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I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Summary: Bucky Promised he’d be home for Christmas, but a mission is taking longer than expected. Will he make it home in time? 

Word Count: 1,749

A/N: I couldn’t resist writing this little fic for all you lovelies. I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday and an even better new year. Happy Holidays, everyone <3

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“I promise, Y/N, doll. I’ll be home for Christmas.” Bucky’s voice was soft, soothing as he wrapped you in a tight embrace, peppering kisses over your face in an attempt to distract you from your worries.

“But what if something happens? What if you get hurt? Or the mission takes longer than expected? Or…w-what if -“

Bucky interrupted you, shaking his head. “Don’t even think of finishing that sentence. Nothing’s going to happen, doll. This is a routine mission. We’ll be in and out. We’ll be back in no time, babygirl, you’ll see.”

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Day Nine

Okay, so big thanks to @jupiterqueen42​ (who is one of my favorite blogs omg I died and went to heaven when I saw this go check them out) who prompted today’s fic!

Summary: A Sleepless Night With Phil Part Six Sick Baby edition. 

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Talk of minor illness in babies (cold and asthma) but nothing bad happens

Author’s note: Again, thank you so so so much for the prompt! I don’t know if you guys know this, but getting propmts really makes my day. ^_^ You can make my day right here if you want ;D Also, this fic has my OC kid Zach in it so if you want to see the first fic he’s in just click here

10:27 P.M.

The video started, and Phil waved at the camera.  “Hey, guys!” he whisper-shouted. His eyes were tired and a shadow of concern and stress darkened the area underneath. “Welcome to A Sleepless Night With Phil Part, what part are we on? Like six, right? We’ll go with six. This is a very special edition because I’m going to have a special guest with me!” He paused here to give a wide smile and a thumbs up. “Back by popular demand, Zach will be spending the night awake with me, but not really by choice. See, a couple days ago Zach started showing symptoms of a cold and since this will be his first ever, Dan and I obviously rushed him to the doctor but she said he would be fine but to come back if his fever reached 38.5 degrees. Fortunately, his fever peaked this afternoon at 37.8 and has been steadily dropping so he’s gonna live. Of course, he’s always had trouble sleeping through the night because of asthma, so he’s even fussier with a stuffed up nose. Dan literally hasn’t had more than a fifteen minute nap since Zach first started showing symptoms, so I’ve banished him to bed and I’m on Baby Duty. Let’s go check on Zach, shall we?”

10:40 P.M

The video jumped to Phil standing in a nursery with a clearly very tired and cranky infant nestled into his chest. “So, it looks like Zach isn’t doing too hot but he’s better than before and his breathing is still pretty even so we’re doing loads better, right, Zach?” At the sound of his name Zach let out a soft little baby noise but otherwise ignored his father who grinned like the sun. “Okay, so one thing the doctor told us to do is to make like a little baby sauna for him so basically we’re gonna go to the smallest bathroom in our house and I’m gonna turn the shower on super hot and we’re just going to sit there for a bit while the steam helps unstuff Zach’s nose. Unfortunately, this camera probably isn’t waterproof, so I can’t take you guys with us so we will see you in fifteen minutes!”

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CSJJ Day 27: To Repair a Heart

Summary:  In the 1950’s Pediatric Cardiology was a fairly new field.  But that didn’t stop Doctor Killian Jones from accepting that as a challenge.   When Emma Swan brings her young son Henry to his office with a rare birth defect that threatens his very life, they will have to fight together in order to save his life.  That’s all there is - she’s his patient’s mother and he’s her son’s doctor.  Until that isn’t all there is.

Rated:  T

A/N: Here’s my submission to the @csjanuaryjoy month-long celebration of fics.  There will *eventually* be a second part that delves into what the original prompt asked for, but I want all of the brownie points for saving the super-angsty part of this until after this month.  Thank you, @katie-dub, for putting all of this together!

I’m really proud of this fic, and I hope that you’ll let me know what you think after you finish reading.  Thank you!

Beta-reader: Thanks, as always, to @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, who not only reads all of my “short” ideas for fics, but also is a constant source of encouragement/cajoling/downright prodding to finish these.  Thank you, my friend.
(especially when I realize that I constantly have delusions of finishing something short.  Somehow I thought both parts of this were going to amount to ~10,000 to ~15,000 words total.  What was I thinking?!?)

Word count:  ~ 15,000


A hole.  In Henry’s heart.

