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is there a fic that you'd like to read? without writing it?

I had to really think about this one. I’m not a huge fic requester tbh because people’s imaginations just amaze me on here! But here’s some ideas that I think would be hilarious/adorable/cute/etc.: (I have to save some of my ideas for myself when WCH is over, right?)

  • Around the Miscast performance, I was brainstorming a lot of Broadway songs that would be hilarious to have as Miscast fics. Two of my favs: 
    • Take A Chance On Me - Mamma Mia! (pining Lin as Rosie
    • Any Moment - Into the Woods (super awkward Lin as the Baker’s Wife). 
  • An Oak fic where you’re in a college poetry & spoken word club/group together: bonding, trying to convey feelings with poetry to each other, etc. 
  • Clothes shopping with Daveed - I mean c’mon, look at his style! Alternatively, being a stylist for Daveed could be good too.

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i wanted to ask if you could do the llsif sr card things for maki harukawa??? im pretty sure thats her name? its fine if not shes my favorite and i love your style!! have a good night/day!

yes, here she is! ☆ヾ(*´▽`)ノ have a good night/day too!! 

The light remains

Anon asked:  Yoongi being a hardass in his mafia career but super sweet to you when he comes home?

Thank you for your request :) This was fun to do, because Yoongi is my bias. I hope this is what you had in mind. 

Trigger warning

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Min Yoongi
A name known by all. Feared by all.
You did not want to be on his radar. And if you were, you’d better pray for your life. Not that it would account for anything.
He killed and manipulated his way to the top and stayed there courtesy to his ruthless tactics and unbending principles. He was never one to act on impulse. He would weigh his options. Observe his enemies. Their behaviour, their mutuals, the way they dealt with their rivals, acted and spoke. And when he stroke, his oponents didn’t stand a chance. Some say he enjoyed seeing his victims burning alive.
No one dared to question his words, for they were few but meaningful. He could twist them in such a way that could make you believe that the earth is square. Master puppeteer indeed. His intimidating aura and reputation made everyone think twice before approaching him.
Yes. Min Yoongi was truly a dangerous man.

But the Min Yoongi you knew wasn’t like that. You knew each other for what felt like an eternity. You were there for him since the very beginning, before he ever got in contact with the underground world. You were the only person he trusted wholeheartedly and wanted to protect, whatever the cost. He could be himself with you, knowing that you were his home and his peace of mind.

When he arrived home late into the night he saw you half asleep on the sofa and his face lit up as he advanced towards you.
“Were you waiting for me again?  I told you not to worry so much” he said with a faint smile as he sat next to you and pulled you into his lap.
“I can’t help it. I just want you to be safe” You said sleepily as you threw your arms around his neck. He placed a kiss on your forehead as he caressed you face.
“You are too adorable for your own good”
“Well, I can’t help the either.”

He just chuckled as he pulled you even closer, burying his face in your shoulder.
“Are you okay? Are you tired? We could go to the bedroom, you know? ”
“Im fine. I just..need you. Let’s just stay like this for a little while.”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yes, Y/n. As long as I’m with you, everything will be alright.”
“I love you, Yoongi.”
“I love you too, my angel”

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May I request a mini scenario with Ieyasu? MC secretly plans something very special and heartfelt for him to show her appreciation, like maybe she plans a midnight horseback ride to an open field where they can lay and watch the stars next to one another?

“Why are you here kitchen-wench? Sakai told me I was supposed to meet someone important.” He gave you a glare when the realisation hit him, “I should have known he was up to something. I’m going to plug all of his hair out…” he muttered before he took the reins from your hand and mounted his horse. You let out a yelp when he pulled you to sit in front of him without a warning.

“Please go that way,” you instructed him and to your surprise, he followed your instructions while muttering how utterly pointless this was. You held tight on the bento box in your lap a small smile on your lips, “Just a little bit further.”

