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Sorry I haven’t been here for a while, but I’ve been very busy and when I finally had the time, I got sick! Ha ha =__=

But, during these days I found THIS post  and I just couldn’t help myself ;) [It’s been more than a year since I did something like this… I had forgotten how funny it was haha]

Sorry for Yoosung (not really haha! I was gonna draw a lineart and everything I did with the other 2, buuuuuuutttttt I just couldn’t cuz that face would have dissapeared~ )

Molly Hooper

Funny how some people have ignored or forgotten that Sherlock would’ve confronted Moriarty COMPLETELY alone if not for Molly Hooper. As a Sherlockian I was heartbreakingly MOVED he had Molly’s wholehearted support . She believed in him without evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt. She kept him ALIVE twice that we know of .. poor weak Molly Hooper?????? I don’t THINK so. If he didnt recall at Sherrinford everything that he had truly felt for her and what they meant to each other; in that moment when he could lose her for good; he’s not the man of the heart I believe him to be.

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Episode 11: Graduations & Reincarnations


Graduation and Reincarnations
This episodes had so many feels man, I’m so proud of Eun Tak for graduating, I was so emotional when Eun tak was sitting there alone, smiling sadly as she watched other students with their parent,

 I was glad she was able to congratulate the daughter of her daughter, Samshin visited her and congratulated her on graduating and of course 

Eun Tak recognized who the red lady was.

 And when Haelmoni spoke to the teacher I was emotional too, the teacher reacted as if she had disappointed her mother, 

which she freakin’ did. I loved that scene! I thought it was gonna be forgotten how horrible of a teacher she was to her student who was obviously already struggling with life.

✎ It was so meta too! Kim Shin saw Kim Shin from Joseon period see his future through that lady serving him and his friend drink(?) It was so funny when he tried to explain what a smartphone is gonna look like. And! And! He saw Eun Tak in that period so I am definitely waiting for more of that.

The death card
I’m glad Shin is more honest with Eun Tak, because that’s one of the key for them to break the deity’s will and to write their own fate, they must be honest with each other and trust each other more.
I’m glad they’re relationship is becoming more and more stronger.  

I feel bad for Eun Tak gosh, she’s at that point of questioning the deity again, why he so cruel to her?
When Eun cried on Shin’s shoulders? God her face killed me my poor Eun Tak.

I just want her to finally enjoy the harvest of her life, for God’s sake let her!

Sunny and Kim Shin’s interaction.
I was glad they got to talk.
We got more of the history of Wang Yeo and Sun, It was a tragic love really, they loved each other, the king loved her Queen. He wasn’t being a d*ck when he flipped that tray of medicine, he doesn’t want Sun poisoned, I just wished he explained to her! He was too blinded by jealousy and arrogance plus the whispering of that son of gun right hand of his, which brings me to this next thing.

✎ Samshin haelmoni proving again how she works in mysterious ways, It was revealed she was Gr’s Junior’s landlady, and now turns out, she’s Sunny’s too?
(Still don’t think she’s the baddy here in this drama though)

184 cm tall, 2 cm heels
I found it so clever yet so sad how Sunny found out GR’s real identity, the shock expression she had, her eyes swelling with tears, the confusion, the sadness on GR’s face. 

I want them to have a happy ending instead of a tragic one they had in their past lives. They didn’t deserve it. 

The king’s adviser
Freakin hell he’s back! Or should I say, he’s here? It did seem he waited all this time, he didn’t cross to the other side but stayed and waited to meet the Goblin’s bride? for 900 hundred years? or was he brought back?


Goodness gracious i have this nasty feeling, he’s just too freaking mysterious it makes you wonder! I just freakin know, I am like 80% sure now he’s not a normal human/person something was off with him in this episode and in the preview. How in hell did he know Sunny was Kim Shin’s sister in her past life? And that preview , was I correct with my past theory with  Deokhwa? That the reasons why he didn’t tell ET about the meaning of the message on KS’s journal is because she might not pull the sword?  Or maybe he didn’t think he she was ready to know? WTF is happening? 
I NEED ANSWERS! Because this I don’t want to believe, many theories had said that Deokhwa might be an angel, a guardian angel and that’s the theory I wanna go with ;-; because he’s too precious man!

Again, this has been a roller coaster ride for my feeling. I cannot believe we’re at the Episode 12 tomorrow guys, only 4 episodes to go, they better give us 3 hours per episode because- UGH I cannot. It’s gonna be hard reviewing the future episodes cause I just want to savor the moments you know.
I really wish this drama a happy ending, again like I’ve said before, I’m not that type who’s always after a Happy, perfect ending, cause sometimes.. love is tragic, but can you blame me for hoping for this drama?

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LOL Clarke sucking at small talk is so funny. It just makes so relatable.

