i had forgotten how soulcrushing the two of them could be

Miss T’s 450+ Followers Forever

Hello everyone! Believe it or not, but this blog now has over 450 followers. I still cannot really believe it myself, and am positively flabbergasted. So I believe it is about time that I show some gratitude. I am gratefull for each and every single follower on this blog. However there are of course a few special people I wanna mention.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Fandom

@loveisforchildren-percivalgraves: Mados is one of the first Graves I rped with. Your Graves, my dear, is amazing. I have said it time and time again, and I will say it time and time again: Your Graves portrayal is perfection. I absolutely love the story line we are having! I love, how Graves’ wits, sarcasm, humor and snarky attitude drive Gellert up a wall. I love the hate/love dynamic they have. I absolutely adore you, my friend, and every time you reply, you brighten my day.

@allforthegreatergood: Allgoody, who would have guessed that you are the reason I actually started to ship Grindelcest? Your Grindelwald is a wonderfull fuel to mine, and he seems to be so much more composed and calm then my crazy weirdo. Really, I believe Gellert needs your Grindelwald to balance him. I love our small and long roleplays, I love how we have moments where we just break the fourth wall out of nowhere. Our rps go from drama to comedy, and I love that!

@theamericanjewitch: Tina and Gellert in a soulmate au? Well, we made it work, and I am still amazed that we did so. Your Tina is amazingly written, authentic, and you yourself are a wonderfull person, Amihex. I really enjoy all our interactions, and I love how Tina can actually stand her ground around Grindelwald. That’s pretty amazing. She is such a though lady, and I love it.

@amagizoologistscase: You are one of the best Newt roleplayers there is. Your Newt is just adorable and sweet. I really enjoy the vampire au we are having. And I love how there is this slight romance going on between Grindelwald and Newt. It is adorable. And you are lovely too.

@teapotauror: You were the first one, who tried out a dark!Tina AU, and we keep working on it. Our replies are a bit smaller, but I love them. Your Tina really is a sweetheart. She may work for Grindelwald, but you can still see she has her morals, which is great. I love, how Gellert is trying to wrapp her around his fingers, and I am curious to see as to how this is gonna develop.

@asksmuttytheseus: One of my german followers and the person, where we both are like Who needs a plot??? Joking aside, I absolutely love you and the way you are portraying Theseus. I think, you are right when you say Theseus is pushing himself, while Gellert is just a douchebag. It is a very funny dynamic. What I also find good: The openness you have while writing makes this crackish plots really funny and enjoyable to write. I used to have problems with writing smutt, but I never have problems when it comes to you.

@deathlesshallows: You and I may only follow each other for a few weeks, days, but you have left an enormous impression on me! Your Grindelwald completes Gellert in another way then allgoody’s does. The entire dynamic is more like a servant and his master. Basically two people, plotting the end of the world. That is very great to do. Your writing style is A+, and you are a lovely person to talk to.

People I adore in this fandom and wanna have more threads with

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Harry Potter Fandom

@bittenchildremus: I think, I should actually mention you first, Bitty. You were one of the first people that approached me when I took Gellert as my muse. You ‘introduced’ me to Mados. You helped me to get a feel for Gellert, and you made many awesome edits for me (like the one on the top of this post). You are a wonderfull person to talk to and plot with. I adore all your OCs you create on @fireofmanyhearts, with my personal favourites being Magnus and Ethan. I love how you portray Remus, and I really enjoy the AU we are having with him being his evil helper.

@riddlemostpowerful: Grace, your Tom Riddle is gold! I absolutely love how you portray him. Not only do you have him be a powerhungry, young man, but you also add a few small quirks, which turn him into a real human. Because of you, I shop Riddlewald so hard! I love the dynamic between the mentor and the student. I love how Tom turns into a blushing, little idiot whenever something odd happens. I love plotting with you and talking with you. Your Tom Riddle and you yourself are really close to my heart.

@tobelovedistobedestroyed-albus: Okay, Mados, let’s face it. I am cheating here a bit. I don’t care, I have to give your Albus a seperate mentioning: He is perfect! He and Gellert play off in such a lovely way. There is always an air of melancholie around them, and it is breaking my heart, which is good. I love how we find ways to make headcanons specifically for this pair. It brings these two lovers and friends so much alive.

@askyoungdumbledore: We both know, it took some time for us to start roleplaying. You are actually my first Albus, and I absolutely love this exchange student thing we have. It is really well-thought out, and it allows us to explore something unexpected.

@siiriusblxck: We may be slow with our roleplay, but I love you nonetheless. I really enjoy the dynamic we settled with. Having Sirius being stripped of his will, is a very drastic move, but I love this vulnerability. I am actually glad that I could dare this with you, since the power dynamic in our rps towards Sirius is bad for him. Like really badly. All in all, I really enjoy reading all your threads, and I am very glad that I could approach you.

@jazzandmagic: Bella, you are one of my oldest and longest roleplayers. I know, we actually rped in another fandom, but I still hope that we find a way to rp on here as well. All in all, you have a lovely Hermione, and she is very enjoyable. I also enjoy chatting with you.

People I adore in this fandom and wanna have more threads with:

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Mixed Blogs aka all the other Fandoms and Personal Blogs I have things to say about

@mylittlecuriosityrp: Okay, let’s face it: Everybody who followed me on @misstantabis knows your name had to pop up eventually. Ace, what can I say to you that I have not yet said before? You are the first blog, that ever followed me. You are the person, that helped me the most in many, many ways: When it came to writing, when it came to learn how the Tumblr community works. You are the person I had the most heartships and troubles with. We have known each other for a year, I think, and we grew a lot because of this. You are one of my closest friends on her, my greatest inspiration and idol, and I am immensely gratefull to have you. The way you write all your horses is lovely, and I am so glad that after all our countless story lines we still have something to continue. I look forwards to see what will come in the future. <3

@royal-lotus-fire: Everybody needs a person, which makes them smile from time to time. Lotus, you are that person for me. Your randomness and your sweetness brightens my day. We may no longer roleplay as much as we used to, but I still love all the stuff you tagg me in, all the random asks you send me. You are my ray of sunshine. :)

@themadandthebroken: I know it has been quite around us, but be assured I have not forgotten you. I absolutely loved and still do each and every roleplay we are having. I love your muses, and I love how we plot soulcrushing angst to ruin our ships.

@mr-henry-lascelles: You were the blog that introduced me properly to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and I love you for that. Not only did you gave me a great, small fandom, but you also created one of the greatest AUs with me and my favourite, platonic ship up date. Seriously, nothing beats Olalla and Lascelles, plotting crazy schemes to avoid Captain Dance, and embarass him nonstopp. XD

@funkzpiel: I theoretically could have also placed you under the Fantastic Beast section, however I chose to sort you here since you are a personal blog. Funky, you are another one of my big writing inspirations. You encouraged me to actually write a ton of what I jokingly call my garbage stories (since it is smutt with little plott). I love to talk with you, and I really hope that our friendship can grow.

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