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Breeding Time.

Hi guys! It’s Raphaëlle talking! Hope you were good to Santa this year. But in all honestly, I preferred you when you’re naughty ;)

Submission of Thunder-Banger 

Disclaimer: Smut. Breeding kink. Daddy kink. Swearing. If you are a prude, you’ll may want to scratch your eyes out.

Words : 2537


Imagine, you just got out of Belle Rêve and he wants to put a baby up your belly. 


It was 00h37 when you arrived at J’s house. Tiredness was dripping from all the pores of your skin. Escaping Belle Rêve was harder than you thought it would be. At some point you even stop believing it was possible. Guards were surrounding you from everywhere, Mr J’s men were all getting killed. 

At some point, it was sure in your head that you were going back into your cage tonight, an helicopter came out of nowhere and drop you a rope. Holding you firmly by your waist, J hoisted the both of you up to safety, bullets charging at you from everywhere. 

 The helicopter drop you off when you were in a safe perimeter. A car was waiting for you. You climbed in it while J killed the pilot. You were happy to see that he thought of bringing you clothes to changes. You went in the backseat so you had more place to change before going back in the front. You pulled down the window and pitched the orange uniform as hard as you could.

 It took 15 hours of driving before arriving at J’s house. 15 hours of driving in pure silence. He wasn’t saying a word, you weren’t either.

 When the Rover pulled up the entry of the mansion, the sun was beginning to go down, J told you to not wait for him, that he’ll be back later in the night. You didn’t ask any questions, you didn’t have the force to, and even if you had your brain wouldn’t have registered his answer. 

 You climbed off the vehicle, and went directly inside, to your room, more precisely, while you heard him putting the car on reverse and leaving the manor. Getting out of your stained blood clothes, you slipped yourself under the cover of the bed you share with J. 

 The smooth mattress under you felt so good after the year you passed slipping on the floor that you can’t help yourself: as soon as your head touch the pillow, you fell asleep. 


 You were put out of your sleep, maybe some hours later, you didn’t know, by a sticky and hot substance that was running down your cheeks. You were laying down on your side by the window, so the sticky stuff was going all over your lips. 

 Still light-headed and not really sure of what was happening, you just ran your tongue over your lips. When the viscous substance touched your taste buds, you knew exactly what it was. You opened your eyes immediately and raised yourself up. You turn yourself on the left side and come face to face with J, who had is hard-purplish meat in between is hand. 


 His torso was raising up and down in a fast speed, his eyes closed and a little smile tucking his lips softly. His boxer were only down at the middle of his thighs. Humidity was starting to make its way into your panties, but you shook your head, furious. 

 “What the fuck J!” 

 When your voice reach is ears, his blue eyes finally come into sight. 

 “What? I had blue balls for almost a year, I needed little relief.” 

 “But were you really obligated to cum on my motherfucking cheek?! I was finally having a good damn night of sleep!” You said, rage spilling out of you. 

 “I jacked off so often to your pictures that they are all ruined now.” 

 “Oh please, you’re worse than a fucking teenager.” 

 “Don’t speak like that to me. You never complained before.” 

 “J, I just spend 9 fucking months in jail sleeping on the goddamn floor. Is it too hard to ask from you to just leave me alone for one goddamn night? Just cum into your fucking pillow.” 

 Suddenly, your cheeks were caught in his right hand, putting your mouth awkwardly forward. His eyes were getting cloudy with anger. He was slowly gritting his teeth, the metal of it making a sound that gave you goosebumps all over. 

 “Listen to me you little brat. You are not allowed to speak to me on that tone. You are not allowed tell what to do with my fucking dick. If I want to mark you like a fucking dog who mark a tree by pissing on it, I’ll fucking do it. Do you understand?” He was so calm compared to his eyes, it was scary. You didn’t want to answer. 

 “ANSWER!” He screamed. 

 “Y-yes, J.” 

 “J? Wow, they really had fun with you in there, hey? So much you forget who I was. I should give you a spanking for that. But I’ll give you one more chance. Yes-who?

 You didn’t want a spanking. At least, not tonight. 

 “Yes, Daddy.” 

 He gave you a smile. You gave him one in return.

