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A few things about Andrew Minyard,,

- he makes other people tie his shoelaces for him
- hes a blanket monster, doesn’t even leave Neil the sheet ok, poor kid has to sleep in sweatpants and a hoodie in the winter
- secretly does a lot of research about it and only buys the best quality food for the cats
- he’s the only person in his apartment building that ever buys girls scout cookies but he always buys enough to make it worth their time stopping by, he has like 20 boxes of thin mints stashed in the freezer at all times
- he uses an electric toothbrush but it’s like a cheap ninja turtles one from target
- cooks and cleans but DOES NOT do dishes, he will literally let them pile up to the ceiling and then when there’s none left that are clean, if no one else does them, he’ll just throw them all away and go buy new ones
- (eventually they discover paper plates and plastic silverware)
- hates horror movies (not because they’re scary, it’s because they’re predictable)
- Neil is the first person (besides Andrew) to realize Andrew needs reading glasses, and he makes him get some and Andrew carries them with him all the time but only uses them when he absolutely has to
- “I dont need glasses, i dont want to see your ugly face”
- “shut up and try them on or I’m selling the car and buying a minivan.”
- he only does autographs for his kid fans
- once he gets on his pro team people (kevin and nicky) keep pushing him to dress in more colors instead of just black all the time so he gets a bunch of neon armbands and wears a different set every day,, hot pink,, lime green,, fucking yellow, obscenely bright orange,,, other than that his wardrobe doesn’t change
- learned how to sew when he was younger because none of his clothes ever fit right and he always has to make adjustments
- has a savings account that he puts money into every chance he gets and whenever neil asks about it he pulls these random excuses out of his ass (“it’s for candy”, “I’m gonna hire someone to hide your body after I kill you”, “I almost have enough to buy out Exites so that I can shut it down permanently") but it’s actually for the foxes’ kids

Jowan's Redemption

So mage is my favorite origin, and in Redcliffe my Amell always sends Jowan into the fade to save Connor. It’s a great way for him to directly fix his mistakes like he wants to (though I’m forever salty you can’t set him free afterwards). But there’s an even better reason to send him.

It’s proof that he had it in him to pass his Harrowing all along.

Also, though Irving gets super disapproving over you ~letting a blood mage loose in the fade~ not once is Jowan tempted to make a deal with the demon to free himself, even though he knows he easily could, and that nothing good is waiting for him back in the waking world.

Now, could Jowan have passed back in the tower, under the atmosphere of fear and doubt? We’ll never know now.

Dating Kim Seokjin Would Include...

rap monster | suga | jimin | jungkook | v | j-hope |

  • Watching a lot of Disney movies together 
  • Literally when all else fails, Jin’s like “Wanna rewatch Snow White?
  • At almost any given moment, he will start testing out his acting skills and saying “Did I nail it? I nailed it, didn’t I? I know.
  • And when you jokingly say no, he pouts and denies you attention for the rest of the day (but in reality he gives up on that within the first fifteen minutes because he can’t ignore)
  • He’d try teaching you Mandarin and find it so funny whenever you’d get some words mixed up
  • No jagi, get the pink one
  • Telling him that he looks HELLA cute in his glasses but he doesn’t believe you 
  • Resting your head on those broad ass shoulders 
  • Sleeping on those broad ass shoulders
  • Admiring those broad ass shoulders
  • Balancing cups on those broad ass shoulders
  • Do you wanna see the new choreography?
  • You say yes because boy, this’ll be interesting
  • He purposely makes himself look like a total idiot while doing the choreography and you’re just cringing / trying hard not to laugh
  • idk I feel like there’s lots of kissing
  • But not necessarily a lot of full on kissing, I feel like Jin would give you a lot of pecks and quick kisses at random times
  • He’d cook for you all the time
  • Seeing that cute smile of his always 
  • Jin would literally be your #1 fan, no matter how big or small your achievement is, Jin would just be showering you with love and telling you how proud he is of you
  • Jin overall would just be a very cute boyfriend who would look after you and always be there when you needed him and I’m down
Kinky Levi x Fem!Reader

Corporal had his squad do a spring cleaning on the castle, and you were stuck with cleaning the dungeon on your own. Nonetheless, you met Levi’s standards on how good you cleaned it. 