The world started to narrow and the explanation that the pediatrician gave started to get a bit fuzzy, the words replaced by a loud buzzing in Emma’s ears.  Her little boy had always been sickly, had always been tired and weak, but his doctors back in Arizona had assured her that it was just his constitution.  

Just over a year ago, Emma had finally saved up enough money to take the train back East to her brother and his promise of a happy life for Henry.  David could give her son things that she couldn’t - new toys and the trip last year to see Peter Pan when it came out in the movie theaters, time to help Henry with his homework and to read him stories, a real tree on Christmas and an entire weekend spent decorating it.  Heaven knew she couldn’t provide any of that for her son, not alone out West.  

She had tried.

Emma had worked every extra shift that the manager would give her, saved every penny to put towards Henry’s well-being, smiled as she sewed another worn out patch in her dress while her son paraded about their small apartment in his new school shoes.  But every time she had to miss a shift for one of Henry’s appointments, she realized that they were just barely getting by.  Henry needed her, and moving in with David and his wife Mary Margaret could help with that.

At the very least, it meant that she wouldn’t have to cry herself to sleep at night anymore.

But now, the new pediatrician was talking about Henry’s heart and how much longer he could be expected to survive and Emma was caught up in the ridiculous thought that if she hadn’t moved back to Boston, then maybe her little boy wouldn’t be so sick.

Wouldn’t be dying.

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Fic: Solace (Eleven/Clara)

Summary: Clara receives a knock on her door. Before/After The Time of the Doctor (here be spoilers)

Author: Rebecca 

Rating: R (ish)

Author’s Notes: I hope this isn’t a terrible mess, but I needed to write this because of reasons.

- - - -

You know that feeling you get whenever months seem to fly by in the blink of an eye and hours stretch on for what feels like days? That’s what it’s like when when you return to your life after travelling with the Doctor. Clara had never wanted to abandon her life on Earth or disrupt her own timeline, which was why she had restricted their travels to certain days of the week. Granted, her Wednesdays sometimes lasted a month or longer, but she really tried to keep in sync with her life. Her travels with the Doctor were a part of her life, not the other way around, and she liked it like that. She wished it had never changed.


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For my second secret santa, musingofmychoosing! she prompted doctor!gold and nurse!belle. I hope you like this! :DD


The first of September saw this semester’s new med students arriving for orientation at Storybrooke General, and subsequently saw Dr. Gold in the break room, where he was certainly not hiding. He was eating his sandwich from Granny’s, and if he happened to have stashed more than one food item in the communal fridge so that he could come eat throughout the day, it was a coincidence.

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Thankful for You

Hello, everyone! I really wanted to write a Thanksgiving-themed piece to thank all 175 of you who so kindly follow me and read my work. I also wanted to continue my Cas and Dean series, concentrating on Cas’s backstory this time. So I combined the two, and I hope you all like it! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and to everyone else, I hope you’ve had a lovely day. If you want to read the rest of the series, you can find it at http://archiveofourown.org/series/297878 .

Summary: Dean wants to plan his first Thanksgiving with Cas, but while discussing it he finds out that Cas is not on great terms with his family. This one is slightly heavier on angst than fluff, but Dean of course comforts Cas and there is a fluffy ending.

Warnings: Thanksgiving food, family disapproval, homophobia, non-supportive parents, mention of death of a relative

They were curled up on the couch watching Jessica Jones, Cas’s head on his lap, when it occurred to Dean that they hadn’t talked about Thanksgiving plans. He’d been in relationships during the holidays before, but never anything as serious as this. With his previous girlfriends or boyfriends, they’d just gone their separate ways on the holiday, each to their respective families. Dean knew that was not an option with Cas; there was no way he wanted to be apart from him on Thanksgiving.

He watched Cas for a moment; his blue eyes were peaceful and his expression relaxed. He ran his fingers through Cas’s hair the wrong way, making it stick up in a way that Dean found adorable. Cas smiled and shifted so that he could look up at Dean. “What’s on your mind?”

Dean grinned. Cas always knew what he was thinking. He kept stroking Cas’s hair. “Thanksgiving’s next week, we gotta decide what we’re doing.”

Dean didn’t expect the look of relief that crossed Cas’s face. “Oh,” Cas replied softly. “I didn’t…”

“Wait, you didn’t think that…Cas. Of course I want to spend Thanksgiving with you. And every holiday. You just tell me what you have going on, and we’ll make our plans fit. It’s easy for us; we don’t have a lot of people so it’s easier to arrange.”