 “Good girl. Now undress and get on your hands and knees.” 

 You smile slowly faded to an uncertain look. 

 “What, but Daddy I did everything you asked!” 

 He gave you a malicious smile. He just win a hiding game he had been playing. 

 Knowing that if you didn’t do it, the consequences would’ve been worse, you did what you were told. Getting out of bed, the coldest of the room came rushing at you, making the hair of your arms raising. Your back was facing him so you couldn’t see the expression on his perfect face when you pull up your shirt, revealing your braless torso. You began to slowly slide down your burgundy velour short along with your lilac laced panties. 

 You turned on your heels, coming face to face with Mr. J, whose eyes was eating you alive. You could see the lust in them, the desire to swallow you in one shot. His cock had already took a deep red color and was able to support itself by its own. 

 Some liquid was already showing at the tip and you couldn’t help yourself at the sight: you squeezed your thighs to get some friction. Its only when you did that that you realised how wet you were. You could feel it running shamelessly down your legs. A deep shade of pink appeared and colored all of your face. You hided yourself behind your (h\c) hair. 

 “Don’t be shy baby. You weren’t before you left.” 

 You stay still. 

 “What? You became a prude in there? Your baby hole got closed up? You sucked a dick to deep you busted your vocal cords?” 

 You bite your lips at his obscene words. 

 “You like that? You like thinking about another’s dick deep in your throat? Hum? You like that little slut?” 

 “I-I only like your cock, Daddy.” You affirmed. 

He show you his metal teeth. 

 “Good girl. Now on the bed. It’s time for your punishment.” 

 Without missing a beat, you go on the bed, on your hands and knees, putting your ass facing him and a little bit higher than the rest of your body, to make it seems more enticing. You can feel the bed moving under you and you know exactly that J is moving to try to get the best angle for your spanking. 

 His rough hands are suddenly touching the bare skin of you ass. A good goosebumps make all of the hair on your body raised up in excitement. You could feel the coldness of his golden bracelets travel behind his hands. 

 “You know why I am punishing you babygirl?” He ask, the roughness of his voice showing up. 

 “Because I have been a bad girl to my Daddy.” 

 “You are right baby. That little mouth of yours put you in trouble. I thought I educated you better than that.” 

 “I’m sorry Daddy…” 

 “Being sorry won’t save you baby girl.” 

 Then come the first slap. It sound echoed in the room along with my hiss. He messaged it for a while before hitting the same spot even harder. The same pattern kept going for a while: hit, massage, hit harder, hit, massage, hit harder… You were a moaning mess at the end, and you couldn’t feel your ass.

 “You can’t imagine how much I love the sight of your ass all red and ready.

 You can feel his fingers sliding down carefully towards your wet folds. You moaned when you felt his big finger splitting your lips apart to give him a better look. 

 “That’s it baby, make your little pussy cry me a river.” He said while putting a finger inside of you. 

 You could feel your walls trying to suck it in, recognising it right of the bat. Your pussy was squeezing his finger so hard that when he tried to retract it, a sound of suction could be heard. It’s like if your pussy didn’t to be left without him. 

 Of course you were used to getting something in it every day. Before getting your ass into Belle Rêve, you always had his daddy stick up your tight cunt. 

My, my, my baby, you’re so fucking tight it almost hurt!” 

 Another finger was added to the equation. You bite the sheets under you, muffling the sounds of your moans at the same time. Your daddy’s fingers were hammering inside of you. And you could hear the sound of slapping flesh all around you. 

 Suddenly, you were on your belly, face to face with him. His fingers were shot down your throat without warning, making you chocked over the surprise. You started to swirl your tongue around, the taste of your juice all over your mouth. Soon enough, his fingers were replaced by his tongue. Your wet muscle was dancing with his for a couple minutes, spit falling down of your mouth at how sloppy the kiss was. 

 "You know what baby? I think I found a better way to show people who you belong to.“ 

 ”What is it daddy?“ You asked, in a baby voice.

 His big blue eyes was on you the all time he was lowering his head so his mouth could be at the level of your ear. His fingers were moving all around your body, pinching your nipples at some point, which made you trembled. 

