even more shy than she was, with dirty blonde hair that would block his sight and shirts with sleeves stretched out over his hands. He’d heard of valentine’s day but in a house full of boys and with few friends he’d yet to actually prove that he could connect with a girl. Until he saw her. Quickly he had dusted off his father’s camera, set the timer for ten seconds and crawled over to her. Katniss imagined he was poking his tongue out throughout the process as he had attempted to be sneaky and lift the sleeping girl’s head so it was resting on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he said, that he was acting too bold for his age and attempted to kiss her. He succeeded, giving her a peck on the nose as the second flash went off, except as he moved away.

Well she sneezed.

‘I thought you were allergic to me’ he’d told her shyly at the end of his story. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

That’s why the valentine’s gift made her want to cry. Four years later and he’d got her a half fake, half chocolate rose. Who would want that? She wouldn’t have minded previously but they’d been together for a year now. He was her boyfriend.

They were grown up.

They progressed in their relationship.

Oh yes, they were past nose kisses - although they were still ongoing.

They’d moved onto eye contact.

So a chocolate rose? Well Katniss wasn’t a romantic or anything, and personally she thought that valentine’s day was pointless, but surely he could have put a bit more effort into choosing her a gift. I mean she’d prepared his surprise gift for a week and all their pets came round to watch as they painted their favourite designs on each other, or at least he did as she gave him the supplies and made up stories for each image.

Not to mention he had to live up to her parents standards who viewed love as sacrificing anything for a small smile.

It hurt. It hurt a lot.

Cause Katniss cared for him, however unintentional. Sometimes it seemed she was the only one.

She picked it up as the door behind her creaked open. He’s slow, heavy footsteps showed he was hesitant. Damn well should be. She sniffed.

“Did, did you like it?” he stuttered as she turned to look at him. His hair hung over his glasses obscuring his vision just like it had years before. The dark green frames where her favourite colour and likewise the reading glasses she wore were his - a gentle orange.

“Yeah” she whispered watching as he bit his lip and tugged the sleeves of his T-shirt over his hands. “It’s” she searched for a word that he’d take as a compliment “sweet”.

“Well it is chocolate”.

She hummed and swayed slightly as they stood opposite each other, neither moving. From a look he could sense that she wasn’t pleased with his gift.

“But I… you like food” he says scratching his head as a blush spreads on his cheeks. “I mean that’s what you said”.

“I did” she murmured trying to dismiss the feeling of sadness that his gift caused. “But it’s not cheese buns” she replies, grateful that she found an excuse.

Peeta clears throat and uses his sleeve covered hand to wipe at his glasses, a nervous tic she’s noticed. “I can make you some if you like. Its past eight but I’ll stay up past my bedtime and run to the bakery if you-”.

“No” she interrupts pausing as she remembers the curfew his mother made him follow since he was born. If he ran home and got caught then he’d probably end up with a beating from the woman, though for some reason she doubts he wouldn’t do it for her. He was odd like that. “It’s okay”.

He gestures to the gift as his voice cracks during his attempt at a romantic speech, “You rose above all other girls and stole my well you know…” he blushes and evades my eyes “my heart and my… I shouldn’t finish that sentence. I’m not old enough to. So um could you be my valentine?”.

She replied with her a small smile and a pun of her own. “Rye wouldn’t I?”.

Katniss lifts up the rose with a smile. “I guess I’ll go um, eat this. Thanks”.

He huffs, the breath blowing his curls up before they lazily drift back down. “Can I just. Do you mind if I…”.

“What?” he shuffles over at the sight of her furrowed eyebrows and pecks her cheek, his thumb brushing against it as she blushes as though trying to wipe it away. Ease her discomfort. She blushed harder.

•~• •~• •~• •~•

She stumbles down the stairs as she recalls what happened prior to the nap Peeta took with her. She remembered crying after she’d ate the rose and was left with a plastic stem. She’d wasted his gift and was too embarrassed to admit that she’d have preferred a real flower even if it would’ve died a day later. It seemed only she would make the sacrifices in their relationship.

Yet soon as he saw her bloodshot eyes peeta dragged her into the kitchen and melted down some chocolate so that he could make her some more roses in an attempt to cheer her up. Katniss argued that valentine’s day was over at 12:01 but Peeta explained that the time zones were different in every district so technically they had at least four hours left of valentine’s day. That made her smile. She still didn’t think he deserved her. But he’d do anything for a small smile. He was odd like that. So very odd.

Whilst it was melting on the stove he showed her how to pipe flowers and imprint a design into ingredients like flour which consequently ended with her giggling and Peeta standing in the room blushing despite being covered in flour.

As they settled into the last hour, they had drawn their name and the date into the chocolate before placing it in the freezer to act like a little fossil that they could eat in the morning.

They had then sat on the floor and he wrapped his arms around her with a promise to spend their next valentine’s day at the beach. How she got to her room she doesn’t know but that doesn’t mean she regrets it.

Katniss strolled over to the fridge and pulled out some of the chocolate before she sat down and began to read the book logs of their savings. Her nose crinkled at the taste. The chocolate seemed different than the rose, which she resigned to the idea that however useless a gift it was it made her happy if only for a moment. The chocolate was still flavourful and would melt within seconds if she didn’t chew but it didn’t seem as rich. The rose must have been dark chocolate? But that must be artificial. No-one can afford real dark chocolate. Well unless they were from the Capitol which her and Peeta weren’t.

She flips open the log and scans through the records. Income from bakery, coins spent on trade. A violet coughing racked her body and she clung to the table, squeezing her eyes shut as she heard his footsteps thumping down the stairs. Forcing herself up she ran to the sink to get a drink of water, trying not to choke herself in the process.

A deduction. They were missing at least ¾ of their college funds, or at least Peeta’s. She knew he’d been saving. They both had. That money would have taken almost his whole life to earn. Did he give it away? Damn his mannerisms. “Peeta” she screamed slamming the empty cup down, her eyes darting around rapidly. Sixteen times two meant thirty years. He couldn’t wait thirty years to go to learn. “What the hell? Where’s the money? You son of-”. She jerks to a stop.

A labeled tag lays among their rubbish. Crumpled and torn she catches a glimpse of the words written.

“Peeta… what?” her voice trails off as she goes silent, stunned.

{Authentic Gourmet Chocolate, Hand Crafted.

Distribution - Capital.}

The familiar price lays scrawled at the bottom as she gapes at it with a small phrase.

{Love is sacrificing all for the smile of someone who sees you as no-one.}

She doesn’t deserve him. Oh no. Oh no. Her gaze collides with his as she blinks back tears.

He flattens his hair down. Straightens his glasses and with a shy smile, he shrugs. “Happy valentine’s katniss”.

1 HOUR {part 7 of WE GOT MARRIED}

Namjoon walked into your place as you rested your head back on the couch back. Your manager was texting you every two seconds wanting updates, your friends were all freaking out over how the series was getting picked up by the press, and every entertainment outlet was emailing for an official statement.

