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Ren wore Minhyun’s jacket on todays v-live!

Aron also wore his jacket a long time ago as well on v-live lol. It seems Minhyun must have left most his cloths at home for his members to wear (Baekho literally said they just wear whatever’s lying around without paying attention to who it belongs to).

I know Ren probably didn’t have any purpose with wearing it, but it’s little things like this that remind me how strong ot5 bond is. They were literally together 24/7, shared everything together and only had each other. Minhyun not being able to be with NU’EST for 1.5 years is indeed killing me, but honestly it’s small things like this that keep me going. Knowing that he left his things at home where they belong, and Minhyun will eventually return❤️

P.S the members are also wearing Minhyun’s cloths a lot lately because he isn’t there to call them out on it LMAO

Anything You Can Do

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1196

Warnings: swearing, injury, general snarkiness

A/N: Requested by @to-pick-ourselves-up-7​ a million years ago when I was doing by 777 Follower/7 Deadly Sins Celebration a million years ago lol. The request was Kirk x Pride, so hope you like it!! 

    Everything was a matter of pride for James T. Kirk , whether it was eating the most hot dogs at the Iowa State Fair or sleeping with as many women as he could his first year at Starfleet. With those dreamy blue eyes and “anything you can do I can do better” attitude, Jim was a walking disaster waiting to happen. You tried your damnedest to understand, knowing that all he had was his pride growing up. Times like this, though, you wondered why you ever gave Jim a chance.

    Jim sat poised to ride on his old motorcycle, shit-eating grin plastered across his face as the wind blew back his hair. You wanted to look him in the eyes, to beg him not to do this, but all you could see was your own worried reflection in the lenses of his aviators.

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ameliahcrowley replied to your post “Your comment about Chicago decaying made me think of the Dresden…”

Why is Chicago not known as the Venice of America? This is amazing!

LOL well, we are patently not Venice in any sense other than “near a large body of water” :D I mean, we just have the one river and the lakeshore, so structurally we’re not really like Venice either. But we do have water taxis! 

rike-tikki-tavi replied to your photo “Lake south to Monroe- no gates! :D Still not trying to race this…”

I’ve got to grin at the idea of Chicago trains going fast. When I went to visit about 7 years ago, I had to drastically readjust my planning for the days because the trains were soooo much slower than what I’m used to and getting around took forever. There were so many places where the EL was just crawling by, hardly faster than a brisk walk.

Yeah, it depends on where you’re going – the Red Line stops a ton, which is also part of it, but if you were here about seven years ago you were also here at the height of some intense track construction. Usually between stations, depending on distance, the trains get up a pretty good speed, but if there’s construction, even if nobody is on site, they have to go slow by law.  

alliterativeaurantia replied to your post “Your comment about Chicago decaying made me think of the Dresden…”

So Chicago is Roundworld Ankh-Morpork?

I’m pretty sure Pterry, though he said that Ankh-Morpork was a conglomeration of every big old city, was basing it most heavily on London; I think also the Ankh-Morport Is Built On Ankh-Morpork refers in part to some experiences he had in Seattle. Ankh-Morpork is the “city built before city planning, based on where the water and good farmland was, and now built up over itself so far that urban planning is a fever dream” which is Chicago certainly, though because of the Great Fire we are a city built both before and after city planning – we have the same weird underground systems and strange overall shape that say, Boston does, but almost the entire city (save for a few diagonals) is a grid because of how we rebuilt after the fire. 

I do think Chicago is particularly suited to be a modern-day Ankh-Morpork though, between the forty miles of sealed-off underground tunnels, the river, the crazy crime, and the fact that in Chicago corruption isn’t an issue so much as a sport

One time the entire downtown flooded because one of the tunnels running under the river sprung a leak, and since the tunnels hadn’t been sealed off properly, they filled up and leaned into the basements of every major high rise in the loop, because all of them used to have access to those tunnels for mail purposes. 

That’s right: Chicago flooded from underground, without any rain. 

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Hi, @complexwish I wondering do you have a YouTube Channel? Because I'll definitely Subscribe to you!(^.^) oh, here's another question how long have you been drawing? When did you start doing Digital Drawing? (Sorry for asking so many questions) anyways, have a great day/night

I don’t have a YouTube channel… I have not made videos before since I mostly just sit down and draw some random sketches… I don’t feel it’s interesting enough to make into videos.