 ”I’m going to breed that little cunt of yours.“ He whispered. You cried out in ecstasy as your hands grabbed a hold of the covers on your bed as his ginormous cock entered your tight little pink pussy.

 You could hear his moans of pleasure as his dripping cock head pushed against the wet, tight walls of your cunt. 

 ”Fuck yeah, suck daddy’s meat with your tight little cunt. Make me feel good babygirl.“ 

 He started moving slowly inside you, breaking the tight suction of your hole around the thickness of his cock. He started to move faster as your moans begin to be louder and louder, working his cock completely in and out of your little cunt. 

 “Mm… that’s it, little pussy, grab onto my cock. Make me fuck it harder.” 

 J grunted with every thrust into your little pussy. His balls popping against your clit over and over slowly turning your pussy into a lake of wetness. Your moans turned into screams ad you knew that if anybody were to be in the house, they would perfectly heard you. 

 He dug his fingers once more into your hips, pulling you into his hard thrust. He could feel his gut twisting in pleasure inside of him. It was so good, so good. It was making his balls tighten with every stroke. He was about to breed his babygirl. 

 ”Fuck, I can’t wait to put my fucking baby inside you.“ 

 You could feel your muscle started to cramp over the movement of in and out of his meat inside of you. Sweat was dripping all over his face. You lift yourself up to wipe it with your tongue. J moaned at your action. You smiled, proud to make him feel so good. But you were rapidly pull back into the bed by his hand that was now wrapped around your tiny neck. 

 He used his grip as leverage, his cock slapping inside you harder than ever. The smell of your sweet cunt cream scented the air around him and made him go totally insane. He put every muscle he had into pushing as deep as he could into you, to push as far up into your belly as he could get and breed your little hole with his potent seed. 

 ”Oh god, daddy! You’re gonna make me cum with your long, big stick!

 Your pussy clenched down on his dick like a vice, making it close to impossible for him to withdraw. Suction noises was flying in the air as he kept pounding into you. You were still trembling underneath him. 

 You could tell he was close to cum. 

 ”C'mon you little fucking cunt. Milk me. Fuck!“ 

 When his orgasm hit he screamed. It felt like his cock was exploding inside your sucking walls, milking the seed from his swollen balls into waiting womb to breed you. He dived as deeply as he could into you. Again and again he stabbed his meat into you forcing your womb to opened up against the head of his cock. 

 “Fuckkkkk yeah… swallow it… little pussy,” he hunched his cock against your womb with every spurt. 

 “Swallow all of Daddy's… hot seed,” he grunted, shaking as he forced the head tight against your cervix and held it there, letting the last drops leak into your opening. Allowing your womb to suckle on the tip, trying to draw every drop from his potent cock. 

 “God damn… suck it… suck it,” he moaned before finally collapsing on top of you as his softening cock fell out of your pussy with an obscene slurp. 

 Your chest was falling heavily as you tried to regulate your respiration. You gently passed your hand into his green hair, kissing his temple sweetly. He raised his head that was currently burried beside your neck and kissed you slowly. 

 “You took all of Daddy’s big cock, little girl,” he murmured against your lips, pecking it once. 

 “And Daddy is really proud of his babygirl,” he pecked it once again. 

 "Nobody will ever take you away from me now.“ He said, rubbing your belly who will soon be the home of somebody else.

I’m having too much fun with vampire!Percy. Also a good opportunity to practice teeth.

And apparently I need to draw the Briarwoods because I just realized wow do Percy and Cassandra resemble them in this AU. Which is kind of fitting.

Cadet Holmes: A Detective Undercover

Oh. My. God. What have I done? This was meant to be a quick little ficlet about Sherlock swooning over Captain Watson. It’s turned into a monster, over 6,000 words long. I blame @inevitably-johnlocked and the watchalong crew. An innocent screening of Mulan has turned into this smut fest.

I hope you all enjoy it, I tried to make it funny as well as sexy.

Warnings: military kink, public sex, swearing, a tiny bit of homophobia, Sherlock has a dirty mind, there is a scene that doesn’t have explicitly obvious consent but they both want it, there is a crime scene in this but I tried not to describe the body much, explicit sex happens and as it’s a smut fic they don’t use protection.

