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“El, are you there? El? It’s me. It’s Mike. It’s day 352. 7:40 PM. I’m still here. If you’re out there, say something. Or- or give me a sign, I won’t even, I won’t even say anything. Just, I want to know if you’re okay.”

 (Stranger Things, 2017)

the craziest thing about the civil war discourse to this day is the posts that are like ‘tony stark needs to just take his government regulations and shove them!’ (in terms both less and more polite) and to that i offer just one itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny point of order

consider, if you will:

  • they would have happened anyway

mickeyandscroogefangirl replied to your photoset “Sometimes you just need a little quiet reassurance.  Good ol’ Unca…”

You know, to not notice something like that, I have to wonder… each time I’ve watched this episode, where was I looking in that shot? (And any more you may share?) You’d think it would be the Ducks all the time, but maybe not.

I know when I’d watch that episode I usually paid attention to the captain because he was talking, it was only on the watching where I took those caps that I saw Scrooge and Louie for the first time, and IT WAS NOT FAIR.

Let’s see, what are some other moments I could share that I’ve noticed…  Some of these are a bit more blatant than others, but I still like that they put in all these touches.

Here’s a few from “Micro Ducks From Outer Space”

Scrooge protecting the kids whenever THEY NEARLY GET RUN OVER

Stopping to help Webby up into the “boat”

And catching Webby when she nearly falls off

For more “PROTECT THE CHILDREN” flavor, here’s one from “Curse of Castle McDuck”:

This next one isn’t one of the feelsier ones and I’m only putting in one cap of this one since it’s a whole sequence, but there’s the time the episode “Nothing To Fear” referenced Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

They did it nearly lock for lock, including the one going down into the floor.

Over in the DuckTales movie we also have the background gag(?) of Dewey trying to put out Scrooge’s tail fire.

This isn’t a good cap but it at least shows you where to look >>

And then there’s the kids’ faces during the OH DEAR GOD WE ALMOST LOST LOUIE segment.  I don’t recommend freezeframing through it (which of course means, please do).

For a final little easily missed(?) thing, Scrooge straight up sneezes in Louie’s face in “Scroogerello”

someone write/draw a thing where it’s Louie’s turn to come down with the freaking flu

SO YEAH. Plenty of extra details in DuckTales, a bunch about family stuff and some not. These are just the ones off the top of my head that I had caps on hand for, but there’s definitely others out there.

Maybe my next photoset will be about times where Louie was still the evil triplet, even before the “Louie the evil triplet” gag existed >.>


Kristin Kreuk being adorable af. o (◡‿◡)


We lost ourselves on our way.

Why are there caps everywhere? - a Fallout 4 Headcanon

MacCready sat there in Nick’s office with a puzzled frown on his face. “What’s up?”, Sole asked. “If people used to use those bits of paper as money, why is it that when we unlock places that no-one has been in since the war, we find bottlecaps stashed in tins and tacked at the back of drawers?”

Sole had no answer for this but Nick came to the rescue. “Don’t you remember, partner? There was some big promotion going on. ‘Collect bottlecaps and be in with a chance to win a million dollars, a family trip to Nuka World, a car or a variety crate with half a dozen bottles of Nuka Cola!’ Nick dropped the commercials-guy voice and watched Sole’s face light up in slow-mo recognition. “Now I remember,” they said. “The prize draw was due to happen that Christmas Eve but you had to hand your caps in by Hallowe'en. I bet it was rigged, anyway.”

hellaqueerangelofthelord  asked:

I pulled out my blade and cut across Ace’s forearm, collecting the blood we needed. As soon I had the vial and safely capped it, I placed my hand back over the wound and healed it. “Now then, what else do we need for the spell?”

Flipping through the pages, he found the spell. “The person performing the spell needs to be… another mare. Jesus Christ.”


Heya! I did the assets for Jack and PM during their fight with Dave, as well as some of the Dave assets during that fight. If we ever get the OK to share the assets we did for the flash, I’ll upload some of the ones I did!

For now though here are some screen caps of what I had a hand in.

I’m REALLY excited that I got asked to do the assets for Jack and PM…cuz… I love those guys. I also pride myself on my attention to detail, so in all of their assets Jack is most assuredly like a head shorter than PM… as it should be. Haha he’s so little.