Stressed? Namjoon asked and you opened one eye. You had given him the code about 3 days into shooting because he was always leaving the apartment and knocking to come in. Now it just seemed natural for him to be around.

You have no idea. You sighed and tossed him your phone. He fumbled to catch it, but then began scrolling through the messages and laughed a little. It’s not funny, Namjoon. Aish, my head hurts. You put your hands over your eyes and Namjoon sat next to you on the couch.

Well now starts your hour of break. Let’s make something. He stood up and you lifted your head.

Make something? You asked in a concerned tone. Namjoon rolled his eyes.

I’m not going to burn your apartment down, so don’t give me that look! Also, taking your mind off things completely by doing something totally different, truly helps with your writer’s block. He stated matter-of-factly. Jin always makes me bake with him when I’m stressing over a new album. He shrugged and you laughed at the thought of Namjoon and Jin fighting over a mixing bowl in the kitchen with matching aprons. Standing up, you dusted off your ripped skinny jeans and threw your hair up.

Alright, I think I have some cake mixes in the cupboard. But I’m setting a timer. I do need to get back to writing in an hour. You took the kitchen timer from your counter and set it to an hour. And with that the two of you made your way into the kitchen.

The two of you were pretty quiet as you started to mix the contents of the bowl together. It was easy to sit in a comfortable silence, but Namjoon wanted to know more about you.

So, you moved to the city for university right? Namjoon asked and you nodded.

Yea, my parents were very persistent on me going away to school. But a huge part of me wanted to stay in my hometown. That’s the place I knew. I wasn’t a super adventurous kid, so I only had a small group of friends and they were all staying in the area. But my parents won the war. I guess I have them to thank for all of this though. You motioned to your apartment. They weren’t always incredibly supportive of my dream of being a writer, but they pushed me to think outside the box. I actually got a degree in business management. You muttered and Namjoon stopped stirring. It was rather unheard of for people to venture outside of their majors in their professionals. You said it so nonchalant, that Namjoon didn’t know if you realized just how amazing it was for you not to have been a creative writing major.

Business management?! He exclaimed and you shrugged.

My parents wanted me to do something “professional” You made air quotes as you said it. But I do manage a lot of my publications and stories. I have my manager for more of an organizational confidant. You said and Namjoon’s mouth hung open.

Seriously, you amaze me at every turn. I could never manage all of that. He mumbled and you rolled your eyes.

From what I saw yesterday with the guys, you do a pretty good job of managing those guys. You laughed and Namjoon chuckled.

They are a handful. He stated and you nodded.

A handful? Try a mouthful too. They almost ate through my bank account with that meal yesterday! You exclaimed and Namjoon couldn’t stop laughing. It was moments like this that Namjoon was getting more and more comfortable with. When the two of you were filming, he had to be careful of how he looked at you, how he talked, how he fidgeted his hands. He wanted to make this re-branding work, but it was just so easy to talk to you, that when the cameras weren’t around, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The two of you continued to banter back and forth about various topics until you asked Namjoon a simple question.

Why do you need to re-brand? I think you’re great the way you are. You said it so matter-of-factly that Namjoon felt a little ashamed.

Management wants me to start getting more fans. So I have to cater to a younger audience. He said and you looked at him. At this point, the cakes were in the oven and you were anxiously waiting to sink your teeth into them. Now you were a bit appalled.

So management tells you what to do and you just let them? You asked. It just seemed so strange to you, you rarely took orders and here was a guy that was perfectly fine the way he was and yet management was calling all the shots.

Oh, sorry that I don’t fall into your perfect idea of how I should act, but I like BigHit and I don’t need to piss them off. Namjoon spat a little more intensely then he had planned. But now that the floodgates were opened, he didn’t hold back. I want to stay on the public’s good side and if that means I have to kiss up to the camera then so be it. At least they will like me and they won’t see me like you. Once those words came out of his mouth, you moved back a little bit.

Like me? You’re saying they don’t like me? Your voice was small and a bit broken at the idea. You had always played it strong against critics, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt to hear.

Oh, they have a name for you in the industry, the witch. He spat. You looked at him up and down. This wasn’t the same Namjoon that you had confided in days ago or the one that walked you down the hill yesterday. This guy was a fan hungry piece of shit. You walked over to the door and opened it.

Just get out. You put your head down and you heard Namjoon huff as he grabbed his coat and left. Closing the door, you felt a tear slip out of your eye, the timer went off, it had been exactly one hour and writing was the last thing on your mind.

Namjoon walked home in an angry rage, but the further he got from your place, the more he thought about what he had said. It wasn’t that he was angry at you, it was that he was scared. He was always worried about how people thought of him and you were climbing the list of people he sought approval from most. Now he realized everything he had said and pulled out his phone. Calling his manager he mumbled.

Hey can we cancel filming tomorrow?

You sat on the floor, staring idly into your apartment. An email was received on your phone from the film crew. FILMING CANCELLED TOMORROW. You let out a large sigh and rested your head against the wall. You didn’t seem to care about the smell of burnt cake that now filled your apartment, you just didn’t want to get up. It was at that moment that an idea sprung into your head. Without even knowing it, Namjoon had completely fixed your writer’s block and given you inspiration for Jungkook’s series.  

Supercorp for Days

Note: This was my take on the International Kissing Day prompt-of-sorts that I saw across my dash today. 

Second Note: I know it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Supercorp is waking my muse from her coma, hopefully I will be writing more. 

Kara always made it a point to take her time on a gift, to be sure it was thoughtful, although practical was also okay, as long as it was something that reminded her of the person or would mean something to them. There was nothing like receiving a present that was picked out just for you, not some end-of-the-aisle promotion or next-to-the-checkout-counter last minute addition.

This holiday season, Lena was on the gift list, too. 

“You have to promise to follow it if you can,” Kara urged her, as she unwrapped the present.

It was a desk calendar. The box proclaimed “Daily Reasons to Celebrate!” and Lena promptly set it on her desk on the first of the year, expecting to see “New Year’s Day” as the obvious choice, but the text on January 1st revealed it was also “Bloody Mary Day.”

Lena chuckled and celebrated appropriately.

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Mini Fic!!

Not what I’d been planning to but here’s another mini fic. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


It’s a fan of his that sends him the video. Actually, most of his fanbase is talking about it and sending him the link non-stop.  

Yuri is still reeling from his last fashion show, sprawled quite wildly on the backseat of the first cab that would stop for a drunk model. His colleagues were still in the bar, singing their asses off in the karaoke.  

@yuripfan: omg @yuri-plisetsky check this out!! (laughing emojis) youtube.com/watch?v=…

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Fred Weasley x Reader: Family Photo

Originally posted by radcliffeandphelps

A/N: Everyone was wild for more Fred Weasley, so I had to deliver! <3

Warnings: Vomiting mention, pregnancy

Y/N had known for quite a while. She and Fred weren’t trying persay, but weren’t taking precautionary steps to protection either. The both of them had wanted a family and figured that whatever would happen would happen – and this was the surprise they had received. Y/N had a sneaking suspicion when her period was late, but it was confirmed when she had told Ginny to run to the shop to pick up a pregnancy test. Two little lines marked the assurance of the little one, and Y/N ran from the loo with tears of joy in her eyes, squeezing the daylights out of Ginny.