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Pairings: Chris Evans/Original Character of Color (Lourdes Jean-Baptiste)

Warnings: Use of adult language, light sexual mentions, little instance of worthlessness, heavy make-out session, and a discussion of race relations.

Rating: PG-13

Chapter Summary: Lourdes is visited by her close friends. The women joke with another, and Chris speaks to Lourdes about the public’s reaction of their blossoming romance. Chris and Lourdes go on their second date and then are eventually caught in a comprising position. 

Tag list: @jazzytoosweet, @tinchentitri, @miss-cap21, @missxavenger, @blackcaptainrogers, @daisykane535, @writingcreatingstorytelling, @theycallmebecca, @always-an-evans-addict, @sailorserenabarnes, @heather-lynn, @littlepreciousangel, @buckyappreciationsociety, @sparklemichele, @rose-quartz17, @readsalot73, @harleycativy

Chapter Three: You & Me Against The World

“So I creep, yeah, just creepin’ on the down low, ‘cept nobody is supposed to know….”

TLC’s “Creep” echoed throughout her apartment as Lourdes rummaged through her closet to find something to wear. It has been two days since her date with Chris and various media outlets were trying to find out the identity of Captain America’s new lady love. Many of the urban media stations’ sole focus was the fact that Chris was ‘up with the swirl’, as though dating interracially in the United States was some strange phenomenon that happened once every full moon. Lourdes didn’t immerse herself in all of the bullshit; she could care less what others thought of their date as well as the odd fascination regarding her skin color. Besides, she had more important things to worry about, like fantasizing about their first kiss. Chris’ lips were somewhat average-sized—although his bottom lip is fuller than the top—and Lourdes believed that a man of that caliber had to have kissing skills that was unprecedented; it was blasphemous to think otherwise.

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Straight shooter

AN: The reader is a talented marksman and is asked by Bellamy to train some of the delinquents, but when Mbege takes an interest in his new trainer, Bellamy has to step in
Characters: Bellamy, various delinquents
Pairings: Bellamy x reader
Warning(s): Swearing
Spoiler(s): None
Prompt: Too long to type

Your breath fogged up in the cool morning air and you cast a worried glance at the overcast sky. The days were getting shorter, the nights colder and the word winter seemed frozen in your mind. Sticks crunched under heavy boots and you spun, an arrow already notched in your handmade bow.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Bellamy called, raising his hands in surrender, “It’s just me.”

You let out a sigh of relief, “Bellamy, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“Sorry,” the boy said with a sheepish smile, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

You shrugged, “There’s not much that doesn’t scare me these days.”

“Preach,” Bellamy replied, “what’re you doing out here by the way?”

“Hunting,” you explained, “winter is on it’s way. I figured we could use the extra food and a few more animal pelts. Pretty soon it’s gonna be cold all the time, and we can’t afford to lose anyone else.”

Bellamy nodded solemnly, “I agree,” the boy said, running his hand across his tired face, “not that staying warm will matter if the grounders slaughter us in the next few days.”

“Aren’t you the optimistic one,” you joked with a rueful smile, “don’t worry Bell, we can fight.”

“Well, that’s kind of what I’m here about.” Bellamy admitted.

You raised your eyebrow, intrigued by the prospect of a new challenge.

“You’re pretty good with that bow,” Bellamy commented, “and you’re the best gunman I have.” The boy’s eyes flicked to you nervously, “Would you mind coaching some of the others? I would just do it myself, but with all the battle preparations going on…”

“Sure thing,” you cut in, “don’t even worry about it. I’ll have that bunch of morons fighting ready in no time.”

Bellamy breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you Y/N, this is really gonna help our chances.”

“Happy to.” You smiled, slinging your bow over your shoulder and brushing past the boy, heading in the direction of camp, “Oh and if you need anything else, I’m your girl.”

Bellamy blushed lightly, glad that you’d already begun to walk away, “You’re my girl.”


Bellamy’s eyes scanned the crowd of nervous teens. For almost a week there had been no grounder attacks but everyone could feel their presence in the air, an oncoming tidal wave of pain and destruction. Needless to say, it made people nervous.

