i had fun to take pics

Sometimes the phandom can be quite fun. Quite Fun. we make jokes and have a good time. Then. things have to go sour. Somehow, they always do. yesterday i posted a pic of one of dan and phils’ friends’ instagram (which i in fact did not even take the screenshot of it was sent to me and i shouldn’t have even posted it). it was for Fun because it showed that dan and phil hung out with their friends and made cute iron bead art. The End right? No. people had to go on and stalk her instagram and now she’s gone private. i deleted the post around two hours after i posted it but the damage had been done. What The Fuck guys. the name and info was blurred out. Was That Not Signal Enough. i actually forgot how invasive people can be. i’m sorry i posted the screenshot and im sorry people took it and started being so creepy and horrible. can y'all take this as a lesson and realize dan and phils private lives are not something to meddle in? it’s for fun but as soon as someone takes that extra step it all goes to shit. so thanks for that. someone, more than a few someones, took that extra step.

Young!August (+ ponytail)

I don’t care if people hate him; now he is my new grandson together Larcade :3

Sorry if I couldn’t finish and post any requests today… I can’t use my Pc until this weekend and I have to finish them in digital :,)

I actually tried to use again my iPad for drawing something… it’s still hard draw with fingers but the brushes on Procreate are really useful *^* I swear they are on PaintTooSai :,) (or I think I have to create them on my own but I’m stupid and I can’t)



Ari Invades Alabama Part Deux

I meant to post this much earlier this week, but I was very busy catching up on stuff after flying home and had some social fun to take part in too :) Anyway, here it is..

Alabama Work Trip Day Two: I was in for an all day meeting followed by a night of fun with my team. The plan was to take us all out for bowling and to a Japanese restaurant afterwards. I was not exactly looking forward to asking for my larger than average size bowling shoes, but I was looking forward to playing again. It has been several years since I have bowled. I also looked up the place and they have gluten free hard cider on tap so.. BONUS ;-)

Today was a day I was going to see many more co-workers and people I that our team occasionally does work for, so I was going all out with my work outfit. I wanted to make a great “first” impression even on those people who met me when I was there four years ago looking VERY different. I was finally going to be able to go to “the office” in a dress. Alabama being the conservative state that it is, I was of course a little nervous, but it was basically now or never. I was fairly confident that enough time had passed since my email announcement in April (6 months already!) that people should already be used to the name change and knowing how to address me (pro-nouns, etc). I was also confident in the people that I typically work with, they are good people. However, I still wanted there to be no visual doubt that they were dealing with Ariana and not their former co-worker ;) 

As explained in earlier posts, even though I have been able to be myself full time since late march, I work from home all day every day and this was the home office I was visiting far from my home state of Illinois. 

My co-worker from California who picked me up at the airport was staying in the same hotel as me. We decided to meet for breakfast before heading in. I ate very carefully because I did not want to mess up my outfit. 

We showed up on time and found the planning room that we would be spending the day in. It was huge with white boards and smart boards galore. We were planning out several months of development work so by the end of the day all of those boards were actually going to be filled. As people made their way in I said hello to them and was again greeted warmly. Most of the group that would be in the meeting had seen me the day before. The few that did not came in later and were already engaged in a deep conversation as they walked in. One gentleman in particular, did not even look up at my co-worker and I sitting at a table until he was right next to us. He was someone who I have worked with on a regular basis for quite a few years. He knew of my transition and I consult him periodically on our system architecture. There was finally a break in their conversation and he finally looked over at our table. He immediately broke into a big smile and walked the few steps over to me as I stood up. He spoke first and said, “I don’t believe that we have met, I am ______ _____.” I smiled a mile wide and said, “Ariana ______.” He turned immediately red and laughed and smacked his head muttering, “Oh, well..” I said, “so, we have actually met before sort of!” It was kind of a great moment for me, I have to be honest. Talk about boosting your confidence when someone that knows you pretty well does not even see the old you anymore :)

Anyway, the all day meeting took well.. all day (with lunch in the same room). By the time we were done the travel was starting to catch up with me so I was very glad to head out for some fun. 