“Good job, _____. Thank you for all your hard work.”

He then asked you to help clean the rooms and you were just about done them too. After a couple more hours passed, you finished off with cleaning the dust off the windows and was just about to bring the the pail of dirty water out to dump it.

It was kinda heavy for you to carry on your own, but you wanted to show Levi you never need help and wanted to impress him with your strength. He had just finished with the shelves and was on his way out to clean himself off, but heard a loud crash and popped his head back into the room, finding you, soaked and almost teary-eyed in the puddle.

“My…” Levi said. smirking at your soaked, white blouse.

“D-don’t look!” You cried. Your face went beet-red and covered your breasts.

Levi then glared at you. “You dirtied my floor again.”

“I’m sorry, Corporal!” You looked up to see him, creeping towards you.

He yanked you by the wrists and threw you on the well-made bed that he made you do over and over again, until he could bounce a coin off it.

“I was going to reward you for doing such an amazing job today.. But I guess I’ll have to punish you instead.” He says, as his one hand holds your hands above your head, while the other wanders down your blouse, unbuttoning it.

“I’ll show you just how sorry you are…”

“But sir… I was- Ah!”

He squeezed one of your breasts and twisted your nipple, shutting you up from explaining yourself. You could feel his hot breath on your neck and it gave you chills, arching your back onto him. And when you twitched from the sensation, you also felt how hard he already was.

He got back up to untie his cravat to tie it on your wrists.

“L-Levi! What are yo-”

He shoved his hand over your mouth. “People will hear you, if you don’t shut up.”

He carried on by kissing down your neck, hand still covering your mouth. More chills were sent down your spine, when he licked up your neck to your jawline. Slowly moving his other hand from your exposed, wet breast to your inner thighs. He then started massaging and teasing you, by going close to your most sensitive spot then back to your inner thigh. Your whimpers started to sound desperate, and he chuckled at how much you squirmed under his touch.

Seeing how much you wanted him, he became more aroused and started grinding his hips into yours.

“_____… Tell me how much you want me. And I may re-consider that reward again.”

He moved his hand away from your lips. Slowly unbuttoning your pants. Waiting for your command.

“I… I want you… I want you so bad!” You cried, with a blushy face.

“Hmph.” He smirks, as he jams two of his fingers inside you.

You let out an almost loud moan. But covering your own mouth, hoping no one heard you.

“Let’s play a little game..” He says, putting his thumb over your clit, while still penetrating you with his fingers. “You stay as quiet as you can, and I will for sure give you a reward. But first, you must be punished for dirtying my floor again.”

He starts rubbing your clit as he’s finger-fucking you. Biting at your neck.

You become flustered and bit your lip, so you don’t scream from the pleasure. 

He chuckles at your effort to keep quiet and brings his head down to your breasts, licking around one of your nipples and kissing it. Your moans started getting louder and louder, but not enough for anyone to hear yet. Again, he smirks at your effort and bites down on your breast. Leaving a love mark.

“A-!” You cover your mouth again.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you withstand this much pleasure, _____?” He says, as he goes faster and harder. Pulling your head back to look at him. He loved seeing how lewd your face got from his touch. Since you were trying not to moan too loud, you were breathing real heavily.

He pulls your pants down and he can see all of you. Teasingly licking your entrance and chuckling as your shivers from each breath he took.

“I suppose you’ve had enough.. How about that reward. You can be as loud as you want now” He says as he walks to the door to close it.

You were whimpering from how good you felt, and you were catching your breath, while you had the chance. When your eyes were closed, you felt the bed move again, from getting back to you. His shirt was unbuttoned, he was hovering over you.

“You did well, _____…” He whispers in your ear, then licking your earlobe. “How about a treat.”

You felt something hard, rubbing against your entrance. And he pushed himself up to look into your eyes. You can see the lust growing inside of him. With a slight curve of a smile. Wanting to take you good and hard.

You caught your breath and blushed from the look on his face.

“… Take me, Levi.”

He had a slight blush and went wide-eyed. Then he went back to his cold smile and jammed his cock inside you. 