Bellamy’s days had been occupied with overseeing projects and discussing strategy with Clarke, but now he’d run out of work. His hands were idle, and that made Bellamy anxious. His mind wandered to you, and he was filled with the rush of excitement that you always gave him. Maybe he’d check how you were doing with your new position; he could even lend a hand. The prospect of spending an entire day near you filled Bellamy with a warm glow as he made his way to the makeshift shooting range.

Your eyes were trained on the fifteen boys, who followed your every instruction, finding small faults in the way a gun was held, or the positioning of one on a shoulder and correcting each with a subtle grace that made Bellamy believe that you were born to teach others.

Bellamy leant against a tree, content to just watch you work. It was obvious now that you didn’t need his help, you were just fine.

Bellamy had felt connected to you since the first day on earth. You’d opposed him, accusing the boy of manipulating the 100 for your own personal gain. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that and, once his anger had cooled, Bellamy found himself oddly impressed by you. As time passed, Bellamy tried to learn more about you. You were from Mecha station, your father had been floated for domestic violence, you’d been training to become a mechanic, and you were the toughest person anyone ever knew. Bellamy’s picture of you had been incomplete though, until you’d been trapped in a cave together during a hunting trip.

The boy remembered the day with perfect clarity. You’d smiled and joked together, him making fun of your hair, you making fun of his God complex. For three hours Bellamy had felt completely relaxed, something about you made it easy for him to be himself. When the fog had cleared, the two of you left, and Bellamy knew two things for sure. One; the puzzle that was you was far more intricate than he’d originally thought and Two; he was deeply in love with you.

That last realization had scared him. When you’ve got an illegal sibling to look after, you don’t have the option of falling in love, getting married and having kids. Your whole life is dedicated to protecting your sibling and Bellamy didn’t regret looking after Octavia the way he did, but he’d never prepared himself for a life away from her. He’d never prepared himself for love. He’d never prepared himself for you. The first time you’d kissed, he’d kept his muscles tensed, too frightened to do so much as move. You’d laughed gently, and kissed him again, more softly, coaxing him into a reaction he hadn’t known was inside of him.

As your relationship had progressed, Bellamy had learned more about himself than he’d thought was possible. He loved you so much that it hurt sometimes, but he never regretted his choice. Loving you was worth it.

Watching you now, Bellamy was more certain than ever. His eyes clung hungrily to yours, tracking your movements and marvelling at how much being near you made him ache.

“Hey Y/N?” John Mbege called, “I’m having some trouble, give me a hand?”

You stepped closer to the boy, lifting his arm and peering through the scope over John’s shoulder. Mbege winked at his friend Murphy and purposely shifted his gun again. Again, you adjusted it, oblivious to the looks Mbege was shooting the other boys. Bellamy clenched his jaw, curling his hands into fists.

“So, Y/N, what’re you up to after this?” Mbege asked.

You shrugged, still focussing on the shooting tactics of your students. Mbege put his gun down, following you as you paced across the lines.

“Well if you’re not too busy, I’ve got an hour and a tent where we can have some fun.” Mbege said flirtatiously.

Your eyes finally met his, “An hour? Really? Wow, that’s ambitious.” You smirked and stepped past the boy, “Any way, thanks but no thanks.”

“Come on girl,” Mbege pressed, “don’t be like that.”

“She said no thanks.” Bellamy said through clenched teeth, “That’s your cue to back the hell off.”

“What’s it to you Blake?” Mbege asks, “You got a claim on Y/N?”

“Maybe I do.” Bellamy said, “So back off.”

Your eyebrows had disappeared into your hairline and you pulled Bellamy aside.

“What the hell was that Blake?” You asked, your eyebrows creased with worry, “You don’t think I can handle a horny teenage boy?”

“No it’s not that it’s-“

“Because if so, you really shouldn’t have given me this job. Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you’d better get over it fast ‘cause-“

“You’re mine Y/N.” Bellamy called, “That’s it. You’re mine and I’m in love with you and I don’t like the idea other guys getting to be with you in a way I can’t.” The boy stepped closer, “I know you can take care of yourself, you’re the most badass person I know.” You smiled and Bellamy tentatively brought his hand to your face, “I got jealous okay? Can you forgive me?”