“I don’t have anything to do, Dean, so whatever you and Sam are doing is fine. My family hasn’t had Thanksgiving dinner together in years.” Cas thought that he should feel badly while saying such a thing, but he didn’t. He was joyous that he would get to be with Dean on the holiday; he had hoped for it, but didn’t want to assume. “I didn’t want to, you know, intrude on the family plans,” Cas continued shyly.

“Cas, damn it, you are family.” Dean became quiet for a minute. He was berating himself for not bringing up Thanksgiving with Cas sooner; he should have known that Cas would feel unsure about if he was welcome at their dinner. “You’re one of us now. I mean, it’s not a big gathering. Me and Sam and Jess of course, and Bobby and his wife Ellen, and usually their daughter Jo comes too. It’s nothing fancy, but we’re all together. I’m looking forward to introducing you to Bobby and Ellen.”

“I hope they like me,” Cas whispered. He was a little nervous about meeting people who were so important to Dean. Bobby had been like a father to Dean, and after he married Ellen, she had become part of the family as well. Cas knew that Dean thought highly of both of them. They had been encouraging of Dean starting his business, and of Sam going to college. What if they thought he wasn’t good enough for Dean?

“Cas. They’re going to love you. You know why? Cause you’re perfect.” Dean stared at the TV for a few minutes, trying to think of a casual way to reintroduce the topic of Cas’s family. He hadn’t talked about them a great deal, other than his sister Anna, and Dean didn’t know if that was due to Cas’s natural reticence or something else. Cas had been understanding of Dean’s family issues, and Dean simply wanted him to know that he would do the same.

“So your family’s not big on Thanksgiving?” Dean finally asked, not looking at Cas so he wouldn’t feel as if he were on the spot. “Or just too busy?”

“We see each other around Christmas. Usually.” Cas didn’t look at Dean either. “When my grandmother was alive, she always thought it was important to get together on all the holidays, but after she passed, we just don’t see each other much.”

“So what will the rest of your family do?”

“Well, Gabriel rarely takes time off, so he’ll be in LA, working as usual. Anna will spend it in New York, of course. Traveling is a little difficult for her because of her health issues, and her fiance’s family all live around New York, so it’s much easier for them just to stay put.”

“I see.” Dean nodded and rubbed Cas’s shoulder slowly. “What about your parents?”

“Oh. Mom and Dad are going on a cruise,” Cas explained lightly. His fingers gripped at Dean’s knee, then straightened again. “To Barbados.”

“That’s nice.” Dean continued petting Cas. “So are you all getting together for Christmas?”

“Not this year,” Cas mumbled. “My parents are going to Greece for 10 days, Anna’s spending it in the Hamptons–her fiance’s parents have a place there–and Gabriel is, you know.”

Dean looked down at Cas, who was by all appearances intent on the show they were watching. Dean knew better. He slid his hand under Cas’s jaw and tilted his head so that his boyfriend was facing him. “I’m sorry you won’t get to be with your family for the holidays.”

“It’s not a big deal, Dean. You and Sam feel more like family now than they do.” Cas looked up, his eyes suddenly wide, as if surprised by his own admission. He sighed. “My parents hadn’t been married long when they had us, and so when Anna was so ill, they were still rather young. It was a lot of stress and responsibility, not to mention the expenses. They are…relieved, I suppose, to be free of so much strain. This is like a second chance for them, and they like being carefree and able to travel. It’s understandable.”

“Understandable, my ass.” Dean had to remove his hand from Cas’s shoulder so that he could clench his fist without hurting Cas. He thought of how lonely Cas had been for so long, and how he had needed love and support. It wasn’t fair. “They’re your parents, Cas. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.”

Cas sat up and gently touched Dean’s hand, which currently had an iron grip on a sofa cushion. “Dean, it’s okay. That’s not the whole story. Truthfully, they’re rather disappointed in me.”

Dean felt like throwing up. “What the fuck, Cas? Who in their right mind would be disappointed in you?” He had to get up and pace around the living room. “You’re the kindest, most considerate person I’ve ever met, and you’re gorgeous, and funny, and you’re a…a fucking artistic genius! What kind of people wouldn’t be proud of you?”

Cas’s arms were suddenly around Dean from behind, and he was kissing the back of Dean’s neck. “Thank you. Thank for saying that.”

“It’s true, Cas. You’re the best person I know.”

Cas turned Dean around to face him, and looked him in the eyes. “My parents are disappointed in me for becoming an artist. They hoped that, with all the time I spent in hospitals at an early age, I’d become a doctor. Unfortunately, although I made good grades in math and science in school, I had no interest in studying medicine, and no desire to see a hospital again unless I had to.”

