i had cramps all night and i wanted to punch everybody

Was This Really A Good Idea? (Wrestling Au, Brohm)

Based on a post I made a long time ago. I finally managed to finish it eventually. I’m eventually going to make more chapters. I hope you enjoy.

“I’m not so sure Luke, I mean we could always stay at home and wait for-” Luke placed a finger on Bryce’s lips, hushing his words.

“Fuck that, how long has it been since we seen Jonathan in person? Way too fucking long, plus he promised us front row seats! Please Bryce, do it for our little man?” Luke nearly begged for Bryce to go and he doesn’t blame him. Ever since Jonathan rose in the ranks of wrestling, neither Bryce nor Luke had seen their former roommate unless it was on a television screen. H2O Delirious was his stage name, and he was known to “drown” his enemies into concussion which was very well fitting to his maniacal persona. In reality, when he was just regular Jonathan, he was pretty laid back, he tended to stumble upon his vocabulary, and he certainly has one contagious laugh. The idea of catching up with his friend again was very tempting.
“Well Luke…”
“Jonathan and I agreed that if you go, he’ll treat us for dinner after his match.”

And that was how Bryce ended up in a stadium with Luke and a few thousand other people, holding a large box of popcorn. He was not a huge fan of wrestling but if watching an entire match of sweaty men beating each other up will make Luke and Jonathan happy, then so be it. For the first few matches he barely paid attention to the ring since his friend was not up until later. It was boring to say the least; he almost fell asleep if it wasn’t for the fact that they could catch him on National television at any point in time. Eventually Luke began to nudge him a little roughly.
“Here he is, that’s our boy! Yeah baby!” he cheered. Bryce looked up to see a man wearing a blue wife beater and black shorts, pumping his fists to the crowd as he walked up to the ring. Despite his face concealed by the cheap hockey mask, Bryce could easily tell that was Jonathan getting ready to beat the shit out of whoever was coming. Even though he didn’t like wrestling, he was extremely proud of Jonathan. The guy was obviously stronger than he looked and faced a thousand more horrors than Bryce could count, yet he managed to toughen up and still be that grinning man he always knew and loved. Not long after, he heard the announcer grab the crowd’s attention,
“In the other corner, this man is fierce! He will take on any man who dared to stand in the way of his victory; he is the one and only OHMWRECKER.” It did not take long for Bryce to choke on his popcorn from what he saw (which he prayed the cameras did not catch that). Like his friend, the opponent wore a mask as well, except it was white with a large Ohm symbol on it. For a moment, he wondered how the man could see, until he spotted the barely noticeable eyeholes. What made Bryce lose his composure was the fact the man was…not bad looking. Sure Jonathan too, but he never seemed to feel anything that special towards him. Not only that, Bryce KNEW at the last second, Ohmwrecker looked towards him, although he was also pretty sure that nobody would believe him if he ever said that to anyone. Luke raised an eyebrow as if to say-

“Bryce, are you alright? It sounded like a dick sucking went wrong.” He quickly waved it off once he managed to stop coughing.

“No, no it’s nothing. Wrong hole, that’s all.” Luke did not seem to believe any of that bullshit, yet he turned around to continue watching the match. It appeared that the match had already started and they were throwing punches, kicks, and grabbing at each other with little to no mercy. The two wrestlers were going all out in order to win the championship and everybody loved it. For once, Bryce had his full undivided attention to the fighters and cheered for Jonathan or Delirious in that case. He knew what Delirious had to sacrifice in order to be here today. He gave up his easy life with his friends, family and had to eventually overcome his fear of flying in order to pursue his dreams of having the belt of glory. For that, he gave his friend the highest respect he always deserved.

“Go Delirious, go!”

It turned out the match ended in a close tie according to the officials and they would have to reschedule a new match in the same ring. There were many disappointed people, but Bryce and Luke didn’t seem to care as they were lead towards their friend’s prep room. The guard knocked on the poor, announcing their presence with a quick “come in” from Jonathan. Once they were inside, the wrestler took off his mask in a swift motion and scooped his friends in a bear hug.

“Glad to see you motherfuckers are doing well!” he exclaimed with a genuine laugh.

