i had fun with the teeth wow

I’m having too much fun with vampire!Percy. Also a good opportunity to practice teeth.

And apparently I need to draw the Briarwoods because I just realized wow do Percy and Cassandra resemble them in this AU. Which is kind of fitting.

@origami-sinner tagged me bless u u my friendo

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a - age: 21
b - biggest fear: the dark lmao
c - current time: 20:55 or 8:55 pm
d - drink you last had: water wow miracles happen
e - every day starts with: brushing my teeth, it’s the first thing always
f - favorite song: atm tokio hotel - easy
g - ghosts, are they real: i mean i def believe in supernatural stuff so yup!
h - hometown: helsinki, atm i live in tuusula
i - in love with: i’d say my girlfriend but we are pretty much platonic??? but still not????? idek i love her
j - jealous of: everyone lmfao
k - killed someone: …. no
l - last time you cried: uhhh it’s been like a week wtf
m - middle name: lydia + elisabet
n - number of siblings: two from my mom’s new marriage!
o - one wish: being able to say something other than “asylgfjhhsagdhgdf” in TH m&g
p - person you last called/texted: called mom, texted…. if whatsapp counts then my finnish aliens gal pals
q - questions you’re always asked: are my eyebrows tattooed :D answer: no way in hell
r - reasons to smile: i’m meeting my best friends, my girlfriend, and my favorite band in less than two weeks. in my favorite places on earth.
s - song last sang: i have noooo idea
t - time you woke up: 11:06 or something oops
u - underwear colour: pink panties black bra
v - vacation destination: next vacation berlin and stockholm :)
w - worst habit: i never drink enough water lol
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth and hip! also MRI on head lmao
y - your favorite food: i love chinese food so much
z - zodiac sign: pisces!

aaand I’m tagging @21474 @alecilghtwood @itsensakaljastaja @ritarillinen @kuninkaallinen @molukkirapu @rosen-schwert ??? idk i can’t remember more ANYONE PLS DO THIS TAGGED BY ME IF YOU WANNA