I have been drawing as a hobby for a long time…. 10+ years…? Though I didn’t really practice like I do now back then, I only doodle some things in my notebook when I’m bored in class so most of the drawings are just heads randomly floating in my notes lol. I started drawing more seriously 4 years ago.

I had contact with wacom tablets for 7-8 years but it was really until recently that I am more comfortable drawing digitally. (I always felt the pen was too slippery on the tablet surface and had a hard time controlling it.)


Last day!!! Well it was like two days ago but I hope I’m not too late? I worked so hard on this one (I mean it’s 6am here in Spain lol) I hope you like it!

I had so much fun I hope I can repeat next year :D!

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Dude omg Demi and this girl are together and I'm all for it! Demi's my inspiration and idol and I'm queer so the fact that she's queer is amazing! I ship it. Omg she grabbed her ass I'm dead.

Demi is the reason why I even discovered Carmilla.  My “straight” ass 7 years ago would never have thought she’d be into girls 😂

Dude princess protection had so many lesbian undertones watching it recently I was like omg they are so gay for each other lol

Lesbian Protection Program I’ve been saying it’s a g-rated lesbian movie for years 😂

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I was looking at Paige's Instagram and she posted something 6 weeks ago that says her boyfriend stole her dog or something like that. I got really confused. Are you and Paige not together anymore?

(( OOC: PaTT exposed. ;) 

Lol, Paige and I are the closest of closest friends and basically married, but Paige indeed has a very lovely beau. 

I love Paige with every fiber of my 5′ 7″ being. She is the light of my life. My moon and stars… the Ben to my Jerry’s, the Lily to my James. 

I’ve known her for a year now and she’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had. 

So yeah… PaTT is very real… just minus the sexy-times. ;) )) 


My story of how I met Julian Casablancas for the 1st time - March 10th, 2014

Prepare yourselves… this is quite detailed.

Here we go.

So, on Monday evening, I was sitting in my room around 6 pm working on a school assignment when my friend @hurtslikeheaven texted me saying that she heard a rumor about Julian + The Voidz possibly having a secret show in New Orleans that night. Of course I FREAKED THE HELL OUT. This kinda thing never happens !!!!! !! !!!1 Y'all, I’m seriously. N E V E R.
Like why New Orleans? Why Louisiana?
I don’t give my state enough credit.

   Anyway, I immediately searched online “Julian Casablancas in New Orleans” to see if the rumors had any validity and saw on the rumored venue’s website that Julian would indeed be performing that night at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans (French Quarter district) and doors would open around 9pm. Tried to find tickets (regardless of the price), but no luck. I had 3 hours to make this work and hopefully be able to get in, and I was absolutely determined. As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to do everything in my power to make it happen. After all, this is the biggest dream that I’ve ever had–to meet the man who changed my life musically and more. WHO CARES ABOUT SCHOOL, IT IS JULIAN FERNANDO CASABLANCAS. I’ve been running a blog dedicated to him for 3 years. My laptop background is set to show every photo that I have saved of him (*coughcough* thousands) every 15 seconds. Why would I ever pass up this chance of a lifetime? He’s my man.
   Therefore, I began to call/text every friend that I knew in person who loved The Strokes (and also had a car, because, unfortunately, I do not) and told them all that it was an EMERGENCY. Many friends couldn’t make it, but the 2 people who ended up being able to go were my best friend Kristi and also Estephania, who told me about the rumor in the first place.
   As we all were getting ready last minute at our places, I knew it was important to pack things like sharpies, water, snacks, breath mints (hehe;), and so on. I also changed into my “All the time” tee that came with my copy of Comedown Machine along with the Julian Necklace that I purchased years ago but haven’t really had a reason to wear. [pictured below]