“I could say the same to you too, brother. It took a bit of convincing but I got Bryce here too and we all know he doesn’t like sweaty people and cramped up rings.” Luke proved his point by Jonathan pretending to pull Bryce to his armpits only using half of his strength to tug him, making the blonde man struggle and yell out,

“Don’t you put your stinky underarms at my face; I can smell it from here! Have you ever heard of a shower?!” Eventually the older man rolled his eyes and let go, taking a seat on a stool, while Bryce acted as if he escaped a gas chamber.

“Aight, man you win for now, better sleep with one eye open though. By the way, I have NO IDEA what this thing is you call ‘a shower’” He winked; Bryce shuddered in disgust, not wanting to think about his friend pranking him in the middle of the night just like the old days. Luke sat down on another chair, sitting back with his arms crossed.

“So Jon, how do you feel about this match and all this tie stuff? I honestly thought you had it right there with that nasty punch you had at the last minute.” Jonathan had a conflicted look on his face, trying to remember what he heard from the judges.

“Well apparently we inflicted equal damage and the same amount of punches, plus the fact that we hadn’t even attempted to go for a pin. I think the judges just want us to fight more or something like that, I wouldn’t know. Man, to be honest this Ohmwrecker guy is the most difficult opponent I have ever faced. He’s just so damn good, but I give respects to him though.” Luke leaned forward in his seat out of interest with Bryce listening with his full attention as well.

“Not that it’s a bad thing to respect your opponents but any reasons why?” Bryce asked,

“You see, I talked with him before the match started. How could I describe it…?” Jonathan narrowed his eyes in concentration, trying to form the words he wanted to say, “This Ohmwrecker guy and I are pretty alike, we don’t show our faces to anyone, and we sure as hell don’t give anything about our lives either. He has his reasons and I have mine.”

Bryce was intrigued to ask more questions about Ohmwrecker, unfortunately out of all times he needed to go.

“Sorry Jon, but have you seen the nearest bathroom?” Bryce asked his words were rushed. Mother Nature was calling and she wanted him to hurry his ass up to the nearest urinal. The wrestler pointed down the hall, but before he could explain, Bryce was already out the door, running. 
“Bryce you crazy son of a bitch!” that was the only thing he heard from his friend before he was out of earshot. 

He aimlessly walked in the general direction of where the bathroom was located, he thought maybe, just maybe he made a slight mistake and should have turned back, but he was already in far deep in, he was not sure he would have made it in time if he asked directions. He hastily opened doors left and right, hoping for the best on each one without any luck. Eventually he opened a door and he heard water running. He felt blessed as he walked in, he wanted to whoop and holler in delight. 
“Take that, Jonathan! I know where I’m going, I’m-oh crap,” he stopped in his tracks and felt his blood run cold. 
Right in front of him, was a lone man showering out in the open, but that wasn’t what made Bryce want to retreat. On top of the benches was a mask sitting on top of a grey bag, which contained the Ohm symbol. This was the man who nearly beat the shit out of Jonathan; this was the real Ohmwrecker. He felt like he discovered a secret that should have not been uncovered.

This Ohmwrecker guy and I are alike, we don’t show our faces to anyone and we sure as hell don’t give anything about our lives either.” Jonathan’s words echoed in his mind.

Bryce was slowly stepping back; his urge to go was pushed off to the side. He would rather hold his piss for three HOURS than being beaten to a pulp. Despite his height advantage, he was a noodle compared to this man and would not stand a chance. The man turned around facing the young blonde eye to eye, he was clearly upset for obvious reasons, his hazel eyes were narrowed to a glare as he grabbed a towel to quickly cover himself up from his waist down.
“Give me one good reason why you’re here, and you better not be a goddamn reporter,” he said in a threatening tone. Bryce quickly scrambled to find his words, stuttering out,
“It’s a pretty dumb story, y-you see my friend was the guy you fought i-in your match not that I hate you in fact you’re pretty cool a-and well…I didn’t listen to him when he was telling me direction for the bathroom and, I ended up here.” he could see him coming closer and he quickly muttered a “please don’t hurt me I’m sorry I didn’t know you were there, I won’t tell anyone I swear to go I’m so sorry”, he hoped that he would leave with JUST a bloody nose tonight as he shut his eyes tightly. He felt a strong pair of hands grasp his shoulder tightly, he silently panicked, he was about to kick him in the balls probably.