You arrived at a small clearing where you could see the castle and the village below it, lighted by the full moon and the stars. You heard lord Ieyasu draw a sharp breath, but he stayed silent as he halted his horse and helped you down.

“Why did you drag me in here?“

You didn’t say anything, you just spread the thin blanket you had brought with you and sat down opening the multi-layered bento box. You patted the space next to you encouraging lord Ieyasu to join you. He huffed annoyed, but tied his horse to a tree and sat next to you, immediately reaching for the ichigo daifuku.

“You didn’t answer my question, why did you drag me in here, kitchen-wench?” he asked a hint of poison in his voice, but you chose to ignore it.

“Lord Tadatsugu said you have been working too much lately. He suggested I take you somewhere where you can relax in peace.” That wasn’t entirely true. While lord Tadatsugu had initially suggested you do something nice for lord Ieyasu, you had planned the trip all by yourself. You wanted to show him how much you appreciated and cared for him and when you had found the clearing when you had been searching for wild herbs a plan had formed in your head.

“Hmph…” lord Ieyasu grumbled and stuffed the last daifuku in his mouth, “Stay still,” he ordered and before you had time to do anything he had lowered his head on your lap.

“Oh…!” you let out a small gasp, which earned a glare from lord Ieyasu, but he soon fixed his eyes back on the sky again.

“You’re so beautiful tonight…” he whispered.

“…what?” you looked at him surprised and despite the lack of light you were sure there was a blush high on his cheeks.

“I said the sky is so beautiful tonight!”

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hello gin!!! your newest update for 'price of a soul' is amazing! can i ask you to talk about all this symbolism in the comic (and also why do you love to hurt us so much with it)


I think the most important thing I wanted to work on this comic is how it is told from Tamashi’s eyes. That’s how I decided to build the characters through the story, for example, what Tamashi sees most is Allen’s face, honest, straightforward, kind, sweet, smiling, always open and welcoming: 

Whereas he doesn’t see Kanda’s face, Kanda is always turned to him. And when he does, it’s from an low angle:

I had fun thinking it would be important that we, as Tamashi, know of Kanda what he does: Kanda is the father he doesn’t know anything of. Intimidating, scary, tall, unreachable, always with his back turned on him. (With his back turned to him, but I guess you wouldn’t offer your back to an enemy). I aim to, gradually, expose Kanda’s features as Tamashi grows confident, making him look more human and less of a jerk than what he does now (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Also have you noticed how everyone bends forward to talk to Tamashi? Or squats down to be at his level? So Tamashi can stare directly at them. It’s a very simple gesture but it’s one that says I’m reducing my world to your perspective because you are as important, which Kanda never does.

The first time I read DGM i had to go through the Alma arc three times to made sure I fully understood Kanda (I keep thinking there are hints of his personality I keep missing, as I do with Allen… DGM is such an amazing artwork) so when I thought of him for this story I wanted to be very careful building the conceptualism around a character that has never forgiven himself and doesn’t want redemption. Can you imagine, you spend your life trying to fulfill a promise of love and then you find out -because you slipped once, only once, you are as human as the rest even if it might not seem so-, that you have a kid you never intended on having, even less with someone you’ll never love maybe not even remember, who kinda looks like Alma when they were kids, who is called Tamashi, who, surprise, is there to bite him in his ass. Tamashi is the perspective of a future Kanda never allowed himself to have and now he’s forced to deal with it (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Good thing Allen is here to be the bridge between present Kanda and past Kanda, Allen you angel  (//▽//)ゞ So, basically, what we see of Kanda is an unforgiving Kanda, intimidating, pretending to not mind when he so clearly does (in the last update with Tamashi sleeping outside of Kanda’s room he spends there looking at the boy how long? Five minutes? Ten? He didn’t awoke Tamashi either, just lets him be. He’s trying to make his way out of this without a fuss but OH YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY KANDA The denial Is Strong). 