“That’s fantastic!” She said, laughing. “How are you gonna tell Fred?”

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“It’s over, Tyler.” pt. 2

(I was not expecting people to want a second part. thank you! If you want. I could make it into a series. I love writing angst lol. credit to the owner of the photo. She and her outfit inspired the second half of this part. credit to owner of the gif of Tyler.)

3 months have passed since you’ve dealt with the entire situation. Every Sports channel and news outlet replayed the video of you breaking up with Tyler. The video was retweeted  and talked about by almost everyone. In the midst of it all people may have forgotten that you’re a human that had to deal with your boyfriend’s very public affair and maybe constantly bringing it up wasn’t the best thing that they could do. It was still fresh on your heart and you haven’t even taken down all of the videos of you two on your instagram. You couldn’t stop the paps from following you and asking if you’d open to having an interview. You were not open to having any interviews about it. You were a journalist and more specifically a sports reporter. You wanted your career to be focused on sports and not on your cheating ex boyfriend. As you put the brush down you take a look at yourself in the mirror and nod knowing that you looked pretty good. After the split you’d taken all of your frustration out at the gym with Bianca and surprisingly Trent. He offered his full support after finding out what happened. You two had always been friends because of the amount of time you’ve spent journeying with British Strong Style.  But lately you two had grown closer and you would consider him a close friend.  You are taken completely out of your thoughts by the beeping from your phone. You had to admit that seeing Trent’s face across your screen made you feel a bit better about what was going on. You were working as an interviewer tonight for NXT and of course it was Pete vs Tyler and you’d be interviewing both of the wrestlers before the match.

“Hello love, I’ll be waiting for you outside whenever you’re ready.” he says through the phone and you smile for a moment.

“I’ll be there in 5. Thank you, Trent for being there for me.” you say before ending the call and quickly grabbing your clutch before making your way from the lift and out of the door to his car.

“Wow. You have seriously been hiding that behind your baggy gym gear. You look really nice” he says as he points to your outfit.

You blush slightly before rolling your eyes playfully and fanning your hand at him.

“Oh stop it. It’s just a crop top and a pencil skirt.” you say as you look down at yourself and do a little twirl . You had to admit the cherry red of your matching crop top and pencil skirt set made your skin tone pop and you spent extra time doing your makeup and hair. You wanted to look nice for yourself after 2 months of doing behind the scenes work in baggy gym clothes to avoid questioning and stares.

“You’re absolutely sickening.Save some of the hotness for the rest of us.” Trent teases as you get into the car.

The rest of the ride was spent with you two getting serious and talking about if you’d be okay with interviewing Tyler.

“I have to be because after all I’m just glad that they decided to trust me with a microphone again. This is my career and I have to find a way to move past this.” you say as he listens nodding along every now and then. You finally arrive to the venue and the first person to give you a gigantic hug is Bianca. You two spent a lot of time together when you could but schedules clashed sometimes and you haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks. Of course the obligatory selfies and videos were taken and even a quick livestream.

“Peter. I’ve missed you.” you say to him as he gives a small chuckle and a quick hug.

“I’m counting on you to win tonight.” you say and his laugh grows louder.

“Kicking ass is in blood and tonight this win is for you.” he says before patting your shoulder and walking away to get ready.

You’ve seen everyone but the only person you hadn’t seen yet was Tyler and speak of the devil. You could spot him from a mile away speed walking up the hallway to catch up to you as you turn quickly trying to avoid him. You are stopped by Jill one of the backstage workers and she tells you that it’s time for the pre-match interviews.

Tyler finds you by your interviewing station after you are hooked up to your microphone.

“Wait, you’ve avoided all of my texts and calls. Can we please just talk about what happened? I feel like a proper dickhead and I know that it doesn’t matter what I feel like after all of the things that I have done. But I just-” he’s cut off by you as you wave your hand at him.

“Please do not bring this mess into my work space again. I am lucky enough to be given a second chance by this company and I am not jeopardising that again. Secondly, I am not obligated to give you any of my time.” you say as you are given a 10 minute warning by Jill.

You nod and breathe in deeply not believing that this is actually happening right now. After 3 months of no contact with him you two are about hash it out 10 minutes before you’re supposed to give interviews.

“I know. I know that and I’m sorry. I am completely ashamed of what I’ve done. Please just hear me out” he begs and you shake your head as you cackle slightly.

“Make my fucking day, Tyler. Do you really think that I want to hear anything from you after being humiliated like that after I wasted 4 years of my life. Ashamed? You should’ve felt ashamed of the fact that you took the woman’s number. You should’ve felt ashamed when you left the club with another woman. You should’ve felt ashamed when you two started plotting to secretly meet up with each other. While I sat at home with the dogs waiting for you to come home. You should’ve felt ashamed when you brought her to the celebration of you winning the UK championship. She sat front row. Now is not the time to feel ashamed because you were caught. But, I’m good, Tyler. There’s absolutely nothing left for us to talk about but tonight’s match. So, smile for the camera and let me do my job.” you say to him as his mouth opens slightly in shock. You had always been so quiet and kind in your relationship and seeing you in this mode was new. You felt good about finally standing up for yourself and felt that it is the closure that you needed.

“Welcome NXT universe to the UK Championship rematch. I am here with the former UK champion, Tyler Bate. Tyler, can you tell us exactly what do you plan to do differently tonight to win back the championship?” you ask and ignore the ‘TYLER TYLER TWO-TIMER’ chants from some of the rowdy people in the crowd.

“I will go out there and give it my all as I’ve always done and that will just have to be enough.” he says simply before walking away.

You nod silently thanking all of the higher powers that the pre-match interview was short and simple.

You give your second interview to Pete before your eyes land on Trent later that night and he walks over to you before the camera’s start rolling again.

“Mr. Seven, you crushed it out there tonight. It seems that you’re making your way up the list. Any chance that we will see you going after the UK Championship any time soon?” you as you look at him smiling softly and he hugs you into his side talking animatedly.

“Well, first of all. You look incredible tonight. You do have the best gym partner in the world. Secondly, I think that Pete definitely has something to look out for because ⅔ of BSS has held that championship and I am just looking for my time in the sun.” he says before shaking your hand and leaving you standing there slightly giggling as he walks away.

“Well there you have it and you can catch me tonight on Ring Report with Renee Young on the WWE network to discuss the Mae Young Classic.“ you say giving a smile to the camera before walking over to Trent and Bianca waiting for you on the side. Trent nudges you and Bianca looks at you two with a smirk.

“No.” you say softly to her putting up your hands in defense.

“I didn’t say anything. But what I will say is that after Aaliyah nearly ripped my braid off I could use a shot or two. Everyone’s heading over to Eve’s I’ll meet you two there.” she says walking towards the locker rooms,

“Girl,  you look sickening!” Bianca says with a drink in her hand and she’s already there dancing with her fiancee, Ember, Billie, and Peyton the rest are either at the bar or off doing their own thing.

