i had fun making it too


Kiwi by Harry Styles sign language cover (PSE). I had waaaaaaaay too much fun making this 😊


Sparks: Instagram Edition pt.4 - GLITTER! ( pt. 12 | 3
The Lucy, Cana and Loke combo as requested by anon.

For the record: I still don’t know what the plot of Glitter is lmao. All I know is that it’s sparkly, has singing, Lucy and Loke end up together and Cana succeeds in life or something.

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I’ve been tagged by @enchantedunicornhideout for the dating meme, yay! *___* Thank you so much dear! *____*

So… I picked Adrian for this one, but I may do it for a few other of my guys, because I had lots of fun with it! :D …Also, as usual, I wrote way too much XD

Dating tag: Adrian


  • He will never forget an anniversary, birthday or otherwise special event and will always make sure to do something special for the occasion: be it a bouquet of roses, a ride through the forest on his Harley or a romantic dinner at the restaurant, there’s just no way he will ignore it.
  • He’s loyal. He hates cheating, and would never do it to anyone: if he has no intention to get into a serious relationship, he will be honest about it right from the start, rather than deceive his partner. Same applies to long-term relationships: if he feels that something isn’t right, he won’t hesitate to talk about it and, if necessary, he will end the relationship rather than look for… “alternative partners”. 
  • Although he hates cheating, he’s not possessive: if you have a male friend and want to spend time alone with him, he has no problem with it. Both Lucy and Aaliyah used to have plenty of male friends, and he never once threw a fit about it.
  • He can cook, clean and wash his own clothes and he strongly believes in sharing the duties of housekeeping. There’s just no way you’re gonna come back home from work and find him sitting peacefully in front of the TV which he doesn’t even have, btw while the house is a mess.
  • If you like rough and passionate sex with lots of cuddling afterwards, he’s the partner for you. Although he’s not much into foreplay and such, he still enjoys pleasing his partner and he can… last for quite a long time. And he’s pretty well-endowed.
  • He knows a lot about protection spells and will use them to protect you, your house and/or your loved ones… and, once he trusts you enough, he may also share his knowledge with you to make sure you know how to recognize danger and protect yourself when he’s not around. 


  • Stubborn and proud as fuck, he will refuse to ask for help and most likely ignore any suggestion… unless he figures out how to solve a problem on his own.  
  • He’s a workaholic: he has a tendency to put work above anything else in life. Including loved ones. He usually ends up regretting it badly, but he just can’t help it. In part, it’s his way of protecting his ones he loves: if there’s someone threatening their safety, he *must* take care of the issue. However, it’s also true that he does enjoy his job a lot… and that he truly sucks at balancing work and love life.
  • As much as he likes rough & passionate sex, he… tends to be a little repetitive ‘_’ as in, it’s pretty much always the same routine with him: little to no foreplay (he likes to go straight to the point), limited variation in positions (the most creative position he’s ever tried with a partner is the cowgirl ò__ò) and little to no oral sex… not on his own initiative, at least ‘_’ on the good side, he’s pretty open to suggestions on the matter. Unless they involve weird kinks or stuff like roleplaying
  • He’s moody and easily angered: talking to him on a bad day is pretty much like handling a bomb that is about to explode.
  • Sleeping next to him at night is… a challenge: he moves A LOT in his sleep and will probably kick you out of bed without even noticing. That is, when he manages to sleep at all: more often than not, he will wake up screaming in the middle of the night, all covered in sweat, and will have a super hard time getting back to sleep. Sure, he’ll usually refuse any help and tell you that he just needs some time alone and that he can manage it on his own… but still, it’s not something that can be easily ignored.
  • Dangerous life: let’s face it, between his powers as a medium and his job as a hunter, there’s just no time to get bored with Adrian. Which… in this case, probably isn’t a very good thing: it isn’t rare for him to get back home severely hurt after a fight against a supernatural creature, and you will pretty much have to deal with the aftermath of his visions (headaches, shivering, weakness and/or downright passing out) on a weekly basis, too.  

I tag @nocturnalazure, @lyrea, @katheryan, @jepensedoncjesims, @sixamsims & anyone else who feels like doing this! ^____^

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Holy crap! You've made sooo many moodboards and you make so many different kinds of them too. I. Am. blown. Away. What are some of your favorite/most popular posts? I want a greatest hits reel!

Haha, thank you! Also this is a super fun question! I’ve had this blog for about a year and a half now and it’s been a moodboard request page for most of that time so flipping through old posts is actually starting to become very interesting! 