But instead of pain he felt himself bend down a bit and a pair of lips press against his cheek. He opened his eyes to see the wrestler had flashed him a smile as he slipped on his mask again and began to change while Bryce turned around, trying to comprehend what had happened. He felt his body heat up from embarrassment and the fact that he just got kissed by someone he certainly doesn’t mind. He could feel his lips pull into an awkward smile as he covered it with his hand, and his heart was feeling all weird and fluttery.

Once the man finished putting on his clothes and gave Bryce the signal to turn around again, he said,
“Bathroom is right next door, nerd lord. I’ll let this little thing slide, but” Bryce had a sense of intimidation when the man’s smooth voice turned cold, “if you dare to tell anyone about my face, I won’t hesitate to punch YOUR pretty face. Promise?" 
"I s-swear,” Ohmwrecker patted him on the back which slid down to his bottom, making the younger man flinch in surprise.
“Alright then, I’ll see you soon.” once the man left, Bryce let out a relieved sigh, feeling lucky that he was left alone in one piece and…
“What the heck…?” he checked the back of his pants pocket to reveal a piece of paper what looked to have a phone number and an Ohm symbol as he let out an “Oh no”. He honestly did not know what to feel, he needed some advice and fast and he knew exactly who to talk to.

Right after he finished his business next door.

Not Happy Enough (Luke Hemmings)

A/N: I’m not quite sure how I like this but here it is anyways. Feedback/Requests are always welcomed. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

“Fucking hell.” The coffee maker broke—again. You lift the top to make sure that there are enough coffee beans in it, and then press the brew button. Still, only coffee-less hot water pours into the coffee pot. You’ve been saving up to buy a Keurig to replace your obsolete coffee maker, but you’ve never gotten the chance to, thus leaving you to deal with its many problems.

“Starbucks it is,” you say to yourself, taking the pot over to the sink in your small kitchen and dumping the contents. You run your hands over your tired face before heading down the hall to change out of the baggy t-shirt you slept in.

Once your clothes are changed and your hair is combed, you leave your apartment and take the elevator to the parking lot. The harsh wind nips at your skin, causing goosebumps to appear. Once to your car, you toss your purse into the passenger seat and duck into the cramped vehicle, turning the heat on full blast.  

You drive the four or five minutes to the nearest Starbucks, hoping to just go into the drive through lane, but as soon as you see the 12 cars in line you know you’re going to be parking. You lazily pull into the nearest parking space and dash inside to avoid the chill of the wind.

“What can I get for you today?” the young barista smiles at you, and despite your mood, you grin back.

“Can I just get a Grande decaf coffee please?”

The barista punches something into the register, grabs a coffee cup, and then pulls out a sharpie. “What’s the name on that?”

“(Y/N).” You slide some money across the counter, then smile and turn to the other side of the shop to retrieve your drink. You’re suddenly startled as you feel somebody grab your hand and you immediately whip around, only to be met with a face you haven’t seen in months.

“(Y/N),” Luke breathes. “I thought that was you.”

You feel your lips part in incredulity. You haven’t seen Luke since you broke up with him two months ago. The break up was rough, but not just because the two of you were angry and upset. The fact that everybody around you thought you two would be together forever is what made it exceptionally difficult. Neither of you could escape the constant I can’t believe you two broke up and I thought you were going to get married remarks.

After staring at him for a few seconds too long, you finally manage to get out some sort of greeting. You’re snapped out of your trance when a different barista calls you for your coffee, and you stumble over to grab it. Luke follows you over, and once you have your drink he asks you if you want to talk for a few minutes. You shakily nod your head in agreement and he leads you over to a table for two in the corner.

As you sit down, you notice that he doesn’t have a drink in his hand. “Did you want to get a coffee or something?”

“I’ve already had one. I was about to leave when you walked in.” He stares down at his lap nervously.

“Okay, well did you want to talk about anything in particular?” you question, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion.

“Well, no. I just wanted to talk. How are you?”

“I’m fine,” you try to smile, “Just trying to finish school.” There’s a pause. “Er, what about you? How’ve you been?” you ask, but only because it seems like the right thing to do. You know exactly how he’s been: miserable.