My co-worker and I both wanted to stop back at the hotel. I was not about to go bowling in my work dress ;)  Before leaving though, she and I walked to some different cubes to say hello to a few more people before heading out. With my confidence so high I was talking with people like I saw them everyday (at least it felt that way to me), the nerves were gone. Before long, I was back at the hotel changing for our night out. 

I decided to not play it conservative dressing for the night out either. I wanted to look good ;) (see the second-to-last pic with the green top above). By the time we were driving away from the hotel my co-worker got a text from our boss saying that the bowling alley was over-run with pre-teens having a league event and the bar was closed. He told us to just go straight to the Japanese restaurant so our plans were altered, but it was still a lot of fun. It was an authentic Japanese restaurant (owned and staffed as such). Our waitress was incredibly nice. I ordered 4 rolls of various sushi and ended up having two glasses of wine because everyone enjoyed more than one drink. We stayed there longer than planned because the bowling plans were cancelled. It was great though. It was a mix of some work discussions and also just a lot of joking around. It was the kind of camaraderie I do typically miss out on by working from home. The director of our group (the boss of my boss) also showed up and it is always good to spend time with him.

After finally getting back from the restaurant, I felt really beat, but once again kind of euphoric and happy (see the last pic). I could not imagine the day going much better than it did. 

Day 3 of my trip would be a short day, but I would get to meet with someone who was instrumental in my ability to successfully come out at work. More on that in my next post!


p.s. (fellow trans/non-binary people) You CAN get through difficult/scary things and help make them work out by being your best self and just looking people square in the eye while smiling and in a sense daring them to still have an issue with you. You are wonderful and you are worthy of being treated with respect. Never expect anything else and go out there and give everyone reason to respect you! Be daring!

My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

“Ryan,” Gavin said suddenly. “Can I paint a moustache on you, Ryan?”

“What?” Ryan asked, startled out of his staring - “No!”

“Please, Ryan. Oh my God. It’d be so funny. It’ll be under the mask all day anyway!”

“What if I take my mask off?”

“It’ll shock whoever sees it so much you’ll have time to kill ‘em. Come on Ryan. Don’t be a party pooper. You said you’d wear an animal onesie around, what’s a moustache compared to that?”

He looked so gleeful that Ryan could only roll his eyes and hand over the paintbrush. Gavin let out a delighted sort of squawk and grabbed it.


“I look like Geoff,” he said.

Gavin couldn’t even reply, too busy doubled over, cackling as though this was the most hysterical thing he’d ever seen. Seeing him laughing and looking so carefree was nice, after the last few weeks, and Ryan couldn’t help but stare at him, smiling fondly.

- from whalehuntingboyfriends’ fic Murdering Mr. Darcy

Meet and Greet with Mark Sheppard at Burcon 2016

Bless Mark for allowing us to take selfies instead of a group pic ^^
I had heard that he could be somewhat caustic but tbh I am well used to the British temperament of the type he has so I was never really worried in the first place.

He was actually in a great mood cause he’s getting married this weekend I believe (could be the next)! And yeah there was some teasing when he heard I cam from Belgium but it was fun! He also gave some really heartfelt, great advice to a mother/daughter pair in the group about standing up for what you believe in and it was overall a really pleasant 45 minute talk ^^

He was also kind of excited about season 12 and said several times that he thinks it’ll be a really good season. Oh yeah and that Crowley is the real hero of Supernatural haha ;)

umm so rude i was having the best dream ever i was with my whole family and john and we were around a capri - esque coast and i was having so much mf fun and taking so many pics bc of how beautiful it was and THEN. It turned into a very intricate zombie dream where this little girl had haunted and died and was just not leaving me the FUCK alone and id DIE everytime i tried to escape in my car and


[03.18.2017] // A perfect day for a playdate!