I feel like the most popular post (at least note-wise) is probably an aesthetic board about wax seals that I did wayyyy back in the day. Literally, no matter what else I have going on, this moodboard is always somewhere in my recent activity feed: Wax Seals

As for personal favorites, I almost have too many to count! I tend to like most of what I upload (otherwise I just won’t post something) but there are few moodboards I remember being super-extra excited about. Here’s a short list of some faves (I’m going to exclude Hogwarts Houses / Astrology / Name moodboards as categories from it, though, because those aesthetics make up 80% of my content and there are just too many good ones to choose from). Feel free to click on any of the titles for a direct link!

For summer-ey aesthetics, I really like these:

Italian Vacation


Summer Escapism 

Sun Bleached

Beach Nap Daydreams

Good Autumnal Aesthetics:

Afternoon Warmth


Warm & Preppy

Mercury in Virgo

Winter Aesthetics:

Warm Winter Day In France 

Spring Aesthetics:


Blog Moodboard

Park Picnic 

Flowering Earth (Pink & Green)


Pastel/Princessey Aesthetics:

Vintage Roses & Forgotten Love Letters

Marie Antionette 

Moon Princess 

Libra Sun & Cancer Moon

Blog Moodboard

Blog Moodboard

Blog Moodboard

Blog Moodboard

Neon Stuff:

Violent Purple 

Kimberly (Neon Pop Princess) 

Cosmic Earth Witch


Hades & Persephone 

Modern Persephone 


Romeo & Juliet 

The Picture of Dorian Gray

F.Scott Fitzgerald 

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

Lemony Snicket 

Winne The Pooh 

Les Fleurs du Mal 



Dead Poets Society

Downton Abbey 

Beauty and the Beast 

American Horror Story (Coven)


Harry Potter Characters: 

Theodore Nott

Luna Lovegood

Parvati Patil 

Personality Type Aesthetics:

INTJ (2)



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18 (rip I feel old already) your local 5'2 black hair brown eyed demiboy who loves Disney, visual novels n camp camp. I'm really into video editing and excitedly yelling about my edits and shows on the void that's my snap story. Ahh I hope pillow fort making + a movie marathon doesn't sound like too lame of a date

You had me at pillow fort….
Of COURSE, duh
Who wouldn’t want to
You’re not that much older, I’m 16
I still don’t really know what a Demi-person (??) is exactly….but alright
Video editing sounds super cool , teach me!!
I’d absolutely love to do a movie marathon!!! We can watch Disney movies!!
How fun!!!!!



I’m home, yoshi! What a great weekend in Galway, karakakoo! We saw all the major sights; the aquarium, the city museum, the retro computer and console museum, the Spanish Arch and of course, lots of yummy cafés! Yawoo!

And we might be be moving there next year. Woah!

We made lots of new friends too, yoshi! Human and not human! Some were more cuddly than others, but that’s ok! And friend is a friend, yoshi! And a friend always makes the adventure twice as fun! It’s been proven, yoshi!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed, yoshi! I’m so sleepy, maybe I had too much fun this weekend, yoshiiiii…. Zzzzz~


Danny not hugging Kimmy was great.

When I started watching the show I thought that Max really had potential but was a bit over the top. Now he’s just annoying and not acting like a … whatever-year-old. His lines always feel inappropriate for his age, no kid his age would actually say stuff like that.

“The goal is cleanliness” <3

“Your great-grandfather Comet won this back in 91″ Awww

Noo, Danny and Teri split up. Like, I barely remember her but still.

“You seemed so happy… That one time she came up here.” at least they are making fun of that fact too.

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Idk why ppl think Niall stans aren't that problematic like LMFAO twitter(.)com/tinyfiicker/status/911710008722702336 / twitter(.)com/nathansglory/status/911963059228463104 / the likes of this tweet too twitter(.)com/niialls/status/911694138038525954 etc.. Niall stans are trash too liam stans have never going that low to call someone a pedo , making fun of the other boys problems like they do with Liam's bullying or his kidney

ah yes, making fun of someone who not only had a serious medical condition for the first 18 years of his life, but someone who was also so severely bullied that he had no real friends for a big part of his life, always a classic


i like this one 👇🏻 bc bitter stans’ arguments are always smth like “liam objectifies women” just bc he sang abt wanting his gf to strip for him. these ppl apparently don’t know that you can ask this kinda stuff in a healthy, mature relationship, but then again, they’re mentally like 12 so lol (also bedroom floor was written by charlie puth but how would they know since they don’t really pay attention to liam gjshgjkh)


Taako gets the gold!

