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Waiting - Miles Luna x Reader

Name: Waiting

Pairing: Miles Luna x Reader

Word Count: 2,810

A/N: This is a commission for the resident Miles Luna Stan @adamantium-ellis​. I had a lot of fun with Miles in this one. Thanks <3 

I am still doing half off commissions, so shoot me a message if your interested! More to come soon. <3

Miles leaned back in his desk chair, his eyes still trained intently on the blank word document on the screen in front of him. He had been staring at the blinking cursor for well over two hours now, and he was starting to feel like his sanity had been lost in its incessant blinking. He rubbed his face with both hands and sat there for a long moment. The day before had been incredibly productive. He had kicked ass the day before. That didn’t seem to be possible this time around. He closed his laptop, but the image of the blinking cursor stayed.

A change of scenery would help, he decided. He had tried everything else. He had listened to music, eaten snacks, bounced ideas off of Kerry and Grey, sat in different rooms around the office… He had even started to look up inspirational writing quotes online, to no avail. If a change of scenery didn’t help him, nothing would. He stood, hastily shoving his laptop and notebook into his bag.

A few people looked up to say goodbye, but most were unbothered by the sudden movement. With the pressure of crunch and deadlines looming over everyone, they had quickly become accustomed to several abrupt exits a day. Sometimes it was the only way to keep a level head.

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vishkar-corporation  asked:

Mattfoggy for number 47 please!! (Inspired by Elden regularly having painted nails ☺️)

@allinthefoam and an anon also requested this. We all just want Foggy to have his nails painted, apparently.

The smell hit Matt’s nose as soon as Foggy stepped into his apartment. “Are your nails painted?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, I had to babysit my niece yesterday and she insisted on painting them,” Foggy explained. “And I thought, what the hell, gender is a social construct anyway. I kinda like it to be honest. How bad does it smell to you?”

“Not too bad actually, just different,” Matt said. “What color is it?”

“Multiple colors, my friend. My niece doesn’t mess around.” Foggy took Matt’s hand and ran it over his nails. “This one is bright purple, then blue, bright purple again and these two are red like your costume. The nails on the other hand are all black.”

“This one feels different than the others.”

“That’s because it has glitter on it.”

“Sounds beautiful.”

Matt had traced all of Foggy’s nails. Foggy’s hand was still in his.

“You do realize we’re just holding hands now,” Matt said, just to be sure.

“I am aware. Let’s just stay like that for a while.”