“Nnngh!” You wrapped your tied hands around his neck and pulled him closer to you. Biting on his shoulder from the pleasure.

He grunted from the painful, yet amazing feeling from your bite. And dug his face in your neck. Licking and biting you more and more.

He told you to say his name.




He pulled out and untied your wrists, gagging you with his cravat instead. Flipping you over to take you from behind and held your hands behind your back. Your face was shoved into the bed.

He shoved his cock inside you once more. Going harder and faster.

You were grunting and moaning from the lustful pleasure and you were no longer able to think anymore.

His one free hand was clenching down on your hip, pulling you closer to each thrust. And you felt his thumb go to your other hole.

No, not there!” You thought.

Your muffled moans became muffled screams, he started penetrating you from both holes and your eyes became watery again.

As he was fucking you from behind, and his thumb in your other hole, he leaned down to bite on your shoulder.

“I’m almost there, _____” He whispered.

Going harder and harder, he bit down more on your shoulder once more. Grunting from reaching his climax. And he finished inside you.

You were screaming for the last time and you both passed out on his bed.

I hope this was okay. I had a draft, but it didn’t save on my stupid phone and I spent forever, writing this and coming up with stuffs on the spot. ; u;
Waaahh, I feel like I tried too hard. T^T
You have no idea how many times I wrote something and thought it was stupid and started over…

Also, Rena is on vacay for a little while, so I’ll do my best to write a couple more before she’s back! >.<

blog/writer rec | top 5

I know I’m on a sort-of-hiatus and all, but I’m about to hit a milestone of sorts and I’ve had this saved in my drafts forever and just waited for a reason to post it lmao.

In no particular order, here are five of my favorite blogs/writers on this site, please check them out!!

@yoongg-e (masterlist)

Lex totally gets preferential treatment here because she’s my actual soul partner and the love of my life, but she’s also the person in this short list who has legit, honest to god impact on my life. I’m a pretty sensitive and emotional person, but also terrible with sensitivity and emotions, Lex manages to strike a balance between my need for affection and my need to joke about anything that resembles affection, thus ending up being a person I very easily feel that I can talk to and be myself around, and for that I appreciate her a lot. She also sent me drunk snaps one time and it was adorable. That’s just me praising Lex as a person, though. When it comes to writing I’ve seen her called “the queen of angst”, but a more appropriate title would be “the queen of AJ’s heart” because I love everything she puts out ever. I always praise Lex for her grasp on dialogue and the flow and style of her writing, and these abilities shine especially bright in this ongoing fic of hers called (don’t) save me, a fic I’d recommend regardless of your preferences in pairings and genres.

@taehyung-the-baehyung (masterlist)

Now I don’t know kavya at all, but I’ve been at least aware of her for awhile, and the first thing I really noticed about her was that she’s the kind of content creator that I strive to be as well. I think one of the most important things we do as content creators on a site like this is cheer each other on instead of just endlessly self-promote, and from her spotlight posts to her fic recs with actual comments in the reblogs, she nails this, and inspires me to do so as well. She just seems like such a sweet and good person, and I truly look up to her both as a writer and a person bc on top of my word vomit of praise, she’s even an amazing writer herself, having written both my favorite Hoseok pieces, Spring Day + Perform.

@jnghobi (masterlist)

This is purely a writer related recommendation because while I’ve known of Sidd for a while now since we’re in some of the same nets, I don’t actually know them beyond their interactions with others in the GCs (don’t get me wrong though, they seem like such a sweetheart). BUT! As far as writing goes, Sidd has to be one of my absolute favorite writers, and they became so in the span of just a few hours, with mxm fics, no less. If you haven’t read this zombie apocalypse fic, you haven’t lived, man, and this yoonkook piece is also just to die for. Please don’t sleep on them. They also made me ship namseok i guess????, rip.

@spoopyscapes (masterlist)

Em is just one of those people that makes you happy when they appear on your dash, and from my tiny bit of interaction with her she seems like a cutie as well!! I always end up reading the tags on her posts and reblogs, which… I probably should for everyone, but… anyways, em recently posted this mingyu fic that i read without even knowing who mingyu was lmao, which was probably what made me check out seventeen in the first place, because it’s a very very good read!! 