  It’s as if I saw this moment coming and knew exactly what I should do. And if you were watching me on twitter at the time, I was going insane. lol. But for some reason, I felt really calm and rational throughout the whole process of getting ready to leave to go see the most important male figure in my life like it was mean to be.
   We were all on the road before we knew it at around 7:30 pm, running a bit late sadly, but at least we still had a chance to make it there on time. We live about 45 minutes away from New Orleans across the causeway bridge that connects New Orleans to other parts of Louisiana (where we live). On the ride to the city, we kept talking about what we were going to do, how incredibly rare of an opportunity this was, what the plan was, if things didn’t go according to plan, and so on. We felt like we were in a dream. At one point, I even said “Pinch me, I am f*cking dreaming. This is not real.” And that’s when I looked on Julian’s twitter to see him say “See you at One Eyed Jacks tonight, New Orleans,” which suddenly made it all real to us and we squealed in excitement + anticipation
  We arrived at the venue around 9:05 pm. The doors were already open, but there were not many people there at all–25 to 30 at the most. Everyone in the small bar was dressed in leather jackets and vintage boots, some smoking cigarettes, discussing how they knew of Julian. It felt like home. We purchased our tickets for $25 a piece and entered the main area where the bands would be performing around 9:30-10pm. My friend Estephania happened to snag all 3 of us room right in front of the stage before the audience was full. And when I mean right in front of the stage, I’m serious. I put my bag down on it and leaned against it the whole night. It was a pretty small bar, although the temp was comfortable and cool. I really admired the interior of One Eyed Jacks because it was quite old-fashioned (red velvet tapestry on the walls) and reminded me of the set for The Strokes’ music vid “UCOD”, so I knew Julian probably adored the place
   The opening band, “The Yelephants” played a good bit of songs. They were aiiiight. [Below is a photo I took of the lead singer/lead guitarist]

Not really my style but they rocked out pretty good, which pumped us all up for main performance by Julian + The Voidz. The lead singer announced to the audience that their band found out about opening for Julian Casablancas + The Voidz at 2pm that same monday afternoon, so it really was a last minute show for everyone. They were about to play their last song of the set when Julian sent a message to the stage saying “Take your time, there’s no rush,” and the band members were so amazed by his patience and understanding (It was obvious how much they admired him like we all did).
   While the tech people were setting up the stage, I took this photo of the set-list right after it was taped down and intended to post it via twitter ASAP but had awful service, so I couldn’t :( this is Julian’s set-list from the show that I cockily snagged at the end and also the same set-list that he signed. Perfect, right? ♥

   After much anticipation and another hour of waiting while tech people set up equiment on stage, Julian + The Voidz came onstage at exactly 11pm. If you haven’t yet seen the video of when they first came onstage, here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps26GxIl47E

   There he was. My man. My Julian. He grabbed our hands when he first walked out onto the stage and greeted the audience for the first time. I latched onto his wrist gently as he took a step back. I melted inside. Could not believe that he was there, standing right in front of me, an arm length away. Never did I think I’d get to fulfill my lifelong dream of watching my favorite man in the whole world perform.
*heart eyes*
    The Voidz warmed up and then performed “Ego” with Julian, which was a tight as f*ck song in my opinion. It sounded so raw and 80s, sorta like Joy Division meets FIOE. Julian talked to the audience for a bit after performing the first song and expressed his excitement for being in New Orleans. My 3 favorite performances of the night were Ize Of The World, Reptilia, and Instant Crush by Daft Punk. Ize was lovely because it’s one of my favorite strokes songs EVER and JC + The Voidz covered it really fucking well. Reptilia was incredible just because of the audience singing every lyric back to Julian; the passion in the room was practically tangible. I love love loved the cover of Instant Crush (Julian called it a cover) because it’s just such a brilliant song. Julian also said that it was a surprise for us in NOLA and they weren’t sure they were going to perform it because their version was like 20 minutes long, but we all encouraged them to play it anyway–the longer, the better. I don’t remember the new Voidz songs specifically and how each one of them sounded, which makes me sad, but at last I got 2 of them recorded for you guys :’) The way that Julian performed throughout the night was exactly what we know him for: singing into the microphone sensually, lots of praying motions, awkward dance moves (love u bb), he even broke the mic in half at the end of the night and didn’t know what to do with it lol! Dem arms. Dem muscles. @_@ So he just pretended like it didn’t really happen. Gotta love him. The only thing that I was kind of frustrated with was how much Julian kept his back to the audience. I wanted to see more of that beautiful, flawless face. But dat azz was a nice view too, na'mean hehe.
   The band tried to leave without playing the last song titled Arabic and that’s when the audience began to cheer “ONE MORE SONG” over and over until Julian + The Voidz came back onstage to perform it for us, thank god. So sweet of them.
   Right before leaving the stage, Julian ran in front of the audience to grab our hands and say thanks for coming out, and luckily for me, I was the last person to hold his hand. Our palms were touching and he squeezed as he was pulling away, letting it linger longer than I thought possible (it was slow and sensual, lasted about 6 seconds), which was TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE so I was the first to let go. ahhhh my heart…

   The girls and I waited a few minutes for the audience to clear out before leaving, and we kept discussing ways to find Julian to meet him finally. That was a major goal of the night! We even went around the entire block of the building outside to see if there were secret exits. After stalking the tour bus out front…

[pic below features sticker on tour bus]

…and sitting on some steps waiting a bit (we witnessed a drug deal too, what a bonus), 1am rolled around and we couldn’t wait any longer. We were going to enter the venue one last time in search of Julian and then leave if he wasn’t inside.