“Thank you! You’re giving me all kinds of life.” you say to her kissing her cheek before you dance along to the music. You had to admit you did want to show off a bit. You had worked hard in the gym and the white romper was showing off your progress.

Two glasses of wine and a jello shot later you didn’t expect to be dancing on Trent like you were but here are your arm around his neck as he’s flushed against your back with his hands on your hips and you’re grinding into him. As you roll your hips you look momentarily to the side and see Tyler watching as if he’s going to explode. As the song ends you and Trent cheer before hugging each other and laughing.

“I know, I know. You’ve got the best gym partner and dance partner.” he says jokingly before walking over to start a conversation with Kassius.

You and Bianca walk over to the bar and sit for a moment as you sing along to the music. You notice a woman walking over to Tyler and you realise it’s the same one from the front row.

“You’ve got to be fucking joking.” you say as you grab the glass of wine and walking over to them.

“Babe , they’re not worth it. You don’t have to do this-” Bianca says following you.

“You’ve got some nerve” you yell as you throw the wine onto him

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No Mistletoe Needed

Dino Scenario: Christmas!AU

Word Count: 1,159

Genre: Fluff

“You’re going to burn the cookies!” You hear Mingyu shrieking at the top of his lungs from the living room, seconds later he comes dashing through the kitchen, bumping you out of your position in front of the oven.

“They look fine to me…” You murmured.

He looked over at you with a look of disbelief. “How long did you bake these for?”

“80 minutes…”

Mingyu’s eyes widened, he took a deep breath and pointed as calmly as he could to the recipe book. “It says 30 minutes.”

You sheepishly grinned at him, hoping he would forgive your little mistake. Mingyu proceeded to dramatically point you towards the direction of the kitchen door. “Out.”

You stuck your tongue out at him, and exited the kitchen. A heavy sigh fell from your lips, you were handed the simple task of baking cookies yet you had failed.

“Hey, Y/N,” Chan appeared by your side. “What’s with the pouty face?”

You two sat next to the undecorated Christmas tree. “Just kind of sad I ruined the cookies.”

Chan gave you a thoughtful look, and nudged you with his shoulder causing you to divert your gaze at the ground to his face. He gave you a friendly smile to assure you that your little mistake was alright.

Chan handed you an ornament to which you gladly accepted. As you were busy placing the ornament on a branch, Chan admired the way the already hung lights casted a beautiful iridescence on your face. He had always thought you were cute, but in that moment he thought you were as beautiful as the white snowy scenery outside.  

Throughout the night, you both handed each other ornaments, candy canes, and whatever else Seokmin pulled out of the storage room to hang onto the large fir tree.

At one point Seungkwan was creating a dramatic soap opera scene while wearing tinsel as a boa. You laughed at his outrageousness while Chan couldn’t help but grin at the sound of your happiness. Chan didn’t know what was getting into him, maybe it was the Christmas spirit, he thought. Whatever it was, you kept making his heart flutter, his cheeks red, and his tongue tied.

“Okay kids, who wants to put up the star this year?” Seungcheol announced once the tree was covered in the most festive decorations. Almost immediately, Soonyoung and Seungkwan were trampling over each other to get to Seungcheol. Woozi sat in his chair, giving the both of them judging eyes while sipping his hot chocolate.

Joshua spoke up, “I think Y/N should. Since it’s Y/N’s first Christmas Eve with us.” He gave you a friendly smile. Jun, along with Jun, didn’t hesitate to support Joshua’s declaration.

Seungcheol nodded at the suggestion, slightly making Soonyoung and Seungkwan to be salty, nonetheless they obliged.

“Really?” Your eyes lit up as Seungcheol handed you the bright gold star.

“Really.” Seungcheol warmly smiled at you.

“There’s just one little problem.” You shyly grinned.

Chan placed his hand on the small of your back, his face instantly was washed over with worry. “What is it?”

“I’m a little short.” You said while peering up at the tree. Chan softly chuckled at your struggle, thoughts of how cute you were flooded his head.

“I can get you a ladder.” Minghao smartly suggested, you almost nodded but was interrupted by Chan.

Chan rapidly shook his head at his hyung with wide eyes. “No no no.” Everyone looked at Chan with slight confusion.

“What? Why not?” You asked.

Chan shot you a quick grin that was accompanied by bright pink cheeks. He knelt down on one knee. “Here, get on my shoulders.” You were slightly hesitant at first and you doubted the boy’s strength but something in you wanted to test out the waters. The other members watched with anticipation as you sat on one of his shoulders while his hands were gripping your thighs gently to hold you steady.

He stood up with ease which surprised you. You easily placed the gold star on top of the tree, relief washed over you when you didn’t topple the entire Christmas tree over. You had expected Chan to kneel down again for you to get off his shoulder, but instead he slightly squatted and securely placed his hands on your waist to hoist you off.

Once you were standing on your feet again, your hands were placed on his chest and his hands on your upper back. You looked up at his face with an expression of amusement and amazement.

“Ahem,” Seungcheol coughed, breaking you out of your haze. Chan gave an air of annoyance once he was sprung back to reality, he would have done anything to have you to himself in that moment.

“It’s time for the annual Christmas picture.” Seungcheol announced, holding a camera in his hand. You didn’t even notice that he had already set up a tripod.

The other boys start to gather around the tree, some were standing and some were sitting next you and Chan.

“Wow, you guys have a lot of festivities.” You commented.

“Yeah, it really gets us into the spirit of things.” Chan chirps in.

When all 12 boys had finally settled down, it was safe to say that you were squished into Chan. To his dismay, that all caused his palms to sweat and his heart to beat faster. Good thing you didn’t notice though, he thought. But little did he know, you were reacting the same way.

Seungcheol was busy setting up the camera, he quickly ran over to the group, finding his spot next to Jeonghan. “I set the timer for 10 seconds,” He commented loudly over the boys.

Chan starts to get more nervous as a thought popped into his head, it was now or never. As the camera was counting down, his confidence was raising.

“Y/N.” He turned to you, breaking you out of your pose and causing you to look at him.

“I like you.” Chan admitted. Your eyes widened at his words, you stared at him in awe because you were not expecting a confession and especially not right now.

Chan started to lean closer. 3. 2. His lips reached your cheek. 1. Click. A bright flash of light went off indicating that the picture has been taken. The boys stared at the two of you for the scene that Chan has just caused.

As if they all read each other’s minds, the 13 boys including you run over to the camera to see the finished product.

Seungcheol held the camera in his hands while everyone else gathered around him.

The picture was seemingly normal with the boys smiling widely  until you looked at the center of the picture. It displayed you with wide eyes and mouth slightly agape, and Chan’s lips pressed against your cheeks with his eyes closed.

Everyone turned to Chan.

Chan grinned brightly, his hand rubbing the nape of his neck. “Merry Christmas?”

Written by Admin V.K

Behind The Story – Pt. 2

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show and it’s her first Con after her injury in set.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.3k+

Warnings: PURE FLUFF.