@denouemin (masterlist)

Rena is another one of those who always pops up on my dash and makes me feel better, and also one of those who’s really good at praising the fics and creators she likes. I always see her adding paragraphs under her recs and I appreciate that effort so so much!! Check out her 101 ways to say I love you series as well, these drabbles are BEYOND cute!!! Psychic!tae is my new actual favorite thing, I can’t even fathom… also!!! 10/10 one of the sweetest people ever, would follow again.

Just quick sketch that’s been in my drafts forever… (I’m not really happy with it and it’s super lazy) BUT it’s the occasion to do a little update about Force and Prejudice because, let’s be honest, IT’S BEEN AGES. There’s so much bits of story I wanna draw and I just never gonna have time T_T
Back to adventures on Tatooine (first post there) where our two silly Jedi had to pretend to be bounty hunters in order to infiltrate a slavers base and save one of Xarel old friend Ysa. For that they had to work with Keran, a sassy space pirate a little bit of a douche. Still one of the most hilarious thing I’ve played on this roleplay x)

Bonus Xarel being all possesive whenever someone made a comment on Shatti’s outfit :

Fandomstuck Headcanons

I am dedicating this post to the old draft I had of this that never got saved, RIP forever, I will never forget you.

Now, on a more serious note and what this whole thing is going to be about, I am making this post about some headcanons and theories of mine about some Fandomstuck characters, particularly the main five, Homestuck, Hetalia, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock. On that note, these are my own headcanons and you do not have to agree with them, all I ask is that you respect them please. (Hate all you want anons I give no fucks.) But, if you wish to correct me or add onto my theories, feel free to reblog or send me a message. Also for my own sake, I would like to inform everyone that I am an active member of all five of these Fandoms, and I have done some research on the side as well. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the art work done of the Fandoms nor do I take credit for creating them entirely. These are just my thoughts on what their past might look like. 


Perhaps it’s my lazy tenancies or the fact I’m not looking hard enough, but I rarely see any theories, headcanons, or posts about what the Fandoms were like in their past when they were born, or first created. It’s very rare I see them drawn as little babies and even rarer at the mention of any sort of reason why they are they way they look or how they became who they are today, before certain things happened within the show, anime, comic, ect. that most people have based their look off of. On that note, I will start off by talking about who I believe to be the oldest out of all of the Fandomstuck characters, Doctor Who.

By today’s standards, it doesn’t take long for something to get hype for, whether it’s a new show or internet thing that people become obsessed with. But it was probably a completely different story back in 1963, when the first episode of Doctor Who was aired. This was before the internet, before color TV was available to everyone. By those standards, it would take quite a long time for excitement to build up over a new show, since it would take longer for information to get out about it with the lack of the internet. While the whole idea of Fandomstuck wasn’t even written in the stars back then, we’re more so talking about how old the physical Fandom itself would be rather than the age of when Fandomstuck character. For the sake of simplicity, I will put it forth that the age of the Fandomstuck character is the same age as the actual Fandom is. Back then, it wouldn’t take a few days or weeks for something to be largely popular on TV, it might have taken months or even years. In this case Doctor Who might have been born, or created, two to three years after the show began to air. This would make him 49-50 years old in human years. So that settles his age, now for the way he looks. Without his adorable nerd clothes, he would look like a normal person since he doesn’t resemble any of the Doctors that much. But with them on, he resembles quite a few at the same time. When he was younger he most likely idolized the Doctor, since he is the main character of the show. Whenever the Doctor regenerated, Doctor Who would take whatever iconic piece of clothing he would wear during his time being that one Doctor and add onto his own style. It is even quite clear where he got pieces of his fashion he is depicted in today, he got a bow tie from the Doctors who wore one, a fez from the 11th, his blue and red glasses as well as his red converse shoes from the 10th, his scarf from the 4th, and so on and so forth. I have noticed he is also often drawn with a sonic screwdriver. On a quick subject that another theory I have is is that the Fandoms possess some of the iconic things that are easily recognizable from their show, movie, comic, anime, ect., I also believe that the items they would have work just as they would as if they were in the world they came from with the same limitations if not more than they would normally have. This would lead me to think that the sonic screwdriver that Doctor Who owns is fully functioning and works just as it would if it were in the Doctor’s hands. Not only does he have a sonic screw driver, I also believe that he has a TARDIS as well that he might have stowed away in his room but not fully functioning. Something also leads me to believe that he not only possesses timelord technology, but he himself is a timelord as well. There is the fact that he is 50 years old and still looks young, and also the fact that the main character of his show is one. Going back to how he might own a TARDIS, it is most likely not fully functioning due to unknown causes, but it would be bigger on the inside just as it is on the show. It would also look like the TARDIS in his show for obvious reasons, and even change it’s appearance along with his sonic screw driver whenever their appearance changed in the show even if it could never travel through time and space. I would imagine that he would try and fix it, sometimes he might even fall asleep in it by accident while he was up late working on it. Going back to how he is 50 years old, this would mean he would have been able to watch his friends and other Fandoms be created and grow up, this includes the two who would probably his closest friends Sherlock and Supernatural.