(99% of the reason i wanted to do this was to draw taako being flung in the air at terminal velocity and smashed against a wall, which is abundantly clear what i spent less time on,. yeehaw)

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Can you please do BTS as dads?

(this is based on their sun signs)


  • the fun dad
  • looks like he hasn’t aged since he was 20
  • probably the least strict
  • because sagittariuses value freedom and independence 
  • they want their children to be their own people
  • super chill
  • doesn’t believe in strict punishment
  • cooks better than their mom
  • loves adventures
  • takes his kids camping, to amusement parks, anywhere they want
  • d a d j o k e s
  • always bright and sunny and cheers them up his humor
  • or makes them cringe
  • “dad im hungry” “hi hungry im dad”
  • [windshield wiper laugh]
  • instills strong morals and values in his kids

Originally posted by yoongiski


  • the affectionate dad
  • pisces are very compassionate, patient, and understanding
  • so he’d be able to handle kids and their moodiness really well
  • the person they always go to for comfort and advice
  • loves spending time with his kids
  • always makes them feel loved and appreciated
  • encourages their creativity
  • shares his love of music with them
  • “kiddos u know back in the day i was kinda a big deal. they called me suga”
  • “dad we literally live right next door to the bangtan uncles”
  • makes his kids hold each other’s hands when they start arguing
  • cries on the first day of kindergarten
  • the type to take pics and make scrapbooks and record videos to keep memories
  • and cry proud-father-tears when rewatching them

Originally posted by shootingfingerhearts


  • the cool dad
  • another one that’s not strict
  • encourages his kids to be unique and individual
  • wants them to have a high self esteem and not follow the crowd
  • would raise really artsy kids who have a unique fashion sense
  • lowkey would be fine with them breaking some rules
  • high fives them when they stand up to mean teachers or bullies
  • pranks his kids
  • acts more like their friend 
  • so so supportive
  • shows up to every sports game or performance and screams louder than all other parents

Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs


  • the overprotective dad
  • his little ones would probably inherit his god of destruction gene
  • so you’d come home one day and he’s wrapping them in bubble wrap
  • puts all his energy into raising his kids
  • lowkey strict
  • but only because he wants to see them shine 
  • the house runs so well
  • they go to bed at exactly the same time every day
  • sets a curfew
  • has those “my child is an honor roll student” stickers on his car
  • brags to other parents about how gifted they are
  • embarrasses them in public
  • his kids look up to him a lot

Originally posted by yayaruizc


  • the hot dad
  • teachers flirt with him during pta meetings
  • impresses their classmates by picking them up in his nice car
  • all his daughter’s friends have a crush on him
  • his kids will be super popular 
  • always fair
  • can defuse fights between them like a pro
  • creates a calm, peaceful, and beautiful home
  • his kids are always the best dressed
  • has a really good relationship with their mom and takes her out on dates every weekend
  • a good listener
  • is like their friend and has a really tight bond with them

Originally posted by jiminboi


  • the rich dad
  • his family will live in the nicest biggest house
  • works hard to make sure they’re financially secure
  • always away on some business trip
  • but comes home with so many gifts
  • puts his kids in the best private school
  • spoils them
  • but still keeps them down to earth
  • his kids have good manners from a young age
  • teaches them the importance of hard work and discipline
  • old fashioned
  • the type to say “i’m your father, listen to me” all the time
  • loves taking his family on fun extravagant vacations every summer
  • super proud of every little thing his kids accomplish
  • keeps pictures of them in his (gucci) wallet

Originally posted by jinmini


  • the organized dad
  • has his shit together
  • super reliable and dependable
  • keeps everything neat and tidy
  • helps the mom with cooking and chores
  • color coordinates and name tags all their toys and clothes
  • makes them cute lunch boxes with supportive messages every day
  • sings them to sleep
  • tries to be strict but fails
  • “son it’s time to study please get off the computer. wait…is that overwatch? ….okay one more round if i can join”
  • a bit of a worry wart
  • always thinking about their well being and safety
  • when they get sick he flips out
  • “y/n according to webmd they’re dying. i’ve failed as a father. this is it.”
  • “jungkook pls calm down it’s just a cold”
  • puts his little ones in sports or dancing and takes them to practice
  • supports the heck out of them

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Phillips and pops sketches. :) 


#broducechallenge - super hot: choreography references

note: there are more references but these are my favorites :D

STAN TALENT. STAN EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?)