Dude ikr? She’s like “it has been so long since i’ve had a plot irrelevant conversation with a new person I have forgotten how it works…..I like…….rain?” and I’m sitting on my couch all GIRL, SAME. 

I just (re)watched “Stardust” and omg it’s so amazing and beautiful and funny and wonderful I love it?! I had mostly forgotten about it and I’m also sure I didn’t get half of it back when I first watched it (it isn’t exactly a kid’s movie after all… 😂), and now I’ve fallen in love all over, it’s such a gem!

Also I’m in desperate need of an AU now with Sherlock as Yvaine (I mean just imagine him as a fallen star, how beautiful?) and John as Tristan. <3



Never Had by Oscar Isaac

I’ve been gone for so long now
Chasing everything thats new
I have forgotten how I got here
I have not forgotten you
We were just children with our eyes opening
You were all that i could see
You came close enough to know my heart beat but
Still not close enough for me

Through the good times and the bad
You were the best I never had
The only chance I wish I had to take
There was no writing on the wall
No warning signs to follow
I know now and I just cant forget
Youre the best I never had


In this motel
Will pass midnight
When im bluer than a bruise
And you come drifting in through the half light
In your funny yellow shoes
And I hope thats you standing at my doorway
Thats the scratchin of your key
And I hope this song im singing
Someday finds you
My letter to Elise

Through the good times and the bad
You were the best I never had
The only chance I wish I had to take
There was no writing on the wall
No warning signs to follow
I know now and I just cant forget
Youre the best I never had
Nana Nanana
Best I never had
Nana Nanana
Best I never had mmm

Star Signs as embarrassing things I've done
  • Aries: Accidentally broke my brothers arm, had to go to A&E
  • Taurus: Stuffed and entire plate of chips in my mouth to prove a point and couldn't breathe afterwards
  • Gemini: Put on a shark head costume, tried to do a cartwheel and smacked into a tree, had to go to A&E
  • Cancer: After waking up from an operation still high on anesthetic I cried because I had forgotten how to breathe and passed out from lack of oxygen
  • Leo: Shouted 'I'm ready to suck a dick' in the middle of a cafe when it was quiet
  • Virgo: Tried to demonstrate how to do a 'proper' handstand to my sister and fell on my chin, had to be taken to A&E for stitches
  • Libra: Sent a half nude to my best friend by mistake
  • Scorpio: Wore a mask and fancy dress to my fist junior disco when I was 8, everyone else was dressed normally
  • Sagittarius: Burnt myself trying to close the lid of a kettle with my elbow, had to be taken to A&E
  • Capricorn: got lost in vineyards in france but refused to call my parents because they'd told me not to go out walking
  • Aquarius: Jumped from the top of a flight of stars with a plastic bag as a parachute and twisted my ankle, had to be taken to A&E
  • Pisces: Talked shit and got challenged to a fight where I cried after I was punched


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It had been a while since he’d done this. A long, long while (his last casual dalliance had been in the academy, before he’d been expelled; he made it a strict rule that he would never get involved with any under his command), and Optimus had forgotten just how nice it was. He leaned into the servo cupping his cheekplates, his own coming up to cover it.

It was funny how starkly he was reminded now of their height difference. He almost had to stand on the tips of his stabilizing servos to reach Starscream’s lips. “I-” Optimus tried to say, before giving up: he knew when to admit defeat. “I guess it was easier to just kiss you, and not give myself a chance to back out. Granted, I should have asked before- and I’m sorry, kissing you without permission was absolutely wrong of me!” But clearly he’d read the situation right, for Starscream hadn’t clawed him for his presumptions. 


To whoever reads this post:

With all my heart I wish to save this poor soul…

And I’m sure a lot of us do too.

It’s funny how I cannot simply convey my feelings on this subject, so I’ll tell it in the best way I know how.

Through a story.


Once upon a time there was a long forgotten kingdom of monsters that were forced to live underground.

Now this kingdom had a gentle and friendly king and a kind and caring queen who ruled the kingdom together fairly and happily.

The king and queen also had a wonderful son who was loved by everyone in the kingdom as he loved them.

He was the source of their happiness, their hopes, and their dreams.

For the son, or should I say the prince, was as gentle and friendly as his father, and was as kind and caring as his mother. Most of all, he was always ready to help those in need.


That led to his downfall.

For one day, while the young prince was venturing the kingdom borders, he came across a fainted human. 

Being the good prince that he was, he helped the human and even brought them back to his home.

He introduced the human to his father and mother, who introduced and welcomed the child to their kingdom, and from that day forward the prince and the human became best of friends.

Everyone was happy and all seemed well…


The human wasn’t as they seem.

They were corrupted.

Their entire being was engulfed with hate for human kind.

For what reason, they never told.

But they were.

They very much were filled with hatred.

Filled with so much L. O. V. E.

So one day, when the king became poisoned with buttercup flowers, they devised a plan.