We spotted him standing down from the stage, where the audience was during the show, surrounded by a few fans, so me and the girls rushed over immediately to hopefully get photos/autographs/one-on-one convo with him. We got all of the above :’)))))) ♥ It was… magical. I felt as if I was speaking with a friend because Julian was so chilled out and just friendly as hell. He kept joking around with everybody. No one was really bugging him too much, and that made me happy. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or pressured by people to do sh*t. When I finally got my chance to talk to him, I had to say how much of an inspiration he is to me. I basically conveyed that my life wouldn’t have purpose without his existence. I could tell that it was a little much for him, lol, but I just had to say it. My best friend Kristi explained how he changed her life by making her love music more and Julian joked back with her in a cocky but jokingly way, “Go on, go on… just kidding” *chuckle*

  After we finished with expressing our adoration to him, we asked him for photos and these are below.


[my best friend Kristi and Julian]

[Estephania and Julian-different camera]

We all just had chill friendly convos where we would ask questions here and  there, such as when I asked him "So how tall are you exactly?” to which Julian responded with “I am 6 foot 1 and ¾.” Me: “Damn. That’s specific and impressive haha” I also managed to bring up twitter and the fans, explaining how much we care about him online ♥ He was so gracious and sweet and kind about everything, but not arrogant one bit. He never rejected anyone when they asked for him to do stuff or take photos. I eventually asked if it would be too much to ask him if he could sign the setlist that I snagged, and of course, he politely obliged like the total sweetheart that he is. [Photo below]

While Julian was signing my set-list, I was talking to him about how beautiful his signature is because of the upside-down music note and said that I’ve practiced it a lot in my spare time. He said “Thanks, I’m glad you noticed.” I then proceeded to call him the “man of music” which made him chuckle. I asked about the rumors of him possibly playing shows with Albert soon and he said that he’s pretty excited about it, so that’s gonna happen I’m sure. I also wanted to know why he chose New Orleans for this secret show and he said that he’s wanted to play here for a while because he loves the city and One Eyed Jacks (I think he has a friend there). I then brought up that he’s been here before, during his solo tour and also with The Strokes for Jazz Fest, but Julian was like “Big festivals aren’t very personal. The crowd’s far away and it isn’t as enjoyable as small shows like this one,” so he’s a huge fan of personal shows, specifically private ones that aren’t announced until the day of. Sly one he is. ;) Julian was talking to Estephania about good places to eat in NYC, so I butted in by asking if he has a sweet tooth. Apparently not. I was like “BUT CHOCOLATE.” He didn’t hear me. haha

I forgot to show him the necklace that I was wearing of his face, although I have a feeling he saw it while onstage because at one point, he was staring down at my shirt and smiling. <3

There’s one more secret that I have no yet revealed and wanted to keep as a surprise…

Estephania told me later on that she talked with Julian about his birthsign when I was distracted. She asked what he considers himself to be since he is on the cusp of both Virgo and Leo. He said he sometimes finds traits from both signs in himself. He said that he’s a Virgo in the fact that he’s a perfectionist, then said “I was born at 11:44 if that means anything.” But he never specified if it was AM or PM. THAT IS VITAL INFO, JULES. I’ll find out one day i hope. I’m so glad that he cares about astrological birthsigns tho! That’s pretty major and super attractive. How could someone who’s flawless be even more perfect. jfc.

Ultimately, after we chit-chatted for a bit, hugged and chilled with him, we said our goodbyes. I told him “I wish you safe travels and good luck on the rest of your tour. Have a nice night” Julian replied with “Thank you very much, thanks.”

I think it’s safe to say that everybody at the show gave quite a good impression of our city and I really pray that he comes back again one day. There are so many things I still have left to say, but I am so grateful I was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime to experience what I did. March 10th, 2014 changed my life.