All three of them are quite famous together, even having a separate Fandom known as the dreaded famous Superwholock. But separately, they are each their own Fandom.

While the three of them are good friends, their ages vary quite a bit. With Supernatural’s pilot airing in 2005 and the first episode of Sherlock airing in 2010. This would make their ages five years old, ten years old, and of course 50 years old. But since a lot of things are complicated, I’m going to go off by their “Internet age,” (another Fandomstuck theory on that later) or how old they would be since all of them would most likely live on the internet with all of the other Fandoms rather than age like a human would. Internet years would work sort of like dog years, 1 human year = 7 dog years. On the internet, time would go faster than it would in real life (which is why time seems to fly when you’re on the computer or your phone). In this case, the internet time would go four times faster than that on earth, meaning Doctor Who would be 150 years old, Supernatural would be 30, and Sherlock would be 15. This would make sense to the relevant ages of the characters in their shows, aside from Sherlock since Sherlock Holmes is in his late 30s. The Doctor is hundreds of years old, which would go with how Doctor Who would be 150 years old, and Sam and Dean are in their 30s making Supernatural’s age close to the Winchester brothers’ ages. Going back to how their friendship would work, they would most likely know almost everything about each other, from the simple little things to their deepest darkest secrets. Their friendship might even be more tightly woven than a microfiber blanket. They would be there for each other if one of them became sad, the two of them would be there if the third needed support is something happened in their show, or the one would be there for the two if they started crying together. Even if something bad happened in all of their shows at the same time, the three of them would be able to cry together and make each other feel better so they could get over what happened faster. Now, onto the next headcanons, I’ll be skipping Supernatural for now, let’s move onto Sherlock.

This will be one of the shorter theories/headcanons because there isn’t a whole lot I have spent thinking about him. I’m not here to force my ships down anyone’s throat and tell people what is right and what is wrong, but I do ship WhoLock rather than anyone else with Sherlock or Doctor Who. Although it doesn’t really have any relevance with this, it might later on. While his is shorter than any of the other Fandoms, his is slightly more depressing. The entirety of the Fandom has been waiting for another season of Sherlock to air, some more anxious than others. Sherlock himself if coping with this as well, but in a way different than what most would do after watching the shows. Sometimes he will lock himself in his room and turn off all the lights and re-watch all his episodes again and again for an entire day, then come out of his room when he is done and pretend like everything was normal. New Fandoms are advised to never mention falling off of buildings around him, as it will cause him to break down in tears and lock himself in his room once again, in which Doctor Who, Supernatural, or both have to go retrieve him to calm him down. As for everything else, he normally wears his blue scarf that he claims to have been the real one that was worn by Benedict in his show, though there is no real evidence that supports that. Like his main character, he possesses the same highly tuned senses that allow him to figure out things about people quickly and make highly educated guesses about them as well. He will often quote his show (as many of the Fandoms are known to do anyway.) and has the same drug problems as Sherlock Holmes, and the same intolerance for bull shit like John Watson. Although he is the youngest out of the three, he often takes care of Doctor Who and Supernatural since he doesn’t have much else to do, which usually is making them their favorite treats, collecting any stray feathers Supernatural may have dropped, and being there for them when they need support. There is also the side job he has of auspicticing for a lot of people, which is also widely known to everyone. Though he does most of this between Supernatural and Homestuck, he is also known for helping Fandoms who are beaten on a lot and give them a boost of self esteem.