“Okay, I guess. Um, Cal told me you met somebody else. He says you seem happy?” He looks up at you through his eyelashes, waiting for you to validate Calum’s message. You’re taken aback by his unexpectedly straightforward question, but the tiniest of smiles plays on your lips as you think of the boyfriend you’ve had for almost a month.

“I did. And yeah, um, I’m pretty happy with him.” You were lying through your teeth. This new guy was great, but he was no Luke. He didn’t make you feel butterflies every time you saw him. He didn’t leave his ringer on all night so he would hear his phone beep if you texted him at 3 a.m. because you felt lost and needed to hear his voice. Sure, he’s sweet. He compliments you when he should and knows when to get close and when to back off. But it all feels staged. It seems forced, unnatural. He’s too perfect, yet not perfect enough. 

“Does he treat you right?” Luke blurts out, and you see him cringe as he realizes his mistake. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked…I just…Yeah. Sorry.”

That same small smile crosses your mouth as you recognize Luke’s naturally awkward personality. “He does, yeah,” you mumble sheepishly. An uncomfortable silence falls between the two of you. “Well, it was nice seeing you again. I mean that, Luke. But I should go.” You know if you stay to talk, you’ll only receive more questions about your new boyfriend, and you can’t bear to talk to Luke about him. You smile at him weakly before turning around and walking through the door, fighting tears.

“Y/N, wait!” You stop and turn around, met with the sight of the blonde boy jogging after you. “Are you really happy with him?”

“What do you–?”

“Just tell me if he makes you happy.”

You sigh, digging your toe into the ground. You know you haven’t been nearly as happy as you were with Luke, but you were slightly happy nonetheless. You shrug and mutter, “He’s not you, that’s for sure.”


You take a deep breath, looking at the sky. “Yes, he treats me right. He’s also damn good looking and he gives the best advice. He takes me out all the time and never makes me pay. He has a six year old brother that I helped him babysit one time and he is the absolute sweetest little boy I’ve ever met. He brags about me to all of his friends and he always says his parents can’t wait to meet me.”

“Stop,” Luke stares down at you with shiny blue eyes and a pained look on his face. “I get it. I’m sorry I asked.”

“No, Luke, please. Let me finish.” You take another breath. “He gets along with my friends, he likes the same bands as me, and he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He got me sold out Mayday Parade tickets for my birthday, and he even camped out for hours with me just so I could get a picture with Derek. But he’s not you, Luke. The way he makes me feel, even after all of that, doesn’t even begin to compare to the way I felt when I was with you. So yes, I’m happy with him. But I’m not happy enough.”

Luke’s mouth parts in disbelief, never expecting those words to leave your lips. “But you said that…I…I don’t know what to—”

You cut him off. “You don’t have to say anything. Just know that letting you go is the absolute worst decision I have ever made. Even worse than letting you talk me into skydiving.” You laugh a little, and so does Luke, as you both recall the time Luke convinced you to skydive with him only to discover that you are deathly afraid of heights. “I convinced myself that you’d moved on to make it easier for me. But as much as I told myself that I was happy—,” your voice breaks, and you take a second to regain your composure. “As much as I told myself that I was happy, I wasn’t as happy as I was with you.”

The next thing you know, Luke envelops you in a bear hug. You lock your arms around his waist and he kisses the top of your head before letting you go. “I wish you would have told me that sooner.”

You sigh and feel a tear slide down your cheek as a sob leaves your throat. “I’m sorry, Luke. This is all my fault. I’m so, so sorry, I—”

“Shh,” he silences you, rubbing your back, wrapping you up in a hug once more. You relish in his body heat as you’ve been shivering from the cold. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. We can figure this out, I promise.” He releases you from his grasp and stares down at you. “Now, go home and light a fire or something. You must be freezing cold.”  

I’m helping her, he tells himself. He thinks about the summer that he shut her out, how dark his thoughts became, and he tells himself that he’s doing the right thing. It’s for her recovery process.

Nights like tonight reaffirm what he keeps repeating in his head. She wakes up, and since her head’s on his abdomen, he feels her tense beneath him. She gasps, shaking, opens her eyes, squeezes them shut, buries her head into his shirt. “You’re here.”

“I’m here,” he confirms, running his hand over her hair, letting her inch her way up to his chest. The terrors of her nightmare pass, and she falls asleep, this time pressed against his heart. He lies his head on top of hers and eventually follows suit.

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