Oh! Also I was very careful with colors and including some… … … … little details (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ 

Both panels with the flowers are very important…! they are different types of flowers in different palettes… Allen’s one are somewhat fresh and rainy, so springy, whereas Kanda’s seem to be floating on an abandoned place… Pretty, but isolated (•̀௰•́ ) This is funny because oH WELL SPOILER I GUESS / CRASHES THROUGH THE WINDOW AND FLIES INTO THE SUN


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serious question though. do you have any hc's for sir and king? Like what type of cats they are? or anything? =)

fuck yes? i may not know anything about cats but i love sir and king

  • sir fat cat is the first cat they get, in andrew’s last year at palmetto
  • it wasn’t planned in any way whatsoever
  • just one day andrew and neil went out for a date drive to an empty parking lot to make out to smoke and look at the stars
  • and there happened to be an animal shelter near that parking lot which they decided to check out so that they could put off going back to palmetto
  • and one of the cats is this ridiculously fluffy maine coon, recently blind
  • (he got a severe eye infection and his previous owners couldn’t afford to pay for treatments, so they left him at the shelter)

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I Don’t Care//Riverdale Imagine

Jughead x reader

Request:// Anon asks: “I was wondering if you could do a Riverdale imagine? Like the reader is Reggie’s sister, but completely opposite from him she’s sweet and all. And she and Jughead are like together and Reggie finds out idk you can choose the ending.”

A/N:// Thank you anon for requesting! I had fun writing this imagine for you and I hope you like it!

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When you found out that your boyfriend was homeless, you immediately offered him your home. Though he was resistant, given you were the sister of the guy who seemingly hates your boyfriend, and the risk of your brother finding out was high. But none of that mattered at the moment. The only thing you cared about was your boyfriend Jughead Jones.

“You know, I don’t have to stay here.” Jughead started, leaning against your door frame watching you tidy up your room, which he would be staying in as there is a less of a chance for your brother finding out. “Trust me Y/N, I can find somewhere else.” 

“Don’t be silly, Juggy. I am not letting you live in the streets, having no place to go.” Y/N said as she stopped picking up dirty clothes and turned to her boyfriend. 

“You do know, if Reggie finds out, we are both dead right?” Jughead points out with a smirk.

“I don’t care what Reggie thinks, he doesn’t control my life.” Y/N started, walking up to Jughead. “Besides it’s not his call to make if you stay here or not, or that we are together. My parents know you’re here, though it took a little bit of convincing, they know how much I care about you. To hell with Reggie. As long as you are safe.” You ended your speech, your hands cradling Jug’s face with a loving look in both of your eyes.

“You are definitely not like your brother.” Jughead adds with a genuine smile and wrapping his arms around your waist, which makes you smile.

The day was becoming night and you and Jug were laying on your bed, the end credits of a movie rolling from your laptop screen. It was actually quiet in your house, Reggie - who is the cause of most noise in your house - out with his friends. At least you thought. You and Jug were just cuddling peacefully on your bed, enjoying each other’s presence that neither of you noticed the front door opening and closing. The peacefulness soon ended when your bedroom door bursts open.

“Yo sissy, have you seen my-.” Your brother, Reggie abruptly stops when he notices the other presence in your room, making you and Jug jump apart from each other. “What the hell are you - his words laced with disgust - doing with my sister, Wednesday Addams?” Reggie angrily acknowledges Jughead.

Jughead didn’t have the time for a witty comeback for Y/N had stepped in. “Jughead is my boyfriend and is staying here for a while.” Y/N responds strongly, her brother looking at her like she went crazy.

“What the hell Y/N?! Him of all people?! Him. No way in hell, get out of my house and stay away from my sister!” Reggie screams, looking at Jughead dead in the eye.

“No! No Reggie. He is not leaving this house or me! Whatever weird hatred you have for Jug needs to stop. I love him okay? And you can’t control me! Mom and dad know and is okay with him staying here. I don’t care about your stupid grudge against him, I care about him! And if you all of a sudden want to be a good brother, you can respect me and the decisions I make. Or you can leave me and Jug the hell alone!” Y/N finishes her rant, both men in the room looking at her shockingly. She may be Reggie’s sister, but she is not like him.

