i had good taste in tv as a child

All the recent discussion on art&books in Hannibal got me thinking about Hugh’s favourite books, since we know he’s a voracious reader. In interviews he’s name-dropped,

Small Mediums at Large by Terry Iacuzzo

John Osborne (apparently goes to Strand Bookstore to buy second-hand plays)

William stories by Richmal Crompton

Brideshead Revisited (said it’s his favourite tv adaptation)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (he bought the Alec Guinness version box set!! good taste bb)

“I wish David Mitchell had Philip Roth’s output.”

Wants to meet Christopher Marlowe, D. H. Lawrence, Byron and the young Coleridge. 

Game of Thrones 

World War Z

Train Dreams by Denis Johnson

Sabbaths Theater by Philip Roth (aw lol Hugh) and Women in Love by DH Lawrence, which are apparently his favourites

Speaking of which we know Mads LOVES thriller/crime, and he’s mentioned,

Lee Child (been photographed reading Without Fail), Michael Connelly, The Lord of the Rings, The Brothers Lionheart, Die Geschichte von einer Mutter

…and then this list got me thinking about the Mads/Hugh Dynamic

..because they’re so different (as evidenced by their book list) yet soo00 complementary?!! Here you have Adidas-clad, football kicking, beer slugging, not one bit self conscious/pretentious, “proud to be working class” Mads Mikkelsen, who turns out to be the most thoughtful guy ever (gosh the perspicacity and economy&beauty of expression when he speaks about his roles)

And then you get Hugh Dancy with the staid middle class upbringing under philosopher daddy and respectable public school/Oxford education, who despite his ethereal face, is not only unassuming and chill, but has this cheeky, sarcastic, almost nasty bite to his lovely personality (re: sex toy joke to Nina Arianda or this little interview over here [x])

…and it weirdly makes perfect sense how these two with 10yrs age difference and disparate backgrounds have such perfect camaraderie and overwhelming affection for each other.

So whenever I get a lil’ bit sad, I like to imagine the two–in their early years, Mad flipping and hopping his way into a dance troupe (which he joined to get with girls but by what 22, he’s already cozy with Hanne? d’awww), and Hugh chugging through English lit. and doing god knows what as the prettiest boy&girl at Oxford ;) ;)–then at the King Arthur set where they meet and become fast friends over beer and (two) horses (”you should do a movie in Denmark!”)–Hugh doing an internal whoop! as Bryan mentions Mads’ name for the role–fast settling into the most perfect chemistry as they film Hannibal (”turns out Mads rehearses for the exact same period and purpose as I do”)–and together creating the greatest tragic-romance of our times over beer and jokes and friendship

and my cold cold heart just melts and blooms with love for these amazing two people <3 god I adore them so

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maybe something with skelefrisk and their dunkle sans? perhaps an awkward conversation

“…Where did you guys come from?”

Frisk had first asked the question a week ago, now. And they had not stopped asking since. 

It was true that they themself were a little skeleton, now - but their circumstances had been very… unusual. Unusual enough for both skeletons to have been taken off guard. After some time had passed, Frisk had begun to wonder what the natural origin of a skeleton monster was.

Frisk had been careful, at first. They suspected that skeleton origins were perhaps… macabre at best.

But Sans hadn’t given them a straight answer. First, he’d nonchalantly sipped his ketchup bottle.

“that sure is a doozy.”

And then he’d left the room. 

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Daniel had spent the afternoon at the local children’s hospital with a volunteer program he’d helped to start. It allowed children who were in the hospital long term to order a meal from a local chef. The idea was that comfort and healing came from eating and what a better way than to provide a meal that actually tasted good. Today he had met a very special child, one he wanted to do something special and some might say crazy for her. Now he just had to convince his husband it was a good idea. 

Daniel walked into their apartment and hung up his coat. He found his man watching some tv show or movie curled up on the couch with their dog Henry. “Hey baby. I’m gonna get a snack and pour us some wine. I can’t wait to tell you about my day!”, he said kissing Artie’s cheek before moving to the kitchen. He put together a cheese plate with some fruit and crackers and poured a nice glass of Merlot for them both. He than sat across from Artie on the couch. "So how was your day?”, he asked not wanting to drop the bomb right away.



I’ve watched it an embarrassing number of times now (and I’m watching it again) and yet it still leaves me grinning like a fool each and every time. That’s true for most episodes since B&B got together, but the S7 premiere has a very special place in my heart.

I still remember watching the sneak peeks for the first time. They came out overnight while I was asleep and then I rewatched the kitchen and ILY scenes 3954895 times on my crappy phone while I was getting ready in the morning for school. LOL.

Seeing B&B have breakfast together at Booth’s place was just the most amazing thing because it meant they spent the night together! In the same bed!

And Brennan was being super adorable

and we are all Booth in this moment, basking in how precious she is!!! And then they kiss! And there’s no mistletoe or angst and it isn’t a coma dream or flashback! :O 

No further comment necessary ;)

And it’s the first time we see them say ILY to each other, without that pesky atta-boy/atta-girl qualifier, lol.

Also, sigh, this moment still makes my heart flutter. Booth’s ‘I know’ is everything!!

Although they do have a pretty serious fight in the episode and some harsh words are said. In the end, they do actually talk like adults (what a novel concept on tv, lol) and the resolution scene in Brennan’s office is lovely. And so sets the trend of wonderful make up scenes for B&B that will follow in later seasons ;)

Imo, this episode sets up B&B’s relationship so perfectly. It’s a new start for them TOGETHER. And they only get better and grow even more as a couple after this :)

But who could have imagined that the episode was just a very small taste of all the epic stuff to come? If someone had told me back then that we would get F I V E seasons of B&B as couple, I would have laughed my head off. That kind of insanely good stuff doesn’t happen in tv land….?! Well it does if you’re a B&B fan :)

Gosh, can you believe that we’re heading into S11 and we’re going to see B&B with their SECOND child???!! (whaaaattttttt??????) I can’t wait! :D

( BONUS GIF, just because.)