Thanks for listening. I love you guys ♥ I hope this allowed you to be with me at the concert a little more than just in spirit.

Note: If you use any of these photos/quotes, please credit me and do not crop/edit! :) thaaaanks <3

INTP: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  • INTP: (rubbing Vicks on sore muscles)
  • INTP: lol i feel like i've had this same container since i was practically born i wonder when this expired??
  • INTP: (checks expiration date, which is August 2009)
  • INTP:
  • INTP: that's...7 years ago...
  • INTP:
  • INTP: (shrugs and continues rubbing in Vicks)
The One Where He Finds Out (Draco)

holy noodles so im rewatching the tv show Friends and i just watched the episode (spoiler lol) where Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time so dingdingding heres a Draco imagine lololol im so hyped. 
If you haven’t seen the episode its season 2 episide 7 and it happens towards the end its so amazing im crying okay read the imagine now ily bye 

* * *

It was a known fact that Draco had liked you ever since first year. You had only found out a few months ago and since then he was always on your mind and you had to keep convincing yourself that you didn’t like him. However, over the holidays you had come to terms with it

‘Come on.’ Pansy had said as you two sat in your pajamas on your bedroom floor. ‘Just give it a go. I mean you two are already so close! Everything will be just like normal except now you can kiss him.’ She smiled. You looked at the floor and nodded slowly, ‘Maybe you’re right.’ 
‘Of course I’m right!’ Pansy smiled reassuringly. ‘I know you both better than anyone else. You two are perfect for each other.’ 

On the first day of school you stood at Kings Cross with Pansy and waited excitedly with Pansy. You were nervous as hell but all you wanted to do was tell Draco that you felt the same way. Soon enough you spotted his white-blonde hair in the distance and you looked to Pansy. ‘Go for it.’ She smiled, before squeezing you hand. You grinned, breathing out, and started to walk towards him. As Draco was quite tall, you could see him above everybody else. You saw him look down, smiling and talking - to his mother you assumed. I’ll need to take him aside, You thought to yourself, Confessing my love to a boy in front of his mother isn’t ideal romantic, you smiled to yourself. As you got closer, and in between a few people you saw that the person he was talking to wasn’t his mother. Although the girl he was with had blonde hair, it didn’t have the black streaks that Narcissa Malfoy portrayed. Your smile slowly dispatched from your face as the the crowd dispersed and you saw the girl Draco was walking with was Daphne Greengrass, a girl in your year and in Slytherin. The smile was completely gone by the time you saw Draco hand-in-hand with the girl. ‘Oh god.’ You whispered to yourself. You immediately turned around, to go back to Pansy, your face red and your heart beating a mile a minute. ‘Y/n!’ You heard him call your name. You spun around, a wide, fake grin across your face. ‘Draco!’ You cried, ‘I totally didn’t see you! How are you?’ You smiled. Draco smiled also, ‘I’m really good!’ You looked to Daphne, ‘Hi Daphne.’ You said. Although you were smiling you couldn’t be more broken and embarrassed. ‘Hi y/n!’ She said sweetly. 
‘Um, Pansy is waiting for me, actually. So I’ll see you guys on the train yeah?’ You said, feeling yourself well up. 
‘Alright! Bye.’ Draco said as he and his girlfriend walked off towards the Hogwarts Express. 

Ever since then you had tried and managed to keep things normal, apart from the fact that all you could think about was Draco and his smile and his eyes and his laugh…

‘You just need closure.’ Pansy said to you one Saturday night. 
‘How do I get closure, Pansy? It’s not like I can just go to Hogsmeade and ask Madame Rosmerta for one large closure.’ You sighed, putting your hands in your head. ‘Okay,’ Pansy laughed, ‘Madame Rosmerta can’t give you closure but she can give you this.’ Pansy pulled out a bottle of Firewhisky from inside her robes, grinning. 