Cas stopped and took a deep breath. “Gabriel is so successful at his job, and I couldn’t compete with that. So then my parents hoped I’d marry a nice girl and settle down. Maybe have some kids. When I came out to my family, they were horrified. They’re pretty religious, and they were embarrassed to have a gay son.”

Dean pulled Cas close, and wrapped his arms around him. “I’m so sorry, Cas.”

“Thank you, Dean. But I know you’ve been through this, too, with your dad.”

“Yes, but Sammy was okay with it. And Bobby and Ellen said they didn’t care, long as I was happy. I’m assuming Anna and Gabriel are more accepting?”

“Anna told me she always suspected. And Gabe, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he told me if I ever came to LA he’d set me up with someone.”

“What about your grandmother?”

Cas’s face fell a little. “She never knew. We were always close, and she was very supportive of my drawing and painting, but she died before I told anyone in my family. I hope she would have accepted me, but I’ll never know.”

Dean rubbed Cas’s back and let him lean on his chest. “If your grandmother loved you like that, I’m sure she would have been okay. But Cas, anyone who doesn’t accept you for exactly who you are is an idiot, because you are fantastic.”

“Lucky is what I am. I found you, after all.” Cas dabbed at the corner of his eyes, and Dean pretended not to see.

“C'mon, babe. Let’s go lay down, and talk about what we want to cook for Thanksgiving. We can finish the show later.” Dean led Cas to his bedroom, and they nestled together under the covers, Cas’s back pressed against Dean’s chest.

“Mashed potatoes?” Dean whispered, pressing his lips to Cas’s hair.

“That’s a yes.”

“Cornbread dressing?” Dean nuzzled behind Cas’s ear.

“Yes again.”

“Green bean casserole?”

“Hmm. I’m not crazy about it, but I suppose we have to have something green. For Sam.”

“Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only days of the year that Sam isn’t a health nut. But I’m partial to it.”

“So another yes.”

“Mmm. Cranberry sauce?” Dean’s arm snaked over Cas’s body, and he captured Cas’s hand.

“Oh, you’re not gonna like this, but I prefer the canned kind over the homemade version.” Cas relaxed into Dean’s embrace.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I like the canned stuff too,” Dean whispered.

“How about dessert? Let’s each pick a kind of pie. I want apple.”

“I’ll have pecan, then. Two kinds of pie will be perfect.”

“What about Sam and Jess? Don’t they get to pick one?”

“They missed the Thanksgiving meeting. They don’t get a say.”

“I’m kinda glad they’re not here, Dean.”

“Oh, me too.”

Cas rolled over on his back and smiled up at Dean. “Now you’ve made me hungry. Do we still have brownies in the kitchen?”

“We do indeed. Bring ‘em in here.”

“Won’t we get crumbs in the bed?”

“Who cares. How often do I get to lay in bed and eat brownies with a gorgeous man?”

“Anytime you want, when I’m around.” Cas fluttered his eyelashes jokingly.

Dean swatted at Cas’s shoulder. “Get outta here, you dork. Bring me some brownies.”

Cas scampered down the hall, laughing.

Dean lay back against the pillows, perfectly content.

Pas de Deux


Prompt: Nutcrackers and music

Summary: It’s Christmas in Maine and ballerina Belle French is looking forward to her favorite tradition: staging The Nutcracker. This year is different however, when Callum Gold is brought in as a guest art director for the production.

Rating: PG (for now)

A/N: First and foremost, I am so so sorry this is late! This prompt has in all senses of the word gotten away from me. I tried to make this a oneshot, I really did, but the plot bunnies had other ideas! So this is part I of at least III. Also knowing me, there will probably be some sort of cover and fanmix to follow. I hope you enjoy and it’s been wonderful being your Santa and getting to know you through your blog. :)

Also shoutout to my fabulous beta: catsareslugs, thanks Lothi!


It was a magical time of year in Maine. Snow fell in large floating flakes as Belle watched people pass by outside the full-length window. The sweet smells of cinnamon and balsam trees lingered in the normally stale studio air and cheery lights and garlands were everywhere. Christmas music had begun to play, too, and though many complained it was too early for holiday music, it was Belle’s favorite part of the season. Every time she heard the opening of theme of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker she felt her heart quicken with excitement. Belle had looked forward to the production every year since the first time she had seen it as a little girl, and dreamed of dancing in Clara’s place. She had danced many other roles, but that particular dream had never come true; however, each December brought a new chance for her to live out her ambitions.

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