A/N: NO HATE TOWARDS DANNEEL, SHE’S AMAZING Y’ALL! Thanks to babe @lovin-ackles for beta it ♥ Her Outfit  Feedback is always very much appreciated it.

Pics Source: @justjensenanddean

Behind The Story Masterlist


Hearing the fans shouting your name as they clapped made your heart flutter. They were as anxious as you were to get up there and have a great time with them as always. Rob and Richard were doing the intro before announcing the boys and you. The green room was crowded with the cast and staff. You stood next to the black thick curtains hearing the fans laugh at one of Rich’s comments, a smile on your lips.

“Hey,” Jensen appears in front of you holding two cups of Starbucks.

You wink at him grabbing the cup that has Sunshine written in black sharpie and licking your lower lip before taking a sip of the coffee. You glance at him when your taste approved the mochaccino. Moaning slightly, “It’s good.”

Jensen smiled and took a sip of his black coffee.

Both of you were a bit tired from last night’s shenanigans. You and Jensen thought it was a good idea to have some skin to skin fun just after a fourteen hour shift and a one hour and twenty five minute flight to DC. But who could blame you? Being pregnant had increased your sexual appetite to another level. Not that Jensen or you complained, which was pleasant and amazing as always but today both of you felt like the sheets were still on.

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Friendly Neighbor- Part 9

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Summary of Part 9: New Year’s Eve doesn’t go as planned.

Word Count: 1900ish

Warning: Smut

The week after Christmas passed quickly. Most of your days were spent sitting in your living room with Cas, papers and books sprawled out everywhere as the two of you planned for the class you would be teaching together starting in January when classes resumed. It was time consuming, but working with Cas was always fun. He was incredibly smart, and unintentionally hilarious with his earnest attitude toward everything.

Dean came and sat with you a few times, watching silently as you and Cas talked about your syllabus and what you wanted your students to write for their final. Dean and Cas became unlikely friends, and you couldn’t help but grin at how they seemed to truly like each other despite how incredibly different they were.

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Secret Santa

A/N: So this is my Secret Santa gift for @andhiseyesweregreen . I hope you like it 


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Word Count: 1052

Christmas Eve had a way of sneaking up on you. You often got sidetracked by all the shopping, seeing friends you hardly saw and making sure you survived till the next holiday. So when you looked at your to-do list to see what else you had to do before tomorrow, you felt like smacking yourself.

You had been put in charge of cooking a few of the items for the team dinner tomorrow night and you had completely forgotten about it. Looking over your shoulder, you spotted Bucky lounging on your shared couch looking through the variety of movies on Netflix.

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Look At Me

Words: 4682
Cas x Reader
Warnings: graphic imagery, grief, some language
Requested by anonymous
A/N: Please don’t hate me… *sets tissue box out* I’m just going to leave this here for no particular reason whatsoever…

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed to yourself as you awoke gently, taking in a deep breath and smiling as you felt his arms around you and the warmth of his skin against yours.

You stirred a little, turning over so you could blink blearily at him. Cas had his arms draped around you and your legs were tangled together just like the sheets. You smiled and he mirrored it, his eyes and face lighting up as he looked at you.

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anonymous asked:

Ayyyy, I've got a prompt for whenever you feel like it or get the chance! So, uh, how do you think the boys would react to receiving risque photos via text from reader? Or if they accidentally caught her naked at some point? Just... ya know, throwin' that out there. I live to see those skellies flustered pls do not judge lmao

this one was super fun! i’m sorry it didn’t get as…heated as you probably would’ve liked, but i’m all for a bunch of silliness and fluff. hope you like it regardless!


Pairing: Sans/Reader, Papyrus/Reader

Summary: You’ve got a brilliant idea to make your boyfriends swoon. What happens afterwards is…pretty much what you might’ve expected.


“babe, i’m sittin’ right next to you.”

“I KNOW, but it’s still cool.” You snapped another picture. “Check out this filter! It makes you look like an old woman! Sans, would you still love me if I ended up like this in fifty years?”

He glanced at the screen and did a double-take. “whoa, send that to me.”

“Pfft, why?”

“i’m gonna put it outside on halloween so we can save money on haunted house decorations.”


The both of you ended up in a tangle of limbs on the floor, Sans wheezing with laughter as you pinned him to the floor. It really didn’t take much effort, not when he was pretty weak with exhaustion anyway. A long day at work was enough to tire him out, and though he didn’t want to admit it, he really did stretch himself thin in trying to make ends meet. You were really glad that he was so responsible, but also didn’t want him to get hurt with the way he pushed himself.


Papyrus burst through the door without giving the both of you a chance to make it look like you weren’t just wrestling on the floor. Because if he caught wind of it—


You laughed and Papyrus snuggled the both of you close.


“I missed you, Paps!”


You laughed and kissed him in response.

You spent the rest of the night together. It was all about movies! All of you picked one that you wanted to watch and ended up snuggled on the couch. Sans would always fall asleep during suspiciously key points over the course of Papyrus’ film, which caused a ruckus that made you genuinely afraid that the neighbors would come over and complain. They were strangely attentive to the ones you picked, Papyrus taking notes in a little bone-shaped paper pad, while Sans glued his eyesockets to the screen and refused to blink or look away. By the end of it, you always wound down with a classic slapstick comedy that Sans picked, something that had you all in tears and fully spent.

“See you guys tomorrow!”


“night, babe.”

You drove home feeling a little wired. You’d brought over some caramel popcorn to watch with the movies and it ended up really giving you a massive spike in energy. You were wide awake. You knew that despite how exhausted your body was, you weren’t going to be sleeping any time soon.

You went through your late night routine. Combed through your hair to get rid of all the tangles. Made sure that your face was scrubbed clean of caramel remnants and oil. You brushed your teeth and tugged at your cheeks to make sure you were still awake and hadn’t fallen asleep upon entering your place. Lifted your shirt over your head to change into pajamas, and…



It was a really cute bra. You bought it on a whim and with the encouragement of Undyne; she told you that it was a good color for your skin tone. You hadn’t thought much of it then, but the structure of it was really nice. Supportive and comfortable, something that really made you look like you could hold a candle to someone in a lingerie ad.

Someone needed to see this. But who? It was pretty late, and as much as it would’ve been, you really didn’t want to call Toriel up just to brag about this one thing you forgot. She probably would’ve decked you if you interrupted her beauty sleep, she had a hard time getting to bed these days.

You flopped down on the bed and opened the camera app, facing it down toward your chest. It was perfect! You wiggled a little bit and played with angles when the idea struck you.

This was going to be hilarious.

Okay, so. You were going to do this. Take some sexy pictures and forward them to the brothers to gauge their reactions. They’d never talked about this sort of thing before, even though the three of you had gone pretty far in your relationship. You were always open and honest about this topic, and they were, too. Something like this would be completely fine in the realm of your relationship, which was something to consider before even entertaining the fact.