Your pulse thudded under Bellamy’s fingers and you softly pulled on the boy’s t-shirt, “I think I can,” you said seductively, “but let’s get one thing straight. I don’t belong to anyone, I may be your girl, but I’m my own girl first.”

Bellamy smiled, “So then you’re my girl?”

You nodded, kissing the older boy’s palm, “I’m your girl.”



Bellamy brought his lips to yours, forcing them open and pulling you close. Fire rushed through Bellamy as your fingers wound into his thick hair.

“Y/N,” he moaned, “God, I love you.”

You pushed the boy against the bark of a nearby tree, sighing in pleasure as Bellamy kissed along your collar bone.

“You know,” you panted, “I’ve got an hour and a tent where we can have some fun.”

anonymous asked:

hey just wanted to stop by and say you're fucking cool and sweet. I've been having a hellish day (got some dental work done earlier and I'm dying from pain rn) but your blog has kept me going and cheered me up alot, so thank you very much 😙!

wow, thank you too and you’re welcome. I’m glad I could help cheer you up in some way. I hope you feel better!

Welcome to Klondike Editing Studio! What may we do for you today? What do we edit, you ask? Ah, but that is entirely up to you! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Said or did something embarrassing? We can simply edit the past to correct your mistake, so that you end up having said or done something amazing instead! What will you edit today?
The advertisement fluttered, half torn, on the moss-worn pole. Distinctly sketchy, if you ask me. But then, no one ever does. The others don’t seem to believe it, at least. They laugh, poking each other with remembrances and cringing. I look at my boots instead. Joining this gang has been, probably, my worst decision till date. I must have been very, very drunk to even consider it.
Only, the biggest, most stupid of the lot has begun to protest. He thinks it would be fun to see what they have going on. Foolish idiot. All these clowns think that no harm can possibly come to them, since nothing bigger and badder walks the streets. Indeed, but do they know what goes on in the dark buildings that line the alleyways?
I find myself in one now, shadowing them as usual. A battered sign directs us up a set of stairs that should not have been able to hold us all up. But stepping over the threshold feels like walking into a different world. A huge factory, with ultra-modern machinery humming busily behind enormous floor-to-ceiling glass walls, surrounds us with its opulence. Everyone is frozen for a minute, and I fancy that they feel rather ridiculous in their soiled garb against the sterile, breathtaking setting. A woman in a simple blue uniform comes up to us, a bright red smile on her face. She meets my gaze for only a moment before directing her attention at the others. “Welcome to Klondike Editing Studio! I see this is your first time here. Would you like a tour?”
An extensive tour later, during which everyone has been treated to the choicest attention even a king wouldn’t receive, most of the gang is convinced. A little coaxing from them is enough to bring everyone over. They all sign the forms, too disarmed, too stupid to think of reading them, putting down what they would like edited. They never notice that I don’t sign a form. Nor do they notice the tickets the lady slips into my hand as they are all shown out with assurances for the morrow.
By the next day, the gang all have their favorite girls back, rich with money that never belonged to them, just rolling in the cakewalk that life has suddenly become. The gang splits in two, because a so many of the members couldn’t stand each other. Now, I walk the no man’s land of the moderator, maintaining links and relations between the two. It is rough work, and the thought that it will be over soon, and of my freedom, is all that keeps me going.
Soon enough, things start souring. Members turn up in the morning, raccoon-eyes hollow with remembrances of things they never meant to do. They start making mistakes, stupid moves, taking on ridiculously dangerous work as pawns for powerful organizations. One half of the gang is completely wiped out; some dead and the others imprisoned or on one-way tickets to a failed escape. They are all trapped. They sold their souls away the moment they forfeited editing rights over them.
I stay with the remaining few, whispering words of comfort with nothing behind them, pushing them to stand on their last legs for the final mission. It’s a bomb. It is new to the world and completely deadly, the likes of which has never been seen before. We were supposed to have time to get away, after which I was to get rid of the others and board my flight to freedom. Except now, things have gone horribly, horribly wrong.
“Shit! I cut the wrong wire! IT’S GONNA EXPLODE NOW!” This one with trembling fingers is screaming hysterically, but it’s too easy for me to see that this was meant to happen all along. They want to destroy all the evidence. Including me. Red hot fury races through me, quickly replaced by steely intent. So they betrayed me, after all. It’s a good thing I have some tricks up my sleeve. I quickly throw up a shield, tightening it around myself with every last bit of will, until absolutely nothing can penetrate it. As everything blazes white, I grit my teeth, holding the shield in place.
They are going to regret not checking my signature.