Hey guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine! <3
Today, Mauricio had a playdate with Matteo and Maite from @gizusims! It was really good, and he loved his new friends!
We went for a park next to my house, the kids had too much fun in the playground, and me too taking pics of them! Jhonny stayed with the Rafa, Mari and the twins for me today, and I had too much fun with the kiddos! They went in all of the toys of the playground, and Mauricio’s favorite was the biggest one! Okay, I need too say, mom’s heart almost stopped when I saw how big he is now! Times ago, he had too much fear about go in big playgrounds and now he love it! Time flies, and this baby is getting independent every day more!
Also, he loved Matteo and Maite! They talked too much while they play, and it was cool to see how social Mauricio is!
Also, he will turn 4 in June! I can’t believe, really! My baby is growing so fast, and making me more proud everyday! I just love this kiddo!
Also, I loved to meet Maite and Matteo! They’re so sweet, and had too much fun! Thanks @gizusims for let them come for a playdate with Mauricio! I can’t wait to see them again! <3

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night! <3

Scarlett <3


Life at last! (he/him!)

Oh my gosh I’m so happy with how this all came together… it was such a fun costume to make and I was worried it wouldn’t work out (especially considering I’m tragically pre-op and had to cover my chest entirely; also since I’d be with/around children I decided against adding the glittery star on Beef’s crotch at least for now, if I ever take this outfit out again I’d add it…), but I’m honestly so happy with it omg…. You can’t tell in any of these pics and I didn’t feel comfortable just taking a pic of my ass but I also had the “tail” that Beef has on; it was really glittery and sparkly!

I was warned by my entire family that no one would know who I was because of the obscurity of the character but that didn’t make it any less fun?? I went to the dentist and then spent all day at school in costume, then I took my 10 year old sister trick or treating, then I was on candy duty for like an hour. It didn’t matter if no one recognized me (or if they did they didn’t say anything). Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love being able to dress up as my favorite characters and feel good about how I look and have fun!!

My mom helped me so much too I shouldn’t not give her credit tbh… she was the one who helped bring Mister Mistoffelees to life last year and I knew I could count on her to help with this again and she really really did oh my gosh. And Paul Williams actually responding when I tweeted him a pic made my day omg!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Here’s what I made for the P4A art perk this year. Sets of 3 notebooks with a worldsuck decreasing theme. projectforawesome.com/donate

I had a lot of fun making these. I have plenty more behind-the-scenes pics if anybody wants them (I do love taking artsy pictures of piles of scraps), but I hit the tumblr picture limit. I’m not going to get to watch a ton of P4A livestream because I’ll be at work, but last year Hank showed off some of the art perks. Send me a screenshot if these show up in this year’s livestream. Let’s all raise and crap-ton of money for charity, yeah?

I fucked up by jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean fully clothed and my wallet sank to the bottom, but something unbelievable happened!

(warning: very long post with pics at the end)

I have a very fun and quite unbelievable story to tell you guys. This happened back in 1998.

I was 18, slightly nerdy, and I was not a drinker, by any means. Let’s get the funniest part of this entire story out of the way right now. I’ll admit it; I had bowl cut. You’ll see.

I was best buds with two guys I had known for years: Ryan and Dave. Ryan’s dad was an airline pilot and had some free tickets to Hawaii, so he offered to take us all for a long weekend. Needless to say, we were stoked. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I was looking forward to the experience very much.

I am 35 years old now and my memories are spotty, but I will describe things as best I can. The flight was long, but soon enough we arrived in the base-model-Ford-Mustang-convertible-capital-of-the-world. It seemed as if that was the only car available to rent on the island.

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Okay people but

Chris d’Elia as Grantaire though

I mean

He’s got the plaid and the hair

He’s got the nose (and the magical left eyebrow)

This is him during a meeting knowing that Enjolras won’t be able to back his argument up with sources and oh boy is he gonna have fun winding Enj up

Last picture of a night out with Joly and Bossuet

When they did work for an animal shelter. Enj might or might not have had this picture as his lockscreen for weeks.

In conclusion: Please consider Chris d’Elia as Grantaire.

(Don’t tell me he wouldn’t take a pic like that.)


AnimeNext 2016 was AMAZING!! 💕

(just gonna ramble in the tags :3)