You started out simple enough. Shirt off, bra on. Sitting on your bed and playing with your angles. Okay, more like beating the ever-living hell out of your angles because this was frustration! The light either wasn’t good enough, you thought the proportions looked weird, or you just weren’t feeling the way it was going to come out just by glancing at the prospective pic.

Ugh, how did people do this so easily? This was hard!

You set the timer on the phone and it ended up going off in a short burst of photos. Nooo! You didn’t need that many of them! And it was going to make your camera roll huge!


The snap app!

It was perfect. You could take something of yourself and send it without worrying too much about getting the right pic. Because it would be deleted sooner or later.

You nodded and held the camera high above your head, capturing a few…titillating pictures. Nothing too fancy or intense, but enough that it was going to make them do a double take. You really hoped that they still had the app installed on their phone. It was way past their bedtimes, so they would already be snoozing away, so you had the night to laugh about it in bed and picture their reactions.

Sans woke up and got ready for work. Slipping on his hardhat and vest. Construction work was a sure thing in the summer and wasn’t hard at all considering he was promoted to foreman. His job consisted of standing around and giving orders, so basically doing nothing at all. It was pretty great, save for the truckload of paperwork he had to get through by the end of the week.

“see ya later, bro.”


He didn’t have time to check his messages today. Usually he was able to sneak a peek every now and then when he needed weather updates or answered phonecalls from his boss. But someone had called out sick today, so he was forced to pick up the slack.

He hopped on the steamroller to flatten the site, the machine starting up with a metallic cough and chugging forward. He took this time to fish his phone out of his pocket and make sure he hadn’t missed any important texts throughout the day. 

Alphys usually sent him photos of her new lab she was having built at her place, whereas his brother would check up on him every hour or so to make sure he was hydrated while in the sun. Toriel sent him puns, Undyne always forwarded long posts about human relationships as “research material”, and you were quick to send a rapid fire of emojis that would paint a picture of how your day was going.

New notification.

On the app you were joking around with yesterday.

Sans pulled it up and breezed through the menu, seeing the bright red square next to your name. All he had to do was press it and he would see the photo, right? That seemed easy enough. Knowing you, it was probably a screenshot of something funny or a cute animal you’d crossed paths with.


What. The. Fuck.

He dropped his phone out of surprise and it hit one of the levers, sending the emergency brake into full effect. Sans lurched forward and nearly crashed through the front window before he steeled himself. He could feel his SOUL squirm in his chest as beads of sweat started to pour down the top of his skull, leaving long trails down its wake. His face turned red and he shakily reached down to pick up his phone, mouth going dry.


HELL yes. He needed a better look! What was ten seconds supposed to do for him?! He could barely get over the fact that he’d gotten this picture, let alone been able to appreciate it!

Okay, Sans. Breathe. He clutched it to his chest and exhaled shakily before bringing it back out towards him and peering at you in all of your glory.

Oh, wow.

He felt his mouth water. And it wasn’t because he was thirsty any more. All he could think of was the curves of your flesh on full display. The way it was all on screen, just right, where he could reach out and touch it if he really wanted to. Wondering how soft it would be, probably very considering what your hugs felt like, but boy, oh boy…

He was curious.

It was driving him crazy.

He swallowed hard and closed the app. Trying to wrap his head around it. Burning the image in his memory, letting it sit and stew so he could fish it out whenever he wanted. Feeling a spike of desire settle in his chest and a lopsided grin crawl its way onto his face.

He was gonna get you back for this. With his own response. Oh, he wouldn’t even flinch when you approached him later on tonight. But when you were in bed, sound asleep, he was going to send you something that would leave you squirming. The mental image of that was enough for him to get over his initial embarrassment and settle him down a bit.

“YO, SANS! You okay, man?! You nearly rolled over!”

“h-heh…sorry…” He couldn’t stop his hands from shaking while he hid the phone behind his back. “musta slipped and hit the emergency brake.”

“Shit, man. You need a break? Maybe you’re just hungry or something, do monsters even get low blood sugar?”

His employee’s protests got the best of him and he sat back in his office, sipping away at a cup filled with water from the dispenser out in the lobby. The paper crinkled when his grip tightened and he did his best not to spill it all over himself.

He could do this right now. He could get it over with and shoot it right back at you. You were out and about today on your day off. All it would take is a little bit of preparation and he was good to go.

Yeah. That’s what he was gonna do.

Sans brought the app up and grinned nervously. Oh, man. Was he really about to do this? Seriously? In his office? He was just glad that he didn’t have any windows where someone could barge in. He turned all of the photos on his desk around, the Halloween decorations (that were permanent installations because he found them hilarious) shoved away in the corner of the room.

How would he even do this? He started to second guess himself. What was too much? You’d sent him something with your bits covered up, despite how…flattering the outfit itself was.

Maybe…just a shirtless pic? That seemed like a good compromise. All he had to do was take a quick snap of him in a tasteful pose and you were sure to lose it. Heh. That would’ve been perfect revenge.

He set his hardhat on his desk. Readjusted the safety vest, eventually shucked it off his shoulders. And did his best to pull off the shirt that was probably a half size too small.

It didn’t help that his head got stuck.


He stepped backwards, tripped on a stray, dirty sock, and fell backwards into one of the potted plants.


It shattered. Dirt. Everywhere. Sans struggled to lift himself up from his kneeling position on the floor, his eyesockets widening. He grimaced and looked down at the mess he made. A bunch of pottery shards that threatened to slice him up, a hearty mound of dirt spread out all across the ground, and now he was nearly trapped underneath a stupid ficus plant that he put in here to remind him of his venue at MTT resort.

“Sans, you in there? I’ve got something that needs your signature!”

Damn. He did his best to cover himself up while the door handle turned. Oh, fuck. He’d even forgotten to lock it. Well, it was a good thing that he hadn’t actually started anything.


“Oh, man. You need some help?”


Sans took at least ten minutes with small talk before he could get the guy out. And for the life of him, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to go through with it any more. It just seemed like way too much effort.

But then he thought about…you.

The gentle lighting. How your lips parted. With just the right amount of softness that he wanted to reach out and touch you. Run his hands along your sides and squeeze. Lean forward and rest his head on you while you stroked the top of his skull, wrapping around you tight with his body heating up.


He went for round two. Door locked this time, moving away anything that could probably kill him. He made sure that he was completely alone. Held the phone exactly where he wanted it.

Click. And. Send.

That wasn’t so bad. He was getting a little flustered, but he wasn’t going to dwell on it.

He stepped back outside and pretended like nothing happened. He was cool. He was Sans. People admired him for his laid back attitude, and he was not going to let a perfect, beautiful, adorable…heh…hot human get in the way of his reputation.

“Uh, hey bossman, your pants are on backwards.”

Papyrus was having a Great day! Which wasn’t at all surprising, considering it was him. He always rolled out of bed with a clear plan of what he wanted to do for the day, the goals he wanted to accomplish, and all of the new things he wanted to try!