Wow, I enjoyed that immensely. Big thanks to @caffeinewitchcraft for the challenge and to @writingpromptsandjunk for this prompt. I so badly had wanted to do the editing studio, and now was my chance. Getting this in late because Dungeons and Dragons, and gonna do the next one after dinner. Though, my next is probably gonna be very D&D themed, because of an awfully exciting game that I can’t get over…

fun fact that shark tooth necklace shirazu is wearing isnt actually a shark tooth but one of shirazu’s baby teeth 

When Maya finally says “I love you” to Farkle, he’ll respond with “You couldn’t have told me sooner? You know how many years have gone by where I thought you hated me? The only person you ever said “I love you” to in our friend group was Riley! And I’ve been your friend nearly as long as she has, although I can’t really complain you two are the ‘best friends’ out of all of us. Still, you constantly made fun of me and teased me to the point where I thought you just downright despised me!“

Maya rolling her eyes and letting out a frustrated groan, “Okay, clearly you aren’t getting this, Genius. Don’t you think I made fun of you for a reason?”

Farkle shrugged and his eyebrows scrunched together in a frown, “No.”

“It’s because you’re easy to make fun of.”

“Okay?” Farkle is beyond confused right now.

Maya sighs, “Wow, you’re not as smart as I thought you were.”

“Hey! Not my fault that I don’t understand the subject of this conversation and I have no context here!”

“You’re an idiot.”

“I am Not!”

“You used to have Justin Bieber hair.”

“T-That was never my intention!”

“You’re a geek.”

“Stop already.”

“You’re also a really huge nerd.”


“Remember when you had glasses and you tripped climbing through Riley’s window, then face planted on the floor and ended up loosing a tooth so you had a gap between your teeth? I purposely made you dress up as a stereotypical nerd for Halloween and even painted freckles onto your already freckled cheeks.”

“Maya, where are you going with this?”

“I’m just waiting for you to say those three words back and then… I’ll consider stopping.”

“I love you? You’re one of my best friends and I’ve said it over exaggeratedly much, so many times, what’s the difference now?”

“You are really thick headed, Farkle.”

“How exactly?”

Maya grabs him by the shirt and tip toes to place a small peck on his nose, leaving Farkle bewildered. “I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of me not missing your lips so you’re going to have to try harder next time, but how is it possible that even with your contacts you still manage to miss?”

“U-Uhm…b-because I-I never asked you out on an actual d-date and I’ve never made it to first base for a goodnight k-kiss? Or is that second base? I-I don’t know.” Farkle stuttered a blush creeping up his neck and to his cheeks.

Maya releases his shirt, tilts her head to the side and smirks, “Are you asking me out?”

“I-I guess I am.” Farkle stammers.

“You guess?” Maya questions faux innocently.

Farkle clears his throat and shakes his head. “No, I am. I’m asking you out on an actual date, Maya Penelope Hart. You’re not entitled to say yes, but it would be an honor to dine with you.” Farkle says more confidently.

“Great. Pick me up at eight.” Maya turns around to leave, but not before throwing a wink over her shoulder.

Farkle is left standing there awestruck and mouth gaping open like a fish, eyes blinking rapidly as he tries to process what just happened before quickly making arrangements and plans for tonight’s date.

Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 5

Part 4

Summary: You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?  

Word count: 2K

I let out a slightly shaky breath and turned to face the security guard. Ashton told him our names and we headed through into the building, there was music playing in the background but not too loud like a dance club. The loud chatter of the crowd kept the volume up and the atmosphere buzzing. The place was full, not overly crowded like a club would be, but enough that there wasn’t a space to sit down. I was glad I’d dressed up once I looked around, there was women in full length dresses and dripping in jewellery. A few of the men were in full suits too but Ashton still looked like a shiny penny on a dull side walk to me, shining brighter than the rest. Ashton led the way over to the bar.