Now, last of the TV shows but sure as hell not least, is Supernatural.

It is well know Supernatural is a depressing show, with Mary Winchester burning in just the pilot and much more death to be had after that. It would be no surprise that other Fandoms would find Supernatural crying quite a bit, even though himself as a whole is quite tough. A strong question though, is what he would have looked like before the introduction of angels. Angels are the only known creature in Supernatural depicted with feathery wings, this doesn’t include any other creature that does have wings such as the dragons, which did not appear until season 6. It made me think that he probably didn’t even have wings until season 4 when Castiel was introduced as well as the fact that the angels do have wings. In my theory, he didn’t show any signs of having wings accept for small slightly noticeable bumps where they would grow later on. As time drew closer to season four, they probably began to gain their wing-like shape while still remaining small, their growth accelerated with the beginning of the fourth season going from hardly any to quite a lot. Even before he grew wings, he most likely noticed the abnormal growth on his back, and probably sought help from Doctor Who or anyone willing to listen to him that there was something wrong with him. Once he accepted that he wasn’t human and the fact that he had wings, he began to wear clothes that would allow him to use his wings freely without the restrictions of clothes getting in the way, hence forth he began to wear a trench coat like Castiel’s. His wings grew to such a large size that he was capable of flight, unlike the angels in his show who do not fly rather they teleport around when they have them. Unlike in the show, everyone is always able to see Supernatural’s wings which differs him from angels who’s wings are only visible when they allow them to be seen or if they have been killed to which they are scorched into the ground upon their death. This means that Supernatural could very well be neither human nor angel, but both, a nephilim. While nephilim are created when a human and an occupied angel vessel have a child, perhaps the introduction of Castiel and the strength of how much people shipped him with Dean is what caused him to change or rather show more characteristics of an angel and a human. As well as having the skill of a professional hunter, he even has some angel powers but not all. Some of these abilities might be being able to summon an angel blade, minor telekinesis, inhuman strength, accelerated healing, extreme stamina, partial contact with angel radio, temporal awareness, a healing touch, and the power to smite demons with touch. Though he has never tried to smite Homestuck before simply because he does not wish to hurt him severely no matter how much he hates him because they are still friends. Before he had his wings, he most likely looked like a combination between Sam and Dean, since he is usually depicted as having fluffy moose hair, a pretty face, broad shoulders, and jeans along with thick work shoes/boots, probably even a plaid flannel over his t-shirt. Over time and with every “The road so far…”, he began to look more worn and tired emotionally and physically just as Team Free Will became the longer they were caught up in the chaos of it all. Although he can be found sulking to himself a lot of the times, he is always there to make an out-of place but still not quite Supernatural GIF reference and is often known to make a bitchface whenever someone says something stupid or whenever the time calls for it. Some people even say that he might have a case of resting bitchface syndrome. His room is connected to a garage in which he keeps his 1967 Chevy Impala, and he takes care of it as if it were his own child. Although he has gotten over it now, when he was only a few years old he had a fear of fire, especially ones that were near a ceiling or just in an enclosed space in general which included bedrooms. This was caused by the fear that he would wake up and find a woman burning on his ceiling like in his show, although nothing else he had seen or heard in his show scared him. Unlike he was when he was younger, Supernatural is almost fearless, though there are some dark fears that still linger in the back of his mind.

Onto the last two of the main five of the Fandoms, Homestuck and Hetalia. Though so far I have done each Fandom individually for the most part, I have a headcanon that involves the two of them quite heavily at the same time.