Reggie is at a loss for words as he stands in Y/N’s room. His mouth opening and closing for a few moments before leaving the room, shutting the door quietly.

Y/N sighs as she turns toward Jughead, who stares at her with love in his eyes. He walks up to her and kisses her passionately, leaving Y/N breathless and before she can speak, Jughead beats her to it.

“I love you, too.” Jug says, looking into her eyes and she remembers declaring her love for Jughead during her rant. It was their first time saying it.

With smiles on both of their faces, Jughead brings them into a hug, both knowing there will be more ‘I love you’s’ in the future.

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What are your favourite crismes moments? :) Hope you're having a good day!

I have a TON of favorite Crismes moments. They’re literally the best and my fave. Something about them together is sooooo cute. I really think James has a fanboy crush on Cris. And James can charm anybody and I think he has Cris whipped a little lol.

Personally, I love when they hold hands. OMGGGG. :))) I think hand holding is soooo sweet.

I remember when Cris posted that ‘be happy’ one. It was literally almost a year between that and the first pic (like a lil ~anniversary aww). And it was special because there were all those rumors of James leaving and so many people said that Cris was somehow able to convince James from leaving.

Another thing I love about them is how well they look together. They just look really hot.

^ What kind of romance movie realness….

bonus: (that guy knows)

Another thing is that they’re so touchy-feely. like what is personal space to them

(Marcelo third-wheeling it up, bless)

Cris is literally going for James’ ass. ( i can’t find a gif of it, but you know the moment I’m talking about)

(the little height difference… KILL ME)

I think they tease/play around with each a lot too

^ shit talking is such a special bond of forming tbh

^ when James wished Cristiano a happy birthday on IG (that he wrote in Portuguese)

Another favorite moment is when Cristiano jumped in James’ arms like in the Notebook. (these two are a real life romance book/movie I s2g)

Overall, Crismes is truly the gift that keeps on giving


UF Papyrus requested by anon! They asked me if i could make him in a gorey way but im not sure if this is gorey enough?? Well i hope it is X’D I’ve also been listening to this song for quite awhile now hahaha. Anyway, had fun making this one! Thank you for requesting! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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Bellarke Fic were Bellamy finds out when Clarke’s birthday is and makes her her a ring or bracelet or picks her a flower or something?? :) - cause she should still celebrate her birthday even if it’s the apocalypse :) THANKYOU


Wow, k, so I saved this ask in my drafts and now it won’t post which is super cute. Sorry, anon. Anyway, I wrote this fairly quickly? It was just fun to write lmao. ALSO ty @bcnightsquad​ for inspiring me with the drinking game vignette you sent <3

Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: G
Words: 1,381


Bellamy shouldn’t have expected to beat Clarke at pong. He saw her obliterate everyone at every alcohol fueled game during their time at the Dropship, but for some reason he still agreed to play against her tonight. He’s not bad, and she’s had to down a few of her own cups thanks to him, but Clarke has hardly missed a shot. Before he knows it, Bellamy is chugging his last cup in defeat.

“You know,” he says, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, “seeing as I’m a member of the guard, the legal drinking age is twenty one, and you’re only seventeen, I could arrest you right now if I wanted to.”

With a roll of her eyes, Clarke aims the browned, bent ping pong ball they used to play at Bellamy’s head. “First of all, age restrictions stopped being enforced the day one hundred kids were sent to Earth without adult supervision,” Clarke reminds him. It’s not a written rule but Bellamy supposes it’s true. Age is obsolete when all that matters is survival. “Second,” Clarke continues, “I’m eighteen.”

“Still not of age,” counters Bellamy. He tosses the ping pong ball back to her.

“Must we revisit my first point?”