Given that he was so popular, he of course needed to take his time in completing the tasks he assigned for himself. First, breakfast. Something nutritious and what would give him boundless energy. Second, prepping himself for work! He had to dress himself in something that spoke true to his Cool Dude status. Third! …actually working! Because that was what everyone did, and he was really, really good at what he did!

He sat off to the side on his break, knowing how important it was for him to take a breather and gather his thoughts. Besides, he had to answer a very large amount of texts from everyone and reply to notifications! All of his friends bombarded him throughout the day, and while someone lesser might’ve been overwhelmed with the thought of having so many people look up to him, he was happy to reach out to those who cared so much for him.

“OH, NEATO! A RED NUMBER. THAT MUST MEAN THAT SHE SENT ME SOMETHING FUN!” Papyrus showed the screen to his coworker who’d just sat down to have lunch. “DO YOU HAVE THIS APP?”

“Yeah, don’t really use it that much, though.” They chewed thoughtfully. “Why don’t you open to see what it is?”


He clicked on your nickname with a giant beam.

That promptly fell off his face.



W H A T ? ? ? ! ! !

Papyrus couldn’t believe it! You, in such a compromising position! With your!!! Human parts! And the smile! A-and how you wrote his name with a heart! With your body splayed in such an indecent position!!! But dressed up just for him and your limbs bare, with the underwear! The one with frills along the sides because you knew that he had a strange fascination with the way that it felt along his bones!

In fact, one time he was so enamored with this lacy tablecloth at a restaurant that he couldn’t bear himself to leave and you kept ordering food until he was finally satisfied with touching it! And then you bought him a handkerchief with his name sewn into it for the exact same reason that he could keep it close and use it to remain calm whenever he was overstimulated!!!

He stared at the blank screen. Swallowed hard.

Replay, replay! That was always an option!

He drank it in for another ten seconds. W-wowie. The way that you seemed to beckon him with your eyes and that wink! It was enough to send his SOUL stammering and nearly fly out of his chest, which would have been more than mortifying to have it smack his human coworker in the face! He held the screen up close, gazing shiftily back and forth to make sure no one was around him. Balling up in the corner of the room and laughing to himself, tiny NYEH HEH HEHs under his breath while he drank it all in.

Another replay!

The screen locked and something came up.

Wait a minute…


He couldn’t believe it. What kind of sick joke was this? Why could he only look at it twice? He didn’t want to screenshot and invade your privacy, but that was not nearly enough for him to get a full feel of how he felt! He was still overwhelmed!

He looked down at the prices that slowly climbed up depending on how many replays he wanted to buy, and a cold feeling settled in his gut.

Someone…was holding you…for RANSOM.

They had you take compromising photos…just to fluster him and throw him off the trail! You were out there somewhere being forced to take hottie selfies so someone could extort him! Why else would they have demanded money for further evidence of your beauty and perfection?!

He grabbed his jacket from the breakroom and rushed to his boss’s office. Nearly in tears. He had to find you immediately and right this wrong! If he called and talked to you about whether you were okay, surely the kidnapper would have forced you to lie!

But he would find you! Through the power of the red string of fate that Alphys insisted the both of you were connected by!

Papyrus dashed out the door and his thoughts raced. He was still unsure of how to feel about this entire situation and needed time to process it.

Good Thing: you were beautiful. And he was having a hard time erasing the photo from his memory because it was perfect. You looked so ready for him to be with you. Up until this point, he was overjoyed with the smooches and cuddles and teasing and touching. But he had never dreamed that you would send him scandalous photos! It was a sure sign of love, that you knew he would never do anything to betray your trust. He had so much more that he wanted to see and this was just…what was the saying? “The point of the iceblock”? Yes, something like that, because now he would always be curious about the things you were wearing like the color and texture of your underoos and how different you would feel when pressed up against him with no shirt or jeans!

Bad Thing: He could hardly concentrate on driving! Or doing anything else! You were out there somewhere, no doubt being held against your will, and the least he could do as a protective and wonderful boyfriend was save you! He could not let his emotions get in the way of this rescue mission!

Hands-free headset…activate!


A location would do. He installed an app on his phone to link to your phone because you were always losing it. The kidnapper might have forced you to lie through clenched teeth, but the location service wouldn’t!

“Papyrus, what’s wrong? Are you driving?”


“I’m at Undyne’s practice?”

Lies! He knew that Undyne would never condone someone to take advantage of you! Papyrus glanced down at the buzzing of his phone and saw that your location had been pinpointed.


He didn’t lie. After he saved you, he would make sure you were together and happy while he made another delicious meal just for you.

He stepped on the gas and zoomed away toward the coordinates that flashed on the screen, fully intending to make sure you would never be stolen from him again!

Sans decided that he wanted to see your expression when you opened it.

It was dumb, but he couldn’t hold out. The little icon indicated that you hadn’t seen it yet, and he was getting a little apprehensive. Work wouldn’t mind if he quit a bit early to pop by and see you, not when the project was moving along rapidly.

He grabbed his things and headed out the door to seek you out. From what he could remember on the schedule posted up on their fridge at home, you were spending time with Undyne and Alphys at some little park for soccer practice.

He made his way down and prepared himself, barely able to stifle his grin.

You hadn’t heard anything from Sans or Papyrus despite them seeing the pic. That was weird. You kind of thought Papyrus would freak the hell out and start lecturing you on the dangers of sexting, which would’ve just been hilarious. And Sans? Well…you fully expected him to tease you about it for the rest of the week. But he only deflected everything because he was flustered, he did that with a lot of things.

“We’re going to swing by the store and grab juice. You want anything?” Undyne thumbed in the general direction of the car.

You shook your head. “Nope. See you guys in a bit.”

You unlocked your phone and hummed, trying to delete some of the spam messages in your inbox, when you felt a familiar presence behind you.

“Nice try, Sans. I know it’s you.”

He grinned and stepped forward. “no fair. you’re gettin’ better at detectin’ SOULs.”

“Not everyone’s. Just yours.” You set everything down and made a move to kiss him.

He was strangely handsy today, you wondered why…oh, that made sense. Never mind. He tangled his hand in your hair and anchored you to him, a laugh rumbling in his ribcage and a strangely giddy tone laced in his voice.

“hey, babe.”


“you do me a favor?”


“look at my pic?”

You parted from him, still feeling a little lovesick. “What pic?”

“the one i sent you in response.”

That…was weird. You glanced down at the app again. It still showed that he’d only seen your message and not responded. Maybe the signal was bad? You tried loading a bunch of other stuff and realized that no, it was all good. Things were eating up your data, but it looked like you had everything in order to receive the snap.



“Did you, um…send it to me?”


It was in that moment that a large figure, darting in from the left side and in your blindspot, tackled Sans to the ground with enough force to knock him down flat on his ass.

“OH MY GOD!!!”

You screamed in surprise and jumped backwards, watching the mysterious figure pin him. They kicked up a lot of dust, so it was hard to see who it was, but you could feel the panic start to set in. Who were they? And what did they want with your boyfriend? Was it a stray dog that managed to sniff him out and not realize that he was alive and sentient? Most animals didn’t bother with monsters, but maybe this one was sick or something?!