Lets start off with Hetalia. The original run of Hetalia began in 2006 as a webcomic, which makes him 9 in human years, but 27 in internet years. Since it was created on the internet before it was an official manga, it wouldn’t take long for a proper Fandom to form. Homestuck on the other hand, the first page being posted in 2009, he would be six human years old, but 18 in internet years or on an Alternian standpoint he would be 8 sweeps (8.3 if you want to get technical). Hetalia will often refer to Himaruya as his Papa and has a strong bond with him, unlike Homestuck who feels a little tormented by Hussie and often curses under his breath about him. But going back to Hetalia, when he was younger Hima dressed him up in the white pajamas that the young nations would wear like in Chibitalia, and he could be found happily reading his comic or snuggling little dolls of his characters that Hima made for him. When he was a little older, Hetalia was forced to wear a dress much like Italy’s when he had to work Austria, this was due to Hima not being able to provide him with boy clothes that fit him properly, though Hetalia did not mind this at all, and enjoyed wearing the dresses that were provided to him. Homestuck was raised a bit differently, as did he look much much different when he was younger. Before Homestuck looked like a troll, he most likely looked human. Since he was born, he was a troll, although he did not show any signs of being one until he began to reach act 5 when the trolls began to interact with the kids. As a child, his skin was much much paler to the point where it was almost as white as paper, though his hair was still black. At that time his horns were nothing but small unnoticeable bumps on his head that were hidden by his hair. Of course when Homestuck was first created, he would have been a little wriggler, growing up a lot faster than normal trolls would and having a more human-like appearance. Throughout their childhood, both of them wore glasses, Homestuck’s being similar to John’s and Hetalia’s being similar to America’s. Though, before Homestuck was created he had an older brother, if you would like to call him that who went by the name Problem Sleuth. Though he never reached but a few days over a year, he was very mature for his age. Though I would describe his relationship with young Hetalia to be similar to that of Italy’s and the Holy Roman Empire’s. This saying that the two small Fandoms interacted somewhat, PS accidentally falling for Hetalia and thinking he was a dame rather than an adorable little boy in a dress. Six days before Homestuck was created, PS seemingly disappeared even though he was remembered by a few. He had given Hetalia his prized candy corn, and told him they would give him a special power if Hetalia put them on his teeth like vampire fangs. To this day Hetalia still has not eaten the candy corn. Once Homestuck had “replaced” PS, Hetalia found a way to cheer himself like reading some of the happiest moments in his manga. On the other hand, PS was one of the first webcomics Homestuck had read other than his own before he was introduced to all of the other Fandoms. After the two of them had grown up a bit and Homestuck had begun to look fully like a troll, there was a time during the dreaded era of 2012 when Hetalia and Homestuck hated each other for reasons no one could explain. Many believed it was just plain some silly Fandom argument and the face that Homestuck was mean to some for no reason, but what Hetalia never told anyone was that he hated Homestuck for that time because he blamed him for the disappearance of PS. Once the feud had settled and they became friends again, Hetalia realized that it wasn’t his
 fault directly for the disappearance of PS’ pages from the MSPA website, and it was simply a time to move on from one big and great webcomic to an even bigger and greater one with more characters and a more confusing plot. Sometimes Homestuck will mention how much he loves Problem Sleuth, as he is a big fan of the comic himself. There are even times when PS will come to Homestuck and on occasions bring Bard Quest and/or Jail Break with him as well for a small family reunion, though no matter how much Homestuck claimed this nobody believed him including Hetalia who believed all of them to be dead. While most feuds of all the Fandom’s pasts are settled, some still have vague memories of how they acted when they were younger, some more than others.

Overall, the whole concept of these theories might not make sense to most, but I have had some time to fester with my thoughts over the summer and even come up with some twisted things I didn’t include with this whole rant and probably never will. Thank you for reading as far as you did, and I beg of you to please add onto these headcanons and correct me if I’m wrong. I’m always willing to accept messages from anyone willing to listen. Don’t forget to reblog if you want to add anything that way!

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List 10 fandoms and a favorite character for each.

  1. Tales of: Flynn Scifo
  2. DanganRonpa: Kiibo
  3. Bravely Default: Agnes Oblige
  4. My Hero Academia: Shouto Todoroki
  5. Fire Emblem: Inigo/Laslow
  6. Pokemon: Lillie
  7. Animal Crossing: Marshal
  8. Disgaea: Adell
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles: Shulk
  10. Atelier: Logix Fiscario

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