i had irish breakfast tea


This is the urgent letter that Friar Laurence tries to send to Romeo between Acts IV and V. The audience won’t get to see what’s inside, so I had a bit of fun. (But I do think Friar L. would totally use plant-themed stationery and/or draw plants in the margins of his letters.)

I hope this letter reaches you quickly, and that it finds you well. There’s been a change of plans. You need to come back to Verona IMMEDIATELY. (Yes, I know – the Prince’s decree, banishment, etc. Just be extra-stealthy and don’t stab anyone this time!) I had to give Juliet a sleeping potion because reasons. I’ll explain in more detail later. It’s a really convincing sleeping potion, some of my finer work. Everybody will think she’s dead, and she’ll be buried alive in the Capulet vault. You need to be there when she wakes up. Since she’s “dead”, nobody will come looking for her. It’s not too late for a happy ending to your story, but timing will be key.
Good luck.
Friar Laurence