They even dragged the good young prince along who was reluctant, but gullible to them.

They ate a buttercup flower and fell very ill.

But before they died, they told the young prince that their last wish was to see the golden flowers from their village.

No one could do anything, for none of them could cross the barrier to get the golden flowers.

Then one day the inevitable happened, the human died.

The prince, in great grief, absorbed their soul and became a creature with unfathomable power.

That was also when the prince lost control over his own body.

The human, controlling the prince’s body, picked up their lifeless body and went to their village.

As expected, when the humans saw the monster carrying a body of a lifeless human child to their village, they attacked him.

The human wanted to fight back and kill the other humans.

But that was when the prince had enough.

He fought back his own “best friend” and saved the humans, but was critically wounded because of that for the humans showed him no mercy.

By the time he got back to their kingdom he collapsed and died.

His dust spread over the garden, leaving his essence on it. 

The king and queen lost their two children in one night.

The kingdom fell in despair.

The king, seeing this, announced war to the humans.

Everyone felt happy again.

But the queen, disgusted by her husbands actions, left him.

And the prince…

The poor unfortunate prince.

Was revived as an emotionless abomination.

With no happily ever after.

With no one to hear his calls for help.

With no one to save him.


Well Frisk saved him, but he never reunited with his parents again.

Never had the chance to say sorry to his parents and everyone else who he had hurt being Flowey personally.

I hope you guys understood my point. 

MTVS Epic Rewatch #127

VM 2x17 Plan B

Stray thoughts

1) I had forgotten just how good this episode actually is. The writing in this episode is VM at its best: funny, witty, swoony, shocking and heartbreaking. It’s a key episode for almost all the character arcs - Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Mac, Cassidy, Jackie, Wallace! And it’s the closure for the Felix/Weevil/Thumper arc (and what a closure!) There are little scenes that catch your attention but you’re still not sure how they will play out in the future (I’m thinking Cassidy, Jackie, Woody) - and of course it will all make sense in the finale. It’s comedy and UST and romance and kaboom all in one beautiful episode. And there’s Sway oh sweet Jebus there’s Sway. *swoons* 

2) In case you didn’t catch the reference…

Originally posted by ohokayamaliawalker

BTW, Rushmore is a great movie. 

And Logan isn’t even holding the magazine properly. He set it all up so that he could do this Max Fischer bit. He knew he was going to win the essay contest.

3) Veronica immediately knows something is up, and I don’t think she’s questioning Logan’s intelligence - she just knows he wouldn’t invest time and effort into doing extra work for school. And she’s right. And of course, she needs to reference how well she knows him and their past time together…

VERONICA: I’m quoting Easy Rider, which you may remember making me watch last summer.
LOGAN: That’s funny, it sounds a lot like my essay.

It’s the “you made me watch it” bit that gets me. Because she’s obviously turning a fond memory of their time together (I can totally see Logan raving about the movie and telling Veronica that she must see it and then striking some kind of deal with her “you watch this for me, I’ll watch that for you.” and them making a big night out of the whole thing and having fun even as Veronica mocks one of his favorite movies - because isn’t that exactly the scenario referenced in Welcome Wagon “I really shouldn’t have pushed for the Clint Eastwood marathon. Now I’ve ruined you.”?) into a forced chore, something that she reluctantly did because he made her. You’re only lying to yourself, Veronica.

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you know it’s funny but remember how in an interview Ravi found out how he has a bunch of fanboys more than the other members and thought it was nice. So my six year old brother likes watching a bunch of kpop videos and I’ve shown him all of VIXX’s videos (of course) so today I finally showed him Depend On Me because I had completely forgotten about it (also because he told me to show him more new videos). So then I always ask him who he likes in VIXX the most (like always) and he was watching them sing and saying “aww I don’t see him. He’s not there” but then just as soon as Ravi started appearing (rapping) my little brother quickly points to the screen and says “him~”

I think I had forgotten what normal feels like. How I operate when my brain isn’t constantly bombarded with the idea of “me-and-so-and-so”. I’m not falling in or out of anything; my feet are firmly planted on solid ground. My chest no longer feels like it will burst from the force which my heart pounds. I used to think of nothing else but his hand in mine when he was around. It’s funny how things change, isn’t it? How we could ‘die’ for someone one day then try and forget their name the next. I truly believe that 90% of the time we are not “in love” with someone, rather we are in lust with what they could be. Lust is fleeting, dear. Love is infinite.
—  Thought #3 | Kayle Marie

ADAW 17/52 - Popcorn

Even though he was one of the crew members Samuel never received any of the scheduled meals. Always he was wandering around after the shows to find some left overs and forgotten snacks from the visitors. On a good day he has to clean the popcorn maker and can keep the leftover popcorn all to himself.