Despite your fears, you knew you needed to stop this immediately. You rushed forward with your arms splayed, not even knowing what the hell you were going to do if you reached this person or thing, and let out a weak cry filled to the brim with sheer adrenaline and nonsense.

The figure turned and immediately encased you in its arms.


He snuggled you tight. “YOU’RE SAFE!!!”

“Of course I’m safe! What’s going on, why did you tackle Sans?!”

Both of you parted just long enough to glance at the older of the brothers on the ground. His eyesockets were black, but that was mostly out of surprise. You knew he was completely fine by the way that his fingers twitched in the dirt. He ended up chuckling under his breath and put an arm over his face to shield himself from the harsh rays of the sun.


What? Kidnapped?”

“Here we are, nerds!” Undyne and Alphys strolled back up, carrying a big, icy cold box of drinks. “What’re you guys doing here, shouldn’t you be at WORK? Papyrus!!!”


Undyne cracked up laughing. “You guys actually USE that? What’s the point? If you wanna send a picture, just take one on your CAMERA!!!”

“I-it’s a lot of fun for shy people,” Alphys interjected. “I-it gives you a chance to share things without it being permanent. Plus, a lot of people, um…s-share…dirty pictures…”

“WHATTTT!!!! FUFUFUFUFU!” Undyne was brought to tears. “Are you SERIOUS? Who would do something like that?!”

You felt your cheeks redden. Papyrus buried his face in his hands. Sans stopped laughing immediately and went dead silent.


“O-oh my god? You guys are so scandalous?”

You huffed. “So what? It was fun and they liked them. Right?”

Papyrus had Overloaded. Sans was Out For The Count. No help from them whatsoever.

“W-well…I think it’s nice. T-that you guys have fun when you’re not with each other! Undyne, m-maybe we should…”

Her girlfriend’s face dropped so damn quick. “W-WHAT??? Not!!! In front of!!! Them!!!”

You all laughed. You were strangely relieved that the tension had been eased so quickly, but that still left one question unanswered.

“Hey Alphys, do you have the snap app?”

“O-oh! Yes, I think I do?” She handed you her phone. “A-are you going to add me?”

“I’m pretty sure I already have, but let me make sure.” You scrolled down the contact list.


You stepped backwards and pretended to be typing away, but in all actuality, you were trying so hard to keep it cool. Your dumb skeleboyfriend had actually sent his risqué photo to ALPHYS. On ACCIDENT. It was a good thing she hadn’t even found it amongst her literal pages of app garbage, but holy shit! This could’ve been awful!

You clicked it. Stared. Felt faint. Held the phone away from your face. Went back to replay it. This was. Just for the good of her not finding it, right? It wasn’t because he was totally hot and oh god you never knew that he could make that kind of seductive face at you, his tongue halfway out while he grinned in a way that you knew would’ve given you a reason to run home and take a shower.

Phew. All replays finished with. You swallowed and handed the phone back, Sans fully registering what happened and shooting you a sheepish – but downright smug – grin from his spot over by the other three.

“S-so are you guys going to stay and hang out?”

Papyrus reached for your hand and thumbed it. He was blushing and stuttering. “YES. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND TIME WITH SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL TO ME. (IT IS YOU).”

Sans shrugged and ambled over to the bleachers. Reclining. In the same way that he’d done on the chair in his office where he took the picture. Legs spread just right that you felt your mouth water, swallowing hard at the lascivious wink he shot you.

“eh. i’m game.’

You settled between both of your boyfriends and knew that Undyne’s practice wasn’t going to reach you at all. It was a good thing Alphys was distracted in looking up the do’s and don’ts of sending nudes. Because between Papyrus’ overt affection - constant touching, snuggling and smooching - and Sans’ silent promises of continuing to rile you up over the next few days, you were going to have your hands full.


You supposed you could always go for round two.

If they were up for it.

.:::komm nach Hause:::.

Fandom: Marvel; X-Men

Character: Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto

Reader: Fem!

Summary: It was long, long after Erik left along with Raven in Cuba. Charles had shut down the school and the mansion was just a mess as well as him. You decided to leave and go back to your apartment. Memories of you and Erik came flooding back and you just want him to come back home. (Based off of an imagine from imaginexmen )

Notes: fluff, oneshot, a little sadness and angst, cussing

A/N: ERIK FEELS ARE COMING BACK. AAARRRGGGHHH. THERE IS SUCH A THING FOR ME. Reader’s mutation could control electricity. And I’m sorry if it might be crappy.

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anonymous asked:

seven minutes in heaven with Pietro?

Omg yes I’ve wanted to write one of these for so long now! Wish granted! Here ya go! 

Warnings: Smut!! 

You, Wanda and Pietro came into the Avengers living room a sweaty mess after training. It was your first official day of training as an Avenger after Pietro had been in the medical ward for three months after suffering serious injuries in the battle of Sokovia, and Wanda going through training with Bruce to figure out how her powers worked. You had joined a few months after the twins were brought in but you were already in pretty good shape and seeing as you were a mutant yourself with the ability to (whatever power you want) and you were able to control it very well, they thought it would be fine if you held back on training and let you train with the twins. 

The first day was horrible. You had been active all day with only a few hour breaks every now and then to eat and drink, even Pietro was too tired to run! You all took the elevator up to the living room and were shocked to be in the dark when you arrived. “Why are all the lights off?” Pietro asks, his accent sounding thicker and more pronounced due to his loss of breath which turned you on a bit. You had had a soft spot for the speedster for quite a while. Ever since you met him in the medical ward the two of you had become friends but you loved that gorgeous Sokovian the minute you saw him. His muscular build, personality, and accent were just irresistible to you. And only Wanda knew that he had a thing for you as well. 

Tony answered Pietro’s question a few minutes later when he stepped up from the couch and lit a candle, and the other Avengers did the same. “It’s part of a little tradition we’ve started here at the tower. All new Avengers must go through some sort of dirty party game after their first official day of training. We had many ideas for the game, spin the bottle, which was Steve’s suggestion and it sucks.” Tony says shooting a glare at the super soldier and he looked offended. 

“Hey it was very dirty back during the war!” Steve protests and Tony sighs. 

“Then Nat suggested truth or dare but we play that one too often.” Tony says and everyone agrees. “But then I made a suggestion that we all agreed on. The dirtiest and most humiliating one of them all…” You all paled as Tony said the words “Seven minutes in heaven.” 

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Caramel Mocha


Summary: (Soulmates AU) On the day before Phil Lester’s 18th birthday, he refuses to think he’ll meet his soulmate then - as much as he wishes it to be true.

Rating: eh G it’s perfectly fine for all ages :)

Word count: 1,578

A/N: I found a different story written to this same prompt on phanfic, and it was so cute I decided to write my own. This is my first prompted story, and I really enjoyed it! In this, Dan is older than Phil, but it’s an AU so deal with it :) and also i put some established kickthestickz in there too omfg such fandom <33 onwards and upwards!

“Three more years,” Phil would tell himself, “just three more years and then you’ll know.”

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