You awoke the next day with a pounding headache, the empty bottle of firewhisky laying at the end of your four poster bed, as well as a sleeping Pansy. Your rubbed your head, ‘Dammit Pansy.’ You sighed. You got up and rolled her under the covers of your bed just as Draco walked in. He smirked, ‘I see you two had a little fun last night. Y/n, I didn’t know you were into girls.’ He winked. ‘Ha Ha.’ You rolled your eyes. Draco laughed, 
‘Daph and I are about to go to the Quidditch pitch for a date.’ Draco sang happily, ‘But I just wanted to check that you two were okay.’ He said, raising his eyebrows at Pansy. ‘We’re fine.’ You said, a little put out at the mention of Daphne. You suddenly looked at Draco, cocking your head to the side. 
‘What?’ He asked. 
‘I don’t know.’ You said, ‘I just feel like I had a dream about you, but I don’t remember.’ You said slowly, thinking hard. 
‘Okay.’ Draco laughed. You sat back down on your bed, 
‘Did we talk last night?’ You asked. Draco shook his head,
‘No but you two were so loud the whole castle heard you yelling, so I put a silencing charm around your dorm.’ Draco said casually. ‘If you want I can take it off.’ 
‘It’s probably better on.’ You smiled. Draco laughed nodding, 
‘That’s true. Anyway I’ll see you later. Oh, I have to grab my jumper quickly,’ He added, ‘It’s freezing outside.’
As Draco left the room you remembered. 
‘Oh god.’ You whispered. You ran out of the room and down the hallway, just missing Draco as he entered his dorm. ‘Draco!’ You yelled. You finally reached the end of the corridor and burst through his door. ‘Draco!’ You cried again, almost breaking the door as you flung through it to find him standing by his draws, a slightly ripped piece of parchment in his hands.  ‘Did you write me a letter last night?’ He grinned, as he began to read the paper. ‘Draco put that down!’ You screamed. You ran over to him and jumped on his back, almost tackling him to the ground as you yanked the letter from out of his hands. You both fell onto Draco’s bed which was conveniently in the way of you crashing to the floor, both breathing heavily at the commotion that you just caused. 
‘You’re over me?’ Draco said. You closed your eyes, jumping off of him and standing up, ‘Oh god.’ You whispered into your hands that were clasped over your mouth, ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.’ You repeated over and over, covering your face. ‘You’re over me?’ He said again. 
‘When were-when were you…under…me?’ Draco stuttered. 
‘Draco.’ you whispered. 
‘Do you…did you have feelings for me?’ He asked. You nodded. ‘Oh my god. Oh my god!’ He said, ‘I can’t um, I can’t deal with this right now.’ He said, very stressed. ‘I’m sorry.’ You said. He nodded, his eyes wide, 
‘Yep okay. Um, I have to go because Daphne is-is waiting. Okay.’ He said, shutting the door behind him. 

That night you sat alone in your dorm, looking through the pictures of a book you had no interest in when the door opened. ‘Hi.’ You looked up to see Draco standing there. ‘Hey.’ You said softly. 
‘We-uh-didn’t end up having our date.’ He said, sitting on Pansy’s bed. 
‘Oh, why not?’ You asked. 
‘She had homework to do, and anyway I was a bit out of it.’ He said. 
‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You said, unsure of what else to say. 
‘No, it’s not “interesting”.’ Draco said, starting to get mad, ‘You had no right to tell me you had feelings for me!’ He cried.
‘What?’ You said, standing up. 
‘I was doing great with Daphne before I found out about you!’ 
‘Hey, I was doing great before I found out about you!’ You yelled back, ‘You think it’s easy for me to see you with Daphne?’ 
‘Well then you should have said something before I started dating Daphne!’ He yelled. 
‘I didn’t know then!’ You cried. ‘And how come you never said anything to me?’ 
‘There was never a good time!’ 
‘Right, because, you only had-what-five years! And we only hung out ever single day!’ 
‘Not every day!’ Draco said, running out of ways to defend himself, ‘And it’s not like I didn’t try! But things got in the way!’ 
‘Do you even have a point?’ 
‘The point is, I don’t need this right now! Okay? It’s too late. I’m with someone else and I’m happy. This ship has sailed!’ 
‘What so you’re just going to suppress your feeling or something?’ You shouted. 
‘I’ve gotten pretty good at doing that!’ Draco shouted back, leaving you silent. 
‘Alright fine.’ You said lowly, ‘You go ahead and do that, alright Draco? Cos I don’t need your stupid ship!’ 
‘Fine!’ Draco yelled before storming out the room and slamming the door behind him. ‘And you know what?’ You yelled as loud as you could, ‘Now I got closure!’ You screamed. You sat back down on your bed, in tears, ‘Stupid fucking silencing charm!’ You cried, sobbing into your hands. You sat in the quiet for a few seconds, the only sound in the room was your heavy breathing as you sat with your head in your hands. 
knock knock. You heard knuckles on the back of the door. You stood up and went to it, opening it to find Draco. His face was expressionless but you could see the pain in his eyes, as he could yours. You blinked and breathed out. Draco stepped in and didn’t stop as he went straight for your lips. You caught him and your hands shot up to his face as you kissed him back, and you felt his hands on your back and your foreheads touched as you kissed passionately. 