I wanted to make this shooting for a long time. But I didn’t had a prop for the popcorn maker until I got one from my grandma for christmas <3 then I only had to wait for the weather being good enough to take everything outside.

Finally Samuel has his body back complete (he shared the legs with Psyche for some years) and is a lot easier to handle again. It’s funny how you can be more satisfies with a doll overall again when you only change small part like the legs.

you’ve changed”
five months ago, I would have panicked
my heart would have swelled
and I would be consumed with endless thoughts
of how I could go back to being the
girl he wanted
but its not five months ago
i have changed. I’ve seen the world
I’ve learned that I can survive without him telling me
I was worthy of being loved
Its funny how you don’t realize how fucked up someone is
until after they’ve broken you
I had forgotten how much his smile looked like
a promise and a threat at the same time
“you’ve changed”
“thank you"
—  I want to vomit thinking of his hands on my body

Cathy, catching a glimpse of her friend in his concealment, flew to embrace him; she bestowed seven or eight kisses on his cheek within the second, and then stopped, and drawing back, burst into a laugh, exclaiming, ‘Why, how very black and cross you look! and how—how funny and grim! But that’s because I’m used to Edgar and Isabella Linton. Well, Heathcliff, have you forgotten me?’
She had some reason to put the question, for shame and pride threw double gloom over his countenance, and kept him immovable.
‘Shake hands, Heathcliff,’ said Mr. Earnshaw, condescendingly; ‘once in a way, that is permitted.’
‘I shall not,’ replied the boy, finding his tongue at last; ‘I shall not stand to be laughed at. I shall not bear it!’

I’m clearing out my likes

And I’m at the time period when we discovered “Just like HE already owned it.”

You guys, that was one of the most amazing moments in fandom history, we lost our shit. It was real, it happened, and it was glorious.

What I had forgotten though, is that Harry did that shortly after the porn favorite. It’s funny how quickly and easily we forget the context around things.

let me photograph you in this light

The underworld was cast in shades of gray. All light was trapped in the thick fog that settled in the town. And everywhere shadows crept after you and the clouds above hid the sun confusing any sense of time. 

When they had burst back into their world she remembered blinking against the sun. She had forgotten its warmth, the color of the sky on a clear day. It was funny how quickly you could lose such simple things. And she knew it was even more so for Killian. 

She noticed the little changes. The way he watched her fix her coffee in the morning. He finally learned the names of all the Star Wars characters and she catches his smile as he listens to Henry talk excitedly. And he began to carefully catalog every freckle and scar as he moved over her. As though these were the details he was determined not to lose.

She took a deep breath of the wind off the sea. The late sun glittered up off the waves, the evening turning gold around them. This had become her favorite time of day.

“I’ve always liked moonlight on the waves, but you’re bringing me around to sunlight,” he breathed beside her.

“Hmmm,” she hummed as she leaned into him and it was still a relief to have him solidly beside her.

The Jolly surged through the waves, the wind catching in the wide sails above them. Barely needing her captain, for which she was grateful. Though he had reminded her enough times that it was because he was a hell of captain that it seemed easy.

She slipped her hand into his as they watched the sun set, sinking into the waves on a far off horizon. She turned in his arms, leaning up to kiss his lips. It was soft and unrushed, casual and loving. It almost felt like what they used to do, all those afternoons before the darkness. 

He pulled back slightly when he heard the sound of the camera shutter, his eyes searching her.

“I just wanted to remember this,” she explained.

“Oh darling, I assure you, I can make it memorable,” he murmured.

She laughed. “No, it’s not that. Look,” she said turning the screen to him. It was somehow perfectly framed on them. The last light of the day glowed around them blurring their edges.

“It’s beautiful, Swan,” he told her and she wished she could take another of his smile as he said it. But before she could he pulled her back into him.

And maybe she spent the time it took to bring the ship back to Storybrooke taking pictures. Well, between stolen kisses, but no more of those made it on film. She looked through the viewfinder at the masts and rigging against the sunset. The way the shadows reached across the deck. Killian standing at the wheel, his smile just visible in the dim light. And she captured the details, the ones she wanted to remember.

As the years passed he told her often photographs were his favorite invention in this realm. Whispered it to her as his arms wrapped around her from behind whenever he found her looking at the photos. And he made sure their house was full of frozen moments. 

Memories locked in frames: secret kisses now for everyone to see, the two of them curled into the porch swing in front of their house, goofy smiles under crooked santa hats, crowded shots of family, parties she can longer remember the reason for, all the firsts of their family from the hospital to graduation. But her favorite was tucked in the corner of one of the bookshelves- the two of them kissing in the sun, dressed perfectly for the occasion and the gleam of her new ring visible on the hand against his cheek.

And she trailed her fingertips across them and she smiled at the ways they were happy. Slowly their faces had taken on years and her fingers now hesitated to do what she asked. But the photos kept them young, together, held in those moments forever.