Clarke’s age has never been something Bellamy focused on. She’s wiser than the oldest Arkadian and more mature than most adults. If her youthful features didn’t play a factor in Bellamy’s perception of her, he would assume she’s the most ancient person on the planet. It’s easy to forget that in reality, the only reason Clarke is on Earth at all is because she was just a kid.

And now she’s not.

Age isn’t important on the ground, birthdays even less so, but people are important. Clarke is important. Especially to Bellamy.

How could he have possibly missed her birthday?

“Since when have you been eighteen?” Bellamy asks.

Clarke shrugs, walking over to the other end of the table to stand with him. “Since Mount Weather, I think. Could have been before that. The council forgot to supply us with calendars.”


“Not that Priamfaya would spare me if I were still seventeen.”

“You’re literally turning a conversation about your birthday into a discussion about the end of the world.”

“My birthday was months ago, Bellamy.” Any humor Clarke wears slips from her face as she steps into his space. She stares him dead in the eyes when she says “the apocalypse is now.”

Trying for comfort, Bellamy slides his knuckles along the path between her elbow and shoulder. “You really know how to lighten the mood, Princess.”

Frowning, Clarke conks her head against his shoulder and rests it there. Into his sleeve she mumbles a halfhearted “shut up.”

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this aint a prompt (it can be if u want) but imagine dan mentioning the lovelies and arin just rests his head on dan's shoulder and says "youre MY lovely, dan." and theres just this awkward silence where arin realized what he just said and dan tries to comprehend whats happening.

oh gosh and dan’s just like “…what.”

and arin’s quiet for a second before he just shrugs and says “you heard me” and dan wonders if it’s a joke but then arin won’t quite meet his eyes

there’s a blush forming on arin’s face and suddenly dan’s heart is beating a mile a minute and he feels a grin forming despite himself and he can’t help but to tease arin a little 

“so…you think i’m lovely?”

arin turns pink, “shut up.”

and dan just turns and smacks one on arin’s cheek and struts off, leaving a bewildered arin and he just goes “that was so gay, dude.”

and dan turns and winks, saying “that’s rich coming from the guy that asks to suck me off at the beginning of every recording session. …the answer is yes by the way.”

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  • Who said “I love you” first

Neji. What does an injured man who nearly died say to his girlfriend when they’re stuck in a shabby hotel room in Kirigakure? yep. He’d be high on painkillers though so Tenten will force him to say it again when sober. 

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Tenten. If there’s one holy sight in this world it’s Neji’s muscled back and pale skin tangled in the sheets. Tenten loves it so much she has it as her background.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Neji. He usually showers first and likes to leave her silly notes of things he’s observed, ‘new underwear? x’

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Tenten. She just loves making Neji squirm.

  • Who initiated the first kiss

Neji. They both saw it coming, what with the building tension between them so when he grabbed her face and pulled her close, Tenten wasn’t too surprised. That didn’t stop her knees from buckling, however.  

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Both. It’s a small competition between them to wake up first and start the sweet torture.

  • Who starts tickle fights

Tenten. Neji is so straight-faced, and when he’s humoured he just smirks. Tenten likes to tickle him so he’d laugh.

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Tenten. She doesn’t dare disturb Neji from his hair-care routine so she always asks if it’s okay… Neji on the other hand always walks in like he owns the place -Tenten swears it doesn’t make her blush.

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Neji. Tenten is known to forget herself when training so sometimes when Neji is feeling especially nice, he gets them lunch and joins her for afternoon training.

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Tenten. Just looking at him makes her want to squirm, Neji’s always had intense eyes. 

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Tenten. Neji hates spiders and prefers to stay away from them. “I’m telling Lee you’re scared of spiders.” “Don’t, he’ll send them to their extinction.” “Exactly what I want.” “*sigh*”

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Tenten. It amuses Neji to no end. Especially when she makes sloppy attempts at seducing him. He finds it endearing though.

(Send me a ship, please!)