1.Kissed a girl?

2.Kissed a boy?

3.Had sex in public?
No not technically

4.What’s your religion?
I’m not really religious but Christian

5.What does your URL mean?
I made it like 6 years ago lol

6.Reason you joined tumblr?
My sister talked me into it

7.Do you have any nicknames?
Moo, mo, morgs, mo mo

8.Do you like bubble bath?
One of those sounds so nice rn

9.Kissed in the rain?
Yes that used to be on my bucket list in middle school lolol

10.Dyed your hair?

11.Soup or salad?
Hmmm depends

12.Vegetable or meat?
I love both

13.Go out drinking?
God I wish I was 21

14.Smoke cigarettes?
Occasionally when I’m drunk or with friends

15.Smoke weed?

16.Do any hard drugs?
I have before

17.Have you had sex today?
Unfortunately no😅

18.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
Yes it’s my favorite thing

19.The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
She’s my baby sooooo

20.Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

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nickname: Em 

star sign: Gemini

mbti type: Lol I will admit I had to look this up. ISFJ 

height: 5″5 

birthdate: May 27th 

favorite bands: I don’t have a favourite as such. I like lot’s of music 

song stuck in my head: New Rules Dua Lipa 

last show I watched: Killjoys 

other blogs: None this is my only one. 

when did I create this blog: June 2015 I think so 2 years ago

what I post about: Arrow but I reblog other things too

following: 467 

followers: 1,624

favorite color(s): Green, blue, red

average hours of sleep: 7-8 hours 

lucky number: 18 

instruments: I used to play violin when I was at school 

how many blankets I sleep with: one

dream job: Still figuring that out, maybe something that allows me to travel and see the world 

dream trip: Maybe Europe, there’s so much to see. 

favorite food: Chicken schnitzel since I was little, pizza, Indian food, Japanese, I like lot’s of different cuisines to be honest 

nationality: Australian 

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1. Nicknames:I don’t have any rip

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Pisces

4. Height: 5′5

5. Time: 9:16pm

6. Birthday: march 12th

7. Favorite bands:Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, Warpaint, Arctic Monkeys, Hole, The Velvet Underground, Foo Fighters, The Last Shadow Puppets and more lol

9. Song stuck in my head: Lazaretto- Jack White

10. Last movie watched: I seen Dunkirk a few weeks ago in the cinema but idk apart from that I hate watching movies haha

11. Last show watched: Prob The Simpsons

12. When did I create my blog: This one like last year but I’ve had others before this

13. What do I post about: Mostly bands and music shit (90% RHCP and John Frusciante tho) some just random stuff and the occasional meme haha

14. Last thing I Googled: Anemia headache relief :’)

15. Do you have other blogs: Nope

16. Do you get Asks: Not really aw

17. Why did you choose your URL: No idea there was a reason at the time but I can’t remember now

18. Following: 266

19. Followers: 147

20. Favorite colors:  Don’t really have one but I guess I like purple

21. Average hours of sleep: About 8 on weeknights

22. Lucky number: Don’t have one and I never have haha

23. Instruments: I started teaching myself guitar this year and I’ve been playing it a good bit

24. What am I wearing right now: Pajama bottoms and a jumper of my dad’s

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: One

26. Dream job: No idea, ideally something related to music but that’s not really realistic

27. Dream trip: California, Italy, Greece probably and alot of other places

28. Favorite food: Prob pizza, just cheese though bc I don’t like/eat much meat at all

29. Nationality: Irish

30. Favorite song now: Foo Fighters- The Line, RHCP- Fall Water, The Rolling Stones- She’s a Rainbow, Nine Inch Nails- Sunspots

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anonymous asked:

Fam, I feel you. I could use a drink too. What kind of alcohol do you like? I hate beer but I'll drink just about anything else

When it comes to beer I drink Tecate and Michelob lol. And I drown it in Tajin, lime, and salt cx.