“Wow, there’s a lot of people here.” I hushed, looking around.

“I know, there’s a lot of the big bosses here too.” he looked around cautiously. I nudged his shoulder lightly with mines “Hey, this is a party, let’s just relax and have a good night.” I smiled up to him and watched how the lighting accentuated his chiselled jaw perfectly.

“I plan to.” He winked at me and held his fingers up to signal the bartender.

“Hey, can I get a corona and a white wine chardonnay please!” He had to speak a little louder so that he would hear him over all the noise.

“I think it’s getting scary how well you know me.” I said reiterating what he’d said to me earlier that day. I hopped up onto the bar stool that someone just left next to me and crossed my legs as best I could.

“Nothing scary about that.” He slid the money over the bar and nodded his head to the guy in appreciation.

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Wow– I can’t believe McKone didn’t take the chance when he had it. Greer’s is probably the most ill designed costume in comic history.

Yes, even more so than Clint’s infamous skirt.

A cat lady bouncing, pouncing and flouncing around in a string bikini. Whoever thought that was a good idea… wow. Yeah it’s hot under all that fur, but if she can take the Cali sun she can take a little extra padding.

Let’s not mess with the classics, though. Crocodile teeth is a must, as was Greer’s magical cat’s-head amulet (which allows her to change from feline to human, fun fact). She’s sexy, and she knows it, so there has to be a little extra fur showing, hence the cut-outs around the hips. 

Ladies, we know that halter necks are not ideal when at the gym, which is why I chose the criss-cross racerback (maybe I’ll do a back view next). It holds everything firmly in place without us having to worry about shoulders falling down. 

BOYLEGS! Because who wants a ride-up when you’re front-flipping around? Picking wedgies in public - especially when you’re a superhero - not how you want to be spending your time.

And, no brainer here, built in bra.

Sunshine and Rainbows

BBRae Week 2015 – Second Prompt: Second Kiss

“It’s weird.”

“But – ”

“And squishy.”

“Rae, I think it was just – ”

“People always say there are going to be rainbows and butterflies and crap and there really wasn’t any, and to be honest I’m just really grossed out right now. How is kissing supposed to be fun?!”

“I don’t know if you can base the whole thing on one specific incide-”

“And the teeth! All that clinking and stuff – I mean, I haven’t read about that anywhere. And why the tongue? Jesus Christ, that was probably the least pleasant part of it. I felt like my teeth were being polished by a slimy Swiffer!”

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The Story About The Snow Queen

This is my first cross over fic and crack pairing (that is what you call two characters that have never met right?) so please forgive me if this sounds rough and whatever. I need to get this muse down. Maybe I’ll make this into a oneshot, I hope so. This pairing is so wonderful. 

Also I’m sorry if this is long. My drabbles are always long.

Winter has fallen over the kingdom of Arendelle and it wasn’t due to Elsa powers this time. From her bedroom balcony the young queen brushed her hair over her right shoulder and smiled as her people wave from below, skating on the ice by the gates with their families. 

“Hey Elsa.” Anna squeezed in beside her. She waved at her people right afterwards. 

“Hello Anna.” The ice queen stood in her place as played with her long snow white hair with her fingers. “How was your day with Kristoff?”

“Wonderful!” Anna cheered. “We went to all places but most of the time we were trying to make sure Olaf wasn’t going to anywhere warm. He might be able to survive with your magic but still.” The young brunette chuckled. 

“I still find it hard to believe you two are married. You act like a bunch of children." 

Anna leaned on the balcony’s rails and gave her older sister the ‘look’ "Sooo Elsa. When are you going to get married?" 

The young queen’s face flustered before gathering her composure again. "M-marriage?! Anna, that is totally out of the question. I have a kingdom to run. Love is the last thing on my mind.”

“But you can’t run the kingdom by yourself forever.”

“But that’s why you, Kristoff and Olaf are here with me.” The queen smiled. 

Anna gave off a disheartened look, “You know that isn’t what I mean.”

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