Invisible|| Logan Howlett

Originally posted by xmensource

The funniest thing about a months worth of OML fics is that this anon was the only person to ask me for a Young! Logan request and here we are! This is my LAST Logan fanfiction probably until June or July. Thank you all so much for the prompts! I had so much fun writing them!

I am completely sucked out of ideas so this is all around bad

Prompt (Requested by Anon) - Ever since she joined the school, the reader has done everything to get Logan to notice her, but is always overshadowed by Jean since they have similar powers. During a training simulation the reader snaps, loses control and accidentally hurts another student which causes her to run out. Found by Logan hours later, she confesses to him; completely oblivious to the fact that he has always noticed her.

Tag List (½) : @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @xavier-chxrles @rivertales @cleanslates @acidcryst @hookedonawolverine @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @katiedreamy

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I opened this very soon after I woke up and anon, I think you did the job of my coffee before I even had it

lol yeah I started playing him when I first got the game not knowing about Fucking Hanzo Mains– but his play style is just super fun and he’s scary dps as long as you.. ya know.. hit the thing.. and getting scatter arrowed is such a smarmy way to die so of course I love it

Thanks for spreading some Hanzo Positivity friend 🐲🌸

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Imagine the little Genoslings dressed in little rainboots and colored rain gear like Kanna from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid with their own animal themed umbrellas with them shouting "Rain" in sing song voices while Saitama and Genos look on with their groceries waiting for the kids to get done having fun with their new rain gear before heading home for dinner.

Rain or shine, please let these bots be happy………….<3 / / /

i was the person who asked if we could do our own palette things! i accidentally pressed anon whoops
im pretty sure i didnt imply that i was gonna submit it to this blog tho another whoops
(also strange i cant submit on browser ;;)

- @renierenren

Dae: dfhasdhgg cute Soujiro omg bless and thank you for submitting this to us!

Nica: amazing! amazing!! aaaah!! this looks so cool!! thank you for using the color palette and for submitting it here!! i hope you had fun drawing!!

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Do you have any tv show recs? Anime or otherwise? I'm running out of things to watch and you seem like a good person to ask. :)

Hmmmmm okay here’s some of the stuff I’ve watched and enjoyed:

  • Owari no seraph (the anime adaption comes straight from the manga and the manga is very pretty)
  • Kuroshitsuji (the manga only, its beautifully drawn and has an interesting plot!)
  • Soul Eater (I really liked the anime, the manga was sort of confusing to me)
  • Inuyasha (A CLASSIC)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (ANOTHER CLASSIC)
  • Pandora Hearts (MANGA ONLY. This series is over now but god I loved it so much ;;___;; its my favorite manga series okay)
  • Avatar (I really hope you’ve already watched this bc if not you’re really missing out and this is the first thing you need to watch)
  • Shadowhunters (it looks stupid BUT ITS NOT OKAY. Its so great and cool and has representation and amazing relationships I LOVE IT)
  • BBC Merlin (this is already over too, but its such a great show. I watched it every single time a season came out a+++)
  • Miraculous Ladybug (the animation is BEAUTIFUL. And the fight scenes are always so unique and cool. Very good show.)
  • Game of Thrones (bloody. Very bloody. But so damn epic.)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (its really funny and different. The sibling bond is excellent. I just watched this and I loved it.)
  • If you like reality tv: House Hunters, MasterChef, Four Weddings, Chopped…

Okay I think I got it all XD I hope you enjoy these, anon! Thank you for the ask!!!

So, as you could see, I have reach 1000 followers and I’m…It’s…Wow.

I seriously never ever expected this. Like, I thought it would be amazing if I had 50 followers and I was sure that my blog wouldn’t last a month. But here I am now. 5 months later and with more than 1000 followers.

It wouldn’t be possible without you, you are the ones who allow me to run this blog with your asks. So I just want to thank you. Really.

Thank you so much.

I wanted to make a little something to celebrate, something different than usual and I thought about using my Danganronpa Figures. I hope you had fun reading this haha !

Again, thank you. None of this would be possible without you.

-mod lili