Anyway I love Jack Daniels (with coke), Baileys, I ADORE AMARETTO SOURS, and pina coladas and this thing called a vampiro which I haven’t had since I downed 7 ( I only remember 5 but my mom and uncle and stepdad swear it was 7) like 2 New Year’s Eves ago and ended up throwing up in a parking lot on the way home haahaha yiiiikes. That’s a lot of tequila. 

Vodka is like… an I hate myself drink for me. It always leaves me feeling shitty the next day no matter how little I drink. 

hopelessly-em  asked:

1-49 😜

You would ask them all🙄😂 but I’m only doing the ones I haven’t answered already soooo

3. Plaid button-ups
4. I dress like a trash bag 95% of the time but I’m cute occasionally
5. Man I don’t know
6. My Rose & Rosie shirt or my hat that says “peachy”
7. My chacos
8. I recently cut 11 inches off my hair and now it’s just short but a little longer in the front
9. Nah I just wait until it’s so long I can’t even brush it anymore and then I cut it all off
10. My ex took me horseback riding for Valentine’s Day once
11. I went on a date with this guy (lol I know) like a year ago and my ankle was sprained so he had to pick me up and we went to a coffee shop and he just couldn’t keep a conversation and then he dropped me off at the front of my apartment complex nowhere near my building and never talked to me again
13. Not technically taken
14. You already know😜 basically what I said in 2 & 27
15. I’m pretty extra so I kinda want a big production but whoever I marry may not want that lol but I want it outdoors with a shit ton of flowers and I want the reception to be lit😂
16. Yes
17. Not in the Bible Belt, Seattle or Austin
18. Imagine Me & You or Life Partners
19. No idea
20. Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko or Wasted Youth by Fletcher or She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert
21. You
22. I love cats and adore The L Word
23. Lmao yes
24. Sing or play an instrument for me or giving me flowers
25. Being attracted to women
28. Just being a shitty person, not caring, etc.
29. I’ve done both lol
30. Not sure exactly what I want. I want to work with foster kids but I’m not sure if I could emotionally handle it
31. Baking, reading, driving around blasting music with my friends, sleeping, and Netflix
32. Having a good heart
33. I usually love easily
34. No
35. No thank God
36. Love it
37. Pasta
38. Coffee
40. I have a cat but he lives with my parents and I’m sad about it
41. Night owl
42. Taurus
43. INTJ I think
44. Emma Watson
45. I came out as bi but I honestly don’t see myself ending up with a guy or even dating one again, I always knew I was attracted to girls but denial’s a hell of a drug so there wasn’t really a certain age
46. 20!
47. It’s possible 🤔😏
48. It’s pretty good so far, I went grocery shopping and I’m going to dinner with friends later and then I’m probably gonna FaceTime this one girl I like😜
49. I want to live in a bigger city with my wife and kids and work with foster kids and just be doing something I love. I also want to travel a lot


9 Photos/Gifs of your bias

I had to show Jaebum in a snapback some love because something about this man in a snapback gets me weak in the knees! like put jaebum in a snapback and find my ass on the floor.

I was Tagged by My baby boo and partner in crime @claydohstuff Years ago but picking just 9 pics of this Fine piece of man is IMPOSSIBLE!! 

I tag @lonniemeetworld @supersoftghetto @officialwangtrash @we-are-but-stardust @jaebumlati @allofk @icandisweetz @zozoppl @youngjaegot-7 @different697 @yoonmya @kisipie @lialovesyouall @slay-bum @d-efsoul  (If ya already did it lol and iam unaware then here are 9 lovely pictures of Im jaebum for you to enjoy lol) 

So I found this book from about from about 6-7 years ago and…

still accurate today tbh 

good to see i’ve always had great taste

Hell yeah, younger me would be so happy to know I have a cat now

Oh look the start of my emo phase which I’m still in (guess it’s not really a phase but whatever)

…Uhhh ok??


a birthday letter to park jinyoung

in 2012, my mother told me that my grandmother had been diagnosed with leukaemia. it had been kept from me and my sister for a while bc we were quite young but as she started going through chemo, it became more obvious that she was sick and so my mother thought we deserved to know. it was the first time i had been faced with an immediate family member being sick and i didn’t know how to deal with my emotions. on top of that, i was finishing school that year and the thought of college terrified me, i was about to sit my gcse exams and i was having issues with my friends. i felt alone and i couldn’t find joy in anything. my anxiety worsened over the first half of the year until i had my first panic attack in may. 2 days after my first panic attack, jj project debuted.

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